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tv   Conservative...  CSPAN  March 16, 2013 3:35pm-4:10pm EDT

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, he used that language i amy brother's keeper as an argument in favor of big government spending. he takes the bible and takes jesus' message. >> that's the point. that is not what the bible talks about. it is not having the government doing it for you, that is your service to another. that is what conservativism is about. this is me chosing who i want to help and what i want to contribute to help somebody else if i choose to do so. in the catholic church is 10 to 15 times more efficient with money to the charities than government. >> the policies drives the catholic church out of the government. >> of course, they want to get rid of the tax credits. >> and because of same-sex marriage. up in boston the catholic church the out of the adoption business
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right now, because they are forced to give exact same preference to a same-sex couple male-female couple. they decided to completely get of of the adoption business. so explain to me how the world is better off with the catholic church not being involved? >> one other thing. it snot like you can say, today abortion is ok. it is not your book. you didn't write the bible. we don't get to change what is in there. if you believe in catholicism or the bible, we don't get to say i don't like that page. >> i hope he is hearing that because he's little off. >> this particular pope was opposed to giving to politicians who supported abortion. that is a comment he made years ago. >> which makes obama's
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administration's decision to send over biden is more controversial. it will be interesting to see what happens when he goes up to communion. receive >> so much influence that has on the culture and so to see that pick that was made -- by the ay, the cardinals we think the pick came from higher. let's talk about the president obama's white house tours then i want to get the bloomberg clip and get your reaction on that. >> i'm asking is there a way to accommodate schools, who traveled here with bank sales. >> using emotion. >> they can still come to tour. >> i think it is incumbent on government to tell people and let people make their own decisions. our job is to educate people and
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the ban on bigger cup sizes was a way to remind you if you wanted 32 ounces you can take two cups but you should take one. people have a right to make products and people have a right to buy them. i don't know which one comes first. >> i don't know which one comes first. >> that is amazing. i'm going to educate you then i'm going to beat you first. education is not by using force and by using the force of the government, that is not the job of the mayor. this fat on me is not fat, this is what i call storeable goods because of the obama administration because if something goes wrong i'm prepared. >> we have a judge that got this right. so good for that particular judge. >> the soda ban question is great issue. this is what is so great about it. it is a fundamental that every common sense american can look
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to and it goes against all of us understand america to be. that a government can tell a business they can't sell a big gulp. that is ridiculous. thank god for michael bloomberg to throw it out in front of us. that ban we can use as an example and show how the government is intrusive. do you want the government to run like new york? it was a local decision. if people want to live under that in new york let them. if people want to live out of new york and live in another state where they don't want to live under the ban, let them. that is the wonderful thing about our country. >> final comments on that? >> what is the question? >> is this the end of the silly bans? >> as long as you have people believe they are entitled by their intelligence or their
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office to ram throughouts down other people their food choices, their beliefs, this will go on. what will change is when people who think the way in people in this room do. when people think these things through and get upset at the idea that the founder fathers of a man like that running anything. he thinks the government -- that we are governed by the government. actually, we gave the government the power to make decisions that we tell it we want. he has it backwards. liberals tend to see it the wrong way. >> he basically saying that he didn't know. >> this is so important, the soda ban thing. this is about obamacare. the moment that american people can see that government has a say in our health care, has a say in how we spend our money on our doctors and our health and
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it becomes a burden on the government for people to get diabetes or get lung cancer or heart disease, as soon as it becomes a financial question the government is going to say we have to pay for these fat people. on e're going to restrict and prevent you from getting fat. we have to get the regular people to pay attention. robert, last word and we're done. >> backstage there is a table full of water and right next to the table of water is big, big gulp. it had half a thing of soda and it was sarah palin's and one of the security guards said i want to put that on ebay if i can. that big gulp moment from say a palin that if a lot of people
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argue about the sequester, she has it right. she knows what appeals. when she brought out that big gulp she said so much with that gesture. what she was talking about was going against bloomberg with liberty and freedom. conservatives really believe that freedom and liberty is going to bring them back. in a strange way, when bloomberg and liberal politicians use soda bans it is good for the conservative movement because it reminds them what they fighting for. >> please say thank you very much. please join me in thanking our panel. thank you guys very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> while these gentlemen are
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leaving the stage take a look at the screen for a new video called "america." >> christopher columbus did not o looking for america. europeans wanted to find another way to india. that's why when columbus landed e called the native people indians. the discovery of america was an accident. it was a navigational error. so what if this never happened? history would look very different. ♪ >> what would the world look ike if america never existsed?
