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tv   Democratic Candidates Debate  CSPAN  August 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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refugees, making it difficult on their infrastructure. we need to act thoughtfully and make sure we do the right thing by not just americans >> thank you. emerson. -- brisbane. -- congressman. >> as someone who fought against the iraq war. that the public has no stomach for military intervention in syria. nor, should we. we should apply the lesson that we learned in the 1980s in afghanistan when the armed the rebels, now known as al qaeda and others. the principle applied was "the enemy of our enemy is our friend. friend."
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in every be engaging possible way to get this under control. hezbollah is tied up in this. the future of israel is tied up in this. we want israel to survive and ross burke for everything that it stands for. we want to bring a peaceful solution for the palestinians in the area. what is going on in syria affects that. lex i believe that if the united states is to maintain its position as a world power and dominates as a world power -- dominates as a world power, we nate as a- domi willpower, we need to pay attention to syria. it is unfortunate that we did rwanda.rvene its -- in we have to recognize that this
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is a sensitive region of the syriaand what we do in or, what we do not do, may be a lack of u.s. response to save lives. i do believe that international allies need to be engaged. the united states should end straight leadership. our allies should provide support to the people of syria. >> thank you. obama'se in resident cautious approach. i think that assad has to go all stop i do not think that we should push for democracy. he is a dictator. he has to go. we have a question of chemical weapons being used and the human rights violations that are going along with that. thisd to make sure that
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requires certain action but united states. because of this cautious troops, someground arms to rebels, figuring out who is pro-democracy. arming international organizations, like we did in libya. we should reject the united nations and we have, to some extent. russia has a potential veto and could use the veto in the security council. i would take caution. i would respect the president for what he is trying to do because he understands what needs to be done. >> i think there is a lot of agreements tonight. i want to make a few more points. assad must go. andust be done in a sober deliberate way so that we do not cause more problems in the long andlike we saw in the early
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immediate. we need to make sure that we do everything we can to support other nations that have been destabilized from refugees and others going into their country. that means looking at lebanon, turkey, as well as israel. america does not need to act alone. we have learned this the hard way in our history that if we go it alone, we put ourselves in jeopardy. when asked in a community of countries that share the same values, we can be a lot more effective. we can bring back stability to a region that is way too unstable. >> thank you. >> an important factor to be with the next senator of new jersey is who has the experience and sophistication to deal with international questions will stop i talked about the
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complicated situation in that part of the world. if you pull on one, it pulls through jordan, saudi israel,egypt, palestine, and a rant, anorak, , andurkey -- and iran iraq, and turkey. i sent a letter to the president saying that he should ask the new iranian president if he is good to his word. he did appoint someone i know from their time at the united nations as foreign minister. and gives us time to work with a ran on these competent matters -- it gives us time to work with matters.hese important
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>> on capitol hill, in the last notle of sessions, we have seen a lot of experience or sophistication. i think our next senator should be someone who has the ability to examine a broad range of issues. internationally, to weigh out the sensitivity of these issues. protecting our national interests and understanding that we pay a dear price in not investing in domestic challenges. at the same time, maintain our position as the world leader. and theour challenge responsibility of the next u.s. senator. >> for our next question, i want withend the domestic foreign relation issues. there is no better place to do that than china.
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a rising power. a true economic superpower. many wonder how the united states should position it self going forward. the chinese show an inclination to challenge american military forces around the world in some measured fashion stop is the united states well-positioned to deal with the reality of a rising and competitive china? our position and stance with the chinese? >> i have confidence in the american worker and the american economy is number one in the globe. i know we can continue to lead in that manner. we have to make sure that we are all played by the same walls and there is fairness. back to the issue of china, it is not a bad thing that they are rising. i'm telling you, what we're seeing with china is that they
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are often not willing to play by the same rules. whether it is with their currency. whether it is with their copyright infringements if america. whether it is about paying their workers a fair wage that reflects humanitarian interests. feel very area i strongly about. we can compete and this. we need to turn our attention, as a country, to making our domestic economy stronger. we invest in research and development. there are real things that we can be doing to grow our economy and make it stronger. .> congressman >> whenever we sent a trade agreement with another country, like we did with china, we should not ask "what are the for products entering and leaving the ports." what is acceptable behavior.
