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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 20, 2014 5:00am-7:01am EST

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andinln iisruration deto tt as he wte thondete forceser geing stronrndhe pounieweliing aw. do lco st mesge to nel mlean his messageas thi if you're not gng to use yr my wouldou sdty w so cldse i memde of that story when i addre thiss o t flr tene this rning. because the iue'moio adess ishess o imgrio madamrede, como thi issuit psonal a famy expeen,s an membe cgress hetomo an iss. inhiirmsnce, m mhe sn iignt tohi cotr she w bug he at the a of 2 from lithuania. somehow mramoer, withy dou ancle, madet rohece t btire landing in 1911ndhe
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tching tineang for the ndf opptuty, eas st. loui iins, which is er many lithuia famie thered and wrey andfatherasaing. d atas the cityfy rt mother grew u the, spkiithuanian angsh, an immra famyhat wked hardtruggled, andromus family sri - knoth ha ltlerotngnhe ve butheophathe next geratio tirhildren, ul he a bte le. th's myto,hat'sy faly'sto, bhat's amica's story,oo and yha immigti, as an iueinhe crs era, you'l finsothing ve intesng potilares that bome an-iignt pties enal wher and disapar wh because they are denying the fundentals o america. thre sayin tte' going to cseheoondoulp
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theadrnd we d'teed ymefho ppl d need mefthose" pele becausehemmrant mies who ce this country bri morehanus teinio and sength and a wo ethic they bringevelf courage, which man families c't st. es are families i dfent partof the wor w say at so pnt wre goi t erica. m not sakheanag we may not en know what will ppen to u oe welive, b we are going tomeca an tyo. an t vt mory ofhe mehi cnt, sy,nd make aifree. they sackisnghe wk nit and- ty srice th wk night anday. buth a moment ces -- theiromtom wn they become part omerica. proud o where ty ce fm t even morro o theac th ty' pt henited at omeca when any politicar in sty hasecided t make an-iigti tir standar
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an tiralue, theyav wier a disapar,s ey shod. eyre ignoring a tni thr backnho were,hat americ i abo. w pt of a gup t yrs ag we set dn four docti narsnd four rubca seto,nd we workedor monthso write aomprehsi immiation refm bl. ll tel y t nam o t senators so you kw there w secre dealere. john mccained t republicans,orr replin caidate f presintf the it ste byisid lindsey graha public from sou cola not exactieds ler steutnac a vy coervative one. rcubiof frida, wse faerndother wer migran t ts country rege fromuba. an jf flake orina a
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nsvave replin byve meur that w the tmn the repuican se t table. on o se the tab, we reed by chu schum, chaianf tmmraon subcomtt ojuciy from th ste one yk. jne ha membeofhe juciyomtt a a soon tt' bnnvolve in me ofhe iueorong ti. dob menenz-ob neez, the hd t moatic hispacaus, a caucusf o athis pnt but mself the s o can fueshoam to t unite stat. and micha bent ofo colorado. e eight osetow for mohsitally foronths, hours a a time,omim angry an reao wkusoo otherim cpeti. we wrote bl, 200-pe hbill tofix the iigti sysm. th we tkt toommittnd the cirn of t senat
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paick l he, alledny enentoeffed tt yoisd. th w bug it tohelo after it w rord fmhe committeende ain ge an portunity formemes be ofre significan andnt we ofre senatororker of tenneee offerenmement t en rethening what w a very stngorrecurityecon ofhis bl. e net result of tt,f course, wase brought it to a vote. we brought it a ve and i wi telouitas an inedle d becausenun 27 of 2013,e passed o the flr t utestes senate cprenvemmration fo by ve of8-32 14eplicans joinedhe decrs aiptin eort to f our bkeimgrio syem. it wasroomt.
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weadhe suprt of t chbeof commerce, we had the suor o oanedabor, w had everyaj rigus gup inmecauprtg our efrt we h the uraonrvive grover noris suppoing this, andibals a wl, ca tetr and sai fally we'reoing tooomething about our broken immigrati syem. but uer tawfhean paing the senatisot ou. eeare washen sen over toheou of representiv. june 27, 23. da,ovember 19, 24, t puic-led house of representavesasotnl failedoave a heari oth bill,asefedori ts bi tthloor, has refed brinymmraonill to theloor
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thefe toddsshe obvis. weav aron iigtion syemweee t ce upith a faisoti tot,ndhey reseo act. is witnheow toal that bl tay as it haseen evyay sceun 27, 201 t f a year and half, t hoeeplicanearshipas fudo act. oh,he tpt us, the teased us,imend againe' thinking aboutt, we'reoi to put oist of pncle th w rubcanselven in t hsef reesentave wreoi t te y thatay we would ppt mein like t dream act, mbe wre goingo llou wwant stron border enforcen wchf course this ll already has. theye idll these tng and he done nhi. i'm rindf presint lincolnayingo gera mceln if youeot going to use yrrm may i bro
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it? e hse rubcans he fud to adeshe miatnss aos entire whnexction. eyidalnemmigraon tter tth for itas one of the most hef pies of leglaonhi i have seen andershat it said - borhe aourned aust, t rubcan e use of representatives ssed a measuitnlyour of tir members rusing to voor it a he' wt it said. hereedn pounity rbout two milon childre brought to thi cntryho he lived go les,inishe scol heoroem wh the l, and wtoo bece rt omecathrede hasreedn ecutive orr ving tse childre ahae toom fward risrit theovnment, pay tir fingee, and n be deported. 0,0 of tm heak
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adnte o that. th is called dac t esens ecutive oer gis tm a cnc tli i america, to tchl in americ t g job i amic toak thisetr nation. 0,0av done i we believe 1 mlion me are igle eyav nigdp yet. sohe rubcanou of reestaveinugustefe theydjrn passed a measure ichd t remni 1.6 millionho may bligibl for th pteion canno be allowed to b parof the da ogram. thes 1 mlion yngeoe ould b subct toeptaon dertio thkbo ttor aomt. brought herethe age of tw orhr a iants, livgn e unit ste tirnte ve standg up ihe
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classrooms acrs arica every moing pdgg allegiance to th only flagheveve known and t rubca vedit anvehein moryo port them. toept them. madam esen tt's n b enough. thatvehein votehat they ca, thatateful veha ey ct,he we so pro ofhemsels at aft vin they stood u and alauded emlves. at areomt in their mindsor the house of reesentatives. thpridg fir:he setosimha expir. . durb: iskonnt to ea fn addiol ve minutes. thpresiding fir:itut jeio. . durb:ha a trie methe hior othis tion. w e president of thenid states havinaid for a yea ana hf, hinea all th pmisfheou puicanshae tt eyouove fwa and fill cl is bil havin
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be promid pritend en bllyy man ohe republicshath we going tooomhi, now the esen h sd i'moi to usy ahority,y autri der the l to t tfit asom part othis bron imgrion ste we'rexpting any d nowor erede t aoue his executerd. heil n be the fir president tohi pastdmisatns, decricnd rubcan,av stoppedheeptaon o w-iotyas iou cotr every presidentf t unite stat, madam preside,ve pridt the united stes sie ig did eenwer s ud his ecutiveutri tompveurmmigraon st bexecuterd. evyingle e of them. pridteorge.w. bh issued a famyaies poly lowing.5illion peoen america tpp forefre action a wkermits.
