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tv   British House of Commons  CSPAN  September 16, 2013 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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, and she established the tradition. lady after allen's after taft who
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had an inaugural gown has donated it. >> next david cameron of addressing the house of commons. he talked about syria, the british economy, and youth unemployment. those are shared with the whole industry across the whole of the north sea and beyond. >> order. questions to the prime minister. >> question number one, mr. speaker. >> prime minister? thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, today marks the 12 members of the tragic terrorist attack on new york's twin towers. i'm sure the whole house will wish to join in sending our
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condolences to all those who are affected by this aborted attk including the families of the 67 british citizens who lost their lives. these terrorists seek to divide us but they don't understand their actions only make us more determined and more united in our resolve to defeat them. mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house, i shall havfurther such meetings later today. >> i'm sure the whole house will wish to associate himself with the prime minister's comments on this anniversary. we ar are hauntedof its images y see. millions needing a day, children dying. i thank the prime minister for his leadership at the g20. will h now prepare a concrete plan and what steps will he take to gain international support prior to the united nations general assembly later this month?
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>> i think she is right to raise this issue. sure you becomes a refugee every 15 seconds. inside syria there are 6.8 million people i in need of the american assistance and, of course, the u.n. appeal is only 44% prescribed as a shortage of money. we do have a plan between now and the u.n. gener assembly to encourage other countries to come forward as we've done with money the money but also to back up her campaign to make sure that proper access and that means including priority humanitarian routes into the country, cutting bureaucracy, and, of course, humanitarian causes and conflicts of the eight can get through and she will have our backing and getting others to support that including potentially a u.n. security council resolution. >> ed miliband. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, i joined the prime minister and remembering the terrible events of september 11, 2001. especially all the british citizensho died on that day. the mindless cruelty of that
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attack must never be forgotten. and today our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who died. mr. speaker, two days fall in unemployment is welcome. [shouting] >> but does he recognize the concern that unemployment is still rising among young people and is close to a million? and the number of people up and working part time but can't find a full-time job is at record level? >> can i thank the gentleman for what he said about this anniversary of those dreadful events in new york, and can i also thank him for the welcome to the fall in unemployment. and let me say very clearly, of course is welcome when unemployment falls but we've still got a long way to go. as the chancellor said were turning a corner but we need to build this recovery, we've got to go on backing businesses, dealing with our debt, there must be no complacency as we do everything we can to make sure
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this recovery delivers for hard-working people. now, let me share with them the unemployment figures and for the houses benefit as well. it is good that employment is up another 80,000 this quarter, unemployment down 24,000, and the claimant count down 32000 just this month. so unemployment is now north than the general election and a number of new net private sector jobs which we speak but as being 1.3 million is now 1.4 million, which is very welcomed. he's right to raiseouth unemoyment. we do need to do more to get young people back to work. in terms of the use claimant count it is down by 10,900 this month so there's some good news but we need to build on our work on apprenticeship, build on a work with work experience, make sure the youth contract delivers come make sure children are learning the keyskills in school and health division people into work. >> mr. speaker, he mentioned the chance of speech.
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the chancellor went out and said he had saved the economy. total complacency and total hubris. at a time when even today unemployment is rising in half of the country. n easin the east of england, the northeast, northwest, yorkshire, the west midlands and scotland. it was the chancellor who chose off the recovery and now wants to claim victory. and mr. speaker, its people's living standards continue to fall, can be prime minister confirm the wages are not around 1500 pounds lower than when he came to power? >> let me just remd them what the chancellor said because is perfectly legitimate to point out the party opposite told us thee would be no growth without planb. well, we have growth. they told us unemployment would go up and not down. they told us the growth of private sector jobs would never make up for the loss of private
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sector jobs. they have been wrong on every single one of these issues. now, of course, we need to do more to help with living standards, but the only way you can help with living standards sustainably is to deliver growth in the economy, and we are, ma to ke interest rates and mortgage rates low, and we are, and to cut people's taxes by raising the personal allowance. all the things this government has done, things his govement would never do. >> mr. speaker, once again we see from the prime minister as we did from the chancellor total complacency. it's the slowest come we are in the midst of the slowest recovery in 100 years, mr. speaker. now let's talk about his record. can he tell us out of the 39 months that he's been prime minister, how many months have prices been rising faster than wages and living standards fall in? >> as i sid, we face a challenge to help people with living standards, but because
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this government has taken 2 million people out of tax a death cut income tax or 25 million working people, actually household disposable income, wen up last year. that's what's happening. but as i said right at the beginning we have to build on this. we've got to keep going with even with the deficit, helping business to employ people. but he talks about policy. let me just remind him what the former chancellor said. the former chancellor said this, i'm waiting to hear what we've got to say on the economy. that is the verdict of the former chancellor. i've to say, traded we're all waiting to hear from a single constructive objection from the party opposite. >> mr. speaker, the whole house and the country will have heard th prime minister unable to answer the questn about wat is -- let me give them the answer. the anwer is that for 38 out of 39 months that he has been prime minister, living standards for
