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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 5, 2012 8:00pm-1:00am EDT

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hard effort, the longest economic expansion in history. we found we could find a way to balance the budget and protect our values. i believe if the american people give you the honor of serving ♪ you should keep doing it when you leave office. >> i set this up so i could pursue causes i would have an impact on. it is a foundation committed to >> ♪ all i need taking on the biggest challenges. my life has been a balance all i need, baby, baby between fulfilling and responding to when they come on up. everybody has a responsibility to fulfill. good we all do better when we
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♪ put your hands together work together. ♪ for you, i do my best 5 he helped create a model who for individual responsibility at all of us are going to bee studying for a long time. 's in storew what i ♪oo >> president bill clinton. stop thinking about ♪ tomorrow ♪ [applause] all i need all i need, yeah
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>> thank you. oh ♪ hey mr. mayor, fellow democrats, we ♪ll i need ♪ oh, yeah oh, oh, all i need are here to nominate a president, and i have got one in mind. i want to nominate a man whose own life has known its fair share of adversity and i need to get by uncertainty. i want to nominate a man who ran for president in an already
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♪ thank you weak economy and just six weeks . before an election, one of the biggest recession, a man who [applause] stopped the recession and put us on the long road to recovery, knowing all the while no matter how many jobs he saved or created, there would be millions more weighted, worried about our ♪ own kids, trying to keep their hopes alive. i want a man who burns for >> four years ago, i delivered america on the inside. on my promise to pass health reform before the end of my [applause] first term. it helps make sure you do not i want a man who believes with no doubt we can build a new have to worry about being -- going broke because because your loved one gets sick. american economy driven by insurance companies can no
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innovation and creativity, longer play lifetime limits. education, and by cooperation, they can no longer drop your and after last night, i want a coverage when you need it most. man who had the good sense to they can no longer discriminate marry michelle obama. against children with pre- existing conditions. [applause] pretty soon, they will no longer to be able -- no longer be able to deny you coverage on breast cancer, cervical cancer, or charge more for care does because you are a woman. new access to preventive care like mammograms and cancer i want barack obama to be the screenings with no copiague, no deductible, no out-of-pocket costs for more than 20 million next president of the united women. plans are not rigid plans are states, and i probably nominate him to be the standard bearer of going to begin to cover the the democratic party -- proudly care.of healtjh nominate him to be the standard bearer of the democratic party. in tampa a few days ago we heard i do not think insurance a lot of talk about how the companies should control the president and the democrats do
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care that you get. i do not think politicians not believe in free enterprise should control the care that you and individual initiative, how get. i think there is one person to we want everyone to bea dependet make these decisions on health care and that is you. [applause] now on the government, how bad we are on the economy. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bruce from ohio. this alternative universe says that everyone of us in this room who amounts to anything, we are -- libby bruce from ohio. all completely self made. one of the greatest german the democratic party ever had, bob >> nine weeks ago today, my strauss and -- which is rated daughter was born. one of the greatest democrat, she is a perfect, healthy little girl. bob strauss says every american because i have endometriosis, i wants you to believe he was born feel particularly lucky to have her. when i was 18, i began in a log cabin he built himself, but he admitted it experiencing severe pelvic and ain't so. abdominal pain. we democrats think the country i went to so many doctors, but nobody had any answers. works better with real several doctors out right
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opportunities. dismissed me. treaty my pain as the product of with business and government kid's imagination. working together to promote growth and proudly share prosperity. we believe we are all in this finally, i went to planned parenthood. [applause] together is a far better they listened to me as no one philosophy than we are on our else had. they answered my questions. a caring nurse practitioner told own. me she thought i had [applause] endometriosis. she connected me with an excellent, respectful surgeon who removed the growth in my who is right? pelvis and finally, i got better. [applause] since 1961 the republicans have 12 years later, i am still so grateful for the excellent, held the white house 28 years, affordable, respectful care i the democrats' 24. received from planned , our privates commo parenthood. [applause]
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i am especially grateful because economy has built 66 million endometriosis is the leading private-sector jobs, so what is cause of infertility. the jobs for? without planned parenthood, my republicans 24 million, pain would have been continued democrats 42. and i would not have had my daughter today. [applause] when mitt romney and paul ryan [applause] make threats about getting rid of planned parenthood funding, it is clear they have not given a thought to women like me. women with limited resources to our sick and scared. there is a reason for this. it turns out advancing have they have not thought about, babies like mind who are opportunity and economic empowerment is both morally able to be here only because right and good economics, because of poverty and their mothers were able to receive the health care they ignorance restrict growth. needed. president obama understands and he cares and that is why i am here. i am here tonight i for my when you do not invest in new daughter to stand up for her ideas, it does not just cut off because critics so that when she the people affected, it hurts us grows up, planned parenthood will be there for her, too. all.
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we know investments in infrastructure and research >> please welcome cecile increase growth. richards, the president of planned parenthood. they increase -- they create more wealth for all the rest of [applause] us. there is something i have noticed lately. you probably have, too. >> good evening. good evening. on behalf of the millions of maybe it is because i grew up in a different time common yahoo mothers, daughters, wives, but though i disagree -- why sisters, and friends, grew up in a different time, republicans and democrats who though i disagree with counted on planned parenthood for health care and in honor of republicans, i do not hate them the thousands and doctors of the the way they seem to hate us. staff of planned parenthood all [applause] across america, i am proud tonight to support the that would be impossible for me, because president eisenhower reelection of president barack sent federal troops to my home obama. [applause] state to help little rock high two years ago, when paul ryan school who.
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took over theeohner i worked non the first round of welfare reform and with president george h. w. bush on house of representatives, they national education goals. promised they would create jobs. instead, on day one, they came i am actually very grateful. after women's health and they have not let up since. i have to be grateful that first, they voted to end cancer savedent george w. bauscush screenings for 5 million women. they voted to end funding for the lives of millions of people birth control with planned parenthood, and, for good in poor countries, and i have been honored to work with both measure, they even tried to presidents bush on the aftermath redefine rates. -- rape. of the tsunami, hurricane audience: boo! katrina, the horrible earthquake >> mitt romney is planning to in haiti. through my foundation, i am get rid of planned parenthood working all the time with and overturn roe vs. wade. democrats, republicans, and we will not let him. independents. [applause] sometimes i cannot tell you who i am working with because we focus on seizing opportunities this past year, women learned that when we are at not at the table, we are on the menu. and not fighting all the time.
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this november, women are [applause] organizing, mobilizing, and we here is what i want to say to are voting for the leaders to you, and here is what i want the fight for us. people at home to think about. -- who fight for us. when times are tough andeople are frustrated and angry and when planned parenthood was uncertain, the politics of founded, birth control was constant conflict may be good, illegal. as a result, few women have the but what is good politics does opportunity to finish school and not necessarily work in the real will not expected to live much world. what works in the real world is past the age of 50. cooperation. times have changed. today, we are mothers, and we what works in the real world is are teachers and scientists, and cooperation. accountants, and members of the business and government, foundations and universities. armed forces. [applause] asked the mayors who are here. because of president barack obama, more women than ever are serving in the u.s. cabinet and los angeles is getting green and on the united states supreme chicago is getting an court. [applause] infrastructure because republicans are working we have come so far carried we together to do it.
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have come so far. their purpose was to get something done. why are we having to fight in why is this true thel? 2012 against politicians who want to end access to birth control? it is likely woke up on a bad "mad men." "bad me why does cooperation work better? nobody is right all the time, and a broken clock is right twice a day. [laughter] everyone of us and everyone of when mitt romney turns the clock them who is compelled to spend back on process, the progress, leading lives between those it has real consequences. extremes, knowing we are never going to be right all the time women like libby bruce, who you and hopefully we are right more than twice a day. just heard from gary or women unfortunately, the fraction that like a 27 year-old woman whose dominates the republican party stage to press cancer was caught does not see it that way. at a health center and thanked they think government is always right and compromise is god she is now cancer free. [applause] weakness. in the last couple of elections they defeated two republican or, the woman who went on senators because they dared to cooperate on issues important to facebook after paul ryan voted the country, even national to defund planned parenthood and
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security. posted, i guess they do not understand us military wives go they beat a republican to planned parenthood when a congressman with almost 100 doctor on base cannot see us. percent voting record because they said he realizes he did not have to hate the president to mr. romney and mr. ryan are disagree with him. that was a nonstarter. campaigning for women's vote tby they threw him out. one of the main reasons we ought to re-elect president obama is saying women need their help. because he is still committed to this is coming from two men who would turn women's health-care constructive cooperation. decision over to our bosses and look at his record. he appointed republican who will not even stand up for equal pay for women. my grandmother back in texas would have said, any more help secretary of defense, the army, from mitt romney, and transportation. he appointed a vice president who ran against him in 2008, and he trusted the vice-president to [unintelligible] oversee the end of the war in here is the good news. we have a president who is on iraq and the implementation of the recovery act. our side.
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president obama. president obama understands joe biden did a great job with women. he trusts women carried on every those. single issue that matters to us, he stands for women. [applause] president obama ensures that women's health care will be president obama appointed covered with snow cope in a several members of his cabinet, matter where we work. [applause] even though they supported hillary in the primaries. because of president obama, soon, women will not be denied he even appointed hillary. insurance coverage because we have had breast cancer or survive sexual assault. and, we know lager will have to [applause] pay more than men for the exact same health insurance. thanks to president obama, being a woman is no longer a pre- i am very proud of her. existing condition in america. i am proud of the job she and
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[applause] the national security team have done for america. that is right. i am grateful they have worked together to make us safer and back in texas, that's it -- back stronger, to build a world with in texas, back in texas, we say, more partners and fewer enemies. i am grateful for the relationship of respect and you dance with them is to run partnership she and the you. president have enjoyed and the signal that stands to the rest of the world of democracy does president obama brought women not have to be of blood sport. into this place and we are staying with them all from it can be an honorable november. enterprise that advances the -- with him all throughout .ublic intereste november. [applause] 24 years ago, my mother, the former texas governor -- [applause] besides the national security team, i am very grateful to the men and women who served our country in uniform through these perilous times, and i am
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especially grateful to michelle obama and joe biden for supporting those military families while their loved ones were overseas and for supporting our veterans when they came home, when they come home bearing the wounds of war or needed help to find education or jobs or housing. thank you. president obama's record on she reminded us how far we have national security is a tribute to his strength and judgment and come. preference for inclusion and and that there was a time when partnership over partisanship. both cabinets drank from we need more of it in separate water fountains. when kids were punished for washington, d.c. speaking spanish in the school, [applause] when her grandmother could not we all know he also tried to even vote, my mom spent her work with congressional republicans on health care, debt entire life working to make reduction, and new jobs, and things more fair. [applause] that did not work out so well, but it could have been because
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as the senate republican leader she believed that the american said in a remarkable moment of dream was not meant for just a few. it promised opportunity for candor, whose full years before the election, their number one everyone. [applause] well, just a couple of years priority it was not put america back to work. it was to put the president' out before he passed, mom had a chance to become friends with a of work. young senator named barack senator, i hate to break it to you, but we are going to keep president obama on. obama. she saw in him a promise of the future and the promise of america. the promise of an america that [applause] forward.oves towar are you ready for this? that is the future we will be voting for this november. that is the america we believe >> for more years -- four more and. asks -- believe in. years! as women, we have come too far to turn back.
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and we will not. >> in tampa, did you watch the [applause] convention? i did. because, you know, mom would not in tampa, the republican have stood for and neither will we. argument and who was actually pretty simple -- against it was this november, we will keep moving forward. we will reelect president barack obama. actually pretty simple. thank you. it went like this. we left a mess. thank you. [applause] he has not cleaned it up fast enough, so put us back in. [laughter] [applause] but they did it well. they looked good. >> please welcome steny hoyer. they sounded good. they convinced me they love their families and children, and we are grateful they have been born in america. ♪ really, they did, and this is >> good evening my fellow delegates. important. hello, maryland. they convince me they are honorable people who believe
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what they said when they are going to keep every commitment they have made. good we just have to make sure i am proud to be here to support the american people know what president barack obama and vice those commitments are. in order to look like an president joe biden for a second term. acceptable, reasonable, moderate alternative to president obama, they did not say very much about the ideas they have offered over my fellow delegates, president the last two years. obama has spent the last four they could not, because they years seeking the solutions we want to go back to the same need. he has spent his first term policies that got us in trouble focused on building a strong in the first place. they want to cut taxes for high- economy and growing the middle income americans even more than class. thanks to his leadership, president bush did. they want to get rid of pesky america's autoworkers are back regulations designed to prevent on the job. [applause] another crash. they want to increase defense spending two trillion dollars manufacturers are hired at more than the pentagon has levels not seen since the 1990's. requested without saying what they will spend it on, and they we all know we need to do more. want to make enormous cuts to that is why president obama the rest of the budget, especially programs that help wants to revitalize the the middle class and poor manufacturing sector that made children.
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our nation great. as another president once said, house democrats share that vision, which is why we have a there they go again. plan called "make it in goo[applause] [laughter] america." [applause] make it to invest in out- educating our competitors overseas. i like the argument for a stronger america depends on a president obama's reelection a successful and growing middle lot better. class. this election is a moment of here is. truth. he inherited a deeply damaged the choices we have to make this the economy. he began a long hard road to fall is a critical one. it is not a difficult one. recovery and and laid the foundation for a more well- this created last week, mr. balanced economy that will romney said he wished president produce millions of new jobs obama had succeeded when he took office. conn want new hybrid new if so, he was alone in his businesses, and lots of wealth for innovators -- that will party. let's review the history. produce millions of new jobs and lots of wealth for innovators. the republican leader in the enate said the republicans' is the president satisfied?
