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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 20, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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lk with "national jrn" rrpoenin allews hauser -- danieneuhaur,bout the cuent house public leerip d colonel dr layto o thnsa kpiata phone cos. tight iigtion anunme bthpresident is excted tnoon layou spif ste that will allow undomeedorrso main, toverhaul the curre imgratiosyem. it's alsoxpted tdeal with thosthreetngubdies unr e fordable care act. go tour weitfomo informatio 4mites, wr wa tget your opinion oth
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apoach. t nbers tcall. -- he are the mbers cl. the is a linsease for domeed workers. attwier, yocafi us -- res w the border ste pe are dli wh e eside's peed announcentonht weta wh the headne" migratn swdn. ifou gtoheouston rocl theireain amilie criti aitg oba's miat plan cap times says
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miatn erulo uc manyn ate. the president made his nocement on the ceok postg. re is thatosting fro yesterday. id cp] >> h everybody i'goino noceomro mete ionct to start xing o bkeimgration syst and th iilleraveling t a ghchl ilas vegas wher twyes ago laid out t principles for comprehenve imgration refo. erybodygrs that our immiatn systeisron. unfounately, whitoha allowe the pbl to feer for too long. wh i wl beayg out are the things ian do withy lawful authority asreside to make the system worked better even as i continue to rk wit coress a eougeheto t birtan, corehense llhacan soe e ti
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prle tu itorr nht at 8:00 here from the white house where i will be making this announcement. and then i will see the high school on friday. host: that is the president's announcement on facebook. here to talk specifics on what toxpect tonight, michael shear is the white house correspondent r the "new york times." you talked about how the president is going to treat the 4 million or so people who are your illegally. what iin the plans for them? the majority of those are undocumented immigrants, people who are here illegally, but have a connection to somebody who is here illegally. most likely in most cases it would be a child who is a u.s. citizen -- to somebody who is .ere legally most likely in most cases it would be a child was a u.s.
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citizen. if you aren't undocumented immigrant and have a can -- if you are an undocumented immigrant and have a connection like that, you have to have lived here for five years or more and you cnot be a criminal. if you beat those criteria, you can get -- meet those criteria, you can get a permit and live here legally. and there are others that might get some protection. how will that happen? guest: what we think that ll include are a couple of things. there's the smaller group of what they call dreamers, the ildren who are living here in the country illegally and mother were brought here children, some engine as one or two years old. brought here as young children, some as young as one or two years old. there is a litation on that program and what the president will announce is aexpansion to include more people. that is one group.
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and then there is another group of people who are spouses or other family members, of folks who are here legally. maybe you are a u.s. citizen and you've married somebody or you've had a relationship in some other way with somebody who's not legal. there have been restrictions o how many of those people could become legal and what it would take to do so. the president is going to ease those restrictions to allow more people to become legal. the entire thing is premised on the idea that what you want to avoid is deporting somebody that is part of an established family in the united states. you don't want to pick up falies. that is whathe president is trying to do. host: you also spell up mate -- people who may not b cered anyou point out form worrs. y would th fall de another type ogrp?ue: nelly sakg,f uon't
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ve a family mb ith unitedtates or you ha not lived here fort asfi yes,ou will nellnot be ved by the psint's de the reason sgl o fm rks that e's been a real ph byhe agrulture dustry and sominongres over the years ttryo deal withhat grp. ere is abo a million undocumented fmworke. anevybody a sesould li tge tseeoe lal, beusi's terrleorhe ricultural iustry to so o beelying on a group ofeoe to do all ofhi work and yet ey areortf dethcloud psible deportation. the probm thathehi house nfnt with it iyo pi aine ouandayok, weil d ts for rmworks, then t cstctn worrs k,hyot us? or the pple who worinot dury or the people who are day laborers fr a legal pspective you cod not single out aro th i employedn pticular inst a say, okth group willet proctn d not otr grou
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shear, one the things youalabout yr story of tsehat might precd itheyergog beovered under theho care act. how llhabe handled? gut:' talked to some officis tascolef ys andhere leloois the folks who wi g ts , those who mod from a cplel ieg status to me legatasth wi be ab to workn is country legay d not uer e thre oertiobu thadniration deced it doesn't make see give em cess toovernment bsidiz health careitherhrgh medicaid or e rm c a, icofourse,ou get bsieif you are und a certain inco level. th is dapintment tohe tistand thimgratio community. buitou reallnflamehe ba even morehait aea . coertives are trulopposed to the idea ofivg atin of benefit tanybodwho ca
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tohe coury illal. st: the prede h t make dinner with decrs last nit to lay outhe an wh was t rctn? es t dnewaprimarily effort to kind of ral everybody hi him as goes and makes this aouemt. lkwho ca out of thdier ld t ee asinbend it and sill aed for the suort. atouilsein the next da and weeks is t ly defensrom thehite hse itse oth ecuvectn, bu aollf s allies. u llear decratsn pil llll singing t same tune, but alsfos t adcammit t groups at have been lbying r this. th he their own lawyeran oneg befs --ndhe own lel bef ppad. s, e ite hoe
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pes, the unified msa o dense gog rwd. icel shear wh the ew york times" tta aut immiatn. than f yr me gut: happy to do i host:orheexminuteor ,e nt to get ur thought on thereside'anunceme toghwi st t nerar president- t nocent tight. the mbs e t screen. in th cntry ilgay andouanto giv yo tugs well, the is a ne for you fromwier this rning two rctnsro twter th mni. we will art on our causehi morning withiceln new yo, dendent line. gohe, u on.
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ll:oomoin y have a grt ow hohank you. ll:byheay, i'a pressor. gus, wanted tori tt . bamaento the apex exonrees - chinandadthe anunme tt he'giving lited amnt of greecards wao cne who want wk t united states for ten-year timeframe that ian unlit aun ulbepwds o0 llion or 20 miiopele. ho: wt you think of the esent's approach on is issu caer tnkt's arbitry. the'noequirent likth ha wh latin amics. goeon intnaonalv wi
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thpridt of china, secrary kerry there. nnouncent of e nu gen cdso an unlimid amount --0-ar green cas an unlimited ou ochinese. ho: ok, color from sacren of. the predent should go ead ao someing d t these people out of di. the time that the president habe ioffice, he hasried work thheongress and th kp cking the canow the road. 's norunning fopridt ain. -- n rni for president ai anreblans argoing to co io theene in january
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and trtoisntle everythin host: whado youhi t if thpridt goes ead ando ts? ll: tnk theenits atho hidinthe show will haven portunity to come oard and bome lelid ameraniten they wl making a g conservation to thisoury growing up isns oths me over, my wi was dpled from a job. t ht ryndam ov, my we s splaced from a b. megariansaar overmyifwas displaced from jo ho: a lot of rctn omhe nate se stig, particularlyheubca. heres senator john corn of
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texas. ske aboutheresident's approa on executive action. id clip] >> weed to try somhi diert. nd to make thisowin smaller pies. and the hous sak bhn i owhamade this edge t the psintnd oths i owenorcconnell, e congajoritleer, liesigti reforis imrtt d we are to use ou best eor tmaroes but unfortaty,heessage of t president -th t sshathe president of the uned ste h st is th he's vi u fory lleagu oth other def eis, those whuprt his executive acon, they he veup they he veup line,arepublican yoare next. ll a lotf rubcans, wt s iigration l