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and workers rights. in human rights. we did not do that with china. with tradeo that agreements elsewhere. negotiating with them on their currency manipulation and making a little bit of headway. their currency manipulation has hurt us badly. our outsourcing has hurt us badly. in just in lost jobs, but, an inferior merchandise and dangerous merchandise. dangers of equipment that we have been getting through the chinese shoddy manufacturers. we have to stand up to their adventurism around the oceans and the world. china has emerged as an economic power because senators and members of the u.s. house of andesentatives enacted laws
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influenced the regulatory process to permit our commerce, our manufacturing, and our jobs. that we haveecades turnover products in our homes and seen "made in china" on the bottom. there are places around the world with a can bolster investment. individual investors look to china as a way to grow their wealth. that is how we got to the situation with china. when you look at the pollution that hovers over many of the large cities, to the detriment of the people who live there, china's policies as they relate to women and the inhumane .reatment of women that having the legal system dealing with women. we created that on capitol hill.
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>> we have to be worried about the unfairness of china. not open up their markets to american goods. it is an unfair trade practice. they put up barriers, and various ways, to our exports and make it difficult to export. they constantly subsidize and make it easy for their manufacturers to produce things and send them to the united states. the best example is renewable resources. i believe that we should be manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines here. the marketrnering because they subsidize those industries and make a cheaper for export. we have to get tough. they are working over us, when it comes to the economy. we have an obligation in the united states senate. we have jurisdiction over
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treaties. we have to make sure that these treaties operates in a fair way. >> i hear a lot of the fair -- a lot of the same views. we have to make sure china plays by the same rules. humaneht, trade, treatment of workers. we need to look at home. we have an incredible nation where we said that we can build our local economy strong. people tell me that manufacturing is dead in america, we showed, in newark, that with the right strategy manufacturers can grow jobs and grow exports. if we be done in america have a congress that makes more investments in workforce training and education. research and development. investments these revised huge returns for the american economy. if we focus on growing strong
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and home, america will thrive. >> thank you. point.pick up on that america is a strong nation. the strongest in the world. the wealthiest in the world. we are not second in manufacturing. china has caught up. we can prevail around the world. throught have to do it military force, although we must make sure that we check china's projection of military force. working with india and southeast asia, working with our own strong workforce and our reduction capabilities -- production capabilities, we can prevail. and besthe strongest educated workforce in the world.
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we have a great production the ability. we should be aggressive in going around the world and not letting china by up all of the rare earth: it's. elements.arth >> i go to decision on capitol hill. everyone looked in awe when chinese investors bought the chrysler holding in new york city. we now know that a significant amount of real estate in manhattan is owned by the chinese. acquire somelt to of the most critique and real estate that exists. the reason we have a situation with china is because of the backslapping that goes on on capitol hill between and amongst members of the congress who would rather cut a deal, make some investments, instead of
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looking out for the benefits of the citizens that live in this country. i think it is time for the senate to reflect a different kind of a standard. the only winning you do that is to the unitedple states senate who are going to change the paradigm. that there are lessons they can be learned from china, in terms of our domestic economy. they are making huge investments. one of the problems in washington is due to the tea party. the tea party wants to have a sequester an across-the-board cuts. with to stop that mentality. we are investments to infrastructures -- we have to stop that mentality. we have to make investments to infrastructure. development, we have used our strack structure -- our tax structure to bring
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back jobs from overseas. chinese used cap structured and subsidies to encouragement and faxing. manufacturing can come back to unite states, but we have to encourage it. companies cannot move their money overseas. companies will stay here and ofufactured here because transportation cost. we're not doing that. we have to make a difference. >> that let me to where i want to go. there are those who say that it is time for america to do something to jumpstart our economic recovery. 162,000 jobs disappointed wall street. we had to do something with our tax code to reflect the need of a modern-day economy. i harken back to the days when i was a young reporter covering bill bradley who came up with the fair tax.
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tax code thate people were paying in the 1980s. as a time to tear apart that tax it timeisn't care -- is to tear apart the tax code? >> we are not a poor nation. the mentality in washington has become, we cannot do this or that. all we can do is provide the village to the fortunate -- p rivilege to the fortunate. the high jobless rate that we infrastructureng , we can afford to take care of all those things and we cannot
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afford not to. it requires making sure that those who can pay, those who have benefited from our economy, and their fair share. that is not happening. take the a gentle of social security, we're talking about how social security is going to go bust. i'm saying that millionaires and billionaires should pay the same be rate and we will not talking about social security solvency. it will be solid and we can raise benefits. >> we absolutely need to simplify the tax code in this country. it is to consultative. and, working-class and middle- class families bear the brunt of the burden. we have a lot of things through the tax code to provide incentives and write-offs to large corporations. those corporations do not reinvest in our economy. discussed the practice of an international company, a
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national chain in the united states that is significantly present in new jersey. a order to get around loophole they claim their tax credits, they hire people and an hour.8.25 they retain those workers until they solidify those tax credits and then they lay them off. this is possible because of our tax code. >> we need to jumpstart the economy. effort to tea party cut across the federal government and it is killing us and slowing growth. ok? funds byring in more reforming the tax code. i believe that everyone needs to pay more and it should not be on the backs of working families.