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of course not, but are we better now we were when he took office number one priority was to gabo? defeat president obama. audience: boo! [applause] >> not to defeat terrorism, not the creation of jobs, not the reduction of our debt and when president barack obama took deficit, not ensuring access to office, the economy was in free health care, not educating our fall. it had just shrunk 9% of gdp. children, not tending to the we were losing 750,000 jobs a needs of americans with disabilities, but to simply month. are we doing better than that defeat our presidents. today? -- president. >> we love obama! as the rev. jesse jackson >> here is the challenge describes it, they want to drown the captain and are prepared to defaces and the challenge all those who support him face. i have been there. sink the ship to do so. a lot of americans are still [applause] angry and frustrated about this economy. if you look of the numbers, you for four years, republicans in know employment is growing. congress have pursued a banks are beginning to lend
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strategy of confrontation, again. in a lot of places the housing obstruction, and a refusal to compromise. numbers are beginning to pick up, but not too many people do that is why not a single house not feel it yet. republican voted for the law i have the same thing happened that brought every economy back in 1994 and early 1995. from the brink. we could see the policies were cat is what president obama's working, that the economy was jobs plan was not even put on growing, but most people did not the house floor. instead of trying to fix the feel it yet. problem, the republicans thankfully, 1996, the economy was roaring. unfortunately played politics. despite historic levels of everybody felt it, and we were obstruction, president obama was halfway through the longest able to bring the economy back peacetime expansion in the history of the united states, from the verge of a second great depression. [applause] but the difference this time is purely in circumstances. president obama started with a hear me, delegates, and my much weaker economy than i did. fellow americans, in january 2009 when the president took no president -- no president -- office, our economy lost more than 800,000 jobs in january. not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have
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fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four this past july, he economy added years. 172,000 jobs the 29th [applause] consecutive month. a month of private sector job gains. he has laid the foundations for ladies and gentlemen, we know a new modern successful economy, a shared prosperity, that is not enough. and if you will renew the but it is a turnaround of president's contract, you will nearly 1 million jobs from one feel it. you will feel it. president obama took office. surely even mr. romney things we fox, whether the american people are better off today than we were then. believe what i said or not maybe [applause] this whole election. i want you to know that i believe it. these past four years, while with all my heart, i believe it. [applause] president obama was fighting for
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the middle class, mitt romney, paul ryan and their tivoli allies cared more about tearing why do i believe it? down the president -- and their i am fixing to tell you why. i believe it because president tea party allies cared more obama's about tearing down the approach embodies the values in president. they are hoping we will forget that. america has to take to build they are hoping we will forget their role in piling up a the 21st century of the american mountain of debt being left to dream, a nation of shared our children and grandchildren. responsibility, a shared sense my friends, paul ryan talks of community, so let's get back about fiscal responsibility. to the story. in 2010, as the present recovery but he voted to put two words on program kicked in, job losses the credit card. he voted to spend trillions of dollars on tax cuts for stock, and things began to turn millionaires and billionaires. around. the recovery act saved or he voted for prescription drug created millions of jobs and cut benefits with no plan to pay for taxes -- let me say this again, it. he voted against the balanced cut taxes for 97% of the american people, and in the last 29 months, our economy has produced about an 4.5 million deficit production plan.
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the fact he did not tell us last private sector jobs. week. he also did not tell you that [applause] mitt romney and bob ryan want to end the medicare guarantee and we could have done better, but last year the republicans turn it into a voucher, which would leave seniors with the thought the president's and job plan, costing the economy more increased cost. he also did not tell you than 1 million new jobs, -- the president obama has strengthened the medicare by tackling waste, republicans blocked the president's job plan, costing the economy more than 1 million fraud, and abuse. jobs. he did not tell you that congressional republicans -- 0. president obama has saved seniors more than $4 billion on [applause] during this period more than prescription drugs by causing the doughnut hole. he added years to the life of 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been created under president medicare. mitt romney and paul ryan promised hard truths, but they obama. but as the first time manufacturing jobs have been do not deliver hard answers for increased since the 1990's. real solutions. president obama and democrats are working tirelessly to move the automobile industry our country to a near-unanimous restructuring of work. good-- worked. opposition of republican leaders and republican members of it saved more than 1 million congress.
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ladies and gentlemen, the decision we have to make this jobs and not just at gm and december is simple. chrysler, but accept auto do we keep moving forward or do companies -- at auto parts we join the romney-ryan ticket? supplier companies all over the country. we are all in this together. barack obama and joe biden have so what happened? been working hard to help middle-class americans make it there are now 250,000 more in america. people working the auto let's send him back to the white industry than on the day the house and keep moving forward. god + america, god + every companies were restructured. american, and god bless you. thank you very much. now we all know governor romney opposed the plan to save gm and chrysler, so here is another audience: four more years! four more years! jobs for. are you listening in ohio and four more years! across the country? ♪
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obama, $250,000, romney, zero. >> the vietnam guys, we decided to welcome each other. we say welcome. the agreement the administration my name is ed, and i joined the made with environmental groups, that was a good deal, too. good it will cut your gas prices in half, your gas bill. united states air force in 1966. i volunteered to go to me -- to no matter what the price is, if go to vietnam. you double the mileage of your it changes you. car, you double the mileage. what you have to do is make sure it changes you for the better and not for the worse. it will cut greenhouse gas i was really very worried that emissions, and it will bring us the troops coming back from iraq half a million good jobs in the and afghanistan were going to get ignored. american economy. goo[applause] my friends and i decided we were going to step up. the president's energy strategy for the last 8.5 years, i have is helping, too. the boom in oil and gas been making sure that when these folks come home, not only are production combined with greater they welcomed, but they are energy efficiency, has driven taken care of.
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we focused on the critically oil imports to a 20-year low and injured soldiers coming back. when the soldier starts getting renewable energy production has doubled. better and starts to think about leaving the hospital for the first time, we like to be the guys who take them out for a steak dinner. of course, we need a lot more they go out into society and be successful. we start to talk to them about new jobs. what is that spirit we take care of little things, big things, but there are already more than little things that come up. 3 million jobs open and unfilled we help them with reza mais, in america, mostly because the interviewing skills, meeting up with mentors, and we know what people who apply for them do not yet have the acquired -- they are going through. required skills to renew them. i feel so privileged to have the opportunity to meet these folks. even as we get americans new jobs, we have to prepare more >> thank you. >> my pleasure. americans for the new jobs that >> whenever one of these guys will be created. try to thank me, i say, you have the old economy is not coming back. this all wrong. we have to build a new one and i can help you. educate people to do those jobs. [applause] the president and his education >> president obama has fought for veterans. those of us who stood up to
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protect our country now need to stand up for him. secretary supported community colleges and employers and worked together to train people >> they need to know someone is for jobs that are open in their looking out for them. communities. even more importantly, after a >> our commander in chief does decade in which exploding it because he believes it is the college costs have increased the right thing to do. >> i police -- i appreciate dropout rate so much that the percentage of our young people everything you have done. >> you can hear it in his voice with four year college degrees when he says to our troops, has gone so -- has gone down so welcome home. >> ladies and shannon, please much, we have dropped 16th in the world with the percentage of welcome ed meagher from people with college degrees. virginia. the president's student mome [applause] reform is more important than ever -- student loan reform is more important than ever. you need to tell every voter >> good evening. call my name is ed meagher. can you to imagine how it feels about this. it lowers the cost of loans. to return to a war, it gives students the right to emotionally, can -- from a war, -- repay those loans as a clear, emotionally entangled. fixed, low percentage of their and the country you are fighting income for up to 20 years. for does not welcome you home.
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what does this mean? as the veteran of, he of the it what does this mean? war -- vietnam war, i know how [applause] that feels. it means no one will ever have i decided i would do what i can to drop out of college again for to get the soldiers returning fear they cannot repay their debt. from iraq and afghanistan to get a better welcome home than i had and it means that if somebody carried along with two of my fellow veterans, i worked with some of the most seriously injured soldiers and families. wants to take a job with a modest income, if they want to be a small-town doctor in a to lift their spirits. little area, they will not have to turn those jobs down because we held entities to realize that even though they have lost they do not pay enough to repay limbs, they have their lives. the debt. there debt obligation will be operation jumpstart helps them strategically think about the next phase of their lives. determined by their salary. we have helped punch up [applause] resumes, but they do knox know i do not know about you, but on they are marketable. we have coached them in france business outfits and computers to help with job searches. supporting our efforts is all of these issues, i know we are better off because president president obama's actions,
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increasing the budget to $140 obama made the decisions he did. billion in 2013. that brings me to health care. fully funding the new gi bill [applause] allowing over 800,000 veterans republicans college of -- and families pursue an education and began their post-military republicans call it obamacare. they say it is a government service to our country. takeover, a disaster. they will repeal it. the obama administration has hired more than 3500 mental- are they right? health care professionals and audience: no! they will hire 1600 more over the next year to help veterans >> individuals and businesses cope with posttraumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, and to have already gotten more than $1 strengthen suicide prevention billion in the funds from efforts. [applause] insurance companies because 80- last memorial day, president 85% of uranium should go to obama declared the treatment of vietnam veterans a national health care. -- of your premium should go to shame and he spoke true, sweet health care. words. a bunch of insurance companies my generation of returning veterans have yearned to hear have applied to lower their them. rates to comply with the "welcome home." requirement.
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[applause] more than $3 million -- one of 3 million young people are insured for the first time because their ♪ parents' policies can cover them. >> please welcome retired general eric shinseki. third, millions of seniors are receiving preventative care, all the way from breast cancer screenings to heart problems, >> hello. and younger people are getting them, too. fourth, the insurance companies, good evening, everyone, not the government, will have especially all of the veterans in the audience. millions of new customers, many [applause] of them middle-class people with pre-existing conditions who never could get insurance before. my name as eric shinseki and i [applause] now, finally, listen to this, am a soldier. i spent 30 years in uniform and as a veteran i am sticking about for the last two years, after a president whose devotion to going up at three times the rate veterans is sincere. of inflation for a decade, for the last two years, health care costs have been under 4% in both
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klein know this firsthand. i first met barack obama in years for the first time in 50 years. november, 2008. [applause] i soon realized we were both so, let me ask you something. shaped and inspired by family members who had served in world war ii. three of my uncles helped are we better off because liberate europe. president obama fought for they helped to raise me when health care reform? they returned home. you bet we are. [applause] there are two other attacks on the president in tampa. they used the original gi bill first, both governor romney and congressman ryan attacked the open small businesses. they worked hard, played by the president for allegedly robbing medicare of 176 pick $716 rules, and love this country. i learned those values from them. billion reported million. president obama learned at the same values from the veterans in -- $716 million. his family. during our first meeting nearly four years ago, the president's but it is not true. here is what really happened. commitment to veterans was clear. there were no cuts to benefits he understands that we have to
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finest military in the world. at all. none. we have a commitment to keep our what the president did was to faith with our men and women in save money by taking the uniform. recommendations of a commission today, our iraq and afghanistan of professionals to cut on warriors have explicit -- displayed enormous conviction .nd love of country perr unwarranted subsidies to providers and insurance companies that were not making people healthier. [applause] and they were not necessary to get the providers to provide the we have a moral obligation to service. instead of raiding medicare, he care for them when they come home. health care, education, jobs, used the savings to close the but above all, we hope veterans doughnut hole in the medicare drug program. dignity and respect -- owe [applause] veterans dignity and respect. you all have to listen carefully. this is important. president obama gets it. he added eight years to the life he listens. of the medicare trust fund so it he wants the facts. the results of his leadership 4. solvent until 2020 fo are clear. since president obama took office, nearly a hundred thousand veterans, including a [applause] growing population of women so, president obama and the
8:34 pm
veterans, have gained access to health care. democrats did not weaken [applause] medicare. they strengthened medicare. there has been an historic when congressman ryan looked expansion for treatment for into that tv camera and attacked traumatic brain injury. president obama's medicare president obama has expanded job savings as "the biggest, coldest power play," i did not know training to prepare veterans for the jaws of the future and we are on track to and veterans' whether to laugh or cry. [laughter] key cuts that $716 billion is homelessness by 2015. exactly to the dollar the same amount of medicare savings that no president since franklin d. roosevelt has done more for he had in his own budget. veterans. we could not ask for a stronger [applause] advocate. we have a tremendous project -- progress on this president kobe's -- president's it takes some brass to attack a leadership. there is much more to be done. guy for doing what you did. they have served selflessly with [applause]
8:35 pm
distinction.d the statio president obama has determined that we will pay our debt to them. god bless our veterans. you are having a good time, but god bless our president. this is getting serious. and make god continue to bless i want you to listen. it is important. this wonderful -- may god a lot of people believe this stuff. at least on this issue, this one continue to bless this wonderful issue, governor romney has been country of ours. consistent. [laughter] thank you, and good evening. [applause] he attacked president obama, [maroon 5's "this love" play too. but he actually wants to repeal those savings and give the money back to the insurance companies. ing] audience: boo! >> ladies and gentlemen please >> he wants to go back to the welcome michael nutter. old system, which means we would reopen the doughnut hole. we would reduce the life of the >> we had a challenging summer medicare trust fund by eight
8:36 pm
in colorado. wild fires that devastated homes full years. and businesses took livelihood if he is elected, and if he does and lives. what he promised to do, medicare a few weeks later, terrible shooting in a darkened theater. will now go broke in 2016. on behalf of everyone in think about that. colorado, let me start tonight that means, after all, we will not have to wait until lauer by saying thank you. voucher program kicks in in 2023 [applause] ,. they are going to do it sooner thank you for your thoughts and than we thought. your press. [applause] thank you for your generosity to this is serious because it gets worse. families who have lost so much. the president came to colorado. he walked the landscape, met [laughter] you will not be laughing when i with firefighters, and also with finished telling you this. they want to cut medicaid by those who have lost homes or businesses. one-third. he and michelle visited hospitals, and the families of that will hurt a lot of poor kids. but that is not all. a lot of folks do not know it, loved ones killed and injured. they shared our grief end had a but nearly two thirds of
8:37 pm
medicaid has been on nursing home care for medicare seniors' message of -- grief and had a who are eligible for medicaid. message of support. we were simply americans trying to help one another. it will end medicare as we know it. [applause] a lot of the money is spent to help people with disabilities, these tragedies remind us not to waste time bickering. including a lot of middle-class we have the power to come together. families whose kids have down we need to do this as an agent. syndrome or autism or other it will take a spirit of severe conditions. generosity and collaboration to meet the difficult challenges that we face. honestly, just think about it. we recognize this in colorado. we have been able to pass vital if that happens, i do not know what those families will do. legislation with strong, so i know what i will do. bipartisan majorities. i am luckier than president i am going to do everything i obama. after my inauguration, colorado can to see that it does not happen. we cannot let it happen. 's republican legislators did not immediately start planning we cannot. my defeat. [applause] we work together. some even complemented me for
8:38 pm
releasing my tax returns. now, wait a minute. [applause] we do not always agree, but when audience: four more years! push comes to shove, colorado's >> let's look at the other big elected leaders cooperate for charge the republicans made. the good of our state. it is a doozy. consequently, we are moving [laughter] forward. we need to keep moving forward they actually have charged and with president obama. run ads saying that president [applause] obama wants to weaken the work the president's policy of rigid requirements in the welfare reform bill i signed that moved policies are healthy. he set a goal of doubling millions of people from welfare exports in five years. to work. so far, they are up by almost wait. 40%. you need to know, here is what happened. in colorado, agricultural nobody ever tells you what exports jumped 59%. really happened. here is what happened. overseas tourism is up by nearly 30% in colorado. when some republican governors the president's all of the ask if they can have waivers to above energy strategy means try new ways to put people on thousands of jobs. using wind, solar, natural gas, welfare back to work, the obama administration listened, because
8:39 pm
we are closer to true energy we all know it is hard for people with good work histories independence then we have been in recent history. to get jobs today. moving folks from welfare to work is a real challenge. -- than we have been in recent history. the administration agreed to i am happy to announce that give waivers to those governors even production is up 35%. only if they had a credible plan to increase employment by 20% and they could keep the waivers [applause] only if they did increase employment. did i make myself clear? the requirement was for more we have still a lot of ground to work, not less. cover in the country, but we are [applause] coming back, not as fast as we so, this is personal to me. want or need, but, unlike four years ago, we are finally we moved millions of people off welfare. moving in the right direction. it was one of the reasons that, i know it is hard right now for a lot of people. in the eight years i was i have been there. present, we had 100 times move like too many americans today, i was laid off and out of work for up from poverty to the middle class that happened under the two years during the last previous 12 years. 100 times as many. really bad recession in 1986. it is a big deal. we started a groupon.
