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tv   Campaign 2012  CSPAN  September 6, 2012 3:33pm-5:00pm EDT

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clinton defined the race and he did it in a defensive sort of way. he took mitt romney's frame, which is basically the 1980 ronald reagan question, "are you better off today than four years ago?" what kind of country do you want four years from now? he basically did barack obama's dirty work, paving the way for barack obama to come out here and speak again with some substance, but with some vision and hope for the future. he cannot be talking about what he inherited any more appeared he cannot be overly and obviously-on romney unless u.s. to turn off the middle-of-the- road voters. -- unless he wants to turn off the middle-of-the-road voters. >> you pointed out that you covered bill clinton for seven years as governor. here's a man who certainly loves politics and loves to be the
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center of attention what you think he was thinking last night? >> he was eating it up. he was loving it appeared he was also doing his job as the leader of the party and as a low yield soldier for barack obama. -- a loyal soldier for barack obama. >> i want to ask you about this venue. it is raining outside. a lot of the discussion as to why dnc move from bank of america station to keep the file might hear inside time warner. they say that it is trying to fill a stadium of 7000. >> the reason they moved it was because of the weather. i tend to be a cynic. i do not know to make of it. >> why do you say that to? >> one thing we do know is that the democratic party is not as enthused as it was four years ago. they were historic plea enthused
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last year. that was a once-in-a-lifetime election. it would not be implausible to me that they have a harder time getting 50,000 to 60,000 people in that stadium. and if they were having trouble, which is speculation, there would look for a reason to get out of it appeared that i have to take it at face value. it is like anything in politics. you should take anything that anybody says at face value. >> there is a new ad the goods to one of the core points that mitt romney was making last week in his acceptance speech. this is a 30-second spot earlier in the day. >> this is just not working. it's been four years. you have changed. you're constantly on the golf course and you're always out with hollywood celebrities.
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your jobs council says you have not shown up in six months. your does not the person i thought you were. it is not me. if you. i think we should just be friends. >> tell us why your breaking up with president obama. >> the republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement. >> i think that is something that most people can relate to. >> i have not seen it. but listening to come it is a pre compelling message, especially who they're going after. romney needs to cut into barack obama's advantage among college- educated women. he has to make up for the fact that he is losing white men like crazy. it is not about you, it is about me, it is the way suburban women vote. i am not sure how suburban -- how effective it is, but it made me laugh. >> we preview day 3 at the
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democratic national convention. if you are a supporter of the present, give us a call at the number on the screen. and if you're a supporter of mitt romney, tell us what to expect tonight and what you want to hear from the president. let me ask you also about where this campaign goes from here. tomorrow, the president and the vice president will be new hampshire. the president will have a two- day bus weekend in florida. >> it will get even more negative than it has been. both parties have decided that each has to disqualify the other candidate. i think it is a mistake. i talked with a lot of consultants for both democrats and republicans last week in tampa. they are outside of the campaign, but they have run presidential campaigns. with talking about democrats and republicans -- with republicans
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talking the democrats and democrats talking about republicans, they're making a big mistake. they should make it 30% negative, because you need to have some sort of contrast, but 70% positive. technically, i don't understand why it is so negative, why they both want to tear down the other one so much. someone made the analogy today that it would be like if pepsi were running $100 million worth in ads to say coke has poison in it. people would stop buying pepsi, 2. >> gabby difference will be here -- that the difference -- gabby giffords will be here. >> first, it tells you something that poor joe biden will not be in prime time. he has been put on the
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sidelines. if i were him, i would be a little miffed. john kerry, as you said earlier, i think you hit it right on the head. he is auditioning for the secretary of state job. it is the job he always wanted in has the qualifications for. the current secretary of state, hillary clinton, has made no bones about the fact that she is tired and wants to step aside for a while. >> we want to thank "the national journal" with many of the event to have covered. by the way, they are all available on our website. be sure to check out our convention hub. you can read the tweets and share video and keep track of all of the events and look at past convention events and our campaign archive. we will go to going in birmingham, alabama. good afternoon. >> i really want to make my
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point. [inaudible] first of all, people have to be in tune of what is going on. you have to learn about politics yourself. you have to be in tune with your legislature and what is going on in your state. i live in birmingham, alabama. the republicans took over the house after 100 years. they are trying to change. women need to get real serious and listen. the republicans in all of the state legislatures are trying to change a lot of things regarding women. this country is running on the
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brink of downside. this man turned it around and anybody with common sense -- [inaudible] >> thank you. appreciate the call. that is what bill clinton was talking about last night. >> she made a legitimate point pen she is absolutely correct. when barack obama came into office, we were in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the great depression. the wheels really could have fallen off and he'd made some steps and other leaders in washington made some steps to keep this from going over the brink. barack obama needs to get up there today and say that i say this from going into a depression. that is incredible thing to say. a lot of americans are still frustrated. they still don't have their jobs, still underwater on their houses, still falling behind. that started happening 30 years ago, not under barack obama's
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what appeared that is what barack obama has a very good chance, at least a chance of winning reelection even though the unemployment rate is over 8% and more people than ever are on food stamps and the median income is dropping. what she is saying is true and he has a chance for reelection and has four more years to turn it around. >> you will notice that there are no balloons here in said the time warner arena. we're told that we can expect a confetti and other things, but the traditional balloon drop we have seen, because of the change, because it is not bank of america stadium, it will not happen this evening. >> we have had a couple of mishaps. one time, a producer was caught on my tv swearing because of the balloons were not coming down fast enough. the obama campaign does not have to worry about the billions not coming down.