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corporations need to make it more every contribution. president obama suggested that we may be able to lower the cap -- the corporate tax rate if you reform the tax code. they pay more, even though they are paying a lower rates. they do not have all the loopholes. take the companies that are spending money overseas and reform the tax code. given encouragement to manufacture here. -- give them encouragement to manufacture here. the citiesey back to to prevent layoffs of the police and firefighters. we need to do this again. you,don't have hair like but issues like this make you want to pull it all out. we have incredible growth, how do i know that? because we did in new york --
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newark. . creating thousands of jobs in newark. wethe manufacturing sector, knew we had strategy to make it grow. even super bowl -- even for small businesses, we had to increase the access to the capital pool. that helps 50 or 60 is this is growth. congress doing the obvious things that we need to grow our economy? yes, we need to fix the tax code. we need to make it simpler. we can in best in research and development. we can do the things that i noted to happen. even moreing can grow robustly. >> thank you. need to invest. invest has fallen in di
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sfavor in washington. there is such a thing. if we invest in infrastructure, a weathier that is the way it was with the g.i. bill. it paid back many times over. need to be doing now. invest in our public schools. making them accessible for motivated and prepared students to go to college. i am working with elizabeth we haveo make sure that the lowest possible interest rates for student loans for prepared students to go to college. we can do that. we do not need to have the interest rates that we have now. >> yes. something that is a concern to me is that when you look around the country, we have significant
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numbers of aging suburban communities that once had stabilized tax rates and tax renewables. those things are gone. it is time for the federal government to work with the president and governors of states to move forward a economies of crosses country. i use new jersey as an example. despite what you read about the bureau of labor statistics and what you hear about job ofation, significant numbers people in newark, trenton, asbury park, people continue to be unemployed in the state. the jobs being created here are not jobs that are providing livable wages and one of the highest wage states in the country. references to
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congress being broken. i mentioned in my opening remarks will stop i believe that we can get things done in congress. -- remarks. i believe that we can get things done in congress. not the tea party. i believe they are the problem. but, there are mainstream republicans and we have to reach across the aisle. majority inare the the house. find the moderates and explain to them that we have to get rid of the sequester. this is with the president was talking about in his speech. a grand bargain, or deal, we must do things to affect the tax rate. we have to get rid of these tax loopholes. we would invest money in the economy grow jobs that have good benefits.
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we can make cuts. rational cuts. not across the board cuts. >> final word. >> congressman pallone is a noble person and has worked hard to do the things that he said. i'm telling you that we need to act. the media do a deed of point. 33% of all the fromopment in the state the commercial developments going on in newark right now. that is because we have a speaker that helped out with that. that's because the government -- a governor, will i disagree with on most issues, who helped. we're bringing community activists together and extending apprenticeships for our kids. what i'm saying is that we can get this done. we need to have people who can bring people together in
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washington and bridge divides. we can do this. it is not time for excuses. there are too many people suffering in a tough economy. it is time for action and getting things done. >> the next question will go to madam speaker. to stay on investment. rather than taxes, let's talk about education. view the most important investment in the future as educating our children. it is something that is talked about. however, changing it from washington has not been affected. no child left behind has left a lot of children kind will stop -- behind. >> we need a national agenda.
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system.ic educational the community college system. the university system. leadership is required at the federal level. the challenges presented do not have the expectation that washington weeks away. the demographics are different. the profiles and economies of the states are different. the federal government cannot craft a national agenda that is going to reflect the needs in each particular state. without question, one of my references to science, technology, engineering, and math. we need to make broader investments. we need to make sure that our correct loans -- curriculums reflect those investments.
