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tv   Public Affairs  CSPAN  July 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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apparently, it is hard to explain to someone why marriage should be based on something other than to people that feel sexually fulfilled by each other. what is implicit, obligations can me elicited only on the obligation of those that have been for sale by -- the ones but then sustain their. are you ready to make a commitment. think about it seriously. he were forgoing your freedom to quit this association, as this is your convenience. this is a serious matter. it is -- this used to be understood.
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there is no arranged marriage in america. this is not for children. user for people who can understand the reasons for the attachment, and to understand it when they commit themselves to an enduring attachment to another person, even when looks my altar with age, they realize that there is a nature of a good there that will not atrophy. an inescapable moral ,ignificance in those creatures who have moral reasons for finding a partner. it is all there. it has understood for a long time. maybe it is necessary for another generation to do the teaching a new. >> can i respond to the question. i am borrowing from my college within. tohave seen our culture different ways predict traditional -- two different ways.
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make ouring to hope to country more just, make the future better for our kids and grandkids. i think an much more modern view would be the future is all about ,y life, how long i extend it a greater focus on the self --d i do nothing that myself. i think it says a lot about the collapse of the understanding about marriages. cost of the marriage culture is not the responsibility of gays and lesbians. >> how will the ruling affect
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federal funding, especially at her old grants to universities? realistically, what ability is therefore our government promoting the conjugal -- rstanding thinking through the implications for funding, one thing we have to worry about is colleges that accept federal funding. are they going to be branded as a rationally animist if they do not say they want to extend their married dorms to same-sex married students, and so it obviously does put any funding for student loans in theory for those kinds of universities. that could be a real problem. i think my comment about the
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contradiction -- contraception, that is art of why we're seeing some of this breakdown of the understanding of all children really do have a mother and a father. it'd secured that to a certain extent. honestly, you have a mother and a father. no person actually is born to mothers or two fathers. it is a fundamental thing. if we are talking about the child's right to know and be parents, their only thing we can be talking about is the institution of marriage as we have known it. whoever wants to come together in a joint community and care for people, as valuable adoption is, either there is nothing they can replace a mother and a father in a child's life. perhaps that is one way to talk about the importance of marriage. if people recognize -- people
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are deprived to one another through death. there is a real lack in that persons life. it would've always been better off to have that parent to be a role model and support. going back to the point that you made, it is the bob jones case. obama says he will not lift a hand. his allies can do what was done to lodge complaints with the irs . irs can set- the aside a school that refuses to set the notion of same-sex marriage, or contraception, is teaching things about -- not in accord with public policy.
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marja the ways in which to make the point. -- they are gentle ways in which to make the point. of thehere evidence supreme court clerks, maybe they might have known how kennedy may have voted. i know couple of them switch. if the liberals who voted thought he was going to vote with them, would they have voted to grant it? >> some justices voted differently on standing in the dome a case that on prop 8. myre is a speculation about justices on the other side of the aisle of -- ideological divide would again standing in the prop 8 case because they
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were afraid of how the case might be decided. that is plausible speculation. hatetill so naïve that i to think they would act beyond the best of the law. my naïve belief is refuted. it is quite possible. i do think that, my preference decisionto force a now, forced justice kennedy to take a stand, and there a big bed. -- and that is a big bet. it seems like we're headed there pretty quickly anyway. i would've preferred the clarity to the model. -- the muddle.
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>> if there are no other comments, i will bring this to a close. please thank our guests. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [no audio] >> this is a live look at the reporting of egypt, courtesy of al jazeera. the military has seized power from more seen -- morsi. the military has also suspended the constitution and called for early elections of egypt. the timeframe is to be determined by an interim
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administrator. -- the army chief address the people today pretty spoke for eight minutes. >> we have a statement coming in from cairo. let us listen in. >> or turn a blind eye of the voice of the masses of the egyptian people. role andp to its responsibility. declared,forces have as will always declare, that it for thetanding distance political process. the armed forces, based on its
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possession, felt the egyptian people is calling for help, not calling to hold the reins of power. to discharge a silver sponsor billeting -- to discharge a civil responsibility. alleys, villages, and towns. call was heeded by the egyptian army, as it has understood this message. it came closer to the political scene, holding steadfast, and hearing the trust and responsibility.