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paed. loofheeople i kn are saying, go ahead and do ithile we are waiting i ilhousesor1 years. osla 10 years, rfe hoes witall hian ppl frifrent place mic el saldor. the ys work hard. he's the problem. i's kind of keheef10 not knowg atheig hand dng. who are democrats voti fba a going to ff. his many pplreoi t co he d ey're going to ta js. people are gog come he and thergog ta js. time youple all the ne aob a beul ems job and theyon't go get i hian people will lk t jo eyill te js omhe rin people that are alrey workg. d en they wi be aryit
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th democratsnd the publicans lle brd. hoimhoaryou dng callerin tnk wh ts presenis abo to dos t a linkan't cotitutional, buit's ilga sie 'gog do th with what othe self, reblanwant tdo arthey going to peh m? wi they forced him tregn reali, cee sig th tonig, erica ge. it'derod. we do't ve a dtar presidt. have a psow's supposed flothe constition. he cls hself constutna laeri bie i ho:ome republantalk about a governme shutdown er this iue yowould ppt mein along thoslis? call: shut it dn. impeh m. thse h tguantanamo. i n't care, becausee' not a diat. ste hmo sst'a
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shame th barsabill won' beroughtp on boehner's de. i would m bme the president. -- ieay n't ble e esident. new jers, repuic lin y'ren. ll: good to hear e lls lling. itat oneto -yr-d ack worker was spceby a white hunri the revolutionf 56. thwhole queson is lowering thwas t worker. peo, he s i'm coortabl with the term american. i'a ite eopn working in noh era and e other working-cls. was a gngown and this i alpa of it thpeectamduck ridt bnghis up. whdi'he havhera to dohion hisirst term? the wh system pny. don't te don't coaghi ho: did maran h's it
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gog?aller: caller:inittrange that th want to passnoer lonely we --nother law when alrey have a l in place. abo lten to c-sn during the senateebate, derstand there a tens of millio ofeoe ming tthe u.s. in thnext dad th'onofheeasons why e hou did not pass -- o pass the vote t senate bill. host: the and heangonhi sue, oervents ts issualvaable at r website. you canat the aouncement at:0live on c-span. goo r website f me about e announcemt. fials with abc and cbs and foconfirmed the ns t hill newspap tt the eech
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will note rrd on their twks be rert they would not carrying theddssither. cablne netwos e expeed cryheddss, asell as spanish-nguageetrk and lendo. -- networks, uvision and lemundo. wi you a une, spring, xas, rubcali. at do u in about night's expected annouemt? caller: tnkt's not unexpected. the president did annoue wod dot. andnfortutely, a republican,'m to say that did not aeen ate would do. as far as euring gal imgrts,'motn voof e ameraneoe ving t pay. i inmaybe what we could do beusi think this is gog
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happenitheray -yocaot expollf espele. they nd to furout a wa to ynto their own health care vege, so the americ peopl are not penalized foreoe coming into isoury illell host: tt topiexcted to be dressed tonight. pat on twitter at th coersati. -ad tthconversati. scotty in bocaat, ora. ll: nodgo f this. docrat, ameca- puic, ac wte managent,ab, noboan something el cinov he ki o sff. d't care who youre it'cry. hewere amerin a dp theiidoff here, theyould be arrested fochd us
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if you reallfothis, u've gotoe t your mind. a questn ki aut e ew on presiden obama ki action on immigration. 42% sa ty dapov 3 percent apov when asked about aatayor , 57%mmigrants favote a 40% oosit. th aed event,t e pathway they kethen, t thy prode ph to citizehip -- ri oour decrat le,o ahead. t stenthawas just made,alng about in the ki o at the border, evybody wts to ll the law. -hlasa theseids are
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veheig tbeepsented fo they are rn away. myext a mut wh his nocent to tt, there'a rumogoing ound febk d all this atrede reagan a psintusan so othother esen d the ext mehi. myueioisdireagan actually sn ecuve oer toetomhi like 30 98 i: going backo ink, i reaasel bugo ahead. i agreee shou dit e lthi tre should of regulated tngint. bu t are alrea he. 'noli ty e t here. the'relrdy her th are aea wki. ey arelrdyaung accidentanotr ings. ey mig as well btad it
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t thershlde ipatns bui's t ke they a comingcrs e rd. theyrelreadyer host:at ianregon on our reblanine. caller thank you forakg phone ll th is also a, seems keo . the ilenhey are talkin abt,t justeemsikmeco eatshe citizens so teibly. we tthe liary of a ts cldn's ritsn mexico. thexecutive mmy yshe mexionition provid th the state hashe dut to respt e dignity all children a t fl erse tirigs. ao provides thachdr have the righto tiy eir nuitna heth, educational, anrecreaon needs
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serala he ennaed in ordero implement ts mandate. stmportant, the federal law on the pteion of the rhts ofhired adescents. thefe,heshould note re. eyreei tat betillinexo. st way, westirginia. inpeenline. 'nomistaken, u n look at the constitution and gon. yoha been waed abo ts. i caed two mons o d warned y aboutsi given aid a support to ournemiesurg mef war. if i'm notistaken, tt is an ac of tason. e n ead is amics e getting thei hes t off. inabt that tt wayne from west viin. you heard fm nar hn
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cornyn othsenateide. setodi durbin al tin to t foresrd, t on the tainabt the pares that are oppos tthpresent --ppac b he talk about immiatn as wl. [vid clip] hat becometies an-immigrant parties enal wither andippr. y? beusth areennghe ndenls of amera. th are sayinhawere ing tolo the doorsnd pullp e ladder and we d't .d anymore of oseoe do need more of tseeoe "those peoe,beusth hereringo me mo tn just strengtand the woh and -- work eic, th bring courage a mte host:heypal undumente immigrt has w enivg thunedtas for morehan 13ea mo tn half of domeed miants areromexico.
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coing to the department holand securitarlyrom otr countries, latin america, anas. leorve set aside a domeedmmigrants give urerspectiven is. you n ll on e her lis wl. 2-d is up next omou calina, demoatsine -- trys up next omouth calina, democrats line. rede, i sport my barack omainisecioto suort legizing the spic communit they are goo hd-rkg op. wldot have all of thi flood of people om mexico it ha't beenro -- for employers ancoumers. iilner several years ago itos $7,000 to p aoofn
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hse noitos may be 3000 a they a a hard-rkg mexins they he famies anthey are good peoplanweeed to priate them. host wt outhe calls is morng tt e ncerned about eranobs? caller we edo gacto naftwhen the arin congress d clinton agreed to send a our jobs to china. o mep with a lution. need infrastrture. i think atou help a lot of ople, if they n get woin onoa and bdges. need ce up with meew idea let, baton rouge, uian rublicaline. caller: good moing. just he thisneuestion foall ofouaudience t y lyer, anth is, the ericaniten is expeed floth lwith t exptn psident oma
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obviouy. if i don't purchase a al planf which he coses, i will ha t i dn on m poofhebla low pie of ppey mar i will havferal agencies all ere. it seems the oldeople quired flothe law are the het american -- rd-working americaneoe. i owhe iegs are ha-working peopl but thedo not have respectoruraw an i d not belie they shou be rewdefolarein followheules a other legal immigrants have de. n eer our country lelly. weave a right toroctur n bords. and as f asexico and the rest ocentral ari, all we aris safety val to prect bau fm civicnr
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of the fleecom syems. yort sthrone identifiesimlf as re illegall caer: gd rng. toy as aimgrt,t's a g d. 'veeeling here 20 yrs inhicotr i meeren 14. i ha t u.s.itizen ilen i own ho and ausess. triederhard f mpars d i could't t it. a dortionot orr. i spent 90 dayin dortion ceer und ty leased m supervision. iss a big dayn this untry. iss not onlyor latino op. this ifoevybody fromll erhe world. i'very happy 'm ryappy mr. omas doing the annouemt nit.
