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tv   Paul Ryan-- Fundraiser  CSPAN  November 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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do in the state. every one of my friends in the university appreciates your leadership. >> we are doing good things. is more about the commercialization -- >> i have heard that there have push. polite they can't get down on state dollars. i understand the biotech park -- part. i appreciate it. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> wrapping things up here in manchester. maryland governor martin o'malley speaking at this
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fundraiser. we will be showing it again at about five minutes past midnight eastern time. we'll have more road to the white house coverage denied. this next event is with congressman paul ryan earlier today in iowa. he was the keynote speaker at a birthday party fundraiser. chair ofan ryan is the the house budget committee and republican vice president nominee last year. like governor o'malley, he is considered as a hospital residential contender in 2016. sweet us and let us know about these two speeches using the #cspanchat. we want to think who you think will be in the 2016 race. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >>.gov so much -- thank you so
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much. thanks, jim, appreciated. thank you. hey, everybody. it is nice to be back to see each and every one of you. this is our first time back since the campaign and jan and i , we say -- kim wisconsin through the nose. it has been a year. lot has happened. come, see oldto friends, see good memories. maybe we should come back and do this more often. people are really friendly here, i tell you. eventthis invite for the in the mail and i thought the
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mustache thing was pretty interesting. at first, i thought it was an invite from dr. phil. seeing that this is terry poshard birthday, i wanted to bring something from wisconsin that i thought was appropriate -- [applause] a little slice of wisconsin with some -- on top. the packers are pretty popular in iowa, correct? [applause] more so than the vikings, i would like to think. yeah, ok, maybe not. sorry. -- as iant to sit here look out, i see three people. i want to talk about terry a little more. i see a guy that has been a workhorse where i work, in congress. i see tom latham who has been working hard. he is one of those guys who's in
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there fighting every day for the conservative common principles between us, wisconsin, and iowa. for what heank tom does in congress. send him back. guys --e of the hardest hardest working guys we have. i also want to talk about our good friend chuck. we have been seeing a lot of each other recently because we are on the budget committee together. make the same argument and because we keep making the arguments we do not have -- we are not where we need to be right now. chuck and i think it is not the government's money, it is your money. [applause] chuck for allk the is done. muchis a man who has so respect among congressional republicans. bradley, inc. you for your
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service. we are indebted to your gratitude. say thatle presidential campaigns are wrong families. that they are rough, they are ringers. that is not the experience that jenna and my three kids have. we had a delightful experience. we had the good memories were traveling with tim reynolds through iowa. we went down to clinton, iowa, mom is from. they had in the kitchen in pencil where jenna and her three as she grew up -- the homeowners cap that there. is that not good iowa cultural values or what? [applause] we are excited about march. distant relatives
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is going to have a statue in his honor put in the capital this year. this is a state that only shares the same kind of values but when we have great memories with. i want to thank each and everyone of you. i want to thank kim, tom, chuck, and all the iowans that it so much for us the last campaign. deliver but on behalf of mitt and myself, thank you very much for everything you did for us. thank you very much for that. we appreciate it. [applause] are not here simply to celebrate your governor poshard birthday. we're here to celebrate your state's success. look at what stec -- look at what success stories we have right here. reynoldsnstad and kim
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came into office over a little more than two years ago. they came in with a split deficit -- split legislature, huge deficit, high unemployment sound familiar? but what they faced. they faced -- look at what they faced. they faced all these problems and look at what they have done. i was running a surplus. your unemployment rate is down. they passed the biggest tax cut in history. these are leaders -- this is a man who did not have to do this. he served as state honorably. he served it well and then went and served in another venue, and higher education. and doliberals come in things to a state that he didn't like. so what did he do? he stood back up and went back at it to fix his state and he is done that. that is an example that is
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wonderful that people in washington can learn from. thank you, terry branstad, for doing this. for this leadership. thank you for putting the uniform on again and getting back in the game and scoring some touchdowns. by the way, did you see the wisconsin-indiana game today? put principle ahead of pride. he has put rodents at of ride. put prudence ahead of ride. people in -- ahead of pride. people in washington can learn a lot. i don't know if you have noticed this, but obamacare has had a couple of hiccups. we were told we had to pass this bill in order to find out what was in it. well, here we are.