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>> on the phone from sanford, florida. go ahead, please. barron, are you with us? >> yes, sir, thank you. i am a staunch republican colleague from central florida. i am a big supporter of mitt romney and president george w. bush. i think president obama has a sufficient amount of time to get the country moving forward. it seems to me that he is very arrogant and unable to work with the senate and the congress. he is a little bit out of touch with the american people as well. i think he is a great man, a great father. he was a good senator, i don't think he has the experience can i think that is starting to show at the end of his first term. mr. romney has a lot of great accomplishments. there were some downfalls with bain capital, like with any business with free enterprise in
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this country. there will always be a windfall. but i think he has done a lot of great things. he had a great record in massachusetts as governor. and he has led the executive branch in government, being the governor of massachusetts. i feel that is good criteria for the president of united states to be successful, like george w. bush was as well. on the other hand, a quick, george w. bush appeared i am very disappointed that he was not invited to the republican .ational convention ca he certainly got a three horrible crisis during 9/11. >> thank you for the call. >> these are two very good cause to have had already pared the first lady made a good case for barack obama, all based in fact and reasonable statements. this gentleman did the same thing with mitt romney. i could almost hear mitt romney saying exactly what he said. he is a good man, a good family man, it is senator, but he is
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not up to the job as president of the united states. you heard in those two phone calls what this is such a divided race. >> two key factors with general elections, one is a money the republican support that will far outspend. but democrats will say that they have a better ground campaign. >> i would rather have more money than less. the democrats had more money in 2008. they bragged about it then and it was a bigger advantage. ground teams are hard to measure until election day. in 2010, the democrats ground teams did not help them much, did they? in 2008, they had a candid but that really captured the heart of the country. both parties really understand how to microtarget people based on things we buy and our past
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voting and purchasing behavior. they can identify not only who you are, but what specific messages that need to be spoken to you or e-mail to you to get you to move one way or the other on the political spectrum. they know how to find us now. they know where to reach us and they know what to say to us. both parties will have a pretty strong ground game. the fact that republicans have more money is a definite advantage. democrats better hope that they have the best ground game. >> of the color these conventions, but talking to delegates and getting what is on their minds, both in tampa and here in charlotte, what are your reporters finding out? what is it like for those who are not here and watching it on television at home? >> we have learned very little. this is the collection of the
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most hardcore of the hardcore republicans and democrats. talking to the choir. so it does not like you will learn anything nuanced or anything at all this positive about either candidate when you're talking with their bases. in the hall, this crowd here in north cal -- north carolina seems more jazzed and more excited. it is a smaller and more intimate venue appeared maybe they have a lot more delegates than the republicans did. but on tv, coming across as a more enthusiastic audience. that may affect the quality of the show. it also seems to me, having watched two of these, the narrative that the democrats have built has really been clear as they work up to the final speaker in both nights. the star speakers, the keynote two nights ago and michelle obama and last night with bill clinton, the really were strong.
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i think mitt romney had a good performance, not great, but good. mrs. romney had a good performance, not great, but good p.m. altogether, based on purely show this factor, the democrats so far may be putting out a better show. but at the end of the day, i have to be honest with you. i don't think conventions matter as much as they used to. i think what mitt romney is doing right now, getting ready for the debate, i think that will determine the election, these three debates. >> we have been keeping track of bill clinton's convention appearances. his longest speech was in 1996 was 55 minutes. we will go down to the floor with libby casey. >> kb hurley, who is a delegate for the state of alaska, one of the oldest of delegates, 91
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years old, you have been too late conventions. how is this one special? -- you have been to eight conventions. how is this one special? >> it seems more diverse to me. and i see more young people here. >> you serve in the state legislature in alaska. you have been involved in politics for a long time. what is it about president obama that appeals to you? >> he seems to be a man of the people. he listens and he does not put on airs. he is somebody like you can visit with in the post office .eer >> >> how is it being a delegate from such a far way state? how do you contribute this week? >> i don't know that we are any different than anyone else. we do have to come along ways.
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it was almost a day and half. we had to fly at night. so i was pretty tired when i got here. but i am having a great time. >> '91, you have been all over the place this week. >> blessed with good health. >> and what stories will you go home and tell your kids and grandkids? >> two of my daughters happen to be here. they are not delegates and they are not in the main building, but i have a feeling that they were worried about their mother. [laughter] they have never been to a convention before. so i was pleased that they wanted to come because they had to pay their own way. >> why would they want to be here? what is so special about it? >> i think they are beginning to realize that they have to be involved. they have families, you know. i have families, too, but i have
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been a dedicated democrat since i first voted when i was 21. in those days, you had to be 21 before you could vote. i have been blessed to have wonderful jobs that would involve politics. i think, when they were home, they were more involved, when they were in school. i used to make them take to school on allows the day or some historic time -- i would take something from the constitution convention and tell them, you take this and you read this today and i will find out if you don't do this. i would threaten to call the teacher. >> so instilling the values -- >> yes, i wanted them to have the feeling that they belonged to the state as much as i do. >> one of the oldest of delegates here can she also helped create the alaska constitution.