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d eshim. he's e t bt esiden inhe world. i d't rehat the republican y. old, and my yoge -- they go to soo i payax. i work hd,0 urs a ek is is cnt. i do not he any hecotr inhe wor. host he u oked at what habennounced about this anuncementonhtan y think u ll be e tse people w will ried om portatn? call: i tnk my ans e very good, becse skeo attorn. you see atapns .ts bipl for everydy i'happy forth ppl t, who haveheeen thisountry for so lg. like m who he enorng so hard,ouno i am5 years and i come tohi
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countrto have better le a to hava bett le for my chdr. host: why, after 20 years, are you still not able to gethe proper paperwork caer ippedorolic asum te, i did not have enough paper to ow the immigration court. and they did not belie m story. my case wadenied. yk,at ialrone idtifying here illegal. we have t aside a le for u comme iyowa to do at will diert ndy in ora,emocra line. ll: i wou justike to say, good on the preside. hope he does nofo. nd i hopren he protect our rights fo freedom. is is not a politicalss. thiss a hun issue. i haveeen mo ppldo work
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that supsey n ulnoe thed to do. i think if we suprt the peleo comentou cntry, ey, too, can take rtn the rits that we had us eran calling ouels a fe untry. i'm really glad itaking a ance and taking away the politics. st you areayg u are ra hmit fold. wh dyome by that? i jt pe he continues toar oand go throughhi ando the exetive aio i ju fl ke the repubca are going to push,us ph. sffhaolic wi hpeno it's t potil issue. i'gl tt he will ctie to carryn thisromise anma t rorth nds to hpe sth ppllike thgelean who spoke aad me caonnutoome in
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and lal. we gri about them y are a gay, but do everythi we cato stop them fm inhere legally. host: tt was ndfr georgia. th speech,ith spifs, toght at:0fo70anatch that rhtere on-sn. withit joth grube the pages the "walltrt abo hu've heard connectionitthaffordle carect thfaout from h rar i o otherng, rtularly states thahe's ne work wi. in vermo, had a ctract r up to 45000 dollaror economic moding reteto the at healtsyem.
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mari, oo,his is rich on e republican line. caller: really odoi cing across. it seemsikwe turn onhe per magnetrooba on nefitso trt op in. look ath pbls we run into em we get things out o order, and said pele getting -- std oeoe gettg cizehiand th ce . we get dea,bola, imal getti ssizeby
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illegals panthoe is being reosed on becausthey baed up a loan for their studts. th just ridiculous. our studen wl veo t otr unieto get jobs. i linep d st to your aner host:li, lloway, oo my you are ne. call: 'm gladhether ohan jussaid everythini was gointoay the reon illalarcong in here inot is beuse they kn t true history of ts country. --noaoads, it's beuse they know t te story of th cnt. is countryou not have what as witutllegal eyev had their papwo. th wldnotheir story. th wouldotnow where their pantcame from athg, st like thmeca. at's y they are stl mi over he on boatshongod will bleheangi them ar pt.them
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and the sees andvethg se is what the amecans brought to thicotr host: reacono e pected enngcentonht t a twt omheffe of spkejo boehner. ro swshe icofoa yocan put in peror rkg ght the. again, that a usspker putting oua eeon the acon detailst 8:00 tonhtn the execivacon on migration. tcit her on sp. mu gtoean in wasngton, c., democrats ne aay ierting toeamore conservate nd folks compte rl ait immigrantsescially wn you vefoexample, our entir -- i built on
7:36 am
thexploitati of cheap labor. you want iscourage a wa of illegmmraonn is uny,hen make t jobs at make our food, tt the r -- thate attraiv ck our produ me trtive to ameca jobseekers charging $50oramrger. u llave to payore. thesfolks e ying pnies onheolr ic pndand podsf oduce day. $50 for a haurr,ud th's what y will veo do. kehe jsoratacve rough better benefi a higherages, d maybe ericanwill takeheobs, raerhan thexportationf poor persons of color cong across t bordeju to try to ndomething, athg improve their livehood. mploye and hlt befi.
7:37 am
this is y ldein wring that a yrfter insurce market places -- g nexto bre, repuican line. caller: thank you, odorning. and ank yofotang my ll gamemed at the giant con being played on e eran people bougornment, and spifal most ofll by our presidenand his decric
7:38 am
party. refus -- th prident sefed to uphold s constitutional oh of ofce. and ithful ecull of e ws of the united ste, d w six yearinto h term he say o wsa we have a obm thllal miatn. yes, we do he a pbl. we have an eorment problem. and that money thahas be spent housing l of tse chilen whoere shippehe a few nt ago, l of the mey aturovernmt sndg t siaweare stateor stf r illegal immian, the way, that mone cou be rerected to enforcemenan deportatio it is not a human issue. it is a legal issue. e question is,o u nt the deral vernme othe united ateso force andphold the
7:39 am
wsf the ited stes? and s argument from the le th reagan signed exetive ts fects,nd george h. sh sign such exut oersthat isn vad argument. those execute orde are not comparleo at our president is about tdo. onight & is torr. -- and signy, it tomorrow. hesfftilyunilatal changi ls. twitt ao mentions rona rga speakingf reagan, a ver of s,im web t democti senator from virginia, announng his lodging and -- launching a presidential exploratory committee. he uploaded a video to youtube saying this --
7:40 am
and the is a little bit of the video u can findn e ploratory bse. , charleston, westirnia, independe le. we are talki aut the expected annouemt nit at 8:00 oimgration. go ahead. very educated like l of tseeople i he tki, t after i got t of the service -- wain the min andhere were no jobsso wt west. i eventual went to wk the fieldsitwh they called mexican brazil rose -- mexin gutwke.
7:41 am
lid and worked with them de-by-side andhey tahte ields, cuthe lettuce, pk maes, and how toakeon. ledn e barracks geer we would getng thr meals a dafoabout 7 a week and alwaysad lot omoney in my poet. i sent moy meo my mom here west virginia. pplndth those one them s scolacher. he came toakmoy sd home the op worked during the r. they suprt the united ste by harstg r op tseeople got used living on the dolr. ey were sd meyomand th rsehe families on the doar. money homeing anth raid theifali on theollar. i woedbout six oseven yearin harveing. peoplnhe0' tse
7:42 am
onofhem was a hotehe li i saifit ndost: he taut h tspeak anh. like iaisarn- saidanhe taut me how t speak spanish. st that is carme gohead. ll:'ve tnkl for presiden obama. d ess him. i e lot ofallersalng 1996-9 , reag legalizingeoe. know those pplrit w in amic ty are successful. know loofeoe. ey own l ogastations, te. ty e t galize, they und - and mid arhe. if cnoadsty atus he, theyend me bknd i
7:43 am
can spd erhe 10 yrs and thenomba he. li tt itangom exute aio, maybee t meelf. host do you thk u ll b reev under whats expeed be annound nit? caer i'm t sure. talkingbo t ks born here, thr res get benefit. i'm not sure. maybe. host: wt uny d you come om caller: i come fr india. ho:owid you end up alka? caer: i camto califora firs ani have family re. host: that is samro froorage, alaska,ere- ankara, alaska here to examinth spts ial
7:44 am
george washingtounerty law pressor, jeffrey ros. go mning. hodoes the constutn pl to what thpridt going to dtogh caer t cstution gives exutive power and it alws s given dcretion to deal witherinaw enforcement. ina supre court case, 2012, eyecognize tt e presen has discretio. d they said it is an iert power. discretion exercised by immigration ho mus dece etr makesense to pursue mol all. e sen the he sidsays the prident s obligio to take care thathlaws are faithfly execud,hahe cann pk d choose among the nds of laws tonfce or the
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numbers immigrant to po. e itics y att true that psints ronald reagan d george h.w. bush h temporary stopgap deferrals o deportation, but that is different tn a complete decisi tgi amnesty, d therefore this is a olatioof the clause. t tk about presidt'senate g critics, icmabe limed, but those are the argumes on ehe side. st as f alegal chalnges, how does history llsbouts pef executive action andowhe have stood up lal scrin guest: 's prettyough rd. it'ha to find pple wi legal stanngo inth su. his --e oponand theconstitutio and lays themut today.
