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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  November 30, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EST

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we had six or seven presence per team. that was a huge message in campaign. ebola treatment brought down has the transmission. we have 50 new cases a day, and that is making a huge difference in transforming the state of that entire country. we will be focused but we know
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that we can see real results. >> other transmissions around or are they is, less? >> liberia is where you have largest reduction of transmission rates. it is now at 0.5. that is a very steep reduction in liberia. in sierra leone we are just under 2000 cases, we still think there's a very high transmission rate. we are working hard to take the lessons we have learned in to our british colleagues without the uk and tary on the ground building treatment units.
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have learned in liberia and put it in sierra leone. we have fewer cases it they are concentrated in difficult to reach area in the forest. seeing a major effort in the forest region, some of it supported by the ad states and other supported by the french. >> you mentioned the international response, in october we saw secretary of state john kerry made passionate urgent pleas for up and do o step their part, i am wondering if you have seen a response or if you are still struggling.
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>> we have seen a response, -- from early september, president obama has in getting nvolved other countries, saying this is a national security priority and we will continue to have problems unless we deal with that other source. they have been very active in others to do more, nnow we are seeing the results of that. range of upport from a international partners, the -- british military are on the ground. the chinese are sent material.
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we are seeing medical teams around the african union, the african union itself mobilised hundreds of workers. they are trying to fight ebola in their own country. we are seeing a much bigger international response, the to sustain ill be out of fort when it is the news. and pe people see understand that maybe if it is not on the front page of the newspaper is still big threat. >> i am wondering now that the us cases are resolved, be evision news seems not to focusing as much. looking back at the period, what did you think of the
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intense focus on the cases in the us and was adapted for the understanding or fear of people? comment on the media with a wonderful expertise we have here. a week to africa for oversee the work. in senegal we were helping neighbouring otected. to be pr when i can back, that was the week when there was a lot of there was an e, understandable fear in here my kids go to school in washington dc. they wanted to know if i was going to soccer games. [laughter] that a now see science-based guidelines that president has put forward, that if you are at all at risk monitored e actively
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wonderful washington dc official, which called me every day to get my temperature. need to be quarantined. to keep us tended safe,, and if you get a fever after you have been in west africa, we know who you are and we have contact with you. so, these particles are very important to maintain a science evidence-based protocol they safe at home, be calm and collected. and can encourage health workers to continue to go to africa and come back safely and security at no risk for themselves or the community. moving s talk about
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forward, this outbreak -- this is the first time it has happened in this region. have you learned from dealing outbreak which you take to deal with al outbreaks? >> i believe those important be learned from the community, global health security is national security. at a time when there is a flight all over the world, and keeps is all strong ed, we need a international public system they can protect communities all over the planet. that is why before the ebola a tbreak president sent
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global health security saying that this is an issue when to concentrate on. at the white eting house saying, what have we learned from ebola and how can we reshape the international system. a data driven response is the most effective. in liberia for example, the ed in september active igned for 10,000 cases in liberia, today we are for fewer than that so we encourage our teams to adapt the plans. they are going to start opening 10 or 20 beds, we are to have a rapid reaction for rural areas. so we're thinking how can you transport through helicopter to the rural community so with could get a diagnosis, as opposed to having to wait for days.
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has a big impactand how you can control the epidemic. being flexible and adaptable, on delivering the of keeping us safe, those are the overall things that we need to continue to do. having on pact it is work, in south sudan and others? have built the largest most complex disaster reaction in west africa to serve as a platform that works in liberia, guinea, sierra leone. is assistant to move as fast as we can, we had to draw people and resources from many other world gs around the sudan, whether
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the potential epidemic were die children could because they're not getting enough food and medical support. to syria, to syria, where there is 11 million people with medical needs. the other states continues to be the major humanitarian actors throughout the region. from afghanistan to haiti, we need more humanitarian impression than we have ever had. history, that is why this ebola funding request to congress is so critical. we are going to sustain the of effort we have, we need that emergency funding by uest being supported members of congress. it comes to protecting america's humanitarian efforts, we do it well, there has ional n a tradit
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bipartisan support. is for $6 request million. ask beyond the being , with congress controlled by republicans, do you have any concerns about funding at a time where you seem stretched? helpful, ctually very over the last several years we new model mented a which is based on public and private relationships. members of both parties have action and model in they have expressed a huge deal of support. we have a cultural initiatives in 19 countries.
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we should not just treat people when they are starving with our food, we should give people ability to use their things. to work with agriculture to help people move in a sustained way. d tremendous support for the if you must go it was introduced in a bipartisan basis in the house the senate. in has been passed by a bipartisan and unanimous way. we do our way, when we can and demonstrate the kids on 12 million those households which are no longer malnourished.
