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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 1, 2014 1:00am-3:01am EDT

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past administration studies that were not completed properly read so -- properly. so we got litigated on it. the one you're talking about. it is a glass half-full, not half-empty. it is important that we look at what this means. we are moving forward. this means that we are going to have 16,000 barrels of oil om >> the national petroleum reserve, my opponent and i disagree on this. he believes it's locked up which is incorrect. he always makes that statement. we will figure out how much we can develop. the governor walked away from the table. and g.m.c. too is probably the next project. but you don't walk away from
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the table. >> the decision that came out yesterday with a prefered alternative, too little too late? >> i'm certainly not one who celebrates it. and i'm definitely a glass half full. we turned a cook inlet base. in four years people said it was dead. it's booming. what we've seen with the mpra is an obama administration that ignores the rule of law and development.ce >> you are not able to move the obama administration to do that which is is to have the bridge permitted. i spent two years working with
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the senator's office, industry, david hayes, the secretary of interior to try to get that we did.n reversed it was another two-year delay. you're talking about some of writing in pra. the obama administration did take off half of the national petroleum reserves. through executive order. >> thank you. all right. let's -- hold on, gentlemen. dan, go ahead. >> commerce is increasing in the arctic. nations are laying claim to the region. how do we protect u.s. nterests best? >> i support the law of the sea treaty. there are some tweaks and need to be done. what is interesting the democrats support it, the industry supports a common environmental group supported. where we can't get support is from the republican party the
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senate. we can't get the 57. senator murkowski is one of the few senators on our southern -- few senators that support it. we need more support of their good second, what we are doing now is charity. we are adding more resources to the coast guard. we have written into the legislation two years ago as well as a new bill coming up to get more resources for the coast guard to have access and continue to develop. we need presence there. along with that, the military has now recognized -- they did not see the arctic has an important until china and russia said we need to go up there. it is critical to what is going on there. we have seen moves very recently by secretary of defense and changing the way. that is important for the arctic. so i do believe the arctic is a critical piece to the future of
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alaska in this country. we now see more recognition, and the coast guard and military are part of it. we don't have support from the republican side. >> mr. sullivan, same question. arctic interests. which of the federal government be doing? >> it is a great opportunity for the state. one of the things as a u.s. senator that we need be doing is making the case for the opening of the arctic for alaska and the country. there does need to be more infrastructure in terms of ports. there does need to be more coast guard cutters. the russians are outclassing us in this categories. we also have great opportunities in fairbanks for the university can play an important role in terms of research. those are critical and important areas to seize this opportunity. we do need to do a better job. i'll tell you this, one of the things that was frustrating working with obama administration and getting them to recognize the opportunity in
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the arctic is the viewed alaska as just another stakeholder. we were the same as the senator for biological diversity in all these outside groups. we kept arguing that we are not another stakeholder. the only reason we have arctic opportunity is because alaska. it is important to have a federal government that sees this as the first among equals at the table on the arctic. not just another stakeholder. >> a new icebreaker, arctic port, new infrastructure? > yes. >> my bill and the coast guard ill does that. starts to move that project forward. >> we are running short on time. we have a little bit of time left. you have a question on the second amendment? we have about 30 seconds for each of you to answer. i'm trying to get the timing straight. >> both of you say you are
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strong supporters of the second amendment, but should there be regulation to prevent some people with certain mental illnesses and histories of violence from being able to buy guns without an additional level of screening? how should such a system work? >> i am not for additional regulations. -- with regard to our second amendment rights. as a matter of fact, i think we have plenty of laws in place right now, even with regard to people with mental illness. as a u.s. senator, i will be a strong supporter. i was a strong supporter as attorney general. i was one of the a.g.'s that participated in the chicago vs. mcdonald case which is one of the most important second amendment cases in the supreme court history. unfortunately, mark where he confirmed two supreme court justices who were in the dissent in chicago vs.
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mcconnell. >> let me answer your question. first, as a lifetime member of the nra. i took on the president. we do not agree on gun control legislation. on this specific issue, actually there is a problem in he way it works right now. there are 20 something states that don't do that. they don't have their records tied into the records for the federal government. i have a bill with republican, and array supported, mental health supported. it's critical. >> we are going to have to wrap up because we are out of time. thank you so much. this concludes tonight 2014 ebate for the u.s. senate. our thanks to all. election day is november 4. alaska's polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.
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please remember to vote. thank you so much. thank you for joining us. ood night. >> next, a look at some of the campaign ads that are running in alaska in connection with the senate race. >> i am megan sullivan. i want you to know the facts. alaska has been my family's home for generations. my dad taught me and my sisters to handle a rifle, and be strong independent women. we learned a lot about sacrifice. we are all proud of his work to protect alaskan women from domestic violence. dad will be a great senator for alaska. >> i am dan sullivan.
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i approve this message. > when we're young, our father loved to bring us here from this spot. when things seem impossible, i do what he would have done. when i took on obama to protect ur gun rights. i am fighting like held to fix the health care law. i approve this message. i will go anywhere and work with anyone to do what is right for alaska. >> i served with dan sullivan in the united states marine corps. dan sullivan was one of those leaders that led by example. >> dan sullivan trained hundreds of marines to be ready for cold water -- weather conditions. >> the state was built by people like dan sullivan. >> he didn't take no for an answer. >> he cares about his fellow
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alaskans and fellow country men. if he says something, i believe him, because i approve them. begovich's mark's real record? over 9000 new jobs. invested in police, firefighters, and schools. as senator, he took on obama. he is taking responsibility for fixing the health care laws. so it works for alaska. go 'm mark begich because i anywhere and work with anyone to do what's right for alaska. >> join us tuesday night on c-span for our life campaign 2014 election night coverage. it started it :00 p.m. eastern. engage with us on election results on twitter at c-span or
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>> next c-span's coverage of campaign 2014 with a forum featuring the candidates and the u.s. senate? south carolina. after that a debate among the u.s. candidates in virginia's seventh district. then a discussion about international health and security issues including the ebola virus and chemical warfare. >> this is the only joint appearance between senator lindsey graham and brad huto. they list the race as solid republican. this is just under an hour.
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>> scott, thank you for hosting us. and also thank you -- yeah. [applause] thank you. and also thank you for the, you know, the words of wisdom of whist erring in the back that might not be appropriate because that will happen. so i'm going to introduce these two gentlemen that really don't need an introduction that have done -- that have been exceptional public servants but prior to that i want to read something that teddy roosevelt said. and it happens during election season so much. and certainly is acute as some of the attack ads have been maybe in south carolina, maybe nationally, maybe in other states but it's important to remember this. and i'm going to quote this. it's a little bit long. but i'd like you to remember this. teddy roosevelt says it's not the critic who counts or where
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the doer of deeds could have done them better. the credit belongs to the man in the arena whose face is mar by blood, sweat and blood and strives valiantly who knows the zpwreat enthusiasms, devotions who spends himself in a worthy cause who knows best in the end that the triumph of highest achievement and who at times fails, but at least he fails while caring greatly so that his play will never be with those coldity mid soul who is ever novicktory or defeat.