8:40 pm
the claim that president obama weekend welfare work requirement we were turned down by 32 banks is just not true. and scores of investors pared my -- weakened welfare work own mother would not invest. we got there, because, like so requirement is just not true. many other things, our business they just keep climbing. was not just me, it was we. you want to know why? the poster said, we are not going to let our campaign we worked 70 hours a week, we dictate -- be dictated by fact checkers. drafted the business plan with a librarian from the democratic library, we secured a finally, i can say, that is development loan for the city, true. [applause] my land more invested, even my little league baseball coach invested. it was weak, not just me. -- we, not just me. i could not have said it better in colorado, we know that myself. [laughter] western history is not about a i hope you and every american rugged individual. with it -- within the sound of it is about communities coming my voice remembers it every time together to raise bonds and they see one of those ads and it turns into an ad to reelect barack obama and keep the build schools and help one fundamental principles of
8:41 pm
another. personal empowerment and moving everyone getting -- and to work colorado, and the united states as soon as we can. are places that will be defined more by their future than their -- into work as soon as we can. past. the president knows this. he knows to move our country [applause] let's talk about the debt. forward, it takes we, and not today, interest rates are low. people are practically paying us me. [applause] to borrow money. it will become a big problem my mother, though lone democrat when the economy grows and in a family of republicans, was interest rates start to rise. widowed twice, and raised four we have to deal with this big kids of ron. long-term debt problem or it she always used to say, you will deal with us. it will gobble up a bigger and cannot always control what life bigger percentage of federal government that we would spend on education and health care and is you, but she can control how you respond. president obama inherited many science and technology. we have to do with it. what has the president done. crisis. he has offered a reasonable plan of $4 trillion in debt reduction in every case, he has responded with optimism, passion -- over a decade. with 2.5 trillion -- $2.50 compassion, and courage. he provided hopin. trillion, with every $2.50
8:42 pm
-- hope. trillion in spending cuts, he he has transformed that hope raises. into a plan rooted in reality. that is the kind of balanced it takes hard work. approach proposed by the simpson it takes time. but it is working. he understands that america is bowls commission, a bipartisan indeed a collection of talented, commission. i think this plan is way better self-motivated individuals than governor romney's plan. first, the romney plan fails the competing in a marketplace. it is more than that. it is a community that believes first test of fiscal in the common good. responsibility. the numbers do not add up. as another skinny democrat with [applause] a funny last name, i was proud consider this. to host something in denver to what would you do? we have a big debt problem and we have to reduce the press -- collect barack obama four years the debt. to reduce the debt, we will have ago. i ask you to join me, we. another $5 trillion in tax cuts, heavily weighted to upper income people. we will make that whole bigger we need to a finish what we have and -- hole bigger before we started. thank you and god bless you. [applause] start to get out of it. what will you do about this $5 ♪ trillion you added on?
8:43 pm
they say we will make it up by eliminating loopholes in the tax >> please welcome sister simone code. then you ask, which wants and campbell. how much? -- which ones and how much? [applause] they say, see me after the >> good evening. election. i am sister simone campbell, and see me about that after the election. i am not making it out. people ask me how we got for i am one of the nuns on the bus. yes, we have nuns on the bus. surplus budgets in a row. what new ideas did we bring to washington? i always give one answer. [applause] and, a nun on the podium. arithmetic. [applause] let me explain why i am here arithmetic. tonight. in june, i joined other catholic if they stay with this $5 torain sisters on a 2,700 mile bus journey through nine states to tax cut plan in a debt reduction plan, the arithmetic tells us, tell americans about the budget that congressman paul ryan no matter what they say, one of wrote and governor romney
8:44 pm
endorsed. three things is about to happen. paul ryan claims this budget one, assuming they tried to do reflects the principles of our shared faith. what they say they will do, get the united states conference of rigid cover it by cutting those catholic bishops stated that the ryan budget failed a basic moral deductions, one, they will have test. to eliminate some in reductions because it would harm families living in poverty. -- so many reductions that middle-class families will see we agree with our bishop. their tax bills go up an average that is why we went on the road. of $2,000. to stand with struggling anyone who makes $3 million or families and deliver it -- and more see their tax bill go down. to lift up our catholic sisters who serve them. or, two, they will have to cut their work to alleviate suffering would be seriously harmed by the romney-ryan so much spending that they will budget. that is wrong. obliterate the budget for the [applause] national parks for insuring during our journey, i clear -- clean air, clean water, rediscovered a few truths. say food, they will cut on first, mitt romney and paul ryan college loans, early childhood are correct when they say that education, child nutrition each individual should be responsible. programs, all the programs that help to empower middle-class but their budget goes astray in families and help poor kids.
8:45 pm
not acknowledging that we they will cut back on investments in roads and are responsible not only for bridges and science and ourselves and our immediate technology and biomedical research, that is what they will family. rather, our faith strongly do. they will hurt the middle class and the poor and with the future affirms we are all responsible for one another. [applause] on hold to give tax cuts to keeper andster's pe upper income people who have been getting it all along. or, 3, in spite of all of the my brother's keeper. rhetoric, they will do what they have been doing for more than 30 while we were in toledo, i met years. they will cut the taxes way more than they cut spending, 10-year-old twins who had gotten especially with that big defense increase, and they will just the debt and weaken into trouble for fighting. the staff took them in when they the economy and they will help were just suspended and the -- they will let interest discovered on a home visit that gobble what your tax payments. these 10-year-old were trying to do not ever forget when you hear care for their are bed ridden them talk about it that ms and who had republican economic policies quadruple the national debt before i took office, in the 12
8:46 pm
diabetes. years before i took office, and they are getting help and some stability. they are free to claim much of doubled the debt in the eight years after a left. their childhood they were losing. clearly, we all share responsibility for th. -- after i left. because it defied arithmetic. [applause] in milwaukee, i met billy and it was a highly inconvenient his wife and two boys. thing for them in our debates that i was just a country boy from arkansas and i came from a billy's work hours were cut back in the recession and billy place where people still is taking responsibility for 2 is 4.2 + himself and his family. right now, without food stamps, he and his wife could not put food on their family's table. it is arithmetic. we simply cannot afford to give we share responsibility for the reins of government to creating a rift -- an economy someone who will double down on trickle-down. where parents with jobs earn enough to care for their [applause] families. [applause] in order to cut taxes for the think about this. wealthy, the romney-ryan budget president obama, president would make it even tougher on hard-working americans like
8:47 pm
billy to feed their families. obama's plan cuts the debt, honors our values, bright as the paul ryan says this budget is in future of our children, keeping with the moral values of families, and nations. our shared faith. it is a heckuva lot better. i disagree. [applause] in cincinnati, i met jimmy, who it passes the arithmetic test. had just come from -- jenny, who it passes the values test, far more importantly. [applause] had come from her sister -- my fellow americans, all of us sister's memorial service. in this grand hall and everybody watching a home, when we vote in she developed cancer and had no access to diagnosis or treatment. she died -- died unnecessarily. this election, we will be deciding what country we want to that is tragic. it is wrong. live in. if you want a winner-take-all, the affordable care act will cover people like her. you are on your own society, you should support the republican ticket. if you want a country of shared we all share responsibility to ensure the vital health care opportunities and shared reform law is properly instrumented -- implemented and responsibility, a we are all in this together society, you should vote for barack obama and joe biden. all governors expand medicaid so no more people die from lack of [cheers and applause] care.
8:48 pm
this is part of my pro-like stance and the right thing to if you want america, if you want do. -- pro-life stance and the right every american to vote, and you thing to do. think it is wrong to change [applause] voting procedures, just to let me tell you one more. in pennsylvania, a woman in her late 30's came to me, approached us, and she asked for the names reduce the turnout of younger, of some people she could talk to because she felt alone and poorer, minority, voters. isolated. you should support barack obama. her neighbors have been polarized by policies, masquerading in values. she cares about the wealthy in if you think the president was -- people in her community. she wishes the rest of the nation would listen to one another with kindness and right to open the doors of compassion. listen to one another rather than yell at each other. american opportunity to all those immigrants brought here whenever young so they can serve [applause] i told her then and i tell her in the military are go to college, you must vote for barack obama. now that she is not alone.
8:49 pm
[applause] looking out at you tonight, i if you want a future of shared feel your presence combined with prosperity, where the middle that of thousands of people we class is growing and poverty is met on our journey. declining, where the american together, we understand and dream is alive and well and immoral budget that hurts where the united states families cosmonaut reflect our maintains its leadership as a force for peace, and justice, and prosperity, in this highly nation -- does not reflect our competitive world, you have to nation's valley is. i urge you to join us on the bus vote for barack obama. [applause] and join us to gather as we stand with matt and mark, look, i love our country so billy and his family. much and i know we are coming back. for more than two -- for more we care for the 100% and that than 200 years, through every crisis, we have always come back. quill secure the blessings of liberty that will secure the people have predicted our demise ever since george washington was criticized for blessings of liberty. being a meeting vote -- for join us. all of us strive for faith, being mediocre with a bad set of family, and fairness.
8:50 pm
wooden false teeth. [applause] [cheers and applause] we always come back. we come through every fire a little stronger and a little better. ♪ and we do it because, in the >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome governor jack markell. end, we decide to champion the cause for which our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor. the cause of forming a more perfect union. [applause] my fellow americans, if that is what you want, if that is what >> i am privileged to be the you believe, you must vote and governor of delaware. you must reelect president barack obama. [applause] god bless you and god bless america. home to america's vice president and our room favorite son, joe [cheers and applause] .iden perr ♪ [applause] yesterday's gone
8:51 pm
joe has never forgotten his don't stop thinking about middle-class roots. tomorrow ♪ were the lessons he has learned. you know what? mitt romney has not forgotten his roots or the lessons he has learned, either. ♪ you can stand me up at the that is what worries me about mitt romney. mitt romney says he should be gates of hell president because he was a back when business executive. i have got nothing against business executives running for i will keep this from dragging office. after all, i am one. me down before i entered public life, i and stand my ground earned my mba at night while and i won't back down working during the day. baby, there ain't no easy way i helped lead the wireless revolution. out i am a proud, card-carrying i will stand my ground capitalist.
8:52 pm
[applause] and i won't back down what's right make no mistake, i believe in private equity. as someone who has been a businessman and a governor, let keeps on pushing me around, but me level with you. just because mitt romney was a i stand my ground successful private equity ♪ and i don't back down executive, that does not mean he deserves to be president. [applause] baby, there ain'y no easy way out because when you move from business to government, what i will stand my ground matters are the lessons you learn. what does -- what those lessons ♪d i won't back down say about your priorities. mitt romney learned all of the wrong lessons. ♪ [applause] as an executive in private equity, mitt romney's focus was
8:53 pm
on the bottom line. that made sense. his constituents were is financial shareholders. >> please welcome back the chair when he closed factories and of the democratic convention. sent jobs overseas, it was to audience: four more years! benefit his shareholders. that was his jaw -- a job, and we are fired up he was good at it. when you are government, and the we are fired up! president, it is different. we are fired up! your shareholders are teachers, construction workers, and hardware store owners. [applause] we are fired up! we are fired up! your bottom line is not what goes into your pocket, but what we are fired up! goes into theirs. that is the difference. we are fired up! [applause] [applause] when your constituents are your financial shareholders, perhaps it makes sense to take control and get rid of pick >> you know, only one man can
8:54 pm
pensions. kobe''s nominate, but we can all second. that will not work for the do i hear a second? country if mitt romney is sitting in the oval office. [cheers] audience: second! mitt romney saw the death of detroit as good for investors. >> ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the nominations for our presidential candidate. he could not see what the auto [cheers and applause] industry meant for the millions of middle-class families who depend on those jobs. barack obama, he immediately understood what was at stake. we will now proceed to the roll he saw saving the auto industry nominate thetate's as good for his shareholders, the american people. [applause] democratic party's canada for president of the united states. -- candidate for president of president obama made the tough the united states. i will now ask the secretary to
8:55 pm
call and saved the auto industry. call the role of the united states. [applause] luckily, we have a choice, a clear choice in this election. president obama understands that, while government alone cannot states -- create jobs, it sure can create an environment for companies to grow and invest, and higher. that is why president obama has >> good evening. a plan to create jobs and build delegates, now it is your turn a strong economy to last. to vote for our president. for yourself at fixe [applause] barack obama has been duly nominated and seconded by this .com.kobama dot c convention, and thank you, president clinton, for that amazing speech. president obama is working for we will now begin to roll call the men and women in this of states. nation. according to our rules, this
8:56 pm
he is investing in you, your education, job skills, and the shall proceed until our nominee roads and bridges we all depend is selected and continue until on when i began as governor, i all 56 delegations have publicly received a phone call no delivered their vote, because we government -- note governor wants to get. one of our top employers, was know that every state counts and every vote is precious. planning to shut down and lay [applause] off all of the workers. king in fact, they did just tonight, we renominate our that. friend, leader, and america's days after the plant closed, i president, barack obama. visited the workers. i could see in their eyes they so, let us began. were not ready to quit and i alabama. promised i would fight for them. [applause] [applause] alabama? you have 69 votes. i worked with laborers, >> madam secretary, i am the investors, with the talented new chair of the alabama delegation, management team, all committed to keeping the refinery representing the great state of alabama. running, and we saved those jobs.