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thank you for talking with us. >> thank you. >> we will go back to ron 4 fortier. >> i had the honor in 1992, at the first convention i covered, i came up to cover the arkansas delegation. i had a blast. they had come from a long way could they were independent- minded folks. it was a really good time. it is great to see somebody really care about their country and their party. there are a lot of stories like that in tampa, too. you get kind of jaded in this job. you need to be reminded of people like her here. >> we are about 35 minutes before the gavel comes down in it is a little bit louder and a little bit more crowded as delegates arrived. it is raining outside. this venue will be locked down
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at some point this evening because the expected crowd in attendance. bank of america was the original venue but they have moved inside because of the rain. the president will deliver his remarks just after 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> i am an independent. i have been independent for quite a number of years now. i really want to hear from both candidates on the specifics. in other words, details of exactly what they plan as far as jobs and the economy and foreign affairs. i have not paid attention to politics until the conventions and i always don't because i just think it is a big waste of s ofy until the convention' all the false advertising on tv and everything else that goes with it.
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i really think that we need strong, strong, strong campaign finance reform. >> thank you for the call. he brought up three issues. first of all, how specific will the president need to be tonight? >> again, this is the third grade: row you have had. -- this is the third great call in a row you have had. i think president obama has to do more than have pretty rhetoric. i think he has to come out with some specifics, let people know where he would leave us. this is an opportunity. bill clinton led the pathway for him, by making the comparisons to republicans, to the 1990's, reminding people how bad things were four years ago. and this is the time for barack obama to say this is where i
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will leave you. they're not looking for a state of the union address which is a laundry list, but we need to see more out of both of these guys. >> and on the issue of advertising and money being spent in this campaign? >> we will break all kinds of records. you have to wonder why. there are fewer people that you can really persuade. like this gentleman, he is their rare breed. why is this money being spent? it does not bother me as much as the fact that we don't know where it came from. someone can write a check for millions of dollars and impact millions of votes and we do not know where it came from. >> it was eight years ago that state senator barack obama made his convention debut. as part of our video library come here is an excerpt of what he said. >> it is that fundamental belief
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-- i am my brother's keeper. i am my sister's keeper that makes this country work. it is what allows us to pursue our individual dreams. and yet still come together as one american family. the pluralism -- e pluribus unum, out of many one. i say to them tonight, there is not a liberal america, a conservative america -- there is the united states of america. there is not a black america and a white america and a latino america, an asian america. there is the united states of america. the pundits like to slice and
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dice that country into red states and blue states, red states for republicans, blue states for democrats. but i have news for them, too. we were shut an awesome got in the blue states and we do not like them poking around in our libraries in the red states. we top liberally in the blue states and yes, we have gave friends in the red states. we are one people. all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes. all of us defending united states of america. in the end, that is what this election is about. do we participate in a politics
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of cynicism? or do we participate in a politics of hope? >> from 2004, his first appearance at a national convention. tonight, president barack obama accepting the renomination as the democratic candidate for president for a second term. we will go back to the floor to libby casey. >> the logistics must be complicated, having everything here at the arena. >> not much has changed. there are a couple of tweaks to will be performing tonight. but we had contingency plans in place from the beginning. we saw the weather report yesterday morning and we decided we could not put 65,000 people in severe weather. so we move it inside. there is no doubt it is a lively program tonight. >> how many people will you be able to get in here?