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>> he is now the senior senator from south carolina but importantly before i say his name sit on committees like appropriations on armed services. ease welcome the honorable lindsey graham. [applause] >> another favorite, i guess i'm not going to needle you two between clemson and umple s.c. i'm disappointed to that to some degree. [laughter] he is also sits on committees here in the state. medical affairs, fish game and rules, education, ethics. he's a member of the legislative committee on children. it's important to know that his
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district 40 is the only district that has six seats. a lot of driving, a lot of driving senator. please welcome the honorable brad hutto. [applause] so how is this going to work? we need you to silence your cell phones. if you can i would like to thank wiftv for streaming this live and c-span will be rebroadcasting this later on. so the important distinction there is to make sure to please remain seated if at all possible that there will be live streaming and also cameras and we need to minimize your movement throughout the room. senator graham, we'll start with you. you have three minutes. you have a timer. katy is going to show you these red and yellow warning, stop
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and go. thank you, katy for doing that. >> what is a priority for you, senator? >> number one, i want to thank the chamber for doing this. we need more forums like this. this is a chance to talk and interact in a way that i think is going to be conducive to a good discussion. >> if elected, i would like to take care of the home starting with making sure the port of charleston gets the completion. 52 feet is the right depth for the port. the engineer study recommended 52 feet. so all those in the state house in south carolina, you included, my friend y'all made a very good decision by putting the $300 million state matching fund aside telling the federal government that we're ready to deepen the port. and that tells me a lot in washington. now, how do you get the money for port? >> you can't fix the port
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without working with other people to fix theirs. so number one priority is to come up with a comprehensive effort to modernize our port, port.eans beefing the and getting up and down the river. on the west coast they need more portside infrastructure. working with senator feinstein to come up with a way to modernize the ports. the highway truls fund is going broke. we'll talk about how we need to fix that, take some of the onerous regulations about to enter business and see if we can file 13 m. and do something on obamacare and to set aside sequestration. the defense cuts we have in place is going to lead to the smallest army since 1940, the smallest navy since 1915, the smallest air force of modern
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times, that's insane giving the threats today. and also the cuts under sequestration which a blind across the board kits. we have to reduce c.d.c. spending about 30% and n.i.h. spending about 30%. i think we all know maybe that's the police we should up our game. to do that you have to get democrats an republicans in a room to find alternative cuts. i'm trying to do revenues by closing loopholes by the few. i ask my democratic colleagues to find a way to make some adjustments to finalize sequestration. that's where the real money's at. go back. i want to continue doing what i've been doing. trying to find common ground if possible. being a strong voice in conservatism . and above all else make sure that the men who defend us have what they need to keep us safe. >> thank you so the chamber, to
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you and everybody that's made this possible. i'm brad hutto. i'm a husband, father, a son, a lawyer and a state senator. you know, i grew up on my family's dairy farm in orange county. and on that farm i learned the values of hard work and family and community. and it's those values that i want to take to washington. i've known senator graham most of my political career. i respect him. i like him. he's a good man. but we've had disagreements about some things. and that's why i'm offering you to give you a choice. if you think -- and i challenge him sometimes being on television being the junior secretary of state. but that's what he's focused on that he's talking about foreign affairs wanting to put boots on the ground ever where. if that's the senator that you want, then you will vote for senator graham. but you want a senator who will be a senator for south carolina, someone who is in our
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education, our needs for jobs, our needs to stay on the fort. but the focus needs be on the proving south carolina. education is a national priority. when we have a majority of our children graduate high school or can't qualify for the military, edge scation a national priority. jobs is a national priority. infrastructure is of national priority. senator graham has said repeatedly about wanting to do infrastructure in afghanistan and allen dale. i think it's time that we invest in south carolina. it's time we invest in our future. you know there was a time and i look around the room and i can tell many of you -- and you drove through the little town where people worked, where people lived and people prospered. and also now we drive through
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the towns and they're boarded up and people aren't working there. jobs aren't out there. education is not in those rule areas like they need to be. that's something i need spend time in washington is improving the quality of life in south carolina. >> poll after poll and it's not just this election. poll after poll has said that the two biggest subjects are job creation and gridlock. with the infrastructure here in the state of south carolina, how do you answer this question about building jobs? what about the gridlock that's more of a cultural issue and more of an acute argument that we hear. >> i will on occasion reach across the aisle. some people condemn me for that. i can't find a way to solve american's problems without talking to democrats since.
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and my you number one job is to defend the nation i hope you have that priority because if not we're all going to regret it. >> the attacks of 911 were planned by two people. 3,000 died on 911. i worry about 3 million if these nut jobs can get weapons of mass destruction. so yes, i'm very much worried about what happens over there on september the 10th, 2001, brad, we had no ambassador in afghanistan, not one soldier, not one penny of aid. that did not work out well for us. i will never repeat that mistake again of ignoring dangers because the dangers are real. gridlock. you have to make solving problems better for politicians than just saying no. let's stewart the highway trust fund. a new congress present as new opportunity. how many of you drive a hybrid
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car? not many. 10 years from now a lot of people raise their hand. gallon -- how far do you travel on a gallon is tremendously different. the trust fund is running out of money. we're $9 billion short this year. you have the same problem in south carolina. how would i start to break gridlock? get democrats and republicans n a room and say the following, there are $2 trillion that have been taxed in the oversees market that won't come in at 35%. so i'm working with barbara boxer for a one-time good deal of 10% and apply the revenue to replenish it at least in the short time. immigration, highway trust fund. working on the margins of obamacare. there's so much opportunity to
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break that that would help. >> senator, thank you. same question. biggest issue with voters -- jobs and gridlock? >> i agree the jobs is the biggest issue. ly support an increase in the mg. i will support equal pay for equal work. you know, gridlock is something that can be worked out. i think in colombia, i've been seen by most people as a prack matic problem solver, someone who is going to be politics roll up my sleeves and let's fine a solution. i don't believe that compromise is a bad word. i think we have to go about solving the problems that fate our state and our nation. >> you know, i look back on the days of what i think when the senat and the house weren't well when they actually took books and debated. it's not just mcconnell and reid and just hearing their voice heard. i think we're representative
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from all of the state. so elected we heard. so i think the process in washington is broken. >> i'm not going to be troubled to tell you this because i'll tell you like that. but i think it's going to take a new and different kind of senator coming to washington with you. >> if you keep sending us, no heart what they buy you're not oing to change anything. in fact, we all like what he's done. it's when he becomes radical is that we have problems with what he's done. >> i'm sure to offer a clear alternative to him and i look forward to go to washington and we'd have to change it. >> you talked around and talked about national security. radson's asking you anything about ebola not because it's a deadly disease. but it seems like the crisis of
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ebola is taking a different turn. >> senator graham, does it bode well, does the dialogue represent this management. we're just a repped broader, national security dialogue. think ebola and radical is have two things in common. they're dangerous. the best way that you gauge ebola is to deal with it in extra africa. and it's also great danger. the chinese were all over africa. but they have a very fond view of americans. president george w. bush dealt with the aids crisis on his watch. ebola has to be contained. and it's not going to be contained unless we put people on the ground. so at the end of the day when
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somebody comes back having been exposed to ebola, i want to make sure that they're safe to mingle with the population. you deal with it as the source of the problem. >> we've got just a small housekeeping -- >> the switch is on right on top of that, senator. >> it's one of the many that lens that we have up here. all right. here we go. >> same question. does ebola crisis -- does that representative -- a challenge to the united states. but is it a national security issue or does it repeat broader dialogue. and you know, to the extent that the united states, i think over a long time will be very minimal. that doesn't mean that people
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aren't considered about it. it is a scary thing. and i agree. we need to keep it over there. we need to mobile lice. we have the best public health professionals in the world. we need mobilize them, get them to africa. we need to get our troops over there isolation and facilities and hospitals. but when it comes to ebola in the country, i think there's a lot of scary things that are just going on that people don't nderstand. if we want to eradicate it, we're going to have to deal with it in africa. >> senator graham, when we talk about national debt it goes issues. it goes to gridlock and partisanism. but it also goes to is it still a looming crisis? >> what interest rates have
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been as low as they've been. that's the first part of the request. the second part of the question they were not able to reach across the aisle and get something done, how can any single senator from any single state do that effectively? >> well, they did get something done. the congress just didn't don't it. anybody born between 1946 and 964? anybody born after 1964? >> we want our money. work hard. [laughter] what did simpson bowles do? we all know that 80 million baby boomers are coming in another entitlement programs. there were 60 workers. in 20 years, there's going to be two.
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on the state requires us to tell young people these trust funds are going to go broke unless we adjust the eligibility by a couple of years. 80 million baby boomers are going to retire. unless you have [inaudible] any volunteers? we better have a rational immigration system. the national debt is driven by entitlement spending. medicare and social security combined would take up all of the revenue collected. simpson bowles requires generating revenue not by raising tax rates and closing loopholes -- i would do that if i could find a democrat who make the structural changes in entitlement.
