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tv   Victory Speech  CSPAN  November 10, 2013 6:30pm-6:51pm EST

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>> monday is veterans day and resident obama and the first lady are expected to host a breakfast. the president is expected to deliver remarks. watch for live coverage starting at 11:00 eastern time. >> both chambers return on tuesday at 2:00 p.m. on tuesday and they will consider bills on suspension of the rules at 6:30 p.m. and in the senate, general speeches when they will debate the nomination of the circuit judge for the d.c. court of appeals. a procedural vote is set for 5:30 p.m. watch live coverage on c-span, the senate on c-span 2. >> the place is called the mercedes-benz superdome where
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the saints play and the title game was two years ago. it was built at public expense. after hurricane katrina was damaged, hosting the football games was a national feel-good story and rightly i would say so. of thelic paid for all repairs. the leak put in a token amount. billionic has put in $1 for the mercedes-benz superdome. the man who owns the new orleans saints keeps on most of the revenue generated. why don't people rebel? one is many people do not understand it is taking place. feel it isis they nothing they can do about it. it is based on insider deals. the most recent was a vote in miami on whether to use public money to renovate the place where the miami dolphins play and the residence of voting against doing that.
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>> more with "the king of sports" author. spent a lot of time dealing with the fcc in my life. important that the agency make the decisions and make him in a timely fashion. there is nothing worse than for , jobtment, innovation creation and all of the things businesses not knowing what the rules are. >> mr. wheeler is absolutely right. with a slow moving agency like this, that deliberates for months and years on end it does create uncertainty. as we know, uncertainty is the enemy of business. business and leave certainty to invest. if there is one thing we need in
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the united states in terms of broadband and communication infrastructure, we need investment with dispatch as chairman wheeler might say. ahead for theges new fcc chair, tom wheeler on "the communicators." >> new jersey governor chris christie won an election for the second term against democrat opponent. he spoke to reporters at a victory party for about 20 minutes. >> ♪ ["life is a highway" playing] [applause] [cheering]
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[applause] >> well, well, well, how about this, new jersey! [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, tonight i stand here as your governor and i am so proud to be your governor. [applause] born in newark, raised in
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livingston. made my wife from pennsylvania a real jersey girl. and raised our family right here, right here in this amazing state, i love just as much as my mother and father raised me to love it. you see, what people have never understood about us is that i didn't need any introduction to all of you. i know you. because i'm one of you. [applause] so tonight, first and foremost, i want to say, thank you, new jersey, for making me the luckiest guy in the world. [applause] and the only greatest honor and
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privilege -- greater honor and privilege of being a one-term governor of new jersey is to be a two-term governor of new jersey. [applause] you got to meet my kids again tonight. we're so proud of them, andrew, sara, patrick, bridget, i love you all. [applause] over the last four years, but especially this year, new jersey got to know what a special first lady they have. i love you, mary pat. [applause] i spoke to the senator buono a while ago she congratulated me and was very gracious. very gracious in her congratulations and i thanked her for a spirited company and for her 20 years of public service to the state. [applause]
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now, we came to office four years ago, we stood behind a podium like this, and said that people were tired of politics as usual, they wanted to get things done and we promised we were going to go to trenton and turn it upside down and i think we've done just that. [applause] the people of new jersey four years ago were down hearthed and dispirited. they didn't believe that government could work for them anymore. in fact, what they thought, what they thought was that government was just there to take from them but not to give to them. not to work with them, not to work for them. well, four years later, we stand here tonight, showing that it is tonight, showing that it is possible to put doing your job first, to put working together first, to fight for what you believe in yet still stand by your principles and get something done for the people
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who elected you. [applause] the biggest thing, the biggest thing i've learned over the last fur year -- four years about leadership is that leadership is much less about talking than it is about listening. about bringing people around the table. listening to each other. showing them respect. doing what needed to be done. to be able to bring people together and to achieve what we needed to achieve to move our state forward. now listen, i know that if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tv's right now. [applause]
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listen, we're new jersey. we still fight. we still yell. but when we fight, we fight for those things that really matter in people's lives. and while we may not always agree, we show up. we show up everywhere. we don't show up just in the places that votes for us a lot, we show in the places that vote for us a little. we don't just show up in the places where we're comfortable, we show up in the places where we're uncomfortable. because when you lead you need to be there. you need to show up. you need to listen and then you need to act. [applause] you don't just show up six months before an election. you show up four years before one. and you don't just take no for an answer the first time no happens.