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it clearheredes have e ahoty to do ts. an y teplins ith senatend hseave threaned threde i youse your exutive autri as eve presidentin psident eiseow has de,e' goingooltgastound yoreoi toay price, prident obam ll iope therede ps litt o n aention toha ndf tea what's aste res t furefilon ofaly memberho are now sje to portatn. at's at stehe whether o theepublin rtwi come intohe1s centu in isan of immian aoi us i aiptin eor to fix isron migratnysm. what's aste here terally t futures of millions o filsho just nt a chance. that's allhey'reskg f. to ear tirayntoeg stus i ameri.
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madam esen it'slmost 13 yesow sce i introduced the drm a. e dream act, i'vdescribed earlr,iv ppl w - young peoerohto e it steatn early age wh h nvoe in wthe famies wer gngo do meo is cntry and evtually fin tir way t gal stu at one poi,vehe hse reblicansai they supported e so-called dam a. timend aga weavac filibusters spping the dre ac fm passingn eenate but asarf mpheiv immigratio ror this a srt,his dream tll started withhi young dyteresa lee,orn, brghtohe unidtatest thage of,roreup in poamy in chigond d an amazing musalalt, wa aepd at theanttan conservary of music ahe juilliard schoo of music an because she wasndocumtead pceo go. her mother calledurou
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office, mhewh indeal wke nightnd y i a dry cleang establhmtn chicond id wha cane do? theawad n rl answer other than t say thishe -yr-old girl go back to er you ce fromor 10 yrs an t to come heegly th w t l. i introducedhere a, and sinc tn wve sn a growth upport for ts bause it isnlyai yo cannot, sul nold ildren responsle for the decisionsndrongdoingf their parts these ks see a chance. that's wt ereside's ecive action isbo. that'shy the actio bhe houseplicans waso reprehensible. tere lncentally made i sh wt to theanttan conservatory o music, ended t oy tting a bacher' gr, not recving a gornntsstance, she had frnds a snss who spp inoayort, she pyed carneg hl, she is n
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rkg h pd.n si she is notn n an amic cizviue of eac s marri thi amic jazzusian a they arivg in new yor a recelyad a by. couldn'te proer of re lee a wthe has de with rif her dad has pse awa h h serio medal illness that coon b treated aquely caee doe'tuafyor veme hlth inrance d they didn't ve theon t prid h t cehat need t teraeetosne th ipise every d to come thislondindy llgu obo sides of the sle these are reahun beings wrealngbo. the areotolic pns es a yngeoeho desee a chanc t bomar ofheute omeca sometime snop vyoon, maybven this friy the present of thenitedtates gngo announc h exutiverd. he is gng toays heid wiac the deferred acti program, h isoi t give
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morendocumented in th cotry a cnc itill b a nro category, nots broad as we le i atea som u wld le , b it lle nsistent with wt every presint of e united state h done sce presidtisenhower. it is fr,t isus it coiz ourirright as amicsn natiof immiants atays that w ar wling t stand und ght f frness. i wld hope,ould jus he at a f, a feweplin lltap a anowledge is. iop a few ofhe will jn in a bartisaregnio at o bke iigtion st cno b fedth core of thuned ste particullyheeplin hoe,efes en call the bill for aear and aal instd,herede i ung s autrity a doi t bt he can toake this nation of immigrants proud again that we are welcoming a new generation of people who will make us even stronger in the future. madam president, i yield the floor.
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before i yield the floor, madam president, i have seven unanimous consent asks for committees to meet ding today's session of the senate. with the approval of the majori and minority leaders, i ask the consent be agreed to and printein theecord. the presiding officer: without objection. . durbin: i ask unanimous consent the previous order be modified so the following nominations be added. following executi calendar number 1056, clement 966 and 967 with all other previous provisions remaining in effect. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objecon. the republican whip. mr. cornyn: madam president, i ask unanimous consent to speak for up to 15 minutes as if in morning busines the presiding officer: without objection. mr. cornyn: mad president, i'm gl i got to the floor to listen to my friend the senator from illinois, the majority whip, his remarks. it reminds me of his great passn and commitment to the dreamers and to the cause of repairing our broken immigration systemnd while he and i differ
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on the details, and the feasibility of passing comprehensive immigration rerm, we've been trying to do this for -- labing with this for at least the 10 or 11 years i've been here and we've been unsuccessful. so what does that tl you? it tells you we need to try something different. we need to break this down into smaller pieces and t house, speaker boehner, i know has made this pledge to the president and others, i know senar mcconnell, the incoming majority leader, believes that immigration reform is important and we ought to use our best efforts to make progress. but, unfortunately, the message the president of the united states has sent, he is giving up and to listen to m colleagues on the other side of the aisle who support this unprecedented executive action by the president that's going to be announced on friday, they've given up. they've given up.
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what the senator from illinois didn't say is even under the president's deferred action order involving these young people -- and, by the way, i support providi them an opportunity to become american citizensnd productive members of society. i think we're all better off i these young people who are not culpable -- ty didn't commit any offense or crime. they came with their parents. an we're much betr off. they're much better off. their families are muchetter off. our country is better off if we fi a solution, which i'm confident we could do but the message is that the president has given and our democratic frnds have given, is we give up. we're not going to do our job as legislators. we're going to let the president with the stroke of a pen provide an executive amnesty to miions of people and create an awful lot of harm i the process.
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u know, the tragedy of this is, we are a nation of immigrants. and proud of it. ou rich, diverse heritage would not have been the same without the contributionf immigrants that have come from around the world. contributions that have become a very -- part of the very fabric of our liv and our society. millions of foreign-born immigrants whoave come to the united states legal have become successful, patriotic citizens of the united states, and we haveeen the beneficiary because of the opportunities that our nation provides that nowhere else on earth provides, and that is the opportunity to pursue t american dream. but part of what mak the american dream psible is the
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rule of law. it's our constitution. it not president getting frustrated with congress and issuing an executive order and defying the constition, ignoring his oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. that undermines the america dream. so i -- i lisned to my colleague and friend from illinois saying this is somehow about -- this a question about are immigrants good for america or not? i stipulate they're good for america. as a matter of fact, my ancestors wer't born here. we all came from somewhere else. this is really at bottom whether the president, when he put his hand on the bible and he took a sacred oath to uphold and defend
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the constitution and the laws of thunited states, whether he really meant it or whether he had his fingers crossed behind his back. like many of my colleagues, i have had the privilege of participating in naturalization remonies all across my state where i have seen individuals from vietnam, from india, from xico, from countries all arnd the world take the oath of allegiance to the united states of america. it's an inspiring and heart-warming occion, and of course many of them have taken that oath whileearing the uniform of the united states military where they have served with honor and dignity as they await the approval of their citizenship. one of the first bills that i passed when i came to the senate was with teddy kennedy from massachusetts, the liberal lion of the senate.