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the egyptian army forces over the past month have exerted , direct andfort indirect, that contain the subway station -- the situation within. including the president seeing -- the presidency. they have called for a national rejected byt it was the presidency in the last moment. s followed. many initiatives follow. forcesptian armed similarly on more than one , whichn presented
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contain the most imminent challenges, as the social and political level, as the patriotic indication to contain the cause of the vision, and the challenges to exit the current crisis. , the command of the armed forces melody presidents in the residential palace in 2013, wherein presented the opinion and rejection of the armed forces of any assault of
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the state institution. hopes were penned on national reconciliation, a roadmap for stability, whereby are the fuel for the people. living up to their aspirations and hopes. ,et, the president yesterday and before the paul -- the party, they will not meet the demands of the masses of the people. it was necessary for the egyptian armed forces, based on its stability, to consult with certain political and social figures without finding any
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fault. the meeting parties agreed on a roadmap plan, whereby a powerful egyptian coherence is achieved without marginalizing any individual, political party, and putting an end to the state of the vision. constitutione provisionally. the chief justice of the constitutional court will declare before the court the early presidential election, where the justice of the court will have an interim. [indiscernible]
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-- during the interim, a government will be formed. having full power to run the current affairs. and committee, including all the committees to review the supposed amendments to the constitution, which is provisionally suspended. supreme constitutional court will address the draft for the palm entry connection, and prepare for the farm entry election. securing theharter [indiscernible]
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, the egyptianpted , steerhe egyptian people away from violence, which will bring about further tension and shedding the blood of the innocent. the armed forces warned that it will stand up firmly in cooperation with the interior ministry security personnel, to thisct be getting from
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based on his responsibility. [indiscernible] may god save egypt, and the defined people of egypt. may peace be upon you. >> that was the army chief. eric cantor released a statement about what is happening in egypt, saying president morsi was put the interest of egypt population above the interest of himself or the muslim brotherhood. the addition people make clear that his muslim brotherhood government has threatened the democracy. we will have more but egypt and the reaction as events unfold.
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national cable television's association continued today. it is cash in from the meeting and jenniferkken lopez. we can see it coming from union station. we knew it was going to be big. it was supposed to be leading them. the people were already marching. there go my people. let me catch up with them. [laughter] this sea of humanity just pushed us. we walked on and started moving toward the mosque and in monument.
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riod ina wonderful pe american history. >> the fourth of july on c-span. congressman john lewis shares his experience on the march on washington 50 years later. the places were visited and historian spoken with during the first season of "first ladies." prize winning photographer's display their work. bummer president bill clinton and chris christie -- i panel talks about what it means to be a modern-day american citizen. >> brazilians have protested healthcare.tter
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of events.analysis >> i want to make this into a conversation. i'm asking you to keep it to about 10-12 minutes. good luck. >> ask the brazilian to talk only 10 minutes about his country is a challenge. thank you for the invitation. it is always a pleasure to be here. while i think that there are many angles you can talk about what is going on in brazil, i think that definitely it is very hard to have a political meeting of what is the long-term trends. instead of focusing on what we do not know, we try to focus on what we think we know. what are the causes.
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why now? why is this happening? i think there are many variables here that explain what is going on. covering forithin sometimes, it has become a well- known argument. the rise of the middle class in a country like brazil. that applies only to brazil brazil, but to other emerging markets. when you had the first decade of the century of high economic growth, these natural resource rich countries, you had a time of high growth because of chinese growth, a commodities growth, and countries benefited from this. in brazil, that is clearly the case. was verynment successful in riding that wave, which led to a rise in the
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middle class for the first time in history. it became the largest class in the country, over 50% of the population. oft does this mean in terms politics? people are starting to analyze how the political middle class behaves. to have the same political behavior then than they were when they -- when they were in poverty. a lot of analysts say that they think they believe differently, but the do not know how. i think we have seen signs now shift in the a population led by this rising middle class. the demand more. beyondeir agenda goes
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employment. it goes beyond just wages. it goes to more a quality of life agenda. for a government that for years implemented successful cash , that is notrams the answer anymore. thing is to have access to goods. to cars. you can have a car, but you can write in the streets with have no potholes. the services that surround those goods, those become the real issues. these demand long-term planning from governments.
