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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 20, 2014 3:00pm-5:01pm EST

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you believe the state of texas will have standing to challenge the implementation of this executive order. >> i do. >> i want to build on something scott and john said. congress can sue under -- undern uphold separation of powers. the president has a decision to make. does he want to continue to demonize republicans, or does he want to roll up the sleeves and do the hard work of governing instead of trying to distract us this election, people went to the polls and said they do not want a government-run approach. they do not want eurocrats in there when it comes to health care.
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example of a small what this administration is doing to stop us from being energy independent. they want more school choice. government-run monopolies. we need to pass conservative reforms, put them on the s desk, show him how we can be energy independent, and challenge him to change, and make the president cheese. is he interested in being partisan? he was there in the fight. clinton could not get everything he wanted. the only reason he balanced the budget as he had a republican majority. carter in his fourth year increase spending in the pentagon after the soviet union went into afghanistan. republicans need to pass reforms
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and -- >> when we be having a different conversation if the house had passed something? if they had passed something on immigration? of a, because some form bill, there were something to begin with. >> this has always been a political toll. if he was serious about it, he would have doubt about it when he had the house and the senate. this has a political tool all along. he brings it out when he thinks it serves him well. >> is immigration and problem? politicians have been played on immigration a lot. >> let's be real. if this president was serious about it, if you could ram through obamacare and you were genuine and serious about it, why wouldn't he push it through?
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he wanted it for the next election. why wouldn't he have pushed that before? he waited until afterwards. i think it is a cynical ploy to try to draw attention away from the success republicans had connecting with the american people and look at what has happened. instead of talking about the things we have on the agenda, we are talking about immigration. i think the vast majority of the american people want to talk about this. come with me on the road and i will tell you that there are not a lot of people talking about immigration. >> you do not think it is a big issue? >> it is not as big as economic reform, tax reform, school choice, welfare reform. >> i think that is where the
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president really misses this. i found out the president is not interested in it when he came to dallas and i asked to to take a look at the border. let me share something important here. the president did not know that his border patrol agents were 45 to 50 miles away from the border. he looked at valerie jarrett and said, is that right? the president does not care about securing the border. that is the problem. american people do. until he sends a clear message and congress sends a clear message about securing the border, he is wasting his time and the american people know he is wasting his time.
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>> i hear secure the border. give me a metric. what is the metric? >> come to the border. you put the boots on the ground. here is what has happened since may and july, we had 10,000 apprehensions per month in may and june and, in july, after we searched, the law enforcement and parks and wildlife wardens put wardens in the river and we saw a reduction in apprehensions in july and in august. we are headed in the right direction because we are sending a clear message, or personnel,
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law enforcement, and military individuals on the board in her. you cannot just come and throw your hands up and stay in this country. it is not unlike you would see happen in a community that had a crime problem and you put law enforcement or patrol cars in that neighborhood. crime goes down. that is with the president i think does not understand or does not want to see implemented. i am cynical in the sense of i think this president is not .erious about border security he has never sent us a message that he is serious about it. until he does, the american people will not trust him. we willu think eventually have to have, with the 11 million or 12 million here, do you think it eventually -- can any of you support some form of a path to citizenship for them? if you say they pay a fine and back taxes and get in the back of the line, is there an
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eventual path to citizenship for these folks do you think? >> after we secure the border, it is the -- i do not think -- i think the american people will deal with folks who are here andgally compassionately rationally. i think it is too hard for people to come here legally and it is bad for them and us. it is great for our economy. one of the dumbest things we do is we educate people and kick them out of the country. spent 30d we have minutes talk about the president breaking the law. i would like to talk about energy, education. i would like to talk about - scott is right. the american people said we are tired of government running our ofes, 2% growth, tired
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allowing russian to go into the ukraine. everybody is in agreement we need to secure the border. the president is not serious about it. it would be good if we talk about how to become energy independent -- >> path to citizenship. >> we can keep talking about this -- >> you do not have to take a long time to answer. ask you have asked five times. >> secure the border first and we will have the conversation. in 1986, they tried to do it backwards. we have 10,000,000, 11,000,000 people here illegally. i'll answer the question you did not ask. are they we should drill for more oil and gas at home and i think we should bring -- >> all right. is there a eventually going to have to be a path to citizenship