8:57 pm
the state where the 1965 -- and [applause] you see, my shareholders were nurtured by blood, sweat, and tears. those refinery workers. i had to deliver for them. alabama has more black elected let me ask you, what do you officials per-capita than any state in the nation. think mitt romney would have ome in. that call had cam and the right to vote is worth dying for, a state where the he told us what he will do. republicans have a grand design he told us he likes to fire to suppress, the loot, people. barack obama, he likes to see undermined, and eliminate the people hired. [applause] right to vote. that, too, alabama and and others are ready to fight for. from the moment he took office, we now have the opportunity to president obama has delivered for the middle class. he believes we need to grow our present to this nation 69 votes economy from the middle out and not from the top down. bequeath that we need to keep for the next president of the
8:58 pm
.merica pritchet united states, our current president, barack obama. >> thank you. we must work for it. for it. fight fores alabama cass did 69 votes for obama. we must reelect president obama -- casts 69 votes for obama. one more time. alaska. [applause] >> the elastic democratic party, alaska is a great land. the energy state that will produce 50% of its energy, its electricity, by 2025 from renewable energy. thank you, president obama. home of the first people of alaska, where our tries numbered nearly half of the tribes of the united states. ♪ >> please welcome the honorable the proud home of over 6000 karen mills. military, now back from multiple combat duty towards in afghanistan. alaska is the home of more
8:59 pm
military veterans per-capita than any other state, and it is >> hello, delegates, especially the birthplace of the chief those from my home state, maine. clerk of the 1955 alaska hello to all the small business constitutional convention. when we became a state, -- 1955. owners out there. [applause] from day one, president obama has made small business a top priority in his white house, giving them the tools they need to turn their dreams and -- into cady, how does alaska vote? small businesses and small businesses and world class >> we proudly cast 24 alaskan companies, giving them help, and votes for president barack then getting out of their way. president obama understands that obama. thank you. small businesses are the [applause] backbone of the economy. >> thank you. after all, half of all americans alaska casts 24 votes for barack who work, or work for a small obama. business, they create two thirds of all jobs. >> madam secretary, from the small businesses are a big part of who we are. when president obama took
9:00 pm
office, the economy was in free only part of the united states fall. credit was frozen. small businesses were not south of the equator, the land thinking about expansion. of our nation's cleanest air. they were thinking about survival. the president knew that one of americans are more proudly and the most important things he and then nervously -- and could do was to give small unanimously cast all of our 10 presses votes for four more years in the right direction, of right away, president obama cut small business taxes. moving forward, with president, not once or twice, but 18 times. barack obama. [applause] [applause] he put a record volume of >> thank you. guaranteed loans into the hands american samoa casts all of its of american small businesses. 12 votes for barack obama. he eliminated pages of >> arizona, 80 votes. burdensome forms and regulations so that small businesses could focus on profit instead of paper work. he made the federal government >> madam secretary, arizona is pay small business contractors the grand canyon state and has produced some fabulous not in 30 days but in 15. politicians on both parties, and to help entrepreneurs make
9:01 pm
one includes my grandfather. their payrolls and buy new equipment. [applause] he even gave small business a seat at the table in his cabinet. my grandfather would not recognize republican party today, small business owners are today. having a very different conversations than they were three and a half years ago. he believed in personal today they are talking about strategies to fill larger freedoms, the right to privacy, orders, blueprints for bigger and a woman's right to choose. factories, and plans to hire more workers. a little nervous. like raleigh-denham, a husband on behalf of the years of delegation, i want to cast 77 and wife team making bluejeans votes for arizona for barack right here in north carolina, and exporting them to eight obama, the next president. countries on three continents. >> thank you, arizona. american entrepreneurs are our greatest asset. 77 votes for barack obama. as president obama has delivered for them. arkansas,, president clinton, 55 he understands that washington votes. does not create jobs. small businesses do. >> 20 years ago, bill clinton
9:02 pm
the government's role is to put the wind at their back. told us that a president should after the worst storm in be a powerful force for generations, that exact -- is progress and that he still believes in a place called home. exactly what president obama is doing -- expanding access and arkansas, home of bill clinton. opportunity in every corner of all 50 states. [applause] when the american people reelect balanced budgets, brighter president obama, he will finish futures, and an unending belief the work that he started, in a place called home, casts because across this country, we all 55 votes. know what small businesses -- for president barack obama. when the small businesses >> thank you. succeed, america succeeds. thank you. [applause] california, with 600 -- 609 voted. votes. ♪ how do you cast them? >> california is the home of
9:03 pm
37.5 million people. >> what was important growing up was a sense of working hard. if you work hard, you can be successful. home to the entertainment capital of the world and the my name is bill butcher. i own a brewing co. in city by the bed. alexandria, virginia. -- bay. this was a new venture for me and my wife, karen. home to magnificent beaches and the biggest challenge in putting the business together was trying coastlines, stretching from the desert to the redwood forest. to get the financing. we knew there would be a major commitment for a family. to borrow that amount of money -- we were putting the plan together in 2009. >> california, the state of the banks are not lending money. everybody was worried about the most diverse population and we economy. >> when that took office, i put are so proud. in place a plan to help small businesses. a state of opportunity and we were guided by a simple example -- government cannot natural beauty that is home to guarantee success, but it can veterans, to teachers, two knock down barriers to success like a lack of soap -- nurses, to brave, first affordable capital. responders.
9:04 pm
supporting loans to small businesses. >> they are local business banks and, job creators whose that are rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit has community. shaped the world. they saw the potential for the plan and were aware of new programs as part of the recovery act. getting the sba loan helped us a california, where -- [applause] lot. we saved the money from loan where we are committed to fees to buy additional reigniting the american dream, equipment. it saved us thousands of where the american dream is dollars. every time or another truckload indeed a reality. of glass, we keep our label co. california, where innovators and immigrants come to pursue busy printing labels -- their business is growing as our opportunity. business grows. madam secretary, california i am grateful for many aspects casts 609 votes for president of the recovery act. it is great to see that their programs are available. barack obama. that is something that other >> the great state of california small businesses are taking advantage of. home of such a dynamic leaders small business is the backbone for our country cass 609 votes of the economy. for barack obama. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bill butcher of colorado. you have 86 votes. alexandria, virginia. [applause]
9:05 pm
>> madame secretary. >> i know if you are the colorful state of colorado, thinking, and i'm sorry. home to rugged mountain peaks, i am not out here to give free wide open prairies, and people beer. [laughter] as diverse and colorful as our you know, i do not have time to great our doors -- outdoors, pay much attention to politics because i am too busy running my where energy shine from the sky, business. i think a lot of small-business springs from the ground, whips across the land on the wind, and owners still the same way. we do not care about the daily fills our people with optimism and strength, who proudly posted back-and-forth of campaigns. we just want leaders in washington who believe in us. our democratic party four years who make it a little easier for us to succeed. our president is that kind of ago to first nominate our leader. [applause] president. there were moments when my wife colorado enthusiastically casts 86 votes for president barack and i wondered if we would ever get our business off the ground. obama and vice president joe biden. i remember what it was like to go to bank after bank after >> thank you, caller brought up. bank, a hearing no. thank you for that kickoff we may not have ever gotten to
9:06 pm
yes if it was not for president convention last -- four years ago for our president. obama and the sba loans he kinetic kit, you have 88 votes. started. for these last four years, i -- can netiquette -- have had a president who is on my side. he cut small business taxes 18 times. connecticut, you have 88 votes. he kept middle-class taxes low, which meant more customers for >> brought forth a greater my product. he knows that growing the nation, we stand before you, the middle-class helps businesses to home of chris murphy, the next create jobs. i know that if he gets a second united states senator from term, entrepreneurs like the connecticut. will have the best possible we stand before you, the home of chance to succeed. the next congressman from the fifth congressional district. i hear president obama has been if you want to buy a submarine brewing some beer in the white or a great helicopter, you will house recently. i know you are not supposed to endorse a competitor, but in buy it in the state of this case i will make an exception. [applause] connecticut. the home of the industrial our president has fought for revolution in the united states small-business owners, and now of america and the insurance it is time to fight for him. industry today probably caught thank you, everybody. [applause] -- proudly casts 88 votes for the great president, barack obama.
9:07 pm
>> thank you, connecticut. ♪ 88 votes for our president. >> please welcome california delaware, home of our great vice-president. state attorney general -- 33 votes. >> i am delaware's lone member >> on behalf of the great state of the u.s. house of of california, i thank you for representatives representing the small but mighty delaware delegation. the honor and privilege to be here. delaware the first state to ratify the constitution, the so let's get right down to business. we are here because we love our state that started our great nation, a land of the beautiful country. beaches and further from -- we firmly believe in the fertile farmland, the home of american ideal that our country peter spencer, and the home of should work for everyone. that ideal is written into our biden and dr. joe bideill laws, the rules of the road that the vice president of the united create a level playing field in
9:08 pm
this country. states, joe biden. those are the rules. i became attorney general to we proudly cast our 33 votes for uphold. those are the rules mitt romney their president of the united states, barack obama. would have us rollback. he would roll back the rules >> 33 vote for barack obama. that protect the air we breathe and the water we drink. roll back the rules that protect democrats abroad, representing the health and safety of women democrats all over the world, you have 19 votes. and families. >> madam secretary, democrats roll back the rules that prevent the kind of recklessness that got our economy into this mess abroad represents many of the in the first place. estimated 6 million american well, i have seen all that citizens living outside of the united states. happens when you roll back those rules. what happened? our members come from every congressional district in the rows of foreclosure sig. united states. for instance, i live in canada, what happens are mountains of family debt. what happens is a middle-class but i vote absentee in buffalo, that is hurting. new york. that is what we have seen in our delegation tonight comes towns across california and from five countries.
9:09 pm
across this country. when it comes to the housing we registered voters on our crisis, the choice between website, votefromabroad that barack obama and mitt romney is clear. the fact is, we do not have to .org. guess what mitt romney would have done if he were president. tell your families and friends he told us -- he said, we should who are living abroad to go to our website, request an absentee let foreclosures, and i quote, ballot, and make their vote "hit the bottom." count. madam secretary, democrats so the market could, i " "run abroad is proud to cast its 18.5 delegation votes for president its course." run its course. barack obama. that is not leadership. >> thank you, democrats abroad. doing nothing while the middle democrats of broadcasts 18 barack -- 18.5 votes class is hurting -- that is not leadership. loose regulations lax enforcement, that is not for barack obama. district of columbia, you have leadership. 45 votes. that is abandoning our [applause] middleclass. >> madam secretary hip, i introd
9:10 pm
here is what president obama did. president obama one of wall street reform to prevent any to the democrats of this more tax-funded bailout. assembly, the mayor, governor, president obama won credit-card reforms are you do not get hit who will cast our votes. with hidden fees and sudden rate >> thank you. hikes. president obama stood with me i am proud to night to represent and 48 other attorneys general the 618,000 residents of the in taking on the banks and winning $25 billion for district of columbia. struggling homeowners. [applause] we have heard about the importance of inclusion, about creating opportunities, about that is leadership. that is what president obama moving forward, about hope for the future, and we certainly did. that is why we need to give him have just heard an eloquent another four years. presentation about the fatalities -- fallacies of the [cheers and applause] republican arguments in this election. what we have heard, also, are we need to move forward. president obama will fight for moving stories about what makes america great. working families. he will fight to level the we are a city that pays $3.50 economic playing field and fight to give every american the same billion annually in government
9:11 pm
taxes and raises $5.60 billion fair shot my family had. in local taxes to support our i remember when my mother bought city. our great nation was founded upon the fundamental principle our first home. i was 13. of resistance, taxation without she was so proud. representation. yet, we continue to ensure that my sister and i were so excited. in the district of columbia. we ask you, please america, as millions of families and millions of americans know that feeling. we were to reelect president walking through the front door obama, work with us to bring of their own home for the first justice and equality to the time. district of columbia. the feeling of reaching for [applause] opportunity and finding it. that is the choice in this the district of columbia proudly election. it is a choice between an casts its entire 43 votes for america where opportunity is open to everyone, where everyone the reelection of president barack obama. plays by the same set of rules, >> thank you. or a philosophy that tilts the district of columbia casts 45 playing field to help the wealthiest few. votes for barack obama. florida. a choice between holding wall [applause] street accountable or letting it
9:12 pm
write its own rules. florida, 300 votes. mitt romney subscribes to the cynical logic that says the >> madame secretary. on behalf of the great state of american dream belongs to some of us and not all of us. florida, the sunshine state, the state that will send bill nelson i will tell you who the american back to the united states dream belongs to. senate, and thus assure us a it belongs to the student in sacramento who does not have democratic united states senate much money but goes to bed each to support this president, the night dreaming big dreams. largest of the so-called swing states where the republicans it belongs to the men and women cannot be elected without across this country who know that it should not be against winning florida, now declares the law to marry the person you love. they will not win florida. it belongs to the immigrants, we are going to again vote for president barack obama. young and old, who come to this tonight, we cast proudly our country in search of a better number of votes being 296 for life. and it belongs to little girls the next president and still the who have the joy of watching president of united states, barack obama. their mothers, like i did, by >> thank you. their first home. [applause] florida cast's 296 votes for barack obama. the american dream belongs to one of those votes is from our
9:13 pm
all of us. and if we can work together, and great chairwoman of the democratic national committee. stand together, and vote together on november 6 for georgia. you have 124 votes. president barack obama, that is a dream we will put in reach of >> madame secretary, i am proud all our people. thank you. [cheers and applause] to serve as the chair of the democratic party of georgia. the great state of georgia has a rich history which has weaved into the fabric of america. to president jimmy carter to john lewis to the vision of ♪ [indiscernible] we understand the justice in society is not based on how it treats its richest but how it reaches that the -- how it >> i get letters from kids all treats its poorest. our delegation share has slipped across the country who came here as principal for this entire when they were five, came here life. . it has lived his principal for when they were eight, parents his entire life.
9:14 pm
were undocumented. most recently, gave the benediction at one of the suddenly they come to 18, 19 greatest moments in american years old, they realize, they history, the inauguration of president barack obama in 2009. feel american, i am american, ladies and gentlemen, here to cast our 121 votes is dr. joseph. the law does not recognize me as american. [applause] i'm willing to serve my country, fight for this country -- i want >> because he has earned our to go to college and better myself. i am at risk of deportation. trust, because he has served it is heartbreaking. with a mindy and identity, it makes no sense to expel because he is in solidarity with talented young people who have working families, because his been raised as americans, i understand themselves to be part vision is clear, and his of this country. footsteps are sure, i am proud effective immediately, the on behalf of georgia delegation department of homeland security is taking steps to lift the to cast 121 votes for the 44th shadow of deportation from these young people. and the 45th president of the united states, barack obama. ♪ this is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our
9:15 pm
>> thank you, reverend. resources wisely but giving it is an honor to receive your votes, 121. these people roll belief and hope, talented, patriotic young people -- as long as i'm president, i will not give up on this issue, not only because it >> madam secretary, delong, home is the right thing to do for our economy, not just because it is the right thing to do for our security, but because it is the of -- guam, we will send it back right thing to do, period. [applause] to the house. we are proud to lend our voice in support of president obama's policy for a military buildup that has done right. we support our president's commitment to protect medicare >> i am from san antonio, texas. for the elderly, for our [applause] president's commitment to stand up for the rights and dignity of working families, and also for a president who believes in like so many americans of all our people's right of self- races and backgrounds, i was determination. brought here as a child. the delegation proudly casts 12 i have been here ever since. i graduated as valedictorian of votes for president barack
9:16 pm
obama. >> thank you. my high school class at the age of 16. [applause] 12 votes for barack obama. hawaii, the president's birthplace. i went on to earn a double major 35 votes. at the age of 20. >> madam secretary, our beloved friend, to you and all the i know i have something to contribute to my economy and my delegates here tonight to country. reelect president barack obama, i feel just as american as any we say, aloha. of my friends or neighbors. madam secretary, the state of [applause] the ally, the aloha state, but i have had to live almost my entire life knowing i could be casts 31 votes for our child of deported just because of the way i came here. president obama fought for the the islands, president barack dream act to help people like obama. me. >> thank you. hawaii casts 35 votes for barack obama. [cheers and applause] idaho. you have 31 votes. [applause] and when congress refused to
9:17 pm
pass it, he did not give up. it is my secretary, i a instead, he took action so that people like me can apply to stay in our country and contribute. honor and privilege tonight to we will keep fighting for represent the great gem state of reform, but while we do we are idaho. able to work and pursue the american dream. we grow world famous potatoes, [applause] build leading high-tech companies, where we are proud of president obama has fought for our tribal nations, our fish, my community. now it is my honor to introduce one of the leaders in my and our timber. where our announced -- mountains community who is fighting for touched the heavens and our him -- from her televised show rivers run clean and clear. to her magazines to her radio where vibrant democratic party network, she is truly an icon. ladies and gentlemen -- works diligently to make our community strong, to create the brightest possible future for our children. and, to turn our red state to bavaria -- to blue.
