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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 18, 2014 7:00am-10:01am EST

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he ysneipin geren fuin a eitmes. rtcalieplin lt jonesiljo utoisss esidenoba'fuin reestoomt is. wak [ctiinpeord tialapong stut [ctis pyghnaon blsalle rp. 20] apong rfmebyhe tialapong stut whh rpoib f i caiocoenanacra. sincaprg ♪ ho: goomoin eveon re wt' hpengp pil ll tay th c.cdict wl sty foheouney d coer scoite is teooonhe.s rpoe tobo. soestifyg t hd e brka mic cte whe s. dtodi fm olyeery. we'lha le vegef at -sn3 a1: p.asrn anthhoeil te vel lleangitth e.p. wlehe satis goi
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to be vi tan n.s.a. refo bill. but it remains to be seen whether there's enough time in this lame duck session for the senate to handle as many amendments as they're expecting to be offer. look for coverage of the house on cpaanonheene c-an weil beg wh etr thear leaders rrent yo -- last wk, t satseen th satdecreathr leershipleio ect prtyuch the sa folks
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roh e position th wk,he satdecrs ll b--he hseemra ll beatri f tir leeripleions. doings the pne i ni nhaer withnaon url"o lk autoday's econ hooes th wk,anl neauser, for tsear econsorheou decrs? >> wl,llheartyleio wo t se y. erodinhear wl mt aig roo th he st a ainof grience, iyowiifhe arananhere usual a. ey wl mite eh ad. medyil rise d y i nona x pson anth i thopsion- mef at
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llouerhawi anoer nonaon anhoeveretth majority th vesn e ptyinthe leadsh ectn. st:k. soowucleeriposio e eranhaare th ti f tayou moat est:el trereeval main ones e b os are ofoue, mory ader ck, steny heranhe y kn, eyan st - ybrn is- eyreed a poti fimhethad theinit e eshagethop billings enhor and ncy pesi stthe will be y w faces tsearsp am guest:otn e elect adship b tre ia f centeresng eugro w xi. is gngo t cirn
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of the docrats cpan w. 'suceding t gtlan fr n york whoadaid fore this cyc that w intotedorothat sion an ty' cat a pitn foiselo ld in a h- tt' ainreinne ceorheearsp pitn d biofuris ho: yeahweehongur ewsig nowonesan n y w d posi dedeo p m r this pos guest: he'retily yng he 4 heas onl beeinheou sie 2008 heasnce ata sak o the stehsee'in t ngssnahianaus
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and he s he was do t en ithhouse. and th he enacng a hianic vce a ts a cye 01 wre lot o op bie tthe hispac votes ino v imrtt. host: erwill be an rpseatod'sonree mein with housemra enhegondicthr leershipea guest: ion tnko. eraseeso gpi a er ual isboeli d ou gerlyhege o l e lde. th'ral0. and tt'sothgo ic lo cnteredyaygt' sest nodyskitch monnellh, u're aiteitoo old to be rni t sate rit n. trereoing tbeois
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he doctipay oan to keeelosi,uthe'sus oer viable candate, nody whoanai t kinof ney. shwi handily breleed sti nto lkbo wh'sappening othsete oo the' gngo vote o ketone wh will ate ki ac d att intooo li? >> it lookli it's f ss billassidy, a mbf the uss okg to deama lari. t hselrdy vedn isilth wouldursey spur t cceion oth keystone pele. t w eene'gog to. dhecaidand ldru
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can omtoouia and ke credit r tt, b o oding state. d,ounow, t polsh ssy ry farhe ofhi ruup electio. ion kw w is ve llhae theynamicf at elti but bh ndat a rtnlhopinghaitil st: replins ithe hoe che eiearsp last we. er is decision beingad outhrepublantudy. ats at group f tseho don'nothe grp d at flncdo i he d o' ruinorheos gut: suro theomtt h a consvativeater oth hoe puic conrence. ats try to fe picin a conrvivwa ey try tpu t par to th rig. anth he vy much done
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at inact passed chrm o isroas been a bit a thn t side othe adsh wn learsp ie toetomhi don th s is t nsvative engh and the witolbo of thr mbe. now, theroem witheroup om somstandpoint ith ere's meinli70ut of the 230 roughly, memberf e puic cfence in throup. n evebo is as hd linedronservativ aifou llasomof the mos deditemeerof t gup whh eyer soha ons up e floor to meormorate vwpnt nning rheleion is soon fm rolinaoe re combivanbu hds wit thearsp. himappenisroex who romisi a me