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the producers of this film were nvolved in obama's america who many of you in this room saw. we're going to ask them to come on stage so we can chat with them. welcome. [applause] john sullivan. thank you all. [applause] >> thank you. thank you have much. what you saw a moment ago is not a trailer. it is just a little preview -- a
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little teaser of the next film we're going to do that is called "america." this film, by the way, is not obama update. informal, if you want obama update watch "2016" toward the end we lay out a script for obama and so far he is following that scrip. our situation is much bigger than obama. it is unfortunatelyly about the ultimately about the meaning of the country. they wanted to make a new human being. they wanted to create something distinctive. what is distinctive about america? when obama was asked that question he said nothing. i want to highlight one aspect
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of america exceptional thasme goes to the core of what makes america unique. that is the idea of the entrepreneur, the idea of the self-made man. interesting in history, the entrepreneur, the merchant, the trader, the self-made guy has been looked down upon. confuse shuss talks about that the noble man know what is is virtuous but the low man know what is is profitable. caste , we had the system. down the list you go until one step from the very bottom, right above the hated untouchable you see the merchant, trader, the entrepreneur. even in europe, today
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entrepreneur and self-made man are disdained. in europe today, it is better to have inherited money than earned money. why, because earned money means you probably had to run over a bunch of guys to get it. inherited money is seen as innocent. so the idea of entrepreneurship of making your own life, this is the core of the american idea. it couldn't be more different from obama's idea. obama's idea is that entrepreneurship and trade and making your own life are in a sense a form of oppression. "2014" the core of it is the idea of theft. the basic idea is that wealth is not created by innovation, hard work, or trade. wealth is stolen, it is taken
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from someone else. barack ed in the foim obama talk about tax rates. why would you tax people at 100%? who would have an incentive to work? if you put in the idea of theft it makes sense. if you come to my house and steal all my furniture, what is the proper tax rate for you? 100%. it is not your furniture. so when you look upon wealth as pirated, as stolen goods, it seems appropriate for the government to be the instrument of taking it back. this is what obama meant some months ago when he said to a bunch of business guys, you didn't build that. what was he really saying? he was saying that society creates wealth and then greedy
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entrepreneurs swoop in and grab it. they claim it is for themselves but it is not theirs. so the government can be an instrument of confiscation. the government isn't taking what is yours because it never belonged to you in the first place. then if you look at obama's foreign policy. what is its core idea? it is the same. it is looking at america as the great pirate in the world. america goes into afghanistan and iraq to take advantage, to get oil. america is seen ultimately as a looter, a thief on a global scale. in some sense obama's foreign policy is aimed at trimming back america. restoring the kind of global balance of power. now the important point to realize is that this is not some foreign thing. it has come to america in the
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60's, it is part of american liberalism. if you listen to the stoifer america, it is a story of what? theft. how did we get america? we stole it from the indians. slavery is seen as robbing the free labor of african americans. so the whole story of america is the story of oppression. this is the liberal argument, it is broad scaled and it needs to be answered. in our film, we intend to answer it. this is not just about the makers and the takers. we hear a lot of talk about the productive people, people show are parasitic on society. obama's liberal has resident, it wins voters. why, it has a moral thrust. i want to give an example of the guy who parks cars for this beautiful resort. i parked my car a couple of days
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ago. i was informed it is $30 a day. i'm thinking of it from the guy who is parking cars. he is thinking, i parked 100 cars yesterday. this resort parked $3,000 off of me. how much do they pay me? $104. where did the other $2,900 go. it probably went to a rich fat cat who is probably in hawaii with his girlfriend. from the point of view of the guy who parks cars, he is not a taker, he is not a parasite and he works hard. the other guy is the taker. he is stealing wealth that i earn fpped idea that free enterprise is a form of theft. this is an argument that liberals cannot rebutted by free market or free agency we have to make the moral case for free enterprise and for free america.