9:18 pm
we proudly casts all 31 votes ♪ for our president, the next president of the united states, >> hello. barack obama. well, wasn't that something. muchas gracias, and muchas >> thank you. illinois. illinois, where the president gracias of the dreamers, all the has served so ably as your young kids to study and do their senator, you have 200 -- 215 homework. [cheers and applause] like most latinas, you know i am votes. >> madam secretary, illinois, not afraid to speak my mind. through the years, i have asked the land of lincoln, and the land of president barack obama, people some very tough questions. the land of united states i have tackle big issues on live tv. one thing i have never done senator dick durbin, secretary until now was getting involved in politics. no, but this year is very different. in 2008 -- if that was an
9:19 pm
of state jesse white, illinois, important election, it is nothing compared to 2012. nothing. [applause] like benita, i know what it is like to come to this country at a young age. i was struck years old when, in november, will send six new like so many cubans, my parents members to the united states house of representatives. fled the castro regime. viva cuba. these people will vote for nancy for us, america meant freedom. pelosi to become the speaker of america was the place that said, the united states house of representatives. it does not matter where you come from, it does not matter illinois will send tammy duckworth, brad schneider, bill what your last name is, it does not matter if you drink coffee .oster, david gill with milk. here, if you work very hard, error -- everything is possible. that is what i did. si se puede. illinois is proud to cast its even though i could not afford
9:20 pm
196 votes to the son of to finish college, i got an interest of job -- internships illinois, the next president of the united states, barack obama. job at a magazine. i turned that internships into a >> thank you. job and a job and to business illinois casts 196 votes, for and a television show that ended up with 100 million viewers in our president, barack obama. 40 different countries. indiana, you have 105 votes. [cheers and applause] si se puede. si se puede. >> madam secretary, greetings from the great state of indiana. gracias, for we are the heart of the heartland. i am the chairman of the indiana delegation. indiana has a rich political history with senior statesmen, me -- the american dream is a promise. like our senator who put title 9 it is not just an idea. into law. not just a theory. it is my life story. that change higher education in i know many dreamers. america and give women equal i want to pass that promise on opportunities in public to my grandchildren, dominick education.
9:21 pm
our tradition also includes and christina maria. i want them to grow up in the representative lee hamilton, who kind of country that i grew up served his district and our in. [cheers and applause] country 34 years in the united that is what this election is states congress, and then again after words as vice chairman of about. the 9/11 commission. for the first time in my m that commission of strong, life, the promise of america is democratic leadership continues in danger. today and includes my friend, nearly every part of governor rep on dry carson of the seventh romney's plan would put that american dream further out of congressional district. reach. in order to cut taxes for the >> president obama's commitment very top, he would raise to the american auto industry families for middle-class families,/education, cut student save more than 150,000 jobs. aid. governor romney would turn medicare from a guarantee into una livreta de compones -- a his commitment to medicare, and social security, means whose years to not have to worry -- do book of coupons. he would repeal of care reform, not have to worry about their forcing losing -- millions of health and economic future is as hispanics to lose insurance. their year's events. 's plan is only pa most of all, president obama's
9:22 pm
vision that we must work together to overcome our one word -- backward. greatest challenges reflects our we need to move forward. common sense values. we need to re-elect our president obama. [cheers and applause] we fought hard in 2008 to deliver indiana as a democratic state for the first time in 44 our president is an incredible years. man. he fights for us every single day. he helped prevent a second great we are determined to do it again. depression. i am honored to announce that he cut taxes for middle-class families and small businesses. the great state of indiana he fought for health care reform, which is already proudly casts all 100 -- 101 helping millions of americans to votes for our president, barack afford insurance. obama. this education policies -- his >> indiana casts 101 votes for education policies mean our president, barack obama. hispanics receive an estimated 150,000 more college >> iowa, where it all began. scholarships. 65 votes. he is on our side. [cheers and applause]
9:23 pm
>> thank you, madam secretary. yes, we still have a lot to in 2008, in the face of work to do. impossible odds, ireland's from president obama has a detailed plan. you can find this plan on his small towns and big cities came together in support of a common website. it is a plan to grow our economy belief that people who love this from the middle class out at the country can change it. bottom up, not from the top down. what began as a journey in iowa a plan to invent -- invest in became a national movement. education. to invest in manufacturing. focus on turning the shared a plan to pass comprehensive responsibilities into shared immigration reform that prosperity. includes a path to citizenship. >> on september 28, i was will [cheers and applause] once again be the first state in thank you. the nation to cast their ballots for president barack obama. [applause] on immigration, governor romney's years -- this really tonight, united by the progress freaks me out. his views could not be more we have made and the opportunity extreme. he says that we should make to continue that progress, i life so unbearable for 11 winds past 62 votes for barack million people that they simply obama. self-deport.
9:24 pm
what is that? [applause] he said that arizona's >> thank you, i what, and thank immigration law should be a model for our country. you for your young people. we appreciate them. kansas, you have 53 votes. [crowd boos] do not boo -- vote. >> madam secretary, the [cheers and applause] sunflower state, birthplace of the president's mother and his he even made the architect of that horrible law and immigration adviser for his campaign. that was really smart. parent,s' early years, has a rich history in civil-rights and no protesting -- a vote. protecting our freedoms. a vote. kansans fought against slavery he has promised to repeal the to be a free slate -- free dream act. this election is about many state. cans of's families fought things, but if you want to understand the values of the two segregation -- kansas's families candidates, all you have to do is think about the beautiful fought segregation. lady that introduced me tonight. women first voted in city governor romney cause young elections in 1887 and elected people like her, at 27, illegal mayorate's first woman aliens.
9:25 pm
president obama calls and dreamers. [cheers and applause] in 1888. that is the difference in this we ratified the equal rights election. amendment in the early 1970's. in closing, i am asking, all of >> madam secretary, the great my people, please join me. state of kansas, the home of the university of kansas, the kansas many of us come from countries where votes are not counted properly. in fact, they are not counted at state wildcats, and the wichita all. arete university', here, we latinos have a very powerful voice, but only if we use it. [cheers and applause] extraordinary proud of our former government -- governor, that begins with making sure you and secretary of health and human resources, and finally, are registered to vote. so i want to to go to kansans are proud of what or in spanish. eisenhower, and bob dole, whose moderation and common sense make sure your friends and wisdom have been repudiated by families are bloated, too. the republican party and replaced by the extremism of -- registered, too. n beck.mbaugh, glen back
9:26 pm
when you talk to your families and friends? would you fight for that dream all believe in? will you keep the promise of >> for all the reasons we have this country alive? estamos unidos -- let's do this heard today and because we believe in the future, kansas together. proudly casts 51 votes for muchas gracias. president barack obama. >> thank you, kansas. 51 votes for barack obama. kentucky, you have 73 votes. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> madam secretary, the home of ♪ kentucky bourbon, kentucky derby, and championship basketball, kentucky, which, >> please welcome a co-founder and retired ceo of carmax. last year, showed the nation how democrats can win in the self, and where it, this year, >> when we started carmax 19 we will reelect congressman
9:27 pm
years ago, we had a simple idea of making buying a used car transparent, easy, and honest. john, kentucky, one of the today, we have grown to be america's largest auto highest-ranking states for job growth in the last year and home retailer, employing 17,000 people in 30 states. of a reinvigorated and it is one of fortune's top 100 rejuvenated audio -- auto companies to work for. we worked hard to build and industry thanks to president barack obama, and kentucky, the conceived an idea for carmax, but we did not do it alone. host of a one and only vice- we succeeded because we had presidential debate at center intensely committed associates, healthy and flexible capital college on october 11, where markets, good roads and bridges vice president joe biden will that let us move products deliver a knockout punch to paul rapidly, a cooperative federal, ryan, kentucky proudly casts its state, and local governments that helped us have clear rules of the road and plans to grow 72 votes for the next president our business. of the united states, president as a businessman, i know barack obama. president obama understands what it takes to spark economic >> thank you, ky. growth. i have seen him in action. 72 votes for barack obama. when he took office, he inherited a massive structural deficit from his republican louisiana, we are glad you are
9:28 pm
predecessor, an economy in free here and you are safe. fall, and most importantly for me personally, an auto industry >> i am the chair of the on the verge of collapse. he president's decisive action led to rapid and successful louisiana delegation, who is restructuring of two of fired up and ready to go. america's largest corporations, gm and chrysler. in its historic 200 years of that did not to say the car statehood, the great state of companies. it helped prevent a domino effect that would have taken louisiana, home of the southern down everything in the auto -- es -- jack wires, fa industry, from factories that manufacture of auto parts to the dealers who sold the cars. he also launched targeted efforts that helped ordinary people buy cars again. altogether, these actions prevented over 1 million job losses and laid the groundwork strong democratic mayors and six for what is now a robust of our largest cities, the recovery of the american auto industry. sportsmen's power lies with [applause] the president deserves credit citizens to continue to rise from the ashes of reverses it -- for this extraordinary success. of adversity like a hurricane to i am determined to see that he treat a. gets it. [applause] -- katrina. as a businessman who focuses on with a determination to turn a
9:29 pm
facts, not political rhetoric, i red state blew again, think the choice in this louisiana, election is clear. president obama has shown he has the vision to support average [applause] consumers and taxpayers. he understands that the consumer >> louisiana casts 55 votes for is the engine of economic growth, that business cannot prosper without them. barack obama. maine, 37 votes. that is why he has a plan to reduce the deficit, invest in infrastructure and education, give tax relief and benefits to >> madame secretary. average consumers, not the maine is so pleased that you millionaires. that is what works. that is how we grow the economy have ceded all arab delegates in from the middle out, not from this convention on like our the top down. friends in tampa. maine turned red overnight in as a businessman, i will tell 2010 but we will turn blue and you, mitt romney just does not deliver all four of our get it. that is why i am voting to electoral votes to the democratic candidate for the extend barack obama's management sixth election in a row. tonight we're honored to contract for four more years. [cheers and applause] deliver 35 delegates for the nomination of president barack obama. [applause] thank you. casting 35u, maine,
9:30 pm
votes for barack obama. maryland. 124 votes. [applause] [chanting "four more years"] >> madam secretary, mdaryland, ♪ >> the u.s. auto industry is in dire straits. >> reports showed manufacturing industry hitting a 26-year low the land of the free and the last month. home of the brave, the number >> things started falling into one state for entrepreneurship, trouble. nobody is going to buy a car in the number one state for four that climate. years in a row for public we started seeing layoffs here and there. education in america has a great >> automakers are desperately waiting for a lifeline of vote to cast here but we have a thousands of workers in all couple more things we would like sorts of industries are losing to share with you. their livelihood. >> if i do not go to work >> working with our great gov. martin o'malley, being -- having anymore, the five or six suppliers around us go away. the gas stations go away. driven down violent crime by
9:31 pm
the richest source close. in less than a year, a place 30%, made college education more like lansing would be a ghost affordable for the people are state, looking forward to the town. >> nobody knew where the teacher baltimore orioles' winning the held. i was living from paycheck to world series, and the ribbons, paycheck, and that was an unemployment check. >> we were watching every day, waiting, please, please help us. the redskins beating in the super bowl. >> the nation's struggling auto makers say they need a loan to keep them from bankruptcy. maryland, where we move forward, the president faces a staggering not back. array of tough decisions. >> it was an unpopular thing to and maryland, where we will do. it got flak from all directions. reelect the greatest center in >> it will come as no surprise the world, ben cardin -- senator that some americans who have in the world, ben cardin. suffered the most have been those in the auto industry. we cannot and must not, and we quex in the chair of the maryland democratic party. votesbably cast our 127 will not, let our auto industry simply vanish. >> i remember the day president obama came on tv and said he was going to give the auto loan. for president barack obama. >> thank you, maryland. i said, oh my god, we're getting casting 124 boats for obama. our own. -- votes for obama. >> my friends and i were sitting there -- we all screamed and danced around like fools.
9:32 pm
money is coming back to work. >> president obama give us the massachusetts, you have 136 votes. >> madam secretary, i am boston city councilor iyana presley. tools and we went with it. we came back to work, we had a the great commonwealth of fire to do well. a fire to do well. massachusetts, under the leadership of gov. patrick is >> good evening. first in the nation. the president saluted the >> first in the nation in official return of america's education. first in clean energy, and the auto industry. >> we came back with a first -- birthplace of the vengeance. >> auto sales topped estimates united states of america. in june. as of tonight, general motors is back on top. >> former home to the late, >> we came from the scariest moment in our life to the most great senator ted kennedy, the triumphant. land of the senate. >> the day chrysler paid back -- lion of the senate. the loan, one of the proudest moments i had working at chrysler. everybody working together, from >> home of the bruins. the ceo down to the janitors, to proud to cast 128 votes for make our company survive. we made a promise. the president made a promise. we would make good on it. president barack obama. >> note that against -- do not [cheers and applause] . >> thank you, massachusetts.
9:33 pm
bet against the american people. casting 128 votes for barack do not bet against the american obama. worker. >> day leader is somebody who hears the people. michigan, where our auto industry is back. >> president obama heard that. you have 203 votes. >> madam secretary, i am state >> he showed the kind of theesentative rochita, leadership and character that is required in a president who will do what is best for the group and not necessarily himself. first muslim american woman >> going back to work -- i have elected to the state seen new businesses go up. legislature. the home of the u.s. auto when we do good, everybody does industry, arrested by president barack obama. get. >> are we better than we were four years ago? we are better. michigan, whose economy has been we will be even better if we powered by generations of keep going forward. immigrants. that is president obama. madam secretary, mich. proudly [cheers and applause] casts 203 votes for president >> ladies and gentlemen, please barack obama. >> thank you. welcome karen from hubbard, thank you, michigan. ohio. 203 boats for barack obama. minnesota. you have 107 votes. >> for almost 20 years i have been a frappe -- proud member of the uaw local 1112. >> madame secretary.