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-- maybe tomall can jog my memory here. one of the guys who is fighting hard for this law was ruth bailey -- braley -- bruce braley. this law is doing real harm to real people. it is taking people and disrupting their lives. millions of people are getting cancellation notices. families are seeing premiums go up. thisrowd that brought us website where they had three years to prepare, $500 million crowd thats the same is poised to take over 16% of our economy -- the health care sector.
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did nott obama said he know any of this stuff was going to happen. thatid that he had no idea these problems were coming. we had kathleen sebelius come and say that everything was ready to go. -- if youe issue outlaw the kind of insurance people actually have, they won't be able to keep those plans. they passed a law three years ago to outlaw the kinds of insurance that people have in their surprise that people don't have that? we talked about that in the 2010 elections. we talked about it in the 2012 elections. we heard all of the soaring rhetoric and all of these problems and now we see what is happening. the way i see it, there are only two explanations. or they were being dishonest they are just incompetent. frankly, i don't know which one is the worse. left -- i think they
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are learning a pretty valuable lesson here. i think the valuable lesson that we are learning here, unfortunately, with all the human collateral damage with the old, care debacle is that you don't shut out the opposition. you don't cram a bad bill into law. when it all blows up in your face, i'm sorry is not going to cut it. that is the lesson i think they are learning. have a next time you famous politician coming through iowa, breezing through the towns talking about big government -- let's be a little more skeptical. you know, when you take a look at the arguments that were made to sell this law, they were
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attractive arguments. when i look back at this campaign and believe me, it was a tough loss. tough for all of we were in a funk for a good six months because we knew the stakes. we knew what we were going to do. we know what we believe. we know what needs to happen to get things done. it did not go our way. that is obviously very frustrating during as i look back at the campaign, i think one of the problems that met and and i hadet -- mitt was arguing against big government. program in thes first two years and they did not year,ffect until this things like.-frank and obamacare. -frankna frank -- dodd
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and obamacare. that thealizing is results are nothing like the rhetoric was sold on. this was not always cracked up to be. i wonder if people who know know -- know nowow -- no what they know if they would retire these people again. what do you think? when you take a look at these issues honestly, that is where i think we have a chance. this is where i think we have a real opportunity. bigre no longer looking at government in theory anymore. we are seeing big government in practice. we are seeing these issues as they come forward and we don't like it. i'm not talking about we as republicans, but
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americans. everyone. what we have to do is that we have to show the country that we are not the opposition party but the proposition party. we have to expose these ideas for how hollow they are but we also have to show who we are and what we believe in. i tell you what -- we still believe in the american ideal in this country. ourtill believe, as founders did, that our rights come before government. that if youieve work hard and play by the rules in this country, you can get ahead. that's the american idea. we still believe in that american dream but the problem is, millions of people don't see it. they don't know they have a crack at it. they don't think their kids will be as well off as they are. i think we understand something that the left does not understand. the people who are really selling big
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government understand. we understand the american people don't want comfort -- they want to get the. -- they want dignity. obamacare is just the opposite. ira member all the debates. we were all -- i remember all the debates. we were in all the debates and they said, it is a new government-granted right. how weernment decides get that right. who, from where do we get that right? that is what we are seeing with this health care law. we are seeing choices go down, prices go up, -- and we have not even begun to see what will happen to the hospitals and the providers. i think next time people will be more skeptical. we are seeing big government in practice.