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if you compare what is going on in brazil today with what happened recently in the middle east and the arab world, there are many similarities. you can point out a few distinctions. with somene would be, exceptions, while most of the middle east were driven by these government oppressions, in brazil it is not about oppression. it is about incompetence. on the local levels in the federal levels, the challenge is how tos in brazil deliver more to this middle class, in terms of services,
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with less. favorableaced with economic environment globally. everyone expects the next five years will be less favorable than the last 10 years. the predicament here is to help deliver more with less. that is a government issue. why now? there is a beautiful story. he gives you broad trends of what is going on. why now? what triggered it. i think one of the things that may explain, when you look in hindsight, everything becomes easy. brazil, you had a high turnover in municipalities. you already saw glimpses of this
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in public services. you've had a brazil that decided it was to host a major national event, the world cup and the olympics. a lot of people in the streets protesting were in the streets back then celebrating this is a sign of brazil's rise. now the cost of these events are becoming more visible. i do not think it is a coincidence that these protests actually gained more momentum when the cop was happening. with thebecame visible stadiums being built. the infrastructure that surrounds the stadiums not being there. airports, roads, it said rep.
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the promise of the government made was that these would lead to improvements. the focus has been on the stadiums than the surrounding stadiums. and love the population do not have access to the stadiums. i think that became visible. there was a cost to those sees events. -- to host these events. well i do expect the protest to and go to the fringes of the political system, there is no single issue that glues these protests together. the risk is going to be a contention prone environment. the risk of these protests rekindling israel. the world cup will happen 3-4
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months before the election. we can get into more details on the discussion. what is the political impact on this? i think we will see recent polls telling a much more of a shirt term -- short-term story. approval ratings going down. not necessarily being transferred to the opposition leaders. number of undecided voters increasing. a crease is a dark horse candidate. and not a political noise and volatility in the next 2-3 months. it is too soon to say that the chances of her elections have diminished the point where she will not be a candidate or she will not run. the era of presidential popularity that began in her , that was unusual
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for brazilian history standards. now she's back to the norm. the end of a super cycle presidential popularity. even where she is now, she is competitive when it comes to elections. has -- i think that it is soon to say to make long-term predictions on this. i will end here. i wanted to raise a quick question. you said something that made me a bit pessimistic, we talked about corruption and incompetence. , how wasmpetence brazil going to resolve this?
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if it is incompetence that got them there. they have the confidence to get out of it. think they do. of course, when you talk about incompetence, you are not saying that everything that they have done is wrong. when you look at the positive part of the story, every social economic indicator has improved. definitely, there is signs of hope there. there is intelligence in brazil. >> well i am happier now. >> thank you for the invitation. i agree with what he has just said. no controversy. just add two numbers. 89% live in cities. brazil is far away more urban
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than most european countries. even more than the u.s.. agribusiness,e most brazilians live in cities. there is a disconnect between the country, where the gdp has been growing so much, there are so many recent successes, and our cities. brazilian cities are still stuck in that unmanageable country of the 80s. they are even worse now because more and more cars are on the very bad streets. our housing projects, if you've god," -- they of
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are still a disaster. they are very different from the national picture. the economy is not so bad. there is been improving in the last decade. resilient cities are still very -- very cop located. college going to first generation. that middle class is demanding more and more services. the government is not capable to answer. when i was living in china, i was optimistic about brazil hosting the world cup and the olympics. it i are member being in beijing in 2007. they had 40 miles of subway. in 2010, they had 160 miles of subway. now they have 250 miles of
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subway. , ihough i am skeptical thought that is a great opportunity for brazil. i do think that many brazilians now have this frustration and disappointment. we are expending a lot of money on stadiums. it is where the corruption meets the world cup. how many brazilians, without numbers, ors to the the background stories, these stadiums that cost almost $1 billion each are somehow too expensive. the same with construction companies, which built those stadiums. greatest fundraisers for our political campaigns. if it is right or not
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nationally, the brazilian middle-class thinks that. being madecy that is in beijing, somehow we are am --ng everywhere, i most brazilians are happy about finally we are going to the streets. i think from the brazilian government, should the brazilian people, we were condescending in the last decade. now we are great. now our gdp is even higher than some european countries. hasink that moment finally ended. we are not the united kingdom. the healthve to have system of the british. i think that condescending public a lot of money in
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, created this bubble. it is about accountability. the disconnection between the islands that you're seeing on tv, and the reality of our crowded buses, and our subway ,ystems that do not grow at all finally paid the price. trying to answer a question about if it is good or bad, every country needs politicians. every country needs political parties. we are in a very bad moment. worst of all, the success was .xtremely popular
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she is not a politician. she is not as charismatic as lula. she does not speak quite well. but she is an amazing manager. i think that manager image is severely damaged right now. took 10 days to answer the protest. i think she was as scared as the governor. when she answered, for she suggested a constitutional assembly. ands organize a referendum change the constitution. in 24 hours, she changed her mind. , the congress must cause a assembly.