9:34 pm
[cheers and applause] i am a second-generation minnesota, the land of 10,000 autoworker. i am proud. lakes, 80,000 farms, and nine thanks to president obama, i still am. summer olympics medals. my mom retired from gm after 30 years, and my brother worked there, too. minnesota, the home of the everybody there is like family. we look out for each other, not minnesota lynx. just because we are gm or because we are ohio, but we are the home of vice-president american. [applause] walter mondale. when the auto industry was on its last legs, i was laid off. a champion of civil rights, civil liberties, and midwestern i was terrified. how was i going to go back to my stability. daughter and my two boys, or pay minnesota public cast our 99 my mortgage? votes for barack obama and joe how is the valley going to survive when so many of us were biden. [cheers and applause] out of work. >> thank you, senator. so many of us would lose what we worked so hard for. minnesota casts 107 votes for the answer was not obvious. the solution was not popular. our president, barack obama. president obama did not think mississippi. about the polls or the politics.
9:35 pm
mississippi, you have 45 votes. he thought about the people. [applause] >> madam secretary, you will understand when mississippi because he put himself in our shoes, we are back on our feet. passes at this point for ohio. some said we should not rest to the auto industry. >> thank you. president obama knew he had to mississippi passes to ohio. save it to move our country ohio, you have 191 votes. forward. today i am back at work. three kids building cars in -- >> thank you. we are building the cars of the madam secretary, i am chairman future, like the chevy cruze. of the ohio democratic party. ohio from the bay tp gm did not just pay back our outstanding loans, we paid them back ahead of schedule. the valley is thriving again. portsmouth, to portsmouth. by electing a president as we [applause] did in 2008. the home of american heroes and president obama has the same work ethic and values as my co- american icons. the home of neil armstrong and workers at gm, my neighbors in john glenn. the home of senator sherrod ohio. he knows we are all in this brown and gov. ted strickland.
9:36 pm
together. he believes in us. and ohio, in spite of rec -- he stood up for us. i am proud and honored to stand mitt romney's efforts, they home here tonight for him. of the chevy cruise and jeep and thank you very much. 850,000 jobs. ohio, madam secretary, cast all [cheers and applause] 188 votes for the next >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bob king, president of president and vice-president of the united states. barack obama. >> thank you. ohio casts 188 votes for barack united auto workers. [applause] >> to serve in both houses of obama. the congress with margaret chase smith -- she said, the right way ♪ celebrate good times, come on is not always be popular or the ♪ easy way. standing for rights when it is >> ladies and gentlemen, i have unpopular is a true test of been informed that barack obama moral character. is now our party's official
9:37 pm
margaret chase smith was a republican, but a very different nominee for president of the united states of america. kind than those republicans [cheers and applause] trying to overtake our country now. [applause] congratulations, mr. president. congratulations, america. in some of america's darkest economic days since the great on november 6, we will reelect you to lead our nation forward. depression, and in the face of tremendous political venom, president obama met the test of we will now continue and complete our roll-call of moral character. delegations. he stood up for what -- not for mississippi. what was popular and easy, but for what was right. mississippi, how generous of [applause] you to share this moment with he stood for and with american ohio. you have 45 votes. workers, not just auto workers, >> thank you. you understand now why we deferred to ohio. but 1 million workers in the we want to leave tonight towns all across america. unified. ohio, you are now charged with making sure that barack obama workers who, if the industry
9:38 pm
carries your state. went under, would not be able to [cheers and applause] put food on the table. madam secretary, i would like to we all remember what those days yield to the oldest elected were like when president obama took office. official attending this workers waiting anxiously as convention, as well as the oldest delegate attending this their companies announced layoffs. convention to cast the votes for banks refusing to loan. car sales were collapsing. the mississippi delegation. it was not just auto companies >> the number of votes from that were struggling to survive. mississippi was 42. for barack obama. so were those companies making parts and selling cars. [applause] small businesses that rely on >> thank you, thank you so much. auto workers as customers like diners and barbershops had to mississippi casts 45 votes for close down. unfortunately, most republicans barack obama. advocated doing nothing. missouri, the show-me state. what did mitt romney said? you all know this, he said, let you have 102 votes. detroit go bankrupt.
9:39 pm
>> madame secretary. [crowd boos] i am chair of the missouri democratic party. the great state of missouri, the in strong contrast, president obama to action, -- took action, show me state. the home of the world champion putting together a rescue team, world series champions, the settlers cardinals but also the demanding real change and home of the greatest institution sacrifice from everyone of learning in the free world, involved, from management, from the university of missouri labour, from suppliers, from tigers. also home to our great debt holders, from dealers, congressmen, a vandal cleaver -- everybody involved. it was not universally popular, emanuel cleaver and gov. jay but it was absolutely right. [applause] nixon. as well as our great senator, president obama's strong clear-clear casco -- claire leadership saved a million jobs. this -- since june of 2009, this mckaskill. -- mccaskill. industry has added a quarter of a million jobs. we, the show-me state asks our the auto industry is thriving
9:40 pm
again. these are good, middle-class nation to show was an barack obama back to the white house jobs in the glass, plastic, for four more years. we hereby stand with our steel -- jobs making things for president and unanimously cast our 99 delegates and votes for an economy built to last. [applause] our president and ex-president, barack obama. >> thank you, missouri. record -- at bain missouri casts 99 votes for barack obama. montana. you have 31 votes. capital, the corporate buyout firm he founded, too often has made their money, not by >> madam secretary, in the state but byg covere companies up of montana, the big blue sky is not the only theing that is blu. taking them apart. too often, the workers ended up in the street, even as romney eight out of nine are -- of and his partners made millions of dollars. earlier this week, we celebrated elected leaders are democrats. but senator max baucus, senator labor day. many people forget what this tester, gov. bryant schweitzer, holiday is and why it was attorney-general steve bullock created. it was about safe workplaces,
9:41 pm
who took montana's fight health care, the 40-hour against citizens united to the workweek, middle-class jobs, united states supreme court and leaders like denise juno, the standards that all of us believe in. but the standards did not just first american indian elected to happen. they happened because statewide office. generations of workers and people fought for, and in some >> montana is proud to have a to cases died for, the right to tribal nations within our state's boundaries and we have many of their members here with us tonight. organize and the rights to montana has a long tradition of collectively bargain. women leaders and we are [cheers and applause] continuing that tradition with a strong field of candidates for statewide office in 2012 president obama strongly including kim gillan, state supports these basic human and pammonica levine, rights because these rights are good for all americans. busey. strong unions and collective in montana is the year of the bargaining -- strong unions and woman and we will deliver the votes to elect democrats.
9:42 pm
collective bargaining have lifted millions of people out of >> madam chairman, i am senator poverty. and have built the great perigoy, a proud member of american middle class. it is the middle-class that the crow nation, montana casts keeps america's democracy and the economy strong. the republicans -- just look at wisconsin. its 30 votes for the next the republicans want to take us president, barack obama. >> montana casts 30 votes for back, back to a time when workers could not stand up for president barack obama's. nebraska. themselves, when workers could not speak with one voice, when you have 44 votes. workers could not speak up for >> madam secretary, i am state fairness, justice, and middle- senator council, of the 11th class opportunity. that is why unions matter. [cheers and applause] obama-ha.n
9:43 pm
i am so proud to be a union the only red state in the nation member. his legislature be down the and i am so proud, i am so oppressive voter i.d. law. proud to represent the men and women of the uaw. nebraska, the great state, the [applause] cornhuskers state, who will return bob carey to the u.s. because of president obama's senate. nebraska, the great state who moral courage and leadership, will elect john ewing as the america's auto industry is roaring again, leading the second congressional district american economic recovery. rep. a congressional district that in an industry we call the arsenal 2008, delivered a blue dot out of democracy is driving us to new prosperity. of a sea of red and we're this november, america faces a prepared to do it again. clear choice about what kind of it is my great honor on behalf country we want to be. the choice for working families of this delegation, to cast all
9:44 pm
is clear. 43 votes from nebraska. we must reelect president barack >> nebraska casts all 44 votes obama. [cheers and applause] -- 43 votes for president barack obama. new hampshire. ♪ 35 votes. >> please welcome former >> thank you, madam secretary. employees of companies new hampshire, the home state of controlled by romney possible bain capital. the first in the nation primary. new hampshire, the proud summer home of that great american leader congresswoman debbie bain capital. wasserman schultz. new hampshire, home of america's >> we just heard from bob king most popular democratic about president obama's record governor gov. john h. lynch and of creating jobs. i want to talk about it romney's record of cutting jobs. mitt romney once said, i like to isn't -- this november, we will fire people. i can tell you from personal elect a democratic woman to be experience -- he does. our governor. and we will send her a majority
9:45 pm
on july 5, 1994, mitt romney and of democrats and get rid of his partners at bain capital those tea party majority in the fired me and more than 350 of my new hampshire legislature. co-workers. and in november, led by our s]rowd boos senior center, new hampshire it came without any warning. they brought in security guards will be joined in ellenton -- to walk us out of our planned. we were not even allowed to take electing carol porter, and we personal items. they had a job applications and said, if we want to, we will let will have the first all female you know. the truth is some folks were congressional delegation. hired back -- lower wages, fewer in this november -- and this benefits, no retirement. many others were not. november, the greatest state will stand rock-solid with seven months later, they close barack obama and joe biden. out plans for good. new hampshire pro dicasts all -- what effected me most was having guys the age i am now proudly casts all 35 votes for come to my desk and cry. guys who had nothing to fall back on. president barack obama. >> new hampshire casts 35 votes i do not think mitt romney is a bad man. for brett drama. i do not fault him for the fact -- barack obama. that some companies win and some nevada.
9:46 pm
companies lose. nevada, you have 44 votes. that is a fact of life. what i fault him for is making money without a moral compass. >> madam secretary, i am roberta [applause] i fault him for putting profits lang, chair of the democratic party in the great state of before people like me. nevada. [cheers and applause] home to its favorite son, but that is just romney economics. america cannot afford romney majority leader harry reid. economics. it is my privilege tonight to mitt romney will stick it to working people. introduce to you the next united states senator from the state of barack obama is sticking up for nevada, our congresswoman, working people. it is as simple as that. shelle berkeley. that is why i am supporting him for a second term as president. >> i am shelley berkeley. [cheers and applause] nevada is known as the battle >> when it mitt romney first announced he was running for borne state. president, i had no idea who he was. then i learned he was the ceo of we are fighters and we will bain capital, and that sure got continue to fight alongside
9:47 pm
barack obama for america's my attention real fast. middle class families by i used to work at a plant in creating good paying jobs, protecting medicare and social miami that governor romney bought with his partners from security and ending tax breaks bain. for corporations that should isa used to because not long american jobs overseas, and that after they bought it romney and is why nevada is proud to cast has partners shut our plant down and drove our company into all 43 votes for our president, bankruptcy. [crowd boos] barack obama. our company, dade behring, was a >> thank you, nevada. big part of our community. casting 43 votes for barack obama. there were folks who had been at the plant for 20 years. new jersey. by the time romney and his partners were done, we had lost [cheers and applause] new jersey has 172 votes. 850 jobs in florida. it was a really difficult time for me and for my co-workers. >> madam secretary, i am chair but not for governor romney and his partners -- while we watched of the new jersey democratic our jobs disappear, they party, home of the garden state, ultimately walked away with more a state of lush farms and than 200 and -- $240 million. beautiful beaches and beautiful forests.
9:48 pm
pauma of rutgers university. [crowd boos] -- home of rackers university. of course, i understand. -- rutgers elaris a. some companies are successful, others are not. that is the way our economy works. but it is wrong when dedicated we are at diversity, we have a bill first electric, and we have and productive employees feel the pain while folks like mitt a diverse set of elected romney make profits. officials representing us and i am proud to turn over the casting of our boats to oriented state senator, senator robert so, when mitt romney talks about his business experience, menendez. remember, it is not experience >> madam secretary, the great creating a good paying jobs. state of new jersey, the garden it is experience cutting jobs. state, the home of thomas edison, where education and it is experience shutting plants. invention still works together it is experience making millions to produce opportunities to grow of dollars by making life tough our middle-class, and discoveries to improve the for for hard-working americans. lives of all people, proudly cast its 172 votes for that that is not the kind of experience we need in the white house. we need a president who will champion of education, of create good paying jobs and make opportunity, of invention, and
9:49 pm
sure everyone has a fair chance. our middle class, president barack obama. we need president barack obama. >> new jersey casts 172 votes [cheers and applause] for barack obama. thank you, new jersey. new mexico. you have 50 votes. >> madam secretary, my name is >> good evening. javier gonzales and in the chair a special greeting to my fellow minnesota and. of the great state of new to the hard-working missourans mexico. and the democratic anchor of why was privileged to represent for so many years. i'm david foster, and i was a the southwest. we are the home of the oldest steelworker for 31 years. capital in the southwest, the for 15 years, i lay a brick and tapped the furnaces and did all only place where you can view of that hard, dirty work that that trail of billy the kid while sitting in the hot air turn molten metal into the cars balloon. we will in 2012 sent and bridges and buildings that make america what it is today. representative martin heinrich to the u.s. senate to continue the legacy of the retiring jeff
9:50 pm
i also led the steel workers in bingaman and support the strong work of senator tom udall. a 13-state negotiations, elect michelle grisham and help including gst steel in kansas city, a 100-year-old company evelyn madrid fight for the that was bought by mid romney and his's -- b atain capital in democratic values of the 1993. that is a story i wish i did not have to sit -- tell. southern district. we will return our no. 7 ted -- our representatives to but america needs to know the truth. when romney and bain took over washington. the great state of new mexico will hold onto our democratic state senate and increase our the mill, they loaded it up with majority in the statehouse. millions in debt. because for voters in mexico, it in months, they use some of that borrowed money to pay themselves is not a choice between red or blue but simply a choice millions. between red or green. in a decade, the debt kept delegation is growing and it was so large that the company was forced into reflective of the best of our bankruptcy. country, madam secretary. we are hispanics, we are native they fired 750 steel workers while they pocketed $12 billion americans, we're african- americans, we are anglo, we are in profits. [crowd boos] lgbt, people with disabilities,
9:51 pm
veterans, immigrants, seniors, and women, and most importantly, a steelworker at gst would have had to work 240 years to make madam secretary, we are all democrats. [cheers and applause] that much money. in 2001, with gst bankrupt and madam secretary, it is my honor and privilege as chair of our great party and cherish them the romney still ceo of bain, i had to stand in a rented auditorium new mexico delegation, in our in front of hundreds of steel 100th year of statehood, to workers in their 50's and 60's, probe the cast of 48 votes for retirees and widows in this 70's our president and the next and 80's, and tell them, romney president of the united states, and bain have broken their promises. barack obama. >> new mexico casts 48 votes for jobs, vacation pay, severance, barack obama. new york. health insurance, pension the empire state. 384 votes. benefits that were promised, they were all gone. now, some companies succeed, some company succeed, others >> madame secretary. failed. i know that. i am sheldon silver, speaker of but i also know this. we do not need a president who the new york state assembly.