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although they have made it easier to expose these ideas, we have to do even more to make sure they understand who we are and what we believe in. unlike the left, we need to have mandate that is an honest mandate. we need to have honest victories so we can have -- so we can recess at the the american idea. we look at this, we are confident in our ideas. we know what fiscal responsibility actually looks like. all you have to do is look at terry branstad. don't spend money don't have, and if you are, get it under control. don't wait for the government to tell you what to do. don't tell the government tell you what dr. you have to go to. that should be you making that decision. we want all those health care providers competing against each other for our business, not
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government favoritism. we know what tax reform looks like. stop picking losers and winners in washington. taxes forlower our families and businesses so we can keep more of what we earn. [applause] the way it works these days is that you have really high tax rates. nine out of 10 businesses and i was -- businesses in iowa and wisconsin pay their taxes as individuals. the top tax rate now because of obamacare and the other obama taxes is 44.6%. you know what it is on canada? 15%. 25% in china. owing to 20 in england. -- going to 20% in england. if you save your money to washington but do some things that we in washington approve
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of, you we will let you yet some of it back. i have a better idea -- keep it in the first place. you decide what you do with it because it is your money. [applause] that is what real tax reform looks like. know what a real war on poverty looks like because it is not the one that has been waged for the last 49 years. next year is the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty. trillion spent on it and the highest level of poverty ever. washington has gummed up the works. mobility isupward slipping farther away for people who have not seen in generations. we can do better than that. as therestore america party of equal opportunity to show how these ideas prevail.
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we have had a government in theory. a lot of people voted for that. we have had in practice. it does not work. it is a fatal conceit to borrow his works. we have these examples. look at what kerry has done here. examples, ifthese we highlight our ideas, we are going to do this. this is why i am optimistic. this is why i think we're going to turn things around in the state and country because we now know what is going to take -- it is going to take people of courage, conviction, people like terry branstad. by the way, give chuck somebody else -- [applause] i have every confidence that we are going to do this.
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this is a packed room of people who care about their country that are here to thank the governor for what they have done for you. you know what? i am not going to sing a song like that wonderful young man who sang in the beginning of the program here. by singingd me "happy birthday. 1, 2, 3. you ♪y birthday to ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear terry ♪ happy birthday to you [applause] let's hear it for our governor.
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happy birthday. likes thank you. >> congressman paul ryan in iowa maryland before him, governor martin all my. we will take your calls for a few minutes and take your thoughts on who you would consider electing president in 2016. some people say it is too early paulartin o'malley and ryan making early appearances tonight. state thata, the traditionally holds the first caucuses. the numbers to call --
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we are looking at tweets that have the #cspanchat. caller: martin o'malley, i don't think he is going to catch fire. the candidate i like in 2016 is patrick. he has done a hell of a job in massachusetts. i would get behind voting for him because i think he could. carry the democrats and 2016. i remember when he was mayor, and when he was mayor, he was very innovative. what he did with improving the city and crime, he did eight --
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did an excellent job. became governor, he was only concerned about making his name nationally. host: thank you. can is in fremont, california on the buttons line. republicans line. arizona senator jeff flake. i think he would be an excellent candidate. host: why is that? -- lower like his view taxes, limited government, and strong national defense. host: ok. what you think about paul ryan? caller: i liked it. i like paul ryan and i like rick santorum. nominate someone like chris christie he is not going to stand much of a chance
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at all because he is in line with president obama too much as of late. i don't think we can defeat either vice president joe biden or hillary clinton. either one of them could be the nominee or they might get on the same ticket together, which is what i am afraid of. i don't think that governor christie could defeat either bice -- either vice president biden or hillary clinton. my money is on arizona senator jeff lake. host: chris is next on the line for democrats. e --o you see in 2016 2016? i think it is too early to tell, but i want to make a remark about paul ryan pot i listen to it very carefully. i felt he gave a lot of generalizations.
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he did not give any ideas of what would happen and what the republicans had to offer for health care. it didn't seem that it mattered to him. what would happen. he talked about the war on as if he somehow had a better idea but i think we have ofe poor people now because the -- in congress about wanting food stampsp it -- for people that are desperate and coming out of the recession. i do not think he has anything to offer. i think he has negativity and basically is going to ride on already being associated with a campaign. o'malley, heernor is a new person on the scene. i don't know a lot about him. i thought it was very inspiring.