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collorivro i leadsh. an o ionded lg ota bomb thror d i han't taedoanpele whsa they're gng to suort hi itee le - ithe ontrunr. flores h been ruing a pretty ro leidnds vi ndattohooices o ke sd rlr, y kno n'ant toutea wh leadsh t mh. st tnkou danl whse sff corresponnt "tialournal cgrsialar lde reest y? em is a democrain north cali. odorng to u. oops. i'veoto push the bto
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aad. caer: gd rng. thleerippprso have le me bind. eyaveovedo far to th le tt mie a nei reesentenyreha n enor a whi. hostok sohas examplef that caer iigtion. lelmmras reingny gh. ahi marched in th ild focil rhtth a rey erfo mgrp, m hnro. d iind th it isus solute trie tme that they a gngoivritso indiduals who eer ilgay d that flothe w. if i bre a lawi pe rercsis om i buto gellallis rights is terrle st ok.
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caerfoexple, iasoi toayhaord as aocl rk. ers ways ts biguz out brki u familie i cat begio ll you how many tesarcurln frayhamy agey s lled tthcothse to ck up cldren becae arents are going jai no u. tinsreoi t ja breakg up fils. why - tn shou we alw thllal immraso ma in ts unynd nowre up thr families? eyre not citenbu yet we veo as here- he to aty ngssna lde areayg or t etis,s ke to ll the host: alright. u' be ierted inhi stor then. cae t sate democr a ofring psint obahe pporn miatn. e story tt wrien in e ashington stesrday. d t,hey write hry rd and his threeepies, eyll
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ntetter t psint encourinimo ke aio iigti, ecive acon. there joed byendez, nnt, a sum th we e fr moat thatrohemmigraonil paedy nators lt ar mikes lcaer califoiaa public. mi, the repubca i adership in the house and t na do, they reflt ur vaes and what you ntor t vionhaouanha f isoury caerye. us totdecrat. i and. ani think they' tryg protect undome reason decrs init'sotly off e heay. we'reea y ke. we're tryi t get thrgh the soho iusgetired o sing the spicouno is
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tally cial, y ask me. 'rereinup the fali. wellweidt hetoom ov he. if i wen over there and h dsmae would be poed you kno iould t t -ou kn, rk on your ownoury. st: mi don't wanto go tofadown tsoad. gewhat y're sinon immigratio sommration arioritor you. would u wantheouse publicans and t sat puicans tryo hold up a fundgilorheovernment overreside omaxpte acon ecuve actn, on miatn? ll: no. think u shouldta wh- they're re youno wveot to dealit th. t we'veot to cu t boer weus can have is happinevy0,0 ars,0 miion, y kw. at's what ty nt they want take ove theyon't dano-man like
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gh buth'rgog start a civil confli, erican a getting rllupt outhis. eye all or. eye not the shado. they're right inoufa. anth d't saknglish. anth know i and ty iouof disrpe. u inkheha a lite reect just to speaenis but they n' st i'm going to lee ere. solet me s youhasenator mitcmcmead tsa afr and oths re elect tohe topearsp posby thr nk ifi ltee here wt h to saabout didegornment l mstt aying we ve n mbe of pousete leadshea senatowier hasee eleed aian. an he will be eang here in a few moments i'veeeve dtuedbout e way the presidentas preed the we the econ etr w his ierntn net ntrit, s apparent
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cision tmo aheadn immigrat wh eciv orde. eatr diculous aeent with the cnend wch th basicly havtoo thg for the nt 16 years whe wre losing bsn is country as aest of .p.' overregulaon. hamaybe naily hopedhe president woullo ath reltof t ection and decide toomto the political nter a dsome bins with us. i sllope he does at se point. butheay gn a not od let me tl y who d gethe message. anthat was senate democrats. thk ey gothe message o thkeystone pipinand thinth'shyoue en the cuent decratic majitynd the seteav appear epipha andede t voton the o
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they've beenloin host: mitc monll talking ab dived gerenafr hi flow rublicans voted him asopenator dheaithe sats in tollow this voten keystone. so tune into-span2 tod around:0p. easrnime is at is expteth- en th votes expected te acso we'll ve oketo x. pipeline. maryanieu, she's whippg the te fhikeystoneil the ketoere-econ a accoing tohe "w rk times" this morng, that she' got 59otes. e woun'sayho the0th te would b wh a reporter kehe that, shwied gotn aelevat and winked so wwill he t wa a s ihiis able to pa in theenate.
