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tv   Senators Mc Cain Gillibrand  CSPAN  March 9, 2013 10:00am-10:25am EST

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who needs no introduction to this audience. a member of the senate armed services committee, senator john mccain. [applause] >> they are excited about john. >> next to senator john mccain, a man who was inside the israeli military the status with for 40 years. he has participated in two non- proliferation operations on behalf of israel, the first of which was as a young pilot in 1981. he was a pilot into being is ready operation. please help me welcome general amos yadlin. [applause]
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>> and a distinguished member of the u.s. armed services committee who played a key role in helping to combat anti-israel said the man at the united nations in a number of roles through the senate. please help me welcome kirsten gillibrand. >> senator mccain, i want to start with you. iran is on everybody's mind. what can the united states do working together to deal with iran and prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons
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capabilities? >> thank you and thank you all for the warm welcome. what a great honor it is to be with general yadlin. we once through the same type of airplane. the difference is he used to shoot people down and i got shot down. i have watched a number of senators come to the united states senate. this senator from new york has done a magnificent job in the sense of the state of israel and the defense of freedom. . we recently had an encounter with the president of egypt i can assure you he will not forget the senator from new york. what is happening in iran is obviously, the centrifuges are spending. the latest effort had
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conciliation and some kind of agreement with the iranians have -- has failed. it is clear they are on the path to having a nuclear weapon. i do not think it is a question of it is a -- questionof whether -- question of whether. it is a question of when. the iranians are watching what happened in north korea. they just set off another nuclear device. it turned into failure. dan, i know we have a short amount of time. this latest offer on the part of the united states and our allies was doomed to failure. in tehran, it is seen as a weakness because of additional
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concessions. it is important that in tehran, they understand that in the united states, there isbetween the united states and israel. that there isbetween the two countries. i am going to give you -- that there is no space between the two countries. that there is no space between united states and israel. i want to take concerted action if that action is necessary. thank you. >> senator gillibrand, let me pick up on aware senator mccain left off. clearly, there can be no daylight between the united states and is wrong -- and israel in dealing with iran. what can the u.s. congress and the a administration do to
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reduce the perception that israel and america are at it alone? >> as a member of congress, we have used that platform as a way to show our commitment to israel and make a statement that our fundamental security is intertwined with israel. for example, we have a resolution from last week that says we will stand by israel economically and military of -- and militarily. we leave those letters out of the senate. whether it is standing up for israel's right to present the flotilla from crossing or to actually have a duty to do so, those statements that he made immediately. there should be no sunlight.
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we have to continue to show we are hand in hand as allies and friends and as fundamentally committed to israel's security and to the united states national security. >> general yadlin, manchin you were involved in two activities. you were head of military intelligence and involved with the israeli operation dealing with the syrian nuclear reactor in 2007. based on those two experiences and now what the west will be dealing with with a possible third nine-proliferation operation, what can the u.s. and israel do together? you heard from senators hurricane and gillibrand. how to use see it day to day?
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>> we all share the same data and the same intelligence. we are on the same pace. we are also on the same page with the strategic goal to prevent iran from being nuclear. between the floor and the ceiling of the problem, there are those places where we are not in the same place. we should be closer on how to prevent iran from being nuclear. 2012 passed with giving more time for negotiation, for sanctions, for reaching an agreement for diplomacy. the time is running out in 2013. there are things that makes it different on iran when it comes to policy.
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it is a different trigger. maybe it is not enough trust. even though we come with different from us, we are the rally is coming with the holocaust. we are 6 million israelis missing to mahmoud ahmadinejad calling for the humiliation of israel. we taken seriously. you came with another trauma. the name is iraq. we do not want to go to another war. this is not a war. this is a one night operation and we should speak on it. >> senator mccain, it is hard to consider was going on in iran in isolation. the whole region is in turmoil. a former israeli diplomat said to me that what israel is doing right now is making territorial concessions in the context of
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the peace agreement. they are being asked to pitch a tent in the middle of the hurricane. you look at what is happening in syria and lebanon. he recently returned to egypt. you spend some time with president morrissey. -- mursi. based on your recent trip and what you have seen in the region and the turmoil, how does is real concern in the range of challenges it faces? >> i have not seen the middle east and world in a more dangerous situation in my lifetime. during the cold war, it was clear what the challenges were. we are seeing the millie's particular and the world in the midst of change. i believe syria is and -- a national and international shame
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that we have allowed president assad to massacre thousands of people. it is an unfair fight. the russians are sending weapons. the iranian revolutionary guard is on the ground. 80,000 people have been massacred. lebanon and jordan are in great danger of being destabilized andy united states watches. humanitarian aid does not get it. you go to a refugee camp and meet the leaders of the refugee camp and a woman says, these young children you see through this camp will take revenge on those who refuse to help them. jihadists are flowing in. the arms and equipment you are hearing about, a lot of that is going to the wrong people from gulf states. it is a situation that steep --
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that destabilizes lebanon and poses a threat to the existence of the state of israel. it is time the united states established a no-fly zone, provided arms and equipment to those fighting for freedom. it is time israel helped them in whatever way possible. >> senator gillibrand -- >> we need people in national security that is pro-israel and not anti-israel. >> senator gillibrand, there is concern about the increasingly sensitive commodity -- monarchy. how should we and israel think about this important ally of the united states, one of the two countries in the region that has an agreement with israel?