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what happens to the people cannot get inside? >> there will be about 15,000 credentialed gets here at the time warner arena tonight. for those folks who cannot make it, a president held a press conference a short time ago we will also try to find an opportunity to capture them during the campaign trail as well. we are using this as an organizing opportunity for our supporters, try to urge their undecided friends to listen to the president's speech. certainly, the president will lay out a road map for how we pursue economics and security for the middle class. senator kerrey will precede him early in the night. he will lay out the case on national security. the president promised that he would end the war in iraq and irresponsible way, refocus on al
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qaeda and afghanistan. that is a stark contrast to mitt romney. senator kerrey will lay that out tonight. surely, the vice president has been in the press -- >> a little bit of an audio glitch there. there are a lot of mechanics inside this arena and from time to time we do lose audio. ron fournier with a look ahead at 2016. a lot of democrats are keeping an eye on for years from now. >> hillary clinton's has been spoke yesterday. i just want to go back to that clip. we were together back when barack obama de that incredible speech. i think a lot of merit -- a lot
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of americans got chills. in his words, we do have a democratic and republican america and we do have read states and blue states. those negative ad peddlers were talking about, they are working in his campaign and they are working in mitt romney campaign, and they are running one of the most negative campaigns in the last 20 or 30 years. it is just not the kind of politics people thought that were going to get. barack obama raised the threshold pretty high, but it is a real challenge he has for the whole campaign, starting tonight, on how he can sell people on a different vision when the other one did not come completely true. that is a big challenge. >> we have all kinds of lighting changes and music rehearsals and
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the background, a lot of activity going on, but thanks for being with us. stay with us. we have a caller from los angeles. go ahead. >> i just wanted to know, i heard a previous caller on the republican line who is looking forward to a mitt romney presidency. folks tend to give him the benefit of the dow. they don't tend to do that with barack obama. with mitt romney, i feel like he has been very evasive and very elusive. we don't know the agenda. he plops on the issue to whatever is expedient. i don't feel he is a trust for the person, but he tends to get
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the benefit of the doubt. we are supposed to go with that. i don't know how someone becomes president when he is so secretive. >> we will get a response. her point about his taxes, how important is that to the undecided voter? >> i think it factors in to help transparent he is. both candidates are getting the benefit of the dow and getting away with very low specifics about what they will do in the next four years. they are both getting away with stretching and distorting and making up facts. in some cases, i think there is some lying going on on both sides. they are both getting away within and is up to people like the caller, and the people in the middle, to hold both of -- both of these guys accountable and don't let our leaders get away with these kinds of shenanigans.
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>> i would like to go back to 2008 as barack obama accepted his party nomination at invesco field in denver. if you are asking the question that the upcoming debate, what would you ask mitt romney, and what would you ask the president? let's go back for years to remind the president what he was saying when he first accepted the democratic nomination. [video clip] >> if you don't have or record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone you should run from. it has worked before. it seems in the cynicism, will have a bad government. if your hopes have been dashed again and again, then it is best to stop hoping and settle for what you already know. i get that. i realize i am not the likeliest
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candidate for the job. i don't fit the typical pedigree, and i have not spent my career in the halls of washington. but i stand before you tonight because all across america, something is stirring. what the naysayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me. it is about you. [cheers and applause] it is about you. for 18 long months, you have stood up, one by one, and said enough to the politics of the past. you understand that in this election, the greatest threat we can face is to try the same old politics with the same all players and you have shown what
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history teaches us, that at defining moments like this one, the change we need does not come from washington, change comes to washington. >> from denver four years ago, as you listen to barack obama from that convention speech, a new book out that has been leaked by bob woodward called " the price of politics." talking about barack obama and his dealings with congress. >> i am sorry, what was the question? >> we heard what he said four years ago. the new book is being extorted by bob woodward, and we are learning more about his own dealings and how he has dealt with the president. >> for a guy who got in the business of politics, which is about relationships, barack
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obama is not very good about making them. folks he needs to have as allies, opponents he needs to keep close enough so they don't hurt him. it is frightening to me how poor he has been at this side of politics. >> if you are to ask the questions of the candidates in these debates, why would you ask mitt romney and what would you ask the president? >> the president said several years ago if the stimulus package did not work, you would be looking at a one-term proposition. are we now looking at a one-term proposition? what makes you think you can turn around in four more years? for mitt romney, the questions are about what his core convictions are. he has flip flopped so often and changed his position on issues, and most americans are pretty central and pretty firm. are try to pin him down on just where he stands on some of the central issues.
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>> fendi is joining us from new york city. good afternoon. -- sandy is joining us from new york city. >> i have family and friends and i am constantly an argument with them. they are telling me that as we republicans are soaked rocks -- are so proud, what wasn't rumsfeld, dick cheney, karl rove or if george bush invited to the event? is there anything that would record or document minutes of every detail, anytime that obama extended offers, policies, any time, whatever, to the other
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side and they were blocked. i want to argue those to predict want to know those two things because i are those constantly with democrats. are they not invited to the event? >> thanks for the call. another good question. >> it is geopolitics. they looked at the polling in made a conclusion that reminders of the past administration, which left with less than stellar approval ratings, would not be good for mitt romney. it is not really that unusual, even if your predecessor was successful. you don't want people looking back. you want them looking forward. >> to be fair, it is important to point out that back in 2000, when al gore was accepting the nomination, the gore campaign did not want to give too big a profile to bill clinton. >> al gore could not run away
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from bill clinton fast enough. i think that was a mistake. and should have embraced the clinton economy and let people make the conclusion that he did not embrace bill clinton's personal life. i think al gore would be president if he had taken advantage of bill clinton's stature and economic record at the time. >> the latest poll had mitt romney up by five or six percentage points and leading into this convention. >> morocco, one that state last time -- barack obama one that state last time. they made a good case and it showed how strong the work politically. now the roles reversed. now the republicans plan is broadening the map and includes a lot of the states that barack obama won. obama does not have to win this state to become president, but it narrows his path if he
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doesn't. it will be really tough >> on election night, what is your bellwether state? >> ohio. >> from spartanburg, south carolina, go ahead. >> we heard republicans last week and this week we are getting the democrats. really, this election is somewhat for president, but the majority the decisions are made in congress, and this election is really for the congress, and nobody is mentioning about it. if we work together, we can accomplish a lot and move forward. this is one of the best country on the face of the earth, and if we fight among ourselves, china