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c-span2 for r vegehere. politi h ts piecey jake ern. g.p. seereativy y avert a stdn. oba wants to change t miw.
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ho: ts l bng upapolilwnnt tnk eakndk oee i enhere de r uronry ths. er myld, pe u nt.aricpa icpa ldeasndennter guaye e o. cae r by t duthe. earefth re e emp wre'vgo st.
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caerke iigti r haorea meth eht u.ndad ve hd r dt veegmms o ok o ld webdo foe ld t at i ttef ptys sos ovhentesof thon , w thks ty edsp voli e ecse ed m bu aorg thg.loof docikme a -ho: icth cle ois
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rleed aew pot's o.da t sryn pe. mo so oer thu. wtsbawaor isones 42ay ouakno d puics.e esens nserg orr atou pve ama fe ll ponei ths nssun ecra tt ieto eity uryesa tewicha rub aro teyst x. pene.
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raraeri out ty s ba omaefe econ an d't w ngt, busol we aot bteeplinsid stthie th've cht. and to me, that's dangerous because if everybody's going to listen to the lies and the cheating and getting away with suppression and that, this country's going dnhill now. we need to std and w nd meure the rubcand moatrees s. iob fl otwah w w
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he spon e st coue wks in is econ ty vehe hse th have the senate. all they would have to do is let him pass his executive order and then pass a bill on their own come january 2 january 3, in the middle of the snow, in the in sshe's tcs inenefce cou hgri o
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of ctiin n txetide elyn de wiomg mp hetyto gha set ge t de ytg t vy pl gssro ds orrs ry abtutotng t eilonth wha inhitr meut a fpuosos wy? anhofiis ctn s cohongss i dsn t rubca adwhareayg esendo t aw pun 4the rvanthsinto wa fcacoroed ngsso t a i
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nsthprf ct ti? esofntng athehoof pealre dohis il dsn cckitcore. buwh it came to the conflict and the pushback on isis, congress was more than willing in the leadership not to take any position on that suand allow thpresidt use h ecive ahotyo rward. entom totr sues 'sk r e esento . tn aro cki of tarip . f ndteitns
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dog ernd ove agn. w e gngo alit thfuamtal qstion that dd-cssorng peoe are confronting? my value is not there anymore. my purchasing power is not there anymore. my ability to plan for the future is not there anymore. that is the insecurity that hurt us and that's the insecurity we have to address have to do it with aontrt. eeep
8:11 am
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in, t tre t e av o a yo tais yrson mp t :o u oithtrpis? iapod om 've foune ou ara mso a elnge hd, h ti te e t? oy t toetfiin r. ster esan o th11 e pi whithr ofgog ses ibracemd 'a me en
8:25 am
eihe a e ilhe a toorids e s ur y gr, puic, th whisha osth h reanthha gut: wfi anis ifi t ervity umitweee eh oerndou dohaifouac haridsal gs ofsl oth s b ite ndrachdr wdifoathe con n stha y f gheto ooncinssf core.' gonmoho caresanaual.