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if you make over $250,000 a year, the government gives you $109 to subsidize. age adjustment -- generate revenue to pay down the debt. i think that day is coming in washington. of all of the people you know in politics, who is more likely to be in that room doing this bill? >> same question. how do you fix national debt? how do you do in the highly charged partisan environment? >> strive to have a balanced budget. a balanced ajit every year. -- budget every year. we need to focus on what our priorities are on spending. i do not think anyone likes paying taxes. we have faced crises before.
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we dealt with it. we will have to deal with them again. i do know this -- we made a commitment to our senior citizens. you'll be entitled to social security at a certain age. that is a commitment we have got to keep. i do not leave social security should be privatized. change entitlements or a combination of other things. that is something people with good will have to sit together and hammer out. i'm convinced we have done it before and we can do it again. i would like to be part of that conversation.
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>> i want to drill down deeper of interparty relations. you have taken some arrows on this. i would like people to talk a little bit more. how do you reach across the aisle and not worry about -- how do you get effective policy done when everyone is so polarized? is there a secret to it? >> there are bills to be made. if you don't understand what is driving the debt, don't go to
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washington. what is driving the debt long-term is entitlements. a system where we made promises we cannot keep. you'll pay more in and take less out. some has to go to the young people and work a couple of years longer. eliminate the deduction and not just cutting taxes with it, but pay down the debt. there are am a kratz that would tell you if you asked them, you have got to extend the life of the trust fund by asking people to work a couple of years longer. you just and i have enough money -- you just do not have enough money to honor -- they are telling the party something they do not want to hear.
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we will say social security and medicare and not adjust the age or requirement. if you're looking for a republican, you have to violate some of your ideological principles. sign me up. after this election, there will be a desire by american in general and give them the political cover. i will never forget it. how did they do immigration? you have got democrats, the chamber the room and they found a way to come up with a program to solve the problem on the border. when i talk about these things, it is not just talk. i have been in the room were
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hardheaded people were able to produce a company answer bill from the left and the right. find reliable partners. you hold hands and you do it. >> i know it is hutto. [laughter] we have been lax on the time. if you feel a queue could go over a few seconds, you have got that latitude. the key to bipartisanship is real in the blank. what is the key to bipartisanship? how do you get things done? >> out don't disagree with getting people with goodwill. have them sit down and stay there until they work it out is how you resolve these issues. going on having press
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conferences, that is not how you resolve. you got to bring the people together who are willing to give up something. that is the nature of compromise . the process that he described, i don't want to disagree with it. the problem is some of these problems till exist. he is talking like he wants to do it. he has done it on some occasions . i think it is time for a change. the voices that are there now cannot come to an it agreement. >> i think it is important to ask for a hollow up. do you get a feeling that voters are getting your tipping point when it comes to interrelations in d.c. are at the statehouse? are they getting to a point where there will be led in the streets? occupy washington, occupy columbia.
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>> i would hope that voters would get that engaged. part of the problem is we have some voter apathy. i would like it if every voter had a working knowledge of what the issues were so when we talk about them and engage them, they will know exactly what we're talking about. we have got to engage the voters. to the point to think of violence? i do not inc. so. i do think it is important that we have inspired groups of people on both sides to espouse their positions, but in the end, they cannot have them my way are
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highly approach. they could talk about what they perceive -- every time i go into a room, i have a preconceived notion of what i would do if i were the only vote in the room, but i'm not the only vote in the room. there's another guy or whoever in the room. we have got to come together. that is something that i think will take working together across the aisle and being independent and nothing controlled by your party or anyone else for that matter. come up with the best you can come up with. >> if you reach across the aisle, there's some group out there that doesn't want you to do this or that. just fill in the blanks. i have learned to trust the public.
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i will give you an optimistic view of things in south carolina. i voted for democratic judges that i thought were qualified, but i would not have chosen them myself. how do the conservatives get there judges if liberals do not have the ability to -- iowa's that the worst i could do is go to washington and destroyed the judiciary by over politicizing it. i voted to increase the debt ceiling because i didn't want to default. the easiest path was just to say no. i worked on immigration with bush and obama because i know if we do not get immigration fixed in a rational way, it will hurt our economy. we need workers in the future. it is a cultural problem. they aren't going away. let me tell about that republican primary voter in south carolina. they rewarded a guy who went down a road or the path of least resistance.
1:41 am
i think the general voter election is going to pick up where they left off. they should be encouraged by the fact that in our state, all of my sins of working with the other side when it made sense, doing what i thought was best turned out to be an asset and not a liability. >> senator, i will read from a notes to be accurate on this. if congress doesn't reauthorize this funding come especially since some of the work the state has done roughly half a million or 800 million dollar bond issues to do something about the roads in south airline, if it doesn't happen, what will you do in addition to the rings -- south carolina, if it doesn't happen, what will you do in addition? >> we need to look at the trust fund a new post up look at sources outside of gasoline
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taxes. off the grid, maybe we need to talk about replenishing the trust fund. the money that i think we can capture in the short term is a deal between republicans and democrats and barbara boxer is the real deal it comes to democrats, but i like barbara. we haven't talked that a one-time good deal to bring money held overseas that have been taxed -- trying to come back into the country at 35%. they will not bring it. that is bad business. dedicate the entire revenue stream to the highway trust fund . that is a start. there is a bill looking at the trust fund a new of raising the federal gasoline tax i cutting taxes in other places to generate more revenue. -- by cutting taxes and other
1:43 am
faces to generate more revenue. create jobs because we all win in all drive on roads and bridges. our infrastructure is falling apart. it is one of my top priorities. >> we need to invest in our infrastructure. it is something that needs to be reauthorized. we need to take step to make sure it is fully funded. they are working on it. we have got a lot of roads and bridges in the state that haven't been worked on in years and years. there is a great opportunity. we need to provide jobs. anytime you look at work that is going on, there are men and women behind the staircase doing
1:44 am
work. there are companies that are making money will stop it is time for the company to invest in ourselves -- there are companies that are making money. it is time for us to invest in ourselves. it is time we invest in this country and yes, we need to fix the trust fund. they could take more money to invest in ourselves. now is the time to do it and put people to work. >> thank you. workforce development, you hear it over and over again. that is the kids, the folks, the young people, the old people, not completely married up with the skills and technology. any -- how do we fix the skills gap?
1:45 am
>> you do not do it overnight. you have to invest in the public school system. we have two look at -- to look at 0-3. invest in them at an early age. we have a skills gap now is of the infrastructure that is back up the pipeline. you cannot just turn them around and expect by the time they graduate that all the sudden they want have -- you have to start with the youngest. they really are the future. you have got to invest in them. make sure the qualified, vibrant, intellectual teacher in the classroom. one who cares about those kids. we have got to make sure that technological resources -- it is
1:46 am
one thing to put a computer on a child's desk or in ipad. but if they cannot access the internet when they get home -- we have to look at the technology it would take to make sure our children have the technological needs. we do have the benefit of having a great college system in the state. we need to make sure they are fully funded. >> fixing education or the skills gap. >> we are doing a good job
1:47 am
there. i think tim scott has been terrific. trying to great a sense of herpes, the duplication is just incredible. at the end of the day when a school fails your kid, do something about it. let's not talk up throwing money at it. parents are lining up around the school where they're allowed -- private education. first person my family to go to challenge. do not allow the teachers unions to basically stop progress. the kids are the biggest losers. shake things up. come up with an alternative. one thing you can do for a kid is to give them a job while they are in high school during the summer so they will have a resume of working and when they get ready to get out of the world, they could say, i worked this summer tagging groceries or whatever. -- bagging groceries or whatever. that is where it is the worst today in job creation. it is not the minimum wage going from $7.45 to $10.10.
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it is everything else business has to contend with. obamacare is coming into effect everywhere. 50% of our power comes from coal. the epa will make it -- between the epa, obamacare, and that minimum wage, you make it almost impossible to hire a young person in south carolina. take on the education of bureaucracy. >> gosh, i cannot let that go. i have to ask about a comic here -- obamacare. >> in a job killing bill. it is about taking over health care. the goal is to make it so costly
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that you drop coverage on your employees and they go into this data exchanges. 90% of the people signing up for obamacare are entitled to federal government subsidies. all you got to do is fill out a piece of paper. we really do need income verification. i would take that part out that makes sense. you cannot he denied coverage because of pre-existing illnesses. i would start over again. if you are hiring someone at 40 hours a day and they are covered under obama care and you reduce it, you are going to do it. you're hurting the people you are trying to help the most.