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woing people have gone down, not out. now, can he confirm that the only month when rages -- wages rose faster than prices, when handed out city bonuses, calm down, hang on a second. and when city bonuses went up 82%? >> his speech is so porous was so yesterday it's difficult to know when he is finished. [laughter] [shouting] >> the truth is -- >> calm down. this will take longer otherwise. mr. prime minister. >> he completely bottled it. that is the truth, mr. speaker. the fact is this economy business confidence is up at, consumer confidence is up, exports are up, and yes, of course the point would make about bonuses is when he was hitting in the treasury they
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were four times higher. and under this government a top rate of tax will be higher than any year when he or the shadow chancellor sat down with the last disastrous labour government. that is the truth of it. this government is making good the mess he made of government. >> he cannot answer the question on living standards because he knows that the truth is people are worse off under this government. and here's the reality. they want to give maxim support to millionaires who are getting bonuses, so they give them a tax cut. but it's a different story for those who go to food bnks. and we know what this government thinks about those who go to food banks because the children's secretary said the people who go to food banks only have themselves -- one of the honorable members is growing. edgy shows how out of touch this conservative party is. [shouting] now, we would all like to hear,
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does the prime minister agr with his children's secretary? >> food bank use went up 10 times under labour so we don't have to take any lectures from them. and while were on te issue of complacency,et me tell them, real complacency is going back to tax-and-spend and borrowing through the roof. real complacency is promising no more boom and bust. real complacency is thinking you can win an election when we learned this week they've got no economic policy, no foreign policy, and no leadership eher. he promised s a blank sheet of paper three years in. i think we can agree he has delivered. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, therime minister didn't defend this children's secretary. it is a disgrace. mr. speaker, let's say in of them tried live on 150 pounds a week. then we'll see what happens.
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with 1 million young peopleut of work, unemployment up in have the country, millions worse on what millionaires get a tax cut or the few not the many he is th to nation prime minister. >> it is this education secretary there's delivering the results we need in our education, preschools, academy, rigor in our school and he should be praising them. i tell him what a disgrace is, and that is going down and cang into the trade union. we were promised this great big fight, this great big speech. he told us it would be raging bull, he gave us chicken run. [laughter] [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. my right honorable friend and the gornment have been working hard to attract investment with considerable success.
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these efforts could be undermined by further lays to the application to determine the application but able uk. could i urge the prime minister to respond to requests from the leader to intervene to ensure an early determation of the application well before the december deadline? >> i've spoken to my honorable friend and his colleagues on a number of occasions about this very important investment. we all want to see it become a real magnet for investment, particularly green energy investment. i'm very happy to look at the issue he is raise with me and raise with me before and very hay to look particularly at the issue of the planning commission with of course the responsible council. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i think the parents of the 1 million young unemployed people will think the prime minister totally out of touch. this year, the number of young people with jobs has dropped by
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77,000 the goernment contractors reaches fewer than one-tenth of the young people it was supposed to help. doesn't the prime minister understand that not everybody wants their first job with help from the royal and cori? >> i would say to the honorable lady she should welcome the fact that the number of young people who are going out of work benefits has fallen by 10,900 this month. that's what's hapning. 100,000 young people accessing work experience, many of them getting off work. it is too intense for cost-effective in the future jobs fund that she has avoided. that's what's happening on our economy but as i said there's no complacency. more needs to be done to get young people into work. >> thank you, mr. speaker. last week, despite enough evidence to prosecute they chose not to proceed and prosecute doctors offering to abort a baby
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because it was a female. and do the prime minister agree with me this is very uncomfortable that affect the 67 act is now almost up and puts the policy on the path with india and china and the female fetus in the world today is more affordable than she was last week? >> i think she is right to raise this, and let's be clear that abortions on the basis of a child's sex are wrong and illegal in our country. and i think "the daily telegraph is to be committed for the campaign and the work they've done to highlight this important case. but in our country we get into the prosecuting authorities. it's very important that they look at the evidence and they make a decision on the basis of likely that getting a conviction and the public interest in making a case and taking it to court. that has to work in the country but i share her concern about what we read and what is
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happening an it is right the professional action should be considered as well. >> on sunday i joined the whales, walk on wales army veterans of the 8-under seven-mile tour of wales. walk on wales is a charity campaign to raise awareness for the comrades suffer from mental illness provided been great progress over the last 10 years, can the prime minister assure the house that he is redoubling its efforts to ensure that the nhs has access to army records so we can get the best possible service and treatment to our brave comrades? will hejoin me in congratulating and wishing success walk on wales a? >> iceland congratulate walk on west for the work and also commend him for his efforts in his own constituency, a beautiful and to walk around to it is important that we put money into veterans charities as we're doing using the libor funds to support many causes including mental health causes.