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what we did is we passed a simple piece of legislation that expedited the process whereby immigrants who serve in the military can become american citizens. that was one of the first bills that i was a part of that passed wh i came to the senate. and of course the naturalization ceremonies represent a proud day, not just for these new americans but for all americans and for our nation as a whole where we welcome new citizens with on arms to this country to find a better life for themselves and their family and in the process for all of us. but the president has now threatened -- and he's the one who has made the threat. he said if you don't do it on my timetable, according to the terms i prefer, i'm going to do it myself.
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he said that time and time again, and there is no president who has abused the authority to issue executive orders more than the current occupant of the whe house. all presidents have issued executive orders since george washington, but no one has held congress and the constitution in such contempt that they feel like congress is irrelevant except when i need them to appropriate money or help them serve my purposes. but the president is going to take steps in the coming days that would send men and women like those i have mentioned who come playing by the rules, pursuing legal immigration to the united states, he's goingo basically tell those folks get to the back of the line. we are the most generous country in the world when it comes to naturalization. almost million people a year.
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but the president is going to tell the people who have been waiting patiently in line, playing by the rules, get in the back of the line. i'm going to put millions of people ahead of you in front of the line who hav not played by the rules. well, it's a sure way to send a messagto the rest of the world that our country does not enforce its own laws, which is an essential part of who we are, where everybody from the humblest to the most exalted in our country are all bound by the same law whether you're president of the united states or whether you're one of these new americans who take an oath to uphold and defend the laws and the constitution of the united states. and i have to tell you, because i come from a big state that sees disproportionate negive consequences to illegal immigration, this is a sure way to continue to reward the criminal organizations that get rich on the status quo.
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you know, the 60,000 unaccompanied children that came from central america that were rt of this humanitarian crisis we had las smer? well, they continue to come and the criminal organizations that continue to profit from this money-making operation, they're continuing to get rich. and it encourages children to take a pilous journey for many of whom it ends in kidnapping, sexual assault or death to get to the u.s. borr. and you know, the worst part of this is we just had a national election, as we do every two years. i have been here when my side of the aisle wins elections. we had a pretty good election. i have been here when we have lost, like in 2008, but that doesn't mean we can give up on our job, which is toegislate.
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and one of the saddest parts about what the presidents going to do is he will poison the well and make it much, much harder if not impossible for us to do the sorts o things that a bipartisan, bicameral commitment exists to do,hich is to make serious progress on our broken immigration system. i'm not sure whether we will be able to do as much as i would like or as much as the senator from illinois would like to d but w all know that the status quo is unacceptable, it's unacceptable. so theresident seems intent on provoking a constitutional crisis by adopting policies that he previously said were illegal. he said he didn't have the authority to do it time and time and time again, and now he has totally done a fliflop 180 degrees, saying i have discovered i now do have t authority. i was wrong when i said i didn't have the authority to do it.
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and he seems intent on exacerbating partisan polarization and weakening democratic accountability. we're the ones who are responsible for making these decisions, and we are accountable to our electorate, to our voters, and unfortunately it's going to make it much harder for us to make necessary progress on a number of different matters next year. well, the president says we haven't acted on his timetable in a way that he prefers, so he is going to go it alone, but just think for a moment about the larger implications of that argument. every president in history has clashed with congress. that's part of what we do. that's what the separation of powers is all about. forces us to buildonsensus as opposed to pursuing our own agendas. and that's important, that's
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sential. failing to get your way in congress doesn't mean the president can simply override the congress with the stroke of his pen. there is broad support for passing a series of commonsense immigration reform bills. i know the speaker has said that publicly. the majority leader in the house, congressman mccarthy i believe believes that. iertain do, and the incoming majority lder, senator mcconnell,as told me he does as well. but what there is no support for other than purely partin supports what the president is proposing to do. so, in other words, if the president were wling to negotiate in good faith and, yes, you know when your proposal i want everything i want or i want notng, you frequently get nothing. you always get nothing because nobody gets everything they want, and it requires genuine compromise, and it requires hard
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work, and nothing sustainable or meaninul will ever be donen this place without bipartisan support. we have learned that lesson time and time again, but the president see absolutely allergic, allergic to good-faith negotiatg and genuine compromise. in fact, i'm not even sure he likes the job he ran s hard to get elected to because that is part of his job, is to work with congress in a bipartisan way to achieve genuine consensus and compromise, where possible. well, he is claiming now apparently on friday in las vegas a rig that no other president has claimed, and in fact he himself said he did not have time and time and time
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again, and i know the white hous counsel's office is preparing a convoluted legal case to justify the president's actions. mostmericans wl correctly view this as an abuse of power an abuse of power. earlier, i asked the president tohink with the human costs of encouraging another massive wave of illegal immigration. my state is dproportionately affected, given our 1,200-mile common border with mexico. and it's not just people coming from mexico. it's coming from central america and around the world. bu i urged him to think about all of the men and women and children from guatemala, from honduras and el salvador who have suffered terrible violence an indeed some death during their long journey through mexico from central america, and i urged him to think again about whether what he is doing
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inadvertently rewards and helps fund the criminal organizations that are creating such havoc in mexico and in parts of central america. well, i can only hope the president will reconsider. certainly, i'm not optimistic because now the white house is leaking press reports about this announcement on friday, but i believe his unilateral action, which is unconstitutional and illegal, will deeply harm our prospects for immigration reform. it will be deeply harmful to our nation's tradition of the rule of law and deeply harmful to the future of our democracy. many democts believe, as i do, that this is a mistake. the president should heed their advice, stop making threats and respect the constitution.
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madam prident, i
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we are also voed iefrt whichasotepteduto crse at the enof 201we saan iree in fdior cuoms agtshich w something we had fghfo was t first te h d aincrea in cust en atheorrs witut e crse iorr tr. at was anoerigofow important e trade aspt th rationship is. rtf at just want to thosofou w know me a ve hrde lk about this
5:45 am
before. jt ntas teeg o es today stefct upo thfi things wealk th mo aut wh iav tsaasomne wh whei t io is dn't rll uerani thk the enotyf e challenge keeping our rds fendur imgriosyemiv the zef endumte puti a jt vethe molity of oucotr with ny peoplmongn and out th ianxtordina unrtin. d if you look at t bde e,000 le loncoaihe buest land bord cross i thwod,ver 1 milln op cross ievy day,ve $1 billionf ad ery day iften s ienisweal torder. npanishe callt a frte.