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>? >> my grandfather emigrated from ireland and i do not think we should reward people with citizenship when the first act was to violate the law. as you know, back in 2006, we work together on a compromise proposal. after the democrats took over the congress, any thought of moving forward went away. this president had the house, senate, white house, and did nothing on immigration reform. i believe putting border security force, setting aside amnesty, but there is a way we can reform our immigration law, including as our economy continues to grow, a workerntury guest program. i want to throw my voice in with bobby and tell you that -- this year in america, the american people said we want a
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change of direction and washington, d.c., and i think that is a change of subject in washington and focus on getting this economy moving again and restoring america's place in the world. is path to citizenship -- there going to have to be one? dwell--ot want to everybody is for sealing the border. if you cannot figure out who is coming in your front door, you cannot run the house. we have to think about what is going to bring about healing. licenses i do not like the idea of citizenship when people jump the line. we may have to do it. area's and label tough process. i would never say you would never do it. i wouldn't it say that. i do not know we have to do that . if we allowed them to stay here, we allow the door, because we will not put them on buses and ship them to the border.
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i have heard lots of voices on it. everybody in this country has to feel as if they have an opportunity. i know what they did. they jumped the line. i do not like it. there is a lot of people who have gone through legally live not jumped the line who are bitter about this, but at the end of the day it may we necessary. i am open to it. >> here is what i am thinking. i'm thinking you are probably not going to get invited to moderate a presidential debate. >> ok. but last time i checked, >> ?> what is the story with this path to already is a citizenship, and ice just it does not need to be changed. so if you want to be a citizen,
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get in the line and pay the dues and pay the time just like everybody else who has done it that came before you. the senates live in confirmation for nicholas rasmussen. dianne feinstein and and taxi chambliss-- and saxby will be here as soon as it gets underway. later tonight, obama announcing his executive action on immigration. his plan would shield 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. scheduled to is address the nation at 8:00 eastern time. we will take your live calls on c-span. you can tune on c-span radio. live shortly here at this hearing for the national counterterrorism director nominee, and that is nicholas rasmussen.
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>> c-span bringing you live coverage from the senate confirmation hearing for nicholas rasmussen. that chair of this committee was just on the senate floor casting her vote. incould see her momentarily the hearing room. we will take a look at immigration and the president's
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expected announcement tonight. this is from a conversation we had earlier. we will bring you right back to the room as soon as things begin here at this confirmation hearing. guest: the constitution gives the president executive power. the supreme court in a case in 2012 recognized the president has broad discretion about how to prosecute immigration cases, and they said this is an inherent constitutional power. the court said a principal feature of the removal system is a broad discretion exercised by officials whose initial matters
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.ust decide removal the case on the other side says that the president has an obligation to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, that he cannot pick and choose among the kinds of laws to enforce or the numbers of immigrants to the port. critics say it is true that presidents reagan and george h to be bush had temporary stopgaps, but that is different than complete decision to give amnesty. therefore, this is a violation of the take care clause. we can talk about the options for the president's gop critics, which may be limited. host: as far as legal challenges, how does history tell us about these type of decisions, executive actions, and how do they sit up for legal scrutiny? guest: it is a tough road because it is hard to find people who have legal standing to bring all the suits.
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there are a bunch of options. laysn them out today. go to theent could supreme court. it is rare that the court intervenes in disputes between the president and congress and it could take a long time. the house could file a lawsuit as it has tried to do on several fronts. the states could sue president obama. the immediate possibility would that the house would try to defund parts of the government mandatedd take actions by the executive order. refuel theuld try to intended order, and the nuclear option is impeachment, which seems to be off the table. those are the six options. host: when you talk about republican responses, what are
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you hearing from the approaches that that possibly my take on the republican side in congress, and as far as a strategy, what do you think of them question mark -- of them? guest: people are waiting to hear what the legal reasoning is tonight. there is no wiggle room here because the statute itself allows discretion. the keywords are any alien in and admitted to the united states shall be removed if the alien is within a number of issses, and key case at shall be removed but only if the attorney general orders it. i think the house lawsuit against the president in the affordable care act suggests they want to press this legally.