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the fairhe leaders of free bus campaign, the movement that started the protests. their -- they demand fair free. she hosted them in. one of the heroes, she left the meeting saying i'm happy because the president hosted us, she was totally unprepared to talk about transportation. she does not have an idea. a 23-year-old girl. it is terrible when someone leaves the presidential palace saying the president was unprepared. before, --
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they do not have any data yet. probably the girl was right. to early jump conclusions. i think there is a vacuum. not enjoying are miracle. it is in trouble. are facingvernors criticism because of the harsh police oppression against the protesters. when the streets are completely unsafe, and may need to hire ,rivate security to feel safe to see oppression by the police is very real vaulting -- very revolting. i saw thousands of brazilians
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going to the streets to protest. i think the failure of our is something the governors will have to pay. beenitical class has cornered. it is very much afraid of what is going on. there is always the danger when populistfraid to go to answers. some of them are already in place, when you need to raise the fair. , because youthat are afraid of the streets. someone is going to have to pay that price. imagine if no one in brazil was in inflation,ares because i fear protesters in front of my building. what happened, and so on.
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finallyod for society ,oming after a family of years start demanding, and make politicians work more. see ifoo early to they're going to answer with populist answers. >> thank you very much. very interesting. >> good morning. thank you. brazil -- i was in brazil when the protests were happening. i was very upbeat with what i saw. even before the pope endorsed the protest. the pub is -- the pope is visiting brazil at the end of the month.
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the detonator of this, there are many causes of this. the detonator was civil rights. --ple in same paulo protesting in favor of buses. add moret need to protest. when they started shooting at them, people that were against the kids going out joined the protest. it was a beautiful thing. it was about civil rights. yes we have the rights. they have the right to protest. can your police protect that right, competently? this is a symbol of what is
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behind this. they were scenes of violence here and there. there were protests in 35 cities. by the scale of this, it was minimum violence. protesters took care of their own. organize security when they saw that the police could not handle it. i think that there is the issue ,- and cliff has analyzed this he has talked about this many times -- the issue of quality. , middle-il society class, there are lots of people from 3-5 minimum wages.
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not that this is the [indiscernible] this is middle-class door absolutely urban. like people saying we'd the place will read are going, which is the more prosperous country, based on the middle class, with more equity and more access to goods. over,se that this is because the economic growth is based on consumption, and this is exhausting. but, we're not not going to go back. we still want to go to that place. we want to go to that place and
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democracy. this is highly democratic event. we cannot gos that there. it is basically a debate on priorities in public spending. it is the first time that we have a debate on that in brazil. as the positive part on that. -- that is the positive part of it. corruption, some of the initial movement responses -- ifoliticians were to you're why and well-to-do, you have almost a guaranteed england -- [indiscernible]
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were sentenced to jail terms, which involved the president and her circle, they say that those sentences should be served immediately. 75% of brazil. the people who identify themselves as sympathizers of the workers party believe with that margin of 74%. there is a changing that is very important. it is brazilian society telling people we are going to continue that. it is our democracy. politicians pay attention. there are real issues here.