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is going to lead us, russia is going to lead us, and the u.s. they will have some time fighting with those. this is a message to the congress really, not to the president, that we must work together, fix the problems. we sent you there to fix the problems, and not personal interest. my message is to just send it to congress and work together. thank you so much. >> thank you for the call. i should point out that in working with a national drama as well, we will focus on these key house and senate races during the next eight weeks, the road to the control of congress this november. we did hear from the house democratic leader that she is predicting, not surprisingly, that the democrats will regain control of the house. how likely is that? >> not very. the last caller made an excellent point. i happen to agree with him. this is the greatest country on earth, and are politically --
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our political system is completely broken. it would be hard to be able to find anybody -- of wonder who the 10% is right now. both parties are at loggerheads. we have severe problems fiscally. if we don't make some tough choices on entitlements and the deficit, our children are going to be left with an incredible amount of debt, and china will be holding the gun to our head. as someone who loves the system and laws covering politics, it is frustrating to see how washington right now is just a mess.ete mescalero >> hilda is joining us from louisiana on the undecided line. >> i have been listening to so many of the republicans blasting
4:14 pm
barack obama because he never owned a business. i find it interesting that gynecologists who helped us give birth did not give birth to a baby, but we are supporting barack obama in his endeavors. i wish the republican party would get off the fact that it takes someone who has been in business in order to operate a country. i think it depends on one's willingness to be fair and to run the country the way it ought to be. >> thank you for the call. we will get a response. >> she has a point. the republicans -- obviously it is a credible argument to say that someone who has built a business has leadership abilities that can translate into the presidency, especially on the economy. but everybody has something they are not. mitt romney has never been a community organizer, which has a
4:15 pm
certain set of traits that can make a good leader. it is just one of those wedge issues. just it is you were a businessman does not mean you will make a good president. the adoption of the platform is a hot-button issue. what happened here yesterday? >> the democratic party appeared to come out against god, and that is not a winning issue. they literally removed god from the platform. i guess i can understand it as far as the byzantine politics of this kind of delegation, but that was not a very smart thing to do. i think the president got in front of that as soon as he could. >> when you talk to folks in arkansas, are people outside of washington paying attention to all of this? >> the funny thing is, they are.
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i am originally from michigan and i spent a lot of time there now. they are. one difference between this convention in our lifetime and conventions 50 or 100 years ago is people have access to the internet. they are really well informed, more than they ever have been. we know thing should be better. we know there are solutions to these problems. we know that they are wasting their time in our time. people are paying attention, and they are mad. >> they can check it all out at the national journal website. thank you very much for being with us here on c-span. >> we have a look at past campaigns and moments including senator joe biden accepting the nomination as the vice- presidential candidate in denver in 2008. [video clip] >> since i have never been called a man of few words, let
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me say it as simply as i can. yes, yes, i accept your nomination to run and serve with barack obama, the next president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] let me make this pledge to you right here and now. for every american who is trying to do the right thing, for all those people in government who are honoring the pledge to uphold the law and honor the constitution, no longer will you hear the eight most dreaded words in the english language -- the white president's office is on the phone. >> the scene in denver, colorado, four years ago.
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the vice-president will accept the nomination again as the former longtime senator from delaware as the nominee for vice president at 9:30 eastern time. commercial free, gavel-to- gavel, here on c-span. we'll take your phone calls for the next 15 minutes before the events get under way. carl is joining us from grand rapids, michigan on the republican line. >> the one thing that concerns me about washington is, even though i am a republican, i am really concerned about democrats and republicans going across the aisle. i was just wondering what party or what candidate the think can better do that, and thank you for your time. >> how would you answer your own question? >> jedi think will better work with the other side? >> who do you think would be
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better? >> i think romney, only because of his experience as governor of massachusetts. i was wondering what you think, because you were a little bit more qualified. >> thanks for the call from michigan. we'll go back down to the floor >> a 21-year-old delegate from ohio. what is it like to be part of the ohio delegation? what inner gtec at home? >> this is just a fantastic experience, i first convention here. -- what energy did you take back home? >> it is going to be a very close election. i need to reenergize mike petermy peers. a lot of my generation are not
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enthused about the election. i need to get them motivated and fired up. >> are you using social media? >> absolutely. i have been posting on twitter and facebook. i have just been trying to get everyone to be fired up and ready to go. >> you are 21. how our young people making a difference here this week? >> i would definitely say networking. i have been hanging out mostly with older people, but i am giving them a younger perspective. we are the future of the country. working with them, because that will provide most of the support, but we also have to get out there and vote. >> we are trying to find a couple of hacks, fewer -- a
4:21 pm
couple of hats, fewer than at the republican convention. >> i appreciate the work c-span is doing in covering this unfiltered. it really is appreciated. i have always looked at the man running and not the party. when i look at the men running today, i can honestly say that we know more about president obama and his stand and we don't know much about mitt romney. and don't see how anyone can take the option of romney without knowing what he stands for and what he plans to do. that would be my question. thank you for your work. >> thanks for the call. since 1984, when c-span covered its first convention in san
4:22 pm
francisco, as the democrats gathered for walter mondale excepting the nomination, and the republican convention also that year, we have covered every minute of every convention. at someke a look back past moments and past nominees as they have accepted the democratic nomination. [video clip] >> my fellow democrats, my fellow americans, i accept your nomination. [cheers and applause] >> behind us now is the most wide open race in political history. it was noisy, but our voices were heard. it was long, but our stamina was
4:23 pm
tested. it was hot, but the he was passion and not anger -- the heat was passion and not anger. it was a roller coaster, but it made me a better candidate, and it will make me a stronger president of the united states. [applause] tonight, as the son of immigrants, with a wonderful wife, and now with lisa, our lovely and daughter-in-law, four terrific children, and as a broad public servant who has cherished every minute of the last 16 months on the campaign trail, i accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. [applause]
4:24 pm
>> and so, in the name of all those who do the work, pay the taxes, raise the kids, and play by the rules, in the name of the hard-working americans who make up our forgotten middle class, i proudly accept your nomination for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] i am a product of that middle class, and when i am president, you'll be forgotten no more. >> this is not just an election between my opponent and me.