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it'very re at the court intervenes in disputes bween thprident d cgress, and theyanaka longime. thhoe ulfi aawsuit thstates couue preside obama. ybthe most immediate ssility is the house cld y to dund thparts ofhe actions mandedy e ecutive ord. and gohathpower of the peon congress. repl edry to executivorr,uthey need tohis teoveid and then theres e opti of impeachment, whi smso off the tae at the moment. host: you talked abt publican respoes of thre y hearing approaches that eyight poibly take on t republica side icongress, d as a ragy, what do yothk of them? think republicans are
7:47 am
waiting hear at the ese's gal juifatn is tonight. nwiggle roohere beusthe statute itlf allows dcrio -- the a lot wigglroomerbecause thstute itlfllows sction. thkey case, according tohe preside's defeer is tt the alien shall be remov, t lyf e toey general de i i inthhoe lawsuit ait the psintn e affoab ce a sugge ty nt to press th lally so sucss to the fo ce act see lal venre en enhey areress, can get someraion inhe crt. i imagi wwi s a lotf wsts filed ptty so. st:effrey ros, anything
7:48 am
you want todd, ase froth convertion we'veeen having that the audience mighfi inrestin sont:he are constitutional argumen oboth sides. invite peoe tisit nstituonhunter.o the " to hea o sols debate t ise. host tnk youorei with us. ain, the president is peed toakan announcement togh at 8:00 and youanatch o c-span. we're taking ural on i anyo psptive as we. m from pittsburgh o republanin hello. good mornin pro
7:49 am
cce is, 'm 74 yrs old d my ancesrsamto this cotrinhe 1900s and they foow taw, you ow, comingn the mile -- three -- 3000 mile journey om italy, mic emsanth had toho sponssh, t jo and wk. why sthmecans e titled to be elud om these kinds ruimes. we folwethlaw. mynctors follod e law. woedard almy eye -- a mlife. smsnfair to m a the amic public inenal additn,llhitalk about rdorng immigrant y kn, enhemmigrants me re fro mexicand they wk
7:50 am
for ls an five dollaran hour, the ehaeatis3 to on 13 pesos to e doll. host iflid mti athe anal rubcan gorns sociation mti tki outhrelts of the econ, but also the eecd announmentrom presidt obama toght. seral rublicagornors ighing in t,ncdi mike pce penal esenal candidate in ay 16. he tks abo wt tnk thpridt shou do. [veoli iueof thiha maitude ou always be resolveditthcoent of the governor. ngss pasd a corense miatn llndhe majori -- anemic and peop chgeheajority in the nate. atherede ought to do is -an the americapeople chand the majoty in the senate. what psinto iwhat gorn kasich just said the down with e new puic mari ithseten january and srcfocoon
7:51 am
ound. that iwhat leadehilooks ke. that is wh wdo as governor's everyday worng with ou legislatur. we sit down andamr it o. signg aexecute der, ging a sech,toing around thcotry ging tha executive order isot leerip the lik of which we practi ery day i would imorthe presidt to renserhis pathnd to demotre e nd of leadership that e eran people wt s, at i ce a that ts ministrati wld sit wnith th nly mind publicanongress and find genuine mmon ground, more securityanthere is a series of east by pceeforms that i believe would adnc this througcongress. stou can watch that whol presentation of threblan veorasciatio on kansas, llta
7:52 am
guy, from -- wre was he from,ndnar methin host: y. caller: pager, got a fling -- we are both americans, right? host: wt yr in 'm white,oinis, anyou are of hisnic ckgrou, i thinkig? host: it'soturolicy to talk aut us. u go ahead 've g a fli tt, rhaps ur ancto ce om somewherotrha-- d't kn, erica. the united states ari. th is also silly. -- a so silly. isegal sffdon'ma any dierence. werell hum beings. ho: so yosuort the
7:53 am
presidt tis tonight well, he's anmeca al f si-ve in wiit kansasand his mowaorn- is an amecan al. i ven wichita, kans, and s m was bornightvehe inaredo. e point is, we are allum beings. focrying out loud, i do't knowthe e many things in my md. yourncestors came om sowhere. mynctors came from pold. and eld. politico thisorng, talking about wrupf o hous races icalifoia saying demratic incumbents ve comback t w t elti cpaigns. in t ctral valle16th
7:54 am
costa beat jony tacher. ,ur lastall on this tic marianne tex, republican line. caller: feel th obamas ing isgasthe constitution witth execuve acti. and we, t peopl don't want it i don't of h his getng awayitit ani deta everybodyants , but take care of e americans first to ce re legally. egly.come re an how iheetng away wi alofhe executive actns is just not right. i'noa ehard republic. fd tt thhis country between democrats and
7:55 am
republicans, wshlde t same tm. i whenoisrbing ds the spee iwi bon c-span, but maybnoab n, -- io't believe everythi i ad. wh dweo? how can he get awawi ts? tig.ind out at 80 u can go touweitfo more iorti. wl contuehi converti whaniel of thnaon journal. we will also dissshe new aders of t 1thouse of represtave 'll talk about a nate bl at could he and the way e a collects data, andt has iled to see passand conserion th wk. y msed it yesterday, the way, the senate flr ere was a recognition of senar tomarn'5t birthd. nar chuck grsl of io to tthflrnd did
7:56 am
sht tributeo s ting colleagu [video cli >>o h credit, mcolleagues ga rles the porities that he set out to achieve decades o. to maka fference for those on theowide ofdvtage. redent, my wife, rba,ndhe senator extend rarstishes to t a his wife a, crs t enrearn family. haer start lesext a i seey colag is he, ian look at him asou start lives nex chapter, may u joy the blessings of arth a home, heah d ppes. although tom ireri from public office, i'coident he isotetinfrom sfering -- fm servg the publ
7:57 am
inrest. ather,e constituento i thank you for your lifeti o public servi a iisyo go lk d dspeed. i'yid the floor. -- i yie the floor. pplask me abo leaving e senate. w mdesion. i said at the mealst two years agoth i wasot running ain. sa, you ll nev hr erayadhis about th senate or denounce t senate or ying -- i love theene. iss wonderful instution. in ee have a few mp rug once ia while, but tt is toe expectedn r legislative pce- t ad oncin wle, buthat is to expecten our legislative ocs prenting the op. t the alliances, t iendships, theorking together, i haveftaias a progreiv i want to go this r ts vt and the conservave want to go is far this slow. but tetorking together,
7:58 am
you camake pgrs. ke progres that is at bothenator grsley and iave worked geern, to try to make ogress, buespecily for the people o ia. thk him r s kindords. i an you -- i know'not supposed tsath on the senate floor we arelws suppedo speak in the third perso but i'm not one to alwayollow the rules anyway. i n sayirtly, thank you ryuch, chuckrassle >> "shgt jrn" continue sur the n washington -- national journal. rubca a ting to gu o theirtregy. herly, ty belie esidenis overplangis hand. th he been saying at for eks, if n month tt doing
7:59 am
silac this would pose no wel onoing athing on immigration -- doi sethingikthis wod is t well on doing somethin on immigratn. the eseniskeptical of that cim in fairness, the track rerds at they ha not. in trying toigure out what their optnsreit becomes ick obgad arcan the is se essuren the confence to usthupcoming budgetatrshehave to pass an omnus or some kind o resoluon tory to block th president's acon but the equalmot esrerom the otr side fr appprtors who really want tgethe proces de tht a governmenthuown to epeoe fm doing that. d in fact, it's noclr at they even ca also ts lawsuit goi o t reblanrently sneup a thd lye -the twprio ones have dropd out.
