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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  July 20, 2014 6:52pm-7:01pm EDT

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public servant. >> mr. purdue. the >> i am proud you are accessible. look at the results it has given us. my mom and dad were school teachers. farm. up working on a i have been very blessed in my career and i am not going to apologize for that success. i am getting in here to make a difference. >> thank you. we have time for one more question and we will go to ben roberts created because of the time constraints we will just ask that one question of both candidates. >> it seems compromise and cooperation have turned into dirty words into washington. i really think that is what most voters expect from our representatives.
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is there one issue you agree with president obama? how would you work with democrats to get something done with that -- it's been done? -- get something done? >> let's get a few democrats to ouragree -- to agree with ideas for change. we are the only country that has a repatriation tax. he was profits are trapped offshore. promise you we could get a few democrats to agree with that principle if we would just explain it to them. the fact they have business in their states being hammered by the same rule, i promise we can get a consensus on that and get that changed. you threegive examples in which there are some commonalities. number one the port of savannah, i worked hard to get done wall might opponent was -- while my opponent was absentee. not a single letter was seen from him.
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352,000 jobs are related to that. we have been the champion of that. 2011, ipass, as chairman of the eight a preparation bill, one of the few bills signed by the president. it cut spending by over $3 billion. these are things that are important. as recently as this week we passed a jobs bill that consolidated some of the duplications in the federal jobs programs. 47 different federal jobs. we have been pushing to consolidate that and make it more efficient and more effective to the american workers who are looking to get back into the job market. >> we have time for each of you for 30 seconds for rebuttal. mr. purdue, we start with you. >> the topic on the table tonight is how do we get people working again? that is the seminal question. we have to get at government policy of the way. the problem with that is we have 36 united states senators who
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have been elected in office for over 30 years. it is time we have term limits to bring fresh thought and new perspectives to that body out there. me say this, the party talks about jobs. i am the one endorsed by the united states chamber of commerce, the number one job advocates in the country. he saw that and did not get it. i have a 100% rating with the business federation. if i know the importance of pushing back on regulatory overreach. where was my opponent when we on theighting things stimulus bill? he was out telling people we need an national solution to the uninsured. that is the big different between us. >> thank you, mr. kingston. that is all the time we have are questions. each candidate will have 60 seconds for a closing statement. >> the congressman has been in washington for 22 years.
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if he really were going to make a difference, wouldn't he have done it already? we can dig out of this crisis but not by sending the same people backup their who created this mess in the first place. the decision in this race is very simple. if you like what is going on in washington, then vote for my opponent. you know nothing will change. if you are outraged as i am about the size and scope of this government, about the excuses they are giving us for not securing their borders, and the size of debt they are piling up on our kids and grandkids, then stand up with me and help me take our country back. perdue, i am the true conservative in this race. i am asking for your vote. more importantly i am asking for your trust on july 22. you, god bless georgia, and god bless the united states of america. >> mr. kingston, your closing statement. gentlemen,nd resident obama ran as an
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outsider. do you really know what you're getting with david perdue? we know when i was fighting the stimulus bill he was setting that she was sitting on the board that received over $140 -- $140 million in stimulus dollars. when i was fighting amnesty he said he thought the senate amnesty bill was a step in the right direction. the biggest margin i received in the primary was coastal georgia from the people who know me the best. they know i am a tested, consistent conservative who has not joined the club in washington dc. i have stayed on the frontline of the fight. .hat is why i am endorsed if -- by fair tax author john lender. ladies and gentlemen, i'm a tested conservative who has
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never lost the fight for georgia. >> we are right upon our time. thank you to both of you. and that concludes our debate and we would like to remind the voters that the primary runoff will be held june -- will be held tuesday to lie 22nd. him our thanks to the candidates -- tuesday july 22. if we want to thank the atlanta press club for arranging tonight's debate. all of the debates are on atlan the debate will also be available on demand on this is made possible by a donation from our charles loudermilk. they stay with gpb for georgia outdoors. i am dennis o'hare, thank you
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for joining us for the atlanta press club loudermilk young debate series. >> new jersey governor chris christie was an i/o away suddenly. he made a stop at a local restaurant where he met and the questions was reporters. this is 15 minutes. >> i haven't seen this many press since we were fighting to save the wrestling in the olympics. and we won that battle. how honored and appreciated of i am to have governor chris christie as our guest here in iowa today.
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we have a beautiful day for you. christie is the chair of the republican governors association. i was impressed when i watched the election returns in 2009 that he beat jon corzine, who a big spending governor who was a crook. he was successful in winning and went on to take the reins. when they sent one tax increase to another, they had the courage to leave his recovery by reducing the size and cost of government without raising taxes. a lot of other republic errs have done that.


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