4:25 pm
it is about our people, our families, and our future, and whether forces standing in your arrival keep you from living a better life. to me, this election is about mildred, jacqueline johnson, it is malone. it is about millions of americans whose names we may never know, but whose needs and dreams must always be are calling. and so, here tonight, in the name of all the working families who are the strength and soul of america, i accept your nomination for president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> so tonight, in this city where america's freedom began, only a few blocks from where the sons and daughters of liberty gave birth to our nation, here tonight, on behalf of the new
4:26 pm
birth of freedom, on behalf of the middle class who deserve a champion and those struggling to join us who deserve a fair shot, for the brave men and women in uniform who risk their lives, and for their families to pray for their return, for all those who believe that our best days are ahead of us, with great faith in the american people, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you. thank you.
4:27 pm
thank you so much. thank you very much. thanks, everybody. to the chairman and my great friends and to all my fellow citizens of this great nation, with profound gratitude and great humility, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> that phrase, i accept your nomination, and of course the roll call of states are some of the traditions that date back in party conventions. we showed the roll call last night, available on our video
4:28 pm
library at >> their research in the north carolina state house and is a delegate. you said you have some supporters back home who were hoping to come tonight, but cannot because of the venue change. what happened? >> because of the weather, and has been pouring down rain here, and we were concerned of route -- concerned about lightning. we are here instead of being at the big arena. some people are understandably disappointed, but that does not dampen their enthusiasm for the president. i represent downtown raleigh, a big college area. a lot of activists. we will see barack obama, michelle obama, and joe biden a lot more before the end of this campaign season. people were disappointed about today, but they will be very excited to help the team. they got the news yesterday, so they were ok with that.
4:29 pm
there were some local election officials that were here, and we tried to do the best we could for a couple of those. now there are watch parties all over charlotte and after parties. people are making the best of the situation. >> what kind of message does the president have to send tonight to win over voters in your state? >> the message is largely about the economy. north carolina has come out of the recession a little bit more slowly. what other reasons is because of state budget cuts that have cut so many public employees. one of the great things president obama did in the original stimulus was bunt teachers and police officers for up to years -- fund teachers and police officers. now the state legislature has cut a lot of those positions. we need to bring those back and get more private sector jobs. that is the kind of message we need, that we can count on the government when we needed, and we will support all our small
4:30 pm
businesses and our industry. >> thank you so much. >> of the gavel scheduled to come out of 4:30. we are told a slight delay, the schedule has really changed. we did not have a strong sense what time the convention would get under way. we know that the wife of the vice-president will introduce her husband, vice president joe biden. he will now speak at about 9:25 to accepting the nomination and at 10:10 eastern time, the first lady will introduce her husband, the president, as barack obama accepts the nomination with ohio putting him over the top last night. these guys have now cleared but it was raining heavily in the weather a big factor -- a big factor yesterday. they had to make a decision to
4:31 pm
proceed with a bank of america or move inside time warner. we will hear this opportunity -- we will take this opportunity to hear from you. what is on your mind on this final day? >> i am supporting obama. i liked the way that clinton talked last night and i felt the president when he got in, it was like they had to pick up the way of everything that bush left behind. it was like a tornado. it will be wide at the top when he gets in the next four years. and we will do it. thank you. >> be former president's speech last night ran 48 minutes and over 3000 words in case you were keeping track of all of that.
4:32 pm
sarah is a supporter of mr. romney. >> i want to comment on the last speaker, the journalists that was gone. i felt that he was quite biased in a lot of his opinions. nevertheless, i listened to him with ray -- i want you to discuss the opinion with many that leadership or even the president should be more specific. i am not sure how a president can be specific. i think he can set goals, but congress and the voting body is the group that makes ls, policies, specifics when they are voted up or down. right now, we have a standstill in congress as we all know.