8:00 am
targetis ppedo obamace, before e care act therhabe talkbo -the affordle care act. there s beenalk about di in thisawit we wilsee which th the ta. st host: ithe a conflict with thisppach? guest: theres. a t of hd-neeplicans, thsa whadcated foryou know, the hardbl pitics of e utdownhen itapned in01hey'reorof brging tt talk up agai eyanto use thi appropriatnsrocess and octhe pridt from ing y ndg or resoce to imemt thiexecute action. now, troblem with that, so sourcesn congress say, ttosof theunng at the prede ndso imement thisaw comesrom the customs inforti services. it aeptmt within the homela sury, and is nded mtly from fees,
8:01 am
presngees wiinhe syem itot subject to ngssionalveight. atak i smpct, cae u n' exalyut off funding forhat. that's what e question . nowhesay, iyowe an apprriations write you c ke so it'sot just funding that being targeted, but resours. atou mn any ployee, everhing dn the p a pads. so, you ow, th'reusng for that,ut, you know,le leadersh doesnanto go wn tharoute. theyusgo ect to the largt majory phaps a netion, and eyon't want rt this f wh a utdown ho: tre an option t pass a short-tm ndg bl, wait unt next year unt both ur a irepublican contl,nd go rward fm the? guest: yh, the isomething being discussed, don'tno how seou it is, call a recion, wherehecod ss a enng bil even ift' short rmr nis f a year, whi ith prefeed ppl andheth
8:02 am
wouletacve make cuts and blk redent's exute acti. e oblem with that is, contrary to some reporng, it needs vesn the sat d edto be signed t presidt. ey say that in e past this ki of thing has word. inhe99s, it wked with thisetroacve cut wh clinton. t, y know,t has tbe a esenalriority, andhe pridt at that time madth calcatn at wter cuts they were seekin we,ou know, not importa awh thisriitwa i can'hi of anhi that me iortanto e pridt ghnow than this execute tiyou know, sa mbeheffdable care ac i stonee suation where he would sign intlaw reverngheon acon he is gngo announce la tayremay. th action is probablnot ideal either. host: as far as working this acononight, s it
8:03 am
motivad ytngo do somethg thhe satbi that's been lanisng in the house? est: no,hat sete bill as gd asone, especially thhe senate turning ero puic ctr. i wouldn eect to seet come up ain. st: daniel not only reo lk abooneson reaconoonight announcentbu also to tk about new leadership th's gogakple the14 congss. you can direct qstnsn those fronts to him, to 2-5-3880or democrats. 205838 for republicans. an 20285-388fo dependts gi ua snshot owh we'r lking aas far adersh itheouse of reprentatives in janry gut: se looksery mu the same ast d before. eaker john bane her most kely again be the speaker. now, they ve tformale th i jua, and remeer the s meijks the stimaround. but, you kw, everybo is et confidenthiyear that thers toi to be any sortf up attempt it didn't wo o soelfo the pplwhtried to
8:04 am
organize that lt timerod, an you know, wh arr majority, there's morroom for err. ctaly there he en peopleuthere on the campgnra who he campaignedxpssly obeing ti-leadershipndav pledge tt eyou not te for the speaker no ty had theicoerence the other eknd noby really field a chaen t the speaker or anotr p leeror that matr. i expe ho ndf s through, mbe sompeopleil vo again h on the floor, not enough to unseatim. host: as faasewac are coerned, what few make th a former head of the bge committee in the hsepaul ryan, now is cirman t ys and means cmitteeth tax-writincoite? whatoe that gnify? gut:his has been a longime priori of his, d this ia dreamome tr, dream positi. when peoe asked hi dyou want to be presidentheaid , wa tbe ways and means aian muchhis is a budget woypof guy, an hhas for lo te wand g
8:05 am
tarerm don you've g tthink they've got ahot. 'sona very good job making his picy prries th sort of baselinof what threpublanarty is,ven ith h, you know, his bge that we rt csidered out ere ma yearsgo, and noit's the sndard opeti procedur so, younow, ihe can kind of use tt same political help, u' got to thinkhehave a pret good chae his tenure of doing somethingith taxes. host: ju to give you the adlinero"the whingto po" thisornga ssle alrnivtohe healthcare law poib cing from ways and means. gut: that wod be teresting. h bnor seral months kind of discsing, albt quartey,ou kno se ntivaction on alternative to t affordabl ce t. now, it woulbeifficult. i mean, we've sn e tvas the republic party has been through, tryingo comep with anlternative,, and you know,
8:06 am
with presidentba in oic it's sort of a pipe eam that he would sigsomething to reace h, u ow, siate licy, something at gngo fineis legacy for decad to co. but, y know, lot is about 2016, anifhey g anoth esident and hav majorie in bothaer athing can be posbl host first call is from daon, ohio, democrats line. . caller: ye,i, daniel. hey, kind of expin, ifou cod, if you think you can you owwhy that sate imgrion reform legislatio that psethe senate by 68-32 habe languishi in th hoe f i thi a yeaana ha, if you cod talk ouwh and then how many ecuve action -- i've lked itp, but w i forgot -- h many execute actions obama has ma dinhierm and compare to othe psints. think is ite lo and al, plea talk about hi is whai' been tcng or
8:07 am
the sthreces. yo wch these businesse he illegal immignt i'm for oma execuve acti, but whyaven't we seen more peoe er the lt three decades under manyifre presen, y haven'te seen e peopleho hire theegal migrantsnd oft payhe you know w below the mim ag host: than, calr. gut:eah, to the execuve acon question, i'm aaid i don't kn the exactumrsn that. i would loveo t back at you lar you want to email o twt at me, something like that, and can look thatp specifallyorou. onhe immraoneglaon, you kn, spear ehner, his first es conferee te beg -- after t landslide electionheid --e s asd whyhemmraon reform hasanguisd,nd he said iould regale y wh my ia inryg get a gationeform pass, andt wakind of a jok but kd t. he's advat for this. 's laiout princles of
8:08 am
immiatn form, including some pathway toegiz at. t, youno tres st too many voic ihi par, h conference who n't want to tt, you know, and ey say we ould secure the rd fst andhen wean talk autha the democrs say, we, need to be ahole pka or no o it will pas u owi te to sayt,ut iteems the posites have just beetodiict at this int toetomhi tough the use withoutigfint balash. stth american esiden ojt tells us that 193 ecivactions have taken ac under ts esident, 72irst term -- 147 i e rsterm,ompared with 291 reoe w. bh, 262 tal for bilion florid republicali. caeryes, sir. w ithe president can enp bordersndet illegal immigrants comntth country whe ifa, our op a struggling to make en mt? i'm ex-mita.
8:09 am
the prident violeshi use rus me and again. in fac h violated white houseul ia vioti of a terrorist law, pisblby ja, spensio oremoval of officeorergdah tdeut five kno terrostfor one u. priner. that'siolation. how are we allowing is to happen thappen inur cotr guest:heenme y exesisxactlyhat i thin a t of repubca in congss areeeling rht now at why they are loong for basically a action that ty cata tcoathe president'exute action. yoheard the memrs, th'r lower tt be a lotf presen, t pha the isesha w decided tus executive actions on are more poor, perhaps justhenor of wainonn ger is more poring host: ntharolina, dependt line. joe, go ahead.
8:10 am
ll: s. i don'unrsndhy people e insoeartlesss r as iigration goes. an, soany of us thaar the grant, auay thll are. the'soany peopleeven my faly ce on t mayower from germanynd oth unies to get to america for a beer life. dot understand why people arbeingoealess over this, and all them ks tha camecross theorrnd evything, to take in, you kn, ve a better life, and to g o odanger and sff. st: thanks calr. guest: that's exactly thether side of the argumenthe humataanieoi, the thought thatyokn, america should be a shing beon a take in people coming from otr cntries hostax, reblan of xa now ll become the14th
8:11 am
ngressthe armederces committechrm. athod we expect? gut:ou know, it ought to be not t dsimilar omhe terehe, botme barely close tleaderip,oth m very cmied to den spending hksifouill. thornberry has been so of the chairman in waitg r the last six years. he tri unsuccessfullto run, you ow, beforthe gavel. but they had a cle lationip with speaker boehner. w getsis chance to make his rkn the committee, been waiting for it foa long time, d, y kw, may he will try to domhi on seestratn,ornstance. the'sefenseut invved inhat de tt was struck, u knowsoong ago now, it ses like. ande'erknowledgeable out the iue not a bltery guy by any mes, in fa, ry much eoy talng to the press in that kind of
8:12 am
wa 's very seous a vy dedicad. ho: what's his view on foreigpolicy intvention in he countries? hodoes he take those position guest: i think hs a very mainstream replican, if you ll. he's bn in cgrs for a il now, and there'shi rtf bearn undercrent. i don't think heecessaly subscreso that. host: stev georgia, democts line. call: y, i was woering, it seems like your republican caer have x ers or somethg. don't knowhy they gethr infoatn. it's crazy. you inallhese ieg immian are goi tthe governnt for assistance witht in fear being deported. al, be a good idea to thi about te limits t house nd senate, mbe a fr tax. guest:erlits in inresting ppl and peopl have penally talkeabout at. the prleis the same people who woulbe limitedou he pass thatso you can see whmaybe they wouldn'ant to kihemselves out of oic soar.