1:50 am
thousands will become part-time employees because of obamacare not because of the economy. thousands will lose health care because the company had to drop health care to go into an exchange where you get by the government gives you when they decide to do it. this is a nightmare. it is not going to work. it helps grow the government, but destroys ability to create jobs. it has been about a single payer plan. i will go back and fight the heck out of it. >> year the passion and senator graham's voice. senator hutto, he said if he could go back and change obama care -- you cannot go back and change obamacare. what do we need to be thinking about doing differently about obama care that seems to be here now? >> you cannot live in the greatest country in the world and have a system set up where you get sick and go broke. that is what we have. if you mean be good get children on our policy until you are 26, i am for it. if you maybe won't have lifetime
1:51 am
benefits, i'm for it. if you cannot be denied coverage by pre-existing conditions, i'm for it. maybe you should talk to governor haley about it. during these last years since we had obamacare, number of jobs in the state has gone up tremendously. i don't see being a job killer. it is not perfect, neither is any major piece of legislation we have ever had in this country and perfect first time it was passed. he wants to go in to fight in i want to fix it.
1:52 am
that is what needs to happen. we cannot go back to a time when we didn't have safeguards in the system that protected people who didn't have insurance. under the affordable care act, but was opposed to happen is we were supposed to have 300,000 people in south airline on medicaid. we do not have that. we have got to fix that. we have got hospitals that have closed and are closing. some of them are on the brink. we cannot have small communities lose their hospitals. they are therefore safety we cannot have them close. that is what will happen if we do not fix obamacare and the affordable care act. get them insured. it is not going to be a job killer. it will be a job creator if done properly. >> senator graham, is it fixable? >> absolutely not. he has waived it about 20 different times because of the election. guess what is going to happen to your company if you are a covered entity? you have to be covered by the employee mandate. i'm telling you this is a trained make -- train wreck in
1:53 am
the making. you have to look and play in the i and say, i am sorry. we cannot afford this. here is to money going to the exchange. is that really what we are trying to do here? 80% of americans before obamacare felt good about the insurance coverage. not feel good about it after obamacare. at the end of the day, i hope republicans are smart enough to make sure that we challenge democrats. would you vote for a 40 hour work week to be 40 hours and not 29? i would want to make sure someone works at your company at 40 hours without making them a full-time employee under obama care. what good is it to reduce that her since work hours for insurance purposes? -- reduce that for work hours for insurance purposes? it will go to your business. i went to turn this around while we still have time and start over and -- i was on that bill. it is not about health care. this is about government owning health care. >> how much time do we have left?
1:54 am
17 democrats on board. the mandate will hit in january. it will go from sherman to georgia to your business. i want to turn this around while we still have time. on that bill. this is not about health care. this is about government owning health care. >> >> how much time do we have left? we have five minutes left. last word on the obamacare. >> senator graham is good i fear mongering. he's doing it again now. -- is good at fear mongering. he is doing it again now. he would make a great chicken little. obamacare is not going away. even if republicans controlled the senate, it is not going away.
1:55 am
the president -- it needs to be fit. it needs to be taken care of. the idea to advance it -- we a have got to work together to come up with solutions that will ensure that people have insurance. a lot of people do not have insurance. we need to get people insured. it will create new jobs. this is not the sky is falling scenario. it does need to be fit. there are things that need to between.
1:56 am
the idea of fighting it is not right. that is why i would like to go to washington. >> no surprise that south carolina -- the export import bank is an important financial spine to that act to video and many manufacturers. -- activity and many manufacturers. it is always at risk. how could we reauthorize? is it important to reauthorize? how can we fix this process? the talent is that it mostly comes from my party. the people in my party who are rightly concerned about the role of government and business. i would love to live in a world where -- there are people who say it is not right, it is not your capitalism to have a government bank to make loans. everything should be done in the private sector or are. that makes sense to me, but i live in the real world. he is not going to help in this
1:57 am
regard. you need republican to understand that planes made in boeing are eligible for financing. who does boeing compete against? airbus. france has two. china has a bank to help sell tiny's products that has a volume greater than france, britain, canada combined -- sell china's products that has a volume greater than france, written, canada combined. -- britain, canada combined. it is a risky market. they will go to airbus and by an airbus because france will help make that deal a reality. ge, all of the gas turbines, 80%
1:58 am
of them are eligible for financing. i will not -- you get republicans and democrats speaking truth to power. i'm not going to disarm internationally. i will not put my companies at risk because of an ideological argument. i was the leading republican to get it reauthorize the first time. the argument being made make sense in a -- but not in the world of which we live in. my head is not in the sand. it is not in the sand about obama care. my head is not in the sand about the threats made from radical islam. you better believe i'm worried about where this country is going. >> senator hutto. >> i believe him on the import
1:59 am
export bank. when he talks and ask like a democrat, we all like him. -- acts like a democrat, we all like him. absolutely needs to be reauthorize. >> is very creative way to keep it from coming up every two years and being in a crisis every two years? >> get rid of the tea party republicans who are causing problem. >> that is not fair. there are plenty of groups. president obama opposed the authorizing that. the recent criticism is coming from our corner of the party. i would like to reauthorize that -- >> we have got one minute left. this day last question. senator, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate governor haley and president obama? just a last question.
2:00 am
i will start with you. one to ten. worst. best and one the how would you rate governor obama?and president >> neither have lived up to expectations that we had for both of them. would probably i put them at both around a five. they have both done some things that you can point to and say they have been good things and done some things that disappointed us. i support president obama and i support senator shaheen. i don't think there is any doubt or any doubtmocrat that senator graham is a republican. toh leader vs. not lived up stations that were there for them in the bo beginning. >> lastward. >> you can do better and you can a worse so i will give obama one. just assuming we haven't hit bottom wet. yet. the governor an eight because i
2:01 am
a good jobas done and i give myself an eight, i believe that you can always do better. i'm better than i was six years ago because i learned from my learned the and world i think is a dangerous place and talk about it and it.t fix somebody has to get out there and engage it. president obama has been a big disappointment. his policies have blown up, the governor has done a good job of righting the ship. ed about brad is a good guy and has done a good job in statehouse and we will keep them there. let me say something about the world. person fromanked the chamber's point of view in the statehouse, senate was a republican. ran against him. he has 100%. want to end this on a positive note. i really appreciate the forecast work -- the fact that you have worked with business in the statehouse. it makes our state better to the
2:02 am
chamber. god bless you all. >> in the interest of fairness anything you want to say about world? >> about the world? i mean obviously the situation in the world with isis, they are of thugs. they node to be erad eighted. i think we agree on the fact that they are terrible for the world. but we be all right. are the greatest country in the world and we overcome many things in the history of this country. we had the greatest generation of debt with world war ii. those folksal with we can deal with isis. want to thank the chamber. this has been great to have this forum. senator graham and i disagree on equal way and some womens issues but those are things the voters have to sort out. i encourage everybody to get out and vote and make sure that your friends and neighbors get out and vote. thankators, you honors,
2:03 am
you for your public service and for showing us congenial south politics. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] on wednesday the final debate the louisiana senate seat mar are between mar manss.u and cassidy and all candidates for an office run fence each other with the getting winning the election. if nobody gets the majority a will occur. the candidates talk about economic prosperity and the living in louisiana. >> i'm part of the first generation of americans who may not achieve the same standard of
2:04 am
parents. their this a very frightening concept. what is the role of government ensuring economic prosperity for my generation and generations? colonel maness, you are first. >> i thought the congress woman was going to go first. >> senator landrieu first. >> okay, all right. >> please note that the first real gap of the night came from moderator. >> okay. first of all, i think that is a legitimate concern and one of the things i work hardest on in washington is trying to lift the economic power of our country. as chair of the energy committee i'm in a particularly great position on behalf of the people of louisiana to help reiate high-paying jobs so that your generation can benefit. in addition i'm excited to be l.s.u. where we have science, technology, engineering women andor men, minorities as well in the field of energy.