5:46 am
certnly th 2,0 me ng border that we have mabe the si s mt valuable pie infrastructure tha we have toy. i hope iane en that w. but ate'oi tdiuss toy iju a few higigs d i want toefct upon why thk ate willn tu ars weillo bk at ts era on e am e tt on theost importtolicy suess ts mistti he beenthr magentf the bder region theorr itself andls miation foemt. les through it qckly. ims wnll alo t u.s. side ofhe.smexico boerod el pa a san egthtwoarstits the bordearth twoafest largities all o the unedtates. cos t fw undocumeedmmras into thunitedtas erthe fl itself is way down. t gration io the s. is ze tay. unr billlion iwa
5:47 am
600,000 a yr undeeoe sh it was 400,000 a year. r uocend puti ineased om mli t2 miio during t eir oma presidcyhe h bn crse in the undocend polaon in the u.s. snd accding toew 11 millionod. w 11. wn ce io offi. methinghat wi boma jopart of thdebate is that the stainin 21 th the morton saty, the morton memo this admisatneg to priorize in a ve svy ansmart y i enforceme soceinhemmigration system which h led ta r re hume st wreong sele famienoonrav the sa degreof threaof portations they ha befe while also freing up resources to create a re perl teenn e border. ich has be aonibor to epgheetloow while alhose in seri inha been made we have
5:48 am
soeenn extrrdinar increase itrade. helmt seen a did you liing of tradeitex - doubling of adwiexo despe e sloecomhe inhe u.s. itas bn htoc onicto. today meco sndasur ird largest tring partner in the worldnd the secd rg export mark f americanoo. remaab. mexi bs twe mh from e unit stateas cnaoe wi o5th ofhe polaon t enoc popatn as flourished. filly, i can we will also co tkn, wlear th om the srery, th t maname othceral americanigntris ts ye wlet w oioly tough d ihabeen an orus difcult polic chlee for e united at, i thinke ll comto see ts as a sce ohi entire aroh d not meing otr an tha
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d e secretarwi be geininto that. t rtnl crisises hpen. thgsapn. 'sowoueawi them. asthk this has en we went through the detailsf wh had happened and theho vementesponsfr the adniraoni think wi rkowas one of e tu signofur abityo na isomplex thi called e bord a wkooperatively th our neighbors to th south. sohe basresef e rk we ha bn ins that weavadtrenus prre he. th i tough iue 2,0 lelo hdreds of ounds ofeople e involv obo ses oth borderve d and managg is iterms nablintre fls and alsoeenghe lelsf security that both cotrs queheolitic hiha bn abrals th come whito deitall ofhiweav seen trendsroes certainly helping tl at sty in thcomingons as
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a about toavaig deterod imgrioin ou border st wch we l ink weilis goi t ba cric pt and ro tt are going to tryo play to ma se this bngold ght anth the mistti gs r more credit for wt eyavdone thanheatnal miand en their aieavgiven them irecent mth and so to refle oal ts, weave vy ecuest da jay joso dsn rlly need major iroductn. alof you kno tt he h already deisark as rcefulndhohtl a veryblseetary of the partment of held seri. but think e e inth alyswhenever i work d ife go to wkt e ve held cutyve ynjoys her wor so mu a feelso fulfillein whahe do. whateople n' understand in isown is tt is maye, other tn e esen the rdt b inasngn. e scalef at.h. al withve d frocote
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teorism tyb security emerncyesponstoll the ises we're gng to scsi tod is inedle portfiof al ug iues that e supe important for t country. and were luc tt e esidenwas ae to psue y hnn tehis crib important mission on. plseoime ielming the seety heland curity jajohnson. [applaus . ank you fohat inodti. i will rer to encdie portfoo at we ve in th
5:52 am
departmentf hents der rangef msis fm unr rrism thuicesnd iaonecit. some pplveas, llwas it aiskeo eateuca largeeptmt veme like thi istooigo manage? mynsr isouave tooo athe a tse msis d componen were befe 9/11 spad acrosliterally dozen of ancsndumr cabit lel deptmts rangin from th deparent of agcuur t department of energy, tasy,ustice no cabin lel oicial reonblfor homela cutyborderecurit trearyndo fth juitn the st1ons th iavbeennffe i veeeeang f example,
5:53 am
thhe suaone hadhi summer in e o an vley the virtue of having atne coerce tleheffials o gerent responsible r aviationecit bder cuty, matimeecurit po sury, to dl a comprensetreg w various situatns that arise li the suation tha ocrrn e orae vaey sto othere n o cabin vel ofcial respoib for thansea-border-air seri oth nion awell as troction of the mend in a mb o spects. ereoving towa igera a risbad rategy to hola security. perhapheosnoble example ofhais.s.a.
5:54 am --.s.rechecks. loof pplhere a a member t.s. pchk, a sure. yosuitom information ckound, you get to t rpt, the's ahoer line. t abs ion to fe esrc to devote towa t cssf dividuals we knoless aboutt e aior. so t.and tearship ofohhaacallyece kindf popur with eran public. it t agency peleea wi t mt. peoplerectlly sayingic thingsbo t.s.a. t same timee' delod d grown t.s.a. prhe aan amazi fact ici le to reato auens stn e rste nt of caldaye 24
5:55 am
whe h t.s.a. prechec t.s.a. h ao izedrothe carey on lugga of aviaon ssge people gettin ready g on thairpla thatou fly, 155 firrmnar-o luggag including,4 o which were lded, over 3,000 vaou types of weapons seized by t.ainheir ten nt o 24 alo. alute theorof ts organization ere is a lot o misueranng misapprensnsbo t state our bdeseri ghno ptilay the soutrn borde onofhe things that i am vod i me ansparency wh i ceso the mbs of pele arehended, pple
5:56 am
mod ithcoursef y fial yr. i think eris aaiamnt of misunrsndg d myste rrndg the numbe, so i amomtt to more tranarcynd we velopi bter wsto mak th happen. i iacthe ca tt de psintba in particular and or e last ree presint psints inn sh andba, he ecedendmot reurs to the bd serity. ave a speh at cs oua mont a where i talkedn deta aut oorr secuty eor, umr addion bdepaolges whh s ne fm,600n thye 25 or 100 w. thdapresidt amaoo
5:57 am
fi thereere apoxaty 15,7orr tr agents ere are n or 00, fee of ris ffen tys t sthern border 00 e from --o er no weave gone om 56 to or 70 aira in the last 15 year weow havnmneaerial vehicl. he ge erheas15 yes om 2 to4essels allor ofurillance tenogymole survelae chlogy nht vion tenogy anth iesenbyur esents, the cgrs, wh the suort othamic public h swn rul. a tf illegaligti is dren by push-pull facrs lang t ecomics. e ony.