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seennk it remains to be who sets up. it is a little early. host: thank you. a couple of bits of information. call -- paul ryan, vice president running mate of mitt romney. up on the screen, evan or martin a -- martin o'malley implementing trimer forms. his tenure.uring in 2012, legalizing same-sex marriage in maryland. we also heard from paul ryan, as i mentioned, ice-presidential running mate with mitt romney. in 2011 he putr, forward a budget plan for republicans. it was called "the path to prosperity. -- next up is going to one
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from north carolina. first of all, i think it is much too early. i think paul ryan has no emotion. he comes across as a cold fish. as i remember when he ran, he didn't even take his own area at home. he seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth and mitt romney is just a liar. then he says, you didn't understand me. my home is michigan and i was there when paul ryan was probably a kid and matt romney's father was a governor. he was a wonderful man. i do not understand mitt. i think paul ryan is a negative, that is quite, quite sad.
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i think they are evil. these people do not believe in and then people like -- want to spend all their money and buy an election. host: who do you hope to see running for president? caller: i think it is too early but i think chris christie looks good. he has been able to attract more non-white voters as opposed to the extreme what -- extreme right-wing. they are seen in congress as only blocking things and they do nothing. host: thank you, from the independence line. anthony, you are on the air. caller: i like hillary clinton. host: why? nice toi think it was
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get a change from a man and put a female in their. , not going would be to say, considerate of people in general and what is going on out here. host: do you think americans would vote for a female candidate? caller: i would. host: ok. thanks, anthony. on next, galen in grants berg, wisconsin. republican line. we just heard from your congressman. theer: my main concern is -- during the last election, we hadall the states that had approved voter id or things like that.
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those states went republican. all the states that obama won were all states that did not have voter id. i heard there was like 12 -- i think it was like 12 million votes were something that was kept in discrepancy. i think it was states in pennsylvania county. i think there was some voter fraud. as i'm hearing some these -- saying that mitt romney and paul ryan were a bunch of liars -- >> host: who do you want to see running? fromr: i like marco rubio florida. i like paul ryan, myself. these people are saying that he is not compassionate and such. i think mitt romney and paul
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ryan did not capture the voter out there. i will be honest -- i also like mike huckabee. mike huckabee is a born-again christian. he is someone that is trustworthy. that is what i'm looking at. host: thanks a lot for your call. the associated press has an article that we are looking at tonight talking about this early of 2016.he contenders the article says, governors get it done. that is the message from state leaders for considering a white house run as washington slips deeper into political paralysis. ambitious governors have long cast their accomplishments in contrast to capital gridlock. earned all-time low approval ratings.
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we heard from governor o'malley and congressman ryan tonight. conversation on our facebook page. we will take a few more minutes here. is dj over in salem, oregon on the independents line. caller: good evening. as a college student, i follow the last election closely. conservativeally republican and a budgetary- decision making democrat. like michaelne bloomberg -- i think you would be great as an independent candidate. i'm not believing that he could did, he couldhe get cross-party support. he has fiscal experience and is able to set a wise, yet powerful
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image for the world. i feel with our economy the way it is, i think we need someone like that right now. i think that is important for our recovery. host: thank you for our call, dj. from indianaing us on the republicans line. caller: i would just like to see i would like to see paul ryan for 2016. i think you would make a wonderful president. he is young, outgoing, positive, uplifting, and i think he is honest. i think it would be a good thing. host: all right. thanks, susan, for your comments. a couple of tweets here. it is from victor. maryland governor martin o'malley has that storyline way of speaking. it builds momentum and he is standing by the president during -- president. two more tweets.
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at some point, i think governor o'malley will be present of this country and i will be rooting for him. to tweets about commerce and representativein paul ryan speaking in iowa tonight tells republicans to go to inner it cities and mine nor to committees. paul ryan is worth $8.3 million and you wonder why he opposes raising the minimum wage. i want to thank you for your calls. the conversation is always going on that wraps up our road to the white house coverage from new hampshire and iowa. you can watch both events again later tonight. we will have them at 12:05 tonight. congressman ryan will fall.