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>> jordan is destabilized for a number of reasons. as these fighters come across, we have the rest of militancy within jordan and that will create challenges. he also have a syrian refugee population of 400,000. it is a huge pension strain on an already wavering economy. -- huge financial strain on an already wavering economy. they need to be allowed to get resources from the imf. we need to continue to help them keep some measure of calm and be able to help with the transition to this difficult time. our role with regard to helping serbian refugees is significant. it is destabilize right now. as senator mccain said, the whole region is in fluid flux. it is difficult. when we visited with president
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morsi, senator mccain was clear that they have to stop the flow of these weapons through the sinai and gaza. the news that with one to stop the tunnels -- we have to draw more see -- morsi closer to us. they need imf funding. they have to focus on their economy. without a stable economy, you will continue to see a slide toward regimes and leadership that will not be pro-u.s. or pro-israel. >> amos yadlin amos yadlin -- amos yadlin, iran's possibility of getting a nuclear weapon is a bit concerned. you head for the east and even
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iraq, increasing stability in iraq now that u.s. forces are gone. israeli policymakers and strategists look at the map. how do they rank and prioritize which issue they need to deal with tomorrow? >> when i was a fighter pilot, i used to have a couple of principles. one was never panicked. second, never be in florida. the slightly paranoid. that is what we are. by the way, senator mccain say to me from prison. we flew the same airplane. i was in flight school and we knew the senator was in prison in vietnam. when i was all over egypt in 1973, he immediately came to my
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mind. i said, i am not going to eject. maybe i will crash. maybe i can come back to the safe site. anyway -- but this is what we call shared cooperation, shared intelligence. in this middle east, which is unstable and very dangerous, it is only israel that you can really count on. it is the only place that, after you'd come and get some help and materials and equipment, they really love you -- after you come and get some help and each -- materials and equipment, they really love you.
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we want to make the military -- and we want to make sure the military option is credible. we want to make sure the other options work. every day on the ground, there is cooperation between the two militaries and intelligence. there is ongoing dialogue between the two to see how we cope with the same threat. non-proliferation in iran is not only an israeli issue. it is a u.s. national interest issue. the terrorism you see all over is an american national security issue. even though since lieberman told me -- senator lieberman told me
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that israel and the united states discovered natural gas and shale oil, there is proof that there is an almighty and he is listening to our prayers'. [applause] -- our prayers. however, the middle east is important. the price of oil is happening there. it is an important area to both of us. if we do it together, if we cope together with the terrorism, with what will emerge in the arab spring, i think the two countries will be better off. >> we are running out of time and want to move to the closing part of this discussion. i want to ask each of you, starting with senator gillibrand, this amazing collection of american citizens,
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citizen activists who are going to engage their representatives in congress and make the case for u.s.-israel relations and what is the centerpiece for american stability and position in the world, what is your message to this group as they go to make their case? >> first, i want to say thank you. so important that you talk to your congressman is about what matters to you. even as senator mccaskill and i are working hard on things like iran sanctions, we have to engage the european central bankers to make sure they are not allowed the money to flow into iran. these are issues that we advocate every day. i want to thank you for being so engaged and allowing us to know
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how important you a vote -- knowing how important your voice is here in america. >> amos yadlin, what do you think will be the most effective case for correctional representatives? -- congressional representatives. >> they have to continue with the good jobs they are doing. he most important thing is to fight iran narrative about israel. israel has the moral ground. israel should be in the same deluge that we all believe and that is represents. we are not at war with their plans. it is a war with speeches with a
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lot of lies. these people should fight it as we are doing. let's say we should create the structure to fight this war in the same structure that feisty connected war. this war of words is important. come to israel, see what israel is all about. you need to the young generation. this is an amazing generation. i used to tell them i have a problem. i do not know what to do about it. do you have an idea. these people, 25, 26 years old, they came back with the most innovative idea.
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come and see them. they love you, love them. together, we can do it. >> lastly, the final word goes to senator john mccain. >> i have to tell my baptist friends that it is hard to do the lord's work in the city of satan. it gets harder every single day. your ambassador does the same every single day. he became a socialist in the ivy league. the only way to destroy the iranians is for them to leave the united states and israel will act together. egypt is the heart and soul of the arab world. we must pay careful attention. we must gauge our aid to egypt to their progress. we cannot just give them a blank
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check. we do not want to break the camp david accord either. that is a serious issue. everybody in this room has something to do besides be here this morning and this evening. i want to thank you. you are serving a cause greater than yourselves. you are serving the cause of democracy and freedom in a part of the world where it is a scarce commodity. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. we are in the most dangerous times. your participation in your involvement in your engaged in your support and a commitment to peace has never been more important than it is today. thank you and god bless. >> i want to thank senator john mccain, senator kirsten gillibrand, amos yadlin. thank you all for participating. [captioning performed by
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national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] joe biden talks about the u.s. commitment to israel. this is about 40 minutes. you don't have to be a jew to be a zionist. began his pro-israel journey in 1973, sitting in the study of prime minister golda meir. over the next four decades, joe biden return to jerusalem dozens of times and has been able to call every prime minister since golda meir a friend. four years ago, months after you were sworn into office, mr. vice president, we welcome you to the aipac conference. i think it is fitting that at the beginning of your second term, we have the honor of welcoming you again. [applause]
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the past four years have seen tremendous change in transition in the middle east. once constant has been the strength of u.s.-israel strategic relationship. thanks to president obama and you, mr. vice president, we know that we have an administration committed to the security of israel. [applause] we are fortunate that our leaders hear the conviction that iran must never be allowed to have a nuclear capability. [applause] the world community has rallied around the united states. we have implemented tough, biting sanctions that have left the iranian regime more isolated than ever before. however, the islamic republic remains the greate


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