2:05 am
two, access to education is important. cassidy refuses to second base on to a bill that rests to lower interest on student loans which are are 11% interest. he refused to do that and he won't sign on to my bill to double the opportunity for pell for poor stew dens who are smart and want to work but some from families that can't cost of education. >> congressman? you, clay,ll government doesn't create permanent jobs and if it does are jobs you don't want to have. the greatness of the american economy comes from the american not from government. but government gets in the way. pipeline would create 40,000 better jobs with better benefits. way, senator landrieu speaks of her clout. she said her first priority of becoming chair of the committee was to get a senator floor vote
2:06 am
on the pipeline. to do so.t been able she said she had done everything in her power. that just means she is not very powerful. there is other things. the president's healthcare law on the economy. look at those in the lowest earners theome obama care laws hammered them. parish 400 workers had hours reduce from full to part-time because they could not the obama care law. get government out of the way and creeytiveity going and you have a better job. >> colonel maness. senatorain thing landrieu accomplished on energy is to push through all of president obama's antienergy appointees and we in louisiana tonight need that kind of route. the obama care out by roots. it is a job killer. i talked to small business other thans and employees of those over that through 85,000-miles in my pickup truck and every one give you the same message. sir, you have to do away with obama care. we cannot afford restrictions.
2:07 am
we cannot afford the new fees. we cannot afford the taxes and creating the jobs we could and cutting the jobs we to part-time jobs and that hurting the economic spectrum that obama care was toposed to help and we have unleash the energy sector to lead america to energy indo pen dense. be tingwhat we should here in louisiana across the board. drill, baby, drill. on sunday, c-span coverage of campaign 2014 continues with a the georgiain senate race between republican and democrat michelle nunn. a look at the ads running in with then connection race. when i hear david perdue say he
2:08 am
is proud to have outsourced jobs world i parts of the have to wonder every time we invest in georgia workers they can compete with anyone in the world. so, i don't know how you can be proud of having sent american overseas. >> david perdue helped create jobsave thousands of of right here in america. seems to dole nunn is attack david. she want to know where she is on jobs, education, national security. she never says. that is because she supports agenda.t obama's we don't need more bad policies from washington. we need a new direction. david perdue. >> david perdue. >> david perdue. perdue and i approve this message. and i amovelle nunn message. >> david perdue is defending his an outsourcing report. >> david perdue acknowledged he career movinghis u.s. jobs overseas.
2:09 am
>> the attorney asks can you describe your experience with outsourcing. perdue responds wray, i spent of my career doing that. >> when asked how he defends the outsourcing perdue doubled down. >> defend it? i'm proud of it. >> david perdue. you. not for >> michelle nunn admits show is too liberal and her foundation organizations linked to terrorists. to needed to fool georgians win and attacked david perdue with ads that independent fact checkers called mostly follows happen a strep. david perdue spent his career creating thousands of of jobs. grow the economy and bring common sense to washington. >> i'm david perdue and i approve this message. daviday a debate between perdue and michelle nunn on c-span.
2:10 am
>> here are the comments we received on our ebola virus coverage. >> my comment about ebola is we actually had ebola right here in this country. doctors coming back with ebola. patients in texas hospitals, forth.and so and it is not hysteria. people are just reacting to a serious disease where you to have teams of doctors and nurses waiting on you constantly. but we had the isis fear, too. they showed the beheadings over in all of the meadia channels. over and over. i suppose we should have got hyped up about isis coming over to chop off your head but not here.that is actually >> i think that the people who of the ebolaea should be damned from entering of the nation and it is up leaders to do that. >> i would like to see c-span do
2:11 am
is this ebolaut virus the proof that we need a healthcaree payor system? we just soon when happened in texas with this capitalistic system and what now it is going to cost us millions and millions to clean that mess up. that is what i was kind of outous, see when we get for there for remarks on that if this is the proof that we need a system. healthcare >> and continue to let us know what you think about the watching.ou are call 202-626-3400. comments @ or send us a tweet. the c-span conversation. like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. next campaign coverage of 2014 continues with a debate of the
2:12 am
running for the house see the in the virginia p. 7th district. and columnistthor glen greenwald talks about the gof governor surveillance democracy. >> next, a debate among candidates running for a house seat in the virginia seventh district. after that, a debate in the alaska senate race. next, a debate in virginia seventh congressional district race between jack trammell and david brett. the rothenberg political report's rollcall report indicates republican. the debate took place at randall college. [applause] >> thank you, mayor.
2:13 am
it is now my pleasure to introduce our candidates. david brat is both an economics professor and a chair of our economics business department. he created our highly successful ethics minor. david and his wife have two children. rmcjack trammel joined the college in 2000 as director of disability servicessance serves professor of sewsology having focused his people withlping disabilities, doctor tram has been an indies penceible resource at the college. wife reside in near minutial virginia and six of seven children are in college. [laughter] i'm also delighted -- of i am also delighted to be sharing the stage with heather
2:14 am
sullivan, nbc12 news anchor extraordinaire. a special thanks to nbc 12, our media sponsor, for its generosity and support. i will now ask heather to review the format, ground rules, and a -- and decor rum for tonight's debate. >> thank you. thank you to our audience members. thank you to our candidates for being here. you have been given the rules and the format for the debate. i will give a quick recap. both candidates will each be given two minutes for an opening statement and two minutes for a closing statement. there was two coin tosses last week. dr. trammell chose to speak and tuck last. dr. trammell will answer the first question. dr. brat will answer second. we will reverse the order for
2:15 am
each question. the candidates will both be asked the same question. they will each get two minutes to respond to that question. you may also use that two minutes to rebut anything that the other candidate has to say. there are some rules for the audience. we would like to ask you to silence your cell phones. however, we would like to encourage you to tweet during the debate. to use theou #rmcdebate. to hold your aplows until the end. burst outapplaud or while the candidates are speaking you take away their time to speak. to that until the end. we also ask that you don't show any signage, nothing visible, nothing audible, either in support or opposition to either candidate. if there are any violations to
2:16 am
the rules, you will be asked to leave the auditorium. we are in for a really active and interesting debate this evening. lets go ahead and get started. again, dr. trammell you won the coin toss. we will begin with you. good luck, gentlemen. >> thank you. how great to be here tonight. i love history. the history that got us here is a very interesting history. a few months ago, i was sitting in my office a few buildings away from here. i did not know that i was going to be running for congress. a few months ago, i talked to dave on the phone and he said, i think i'm going to win this primary. like many others, i thought, ok. [laughter] a few months ago, people at this college were inundated by the media after a dramatic primary victory. anyone on campus at the time remembers that that was not.
2:17 am
remembers that was nuts. that was just nuts. there is quite a history that gets us to this point. the amazing thing about history is that it only gets us to this point. what is not written yet is what is to come. thomas jefferson has a quote that i love. he said, i like history, but i live the dreams of the future much better. tonight, you will hear from both of us. alternate visions for the future. we will hear about how we're take care of how we are going to take care of seniors. fix our broken schools. some of the problems in washington, d.c. that we are confronting. and the great thing about this is democracy in action. i want to give a shoutout to the school from cosby high the other day. they showed mow what democracy in action was. questions,tough guys. i'm proud to be here tonight proud to see all of you. proud to know that you're
2:18 am
watching. this is democracy in action. i'm excited to be a part of it. thank you. >> thank you for hosting this great debate tonight. thank you for hiring me 18 years ago to teach the greatest students one could ever imagine. thank you for coming out tonight. it is an honor to be here. jackets! and now i will get to business. i am running for congress because washington is broken. obamacare is raising insurance costs and lowering the quality of your health care. 250,000 virginians will lose their health insurance policies next month november right after the election because of obama care. in excessive regulation is crushing our economy at present. illegal immigration on the border not only caused a humanitarian crisis but the a nationalbecome security threat because of isis. the retirement programs that we
2:19 am
promise to our seniors will be bankrupt in less than 20 years. if we don't get to work to preserve and protect those programs. i taught economics for 18 years, and i have never seen an economy or labor market where college students, 40% of college students, will not get jobs on graduation in the field of their choice, that is not good. i believe we need to send an economist to washington dc. to solve these economic problems and restore trust in our vital institutions, principles and values. president obama said it very clearly the other day, his policy are on that ticket. make no mistake about it. you can vote for someone who supports president obama's policies or you can vote for someone who knows from hundreds of years of economic history that top-down, centralized, government planning fails every single time it has been tried.