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some success to the affordable care act seems legal ventures, even when they are press, can get some traction in the courts. i imagine we will see a lot of lawsuits filed pretty soon. host: jeffrey rosen, anything you want to add, aside from the conversation we've been having that the audience might find interesting? guest: there are strong constitutional arguments on both sides. i invite people to visit to hear our scholars debate the issue. host: thank you for being with us. >> later tonight, coverage of the address to the nation by the president on immigration. we will have that life at 8:00 eastern on c-span. right now we are live at the senate intelligence committee, and it looks like diane
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feinstein is about to enter. she just completed the last vote of the day held over in the senate, and also waiting for the ranking member as we begin this hearing for the director of counterterrorism center nominee nicholas rasmussen to his confirmation hearing.
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will come tong order. let me just say that the soon to be chairman of this committee, this is not my usual way of operation. i like to be on time. we got into a bit of a problem in the caucus, and i just wanted to say that to you/ -- to you. the committee will come to order. session to hear nicholas rasmussen to be as the director of the national counter resin center. center.erterrorism olson's resignation,
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it is my intention pending today's session to move this nomination quickly to the senate and seek his confirmation before our adjournment in december. mr. rasmussen has been the director since 2012. prior to this, he served from 12 as the senior director for counterterrorism at the national security council. in terroristrsed threats to the united states and the growth of terrorist groups around the country. mr. rasmussen's service goes back to 1991, with a series of positions at the department of state, nsc, and nctc. mr. rasmussen, i enjoyed reading in the background materials for this hearing that public services part of your family. and i am pleased to welcome your family here who had been in public service as well. i speak for the vice chairman
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of the committee who regrets he cannot be with us today, and for myself, when i say that we need a full-time senate-confirmed director of the national counterterrorism center as soon as possible. not go into the threats to our nation, but they will go in to the record, and it is clear i think to all of us who deal in this situation with the andmic state of iraq levan, we continue our efforts aq affiliates and other terrorist groups across the world. it is a real problem, and it is escalating. these groups now have safe havens in syria, libya, across other parts of north africa, and
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in many places online. the threat from isil and aqap pose a direct threat to the united states homeland, and from external attack and from directed and inspired lone wolf attacks from within the united states. needs to be at the front of our efforts to identify these attacks as it has done many times in the past. at the same time, the director is the national intelligence manager for counterterrorism and the official in charge of government wide strategic operational planning to defeat terrorism. rasmussen, you have a big job before you. i have gone to the answers to the questions you have submitted. . see no problem whatsoever but it is a great pleasure to welcome you and your family here today. and i would like to ask
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unanimous consent to put into the record a letter of support for nick's nomination from admiralctc directors, ven, andmccra former national deputy security advisor juan serate. let me stop and welcome the nominee and ask the senator for his opening statement. >> thank you, madam chairman, want tok, let me say i thank you for your many years of government service, the state department, white house, and at nctc, and i thank you for the time you spend for me the other day and your insight into the areas of interest we had an opportunity to talk about. i would like to welcome your wife, your parents. and all three of you are proud of the progress of his career,
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and i thank you for sharing him with the country, because it is invaluable. over the last 10 years you have focused primarily on analyzing the terrorist threat to our country and devising policies to address those threats. nctc will need your experience in the years to come. 13 years after 9/11 we continue to face al qaeda in afghanistan, affiliates in somalia, yemen, syria, and now in the indian subcontinent. nigeria, in somalia, in syria and iraq, and the list goes on. these groups raise money by way of criminal acts, and in some cases state sponsorship. extremists with technical degrees special skills, and expertise building ied's. to includehters americans are exploiting local
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and regional conditions to train before returning home. here at home we faced the threat from violent extremists, who often utilize the information in connections -- and connections from online and plan smaller scale simple lots that are harder to detect. ,hese terrorists are capable well organized, well financed, and make asp are two attack u.s. persons abroad and at home. the threat is more distributed and complex than ever before. we no longer have the luxury of focusing attention on one group or one region. to lead theg asked primary agency for integrating at analyzing all intelligence related to the terrorist threat, and you have your work cut out for you. this committee will try to provide you with resources you need to address three and keep our nation safe. the truth is we are going to have to make some local choices in years to come.