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we can show you that with independent data that has been validated. republicans and democrats are hold hands and support in vision of american power around the world that is based on protecting our values. >> does the serious thing to go private and public save ? are you planning to the refugee crisis? >> it is much difficult to go inside syria. syrup the focus had -- has been humanitarian support. when doctors they used their vacation time to go to the anitarian partners to go into syria. heroes and they
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deserve our constant support and protection. around syria, in lebanon and in dan we have engaged public and private partnerships in order to help the distance both of these places, they deeply understand that the stability of the to the is critical business interest. being involved in security and building water systems, urs tingloans for entreprene who can create jobs, all those types of things which are fundamental. talk about power africa, and of initiative we try to help people engaging public sector. obama lunched power africa 16 months ago in his trip to africa. he said at the time that every
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leader we spoke to, number one he constraint to growth is energy resources. that millions of people who do not have an access to energy ower. it is diesel generation and t and tax massive cos be a he ability to business leader, whereas it could be $.18 an hour if they had proper power systems. with american companies and deployed y it can be all across africa. put the new modelof development on power and we h countries to improve the policy reforms like sector, on in the power
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charge appropriate prices so private investors can actually invest in power generation. in the last 14 months we have achieved financial in more than 30 energy projects. there will bring power to more households and small businesses. prison obamatripled the made ion this summer and our goal 30,000 energy. we also work with sweden, the uk, the world bank, they have announced $26 billion of power investment. is a new model and it sets the economy for transparency, for disclosures that are consistent with
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and ican law and the uk thai bribery act. there are standards and rules. they help those economies be closer to us and potentially other emerging markets which are doing business in africa or elsewhere. to ask you about -- is completed the question. contracted who was hired to give the allegations in the jewish community. year e beginning of this was a programme to start a twitter like social media service that was intended to be like a cuban spring. narrative of the
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for us, that are working more covert activity. the agency has paid a price, you're no longer to be able to work in russia or bolivia. questions about your activities. this man's family paint a deep could you update us tto and is it worth it? about alan growth everyday, this administration has fought hard for secure his freedom. secretary clinton and kerry said that. department leads the
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effortwwhich has used a broad lomatic engagements to try and secure his freedom. details of into the their diplomatic process and it is sations but extraordinary active. he should be released. to is inappropriate for him be unlawfully held. you ask the question about us rule around the world . support democracy our agency has had a long history of having a strong set of programs to support democracy, human rights and improved government. advisers from sending to fight corruption to a long
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supporting organisations, llocal institution supported by a broad range of partners to advocate for democratic process, elections and transparency. said earlier ma this fall at a speech in civil society that a partnership, we will always in our foreign affairs and development work advocate for just bouncy, the law and credit principles, free and fair elections. our missionis the birth, and to extreme poverty promote resilient and democratic societies. i believe there is an essential part of our mission. have reviewed those programs
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and we are confident going forward and though we should have a set of programs that are consistent with the law, that forward our democratic principles and that are safe to execute. the balancein ve other settings, it is critical to our mission to be consistent. where going to advocate for a democratic process in cuba and a civil society. are critiqued for it but those who we are. as for ukraine, i met with a who were reformers fighting anticorruption. before they were treated like criminals, now they're treated like heroes. they have been fighting this for a long time. they help support the international ngo support these groups.
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>> just a follow on dealing the issue of transparency, the run these programs in countries that are not necessarily democratic or transparent? >> we are transparent about it. that sometimes leads to a dictator or somebody else, a here we wish you were of the supporting one democratic groups but that is part of our foreign assistance. investingon health or agriculture, while investing keeping ing ebola and our country safe, over time would be a safer nation if we fact that 1 the
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billion people still live on a a quarter a day. we are safer nation it will then have a strong independent civil society the stands up for the rights of transparency and governors all round the world. if we tackle diseases from ebola at their source. whether those consequences are ever lose 1 million young who die of simple, easy to prevent causes that we know how to resolve. >> final question. similar program in ukraine?
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>> civil site groups in ukraine when i visited recently, we had a chance to speak with them. efforts to hat our had brought them together. found other groups that all those paperswhich had been dumped in the lake behind the presidential mansion. that is how we know money was some n and how to recover of those assets. we have been a partner with them for a long time. you if those k troublespots, are your workers officially safeguarded? >> our workers take extraordinary risks all the
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time. sometimes limit employers of partners of local our humanitarian partner or organisation in different settings. through very difficult length, especially in syria right now to make sure folks are safe. days i have hadin this jobless colin family members to tell them that their was doing ghter who heroes work, saving lives and children go to school, died in the conduct of the services. those have been very difficult from close to make. all of the people who have this job are heroes. it is by keeping our country safe. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you.
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>> newsmakers is back with nicole gaouette and ron nixon. ritter spoke to doctor razi shah. he is the us coordinator for the response in west africa, we that the ut the fact -- has ration hasn't for $6 million extra. >> a number of members of both parties have made the case that the request is reasonable. it is unclear if they would actually get the entire 6 billion. think there would be essential for the ebola effort now it is unclear if the request will be granted.
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>> you asked a question about attitude and congress, what es your reporting till you the us aid ork that do? >> he spoke about the public and private relationships he is taking a entrepreneurial approach to deal with issues for hospitals in africa, or finding new energy for the indian community. a lot of republicans on the he might have questioned why we're giving money to these countries when there is so much need here have been impressed and pleased by that. >> money has been leveraged in
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different ways. there was a concern about accounting for these dollars on whether or not the metrics were sound, taliban as of the date and how the agency responded. >> that is particularly the case in afghanistan. reports of ame with over spending. it is something that the agency with for years and rajiv shah has strict but different systems but they have numerous projects that go d, with he worl are overseeing t these things. to seems to take some time get under control.


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