2:20 am
every single tile. i want to go to congress to restore the american free market system. i want to restore our economy. i want to be a check against president obama's failed agenda. i am running because i believe in america. i believe that we can make tomorrow better and brighter than yesterday. i would ask for your vote this coming tuesday. thank you. >> let's begin with our first question. >> dr. trammell, how should the federal government's best respond to the ebola crisis? travel bansupport a to the united states from the west african countries? >> i think we have responded correctly. we have been trying to use processes that the cdc has put into place and we have tried to be proactive. some of our congressional databases here in virginia have suggested that we should have been more proactive. i tend to feel that we can not
2:21 am
err on the side of being too proactive. however, i am also hesitant to act out of fear. there has been a noticeable fear factor in how we have been reporting on this, and how we have been reacting to it. i would urge caution and i would urge us to look at the procedures we have in place. in a couple of cases we don't and now weprocedures are seeing the consequence for that. moreover, i would say that we need to use targeted fight bans, and not bring our economy to a halt with draconian measures that are not targeted. we have responded. we can respond better. it should be very targeted. >> thank you. when it comes to ebola and the challenges we face, it is good to retrace the administration's position. in the first incident, they said ebola will never make it to our borders. and the second place, they said it would never break out of hospitals. in the third place, they gave instance after instance of
2:22 am
specifics, and that cdc and the leaders on this issue did not contain the threat. now we are faced with this. i'd differ with jack on this. i think we should have quarantined western african nations and the flights coming in. i liken it to the financial markets. a black swan event. it is a low probability event that has catastrophic consequences. that is what ebola is. it is a low probability event that has catastrophic consequences for this entire nation if we do not treat them properly. what do i mean by that? as a conservative, if there is a catastrophic event coming our way, any conservative in your basic intuition would be saying that it is inconvenient at the airport, someone gets a little upset, or there is a quarantine for 21 days. that does not stand in comparison to the catastrophic
2:23 am
all of us and your children in the future. i think the basic conservative impulse is to close down and be safe and secure our border and safety at every point we can. in this instance, it is not isolated but when it comes to president obama our safety security has not been well guarded. to southern border, 50,000 100,000 young orphans have come across the border in what has a humanitarian crisis by the white house itself. i ran against the policies. the dream act. the kids act et cetera. the president ran for them. they have been an absolute catastrophe for those kids and for our country. i would like to secure our borders and secure ebola as best we can. thank you. >> there has been substantial debate about the affordable care act, including several bills passed by the u.s. house of representatives aimed at certain provisions of the law. what if any changes would you
2:24 am
make to the law in order to increase access and affordability of health care for central virginians? >> thank you. i would repeal and replace obamacare immediately. i am a free market economist. i take free market seriously obamacare is a federal top-down product. it has a mandate system that is already failing. 250,000 virginians are going to lose their health insurance this month after the november election. that is not by consequence. that is by intent. they pushed that decision so that you would not see the consequences of obamacare and have to deal with that before the election day. the employer mandate will be equally troublesome. they pushed that beyond the 2015 election day. the basic premise of obamacare was they were going to take care of 45 million people who are uninsured. that is a good thing. guess what happened? only 18 million people were taken care of at a cost of
2:25 am
$80,000 per person. that is your federal government at work. we do not mention the biggest unintended consequence. it disrupted health care for 250 million other americans. it only provided to 18 million at $80,000 per person. lets go over the basic promise again. they are important. obamacare was going to get rid of our emergency room problem. that is an inefficiency. hospitals are overcharging in ers and passing that on to you. obama care hasn't solved that problem at all. in fact, e.r. usage is up. coulde promised that you keep your doctor and patient relationship and keep your insurance policy. is not true. would he -- we have lost that. instance after instance, obamacare has not lived up to its promise. because, i have not even
2:26 am
mentioned the kitchen table issues. the top two issues for every virginian is obamacare is crushing jobs along with the regulatory burden that the federal government has placed on our economy. thank you. >> dr. trammell. >> let me return to the previous session. two points of clarification. number one, president obama is not on the ballot in this district. i want to make sure everybody knows that. number two, i did say already that i was in savor of targeted quarantines. i think david and i are in agreement on that point. in terms of the aca, the major goal is to reduce the number of people who are uninsured and could increase the number of people who could have access to some basic care. actually, we have added 11 million people, depending on how you estimate that. that was the original purpose.
2:27 am
check the box off. the other thing has to do with cost. we know that health care inflation in the last two years is the lowest it has been in the modern era. check the box off. andrew was a student here. i taught him. i work with him. the family seafood business. they gross tens of thousands of only net a small amount because it is a business with a lot of overhead. a very small margin. me that he essentially he and his brother were going without healthcare because they couldn't afford it. they took the plan under the a.c.a. and he got care and said it was good and that to him made the difference. was supposeda.c.a. to do and has helped 8 million to 11 million people who before. get insurance let's not lose track of what the original intention of the a.c.a. was. do we need to fix things?
2:28 am
of course, we to. business exemptions. help small businesses out struggling under the burden and aspects not formulated correctly and we need to fix and iron out the details. out the baby with the bath water and we can't turn backwards.f of time >> thank you. >> dr. trammell. undocumented immigrant students, these efforts had been known as the dream act. it would repeal federal policies that discourage states from offering these students post secondary education benefits and provide legal permanent status. do you support these efforts? to legal a's the status of undocumented immigrant students through the dream act?
2:29 am
>> i do. i met students going to virginia tech and other schools in our state. they are in medical school. the soon-to-be doctor i met is a straight a student. i met an engineer in the same program. these are people who are going to contribute to our prosperity here. i support the dream act. i support comprehensive immigration reform. this is the only congress in history that has utterly failed at immigration reform. think about it. my family immigrated here in 1671 through the port of alexandria. immigration is in part what the greatness of this country is built on. we have never failed like this before. you have to ask yourself the question, is the problem of immigration, or is the problem a do-nothing congress? the answer is, do-nothing congress. we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform. border security, visas, pathways to citizenship, everything to together. work.meal won't
2:30 am
that becomes too partisan. we have done it before. we can do it again. we know that the shelflife on immigration reform is usually 10 years to 20 years. the world changes. it will not stay the same. we have never felt so utterly as we did this time. the next congress has got to get it right. >> thank you. >> actually, the dream act, i have posed in my primary. to be clear, when jack mentions a comprehensive immigration reform, that sounds nice. a lot of central planning from washington dc sounds nice. the house bill and the senate bill favored 10 million illegals coming across our border under the pathway to citizenship. just to be clear, it is illegal. no one in the room is against immigration. we are a country of immigrants. we need to get at what a truly compassionate policy is. i oppose the dream act. i say we should not do it. president obama and the congress were in favor of it. as a result, president obama pursued what is called -- he overrode the congress and the
2:31 am
will of the people. he put into place a policy that resulted in 50,000 to 100,000 orphans crossing the border. beginning. the the question is people are people. i loverry single person. third worldt economic development here for the past 18 years. it is nothing against the people border.cross the ask ourselves what true compassion really looks like. to help these people. after world war ii with our archenmies. if you want to help these people, we cannot take 7 billion people into this country. the reason the rest of the world was to come here is because we have the role of law. that is why everyone wants to come here. we have the rule of law. we have private property rights. we have a free market system. because we have those three things, we are the envy of the world and are the greatest nation on earth. that is why everyone wants to come here. as an economist, i understand what made us great. you don't want to ruin the pieces of the institution that
2:32 am
we put into place and made us great. if you have true compassion, it is not for a few thousand people. let's have true compassion and the economy going. let's get those countries moving again and that is true hundreds ofor millions of people. >> thank you. our next question. do you support increasing the federal minimum wage? why or why not? >> i do not support raising the minimum wage. i am an economist. if you just take the basic case study, seattle. they are raising the minimum age minimum wage to $15 an hour. upon announcement, what did restaurants do. they started firing waiters and waitresses immediately. economic science is a science, and it is the science of the
2:33 am
unseen. what you look at is the minimum wage increases the wages for people who keep their jobs. that is the good part. what is the bad part? the part you don't see is that people that got fired. businesses are in business. everybody knows in business, 90% of restaurants go under. that is a basic fact. now you double the wage rate from $7.50 to $15 an hour like in seattle and what do you think happen? to the business can't make profits. they have to lay peep off. peoplee already laying off because of obama care and the $1.7 trillionulatory burden the federal government including the e.p.a. and energy costs et cetera. businesses are suffering out there. so the last thing you want to do is raise the price of labor, a key price in the economy. the best way to help these people is the way it happened in economic history.