8:13 am
oip idaho on our replican line, jackie is up next. hello. ller: hi. my oy problems m not ait immigtion. my grandparents immigrate but ty did it a lot diffently. there was ve strict laws. miyun arne andfatrould vehe constitution beer than mos pplnowadays. my probl is thi destrucon of our laws and the way that they're bng abuse and a decise -- a presint thateay -- people just cat t angithim,k, it started with shanhe we just get anher on just ke it, anduroness just est rknyre i've already lt two docrs because ofhe obamare act th were rymportant to me.
8:14 am
dt'th lawthe laws. i n'care if immigrants come erif theyeed help, atever but when mgrandparents came, the were no hanut you d tha a sponsor, job t up mostl i an, they can't even comre em. it's not even theame. they weren'tust bping i gut: i'm of hgaanescent too partially. i inheenal fstrati tt ll is very evidt an is widespread ith cotr i anyou kn, ere's bn a t of soul arching about why the electionurd out the way it did thisas go-round. i think we just hea aean why. i mean, people areus frtredn general with th y e vernments in especially congrs. d so, you kno a wave isn't necessily indicative of pele sscbing to one vipoint or t oerbut morehey're jusfrtred and wanted something differe.
8:15 am
you know, if congssind of kes it up and theve said th to themsees, aot of congreme ty' worried e mehi will happen next ye and they'llusge you know, spt rig out again stauin, texas dependent line. calleryes, good morning. he at the binng when you started -- good mointooth of you u said thathe bill th t senate st over to the hse anisng. it w languhi on -- was it nguishing on reid's desk? cause didn't congres send ckheirecmendations for atind of iigtion plan eyhould do stebytep? you know, everybody just ow ghover this, and then ey include t immigtion, stead oilga iigtion ever time eyri uthe bjt,nd the g mtied foor whater. i don't know if he's ever ar sctry cities. at how ty're collecting the befs. ife er lksround, he'll e where a t meys being ained to. es what the hseid is laid o their pnciples of
8:16 am
immiatnefm, you know, veralhis at they lie suld be in a rorm leslation. the problem is,hen boehne brought that to his conference, erwa't rllwispad buinand heasev table get it past, you kno a o-ee piece of pape that has mede on into actual leglave tex yet alone passing tha i don't think it exactly fair to say the sene pass sothg d hseaid iss athod be in t the senate pse a bill, and it was no eastask to pa sothg so fught with partanshipnd the house mp wn't able to. host: of the n ioming leadship ith 114th coress, four of them reblicanfrom texas, one of them, e ioming aiofhe reblantudy committee, representave bill flores wh itheeplican committee, andhewhat does mr.los in guest: the republica study commtee is a gup of
8:17 am
republans within tou, d theso of faion themselves as thcoerti dd o the cseative conscicef the republican rtin theou, if you wi. their goal hast meseeto mo ldehip tohe right to vocate forore conservative polies. even in the past athxpse of, you kw, staring leershipn e ce and sange'reot going tgo wi yr prioritie they have caused obms for leeripn east. now, the majority ipas the chairman of this replican udcommittee last year until er cantor was defeat, kevin carthy med up to te h spot. heind of strk bi more of acae tone with leadership, andlos, w's frnds, sa that he wants to ntinuehat. is was an intesting race there were not a lot of testg allenghi year f leadehisps, b is oneas verynteresng. representave from ut carolina was running f it.
8:18 am
he'd been runningorons, and was preme thero run near way he was more combate, and he id that the r.c. shouldn't be "il for ldership," and the plation being tha flores wld be a shill. flores takes exceion to that. the probm from tt perspective is thathe r.c has upwards of 170 membe in it no treot 170 d-hd, you know, let burnhe pla downonservativesn ngress. theoting pool from th perspective of a g le ll vainee, o s tryio sort of reach out tth nstuency is diluted. so ty're a path, a hwo et handily. thvote was something like -6 host: by the way, bill flores, r guest on our "newsmakers" sunday. 'lbe ierviewed btw reports out his iomg
8:19 am
chrmansh, whatis plans are for t. y can wch that prrath coming sunday, 10:0 ithe moinand:0 inhevening on c-span. bob isex, washington, democrs line. . caller: good morni, dro. good mning, daniel. it good to he a voice he in ameca he iant toal a little biabthat happened here i the 19's a 1980's about all the immigration that was let into our country to kind of k the unions and to give tulyeplin siss ealar. anthrohtowthlar price mh at arins people that we here alrey, codn't hardly find a job. and so i find it kind of ironic now that they did that with the jobs he in americaros sit and he talkbo n w t the law. at kind ofeaisha what kd america ithis? i'm prettyir of the reblican and tirusess
8:20 am
ethi thath u. i just thank god that we have a pridt like obamand that i saorpor to the mican ople. bring themn all re. let's t it in let's make tm part of amic th'sll. thanks l. zpwoip there's se ppt for this executi aion. i think the latest polling i saw shows at there's me people wdot support , t,ouno we d't exactly kn t ctours behalfe' gog dye t eects, thmpcation so, younow, 'lsee just how much support there dspei. host:amflida, republican ne. you'ren with dael nhaer of national jona gohead, please. ll:eah, ias just calling,'masally on evyby ee,hy so much inrest in the immigraonnd not ur own people in th united states? i mean, ie en -- i hen had any uilver fo yrs i've beenryg d tin and i cat even t medil to
8:21 am
go to a doctor. guest: i'mwfly sorry to hear that, a, youno ty did pa a law thaha to th healthcare a couple of years ag but,ouno immigtion h been b pbl. mean, 's always a sort soce tension within our politi i thinmoeoe cognize that, you know, the immigrati system i't worki, thatay be an understatement, an there'some tug ttt shld beealt with,ut ai as i laid out earli, theolitics oit areust very dfilt host: yourolagal about anhehing tt was gog ith house, t is onhe democratic side t. dealt withhealifornia democrats ofewery,nd this was erney d commerce. wh hped? >> this s very interesti race, and in t enditor of, oddly enoug bam a oxattle overuprt for nancy pelo. she's been very osfriends for a longime, and wre
8:22 am
talking, you know, decades. eyotfr calirnia. te est veenri on t committee. op vw him as aar worker heid l of work fhe on the house for sort of administrative,ort of administrative type position, and people just couldn't see a reason why he should be passed over. usually these things are decided by a secretive committee, and eschoo won that vote. but pallone had a note from more than 50 membe of the caucus saying that it should be brought up to a full vote. and in the vote, pallone won. so, you know, one memr told my colleague that, you know, pelosi was maybe a little bit too strident in trying to get echoo here. there was this embarrassing flap where, you know, a war
8:23 am
veteran, congresswoman was -- who's now pregnant s denied a vote in absentia because she would have supported pallone. and this made it all the way to "the daily show" and, you know, it became sort of embarrassg. i think that's an example of how people believe pelosi kind of overplayed her nd here with a little bit too forceful in this. she's been a very strong leader in the past, and she has gotten her way on a lot of things. when she wants to get something done, look at the affordable care act, for instance. working lg nights, you know, butt holing people, getting them on boorksd making deals. it's rare for her to lose, you know, a priority like this, but people are frustrate in the democratic caucus right now.