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[applause] a conservativism that did that would be a conservativism that would be viable and powerful again. this is not about obama. the united states, ladies and than baracks bigger obama. [applause] years ago when i was a student in college one of my professors said to me, presented the image of the lion and the lion tamer. the lion moves to little wand of the lion tamer. who is more powerful? it seems like it is the lion tamer but, in fact, it is the lion who is more powerful? who is the lion tamer? barack obama. who is the lion? the american people. the job of modern american conservativism, a new and vigorous conservativism is one
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that can arouse the lion. if we can do that, we will have a political movement that will not merely endure it will also prevail. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> well, i have a personal little boycott going on with liberal hollywood. i refuse to buy tickets to see their movies instead i buy bullets to go target shooting. the last movie i saw was "2014
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obama's america" i wanted to point that out real fast. i'm a republican. a black republican and i never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress. [applause] that is frederick douglas. times change. politics change, policies change, but principles -- principles should never change. [applause] so now i like to introduce the leader of the republican party. elected in 2011 rein releekted overseas the republican r.o.c. he oversaw a democrat mic turn around, rescuing the finances, and implementing the best ground
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gamest they have ever organized. he is taking the message of frenalt economic opportunity to all states and all communities. i would like to introduce the head of the r.n. exrfment. [applause] -- r.n.c. [applause] >> good afternoon, fellow conservatives. congratulations cpac on your 40th year. i want you to know i feel totally and completely blessed to be with you again for my third straight year. i want you to know that i know that the future of our movement and our party has been on display here at cpac this week. i say that we have a lot to be excited about and you're to be commended for showing us the future of the republican party.
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i'm grateful -- i'm grateful to be joined this week by fellow cheese heads ron johnson, scott walker, paul ryan. [applause] when you all arrived here in washington you sent washington a message. today, our message is clear. the old washington ways aren't working. we need conservative solutions to our liberal induced problems. here we are in 2013 and democrats are still in love with a vision of big government that is outdated and ineffective. their philosophy is a one size fits all. burks chose our health care, but cats choose our
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health care and -- just slap an old simple sewnian sign on those old government buildings. they are museums of another time. you're here and we're here to say there is a better way, a conservative way. republicans believe the individual makes better decisions than the bureaucrat. we believe caring for this generation shouldn't require robbing the next. this week house republicans put out a budget that protects our seniors and balances in 10 years. by the way, who is ready four elected officials to defund obamacare once and for all? [applause] the house republican budget is
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right for america. in contrast senate democrats, their budget, if first one in four years calls for more taxes and more spending. do you know how lounge it takes for them to get a balanced budget? that is a trick question. never. it never balances ever. if democrats and the president joined a self-help group for their addiction to spending, they would not make it through the first meeting. the first step is admitting you have a problem. but nancy pelosi said it a false argument to say we have a spending problem. this week, the president said there's no debt crisis either. he says he's for a balanced approach. but his approach is about as
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balanced as political coverage on msnbc. [applause] you know, washington liberals can't get it right. they keep grabbing money and power and quite frankly have done a good job of it lately. we need to introduce these guys to the 10th amendment. to make sure that power is not given to the federal government but reserved for the states and the people. [applause] obama's federal government is a disaster. it is lurching from crisis to crisis. they think that federal action can solve everything. the reality is they haven't fixed anything. say to them get out of the way. let states and cities take the lead in helping americans improve their lives. it is not just constitutional, it is common sense.