5:58 am
the cnt y'r leangth economy, t cnt y'r gog . rylearlytheionce an porty inouri wre migrants leave fm. tre'snspect ilga migration rylearly t in fiscaye 20 ap ntnsn theouthern boer rehe hh.6 llion. thla several yrs it ha be dn0%romhato around 4 t 50000ea as sonot, e populio of undocen ith cnt rehea gh o2.miio 26. dait is now around, acrdg ew eimes1. miio it has stoppgrin it h auay crsed or the last ser years. d it s stopdrowingor
5:59 am
the firsti sce the 10s isummer w saw t ske in lel gration ithe rio grdealy sto erall,heumr prensions onhe southern rder in thisast fiscalear , 5 o wchern e o grdealyecr on sath situati mysel in a mb o vits to sth tes,ocaen, toew mecotohoix. it clear aumitia ascto r resnse but w spdeggssively to the ike past mmer wh nuer of thingse in ple. surged resourceso e southern bder, wemrk up, icoultation a conjuniowi t govemes ctr america anggsse blic awaress
6:00 am
caaign abouthe dangersf e ip f ahild and the mbers da of unaccoanied children crossing th southwest borr e at t we tt ey hav bn in mo years asun10, 20, and it dpp h micly omhapointorward, to the int wreheumr unaccoand ildrenrossing thsohernorders ithri grdealley ct i paicularthlowest it s been in almostwea. idrenefity by ph d pull factors, as prefred to a nt--s refeedo montgo. but we areetermined at we edo me ourselves for boer surity. i ccerned abo the possibility anoth re illegaligration. chf it is season. it begins to cmbt the beginninof theeaeach yr,
6:01 am
peaks in theay mm, en drops off wh ige h in la sme we areonrn aut anoer se. we have touard again ather risen illegal gration. of t type s ts st summer. we he to be awaref e ct athe ecomyn isoury is gti bte soe e committ t sustaing the infrastructe at was put inlace. wennounced seral days o e openg ofnoeretention facility in texa tt s e capabilityo detain ul wh eirhire we havannound e ose of artesia, the fily esblhehere last summer on e cams lippancy in ne meco oa mp inew mexico more deteio
6:02 am
frtrtu. so peopl are critical at iny vw, it is eential t borderecity th whave this infraructurin pla t guard ait dion res in illeg mraon s theovernments -- we ga the governments o central america la smeand we wilcoin tdo that. i llontinue toav conversaonwi my mecan serioectaf ae vembke upon mpgn thai reedcaed the utrnorr mpaign ragy to dinhsid way. withhess oboer security. ouboer security efrtup ow -- ed she -cdp do i ds s ing,
6:03 am
thcot ardo its tng. afr the creation of jnt tas foes in the souea a anher inhe southwest, jot sk for decr t bring to br e soces of r pame. in eacof tho secto o boer securit d separa jnt tasor r inveigio to suort thotr two. i veirtethcrti of boerecity mrics tt will defe plicly w we fine bdeserity. aut o tng execivctn. i do not want anwi n get out ahd tredent. thanunme he will make in the coming day. t i wi s this. the presintasaima tis,eglavectn is alys pfeble
6:04 am
but weavwaedowor years for core tact. a.coneshano 13, thsete pasd forehensiveilby vote -3 a biptin coation i suort of immiatn rorm. thou dotct e hseidot actn 13 the house has t tein01 thpridt s it. teaim we ha identified numbef ecive withinthat c take r isting leguthority to fix wter o rogzes as a brenmmrationysm. ill be ror compheiv i satisedhaourerms arwiin our existg ga thitsanhewill adess a mb othgs, including borr cuty thpresidt cmiedo
6:05 am
rd sury. e psints cmiedo redungllal mraonn the tu. soe ll be annoci a set cprenveefms, al wiurxiing lel authority to fithbren migration stem. sowiha i am happy to sw qstions. hava seat thank you. applau] >> do n clap tiyoha heard awe. >>f u n haveards, wi try to fi you mor beus people ha bn aggressive at yo tle we a gngo ke f questisowbualth qutis ll be de roh -- i wilbe reading -- assumg u can read tha d iting. a but alicicawe.
6:06 am
i am noturth i canead alisha's nditg. l mstt wh cole from me, andheweildive in t plic questis. d, john11, whto iuesothing ll the mort mem wch sethe new ioti f rov in thu.s. iwos? has it bee succefu are weaf tayecse of ? i am very famili with e memo. eris a l of guidan bo pories foreva thguidan cld .e carer oncan remain fullyomtted toriitin threats t
6:07 am
nation surity,ublic saty, boer sury, andt the sameim pvide clear idance to e el tth woerobin ohere w immigration ls, our enforcemt ioties. one t tngs that im mmted to -and i lrned this fromei the senior laerorhe departmt t fie -yoca issue poly staten fm waington, t e field has t bele aut wt is that isxpecteof tm. im commied tmakingure athaver we dis propey explained tororce, , peop in
6:08 am
thfield who y notlws agree wi h picies,uty judgntifheunrstand em a they feels though thr viewsavbe hea a reflected some way, at pren a good equati f success inhe impmeatn it , rkg t darenof hi is aerlarge orgazaon of 3 million people in my expeence, y properly ecate a tinhe yforc othpoci wa tbrg aboutth he grter chceor sucss in plentation, aay that emtoe reflecteinhe poli stements. so that is a priitfo me. thk e mton mo,he marcmoon mohat yo 01rr torom march,
6:09 am
cod e someddiol clary. kn that e i leadershi agesitthat. hat.hould expect >> iidotay that. th imy view about the isng policy. daca? learn fm wh lessodo we len ou thusof psetoal discreonthusof a proce thffts or e lln - that cldfft rehan on miio peoe? we a n io e renewalf it. what he u ken ay your rsear her? how ccsful h ibe? >>e haveeaed l. sei h lrned a l -is lot fm atxpiee. 700,0 op he pld.
6:10 am
we are in e renel phase ghno the s enomhi le 0,0 who haveee aepd into daca ve definitely, en youtart aewrogram, there e lessonseaedn inso d think -- wa n pt s i 22, buty observation thathi treayav be se mpin the world- mpinheoa, e plementi oits ge - hagone relately we. it h obviolyada t peleap. h made lifeetr r lot ofeople, so that isy ke on . >> i will just s tt he en a rorth iabout to a o a day fro academic icafoiaho has
6:11 am
ok wn ople alied, apied, they had to p dn some data on their enis and ei income. ehat -hes into leing an inialnasi showina gnict crse ca enis of t da recipits in the rst tw yes,hi is all that hod. you ysavdo a great j. thqutis e terrific thk you. havgoso f os coming uper ooy >> adu denon adulanchd teion. weave a newacit weavgotten some ne estis abouthprriy of dentn r -- awas wrte he -hat the amic immigration lawyerasciatio yesterday and 0 orgizatio sent the psintetr asngimo stopheasve mi denon evy sen aes tt s
6:12 am
me before a dghabe granteasylum what are your thougs on h w go forrd >>efe e experien of th t2,0, 34,000 teion bs atce mainta, somethinlike only avaab for falynits -- for adul w bring theiki aosthe boer very, vy small frti of the tol capacy. so when wead the sitti , rather than just sily apprehending them, ocsinghe a sending th to the nearesbustio sohey could io e terior -- are tki aut famini, n -- and the
6:13 am
mb oinviduals inamy union -- in family uni w veryimilarmoh mth .ato d th than st simply ndg emo the nearest station weelt it necessary tui adtialetention capabit for family uts, pt becae iimrtt to sd a messa ithmit a f u meerand , yi ta8,00 coyote to meer do not asmeouile leo t here and be leo ay. soe il artian e mpus inemexico. i visited tre mysf whene opened i very dinel t areom ings thawehod ve done hebilitympve
6:14 am
- torney clients to ha done ings t aro -- tompve thettneclnt relatish, the ily to communat we areti working on that. mie mntaining the ocity for the denon adults whori tirids acsshe bdeis critil inmpont bder security that we need to continueo ve that capacit ats view, and i tnk that5 beds ouof4,0 is ju n sfienfothat rp wn you are aling withamily unit >>aitimes t border tre s ploded soaply
6:15 am
thenfstcte ate ve r adfalition anghe rd was rllonstructed foa tdeelionshi probably one trd theurnt size of ate ve now. we kw thataiti are crsi a slowiown onicctivity and growthn th sid. ean wait test airports? >> no, wt timeonhe southern bordefocao d peop cinin t u. h incread se se -- what are yo tugs out wh wca be doi over e xtivto yrso ve iboer infrtrtu the makeur we can n oy keepp thhe currt ve otrade t tipa - >> this isomhi tt presidenob arime mist harper a all coitd to. mfirsts --
6:16 am
confence tt attendmo the frearsas imah toluca, erththe of them t geero talkbout ineangra, cilitang wf tdend travel. frankl i didotppciate tii t to theob that a biarofy j ipromoting, citangawl adan trav, e sts mpent th d. sohe three lders he barked upon a mb o iniavetoo at. the canadis, for emple, ha tn the border iniave. i s st oaw in ptbe mtingitmy unterptshe tta aut w bldnhat. weantoontinuto bld inasucreithin our dg to falite lawfu
6:17 am
trade d avel, t ao nto mp me o efcit, easier from buaucratictapot, sing pntf trinto our cole ste f managing pos and ports. sohasobo w is exrtg imporng gds tor out of thisoury, as sgl -haa sing pnt entry inta veme agcy i am hopg that e nier d iilsi an agement on enhanngreeance .abilityn canada preclearanceashedvta of bh oming seri b .o proti lawful tvel hand i lle gng agreemt kehavery sn. anweonnuto loowi wco to a nuer of w bud ad there. its rymportant to the retiship.