4:33 pm
republicans say that they will not support president obama and because of that, any policies that he sticks to implement, he can't really discuss specifically right out until he gets a gauge of how far the world is going to compromise. division is a very deadly weapon that has been used in our political system right now, and this is just the final comment. word to the wise, i am from a family of six boys and five girls. some republicans, some democrats, some independents. my father was a republican, my mother was an independent. he siblings are scattered with political views. but we were all taught to simply respect each other in
4:34 pm
disagreement. we agree to disagree with some sense of dignity and we were all demanded by our parents that we will have to unify, make a decision and unite for the good of the family. >> thank you for the call from north carolina, the home state of this democratic convention. the first time they have held a national convention, l.i. view of the podium as the president comes to formally accept his party's nomination. there is a five and have met with video called promises kept. here is a portion. >> america, we cannot turn back with so much work to be done at this moment in this election. we must march into the future.
4:35 pm
god bless the indicted states of america. >> from the obama for american campaign, the latest web video released earlier today. former congresswoman gaby difference will be delivering the pledge of allegiance in the back 10-50 minutes. we will be covering that along with every minute of this convention. senator john kerry might be the next secretary of state if the president is reelected. he highlight will be the acceptance speech shortly after 10:00 eastern time. charles is on the phone, a supporter of the president. >> i am really supportive of the president. and i think bill clinton was great.
4:36 pm
i think he is doing a wonderful job. when you see your house with the tornado blowing down the river, it doesn't matter who is black or white or right or wrong. he stands up for humanity and i think he is doing a great job. one of your reporters out there, he has a mind for what he is really trying to do. >> charles, thank you for the call. one thing is certain as we saw the final night in tampa, this place will be at a capacity crowd. the bank of america stadium seats 70,000 the end of this will seek to just under 20,000 and we expect it will be locked
4:37 pm
down as people tried to gather for the acceptance speech. we will go to michael from atlanta. >> i watched clinton last night when i have to say that guy is too good. i have a republican -- i am a republican but i will be voting for obama again. i was very hesitant about romney. him refusing to release his taxes. it became a big deal. let me tell you why it became a big deal. my daughter is 26 years old and applied for a job. i did not know that. she had to provide five years of tax returns to get that job. she did not have five years
4:38 pm
because before that she was a dependent. if a single employee has to give five years to get a job, i wouldn't our commander in chief please do the same? romney refusing to release his tax is slowly and has become a big deal for me. i was on the fence before. after watching last night, i got to say that i am slowly coming down on the side of of voting for obama. >> michael, thank you and all of you that shared your thoughts and comments on the third and final day of the democratic convention. we will have another opportunity with phone lines open a checking in with delegates, sharing your tweets. a reminder, you can share video
4:39 pm
and follow the campaign and the tweets. you can let the past campaign moments from this convention. let's look at the schedule this evening. senator john kerry will bleed delivering remarks and joe biden and joe biden. and the first lady to introduce the president as he accepts the nomination. we will take you to the floor and should leave the scene inside of the area as proceedings get under way momentarily.
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator kay higgins from north carolina. >> it is my honor to welcome everyone the north carolina out. i hope that those of you that are visiting us have had a chance to experience a our beautiful state. mostly, i hope you have had a chance to visit with the wonderful people of north carolina out.
4:42 pm
north carolina is strong because our people are strong. the they define our state by their hard work, commitment to their families and neighbors. their willingness to sacrifice so that their children can have a chance to forge their own path. i have seen those values in every corner of our state from the small town to the big city. and advance the biotech companies. we call north carolina the place where we pride ourselves on the fact that anyone, no matter who they are or where they are from can work hard to make whatever they want out of life. we did not get there by
4:43 pm
accident. they are willing to do what was right, making difficult, and not-easy choices and invest in our future generations. we got there because a group of civic leaders had the vision to love ha over thousands of acres of empty land and see the potential for the restores triangle park which, today, is the hub of innovation and job creation that employs thousands of people. we got there because for young men who were brave enough to sit down at a lunch counter in greensboro in 1960 where they were not welcome. just because of the color of their skin.
4:44 pm
we got there because those young men started the movement that demanded equal opportunity for everyone of our state citizens. we got there because in 1795, north carolina opened the first public university in the united states. we have the best public university system in the country. educating a workforce that fuels our economy. our country needn't that same four-looking leadership now more than ever. the solutions of yester day won't get us where we need to go. we can't get there by cutting education or on resources and development. that is what the other side wants to do, they have tried every one of their proposals before and they have left us with a shrinking middle class and the biggest economic crisis
4:45 pm
since the great depression. president obama has a different plan and to confine the whole thing online at you will see a plan to keep building an economy that grows from the metal out and not the top down. that is what we need and how we will keep moving forward together. the eyes of the nation are on north carolina tonight. and that is fitting because the same values that made north carolina great. of hard work, community, commitment to a vibrant middle class and the values that will keep our country on the right track for generations to come. i know that the energy we see here tonight is going to carry us through november and carry us to a better and brighter future. god bless north carolina and the united states.