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next, a view from the governor's seat. they talk together about the face.nges governors they are at the washington ideas forum. >> i am always thrilled to hear from anyone in congress who's actually getting something done. it is an honor and privilege to be sharing the couch with you. we just got off a conference call where they were announcing the numbers for the affordable care act and i believe 29,000 people signed up through the federal exchanges. as someone who is been putting alternatives, i wonder what your reaction is. >> there are people that are totally oppose and want to repeal it. to repeal it -- i was not here when this past. at this time, i was going in as
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chairman of the national governor's association. i think we can do better as a nation rather than having people one illness away from being bankrupt. or a person with born with a defect or, god forbid, they had a serious ailment and now, because of re-existing conditions, they are uninsurable. there's so many good things we can all sit and agree on, but then people would repeal say, we can even agree on what time of day it is anymore. you think we can fix a few things. the only thing i have said when this thing rolled out and the problems we were having -- i went through this. we did a thing and we rolled out a new plan to pay our vendors for medicaid. -- welcome senator hoven
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senator hoeven. >> i have been on the building, we are just on the wrong side. isanyways, what i have said the delay. i am not asking for delay in implementation. i'm saying don't put a crime or a fine to this piece of legislation until january 1, 2015 so we can work a transitional year. if you're truly wanting to be there to be constructive, is a working. of time. we will get through all of this. program not have the they intended. it might have to be tweaking changed a little bit. we can do better than what we have done. i am more in a constructive, positive mode trying to fix things. as a governor, that is what we are expected to do every day.
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>> numbers were lower than they had originally hoped. you had been voting to repeal the affordable care act and various pieces of legislation recently. on the republican silo -- side of the aisle, it is good to see camaraderie. we know there is great indignation is probably the best word around the aca but there used to be something called repeal and replace. the you feel there is any real to have an the right viable alternative for the aca? >> we have worked together for more than six years as governor. we crossed over at least six years and governments that worked on many issues. we work together in the senate. he is a good guy to work with and i enjoy it. in response to your question, i viewpoint ofom the
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our side of the aisle and most conservatives, this is really a law that does not work and does need to be repealed and replaced because it takes us to government-run health care. we just believe that individuals should choose their own health care. it should not be a system where everything is funneled through the government and government exchanges. disagreementmental and how health care should work in this country. >> do you think there is momentum to develop the alternative? >> i do. it is based on competition and choice. i think it goes to things like expanded health savings -- with high deductible policies. reforming medicare to create the right incentives. right now you have a medicare
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program that pays more for higher-lost operations regardless of outcome rather than incentivizing lower-cost, better outcomes, and preventive care. medicaid, giving states the flexibility to run programs -- i know joe agrees with me on that one. you for situations where have pre-existing conditions, really empowering the state in high risk health care pools. 35 states have these kinds of pools. i think west virginia probably has one. i think a step-by-step comprehensive approach like that is what we advocate and we have legislation that we are putting forward to do it. >> i guess on that note about state and federal government working together -- >> here is where john and i have
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total agreement. the 10th amendment to the constitution gives the states rights. i am a defender of that, john is that. it is not democrat or republican. we are the laboratories of experiment. our founding fathers gives that power in the 10th amendment. certain things that states can do are more flexible. we have a mandate for balanced budget. , i don't know what day, but every week the governor sits down with all their budget people and says, here where we are. we are above, we are below. we had that or make some adjustments. you had better be that quick. you have got to make decisions. you had better get your financial house in order. the whole thing with health care -- and we were governors, they 133%we are going to go to
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of the poverty guidelines. do you understand that 48 out of 50 states don't cover the people that qualify? you don't cover individuals because we can't balance their budgets. we want to do more. we are trying to do more. massachusetts -- it worked, and god bless them. we were all looking for ways to expand to more people. this comes down and he jumped to 133%. i said, i am not worried about the computer glitch. it will fix that. they have a product problem. the product problem is this -- care want to give the best we can. , youmet 100 and -- 133%
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might have more access than something i am forced to buy or -- that is a product -- that is a product problem. how do we give a young person -- incentive to say, >> you're talking about sub standley up about trying to fix things. is we are done with the. there are a lot of questions about what are the lessons learned about the shutdown and nearly breaching the debt ceiling. some people are saying that the tea party fire has been quelled. other people are saying you have ted cruz as popular as ever. in the tea party
9:44 pm
who are ready to go. seem to have the zeal for repeal and was skeptical about the mallet -- merits of a government shutdown. what you think things are as far as power in the republican party these days? i think we agree on the end goal. termst is why we talk in of a market-based approach to health care that really focuses on competition and choice. it empowers individuals to make their decisions. -- we all share the goal. some of the tactics you refer to , as far as how we get there, there are differences of opinion. i think it really is a fundamental belief in a market- based system that emphasizes
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choice and empowers us powers individuals. >> he is a coffee drinker. >> what i'm saying is that for all of us on the conservative , we sharee equation the same goal. >> as a red state democrat, there is talk right now of real frustration among democrats. specifically with the white house. their feeling that the white house has put democrats in an untenable position. you are seeing some tensions there. from your vantage point, should the administration be doing more for the party? first of all, no matter who
9:46 pm
the president is, that is your president. i want my president to do well. i came here to be constructive. been against something if i thought there was a better way to do that and i have a right and responsibility to reflect that. my daughter will tell you that. good, bad, indifferent. i got she was kind today. >> she loves you. >> i love her, too, but i was concerned when she started talking. [laughter] this is just a great country and you want us to do well. the president has said some things that i wish he hadn't said. , if you like your dr., keep it. i joined with andrew. it's not because i am a democrat or republican.