8:24 am
a lot of the people in there believe that the message of the election that they tried to put out there didn't work. they just got drubbed, and they wanted some sort of, you know, change in leadership. of course, there's nobody who would challenge pelosi. she brings thexperience of fundraising and so many other things to the table, but, you know,aybe here they express their dissatisfaction a little bit, al bee the ainst eshoo, but against pelosi. host: how much of a direct hand would saker baner and nancy pelosi have in getting o they want? guest: in the republican steering committee, it's made up of top committee chairmen, leadership, representatives from regional places and then representatives from the different classes, you know, freshmen, sophomore, so on and so forth. boehner gets five votes just himself. and then, of course, he's the speaker. he kind of controls, if you
8:25 am
will, the votes of his top allies on there. it's rare for a speaker, if it's strictly string committee, to not have his priorities go through. and, you know, we were talking earlier, and that was kind of -- that was kind of in there, a lot of people thought, you know, years ago that thornberry was better suited to handle the armed services committee, but buck mckeon got it, a lot by virtue of his close relationship with boehner. in the democratic steering committee, eshoo won. if it was just up to that, she would be the ranking member heading into the congress. because it went to a full caucus vote, pallone ended up winning. host: mike from north carolina, independt line. go ahead. caller: yeah, i have a question. can you tell me specifically what the republican congress
8:26 am
objects to that's within the immigration bill passed by the senate? it seems to me that two of them is that we already have an immigration policy, but i'd like to know specifically wh items the republicans object to that's in the senate bill, and also specifically what items would they agree with. guest: well, their main priority, and they've said this again and again, has been border security. they want, you know, maybe more funding, more agents, you kn, all kinds of stuff like. the thing that has been most contentious has been providing a pathway to lalized status for migrants who have already en living here. you remember it was part of the executive action that's supposed to give some sort of legalized status to families of
8:27 am
people who are, you know, within the purview of the dream act. so, you know, that has been something republican constituencies around the country do not want, and democrats, i think, are not willing to accept that immigration reform policy that has anything less than that. gerning that's been the biggest point of contentious, and to see how that gets handled at times will be very interesting. host: from florida, chuck, democrats line. caller: daniel, i don't think they would object to yo getting down to what i surmise being the great-grandson of slaves, and to see how've been successful in knowing how to deal with the various types of personality such as religious rights and the social conservative. it seemed to me they use all of these code wds, and the plan reagan and the plan that
8:28 am
they had prior to reagan when they took over the republican the , the democrats left -- certain democrats left the blue dogs, or for lack of a better word, and got into the republican par for a purpose and a plan, and that 50-year plan didn't work. everything that f.d.r. seout to do, they thought they would do it, but they didn't use compassion and compromise. you know, these were the things that they should have focused on, because what if things didn't work out. and they consistently kept going, so they're going now kicking, rning and kicking. guest: sure. there are certainly voices within the democratic party who want democrats to, you know, be more progressive, more liberal, and act policies that they had run on before. you brought up an interesting point, the blue dogs. there aren't very many of those left anymore. these blue dogs, for those who don't know, are, you know,
8:29 am
generally southern, more moderate to conservative democrats. there were a lot of them when democrats had the majority in the house. ere are not almost any now. if you look at the southern map, it's almost exclusively republican, especially in rural areas. that, you know, makes the task of achieving the majority for democrats a lot tougher. host: the name of california republican darryl issa always associated with the governmen oversight affairs committee. there's a new face coming. guest: pretty outspoke known his conservative. , a very good communicator. he's viewed as charismatic, maybe best known for leg wrestlg stephen colbert on "the colbert report." and he ran hard for this one. it wasn't easy. it was a close race between
8:30 am
michael turner, who did have more seniority on the committee ,, you know, he ought not run the committee much differently than issa. i would expe some investigations, and so i think he'll carry on that legacy. host: revisiting efforts on >> i cannot imagine those going away. benghazi h its own committee. imagine in the last two years of obama's administration, investigations will open up some of the things. host: we will talk about leadership roles and greenville, rhode island, next. good morning.
8:31 am
caller: we ought to do three things. deport the criminals. putting -- on immigration. to bypass the legislation is wrong and does not follow the rule of law. i also think -- i we through the process myself. i think it is the beautiful of the country that has welcomed everybody but the right way. every house has a door. every country has should have a gate. did you spend and how much did you spend on becoming a citizen? caller: i came from syria. there was a lot of scrutiny in my application. it took me over 15 year
8:32 am
it is a long process. it makes my heart. it took a lot of effort and a lot of money. the press by itself spent about $2000. the mailbox for the letter of approval, at was a loof work. finally, i became an arican citizen. it is worth theffort, but the process i went through, we need scrutiny, medical exams, to make sure new citizens love this country and so forth. guest: the scrutiny that he mentioned, it is something that republicans who do wana pathway to citizenship agree
8:33 am
with. you have to think tt if anything gets passed along the lines, it willnclude those kinds of provisions. >> -- host: could they become piecemeal efforts when it comes to taking over all of immigration? you have to think that is nogoing to be the way it is going to get done. the president has been very -- and his opposition to piecemeal. mocrats are suspicious if we go along with the border thing, what is to say the legalized status ring will follow? republicans may pass some sort
8:34 am
.f piecemeal they have a border security bill that have been working on. other provisions are floating around. there already voices in the republican conference asking for mething like that. is some type of plan did arise, what would it look like to get the president's approval? he was pretty supportive of the senate bill. i do not see it happening. it is hard to say what he would accept and what he would want and what would be passable. the two sides of
8:35 am
the two parties are so far apart may not have any common ground on it. caller: i have two queions -- isn't it better to bring these people into the light, this way they pay into social security, medicare, have taxes taken out, instead of working for someone making two dla or the dollars an hour. they are here. there going to work. we will be ongal, an even basis. my next question is -- with ted cruz, we made a big deal about certificate, but ted cruz is born in the country, how can he run for president? the first point is an
8:36 am
argument for executive action, or if there is some philosophical objection to the president doi this unilaterally, that is an argument for some legalized status. the second point, i am not sure how cruz is going to navigate that. i believe he was born to american parents in canada, so th may be a ophole. host: one more call. thank you for c-span. watch it often -- i often. massachusetts just lost a race. i am trying to figure out, back to immigration, money is buying elections. citizens united guys have to go away. i love all people, republicans,
8:37 am
crazies, as far as they want to go right, i still love them. please, stop buying the elections. est: right after the electn, chris van hollen came out an said we need to do something out campaign finan reform. priority of his for a long time. they do not believe ople should be limited in their spending. money is speech. people should be able to get to campaigns freely. host: daniel, talking about band covering 114 congress, plus the president's reaction.
8:38 am
foour remaining time, the house is in at 9:00. we want to talk about the .resident's plan 585-3880. (202) republicans, (202) 585-3881. independents, (202) 585-3882. here in the country undocumented, you want to give your perspecti, (202) 585-3883 . you may have seen the presiden highlight announcement for tonight on aacebook posting yesterday. ideo clip] going toight i a nounce ste i canakto start fixing the broken miation stem. iday, i willral aigh scol in las ves, where two
8:39 am
yes ago, i la o t principles for comprensive immigration reform. everyone agrees ousystem is broken. washington haslledhe probm festefor too long. outm going be laying arthhings i c dwi my laulutrity as president to en a iem or better, rkitcongress and encourage them to get a bipartan comprehensive bi tt can l tune in torrow nhtt 8:00. i will be making this wl see theand i high schl on friday. thank you, everybody. that announcement tonight at 8:00. you can see it on span. for the remaining time, you can react. democrats, (202) 585-3880. republicans, (2) 585-3881. indepeents, (202) 585-38.