6:18 am
it ia ghriity for the presiden a trereit is hi pority of mine. n as lkynoh b meinwi the psintnd the vice presidentefe they went xico ithfa of la year, and made imy o-nupi, lkg out - mef thesen outse had about th diuson, he wenn enh a very nerdy way, a ias own aw bthdeh his unrsnding ofow ctral th itourcomy so thinke veadsome strideinectea. there has beigfint -- ere wathbi alice-he rst we cssg. i n know that s been nished iss an area our polimakers have to work to keep . two more and tn w
6:19 am
continue. twdays borthtingf e nocement. ill be giving a spchn s vegaonriday. e of t f qstnsas are yogoing bthe,r. secretar [laughr] u have notheed you schedule yet itou be a fun ekorll us. this is om gd frie who habe wti with great thoughulss abo tse issues irent mons. >>he is thfoepte .> ts ox caisere. i n'know if yohave adttednying.
6:20 am
she asked an intestg queson, geinback t moonwhh he mto memos. currtl wha the prioritizethe dortati o .ele withoutrinalecds erhas been a significant ange ithwaweanage the 01rtation systemn noncrinaannon-laul enanthwath are derted out othe u.s. let's saexute acti coversalor sofhe domented population. wh hpe in terms of dertation poriefor the re? wl,heeality is we have a finite level o resources to enforcouimgrationaws, an so,ik virtulyve other law foemt agency, we
6:21 am
have t prioritize. oeny the ve estcef osutorial diretion, but it exists evyederal law enfcent agcyanyohave t prritizendou do not ave ito e diduals on t groundo figu out t priorities. the policy shod s aa senior lel and se had in fact ioritidorr security publicafy,ationa securi, icishyhe very hi pcentage of tse who are nvteofarus types of imes. i inthat ia odoly. that sulbe maintained. soonase ve finit nuerfesrc weeeto continutooc o thalff public safynd
6:22 am
amican public, tseho represent thats toublic fe, rd sury, and tionalecity. i ll eecth policy wi coin. >>inal qstn. hri i that whenev ecuve action comes, thfaly tiewill a signifant comne oit 26700gber a uncunt amerinsut of e olf 11 mli who lk this fmafalyies. is tre anyhohts to h ayou reke the ste and were csttly making the system and iou aue that th aintrion hama our border far serfar betternd famo humane irentears. th ia batablpoint, but iceainly meinwe believe.
6:23 am
ufition- fily unificati, fami s pocyefcted in ouimgriolaws. ndthink ia odolicy, so -- ani lie that the policy pory of filuny, minicaon, ou coin, ou bmaintaed scty of thehe falynit. i knowherede bieves in thsatity of the familyni iavto ts stormany tis and wi neverort it. fstis tmclen 201 mh's1 day, and i wand s t ki melonother'ayith my w.
6:24 am
the firslileiri enunre isker tough a anator, he iyo moer o't have moer, bui am lki f m faern e it statean th iwhy i am he." i arthat story over and over agaionheorr. i beev thafaly whcations nstent s.mmraonolicy. , he t e te mainta bdesecurity. weant have polieth opatas a magnet for fute -or future lel grion. there e numberf waysha prrity policiecabe reected,mpmented and ext th onenother. th iwhat i have toay thoughts echonythin bere youo?
6:25 am
iamb - im- wanew to migratn w d polic wh i came in thisob berehait watna serity law, fialawand i ilde with fiscal l. ndha bn sheartened wh w lale the suhas bome iamican poti. lk pele will imgrioefm from commonsenspoint of vw. whatak cmosee? what is prtil? wh is prmatic? tt, tou t
6:26 am
good work yr ganization, sin,nd others, andhe eees i will ntinueo make, peopl wl cognize the grt stris have me in border security erhelast 1015 yrs in this misttianthtwo prrdmisatns. illegal gratiohainac gone dn snificantly in the st5 yea. the iesents weavmade in taxpayer dla an resources, borderecit hainacgo u gnictly in theast 15 years. there isortoo. with therisore too futureorr cuty chaenges,nde willontinue too at wod like to do it wi core, but we will fd ys to do itithoutonesife cannot.
6:27 am
in congress were rynxus that we do somethinabout e ike in illegal migration this past summer ok, i age th yousoelp me t th supemental fdi. ngssas not ableo pas supplemental fundi, w det thheituation on the rrogramng reurs. i hatoakserahure milliodoar aft- t thdisasterelf ndo y for theesns othsue thri gndvaeyector thisast summer. fortunately, we d n he a mar event th summ. e rranseasons ou ov. y he no owo o that. so i wld like evyone t fully areciatan understand e gat stridese vead in border secutyvethe last 15ea. ppactourse inecnionffts
6:28 am
t rli of aroken immiatn stem, and to is a at believe ir wide latitude witn isngxeti authority t fith ste thate cann -- that ware not alloweto lift a fiero x the brok imgration system. uil wee as o e it f cgress a. it cnot be thawere not lod t aion ia number oreec treform the st. anwe wl,nd we ve identifi aumr ws that wl,hich therede wi sako t cing da. d i guessy last poi o is i hope tt orgazations su ath c help uto roveome of the misapprensns aut immigriopocy, border
6:29 am
secutyn isountry. does not lp whepuic ay thisbo theoretical tea, asg ghos on thsohernorder. responsibit , kinof unrinth bell ta aboutheac so i pe at oanatnsucas yours wi contie to do sos well thosarmy clong thought >> well, whaweo know tt we are about to he, from al ne aous, vpite ba autll the iues in e weekand months to come. wenow you are going bat the center othis wh ur veryble team, and ul rtnl -ancertainly wi do our part there oasionay da iving e nditryn at toanpocyke navate wh i admtey veou
6:30 am
-- these a tgh iue missi asoone who has word on tsesss r long te i hpeas , d es policy maergo back literay o cades w. amroud of what t hs ha been able o -- whaths has been abltoo. i hope that u d uroo eoe rkg this ugstf haveri imaking rorr saferndakg our st me ma. we dha me rko do. anyofor being hereod. tnks. >>has. yocacl now. [applae] [lauter]
6:31 am
the psintddss t naononhtn the topiof miation, andilouine hiplneexute action o thissue. vege fm e ithouse 8: p. stern on c-spa the next ashingn urnal,weilta wh natial joual creonnt danieleuusbout house puican ldership. leighn oeledc how the nskes phone record on c-span.aster answer, i say to my good
6:32 am
friend from north dakota, was no. >> thank you, mr. speaker, and i say to my good friend -- >> i thank my good friend from california. prosperity,c sponsored by my good friend from colorado -- >> this habritish lineage. it comes from parliament hundreds of years ago, which if you have ever en the proceedings of the house of "honorable say, be polite" to try to to someone you dnot really care for. a lot of these m and women do not even know who each other are , but they are saying my good friend. it is kind of disingenuous, to use anher phrase from the book. in the case of the senate, rizzoli a hundred. they may not -- there is only 100. they may not like each other anymore, but they are probably appots his if not necessarily
6:33 am
good friends. , sundayalist david mark night on c-span's "q&a." >> in 2013 president obama visited a las vegas high school to talk about immigration policy. friday he will return to that high school to talk again about immigration action he is taking. here are his remarks from two years ago. this is 25 minutes. >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] well, it is good to be back in las vegas.