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nctc is a capable organization with excellent people. i fully expect you to lead and effect of agency under our watchful eye, but i can assure you that moving forward we are going to challenge you to improve the center and the search for efficiencies. tough going to ask th questions and ask you to be better, and i look forward to you giving direct and candid answers. i think that chair and pledge on behalf of vice chairman chambliss and the side of the aisle that you cannot move too fast on this nomination for us. >> thank you very much. would you stand, please, mr. rasmussen? would you repeat after me, i, rasmussen, do solemnly swear that i will give this committee the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me god? [indiscernible]
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>> you agree to appear before the committee here, do you agree to send officials from the nctc when invited, do you agree to provide documents or any other materials requested by the committee in order for it to carry out its oversight and legislative response ability -- response ability -- responsibility, do you agree with [indiscernible] of members of this committee intelligence activities and covert actions rather than only the chairman and vice chairman? >> [indiscernible] >> consistent with past investments with national intelligence, will you promised you briefed the committee within 24 or 48 hours of any terrorist
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attack or attempted terrorist attack if requested by the committee? >> yes. >> thank you very much. please bc did, and we are interested in your opening statement. >> thank you, and chairman, members of the committee, thank you for considering my nomination to be the next director. i want to express my appreciate the efforts of the staff. there's a tremendous amount of work that goes into their review to support any confirmation hearing, and i'm grateful. i would like to recognize and introduced i parents and my wife. their love and support means everything to me, and i am glad they are here with me today. as you remarked, i briefed this committee several times as recently as last week in my capacity as the deputy director. tos is my first opportunity appear in open session, and i truly welcome the opportunity. i'm honored by the president's
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trust in my ability to continue to serve international enterprise. the service came natural to me growing up in the washington area, as i had to look no further than my own family for examples. my father and my mother moved to northern virginia from wisconsin in 1952 so my father could pursue a career in public policy. he was a career federal employee beginning at agriculture or feel capitol hill for a junior staff member on the house side and retiring 40 years later as the most senior curator official at the department of education. my mother was for a time at a big school teacher in fairfax county while playing an active role in our local church and serving for over 10 years on the board of the northern virginia community college. i one sibling who is an active officer will with two tours of duty in afghanistan and another works with local government in their facts and volunteers and he's community.
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his committees. anything i learned about public commitment i learn from my family. the long way to geoeye have to go as to serve as my father, but i'm currently on your 23. i started my career while a student at wesley and -- wesleyan and university, working on the korea desk. after finishing graduate school, i joined state as an intern just as the country was liberating kuwait during operation desert storm. during my tenure at stake, i was given many opportunities, whether working on efforts to dissuade north korea for -- from pursuing nuclear ambitions. incareer took a sudden turn 2001 when i accepted a position on the national security council
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staff. my first day on the job was monday, september 17, 2001, six days after the attack. ince that day 13 years ago been focused for every day of marker on the nation's counterterrorism efforts. those include positions at the white house under bush and obama and at nctc. over these years i have seen what i believe are vast improvements in our capabilities and policies. that said, challenges remain and there's much work to be done. this is what makes the work of so men and women atnctc central. that is what i would like the opportunity to lead them to serve a longtime them as their director. working with our allies and partners has made great strides in dismantling the al qaeda organization that attacked us. the terrorism threat we face continues to evolve.