9:47 pm
i just said, that is fine. let's grandfather in. that first?to get don't you think you ought to let me keep it? from health care policy experts, what send -- senator landry is opposing, some people say could endanger the solvency of the of portable care act -- the affordable care act. >> you think a $95 fine is going to make all these people join and pay monthly or do you think we will say, you take care. give me an incentive to want to be healthy. give me a reason. don't tell me you're going to find me. you've got to pay for your grandmother or your aunt or uncle. there has got to be a way to fix this. don't hunker down and protect yourself full attic late -- yourself politically.
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>> to the politics of congress, you have both mentioned that your former governors. i think there are 10 or 11 former governors -- >> the good old days. >> governors get things done. it is where the rubber meets the road. in frustrating is it to be the senate where you work your tails off to get a bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill reformed and john boehner says were not even going to let it out. >> we will tell you it is frustrating. as governors we really bring a problem-solving approach. that is what drives us. i think we add that element to the debate and process. , wonderfulig-
9:49 pm
country. to get everyone on board with a solution that works is tough. that is the very point as we are talking about with health care or even as we approach this very challenging budget battle and debt ceiling agreement. we have got to find a way to create bipartisan support. if one party or the other tries to do something unilaterally or ricky much unilaterally -- pretty much unilaterally, i don't think it will be successful, particularly when we talk about such important things like health care which is about 1/6, 1/5 of our economy. or the fact that we have to address our mandatory spending programs, our entitlement programs. we have to address the deficit and debt. we are at that point now where we recognize that we have to come together. not onlyo figure out
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-- but the administration. the president must join and lead on the situations. if we're going to get the support of the american public, is -- >> i would agree with all that. my question is, things are not getting done. people are saying that this will be a success if we can keep the government open. the bar has dropped so low that it is of the -- rocked so low that it is in the basement. >> he has assured me that he is going to fix that. >> our good friend chris -- love he said if he had to be in congress, he would kill himself. [applause] -- [laughter] i called him up and said, hey buddy. ofre aren't any of us that
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gone that far. there are a few of us that are on suicide watch. every now and again you see a glimmer of hope where you can make aopportunity to difference in our country. i didn't have that opportunity as governor. we have a caucus now. there are 11 of us. almost evenly split, d's and r' s. an you imagine if we come to agreement on what the deal should be and we hang together and we have leadership on both sides? can you imagine the difference former governments can make saying, it won't work that way. we can change the whole complexion. we hope to do that and bring them to their senses. we have inem that this country, we have created it and we can fix it. >> we definitely can fix it.