4:46 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome lt. gov. walter delta of north carolina. >> greetings and welcome to the great state of north carolina. a state that when the blue in 2008 and a state that will go blue again in 2012. this election is a choice between two directions, forward and back. that is the choice before this country and the state where i am proud to be our party oppose a nominee for governor. my father, who served in our states and it taught me that the right policies can left lives.
4:47 pm
he died when i was eighth, but he believed as i believe that we must fight for the middle-class. that education creates opportunity. those are my values and those are the values of president obama, too. if you share these values, go online and get involved. the vote for walter dalton and our president. together, we will move this country forward. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome congressman butterfield of north carolina. >> we all know the road to recovery has not been easy. republicans have thrown out of every conceivable road block. this fall, we need to send the
4:48 pm
message. stop playing games with our future. when we reelect barack obama, it will not just be a victory for democrats but for the entire middle class because we will put a jobs bill on the table and we will pass it. we will demand a balanced approach to deficit reduction millionaires pay their fair share of taxes. they roll up their sleeves, registered voters and make sure every vote in your community is passed by a democratic team. let's keep the north carolina blue and keep president barack obama in the white house. >> ladies and gentlemen, please
4:49 pm
welcome the congressman from north carolina. >> i am david price and i represent north carolina's research triangle area in congress. north carolina is proof that president obama has the right plan to invest in education, infrastructure, research, innovation, and the entrepreneurship so we have an economy built alaska. -- to last. in the face of opposition, president obama reformed health care, wrote rules for wall street, reform student aid, and lead a recovery that has created a 4.5 million private-sector jobs. we're going to protect these achievements and we will move
4:50 pm
the country in just one direction. foreword. we are democrats and we believe all the american people, and we believe in president barack obama. >> let me start by wealth in you to the twelfth congressional district of north carolina. they grew up with me as the big, brave city that has posted you
4:51 pm
this week. growing up, i learned from my mom and my neighbors and my church members, a certain set of values. respect your elders, help your neighbor, honor your commitments. stand up for education. today, barack obama is carrying those exact same values for work as president of the united states. this election is about standing up for those values. it is about fighting for what you believe in. let's get out there. a call your friends, and knock on doors and let's reelected barack obama. have a great convention.
4:52 pm
>> please welcome president and ceo of duke energy. >> let me start by welcoming you to charlotte and to north carolina. i hope your having a great time at this convention. i hope you have a good sense of southern hospitality. it has been my honor to serve
4:53 pm
with mayor anthony fox as co- chair of the charlotte a host committee. i want to thank all the people at the local businesses who have worked tirelessly to make this a wonderful convention so far. and we haven't even gotten to the main event. i am not here tonight as a democrat or republican in the war policy present. i am here simply as a the grandfather. i have eight grandkids. my oldest grandson is here with me today. many of you have children and grandchildren. and we want to do all we can for their happiness, their health, and for their future.
4:54 pm
we want to pass what i call the grandchildren's past. that is, decades from now, what our grandchildren look back at the decisions we have made as a country, will they thank that we did the right saying? we want their answer to be, yes. one way that we can make this world a better place for our grandkids is to lay the groundwork for a cleaner, more sustainable future. among other things, that means taking a long-term approach toward energy policies because these decisions should not be made in the four-year election cycles.
4:55 pm
that is why, the all of the above energy strategy is a good place to start. but we must be more innovative. we need to work even harder. and then even cleaner energy. that means we need to invest heavily in zero-emission power sources like nuclear, wind, and the solar projects as well as new technology like electric vehicles. and we cannot lose sight of energy efficiency. because the cleanest, most efficient power plant is the wind we never have to build. here in charlotte, we are committed to energy efficiency and a more sustainable future.
4:56 pm
one of our first steps is to reduce our energy use by 20% in the charlotte central business district. and we are thinking beyond energy. we're also increasing water conservation, reducing waste, and improving our air. this is part of a model that can be reproduced in cities across the country and even around the world. because energy is more than a partisan issue, it is an american issue and a global issue. i know that we, the american people, have the ability to lead the world, to meet today's energy challenges, to cross the bridge to a cleaner and more secure world. and most importantly, to leave our grandchildren into a place where they can thrive. thank you very much and thank
4:57 pm
you for coming to charlotte. >> i stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. and standing up with courage, they somehow managed to change the world. >> barack obama has won the iowa caucuses. >> we will start what they said we couldn't do. >> the first candidate that brought together the internet
4:58 pm
and community organizing. >> he makes me want to get out and go and do things with my life. >> the next vice-president, joe biden. >> i know that barack obama is the nominee of the democratic party for the president of the united states. >> i accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer except that you have backshore responsibilities. >> a fist bun, a terrorist is the jab.
4:59 pm
>> first shot, straight through. >> is it all boils down to today. >> 3, 2, 1. >> we have news. there will be young children in the white house for the first time since the committee -- the kennedy children. and so it begins. he faces a severe economic crisis at home and an increasingly dangerous world abroad. >> i don't know how fast the health care will play politically but we will get this done and we will make history. done and we will make history.


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