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they are more complex than reducing bus fares. it is clear that the space has been opened for that debate. the challenges is the challenge of leadership. we will act accordingly. it is too confusing because of this thing ishat not going to go very far. most likely, the congress of brazil has all the power it needs to have in order to reform the electoral laws, reform the political system. the make and submit that to a popular referendum. mostseems to be the
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probable direction. there are so many things about quality. , ife are wonderful signs times,"o "the new york there is one you can click on that relates to soccer. the cartel of global soccer. there is one that i absolutely love. we have a very long national anthem. fifa says they will only play the first part. the players and the public sing the whole thing. just to tell fifa you don't -- but they brought something wonderful. , theirst world stadium
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people immediately said we need standards for education, fifa standards for health. in the image of brazil abroad, we are so concerned about that. the sign said that i love said, " we apologize for the inconvenience wobbly -- while we improve the country." -- itvery apt affirmative is very affirmative. the challenge is what they will do with this. and how you're going to harness this positive energy. their obvious winners here. the potentially biggest winner is marina silva. she is a known politician. she is seen as a person opposite the challenge.
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you have other politicians, the former governor, a probable candidate for the presidency. if the cup is sin is -- [indiscernible] both come from political dynasties in brazil. they are all talking to each other all the time. these people are in consultation all the time. the political system in that sense is starting to respond. congress has rejected some stupid proposals that were on the table. equatess something that
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the wealth, saying homosexuality is an illness you have picked your. that one out last week. that was voted down. there was another one to reduce public prosecutors in brazil. that was 6-7 votes. there have been seven decisions already. , as you can have a populist here coming. the only populist that could , whichbenefit from this he was not his first term, was president lula. .e has been remarkably silent remarkably silent about this. the possibilities
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raise that he will return. i do not think that is viable for political and nonpolitical reasons. we have this challenge now of capitalizing on this energy. i think that talking to people, including people in front of the position, they're going to have to talk. one thing that people have to understand, there is not a major economic crisis in brazil. the economy is so growing. it is growing through that underperforming chicken flight thing. our economy is not very aerodynamic. it goes with a lot of effort. there is no political crisis. it is a crisis of renewal. whoever bet against brazil
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getting out of this made a mistake. it is a moment of great promise for the country. i think people remain mobilized. the next big event is on july 11. unions in brazil have called for a day of road tests -- protests. most say that will fly -- will be a flop. it will not succeed. unions in brazil have been instrumental. have zeroparties prestige right now. the only embarrass and i would -- theth the protests only comparison i would make is of the people going on the streets of brazil use the same organization, which is cell phones and social media.
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.hey know when to pull back one is a protesting becoming violent, you do not know who comes out to the streets. it is very intelligent. you are not going to have the next major protest, public event, where those issues are coming out, when the pope visits at the end of this month. after he endorsed the protests. believe -- i would not make predictions about the presidency. she may be in a position to run. i think we are in a new political landscape in brazil that we do not yet understand. politicians and the media, they are all perplexed. .eople didn't know
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what animal is this? we have not seen this before. they were all like that. , will end with this phrase from a great writer from brazil. " whoever claims to understand is completely losing form." >> thank you. let me say, as we start preparing questions, here is a pretty good analysis of what is wrong in brazil. the demonstrators themselves provide a statement of what is wrong. i also hear that the first reactions are the political ones that have not been politically
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-- particularly impressive are responsive. i have not heard the extent to which brazil has been capable of responding. there is a hope now out there that it can. can a corrupt political system, a corrupt congress really reform itself? can you redirect monies that are flowing in ways that have been politically determined and changed inter-medic ways? do the protesters and others have the patience needed? hope,is an expression of very traditional in brazil. is there a reason for optimism aside from we now know what is now it is public.