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we have 30 republican governors who can prove it. they are show the government of the people, by the people, for the people, should be kept closest to the people. to fix our nation, conservatives have to hold the president , just like an ophthalmologist from kentucky did when he challenged the president on the senate floor. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, i am and rnc chairman that is here to applaud senator rand paul for what he has done and what he did on the senate floor two weeks ago when president obama refused to answer a simple question. for paul did not sit down
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13 hours. he stood proudly on the principles of liberty. one by one, other senators joined him. how great is that? we have a lot to be proud of. marcouz, ron johnson, rubio and more. i, for one, applaud this new generation of liberty-minded republicans. [applause] out, they gotng the attention and support of votee who always do not for us. we need to bring that spirit of unity that we had two weeks ago every day as a party and a movement. because if we are going to win more elections, we have to grow this party. after the election, i convened a task force called the growth and
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opportunity project to figure out how the party can grow and win. they listened to nearly 50,000 individuals -- hopefully, many of you -- and on monday, they will release their recommendations. we are going to compete in every state. not aa blue state is permanent diagnosis. [applause] we have to develop the best technology with the best minds and train volunteers and candidates with the modern tools to succeed. we will take our message of opportunity where it is not being heard. because we are concerned about every american in every neighborhood across the country. i will announce the specific actions that we are taking on monday morning. it will be big, and i promise you all, it will be bold. i will be speaking at the national press club. i said we have to take our message to those who have not
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heard it or do not understand it, but, seriously, when you hear it, i hope you will tell us what you think. but the rnc obviously cannot do this alone. each of us together has a stake. our party's success is going to determine our country's success. so we have to be united and work together. in the next election, i do not know who is going to win. i do not know who is going to run, but i know this -- republicans will be a party people will want to join. the growth and opportunity party. we will not compromise our timeless principles, but we will have to make them relatable to all voters as we champion prosperity, success, and freedom for everybody. that is our calling. that is where we need to be --
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a coast-to-coast, granular party that understands that we are living in a world of permanent politics, and we had better get with it. that is my promise to you. with that, it is my honor to introduce to you another wisconsin night -- wisconsinite, and in this crowd, introducing this guy is a pretty easy job because we have got to know him well over all these years, and i certainly have in wisconsin. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the former chairman of the american conservative union and the president of the national rifle association, a great american and fellow cheese cheesehead, please welcome my friend david keene.
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[applause] >> i'm going to talk about some of the same things that you just heard, but i want to say at the outset from the remarks that you just heard, this is a guy that gets it. >> thank you, david. >> this is a guy who helped elect the people that electrified the crowd today. remember, our state was a blue state, but it is not any more. [applause] this guy deserves a lot of credit for that and for the approach that he has taken. >> thank you, david. you need both. mechanics and great candidates. thank you. god bless you. [applause] >> our movement and the republican party are not the same, but for many of us, the republican party is the vehicle we have chosen to accomplish our
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political and policy goals. therefore, the way that party operates and the way it looks at the world is important to us because without it, we do not have a viable vehicle at this point in our history. so the chairmanship of the republican national committee is important. the candidates that the party selects are important, and the way we work with them is important. i want to talk today both about that party and our movement. in some ways, we face the same kind of problems. i have been around for a while. it is interesting because parties and movements are themselves interesting. the republican party has been left for dead many times over the course of the last few decades and always seems to come back. what is most interesting to me is the way that party establishments and indeed the establishments of movements react when new people come in.
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1964, the first presidential campaign that i was really active in, barry goldwater and a whole new generation of people challenged the establishment of the republican party. they were dismissed as crazy. the establishment tried to keep them out, but they came in any n and as aay, result, they changed the republican party. by the early 1970's, i was working in the white house, and by the nixon administration, there was an attempt to launch something we called operation switch. it was to get democrats who had been left behind by the democratic party moving rapidly to the left to join the republican party. that project focused on elected officials at the state and local level in the south.
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i remember a member of congress coming to me and literally screaming at me at the top of his lungs. he said, "we do not want those people in our party. if they come into our party, they are going to want to have something to say about how we run the party. they are going to primary us." they came in anyway. they changed the republican party. they came -- became part of a new establishment. that congressman was defeated in a state primary by a former .emocrat when ronald reagan challenged the now new but old republican establishment headed by then- president ford, i was involved in that. i remember talking to the republican national committee, and a good friend of mine said, "there's not much i can do
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because we are going to have to roll over all of you. how do you think i got here? i came in with the goldwater people in 1964. what took you so long?" we have to accept the fact that when new people come in, they want a voice. the reagan people came in, and today, many of them are part of the party establishment. party establishments always eventually seem to act like the old ones. remember pat robinson -- when he ran for president, evangelicals began to stream into the party. ofwas said that a meeting robertson supporters resembled nothing so much as the bar scene in "star wars." they came anyway, and many of them today are part of the new old republican establishment.


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