6:34 am
[cheers] and it is good to be among so many good friends. let me start off by thanking everybody at del sol high school. [cheers] dragons, let me tha yr lisa.nding principal, are all kinds of notable guests, but i want to mention a few. first of all, the outstanding secretary of the departmentf homeland security, janet napolita, is here. our wonderful secretary of the interior, ken salazar. former secretary of labor police police -- hilda's
6:35 am
-- hilda solice. [cheers and applause] goodman.mayor, carolyn mayors who have some flew in because they know how important the issue we are going to talk about today is. maria lopez rogers from avondale, arizona. kasim ed from atlanta, georgia. from phoenix, izona. and ashley swearingen from fresno, california. , as wellf you are here as some of the top labor lears in the country. we are so grateful, and some outstanding business leaders are he as well. of course, we have got wonderful students here, so i could not be
6:36 am
prouder. [cheers and applause] those of you who -- take a seat. >> i love you! >> i le you back. i had the honor of being sworn in for a second term as president of the united states. [cheers and applause] and during my ingural address, i talked about how making progress on the defining challenges of our te does not require us to settle every debate or ignore every difference that we may have. but it does require us to find common ground and move forward in common purpose.
6:37 am
it requires us to act. i know that some issues will be harder to lift thaothers. some debates will be more contentious. that is to be expected. but the reason i came here today is because of a challeng where the differences are dwindling. whe broad consents emerging. canwhere a call for action now be heard coming from all across america. i am here day because the time has come for common sense, comment and -- comprehensive immigration reform. [cheers and applause] now is the time. now is the time. now is the time. now is the time.
6:38 am
i am here because most americans agree that it is time toix a system that has been broken for way too long. i am here becausbusiness leaders, faith leaders, labor leaders, l enforcement, and leaders from bh parties are coming together to say now is the time to find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as the land of opportunity. nois the time to do this so that we can strengthen our economy and strengthen our country's future. .hink about it we define ourselves as a nation of immigrants. that is who we are in our bones. in those whoe see come here from every corner of
6:39 am
the globe, that has always been one of our greatest strengths. it keeps our workforce young, it keeps our country on the cutting edge, and it has helped build the greatest economic engine the world has ever known. after all, immigrants helped start businesses like google and yahoo! they created entire new industries that have in turn created new jobs and new osperity for our citizens. in recent years, one in four high-tech startups in america were founded by immigrants. one in four small business owners were immigrants, including here in nevada. folks who came here seeking oprtunity and now want to share that opportuty with other americans. but we all know that taye have an immigration system that is out of date and badly broken. a system that is holding us back instead of helping us grow our economy and strengthen our
6:40 am
dd class. right now we have1 million undocumented immigrants in america. 11 million men and women from all over the world who live their lives in the shadows. yes, they broke the rules. they crossed the border illegally. visas.hey overstay their those are the facts. nobody disputes them. t these 11 million men and women are now here. many of them have been here for years, and the erwhelming majority of these individuals are not looking for any trouble. they are contributing members of the community. they are looking out for their families. they are looking out for their neighbors. they are woven into the fabric of our liv. us,y d, like the rest of they go out and try to earn a ving. often they do that in a shadow
6:41 am
economy, a place where employers may offer them less than minimum wage or make them work overtime without extra pay. when that happens, it is not just bad for them, it is bad for the entire economy because all of the businesses trying to do the right thing, that are hiring people legally, paying a decent rage -- paying a decent wage, following the rules, they are the ones who suffer. they had to compete against companies breaking the rules. and the conditions of american workers are threatened, too. so if we are truly committed to strengthening our middle class and providing more ladders of opportunity for those who are willing to work hard to make it into the middle class, we have got to fix the system. we have to make sure that every business and every worker in america is playing by the same set of rules. we have to bring the shadow onomy into the light so that
6:42 am
everyone is held accountable. businesses for who they hire and immigrants for getting on the right side of theaw. that is common sense. that is why we need comprehensive immigration reform. and -- [cheers and applause] now, there is another economic reason why we need reform. it is not ju about the folks who come here illegally and have the effect they have on our economy, it is also about the folks who try to come here legally but have a hard time doing so, and the effect that has on our economy. rightow there are brilliant students from all over the world sitting in classrooms at our top universities. they are earning degrees in the fields of the future, like engineering and computer science . but once they finish school, once they earn that diploma, there's a good chance they will
6:43 am
have to leave our country. think abouthat. intel was started with the help of an immigrant who study here and then stayed re. instagram was started with the help of an immigrant who studied here and then stayed he. right now in one of those classrooms, there is a student wrestling with how to turn their big idea, their intel or instagram, into a big business. we are giving them all the skills they ed to figure that out, but then we will turn around and tell them to start that business and create those jobs ichina or india or mexico or someplace else. that is not how you grow new industries in america. that is how you give new industries to our competitors. that is why we need comprehense immigration reform. now -- [cheers and applause]
6:44 am
now, during my first term, we took steps to try to patch up some of the worst tracks in the system. first we strengthen security at the borders so that we could stem the tide of illegal immigrants. we put more boots on the ground on the southern border than at any time in our history. today it illegal crossings are down nearly 80% from their peak in 2000. [applause] second, we focused our enforcement efforts on cminals who are here illegally and who endanger our communities. toda deportations of criminals is at its highest level ever. up t causefok the dreamers, the young people brought to this country. [cheers and applause]
6:45 am
young people have grown up here, built their lives here, have futures here. are able to meet some basic criteria, like pursuing an education, we will consider offering you the chance to come out of the shadows so you can live and work here legally, so you can finally have the dignity of knowing you belong. but because this change is not permanent, we need congress to act, and not just on the dream act. on aed congress to act comprehensive approach that finally des with the 11 million undocumented immrants who are inhe country right now. [cheers and applause] the good news is that for the first time in many years, republicans and democrats seem ready to tackle this problem together.