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as the president said, for the foreseeable future, the most direct threat to america at home and abroad remains terrorism. committee understands an andility in the lev the middle east has accelerated the movement. the once global focus under osama bin laden is now being driven by regional conflict. across these unstable regions we are confronting a little to do threats. from long-standing well-known terrorist groups, but also from newer and loosely connected networks of violent extremists who operate without regard to national borders or establish organizational norms. better than any audience i ever engage with understands that diverse and threat picture we face from al qaeda. that threat teacher includes other sunni terrorist groups, to isil, including
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shia groups, including homegrown violent extremists who live amongst us in the united states. we face a broader array of threats from a greater number of groups and actress than at any point since 9/11. come locating that our losses of collection as a result of an unauthorized disclosure, the spread of extremist messaging by social media in different ways, and the need we feasted balance technology based analytic tools with people focused human eyes on antensive analysis if i'm confirmed, i look forward to working with and helping the community overcome these challenges. 10 years ago when senator susan collins and joe lieberman first put pen to paper in what would become the intelligence reform act of 2004, most in the country believed a second large-scale
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catastrophic attack in a home and was possible, even probable. today the threat we face is different from then, and i would argue we are equipped to respond to it then that we were in 2004. earlier this year, we were on it to host authors of that landmark legislation in our auditory. senator collins, you told the workforce there is no doubt that information sharing is far superior to what it was prior to the passing of the law in 2004, and there is doubt the talented nctc has been making a difference. i can assure you the members of our workforce were beaming with pride and they heard your words. 10 years later, i believe we can declare your vision that the congress' vision has in fact taken hold. that vision called for an integrated workforce fully
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empowered with access to the right information and armed with the best training and tools. i believe that vision is growing stronger every day. we all know this is no time for complacency, self-satisfaction, either at ncntc or anywhere else. we understand that civilian challenges remain. the adversaries we face are persistent and so we must learn and improve and get better every day. we must exceed their ability to attack us with our will to make certain they do not succeed. in the position i have as deputy director, i'm reminded of 9/11 and the threat we face every single day. if confirmed by the senate i would bring the focus and urgency born of that terrible day 13 years ago to everything i do as director. i would aim to ensure the best and brightest continue to fill our ranks, and i would aim to ensure they are equipped with tools and training they need to meet the threat.
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in my 23 years in government service, i worn a number of hats working in a number of different government organizations. no label means as much to me personally over that time as the of theember counterterrorism community. every day i'm privileged to work with truly outstanding friends and partners all across that nsa,nity come at fbi, cia, the defense department, homeland security, justice, state, treasury, state and local partners, international partners, white house, and here on capitol hill, with you and your staff. the job for which i've been nominated demands for much, but i am thankful for the loving support of my family, my wife, parents, and i would like to take this opportunity to thank her and them publicly today. they've always been there to support me as i pursued my career. familyen part of the since its inception in 2004, even when serving president bush and president obama for several years on the nsc staff. i feel connected to their
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remarkable workforce at nctc, and its critical place within the intelligence community. there's no place in government i would rather serve. --man find stand, senators, chairman feinstein, senators, thank you for your support them and for considering my nomination to be its neck direct -- its next director. thank you. >> excellent. thank you very much. in your written statement for the record, you wrote attacks either linked or in belgium oril canada, recent arrests in europe and australia, demonstrate the threat beyond the middle east farel, although thus limited in sophistication. if left unchecked, over time, capabilitiesil's
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to which were, and the threat the united states home and ultimately to increase. onnctc's viewd of the threat of isil to descend you can, please? >> i would be happy to. i think of the threat isil poses as being in concentric circles. because their capability is greatest in iraq and syria, our personnel they'll our greatest at risk, particularly in iraq, what were embassy security is a serious concern. in front-line states around iraq and syria, jordan, turkey, syria, lebanon, saudi arabia, we worry isil has an ability to carry out attacks to identify and mobile no eyes -- mobilize personal against u.s. personal and interest. beyond that, the next worrying
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-- the next outer ring is in western europe, where the very language you cited in your question indicates isil looks at europe as a potential theater of operations. homeland, where we believe isil has aspirations over time to develop capability it would need to carry out a homeland attack. at this point we assess we are far more at risk presently of attack from an individual homegrown violent extremist who may be inspired by but not necessarily directly by isil in homeland. the point about if left unchecked, we worried the longer and is left unchecked allowed to pursue and develop a safe haven, door that capability is allowed to grow to carry out attacks in each of those theaters i mentioned. >> thank you. i signed responses to our prehearing questions that you wrote you will be hiring more than 40 officers this year.