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you keep going back and trying more because when i was elected four years ago, i wasn't elected just by the people who voted for me. i was the governor of all the people. and tonight, overwhelmingly, those people have said, come onboard, it's fine here, let's have more people support the governor and now we have a big, big win tonight. what people have told me over the last four years is more than anything else, they want the truth. they want the truth. you know, we don't always agree with each other, new jersey. some folks don't agree with some of the things i do. certainly, they don't agree with some of the things i say sometimes. [laughter] but they know, they know they never have to wonder. they never have to wonder. when they walked into the voting booth today, they didn't say hey, i wonder who this guy is.
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and what he stands for. what he's willing to fight for. what he's willing to do when the chips are down. you can agree with me or disagree with me. but i will never stop leading the state i love. [applause] people across the country have asked me how it is we've been able to do what we've achieved. i'm reminded of a story that pastor joe carter of the new hope baptist church told just one week ago today on the one- year anniversary of hurricane sandy. he called what had happened in new jersey the last year the spirit of sandy. he spoke about people coming together. he said, when the lights went
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out, no one cared what color your skin was. he said, when you didn't have any food, no one cared whether it was a republican or a democrat offering you the food. when you didn't have a warm place for your family because of what happened in the storm, you didn't care if it was someone who thought that government should be big or small. at that moment, the spirit of sandy infected all of us. reverend carter was right. and he prayed that day that the spirit of sandy would stay with us well beyond the days that the recovery will take. my pledge to you tonight is that i will govern with the spirit of sandy. [applause]
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it's true of new jersey and all the people who live here, they're ready to live that way too. as your governor it's never mattered to me where someone was from, whether they voted for me or not, what the color of their skin was or their political party. for me, being governor has always been about getting the job done, first. that doesn't mean that we don't have principles. we have many of them. and we have stood and fought every day to cut taxes, to reduce the size of government spending, to reform pensions and benefits, to reform a broken education system, and to make sure we create opportunity again for new jerseyans. [applause] and for the next four years, for the next four years, we will fight to make those changes permanent and we will fight to make them bigger. i did not seek a second term to
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do small things. i sought a second term to finish the job. now watch me do it. [applause] i want to thank a few people in addition to my family before we go tonight. i want to tell you that i, over the last year, have had the greatest campaign team any governor could ever ask for. they ran a flawless campaign and i thank them for it. [applause] and i want to thank my cabinet and my senior staff who
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especially over the last year have worked tirelessly with me to help bring back -- bring back the great state of new jersey from the second worst natural disaster to ever hit this country. [applause] and i want to thank the second woman who said yes to me when i asked. [laughter] new jersey's great lieutenant governor, -- governor. [applause] i used to tell folks all the time, that i have the greatest job in the world. that for a jersey kid to be governor of the state where you
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were born and raised is the greatest job you could ever have in your life and i loved it, every day, i would get up and know i had a chance to do something great. i didn't do something great every day, but i had a chance every day to do something great for people i would probably never meet and certainly never know. but on october 29 of last year, that job changed. it's no longer a job for me. it's a mission. you see a mission is different than a job. a mission is something that's sacred. it's a sacred trust that was thrust upon me and you on october 29 of last year. and that mission, that mission is to make sure that everyone, everyone in new jersey who is affected by sandy, is returned to normalcy in their life and i want to promise you tonight, i will not let anyone, anything, any political party, any
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governmental entity, or any force get in between me and the completion of my mission. [applause] you see, for those veterans out there tonight you know how sacred a mission is. sacredness of the mission of a soldier is that no one ever is left behind. no one is ever left behind on the battlefield. and on the battlefield that sandy turned this state into, new jerseyans will never leave any new jerseyan behind. [applause]
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i'm resolved to complete this mission, not because of me. but because of you. for the last year, i have had a lot of people ask me for hugs. a lot of people. you'll get your hug later, brother. [laughter] [applause] and i can tell you this -- i guess there is open bar tonight, huh? [applause] welcome to new jersey. [applause] people asked me for hugs to comfort them. people asked me for hugs to make sure i wouldn't forget them. people asked me for hugs just to
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know that the leader of the state cared about them. and people came up to me all the time in the aftermath and said to me, governor, where did you get the energy? where did you get the energy, day after day after day to do that? and i told them, you don't understand, do you? those hugs gave more to me than i could ever give back to them. they gave me hope and faith and optimism for our future. [applause] the people of new jersey have given me much more than i could ever hope to give back to them. they've given me hope, they've given me faith, and they've given me their trust. it is with that hope, with that
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optimism, that faith, and that trust that we together confront the next four years of opportunity for our state. i know that tonight, a dispirited america, angry with their dysfunctional government in washington -- [applause] looks to new jersey to say, is what i think happening, really happening? are people really coming together? are we really working, african- americans and hispanics, suburb and city dwellers,, farmers and teachers? are we really working together? let me give the answer to everyone watching to


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