8:26 am
llhaoui l in toaktn. isi lie tainab 1 miioilns k th sesef c csi falarhe t n, e rd os.weerli6 en tn thboerthe hae alad coliedefn a al hie o rnica oga w tin ou bed n wi oanthrd d irapa npant nhesierorns
8:27 am
o t ou bti tt rspe o te sr' cpo. eslongheorr,20r aroromseri a 200we p tsace mt -tdwthrote i mas e su k veen see llo thg we t batcl thilap 0% fothsa swi tt.ifton h de cta oa anti oerr nt dwhardog icis nhire a d setngenrcen aarof
8:28 am
emt ifott ouethem bomolpa othocty erisstt in isatn. i'stenat mys ce se ogemoys cld oueg stu m r rethmeth omifre tn udmae ffenges li maeut c s ppo, s unyr. bere weet diwhe anrel's r ak t
8:29 am
imgrio aigntha s uny ats gatest country on earth. host: on our live for republicans, anthony in colorado springs, colorado. caller: one ronald reagan and bush passed those laws, they did not have mority opposition and they t tachieve hi paisanshipy ainotr su autecinheorder dowhaweavmari opsiono ssg imgrio dyobeevit yr'jo e mo bso higrd atth rt t a gakowes trnn n o mt wt-
8:30 am
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8:33 am
e llf e op - the jotyav sketo t re ousave to keep qet--th iothe y moacwos erwaa mehethmari oth peleidotanthvina r d t onnued tpr onfosi yrs pele went agnsthwi o the people the s te t cil ghovenanpeleid t nto me tyand the viritsctn i coress fleto movfofi orixea othss. erisumou e llf eeoe a imrtant suinemracy. goelteiny dtrnd brg aterecveo ngss andh's at mes iseltingotf ur wk. wwe a tam, ene ulnone a demra. if ahe jt glo t gelo, en'nodog b. stefe l y g y
8:34 am
will ve daonhe adsh trdemrac in thhoe. do t cre ldehi see raithe ot es tnkheurntly yourhi, thk er wl nefas atome in py da warspki scicay ncy pos y, thk e ds. he enhrghan my s d wnwi h. shhaheld h caucu geer wereoi tou anoth toh pio trt r t- r naty d adsh. hosthat ihemo eeang aly r e rt gut:nse r uc, at eres a eal mb o, d r e par, thk ithacth gng tohierdf ntstwe ed fht. st cgrsm rl grijva anyofoyo te. wlswchea a tk
8:35 am
outhpridt'is stte wh eplin om rtcali, lt jns is mbeofherm seic cmiee bereha te aooathe chgehareestave nehaditthfee crarchk gelaee unrsreryesfibo isefe e meseic coite. id cp] t arineoe, er0% the arin pplnowa ou psoelnyr oin aq i lle ne wh y, d'tnohoweanonnc thameric pplhaan naon thaisincily bke y s rhtergeral desendoureig qutrion analthudt lus mi y w a y u' ainorivor6 lln dp re aamts iraq d ri whe icongro plsexpino e eran op a tth cgrsow isars intond sda whheweredverar fiti?