2:34 am
the wage rate is the same thing as your productivity. if you want to increase the wage rate for real, instead of artificially, increase the productivity. they are competing in a global economy right now. we are not doing well. k-12 education our kids are scoring at the bottom of science now in thetics right industrialized world. at the bottom. competitive disadvantage. if you want to increase wages theamerica, by the way, bottom 80% of america had their wages flat for the past 30 years on that andto work we need an economist to go to d.c. to fix it. thank you. >> thank you. >> dr. trammell. >> i think immigration should be added to dave's lists of the institutions that have made this country great. in terms of minimum wage and these people, i was one of those
2:35 am
people. i made two dollars an hour baling hay and putting it into a barn for my neighbor. at that time, the minimum wage was increased to something like like $2.12 an hour. we had a meeting with the farm owner. he said you are not really you $2.12 anto pay hour, are you? we looked at each other and he upsed his hand and ended paying us $2.12 an hour for the rest of the summer. like much butound working 40 or 50 hours a week i was able to raise enough money to buy my car. when i bring up the minimum wage my seven noble economists who say that going to a tremendoushave
2:36 am
benefit. i would rather say that i support the minimum wage. i have looked at the evidence myself. i see the evidence that it raises people up into the middle class who become consumers, buy cars, go to college. that is the way to prosperity in this country. >> thank you. >> dr. trammell. mandatory expenditures, including social security, medicare, and medicaid are consuming a growing share of the federal budget. in 2014, they totaled nearly 60% of all federal spending. how do you propose managing the federal budget while meeting the promises that were made to generations of americans? >> i never flip-flop on social security or some of the other programs that are so vital to our veterans. i have made the promise that we are mott going topcoats. i -- we are not going to make
2:37 am
cuts. i would like to see us return to basic concepts about as individuals we follow all the time. i have to balance my checkbook. i have to pay down my credit card debt. balance the annual budget in this country. we know looking historically the past when we had a series of years when we actually balanced the federal budget that enables us to eat into the debt that we need to deal with. are complicated here by the fact we keep doing things in essence shooting ourselves in the foot. two to iraq once and go a second and now about to go to iraq a third time. when have we accomplished? we going back again? we spent trillions going there that has not been this the budget. to simplelies back concepts we need a bipartisan he for the on the hill to work together to balance the annual budget and spread outwards from there. that is how we begin to tackle issue. we didn't get there overnight. it took years for us to get into
2:38 am
situation. we are not goin going to wave ac push that red staple's button.easy" we have to balance the federal budget. bratt.or, >> first thing i want to say is that i have pledged when i started running my primary can pain to preserve and protect all the programs we have for seniors. he just talked about the national debt. he did not mention the question asked. the question was asked about the unfunded liabilities, medicare, social security. he talked about the debt. the debt is approaching $18 trillion. that is the wrong question. what we are talking about is the unfunded liability, they approached 127 trillion. jack said the other day that need to worry about. wrong. it is the number one issue i ran my campaign on. it is the most pressing economic problem. it is not a talking point.
2:39 am
how serious is it? $127 trillion in those four programs will exhaust the entire federal budget by 2030. the entire federal budget. you want to know why our policy is weak right now? because the nondiscretionary budget is taking all of our money to pay for them, for those four programs. looking at it is both the major programs, social medicare will be bankrupt by 2030. fromid not hear an answer my opponent tonight on how to solve the question. there will be no program by 2030. are both bankrupt according to their own board of trustees statements. have tois the problem i fix. i propose fixes in public back and thenimary and now jack talks and tells nice stories and anecdotes. he is running negative ads right now against me that are false. footnotes.
2:40 am
they are follows. false. going canceli'm social security for seniors. are scared out of of minds and rightly they should be if majoroing to lose a program. the false attack ads. >> time. approaching anyone. if i had him in class i would ethics paper and send him to the dean. >> our next question. american energy production continues to expand with hydraulic fracturing technologies and shale development, creating additional u.s. jobs. we do support exploring for oil and gas off the coast of virginia? >> absolutely. we have two saudi arabia's beneath the united states border that we should be taking advantage. the keystone pipeline is absolutely essential for the next wave of u.s. innovation.
2:41 am
our economy is growing at 1.5 percent. china's growing at 7% rate we have to do something to revitalize the economy. energy is a resource that is sitting there, waiting for use. on the other side of the spectrum, the obamacare philosophy is, let's regulate everything and put business out of business. when it comes to the epa, lets put coal out of business. the obama administration is against parts of liquefied natural gas and fracking. they say it's too dangerous and want to shut down that. you are against 80% of the energy consumption in this country. when you go home tonight, you will use ipads, refrigerator, air conditioner, that is what we're talking about. the future of this country is at stake. our administration is going down the wrong road. >> we need in all in approach. we do not need cronyism deciding
2:42 am
who the winners and losers are. i ran against that. the republican leadership and democratic crona capitalism. i want the free market choosing the lowest cost energy innovators, with. we wasted billions of dollars on failed investments by the government for folks who have crony relationships on wall street or fancy lawyers, or special relationships to congress. that is not fair to the people competing. all of the above on energy on resources. it is an untapped resource that will get this country back on track. you should send an economist up the economyn to fix and restore confidence in our institutions and values and principles. thank you. >> time. >> thank you. >> since you term limited
2:43 am
yourself to 12 years, you will be out before the true social security crisis hits. [laughter] you were the one who has talked to seniors about being ready for bad medicine. all i said was i would keep my promise to seniors. in terms of energy i want to tell a quick story. i own a farm. i have a creek that runs along the back. an environmentalist said to me your farm animals are polluting this water. directly into the bay. to this.tive i said what to i need to do? put a buffer zone and plant the plants that prevent erosion and that will help. went 60 not on average from where the creek was. thism back out and said isn't enough and this leads to be 200 yards out here. onlyd look, my farm is 25 acres. i won't have a farm left if i do that. storynt is telling that
2:44 am
is that energy is a shared responsibility. we need anne p.a. looking out for environment autosavety but not getting in the way of profitable business and options. energy when it comes to offshore drilling, controversial issues, we can't turn the lights off based on what we are dependent on. it becomes shared responsibility. corporations, the e.p.a. we all have to bear that burden together in a way that doesn't out of business but also looks out for the environment. zone alongting up in my creek, that didn't put me out of business. that.ntarily did we all need to take on a shared responsibility. >> thank you. >> dr. trammell, there is disagreement about whether congressional approval is necessary for current military actions in syria and iraq. do you think congressional authority is required for military action against isis?
2:45 am
and if brought to a vote -- would you vote in support of the resolution authorizing these actions? >> i believe senator kaine and others are correct that this conversation should be taking place in congress. as i mentioned earlier, we have iraq once. we have been to iraq twice. we are on the verge of going to time. third at what point does that begin to say more about us than it does happening in iraq? at what point does that begin to say more about us than it does about what is happening in iraq? we need to have more clarity about what our purpose is there. given the human cost and the economic cost, that conversation is best taking place in congress itself. i support senator kaine's initiative and believe the conversation should take place. i have a stepson who came back wounded. he is a marine from afghanistan. i'm hesitant to put men and women into harm's way.