9:52 pm
i am joined by our great state fires steelworkers or says, let democratic co-chair s. detroit go bankrupt. [cheers and applause] the great progressive state of we need the leadership, we need new york, engine of opportunity, the leadership of a man who during the darkest hours for cragle of civil rights, model of the american dream, led by the america's auto industry rolled up his sleeves, risked his presidency, and saved over 1 finest, most dynamic governor in million good auto jobs. we need, we need barack obama. america today, governor andrew thank you. [cheers and applause] cuomo. [cheers and applause] guided by our distinguished senior united states senator, charles schumer and kirsten ♪ >> please welcome maryland gillibrand. [applause] our outstanding congressional congressman chris van hollen. [applause] delegation, and attorney-general >> four more years.
9:53 pm
a week ago today, paul ryan eric schneiderman. we, the empire state of accepted his party's nomination democracy and diversity, we are for vice president. he is the chairman of the house budget committee. i lead the democrats on the democrats, we're standing up for working families from the shores committee. we have sharp differences over of lake erie to long island sound. policy, but we get along well. from the peaks of our north i will admit -- i was glad that country to the rivers of our paul was peck. southern tier. i hope it would result in a we are innovators and achievers. serious debate about the choice before us. then i heard his acceptance we're building a brighter future in cities such as buffalo speech. and rochester. it kept the fact checkers up all night. syracuse and binghamton, utica you remember the republicans and albany, through the historic have this gigantic clock in the arena, showing the size of the national debt. hudson valley to new york city. paul told america, if you elect [cheers and applause] republicans, we can fix that. or the adirondack forest --
9:54 pm
but, if paul ryan was being where the adirondack forest honest, he would have pointed to stands majestically, niagara falls -- that debt clock and said, we built that. >> new york, you have 384 votes. [cheers and applause] how do you cast them? >> it rises gloriously with immense pride, we cast all of because here are the facts. our throats for the present and when president clinton left future leader of the great nation, president barack obama. office, america had a projected surplus of trillions of dollars >> thank you, new york. over the next decade. 384 votes for barack obama. then came to wars, to tax cuts north carolina. tilted to the wealthy, -- two our wonderful host. north carolina, you have 157 wars, two tax cuts tilted to the votes. wealthy, and a new entitlement. republicans did not pay for any how do cast them? of this. >> madame secretary, the great paul ryan voted for all of it. and sovereign state of north carolina, the cradle of liberty, on top of that, they left behind is delighted to host the an economy in a freefall. democratic convention in so when president obama took charlotte, north carolina.
9:55 pm
office, the republicans handed >> madam secretary, north him the bill. carolina, the state where our projected deficits of trillions of dollars. great -- of our great governor congressman ryan, america is literally in your debt. and our senator kay hagan, where [applause] the weak grow strong and the strong growth rate. so president obama went to work. where we will select walter delton -- dalton our next he established a bipartisan commission to get smart folks governor. where we voted for barack obama from both parties together to in 2008, and where we will develop a plan to reduce the carry north carolina again in deficit down to grow jobs. guess what? it works. 2012, to keep this recovery they produced a balanced, going, to keep our american dream alive. bipartisan plan that would cut $4 trillion from the deficit. north carolina proudly casts 152 you know, lots of republicans votes for barack obama for voted for it. including senator cockburn from oklahoma. paul ryan -- paul ryan was on president of these united states. >> north carolina pro the cast that commission. 152 votes for barack obama. he voted against that plan.
9:56 pm
thank you again for this last week, paul ryan criticize welcoming city. north dakota. the president for not acting on 27 votes. the bipartisan plan that he >> madam secretary, i am senator himself opposed. kent conrad. north dakota is where the then, he said president obama formation has helped us reduce does not have a plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. the deficit. the president does have a plan. north dakota is also the here it is, right here in my hand. breadbasket for our nation. the president submitted this north dakota is the home of plan to the congress. it is on the internet. heidi highchamp, our outstanding president obama's planned uses the bipartisan commission's candidate for the united states balanced approach. senate and our kendig for the it reduces the deficit by more congress of the united states. than $4 trillion, cutting -- candidate for the congress of spending and asking those at the the united states, and ryan taylor, our great candidate for governor of north dakota. top to pay the same rates they did under president clinton. madam secretary, in north when we created nearly 23 dakota, we remember that george
9:57 pm
million jobs and balance the budget. bush brought us to the brink of financial collapse and that so, when paul ryan told america barack that president obama did not have a plan, that was false. the truth is, he and mitt romney for that reason, north dakota just do not like the present's plans. casts a unanimous balance of 25 they both pledged -- they votes for president barack obama. pledged they would never, never >> north dakota casts 25 votes ask millionaires to pay one more dime to reduce our deficit. for president barack obama. mitt romney even said he would oklahoma. oklahoma, you have 50 votes. reject a budget with $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in >> madam secretary, chair of the new revenue. oklahoma democratic party. now, a third grader can do the where we proudly proclaimed that math. we are the home of the great if you refuse to ask the wealthiest to pitch again, then cherokee philosopher will rogers. you hit everybody else much we are also proud of the great harder. that is exactly what the romney- diversity within our delegation ryan plan does. and we are also very proud of
9:58 pm
you know, they call their plan the unity of our delegation as brave. opposed to what happened in bald. florida last week. courageous. >> we are proud to be the home i ask all of you, b you itsold of the people -- woody g to give -- is eight -- it bold to give millionaire's another uthrie. >> madam secretary, i and the tax cut off forcing seniors to pay more for medicare? principal chief of the cherokee is it brave to reward companies nation. to ship jobs overseas or cutting [applause] education here at home? my fellow delegates and i probably cast all of our 49 is it courageous to raise taxes votes for the best president in on middle-class families while giving tax cuts to people with swiss bank accounts? indian country and for indian country ever, the people's look, mitt romney and paul president, barack obama. ryan's obsession with tax breaks >> thank you, oklahoma. for the wealthy is part of a rigid ideology. oklahoma casts 49 votes for give people like mitt romney a barack obama. break and hope that something oregon. will trickle-down and left you have 84 votes. >> madam secretary, i am senator
9:59 pm
others up. but this theory crashed in the real world. ron widen, accompanied by two we all lived through the recession, when jobs went down outstanding colleagues. and the deficit went up. when they say they will turn madam secretary, oregon, that around the economy, beware. they need a u-turn. back to the failed theory that once sat at the end of the lifted the yachts while the oregon trail, as now in the forefront of american innovation. other boats ran aground. oregon, capping the potential of [applause] every kind of renewable energy, and do not abide the law -- buy including bio, wind and the lie that asking the wealthy hydropower, is fueling the growth of america's to contribute more is punishing success. manufacturing jobs. it is asking them to share responsibility for reducing the oregon, where the nation and -- admires chip kelly and deficit. it is about growing the economy, not from the top down, but from the middle out and the bottom craig robinson's beavers. up, making success possible for all americans. oregon, which guarantees every [applause] this election is a choice.
10:00 pm
single citizen the right to vote that choice will determine by mail with greater whether america is a place where people climb the ladder of opportunity and pull it up participation and greater ballot behind them, or whether it is a place where people who reach the top help the next person up. integrity. a system where anybody eligible to vote is actually allowed to which america do you believe in? vote. you know the facts. you know the choice. you know what we have to do. therefore, madam secretary, on behalf of this incredible team reelect barack obama. of delegates, advocates for [applause] better and stronger america, i cast or again -- oregon's 84 votes for the one candidate who believes in america's vision for a stronger america. >> working cast -- orgeon casts >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome -- -- >> our president, barack obama. >> thank you, oregon.
10:01 pm
from los angeles, california. pennsylvania. y[applause] 260 votes. >> madam secretary, and joined as the chairman of this delegation by the mayor of philadelphia, one of our vice vhairs and by congresswoman allyson schwartz. >> some of you may remember that and our third by a share, -- earlier this year republicans shut me out of my hearing on third share. and our whip from philadelphia. contraception. they did not hear from a single woman, even though they were pennsylvania, the state that will help to reelect barack debating an issue that affects obama in 2012, the state where nearly every woman. the constitution was born, the state where the labor movement was born. because it happened in [applause] congress, people notice, but it happens all the time. the state where today we are proud that our great to many women are shut out of institutions of higher silence-- and silenced, so while education are helping to build
10:02 pm
and create the high-tech jobs of the future. pennsylvania, speaking of i am honored to be at this birthplaces, the birthplace of podium, it could easily have vice president joe biden. been any one of you. [applause] i am here because i spoke out, i will not go on. [laughter] but i have the honor to turn and this system for each of us must speak out here again we over the decision about our have heard about two profoundly different futures that could boats to the youngest delegate -- our votes to the youngest delegate, felicia -- alicia clayborn. >> thank you. pennsylvania is honored to cast 242 votes for our president, barack obama. >> thank you. pennsylvania casts 242 votes for barack obama. puerto rico. 67 votes. >> madam secretary, puerto rico
10:03 pm
is the land of sonia sotomayor, the first latina in the supreme court. we are standing here with two extraordinary democratic leaders, our secretary of state and our commonwealth candidate for governor. madam secretary, we stand ready await women in this country. and how one of those looks like today, this delegation with the an oensive, obsolete relic of our past. they are not imagined. the future could become real. in that america, your new president could become a man who stands by when a public figure highest percentage of young tries to silence of private citizens and on which hate, a man who will not stand up to democrats as delegates in this those slurs or any of the victim convention nationwide to support did not voices in his own party. it would be an america in which our amigo, a good amigo of the you have a vice president who is a co-sponsor of until the allows pregnant women to die of preventable deaths in our emergency rooms, and america in people of puerto rico and 4.6 which states humiliate women by ans all overto ricn forcing us to endure evasive ultrasounds we do not want and the nation during >> puerto
10:04 pm
our doctors say we do not need, rico problem casts 66 votes in and america in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it. favor of the president of the united states, barack obama and vice president joe biden. rex thank you, puerto rico. victims are victimized all over thank you freer 66 votes. again, in which someone decides rhode island. which domestic violence victims -- for your 66 votes. deserve access to service and which do not. rhode island, you have 40 votes. >> thank you mica secretary. we know what does america would i and the speaker of the rhode look like, and in a few short island house of record does months, that as the america we this -- house of could be, but that is not the america we should be, and it is representatives. our motto is hope. not who we are. tonight this powerful delegation is full of hope. [applause] we hear cory booker speak of a and -- not because he we have also seen another america we could choose. in that america, we would have has to but because he is family.
10:05 pm
the right to choose the reagan when we hear of mayor castro talk about the opportunity that -- to choose. it is an america in which no one the hard work his mother can charge of more than a man presented and the respect our for the same health insurance. president has education and opportunity that brings, we are no one could deny us affordable full of hope. we hear about the first lady access to the cancer screening that could save our lives, in speak of the concern that our which we decide when to start president has for each and everyone of us, no matter what our families, and america in our political persuasion may be, this delegation is full of hope. madam secretary, when i look which our president, when he around this convention and i seek the diversity of the hears a young woman has been members here, knowing how that verbally attacked, thinks of is reflective of this wonderful and great nation of ours and that our strength divides -- his daughters, and not thihis gives and that diversity and that derives the strength for our future going board. i proudly stand here with our delegates or donors, a president senior center, jack reid. and dean a delegation. who's danced with all women -- our attorney-general and our who stand with all women who, and strangers come together and young but dynamic chairman.
10:06 pm
lift her up. instead of trying to silence on behalf of the hope that the her, you invite me here. president of the night states and bodies in the promise of the and you give her this microphone element of the drama -- of the dream, we cast 35 votes for the to amplify our voice. president of the united states, barack obama para >> thank you, rhode island. vote island has 35 votes. island has 35 both. that is the difference. gover the last six months i have south carolina. the home of the honorable yvette seen what these futures look child who in 2008 whispered to like, and six months from now we the president -- fired up. are all going to be it who living in one future or the other, but only one, a country ready to go. fired up. where our president either has aur backs or turns his attacbac ready to go. >> you have 62 votes. >> madam secretary, and a great country that honors our foremothers by moving us forward state of south carolina, the
10:07 pm
or one that forces are state where the fired up ready generation to read fight battles to go chant was organized, we we already one -- to re-fight want you to know that if the the battles we already won, a halls of none other than our country where we mean it when we great congressman james clyman. talk about personal freedom, or one where the freedom does not apply to our bodies or to our tonight we are honored and voices. proud to give all 62 votes to we talk often about choice. none other than our president, ladies, and gentleman, it is now barack obama. >> thank you, south carolina. time to choose. south carolina gives all 62 votes to barack obama. [applause] south dakota. south dakota, 29 votes. >> madam secretary, the great state of south dakota, the rushmore state, the state that >> ladies and gentlemen, please gave us senator george mcgovern, welcome the former ceo and co- founder of costco. here is the call of the next great generation of americans.
10:08 pm
♪ we came of age in this new >> good evening, everyone. millennium. i am here tonight to share my story with you. we elected barack obama president in 2008. we are the change we were i grew up in pittsburgh. waiting for. and this is what changed looks like. good i graduated from a public that is why tonight south dakota high school, attended community is proud and excited to cast all college at the state university i. 29 votes to renominate our great it's my first job was at a president, barack obama, for retail warehouse, and then a for a and i had an idea four more years as president of the united states of america. >> thank you, south dakota. small business we would start in seattle, washington. south dakota cast 29 votes for [applause] barack obama. tennessee. a warehouse store that would survive our members with great products and low prices while >> madam secretary, from the treating our employees fairly . volunteer state, i proudly stand to nominate.