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that is the question that emerges from this. whether this is good news or bad news, or simply no news. anyway, let me turn it to pat. >> i'm hearing analyses of the changes in brazil. i'm hearing this is an urban phenomenon. i would like to ask about the cities that i have not heard about. outside of san paolo. what is happening in other parts of brazil? are there other problems in different parts? you write down these questions. i'm going to take 4-5. >> my is an extension of peter's
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question. her on whatdvising she should do, would you say, here are examples from other countries where it has gone through process like this. here is what you want to lay out. >> thank you. one direct question. what is the role of the u.s. or other foreign powers in all of this? >> none. [laughter] >> thank you. >> i am struck by some of the parallels between brazil and russia in the ship to a middle- class society. and, growing demands for accountability. brazil in
5:58 pm
there was an ex dictation that this was a watershed moment in history. that this would be a to a renewal, a rejection of corruption prayed what is different today? are we going to go back to another cycle of disappointment? thank you. an independent consultant re-think you for an excellent dialogue. when he spoke about the spirit of brazil, there was one comment by the president when she said there was the election of the pope, she said god is brazilian.
5:59 pm
you have expressed that this is the way of a dialogue of democracy. having the voices heard. you have also related to other governments. how would you compare it with the occupied movement that took place in the united states? >> why don't we go into the same order? >> thank you. interesting questions. the first one, in terms of the it is not issues, only san paulo and the main capitals. actually hadities some sort of protests. basically, an urban events. of brazil is urban. regarding the issues, it began
6:00 pm
with one specific issue in terms of public transportation. class movements, middle- they saw the opportunity to make themselves heard. we have very colorful movements and their issues. i think that is a good thing. term, these- movements will dissipate a bit because they tend to have their own agendas. it is something unseen in brazil's history. ,egarding president rousseff the good and the bad side of this movement and what is going on, on one hand it is anti- political. regardless of how the political class response, it will not be
6:01 pm
100%. it is an anti-political movement. , from nowent rousseff on there will be more onountability and scrutiny what they decide to do, which is good. checks and balances. brazil's lyrical system is very system is-- political very brazilian. it adapts. evolves,look at how it it is usually two steps forward and one step back. onn you look in the u.s. privacy that we have today, i'm not saying that it has failed in terms of civil rights, but you do have challenges. growing pains of being a democratic system. that is the main difference between brazil and russia.
6:02 pm
it is definitely a good story. policy and the foreign powers, i fully agree with pablo. the only role is to watch. some may be able to learn, as brazil has learned from others. the occupied movement -- there are similarity -- there are similarities. capitalism, but with no real solutions against it. too late for that. missed the boat. movement wascupy important. it was a sign that something needed to be addressed. after several months, it basically died out. in brazil, that could be the case. competitive,ore
6:03 pm
political environment moving forward, which is good. that way you do not have 80% president approval ratings. of the day given that brazil is a democracy with many challenges, it is good that you have other candidates. >> i have seen other cities problems. 2008, the brazilian government has offered tax breaks to carmakers in order to provide more jobs and sell more and cars. no other city has so many cars. not los angeles or tokyo.
6:04 pm
it is a gigantic number. is that federal policy of accumulating car sales. there is a second federal policy that is the flagship housing provideshat basically big construction companies to 5000 or 10,000 inhabitants who have lower .ncome the downtown areas space is expensive. they tend to build these houses in projects far from the city. has t somehow not only
6:05 pm
his, but every big city has a percentage of their popular nation living in -- you force the poor to live hours from where the jobs are. there is no transportation system sustainable if people are living so far from downtown areas. hasfederal government reasons for these process. how do create cities that are sustainable? we are no longer in the 1950's where cars were the future of the world and it would be amazing if everyone lived in the suburbs. it would be that it is no follow bad if it would be
6:06 pm
brazil followed that. that theo remember first democratic government in was led by at president who was a supporter of the military dictatorship. fall of that leader, for the first time the opposition of the military dictatorship started to be in the palace. was aonsidered -- there major change. i think the corruption is in the right and the left. a renovation.was thatnot have any doubt
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president lula and president rousseff are far better off than the previous governments. lula was social movements. leader, the union left of the catholic church, feminist, gays, you name it, you would be under this. after 10 and a half years in power, the social movement were hibernating. they got good positions in government. think is the i beginning of new social that do not see the workers a body as their representatives in the social
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arena. the workers bodies no longer represent change. that is why they are against political parties. they do not see them representing them. in occupy, i think there is a major change with what happened with brazil and occupy wall street. the brazilians are having answers somehow. they kept their anger, but no political answers. at least brazil is trying to address and not crush them like in turkey. it is important. i have given many interviews. sometimes there are other guests. some people try to get her issue into this. -- get their issue into this. this is a urban -- this is
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urban. i hope they do not put this into a vote. this is urban. this is what they were saying. cars in brazil are supported by the economy, which is a federal program. the cities in brazil is a product of those policies. instead of financing public transportation, networks of public transportation, we decided to offer private cars. -- in missions are going up -- emissions are going up.