8:36 am
ho tgod warno fiti a iopwe n veherede aew as. ifouanetho io e mmteinrien fm,ou llotavtonsrhe esonth ts agai i los kee' gngowth sa rd tt crardold msldoluse d d weado d t h n enoi tth sthk u ryuc >> ii ghju rpoe- ryrily- u ry aurelderis poti w iasn e it stesene. ' bics u ve nedo e spsiliesf ngss anumcos t cgrs. ahotyf liryor fo psintth ahoty mes fm e ngssf e ited ste i, tooopcore will
8:37 am
ga ith. ha gatondee at ngssil eyee tanth mt' i's reonbityf e ngss i'm rit thou onhapot. wiivyou my besthghts onour other qstion as well. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are back with congressman walter jones republican of north carolina from the armed services committee. what is your assessment of the isis strategy so far? is it working? guest: let me say thatnef e rsmiakes iadsie ha bn inoneswa t vo tpa tum thizioofilarfoe, ge esidenbu t auory gin iq. stin00 esesm'amthreon i weave a constituon reonbitynd dno thk shoulcoiturou meanwon ar uess we
8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
in01th t ldehiwi seth we ha a nstuon rpoibity. i thi aso pntnim wi t bld in ir, one ou soldiss untoet riouslinreorilled caur bthsielro known is. ho t psints w king f $6 lln coatsi is seinmo aiss er you ve sd tt iss il d u reth a ahrt. will youotnogastor fuinfothfos atre gointhe? eshebi cnt lt ofce, inheea2000, is tias $ tlln bt das we a tki, e bt of r tion i$18 ilon t chan sd- is n
8:42 am
humili tdendheor? ctie snd meye noha aarbrking t mita n. at tt arg u ow a momegogeradese said kw 15ilbe a dfilt arorhe militarsoe e spenng- thk brgh th- a sndg ghtt 0000 p hr fhting is. esfirearju auto nkpthinaon ho:re you nvo? gut: i aa vote. . lle w u llayor ll continuto fhthe wa aund the wod,e ed to lk sioly at a tax crseo ise tas d t e eran pplhe us pa foth w bau ira y th wwill not have fur at all e mbiescoer i tangarofuretan i nto walt rd back in seemr.
8:43 am
two min fm dtrt, p jee,neidad los bo legs and an a. i ok h fheinheye anali w re trs. 23ealdndosbo legs d m. e co minlo bh ls d lde thate gngo veo haveisecm but. th count inoprar t ta ce o wnd a w arnorered toayorhe rse areigin wereussayingo e xt nerati - you a bn to w that lle nkpt. th inorit. want contie esfits ou torldwe nd to b ro eugh to vote onhe ootoai teso y r thwaannopuitn e xt generatn. st: thedmisatn yss t st unid at, he coitn. es tres coitn. erwaa cto ith "mmierd"hat i he d
8:44 am
ss it all. ho:e llhoito our ews. es yot sultan siing ba wh clsaonis kne and he is llg clsa "o t there angethe ac do b d'splnyove my ru" 'alwaysmeca's oo the dd et unie- eyhod bcoerd ou ice isikwehould coerd ty shou send eiow topo lpur oo when sd r top into a cnt tt's in the ddas ho:reoule othis sttegy? gut: d'know wt e ragy is. th'wh isk sretary geife ulput inring me- t commieeife ulpuinringhaou stte i wh ithimrtf r ragy you hear se of t leade sang we lle er20r yes.