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advocated aen school modernization program where towns and counties can apply for grants to repair schools, like transportation. we should be sending money back to schools. we did this a few years ago after the recession. we did this in 2000 and nine -- 2009. in terms of no child left behind, it has mis-functioned in many ways. the rating ofd schools. we need to invite teachers with skills and provide better qualified teachers. that is where the government can play a role. i do have to say, and our istrict, with mayor booker, do not think that vouchers are the answer. i am concerned about
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vouchers, which he supports. >> i believe in public schools strongly. it is a federal government responsibility and about taking action. all four of us have the same amount of legal authority of schools -- was schools in our district. -- with schools in our district. we brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars. we have worked to expand the give kids home libraries. this allows kids to learn at home. the federal government has a role to play. if i am your united states senator, i'm not going to sit back and watch kids struggle. my policy paper was about dealing with childhood poverty. have empowerment with
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universal preschool. care, they go to school. we need people who will take action. to universaln early education and making public schools work, we also have to pay attention to science and math education. and theno one, congress, was that a bigger -- who has been a bigger proponent of science then this scientist. think that -- i'm interested mayor booker was silent about vouchers that mr. pallone raced. doctorslike to know how
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can help the schools? they siphon money away. a massive expansion of charter schools is not the answer for education for 15 million children. the idea -- the washington post -- that mayor booker is a vigorous proponent of this policy. have focused in on the troubled school district in comes intonewark destruction. newark has been a takeover district will stop paterson has been a takeover district. under the state's auspices, we the seen no improvements in operation of our schools. it is in your district, while it was under state control, that we saw massive fiscal impropriety in a state superintendent who
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contracted with a large company. we have not seen improvements with state intervention in schools. there is no question that there is political system that is involved with the school. competent have professionals and legislators to address the issues that affect urban schools. >> major bucher -- mayor booker talked about governor christie's economic programs. governor christie has been doing the opposite. he is the taking money away from the cities and making it harder to pay for firefighters and the police. he is not helping. the federal government should
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help. the governor is not doing that. plan for education means vouchers and privatization of schools. maybe some money goes from private interests to help with the school, what is the impact which mark -- impact? oft is the impact, in terms other things, that are involved that takeover. we are concerned about the lack of funds that are going to the public schools. andou have to have teachers comeback of curriculum, it is not going to make for good public schools. >> i will never apologize for bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to help poor kids get a better education. iwant to bring up about -- want to bring up my silence about vouchers. these vouchers are for four kids below the poverty line who are stuck in failing schools.
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i support scholarship from dems to give them a lifeline. i find it interesting that congressman holt would bring it up as a criticism of me. he voted or the washington dc opportunity scholarship program he voted for a program that is .imilar to what i support both congressman voted for on the bus those that support this. i would like them to explain why they have voted for the same position i have. >> the mayor should check the record. i have been in opponents of vouchers. ofy are an efficient method siphoning resources away from public schools. the idea is to bring excellent education to all children in america. not some children who are lucky enough to be in specialized tools or -- schools.
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we should be investing in teachers. that is where it starts. we should not turn education into a market based enterprise where the products and the teachers are the means of production. we should be treating teachers as professionals. not someone who you hire or fire or go to a temporary agency for all stop in the professional -- for. we need to be investing in the public school system. >> obamacare has been hailed by some. others say it is putting us on the road to bankruptcy and driving doctors away from the medical field. your take on it. is the affordable care act, the
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way it is constituted, are you satisfied with the way it stands in the way things are going? >> i helped to write the affordable care act. it is my proudest moments as a member of congress. the reason i think people should is because i care about issues that matter to people. do not believe the key party or those who tell you that the affordable care act is harmful. it is one of the best pieces of legislation that we have ever created. the bottom line is, americans will be insured. now going to have a good benefit package. they were preconditions and destroyed a tory practices -- discriminatory practices. by the end of this year, those problems go away and most
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americans have health insurance and a benefit package. there'll not pay more because of a pre-existing condition. discriminatory practices, for the most part, will go away. this is how congress works. congress can work and make a different stop the affordable care act is an example. >> i want to give the congressman credit. this is a great bill and the courageous leadership of our president has expanded opportunities for our residents and -- in new jersey. young people who are getting to an older age can stay on their parent's insurance. we do fight for the implementation and defended --inst those who want to voting almost 40 times in congress -- repeal it.