6:46 am
[applause] members of both parties, in both chambers, are actively working on a solution. yesterday a bipartisan group of senators aounced their principles for comprehensive immigration reform, which are very much in line with the principles i proposed and campaigned on for the last few years. at this moment, it looks like there is a genuine desire get this done soon, and that is very encouraging. but this time action must follow. we cannot allow immigration reform to get bged down in an endless bate. we have beenebating this a very long time. do not know if we technically what needs to get done. as a consequence to help move this process along, today i am
6:47 am
laying out my ideas for immigration reform. my hope is that this provides key markersor members of congress as they craft a bill. the ideas i am proposing have been supported by democrats like ted kennedy and republicanlike george w. bush. you do not get that matchup very often. [laughter] so we know where the connsus should be. ebateurse, there will be over the details. there should be some real give and take in the process. but it is important for us to recognize that the fndation for bipartisan action is already in place. and if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away. [cheers and applause]
6:48 am
so theriips are pretty stightforward. ere ara t dails bendt. we a gngo ndut a bch pero thatvebo kws whate are lkg abo. t e principl are ptty straightfoard. fit, bie we need tstay focuseonnfcement. atea ctinuing to reth sury o boer iteans crackg wnor forcefullyn siss tt knowgl he domeed works. to be fa, most busess want do thri thin b a lot of them have a hardim figuri out w ihe lelly, w is no we need to impme a national
6:49 am
st tt lo businseto quicyerympymt at. if they ill knowing he domented workersweeeto ramppheenti. sendweave toeawi t 11 million in the- e miioindivials here ilgay. we all aeehathe men and womeshldavto en ei y citizsh. bufocorehensive miation refo to wor i must be clr omhe outset thathes a pathway t cizehi [ceranapause] lay out a a ocs at include a ckou cckpayingax, yi aenalty, lening enis and then intohe ckf eine bendllhe
6:50 am
lktrngo me her legall that ionly fair. so tt means itill nobe quick pce, t it will be a irrocessand itilift esinvials out oth shadowangi tm chce to en eiway to green rd a eventually to tinsp. hes d applause is weirdriip ha g to brg our ga imgrion sysm intth21 ceury. because in nlongerefct the realits o tim forxaleifou are a citin,ouhod t have to itea boryo fily is leo in you in amera. u ould n have wt years. [ceranapause] you a aorgn stude w was to puue a ceein ience ecoly,r a foig er who nt
6:51 am
tota a busins wh e backing of iesrswehould help youo that here. beuse if you succeed, u ll create american busiss a americ jobs. you wl lps grow our ony d rength o milelass. at is what comehsi immigration rermoo le. arter enfcementa pathway enitizenship, imovents itheegal imgrio sysmo ate contueo a mnefoth be a t bghstll arou t wld it is pret straitfwa. e eson nows simple. we have the resolve as a peleas aouryas gornnto nally put ts sue bend us? elve thawe d i belvehat weo. [applause] fal at ae
6:52 am
me wre cprenve migratn fo iwithinur as bui ome u this. thclere g, e re otional this debate igog toece. miatn has aaybe a ise at inflame passion. thats t rpsi. therarfethingshat ar mo iortant to uas a societyhawhge tcome he and cl our count home, whets the privile of becomi aitizenf e united stes of era. at is big de. when wta authat in the abstractit isas sometes r e scussion to ta oa feelg us vers em. wh that happs, l of folks forgethamost o us us tbehe [cers and applau] we fgethat.
6:53 am
is really imptant f uto rememberur hisry unless yourene of e rs amicans, navemeca yocame fm someacelse. medyroht y. [applause] alar, he isfexan americanhisense,ut he poin o that s family has be livinwhe he les for 400ears. soe did tmmigrate anhe. [laute the iriswhle bind a land amy,heernsholed persecio t sndavns o aiv iyo t pioer ouwe. the pis t rsis, the alns, the chine, e japanesethe westndiansth huddled mass o came tou
6:54 am
els iand on one cstnd angeislandn eth - [ceranapau] no- alof those fksbeforehe we us,hewe them. [laughr] anwhacnew wave o immigrts arrivedth fac resistcerothe o re alrey he. ey fac hardsp. ey fac ris th fac rice. , as they went abt eir daily lives, they earned a living, as ty raise a family, ty ila community, athr kidsent to ho he. th did theirartoui a tion. eyere thinei a t caegiesbut they were also
6:55 am
e llions of mean men whoe actions hped ma us are, whhelped bui ts couny ndy ndri b brk. ppus thatl came he kwi atak sebody andmeca , tnot justlood o bir allean toufodi prcies dheai ithidea that yo fm awher can wte the nextre cpt oour story. anth istill te da ere is he? i aun-- there his, right ere. hes d plse w born mic
6:56 am
hes d plse w bug tthoury h pents wn he w a ild. growin u hwe tan ameran schoo pledg algiceo the eranla felt american ievy y,nd he was cept for o. per. in h soo hwahehis frnd come ofgering arou tn th tirew ceesearning some era shrotheir mm js the ml. knew cldoto ose thgs butt d not matter that ch what mattered alan was eainn ucioso that he ullive up to his godiv pontial. eard the alan ne tt were ing toff a chance tfolks ke him to er from the shadow--ve ift is jtor two years aa me -heasnefheir
6:57 am
to sign up. a femohs agoheas one of e rspeople in neva to geapov. hes d applause that me, lenaid, " ltheeavashed. fe aepd. so todayaln ihisecond yeart t clege osohern va. [applause] ans udng to become a ctor. force.oin t a hes rkg hd ersile day touild aetter lifeor mself and hisamy. analhean ith oprtittoo sarto build a bett ari.
6:58 am
-- [alae] wks, as t id of reform becomes moreeal and thebe becos more fol whod the artrngo llhithg alan and a the who sharthe same hes and the sameres. meerhat this is no just debate aboolicy. its out pele wom aoumean youngeople who wannoin mo than a cnce to rn the wain t amerin or hisryitasur onlyadounaontrge is howeill make sure that isenrys e sames e enry, an ameri
6:59 am
welcomingfvebo w ,sretoo meingor d iwiintoork hard t dot,s llg pledge th allegiance to our fg. thank yougobls y. d esthe united states amic [ceranapause] psintddress t nationonhtn e picf migration and aowig h execute ti o thess. live coverage from t wte housat 80 p. stern here c-span. apong performeby the natialaptiong stut which is rpoible for i caiocoenand accuracy.] [ctis pyrighnation cae satellitco. 14 onhtpridentba live arimeti address o imgriopocy inbo 45 minus,e ll
7:00 am
lk with "national jrn" rrpoenin allews hauser -- danieneuhaur,bout the cuent house public leerip d colonel dr layto o thnsa kpiata phone cos. tight iigtion anunme bthpresident is excted tnoon layou spif ste that will allow undomeedorrso main, toverhaul the curre imgratiosyem. it's alsoxpted tdeal with thosthreetngubdies unr e fordable care act. go tour weitfomo informatio 4mites, wr wa tget your