10:09 pm
tennessee, the home of former today our small company has been vice president al gore, and blessed with success. costco is the fifth largest retailer in the u.s. and the president andrew jackson, seven largest in the world. founder of our democratic party. the state where in 1920, lead [applause] finally recognized the right of in tampa last week we heard all our women to vote by ratifying about job creators, but at our the 19th amendment to our company and we recognize that constitution. job creation requires time, and investment, and commitment to he didn't know that in tennessee, we have already the long term. it requires companies but the elected to women to our major cities. our very own mayor madeleine and plan and grow, not executives have read and run -- that reap mayor macmillan of clarksville. and run. tennessee is home to the grand that is how we do our part to ol opry, the mother church of build an economy but laughs. we have created over 116,000 country music, jack daniels, elvis presley, graceland, and american jobs at costco, and stacks of records -- and staxx
10:10 pm
during the next 12 months, we records. tennessee is home to brett expect to add another 7000. taking natural vistas -- breath we are proud costco pays the taking natural vistas. highest wages among our peers, that we provide benefits and because we believe in president obama's vision and we believe health care packages that are second to none, and just as that opportunity creates prosperity, and that made street should play by the same role importantly, that we have grown our business by promoting from within, so we are not just that wall street -- excuse me, and little tired, should play giving costco people jobs. by the same rules as main street. we are empowering them to build we are here to cast our lot with careers and support a middle- .lass family eas barack obama because 350,000 of our children already cannot be we know a thing or two about denied insurance coverage due to what it pays for business to succeed, for a company to do pre-existing condition. 65,000 of our young people are well by its shareholders. now cared for on their parents' insurance. and in 2000 alone, 700,000 of our folks received three
10:11 pm
preventive care. -- free preventive care. madam secretary, the most we want to be part of an economy diverse delegation in built to last. tennessee's history doorplate and unanimously knows that we they want the government that are in this together and gets off the backs of joyfully cast this 90 votes for businesses, and that is why many of them support the opposition barack obama. with donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but i >> thank you, tennessee. think they have got it all tennessee casts 90 votes for barack obama. wrong business needs a president texas. who has covered the backs of businesses, a president who understands what the private sector needs to succeed, of president who takes the long texas, bob strouss. view and make some tough decisions. 287 votes. that is why i am here tonight how do you cast them? >> madam secretary, i and the
10:12 pm
chair of the democratic party of supporting president obama, a the great state of texas. -- i am share of the democratic party of the great state of texas. president making an economy the home of congresswoman barbara jordan and a year julian built to last. castro. great texas democratic leaders four conditions that are right, and convention speakers whose that requires something for all ideals and diversity and of us. commitment come straight from they will tell you america needs the heart of texas and the democratic party. to be a nation with the best a state with a proud democratic education center so workers can legacy and a bright democratic get the training they need to future. a state with over 100,000 young join or stay in the middle dream at stevens yearning to class. america also needs to be a nation the spurs research and share -- dream act students innovation so our innovations of yearning to share in the future of our nation with pride and tomorrow are invented at home. with hope. good american needs to be a we cast our 282 votes for nation with affordable energy of all kinds of companies can keep
10:13 pm
their costs down and their products moving. president of barack obama para >> thank you. texas casts 282 votes for barack america also needs to be a nation with the most efficient obama. utah. transportation system, so you have 34 votes. >> madam secretary, i and the people and goods can connect with markets. america needs to be a nation utah state democratic party chair -- i am the utah state that pays down its debt in a balanced way so businesses have democratic party chair. the great state of utah hosts of a predictable environment in the most successful winter which to plan, invest, and olympic games ever, because of trade. america needs to be a nation the astonishing commitments of with sensible immigration laws, 32,000 volunteers and $1.3 laws that are a humane and billion in taxpayer support and practical, but held businesses retain qualified employees, and because we build that, as america needs to be a nation where everyone has the same rules of the road, so small thrilled in honor of jim jod to
10:14 pm
businesses can compete with large and so small businesses cast our 32 votes for president can become big, so more start of barack obama. >> thank you, utah. you talk casts 32 votes for barack obama. vermont. succeed and fewer bubbles burst .tere you have 27 votes. how do you cast them? >> madam secretary, i am patrick these are the building blocks for our future, and that is why leahy, a native of the great i am proud to stand with him. state of vermont. a national leader in the fight for health care, energy efficiency and organics. three decades ago my business home of the great lake partner and i started a company. we sacrifice. give we struggled. champlain, the incomparable we risk our own money. green mountains, the first state we relied on ourselves. of the union to abolish slavery, our initiative and enterprise, the first state legislator to this is in part why we grant equal marriage rights to all citizens, the first state to succeeded. we did not build our company in a vacuum. be declared for president obama and we built it on the greatest in 2008 with the highest country on earth. percentage in the continental
10:15 pm
united states, vermont proudly we built our company and a place it withnyone can make exi casts all 27 votes for our president barack obama. hard work and a little help from >> thank you, vermont. neighbors. i am here because costco's story vermont casts 27 votes. is the american story, because virgin islands. it is a story but president 13 votes. >> madam secretary, i and the obama is helping millions of dreamers and viewers writes for themselves, and i am here state chairman of the virgin islands democratic party. tonight because i believe he and i rise on behalf of our co- deserves for more years to help share -- co-chairs and a half of us write the next chapter. thank you a very much. all the democrats and into the u.s. virgin islands located in the heart of the caribbean. ♪ and is proud caribbean americans, we ask all americans >> ladies and gentlemen, please for their support to that one welcome elizabeth warren. day we to make cast our vote for president of the united states. so from the hills and windmill's of st. croix, the wonderful shopping in st. thomas and the beautiful jeweled of saint john,
10:16 pm
we would like to cast all 12 votes for the present and future [applause] president of the united states to also govern the greatest land on the face of the earth, the >> thank you, thank you. united states of america. >> thank you, virgin islands. virgin island casts 12 votes. virginia. i am elizabeth warren -- thank this did that turn blue in 2008. you. i am elizabeth warren, and this is my first democratic -- the state that turned blue in convention. [applause] 2008. you have a 124 votes. >> warren, warren, warren! >> madam secretary, after 64 long years, virginia helped >> i never thought i would run elect president barack obama. for the senate, and i never dreamed i would be the warm-up we are going to do it again in act for president bill clinton. 2012.
10:17 pm
medina, home of -- virginia, he is an amazing man who had the good sense to marry one of the coolest women on this planet. home to gabby douglas, home to two a great democratic united i want to give a shout out to states senators. the massachusetts delegate. three one of zero congressmen -- i am counting on your to help me win and to help president obama wonderful congressman. win. i am here tonight to talk about home to former dnc chair. people who come home at night to cook dinner and help out with and this year, home to a former homework, people who can be counted on to help their governor, a great governor, a true problem solver and our next united states senator, kincaid. neighbors, people who work their hearts out better of it against our hard-fought truths. virginia proudly casts it's 118 votes for barack obama. i grew up on the ragged edges of >> thank you, mr. chairman.
10:18 pm
virginia casts 118 votes for the middle class. my dad ended up a maintenance barack obama. man. all three of my brothers served washington. in the military. washington, where it true legend, speaker tom foley, the third started a small business. waiting tables of 13 and speaks among us tonight. you have 120 votes. married at 19. how do you cast them? >> madam secretary, from raymond i taught elementary school. i have a wonderful husband, two grade children, and three to redmond, spokane to beautiful grandchildren, and i am grateful down to my toes for allensburg and so many of these every opportunity america gave me. other hometowns of these great washington state delegates, the this is a great country. great state of washington casts its 114 votes of the current and
10:19 pm
i grew up in an america of the invested -- that invested in a future president of the united states, barack obama. skit, -- in its kids, and >> washington casts 114 votes america that created not social security and medicare so seniors could live in dignity, and for barack obama. america in which each generation build something solid west virginia. so the next generation could build something better, but now my home state where ivo from for many years our middle-class barack obama -- where i vote for has been shipped, squeezed, and barack obama. you have 47 votes. hammered. >> madam secretary, also from hickock to the construction worker i met from massachusetts the great state of west virginia, where more than 70% of -- talk to the construction worker i met from massachusetts. elected officials are hard- working democrats who get the talk to the head of jobs done. manufacturing worried about might he did i turned 18 this rising costs, to the student who week -- i am 18 this week and i work hard to finish his degree, and now he is drowning in debt.
10:20 pm
am a proud to be the youngest delegate ever from west virginia. their fight is my fight, and it our young people are committed to being part of the democratic is a rock obama's fight, to team that will make our future fight,-- barack obama's bright. i am honored and our delegation too. is honored to cast our 44 votes people feel like the system is rigged against them, and here is for president barack obama. the painful parts. >> thank you, west virginia. they are right. west virginia casts 44 votes for the system is rigged. barack obama. look around. wisconsin. oil companies a double down the billions in profits. billionaires paid a lower tax you have 111 votes. rate than their secretary, and wall street ceo's, the same ones >> madam secretary, i and the the direct our economy and destroyed millions of jobs still strut around congress, no shame, chair of the great -- i am the demanding favors, and acting chair of the great democratic like we should thank them. does anyone here have a problem with that? party of wisconsin dairy degraded badger state where our i do, too. champion, green bay packers,
10:21 pm
have never won a super bowl i talked to small business without a democrat in the white house. were our iron brigade fought so owners all across massachusetts, all men and women could be freed. and not one of them made big bucks from the risky bet said roby will always go forward and not back. brought down our economy. we have the home of our next presenter, tammy baldwin. i spoke to firefighters, people who've lost their tales every we proudly cast of 103 votes for day, and not one of them stashes president barack obama. their money in the cayman >> thank you, a wisconsin dairy islands to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. wisconsin casts 111 votes -- these folks do not know repented thank you, wisconsin. wisconsin casts 111 votes. that somebody else made more money. we are americans. good we celebrate success. wyoming. we just do not want the game to the final delegation vote tonight. you have 22 votes. be rigged. >> madam secretary, we have all ago whena century certainly been fired up tonight.
10:22 pm
corrosive read threatened our way of life, and the american -- i think now we are ready to go. threaten oureegreed this.'s finish wyoming, the cowboys state, way of life, americans came rising from the plane's -- together. give we started to take children out of factories and put them in plains where folks have long schools. since learned that to make it in we began to give meaning to the rugged conditions, people have word consumer protection by making food and medicine saves, to work together and work things and we gave the little guy's a out together, learn that success better chance to compete by preventing the big guys from reading the markets. in life must always be earned by goo hard work and smart work but also fostered by families, communities and the country. learn that those we can trust americans are fighters. we are resourceful and creative, are those who are straight with us, proudly casts its 22 votes for president barack obama. and if we have the chance to >> thank you, wyoming.
10:23 pm
fight on allowable playing wyoming cast 22 votes for our field -- on a level playing president, barack obama harriet and thank you, delegates. field, no one can stop us. our role call is now complete. we celebrate our successful president obama get it because nomination of our president, barack obama. he spent his life fighting for and after our convention, we the middle class, and we know will returned home and work day and night to make sure that the economy does not grow from the top down but from the middle barack obama he remains in the class out and from the bottom white house for four more years. up. that is how we create jobs and it has been an honor to serve as reduce the debt. a secretary. [applause] mitt romney wants to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires, but for middle- class families taking on by their fingernails, his plan will hammer them with the new tax hike of of to $2,000 -- up to corrine >> thank you, secretary
10:24 pm
-- $2,000. mitt romney wants to give >> thank you, secretary during billions in breaks to big the trip for a big hand. corporations, but he and paul the chair will now entertain the motion to have -- secretary ryan would pulverize financial reform, dr. rice -- voucherize chair. let's give her a big hand. medicare and vaporize obamacare. the convention report -- to it is clear -- i got mine. the rest of you are on your own. republicans say they do not show that barack obama is unanimously nominated. is there any discussion? believe in government. no. hering none -- hearing none, all sure, they do. they believe in government to help themselves and their those in favor say aye. powerful friends. sll those opposed - the aye4 [applause] have it. the motion is adopted. mitt romney is the guy that said barack obama has been invited to corporations are people. make an acceptance speech. i have been asked to inform you no, governor romney, corporations are not people. that president obama accept the nomination and will deliver his
10:25 pm
people have hearts. speech tomorrow night. they have kids. and now for the benediction. they get 6. -- sick. they live, and they die, and that matters. that matters. [applause] >> dear god, we are grateful that matters because we do not run this country for corporations. we run it for people, and that that our nation is founded on is why we need barack obama. the highest principles of freedom and resourcefulness and [applause] creativity and ever renewed strength. after the financial crisis, president obama knew that we we understand that those were have to clean of wall street. the ideals stand alongside the commitment to compassion, to for years families have been tricked by credit cards, fooled goodness, our sacred covenant to by student loans, and she did buy mortgages. care for those who are bereaved i have an idea for the consumer and bereft, who are frightened, protection agency to stop this.
10:26 pm
hungry, bewildered and lost, who the big banks did not like seek shelter from the cold. this, and they marshall one of the biggest lobbying forces on as their profit isaiah taught earth to destroy the agency us, she is -- defend the orphan before it ever saw the light of day. and fight on behalf of the american families did not have widow. an army of lobbyists on our we know that our plant is side. was thewe haven lifted not only to eliminate our way but to serve as a beacon to others that hear this land is a president, president obama leading the way. place with the dreams of a weary world flourish and indoor -- and when the lobbyists were closing in for the kill, where rock obama -- barack obama planted ou is a single moment, it touched, i glance his feet and stood firm, and that is how we won the right road -- how we won. just a few weeks ago that agency, one of the biggest
10:27 pm
credit card companies cheating its customers and made it give people back every penny it ook plus millions of dollars in fines. president obama believes in a level playing field. he believes in a country where nobody gets a free ride or a golden parachute, a country where anyone who has a great idea or roles of their sleeves has a chance to build a business, and anyone who works hard can raise a family. president obama believes in a country where billionaires pay their taxes just like their secretaries do. [applause] i cannot believe i have to say this in 2012, a country where women get equal pay for equal
10:28 pm
work. he believes in a country where everyone is held accountable, where no one can still your purse on main street or your attention on wall street. -- your pension on wall street. president obama believes in a country where we invest in the future so we can create new opportunities where the next kid can make it big and the next 1. we rooted in fairness.
10:29 pm
we build it together. i grew up in a methodist church and taught sunday school, and one of my favorite scriptures is to the least of your brothers you have done it to me. the passage teaches about us, that we areof bound to each other and that we are called to active, not to sit but to act together. senator ted kennedy understood that col. -- call.
10:30 pm
four years ago he addressed our convention for the last time. he said we never lost our believe we are all called for a better country and a newer world. generation after generation, americans have answered that call, and now we are called again. we are called to restore opportunity for every american. and we are called to give the american working families of fighting shia zero years and we are called to build something assault -- working families to have a fighting chance. alled to build something better. are you ready to answer this all?i [applause] are you ready for a level playing field?
10:31 pm
are you ready for another generation of americans that we can build a better country and a newer world. joe biden is ready. barack obama is ready. i am ready. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome back the chair of the democratic national convention, a los angeles mayor vallairagosa.rgos s
10:32 pm
>> pursuant to our nominating rules, only one candidate is qualified to be the nominated for our party who president of the united states. our next speaker will place before you that nomination. [applause] fax unemployment in june is the highest since march, 1984. good >> 10 million americans still unemployed. >> there is nothing wrong in america than not -- that cannot be cured by what is right in america. >> we believe invest in growth
10:33 pm
economics is better than trickle-down economics. we believe we should give people the kind of government they deserve, a government that works for them.
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