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the sustainability of our healthcare requires that we do more to control cost. it is unsustainable what we're doing right now. we can do a lot more to get waste, fraud, and abuse of the system and reward doctors for outcomes. we can make health care strong in america and implement the affordable care act. we can make sure that we do what is the sick to control costs in the long run. >> as a member of the authorizing committee, i helped to write it. it is an improvement over what existed three years ago. the affordable care act, we need to see that it is implemented. governorobjection of christie and those in congress who voted to repeal it 40 times over the last double of years. itself, as not, by good as it is, as good as far as it goes, it will not bring all
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americans into the fold of excellent health care. we need to take the next step. payer healthngle- care coverage. that's a you bring excellent education to all. it is a way to put a check on the uncontrolled increase in spending. thatther candidates said that was impractical. that is another way of saying that we can only do things that we clear with the tea party. i want to know how mayor booker feels about it. >> i have been a proponent of single-payer, as well. years,the past several there was a long time spent with legislative leaders in his with labor unions and health care advocates to work and advocate for a one-payer
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system. that is not what we could get. i am embracing the affordable care act. stateare people in the who have no access to healthcare. i commend the congressional delegation from new jersey that created an opportunity in our state to make sure that children can get insured. we need to provide access to doctors for all. wellness and prevention are going to because her stones, as you will implementation. as with any law, created at any pieces don't operate correctly, you go back and correct it. of myill be critical colleagues who say that we need to go further. this is a major achievement. the tea party wanted to and is still trying to kill it.
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a big single-payer advocate. the bottom line is that we could not get a single-payer system. we couldn't get a public option. you deal with what you can. thator can he always said half a loaf is better than none. that is a reality. factor that in to controlling costs. with the affordable care act, cost for insurance will be 50% less than what was before the .ffordable care act he talked about single- payer, that sounds great and it is wonderful. the fact the matter is, we cannot give the poster for that. most people will be covered. this be an effective program. >> thank you. there is still urgency. we need to do everything we can to implement this.
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again, we cannot wait. we have to get it done. we're showing a pathway to reduced costs by promoting that are held. we are dealing with childhood obesity. we have done this in newark to lower costs for seniors. even more than what we do with our newark-based prescription drug plan. there are things that we can do to build upon this. we cannot wait. we have to get going now. the urgency -- not just for people having health insurance -- but, for preventing people from getting sick in the first place and giving them access to preventive care. for children, too. universal single-payer system is not pie in the sky. that is what va and medicare is. it works. it works better than what most people have more what so many
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people do not have, at all. it is doable. the idea that we cannot hold out a vision of what is best for america because the tea party is going to object, that hold us back. that is up the definition of leadership, in my book. whatlking to the issue of system is better, the reality is, there are immunities that are losing hospitals to guys hospitals cannot provide charity care. that is despite initiatives in obesity control. in a city like newark, we have the closure of hospitals. columbus hospital, saint michaels hospital is teetering on the brink. if there is not political will see more
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hospitals close and vulnerable communities. with the affordable care act will do is provide a way for hospitals to be compensated for the care that is being subsidized by this date -- the starte. >> last question. we are up against the clock. you are democrats. you've gotten rave reviews from the papers. you're the best candidates that they have seen a long time. there's a good chance that what before of you will end up being an u.s. senator and go to institution is dominated by democrats in fighting against another body is dominated by republicans. why should the voters send any of you there? i do not understand why it is
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a criticism that i have worked with governor christie. we disagree on almost anything. i'm theour differences, mayor of the largest city of the state and i have to work with the governor. createed together and the largest economic development. developments in newark since the 1960s. ist is what you have to do united states senator. you have to find a way to work with people that you disagree with you stop not to criticize and yell at them. find common ground when it exist. even if it is only 10% of the things between you. is the problem washington. if you like what you're getting from washington, stick with it. it is not working. if you want the same experience, take the same experience. we need a different experience.
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not to washington experience. >> as a scientist, i listen to people and study evidence, follow the facts, and take it where it leads, to a conclusion. that is true for all this. if you start with the facts, you can get things done in a divided and polarized system in washington. that is how i got the mental health and suicide programs gone for soldiers and veterans. that is what i have done with student aid. up money for teachers. historic preservation for foreign languages that i did was senator lautenberg. you find common ground and you can get things done.
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as well as done in washington and, furthermore, i have a vision -- that is what i have done in washington and i have a vision. oftenent comes in a skirt . the lack of women representation in new jersey's congressional delegation must end. i have served at every level of government. worked in newark's municipal government when the man was in high school. i have sat at every desk at every level of government. municipal, county, state. i have worked in higher education. i have worked in the private sector. i know the challenges that face the state and this country.
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i believe that i have the capability to address any issue of note to new jersey's nexen her. i think, with that, the scope of experience in working with new jersey issue. -- new jersey's issues. an experienced legislature -- legislator does not make indifference. i work with my colleagues on either side of the aisle to make a difference, in writing the affordable care act, cleaning up toxic waste sites, these are all examples of how you can get things done. we need an experienced legislator. i know that the mayor feels that being the mayor qualifies him.