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but as he says it's important the national health service respond properly to these demands, the particular points about army records, i wil look into them and write them about that specific issue. >> gordon birtwistle. >> mr. speaker, after years of decline, manufacturing is now leading this country of the financial mess left by the previous government. [shouting] >> can i -- cannot compliment by right honorable friend do not implement plan b, suggested by the party opposite, and ask him to continue to support our outstanding manufacturing bid, particularly and my constitution and across the northwest? >> i certainly join the honorable gentleman but he's absolutely right to say that the news on manufacturing is good. all 13 of the manufacturing sectors have increased, and
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that's the first time that's happened since 1990 day. and, of course, the party opposi doesn't like hearing this good news, including the news that, of course, jaguar land rover made an announcement about 1700 new jobs in this week. so we will go on backing british business, backing exports, backing manufacturing and major we make this a sustained recovery that works for hard-woing people. >> [inaudible] so many people struggle -- >> city bonuses are actually 86% lower than they were when she was supporting the less government. let me just point out to e honorable lady, because our policy and very close. she tweeted this morning that shared a question to the prime minister and she asked for suggestions. the first suggestion came back becae of all these things very close as you know, mr. speaker. [laughter] the first suggestion was this,
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how happy are you that the leader of the labour party will still be in place come the next electi? [laughter] [shouting] >> why rejected that advice and take advice from the shadow chancellor, i can't think. [laughter] >> unemployment has gone up 600 today we learn under this government three times as many jobs have been created in the private sector as had been lost in the public sector. does the prime minister believe this is a complete fantasy as suggested by the shadow chancellor and? chancellor? >> i think the honorable lady makes it very important point, because what we have seen is the growth of the private sector jobs far outstripping by three times as she say, more than three times in some cses, outstripping the decline in public sector jobs. this was one of the predictions made by the party opposite.
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they said it's a fantasy to suggest that could happen. they said they would be no growth without plan b. they predicted rises in unemployment. they have been wrong on every major economic judgment. >> i'm grateful, mr. speaker. i also asked my constituents what i should ask the prime minister today, and i should say that far away come many people are concerned about wages and prices, when prices outstrip wages. is not the case under this prime minister working people are poor than they were when he came to government? >> the point is this, when prices outstrip wages it is really important to cut people's taxes and that's what we have done by deliving a tax cut to 25 million working people. lifting the personal allowance, givg people a 700-pound tax cut. we've only been able to do that because we have taken tough decisions on spending, tough decisions on welfare, tough decision on the deficit, tough decisions that he has wrongly
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rejected. >> when the party opposite left government there were 70 young people in my constituency out of work. today, there are just 585, and we now have, and we now have westfield proposing when i have billion pounds -- [inaudible] with the prime minister meet with me to discuss how the government can help with infrastructure improvement that will end this scourge that we inherited from the last government? >> my honorable friend makes an important point of course we still have more work to do to get young people into work, but erall 1.4 million more peole employed in the private sector, record levels in our history of women employment, employing the number of people in work almost up by 1 million since the election. unemployment lower than at election. long-term unemployment down on a year ago. we still have more work to do but we're heading in the right direction. we've got to keep on track and keep working to help business to
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take people on. >> mr. speaker, can be prime minister tell us why people with mental illnesses are being kept in plice cells? >> well, we are making efforts to try to bring that to an end bybeen working between the nhs and the police. is a been a long-standing problem under governmengovernmen ts of all colors for very long time, but we're having this discussion to try to make good progress. >> mr. speaker, in may 2010, youth unemployment was at 7.4%. now it stands at 3.8%. on the 27th of september, i'm holding a jobs there. does the prime minier think tt such events is something all right honorable members can do to help us turn the corner further?