6:10 pm
there is a change. voluntarily to reduce 30% of our emissions. because of public policies done in the wrong way. dilemma.a major education and health are the obvious issues. the problem is, where is the money? priorities need to be set. this, they have to be balanced budgets and make decisions. many publicably too officials in certain areas and not enough in others. you have to do public policy in a competent way. to deal with the pressure from congress and the counter pressure from the streets that will continue.
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the people are not just going to go home. they have discovered to have the capacity and this energy. regarding the u.s., let me elaborate. this is democracy. we're not going to go back to anything. forget about it. country,democratic traditional democratic country. every four years there will be a vote. electionss of those -- to be representatives have to reflect what we believe and what we want. this is a nation that has been reenergized.
6:12 pm
out of a crisis that was devastating, the first elected tahrir sqaureur when millions of brazilians went .o the streets you mentioned something about [indiscernible] i think history will be very good to him. he was the guy after trying everything had political wisdom to call a sociologist to run the economy, which was the right thing to do. really set brazil in an important direction. he was the guy who really started the opening.
6:13 pm
started to go forward more open of the economy. -- brazil started to go forward more open of the economy. become all have to more open economy. we do not have an alternative. well-to-do people, heart of the middle class, including the people who used to be for, -- poor, these people have access to products at lower prices, etc. they have to pay very high costs. they don't have access to the more competitive world economy. this.people formulating opening up the brazilian economy, which is complicated to do because it has to be done
6:14 pm
carefully, but it is part of equity. it is essential. if you do not understand that, you do not understand result. we will grow with more equity. people are telling themselves that there is no way back. we have seen the promised land. more prosperity with equity. we will get there. that is the message coming out of the streets. are politicians that we do not yet know. it is like the soccer team last sunday. and weu got new coaches have the capacity to allow good energy, new people -- i do not
6:15 pm
know half of those kids -- and to allow them to have a plan and play, they do it. that analogy is very good for what i think is timely. roundwill get to the next . let me put in my question. when you talk about the middle class, there is this new middle class. one, how do you define middle- class? a lot of people are still very or -- poor. are their demands from a middle- class perspective to push?
6:16 pm
isn't there some trade-off to satisfying the middle-middle- class demands versus continuing to deal with issues that you raised with the equity and poverty? what is the trade-off? is this going to end up consolidating the middle class and shutting the door? what is the social implications? i'm a retired service officer. lived in brazil '72-'74. i love brazil. what i do now make superpower.
6:17 pm
-- what a dynamic superpower. with them nowtter turning inward and violating the law and international law by allowing a dictatorship under huga chavez? chavez? >> in the back. >> hi. ago, no one could have predicted this. it was not planned. there were a lot of people who did not forget the protests.
6:18 pm
they would weaken and we waited -- and they would go away. what are we missing? what is the event next month that we are not predicting right now? what is the test case and worst case scenario for brazil? case ands the best worst case scenario for brazil? last week it was voted to -- salaries for congress. is that anything of significance? is that a quick method of damage control? image of affect their being wasteful?
6:19 pm
>> thank you. this is terrific. lula. to ask about you say he has been remarkably silent. doesn't dismiss any possibility that he might come back. why has he been remarkably silent? is that a good thing? if you were not silent, what would he say? what do you think you would say if he called you up and said he wanted to break his silence? [laughter] if so, what would you advise him? to stay silent?