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lot of not work with a the congressman. half of the people in the senate are former members of congress. i've worked on legislation with them over the years. if you think about what i have ane and what i can do to make difference for working families, growing economy, creating jobs, changing the tax code, working with the president to grow the economy, this is what you need. a congressman with experience. it was a situation where it is time for closing statements. time for closing statements. we barely scraped the surface. i apologize. to get to as many as we can. ityber closing statements --
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is time for closing statements. >> would've seemed seen clear differences between the clearates -- we have seen differences between the candidates. we had to protect working families and look out for the little guy. that is what i want to do in the united states senate. i have a myself on senator lautenberg. think that i can get things done. i willnator lautenberg, never couple mice my principles. i was one of the first -- i will never compromise my principles. i voted against defense of marriage act because i thought it was wrong. i was an early opponent of the iraq war. up for you have to stand your principles. we're all democrats. i believe in the democratic party and i believe that i can make a difference.
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cleanioned the fight to up toxic websites. the fight for the affordable care act. i can make a difference as the united states senator. i ask for your vote on august 13th. thank you. >> time for the closing statement but -- from mayor booker. minutes -- 40 years of experience between these two congressmen. if you like what you are getting out of washington, you should go for them. to me, we do not need more washington experience. we need a different experience in washington. when washington could not pass a jobs bill, we got to work. we were able to create local loan funds and other programs that created jobs. in washington, we could not get right for our veterans come home, we started the first ever been impossible and stop. veteran'se in --
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one-stop. enough is enough. we've seen what 40 years of experience is getting us. a sign for different leadership. good is not enough and better is possible. i hope i get the chance to be your senator because i know that we can do better. >> i think the organizers and the viewers. jersey need of new to know what they will get in the next senator from new jersey. in my case, i have been out there and very public. i've been running this campaign on issues and specific issues. i have a record that is clear. the new york times said that i am the most able legislator of the group. you have the position that i hold out. i wish we could have more of these debates.
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we need to know where mayor booker is on these things. i say that i support breaking up the big banks that are too big to fail and are too big to exist. i support a carbon tax. i support stopping spying on americans. mayor booker did not support any of those. the does not support -- he does not support single-payer, either. availableist that is for display and i have not hit or equivocated. i reflect a progressive agenda that will help the people of new jersey. that will expense -- extend to all americans. njtvwould like to thank for allowing us to engage in this dialogue.
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time too say that it is break up the old boy's network that exists on capitol hill. the way we do that is by making certain that new jersey's congressional delegation reflects the people that live in the state. 53% of our population is composed of women. households are headed by women. widowed,hey be divorced, never married. it is time for issues that are important to average, working working, every day new jersey andans. it is time to have a center that will represent working class people and people who are trying to get a told to become part of
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the middle class. to become part of the middle class. that you haveer fraternization with other states . this campaign is about new jersey and no place else on the plan. >> thank you very much. to all of the candidates, thank you very much. this first debate is over. we want to send it to the studio next door. to our host here at the university. thank you to all of the candidates. specialer that the election to choose the candidate is a week from tomorrow. we have had the privilege to .ring all this to you
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try to get that we to, we try to cover them as much as possible. -- many issues that we tried to get to. we tried to cover them as much as possible. thank you very much. we hope to see you back here once again. good night. njtv.almost here at [captioning performed bynational captioning institute][captions copyright nationalcable satellite corp. 2013]
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>> one more question along these lines. would you consider running as a v.p. candidate with hillary clinton? [applause] >> well, in answer to that i would say we'll have to find out whether hillary is planning to run for president first.
8:59 pm
>> you can watch all the texas state senators' remarks tonight right after "first ladies" at 10:35 eastern here on c-span. >> c-span, we bring public affairs directly to you, putting new the room at congressional hearings, white house events, briefings and conferences and offering complete gavel to gavel coverage of the u.s. house, all as a public service of private industry. we're c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago, and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. and now you can watch us in h.d.
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>> tonight we start at the beginning, exploring the life and times of martha washington. >> martha washington was george washington's confidant. >> she was a person very absorbed in duty and very capable. but she didn't like that. she called herself a prisoner of state. >> by the same token that every step washington took to find the office, so in a very real sense kit be said everything martha washington did like wise. >> it was a business-like relationship, but not i think without affection. i thinkth


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