8:40 am
for those illegal immigrants, (202) 585-3883. let's start with frank in california. good morng. caller:. i would like to suggest that the president's ee was dishonest. he talked about the way people came here from all kinds of countries illegally and should be allowed to become citizens. he ao talk about students who took a liking to america and they should get free access to america and then he spoke about the europeans in the same breath without a distinction,s though they came the sameay. they did not. i am one of em. i came legally. examinationthrough withhe united states embassy to show that i was qualified to tok here, i had the means live here, and if i did not, i had to find a sponsor who would
8:41 am
voucher me that i would not be a burden on the state. , good had to be in full health years ago, they would take you to ellis island. 1950's,ee, in the had to be in fulheth. ho: that was anin california. to undumted immigrants wh ha livednhe u.s. foat ast five years, they can apply a proam that protec tm from deporti and allows them to wk legally in t country. is expected ta announce an additional one million people will t prodtion throughth pts of the plan overhaul the immiatn enforcemt syst, cludinthexnsion of a ing program for drme. joanne, reblanin
8:42 am
i am agnst the executive order obama is proposing. illegal alns are criminals th have broken our ls. they a ting ou, our cial service bngg in cre d drug th cost us more. as far as i am ccerned, decrs nteoe ce . th want te contl t government your reporter was obviously pporti democrats completely. the rders ou bclednd lelshould be deported, no estion. as far as thpridt, and ,e comparing these ppl my pents ce re legally.
8:43 am
host: some statiscs. theystate 11.7 milon -- out 9.7ilon for those he veea. uncunt immignts who ar chiren, res o 45 -$3 el?ler hoouren, go ahea iave been linhere fo17ea n and i am ppy omaear that
8:44 am
[indceib] relf r some type of some of tmmrants, even elites -- at least there is some type of lief. , chicago, ilnois. caller: when i hearbout tm saying authe bders, i alys hear people say they ar nowhan they werehen bu w in there. the co tng i want say is a rublicans always say ty have theigmount of amerins , 40% vod,0%tad home.
8:45 am
message from e people because they nt him to do me thawhat he has bn doing. he has beetrying to work with the reblansince he has be in therend they have sa they do not want to work with him it is not his fault. is their fault. cseatives warn gop to mp immigration response. saidhe best way republicans can't persede any facese action mr. obama is to se that his own legislation. he sent puican should find a luon for so-calledreamers who are seen as the most sympathetic figuresn e immigration bate. the refm to streamline migration system and aop congress can confront e st
8:46 am
of the illegal iignts in the couny. elizethtown, kentucky. this is chris. caller: first time call. i el thatious mexico, the border is about 80% covere it would be sier to protect our border if we made mexico estate. we could create bs and also gives americans opportunity to buy property at a lowera. it o-t-wl. -st:o ea er: t
8:47 am
based executive aion. as they were ae to dthat 1 i don't think they would be able to. all the president hatoo is look at his wife. maybe looki at a rsctive of havinbeener and having been deedhis and havingo work anfight r the couny d stilbeend. remember,o i am notoi trepeat wt was idbo t emancipation, t the -- of it bedn executivacon
8:48 am
ho: m burn. the country isoi to go nuts beuse they are gng to see outside the authority of the psident it will be a suation. goi to seinances anarchy anyou cod se violence. i ale e y, le ihinke nd. k chles neala. heccusesherede o acngikanutracear th wl arwh t coti ss. ir psa bre, psin's republicanwod t rkith
8:49 am
th psint eryaw blocked atamfoard for t prident. w,e're going to ve n ki order. i a blackmerica the president s saointed becau wt s he done for e black community? pecking ord.acking ood te
8:50 am
president. thankou forakg my ca. am c-spajuie i wa pple toember th -- of immigrationoes no prident am astw yrs, t imgration ise fefnt e the regretsn the white hoe s was n ae pass t iigti bl. is pgr iju a relief. mebodyike,he is a diffence. he mh mitation that
8:51 am
ca tfor them. i bngamreby few pelen cgrs. quo has remaineli that. at is the oblem. n y igi f 1years ghng on one issue? georgia., lrange, caer acaing because i imefor mr.bama b real sryhahe is doing wh hisoing. s reason r igors mexico anceralmerica cann have th same blessings
8:52 am
of libtyeekendnjoy -- libertthate n jo ba, sded thatr. e president that i voted for isoihitour courynd dootppcie . th pplwould say he has a linstoo so bau peopl like me we hdwke if wgea writrothe core r.bam the court and refuses to folw , enoo riddance. host: youaiit wou aec ousyem of governme. perealcef thpresident is actinli a nah. iss taking ubao 1687 befo jameshe second. isanan n act ohis own.
8:53 am
t end onedhis is hipresidcys far as i am ncne caer: yad caller fr washingtonhoaireblan siss a usiheheap lar. was woerg hou maybca bk in and cite e udhe lood at that fnd that the were not a democrat owned binesses th we in the cheap labo hem suree h i b forgoto ntn at whehe s lkg. e hehi iand brg , you d an ieg caer callingn. axes.heai was ausinesowr, had , ater.
8:54 am
helaedaid tas. he ps gax, those ar tan out of the pp. ps letax on the this he bs. caedheocial curity ministration a ask if wapossib tge aocl securityumr y a not reegly its t ssle. so eitheth lietoe th man is nopang income tas. hs, he is using somne else' secury mb. th a gti aotf uf eyreot entletoecse ey areot cizs. ason as i pataxes, a good? ats ridiculous. st: fl rock,or cola.
8:55 am
believe t i legalization pclatn. the presenisakg it on hi oo make theeoe legal. hdo, ngsshod go alg tht and say do not ne any immigti aio because thpridt s done . whether th wl ae g anhi ee otheth bng t -otr than bei lal th hav cseto te e president'side. if his doi ts g t creditororng cngin miatn, i tnkhais sgded. eoehonhafor th e shg forhi ty e intoe sguideand unfounately, iur i the lo r. ho: w llhis affecthe maing years of h pridency?
8:56 am
caer: itilbe fficulfor hitoork with aone wh s ey are gng to flaunt what ey can do and thenf eyo methin ianay forced yotoo it. seiepublican thinth wldotantoo tht. om theemocratic dei ina t pplbelievin e t aw. thk eyreotoing to wa tgo with the prra host:herede pnso keemksonht. 8:00,s wn will address t niotoalk abt ate planto d. it will ocaeetrk ttwortv problnogog cor aot 8:00 night,ouanat it on sp. let's arroori.
8:57 am
caerthank you for king m ca. i woulli tcoent onhe eciv aioor immigratn. eris a bl in the hse they can pass oba s ld theifhepa th bill, thexeti aio goes away. whnopa til if ty n wt ps the llf gesxetive aconhethne congrs mes i w c'th come up wi a bill and presenteto h to pass. not p it alonim. it is not his faul pass t bl d stop amg m. rk tetr and t mein do. stro rublican li. caller: goodorng. mory of thvos senate a cgres a lawyers
8:58 am
wh partf a legal ty t undetand? ielve if you are here lell you need to be epteango through the gh channeland dot righ tprident does not want se tdoha sergeant in t mine co tt de a wrongurand wodp prison in mexo for ven months. what pt t illeg do they nounrsnd ouant tse them a reactedo e annocent callerth nd sp it. iteeds to be stoed they a not contributg ciy. theyre n gngo onhe yrls they will t y taxe they nd bderted. th nd do it e ght way. other op he d they are
8:59 am
ill waiting. at mak tm special. adewe hav snt- li for thosehat ar ilgal. david, go ahd. call: thanyofoaccepting cl. he houat -- sa sething imptant. heorr illegly opened. ift llal one of coseeoe will comin nd are goingo me in fa attacks by e rder. they areery po a they are into come in. is is the first countrinhe world of coue op wl me in. eyre to come he.
9:00 am
on,hey are goingo men. no o is gog sp them. i nt to make one me point. ho: l'leave ithe. the hoe rrentiv ju auto mento session fotoy. r nit nouncement at 8:00, u n to c-anrg for renformation. n gtohe house o reestaves. thsar ro tempore: t hou will iorr. th chairaybereheouse counicatn om the spak. thclk:he speaker's ro, wainond., vember 2, 204. i ery appot heonab u cllins a as spke pro tempe this y. sine john a.oeer spear t hse of reprentiv. the eaker ro tempor e prerilbe offeredyu chaplain,aerony. chapln nr: let upr. eternal god, we