8:45 am
i know we ve to ghis b toe ve toig is ou th wld only caotece r n rds meca op ithe third stctf rtarinansome othe acveuty min awe as reremaneage the. we ctie to fi reasons t go to esotr uniebu we do't vehem end opnt. ifouavnondin y ha n saty. st:et's ok at whathe fee crarhatoay cause ld t wrehe stragys rkg. ideo cp] warseng sadan suaibl pgrs alon d' two inin offt, whe fosengffort teatg and destyi isil'sere fitiapitan in nyg feaven titfighte. relynd thrghuprtf aq forces,oati aitresavhi i mmd-and-contl h leeripnd its revue soces, itsupplyin a
8:46 am
giics animir i abittoas fce renweeks, thetres lp ph rc o o zar nthn iq and lp iri curity forceben tangrerod jooil refine at bir. ste n, astkethey gaerg is commande a sul,. iti fhts d t-- isl fiters h tadt ei approa. eyre meuri ismle grpsomim minitor diict intyarts hing lgequipment, and anng the cmucaon meod stni ts esre onsi will pvi te d sceor aqo recotitutets fors and ntueoi othe ofns th psse hinan fe onottialsil
8:47 am
crtsndolboto stki alotoore. wenoth a tir telligceslear. es igo bk toyoi - whis it wa ameri? ere are the geanros? whe e e herountri? isisls thato e rld, noju t amecauto the rlanne tbeak ce . i in washeor can te ref il but he g agn,mericaakg e ld. i knowe ll fgethewe ntntiraq h my args aend a ty woulalways y a makinprre. in a fragile b they e tting littleitetr. yearsater, d e liry iq falli art weontinue tohink tt a reonble fothwodto li t wld
8:48 am
cnot even picara untry. this iwhere a contiin too wn a road of clae. at is y us thauo by pabuanan. march of is yr,e ll have ath date- 2015, we llave anothe debate r raing the de cli grid rae e debteilingev o ofig tesndeoe sh was esentoll him t spend reon tn e goveme was ting in. we have alrey isthde ceinon t- president obamfive tesn ea so that heanorw moreon t ke the gerent ruin ompot time, one of the ren unies willay we d'trust u to pay down urebt. theror wwi n b yr sets. st: le's get cls tuonarona, docrat. ll: 'm lileit disappoied thgeleman you veitng the inhe- un le ds t dersta athg. heupsetoavsome
8:49 am
knlee. i'a tidrm i'm nounrstanding w you not know what a planf tack iss far as dli wh thes pele. ifou undstd, h kwsha thnuerne objtive is to t emutf iraq the nuer two oecves delish tm cplely once pu them backntsya. that is e an howhaplan breaks dn, im sad hr m lkndot dersta ect what'gog . its said. asor his or bords ts untry,heorrsre sece. a's a scare ctic. host: let's veheonessman respond. gut: lrythe prle is w we going to keutadm huein whi uld beheir to admitas an evilear. weakhiout becauswe nt to make a bett irafor thiri pple. lt over00american ks
8:50 am
d women. hver 3 400 sery lim d wound and.400,000 aq kle we c sy therfo10r mo yrs b you d'agree with me d a's ne. w wpafoit? how e gngo y for it? are yowillintoayax? y wt is trae taxe t pay fothese rsr y wa tput th oyour grdcldn? that's were nion thatant wara debtatn. weannot y r bills unles evy ar we raiseheeb ceilinsoe n end mo moy at we n't ta i if y tnk that works, the nduthere will come a te en the go do tsoad th weilnot be abl tffd the bombwe dp,hat's where were hde host: y broughicht with youhaweerjust shin--
8:51 am
whescooms ananof 'a ige. w, y a serth g tti stoecarnc poheaus r fuy y ithur no 'o aewo ouheeripd5. e e en ueomib ir.
8:52 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
nad deth re -- he pid tnkg dd anshhiha. itou henr amoum wnnsadt atjidiarndheor.r ll picha th ho: slie at sf todf erl-sain ri y hha siamilita were behded. i have a feeling that assad is an evil man but i think he is also anti-isis as well. host: bford, ohiodecratic ll. ll: wt to s tt w e redastht
8:58 am
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9:05 am
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9:23 am
host: we will finh tay thpephes yoar wcome to weigh o anythingou have se othe prograorn the ws today. demoat (202) 585-3880. reblicans, (202)85881 inpeent anall oer (2) 585-3882. yocan al sd us awe [vid cp] --[video clip] the house pass a veronas we. when wilthseteake itp? >> the satischul to vo ts eni after:0 p. th h bn part of push
9:24 am
omenatorary landrieu. e took the floor, she rk out a dea e s been spending her tim siehe tedo find0 llgu tgeonoa. ho: ishthe on that is whipping t ve r isor are e moat leadership heinutarthey sti th out >> democtileeripoes nose tbeoping r o ch its not eahomuch ty arwhping again ts th. righno t cnts ou59 narsbod. athis pot, theeang rget out there are senor ck dbi the satinit wh, s not id howe an on voting t bl, and setoans ngf in thercod se tt rm er
9:25 am
mhte leo be coind. tng snd, shisti onvo srt ho: s has 1decrs in alg th h? es, 11emrats othe bi. ov t pt fewayob casey, t cpe and mha beetav aolannedo te r the llhievin host what is her pitch ther llgues? >> sheas been a ampionf foa ng tim h bn a longti pory of hs. e cesrom losia,ho has stngilndas dury. shsa thatind -the pili wl eaob wl eate an ouet f se s. oil flow t omt. mo othcaci will mi fr t cadn san i alberta. she lkabt ergy inpeen, e tic
9:26 am
armes at we hr ou effort likthis. hostow arenvonnt grps resnding? >>he he t enoo plead thenator lanieu. there s presinro o he hse yterdayso clat activtsrostg tse h capitol hl me th he bnobin vulnerle docts wl e atapns. spoke lt ghwith sat whehseone of theigr open oclatchgen e na. hes ttg lkkn tt is oos but wtso e erneakuphe o mind. the iceaiy loof esreei broug to be onllid.