2:46 am
we need to have a good reason and justification for them being there. we have a better shot of that justification a being sound one if we are having that conversation in congress where we have the ideas and representation of viewpoints about the process. >> thank you. >> i agree with my opponent. senator kaine has it right. in the constitution it is the role of congress to give the final go-ahead on war. that is what is called for. i ran a principle campaign and so i'm for that. interesting to look at the context if which this question arises. when have to answer the question president because what we are sadly lacking these dayss any strategic sensibilities foreign policy
2:47 am
and military strategy overall. we are in crisis around the world and the president has not enunciated a foreign policy or strategic vision at all. out of the white house we have heard phrases like leading from behind. that has failed. we have heard about red lines, starting in syria. the president drew red lines. said if you do such and such we won't take it. they did it and there was no consequence whatsoever. policy afterd failed policy after failed policy. you know it is getting bad, and you don't have a strategic vision or military policy when jimmy carter comes out and criticizes president obama for having a week foreign policy. you know you are in trouble. i know that is humorous but the consequences for the country are not. the threats coming are real. isis, the national security
2:48 am
coming in about the threat of isis and it is a severe threat and we need to act appropriately. most of these debates of kind of about tactics, et cetera. we don't have is a coherent strategy. partisan issue. truman or eisenhower for 50 post world war ii one foreignwe had policy and it maps up to a creed. peace is preserved through a national defense. >> thank you. >> our next question, a comprehensive immigration reform bill. the u.s. house chose not to take action. it has been reported the obama administration is going to act unilaterally on the issue. since congress was unable to deal. at a if elected to congress would you support passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill? and do you support unilateral action by the white house on this issue?
2:49 am
we begin with dr. bratt. >> thank you. i do not support a comprehensive immigration bill because that is a pathway for 10 million illegal folks to come in on a pathway to citizenship. i discussed the humanitarian i discussed the humanitarian crisis we already have in place at the border because of poor policy. when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform, the piece that has been missing ever since ronald reagan tried in good faith to negotiate across the aisle but it policy like that in place is a secure border. that is what we are missing. we do not have a secure border. comprehensive immigration reform is code language to go beyond having a secure border into the capitalistse crony i ran against are to get cheap labor from abroad. one part of our
2:50 am
economy that is not healing and mending. so in the face of a financial in 2007, thetarted economy is not growing, and markets,rforming labor crony capitallities want to bring in cheap labor. their bottom line and improves profits. guess who has to pick up the unintended cost? the taxpayer. the taxpayer has figured this out and that is why it is a 95% issue in the 7th district. people are opposed to having to pick up the tab not because they people but because they are already having a hard time making ends meet. immigrationomes to reform, if you are negotiating in good faith with the other the other side should absolutely be in favor of securing the border because both favor -- say they are in favor of that. once we get this behind us, if legislation and work across the aisle to get a secured border in place, then
2:51 am
to opening listening new doors. >> that is time. >> thank you. >> dr. trammell. >> i don't think the president should act unilaterally in this situation. that is an admission and further evidence that this do utterlycongress has failed. i think the conversation about immigration does belong in togress and i think it needs be a bipartisan conversation. and as dave alluded to, i think there is a hole in the middle where the bipartisan conversations are not taking i think we days and need to elect people who are willing to reach across the work in ato bipartisan manner. and just as an aside, dave and i worked together 15 years. i guess that gives us some right?san experience, do i, however, support comprehensive immigration reform because i think without all of place it isieces in not libel to function correctly. security.border
2:52 am
we shouldn't have any rules that we are not intending to enforce. that is broken government. needs to include expanded expans skilled workers. a clear pathway to citizenship. we need to have all of the pieces together. have before. we can have them again. as an aside, i think it is opponentng that my doesn't apply free market labor force the with immigration and i think the libertarian candidate would have something to say about this, too. i, however, happen to believe that we do need to have the border policy along with all of other policies in a come comprehensive package. >> thank you. >> labor participation at a low. does congress have a role in this decline and if so how? dr. trammell. >> clarify labor participation. >> workers in the workforce.
2:53 am
employment levels. >> one way we can improve this going back to what i call a 21st century version of henry lay's american system. back in his day he focused on infrastructure which meant canals. in this day and age the things likeres are broadnet. and 85% of this district people don't have broadband activities cetrangelaccess orhigh speed in. how can you do business without that. look what is on the podium with me? that is how i do business. also immediates infrastructure with transportation. interstateso major intersecting and to of the five major railroad corporations. port. to a deep water a natural area we should be experiencing job growth and we are not. discussing tonight some of the reasons why that may be. thato believe
2:54 am
underparticipation in the work force is related to the way we are not equipping students coming out of school. in the same way that i just flashed this i will say this in communication skills i use in my work more than anything else i can think of. standardizedme a multiple choice test that measures those skills? we ever testing our children to death. and we are not creating a workforce that is viable for the 21st century. and morn virginia their apprenticeship programs that have 2,000 applicants for a few spots. we are not being smart in how we help our wrung people get into the work force. sometimes this doesn't mean a pathway to college. to reinvigorate the vocational and technical programs. is key toreform getting the labor force back to where it needs to be. >> thank you. dr. bratt. >> thank you very much. the labor force participation post world war ii
2:55 am
low for some very understandable reasons. cheap among them -- chief among them right now is obama care. so -- right. as i have gone around the district in nine counties in the i said and i still mean, two issues are on the front every virginian that i know and especially everyone that runs a business. because they are having a hard and they are having a hard time staying in business. number one is obama care. small business and mid sized business and big business. two, $1.7 trillion in regulatory burden that comes in all sizes and shapes. to discuss simply and quickly but e.p.a. is huge. sectorare in the banking in the housing sector, dodd was 1200 pages of financial reform. they are still filling in the blanks and businesses don't even what the law of the land is. it is hard to make future plans
2:56 am
in business when you don't even know what the law says. ofma care was three foot legislation and no one read it oneit passed without republican vote. i wish we had a little bipartisanship on that one. getting back to the labor force participation rate. jack is correct. education is the way to solve that problem. not competing on a global level and our math and science test scorse are not where they to be. but, the one solution which above all others that we need to do to solve all of these problems is get our economy growing again. i served two governors in virginia. i did my p.h.d. on economic growth. we need to send an economist up to congress to get the economy moving again. a recurring theme here? is way you hire people through business creation. said --linton this week
2:57 am
clinton this week said companies don't create jobs. unbelievable. thank you. >> thank you. >> gentlemen, your final tonight. according to this year's americans values survey, nearly of americans who once believed in the american dream ifined as the belief that you worked hard you will get it no longer similarly, close to half of all over 18 think their generation is better off financially than their children's will be. as educators and aspiring leaders, when do you tell our students in the enter thisout to challenging world of the them thatto convince wrong?gloomy outlook is >> thank you very much. this would have
2:58 am
at randolphhis yea 19th year macon. i ran a program called the moral foundations of capitalism program. i would tell students is let's work on the moral foundations of capitalism and economy going again. and so basically the logic in ins answer is the same as the past. the american dream is in question. this is why i said we need to send an economist up to washington and to congress to do what? to restore confidence. in when? institutionsrican and principles and values. i have done research on this for years.t 20 one of the economists i follow isa very simple thesis, that if you want economic growth, you better speak in moral terms that positive. you better say business is good. i don't see that theme coming administration right now.
2:59 am
clinton just to score political points last week said businesses don't create jobs. right? i don't know, right, because something wrong with business. business is not the bad guys. business is the good guys. and the first time economic took off in modern surveys 26idre chapters, i won't bore you with them. of usual answers not correct. not education. not rule of law. rights.ate property not geography. it is when for the first time in history we started calling business people morally that's a shocking thesis and i correct.'s what would i say to young people? i'd say the american dream is within reach. have to end the policies that are in place right now. president obama does not seem to business.y toward
3:00 am
he wants to shut them down in policy after policy after policy. >> that's time. >> thank you. >> dr. trammell? >> point of clarification. not on the ballot. ( laughter ) and for the record, i disagreed with what she said. i happen to agree with you in general sense. in terms of answering this question for our students, and i in theny of you are audience today, let me answer in a specific way first and then in general way second. in a specific way part of how we have to address your future is through student loan reform. i met with a bunch of doctors last week and they told me that many of them will come out of med school with more than $300,000 in student loans. they'll be 29 years old, and i asked them when they'll pay that generally theaid plans that we're on, you pay it


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