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>> i congratulate businesses in crawley and the right angle jumping for helping encourage this private sector led recovery where we're seeing more people into work. we're also sing the number of young not in education and training, that number is at its lowest for a decade but as i said, there's no complacency. thers more work that needs to be done to make sure this recovery delivers for people who work hard and do the right thi thing. >> in april last you i asked the prime minister about the thousands of people heading for banks and to supply the suggested a shocking complacency. wil he answer the question, does he think the half a illion people visiting food banks to simply needs to -- [inaudible] or will he admit they can't afford to feed their families because of his government? >> the point i would make is that we should work with and thank the food bank movement for the actual work that they do. we should recognize that the use
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offood banks went up 10 times under labour. one of the reasons it's increase under this government is because we took the block that her party put in place that was preventing job centers from referring people to food banks. they didn't do it because it was bad pr. welcome this government is interested in doing the right thing rather than just something that just looks good. >> mr. speaker, may i ask the prime minister if national standards or sales and marketing practice in this country are strong enough to protect against false advertising? apparently yesterday a man advertise himself he was made is due only to collapse entirely within seconds. [laughter] spent i think my honorable friend makes a good point. i admire everything that happens there but i think they need to look at their trading stance because i have to say, he folded faster than a deck chair.
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>> the chancellor blames figures on crisis for the problems in the uk economy. but yet since 2010, railways through france and germany, britai-- will the prime minister finally take responsibility for the isis -- [inaudible]? >> as i've said many times, times are tough because we are recovering from the calamitous situation left by the party opposite. an if he wants to make comparison with your some countries, you see that we have a much lower unemployment rate than many of them. there are no other european countries that can boast a record of one point for million new private-sector jobs. and the best way to a people's living standard, t best way how people out of poverty isto help them into work. i would've thought the labour party would understand that. >> thank you, mr. speaker. on monday,we voted for
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coordinated strike action this autumn. what effect does the prime minister think this will have on our economy and the lives of hard-working peple? >> i think the document produced by the unite union which still sponsors and basially control so many of the membe opposite is frankly a very frightening document because it is train union leaders not ordinary trade unions are doing this, it is trade union leaders that want to damage our countrycan want to damage our economy and are playing politics with our future. >> thank you, mr. speaker. jarrell was a bright 19 you with everything to live for whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong thing. yet, two months after his brutal murder, the only contact the greek authorities had with his family is to send him the clothes he was wearing that
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night. will be prime minister meet with me and his grieving mother to see a we can get justice for him a? >> m very happy to hold that meeting but i think it is really important that we do everything we can to help families that are put in this position. to be fair to her counselor services around the world, they do coke i think extremely well. they tried to go the extra mile. they work very hard, and another foreign office encourages all that they do but there are cases where things don't work out in the way that they should and where we struggle to get answers from other countries about their justice systems and what's happening and i'm very happy told the meeng that she speaks about. >> thank you, mr. seaker. tragically, john gray infants it school, one of the largest infant schools sadly burned down a few days ago. with the prime minister join me in thanking the council for the speed which they found alternative accommodation for the children and giving the encouragg news the school will be rebuilt as soon as possible?
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>> i certainly joined in praising his county councils but it sounds like a tragic event and it comes on top of, the fact that everybody knows that we need to provide more primary school places like commend them for their quick action. >> thank you, mr. speaker. prime minister, since the government took office, the uk has suffered the secnd biggest fall in wages in any of the g20 countries. do you think this is evident you saved our economy? >> as i have said several times, this question time, if we want to see living standards recover properly, and they do, there's only one sustainable way to make that happen, a growing economy keeping on top of inflation, making sure mortgage rates are kept low and then cutting people's taxes by raising the personal allowance. that is how you help households with their disposal incoe. letme makethis point. if we listened to labour and that more spending, more borrowing, more debt, the first
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thing atould go up with the interest rates and mortgage rates. and for all the talk of the cost the family faces can be increase in mortgage rates would wipe out al of the hard work that we are done. the shadow chancellor says you wait. we are waiting for one single sentinel suggestion from a partners from bench has got a comprehensively wrong in the last three years. >> thank you, mr. speaker. as chair of the all party -- i'm pleased the leading a delegation as part of our report in to the collapse. may i think this is for the rapid response in this matter and often does place the way quickly join me in contributing -- to ensure that their ethically trade and make sure other people are not exploited for our market speak with first volcanic and graduate the honorable lady for the work that she does to further relations between britain and bangladesh? can i thank her for reference to david who works at some hard with the country but i think she's right to drawattention to
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the appalling industrial accident and to encourage companies to check their supply chains and to check whether it they are poshard coming from. i wish you well with the work she's doing with bangladesh. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister think that amt crisis anything to do with the fact that he is cut over 5000 nurses since the german election? and figures -- [inaudible] >> the point is that since the election were protected health spending and we putting an extra 12.7 billion pounds nto our nhs, the number of clinical staff including doctors in our hospitals has gone up, whereas the number of managers has gone down. under labour things were heading in an entirely different direction. >> successive governments have condemned ethnic cleansing.


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