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i get the skepticism and understand it. i believe we are going to fix it. it is not easy. not everyone is going to be happy. but i believe we are going to fix it. if you don't have that attitude, what are you doing here? >> what have been your proudest moment in the senate so far? >> getting to work. getting to the traffic to get to the capital. [laughter] >> that is the answer we expect but -- >> i processed -- my proudest prescription drug abuse is a killer in this country. i have been trying to get the fda, for three years, to drugs,ify schedule three as far as hydrocodone, to schedule two. the fda would not move. finally tom harkin and some of
9:53 pm
my republicans friends. i said, tom, let me show you the problems. phone andt on the called everyone from the president's office all the way to kathleen sebelius to the fda and they finally agreed. to savee are going hundreds of thousands of lives throughout america. that is a pretty proud moment when you can make a difference such as that. i was proud of that. [applause] >> actually, mine relates to something that joe has worked on two and that is what i've done to support our men and will afford -- men and women and uniform. the work i've been able to do on behalf of the military and some ,hat's the comeback disabled those kinds of things --
9:54 pm
>> we worked on student loans. it was former governors have set down a worked together. we can tell you the solutions. we have made all the mistakes we can make thomas so why don't you experience. our >> what you mean we made all the mistakes? >> come on. we are growing and we need to come together. i see, sometimes, politics, more than not, trumping what is good for our country and government. when politics trumps country, when a democrat or republican is more important than being an american, it have a problem. we had to work with democrats and republicans. we had to work across the aisle. it wasn't, it this is good for your party or my party. it is good for our state. it is good for our country. you can play politics another day. theovernors, we never let
9:55 pm
government is that the legislature agenda. it is the affordable health care act or many things, right? >> that is right. i emphasized earlier, as we approached the deficit, the administration has a very important role to play there. it has to level with the american people that we need to make these changes. for the long-term solvency of programs like medicare and social security. >> do you think the president can make that case to the republicans? can you make any case to the republican party at this point? >> absolutely. i think we can help and i think we can play an important role. that is not going to be devoid of leadership in the house or senate or the administration or bewe are not going to
9:56 pm
effective in getting something done unless we convince our leaders we are on the right track. throughl have to work the leadership of the senate, the leadership of the house, and the administration. >> we are human. we are going to make mistakes. all you have to say is, i'm sorry, we were trying to fix things. he wants to fix health care? that is a laudable goal. some people hunker down and want you to fail. i think there's more good and bad and we have to bring that out. i think we can help. we are human. we will make mistakes but we can fix things because we can -- because we are here for the right reasons. >> we have to realize that there is a divide in the country about how we shout -- how we approach these challenges. more government, less government. somehow we have to work with the american people so they become part of what compromise it is,
9:57 pm
whether we are talking about the deficit, health care, immigration reform, any of these issues. we have to bring the american people in in a way where we start to bridge that divide in the country. it is not just a divide in congress. we have to make sure that we have that dialogue with the , ok, thisre they see is the kind of compromise we want and support. elected officials will respond to that. wife's we had better get our financial house in order. >> i think we are -- exactly. >> if we do not fix the finances of this country, you can forget about anything else. get your financial house in order. that is where we come from. we can't give everything to everyone in the world. >> that we agree on. >> thank you for your service.
9:58 pm
we wish you both the best of luck. a formerait to be governor so i can join your club. [applause] >> i started with teddy roosevelt. i know so much had been written about teddy that i needed another story. i got into taft knowing that they had been friends and broken apart in 1912. when i figured out the difference between the 2 -- teddy's published -- public leadership, taps failure. failure. people will write that they were the vanguard of the progressive movement. i did not know the others. he came into my life. >> roosevelt, taft, and the muckrakers.
9:59 pm
sunday at 8:00 on c-span's q and a. eventsg public affairs from washington directly to you, putting you in the room at white house events, briefings, and conferences. offering complete gavel-two- gavel coverage of the house. we are c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable and satellite provider. now you can watch us in hd. >> up next, i series on first ladies continues with a look at the life of jacqueline kennedy. after that, maryland governor martin o'malley, speaking in manchester, new hampshire, followed by remarks from paul part of c-span's run to the white house 2016 coverage.
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♪ >> i think every first lady should do something in this tradition to help the thing that she cares about. i just think that everything in the white house should be the best. the entertainment that is given here. children are the same the world over and so is our feeling for children. i think it is good in the world, there is quite enough to divide people, so we should cherish the language and the emotion that unites us. >> jacqueline kennedy's 1000 days as first lady was defined images -- political spouse, young mother, fashion icon, advocate for the arts. it was ultimately the tragic images of president kennedy's assassination and funeral that nt


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