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it is my understanding in cddition to these 40, nct still has many vacant positions it needs to fill. the question is with respect to contractors, which we have some concerns about, how do you plan to fill the vacant spots at nctc? >> thank you, madam chair, for c receives from this committee in our efforts to maintain the best possible work force. we are very grateful for that. the numbers you cite of 40 individuals we are looking to heart is your reflexively we call -- people who hire and work in the office of the director of national intelligence. nctc is a blended workforce which includes permanent country employees, but also detail personnel from other intelligence community, and not
3:44 pm
just intelligence, but other government organizations as well. that is the real life blood of nctc, the expertise, telling we get from other agencies. >> will the 40 b transfers, a mix, and if so -- >> 40 will be direct hire. where pursuing an effort to get our detail he numbers for the we need to tell it from other partners. all those partners are willing as strong supporters of nctc an enterprise. the challenge comes as you try to keep the numbers up. they had their own staffing needs and a time of budget uncertainty. they struggle to meet their own efforts to staff themselves. is a constant dialogue with them, a positive dialogue with them to make sure we can get talented officers from places like fbi, cia, and other partners in the intelligence community. >> thank you.
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senator burr? >> thank you, madam cherney. , the committee is charged with providing vegan oversight. a couple questions that really go in line with what the chairman had you rise and raise your hand and swear to. would you agree the committee, to conduct effective oversight, that we should have access to the intelligence products produced by the intelligence community and in some cases be provided with the wrong reporting that contributed to that analysis? >> yes, and i believe in some cases it would make sense to have access to that reporting. >> will you commit to providing the committee complete and timely access to all products, reporting, and staff necessary to assist in our sponsor ability? >> yes. >> i will not get into staffing because i think you covered that with senator feinstein.
3:46 pm
earlier this week the institute of economics and peace raised its index. the report indicates that deaths from terrorism are at an specifically, the number of deaths after we did to terrorism is five times higher than it was in 2000, and we witnessed a 61% increase in the last year alone. would you agree the threat from terrorism is at an all-time high? as measured in the array, for writing, and dispersion of terrorist threats across many different reasons, -- regions, the answer is yes. going to doctc about it? nctc place in carrying out planning in support of government is one that has us tied closely to the national therity council staff and policy develop process for pursuing strategies against --
3:47 pm
on counterterrorism. we work with the national security council staff to of government plans to address our counterterrorism concerns in each of the theaters around the world, not just one single theater, as you would expect, senator. the effort to develop strategies against isil is particularly at an energetic pace now. is planning capability is also brought to bear on the challenges we face, in africa, asia, southsive rio yocahi o caci o j a nco ke ree e teangny leinhafaicf ragy wlo aoshehaens fe. ilatheamti, y r esn wrefft edtoe stneetalirte atou aue l oefrt b dec siand aq >>reouonde ncan
3:48 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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3:56 pm
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3:57 pm
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3:58 pm
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3:59 pm
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4:00 pm
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4:01 pm
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4:02 pm
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4:03 pm
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4:04 pm
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4:05 pm
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4:06 pm
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4:07 pm
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4:08 pm
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4:09 pm
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4:10 pm
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4:11 pm
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4:12 pm
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4:13 pm
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4:14 pm
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4:17 pm
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4:18 pm
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4:19 pm
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4:20 pm
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4:21 pm
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4:22 pm
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4:23 pm
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4:24 pm
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4:25 pm
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4:26 pm
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4:27 pm
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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