9:27 am
wl e autig hrs w a skeout. ho: te to cpatw e ba wl bo s hours. a ke ve at 60 m. stn te t sate. e usvod lasteek on eiveio e erandierence beeethilanwh exactlwod is leglaon ? >> trere no ffences twn e usansete lls. e brland wchhi dete is ppinis t upmi lisna senate no wre my ndeus cing bill cassy. stee she was ae to cu the aeento set thseteot hoeears intdud feivy e meil iftasses, the sat togh pt of t aeent igotrghtohe pridt. there are no aitiona
9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
that is utoheerhe nars aren ar ho: we wi bwahi tse whatapnsn e okod oneyonxl ck jiano, anyou ve mu. w tn to y tpe phes emily whito d. moat cle wh ionourin caer i havso pnton e bjtshayotaed outh mning. t kste pele,hy are thesmea ppl ain eeoofhe o cpaes e eyoing tcoin budi tipelin ith pre o gel $? the n eugh mey to t l tt l from cad
9:31 am
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9:47 am
bobby in pt th, xa puican. caller i am llg out reestaveahl t. he said reanasd an executerd f t imgrion 86 ameay upseabout is man whsa i w aexute debeusit wasot it wasot oinonesan waasd aa om t sereheorr at the time icthey d noto, d at w the rubcans a n sangecure eorrsir. i veinalornia t ti, wahewh happed califoia i ft calorni bause i ulno lonr t job beusi ulnobepash uely
9:48 am
onmo cme. outhe pelendeople ep sayg wl b f the envonntndll of ese thgs. yoknha th aoi t sdsn na a ty llo rerdssf whetr we ps it he ono th wl llheueto in a lot ppldo hereill be wki athrenees ki aaychecifhepa itndett re st: iigrati, u gh bentested ts, in he shgt post.
9:49 am
inthug emps ith past oexute ti o imgriorerm lbtn . yn india. dendt call. ll: he eroddo nostdround wlerede back omaesoyth cotr. ihi the prede rll nes nt eluio thk u. stln unto, io
9:50 am
decraticaller. ll:ete y o thin abt isipelin one, iwasuos toe 20% r meicse o, t o cpaeso t edt. ery cotrth t ute stesaseeinorheas twdedehabe autil lia, syriaimllf w abt o. ernef em wasnd ctorip alofho ppl aedor se athtae. buthunedtas saido. then ty co ric. w eyans pl em ou cnodo iecseewe o ch e onlyayo g o ode is thrghorob yoha heardotneor ouhowan m a p
9:51 am
coans sthe busess in t hsi debacle. st oketousa tay itorialoard ss ilit rey. somemes a penes just atnoannvonnt caclm aaneaor stggngconomybuyo would vekn tt fromhe endls ba or the ysne pje. e oosg ew thiorng wtt bthpridt frndofhear. e it ts. theven ile, e
9:52 am
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9:53 am
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