6:20 pm
is there a remote chance we can imagine that kind of scenario where he would come back? ok. we will start with that one. president lula made two statements so far. listen to the streets. streets ande tearful public order. -- careful public order. they can protest, but under the rules of democracy. this past monday there was a statement by president lula in an interview. ethiopia at an
6:21 pm
he was asked if he would run for president and he said no, i will not. that is what he said right now. i think that there are issues here. the first one is political. president lula is intelligent enough to know that if he does run he could win. .t would not be a repeat the world economy is not in that stage. president lula was never elected on the first route. .e had to go through two rounds fourth attempt. then he beat --
6:22 pm
the situation is interesting to manage. issue that hether had a serious episode of cancer. that he is not talking about this is that he knows or might be issues that are beyond his control and would not allow him to present himself. wants toe probably his reputation. a lot of lula's legacy will be one revisited -- will be revisited as we go on. risking that is an issue. that is why i said i'm not believe he will come back.
6:23 pm
15th salary for congress, i think that started before. inre are some politicians brazil that work. there are some that are honest. perhaps they are getting the message. 14th and 15th salary, what for? etc., etc. --hink that is very much this ande -- which for the next two months. the supreme court will have to about the 12o do people given jail terms. i think of the supreme court has a very difficult job. i do not think reversing a lot bethose things is going to
6:24 pm
except the bolt to the people. you could have an organization, a reaction on that. it became a criminal court, which is not what it is supposed to do. it did that and now we have that issue. what can happen? that can happen. politicalrt to see --iticians serving committing crimes and serving terms. people know how difficult it some ofto respond to the health and education, but there are things that we can do immediately.
6:25 pm
before you came to the united states or to brazil, you had to fill out lots of forms. until someone in the private sector asked the authority, what do you do with that? how do you measure that? everything is entered into the computer? no, it is not. do you know what they did? we can go to brazil and we do not need that. that are so many things can be done immediately that would satisfy peak old. that those kinds of things will be i just. politicians do not have an option of not addressing them.
6:26 pm
some are taking a look at of the recording of what is happening in egypt on al jazeera tv. the forces in egypt today moved the country's first democratic president from power. the military has set in a temporary civilian government to call for new elections. rsiment morsi -- president mo says those measures categorize as a coup. they have assured the u.s. they are not interested in a long- term role. was an obstacle to the constitution of democracy. i am hopeful that his departure will reopen the path to a better future for egypt.
6:27 pm
for more about egypt and the reaction -- we will have more about egypt and the reaction. we can see humanity coming from the union station. we knew it would be big. supposed to be leading the march. people were marching. there go my people. let me catch up with them. [laughter] this sea of humanity pushed us and startd walk on moving toward the washington monument. on toward the lincoln memorial. period inonderful american history. >> this fourth of july on c- shares hisgressman
6:28 pm
memories from the march on washington. s.d first ladie 7:00, we'ller surprise photographers show off their work. afterwards, steps against national disaster. then what it means to be a modern-day american citizen. the national cable and telecommunications association held its annual meeting in washington, d.c. and jennifer lopez were there. this is an hour. ♪ >> thank you. good morning, everybody. thank you for being up early on
6:29 pm
this last day of the show. i'm glad you have joined me. you have come this morning thinking you are going to lean back and relax during a sleepy final show session. well, you are at the wrong convention. we have an incredible lineup in store for you today. where else can you find the secretary of education and j. lo sharing the same stage? [cheers and applause] i agree. thewouldn't leave me in green room, i tell you. in my dream. [laughter] not to mention some of our nations finest education leaders. it will be a powerhouse session that will keep you on the edge of your seat. i want you to know how excited i am with this show. it has been wonderful. great highlights.
6:30 pm
we have hosted visits from members of congress and fcc commissioners i'm public policy commissioners. public policy commissioners. an amazing the world of technology. that is pretty cool. yesterday we got to meet many men and women who have served in the armed forces and might soon call cable their home. theave got a glimpse into views of cable contributions in our observatory. way, we had some fun on the show floor. it is hard to ask any more of the cable shows that what we have experienced the last two and a half days. it is time to mark your calendar for next year. 1 inl 29 through may beautiful los angeles. a few weeks earlier than this ar


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