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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  March 9, 2015 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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compelling conversations, here are some other programs you might like. bruce chadwick writes about the murder of one of the signers of the equation of independence and two wl political biographers. you can watch these anytime or search our entire video library at >> monday night on the communicators, rocco, on the challenges facing media companies and the fallout from the latest ace -- fcc decision affecting the internet. >> i have no doubt that this will increase rates for the consumers. if they can have regulatory feels come additional fees, access at the local level, i
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think utilities, regulatory utilities and the states -- i haven't found one government that doesn't want to raise more money and give an opportunity to raise more money. monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> next, david cameron taking questions from members of the house of commons. then hillary clinton at the emily's list gala and jeb bush at a fundraiser in iowa. after that, a discussion about the implementation of the health care law and the possible impact of health care rulings. >> david cameron answered questions wednesday from members during the weekly question time and ed miliband challenge the premise or on immigration issues
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and whether he agreed to participate in a debate on may 7. this is 35 minutes. >> order. questions to the prime minister. mr. mc mode. -- mahmood. >> i had meetings this morning with ministerial colleagues, and i will have further such meetings later today. >> the chancellor was asked six times this morning whether he had had conversations about tax avoidance. he had conversations about tax avoidance, and he refused to answer. lord green weenie was a trade minister about tax
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avoidance -- lord green when he was. >> we dealt with as a fortnight ago. all the proper checks are made and it is the same lord green, this is the same stephen green that labour gave a job to just before the election. that's the truth and they can't get away from it. >> mr. speaker, -- [inaudible] on the isle of white for advanced manufacturing and marine technology. this project will benefit new and existing island businesses. does the prime minister agree that this is an excellent example of government supporting local economies and ensuring young people on the island have the skills that the industries of the future will need a? >> well, i think my honorable friend is right. this is an excellent developer.
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the partnership has received nearly 11 million funding through the growth deal to build a center of excellence for competence on the isle of white. this is going to provide live hundred 50 students workshop and learning facilities and would include over 250 apprentices. this is all part of our long-term plans to build up of britain's skills, build up a britain's manufacture, build up our apprenticeships and make sure more people get the security and stability of work. >> ed miliband. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker it for the last election the prime minister made a know it no, but promise on immigration. can even white house exactly what that promise was? >> we promised to cut net migration. we have cut it from outside the european union. it is increase from inside the european union, not least because we have created more jobs than the rest of the european union put together.
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[shouting] >> he was rather coy about his precise promise mr. speaker. it was in his contract with the british people. net migration cut to the tens of thousands. now it is 298000, higher than when he took office. is what he said in a contract. here's what he said if we don't deliver our side of the bargain vote us out in five years time. [shouting] when he said that did he mean it? >> there are two reasons for high migration. one is the growth of our economy, and the other is that our benefits system allows people to access that benefits system straight away. i say let's keep the strong economy, let's change that benefits system. he wants to get the benefit system and trashing the economy. [shouting] >> mr. speaker i do have to say to him his promise on immigration makes the deputy
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prime ministers -- low on the integrity. if he can break the spectacularly a solemn promise on a fundamentally important issue why on earth should anyone believe any of his election promises this time? >> i'm glad you mentioned the document. i brought it with me. i have it procured a copy for the interest of the house and i would like to run through it. year of the commitments we made. we will protect pensions. we protected pensions. [shouting] we will train 4000 health visitors. we've trained 4000. we will protect free tv licenses for the over 75 and keep free eye tests for pensioners. we kept that promise. i've got all day mr. speaker. i think these are very important. it says will keep the winter fuel allowance. we kept the winter fuel allowance. it says that we will ensure cancer patients get the
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treatment they need. we made sure that happened. mr. speaker, there's lots more, there's lots more. we can keep going. plenty of time. [shouting] we will increase health spending every year. we have increased health spending every year. [shouting] we have introduced a married couples tax allows. we introduced the married couples tax allowance. we will increase the basic state pension but we've increased the state basic pension. there's plenty more, mr. speaker. these are commitments made commitments kept. [shouting] what a contrast. >> mr. miliband. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, so now we know so now we know you can't believe the promise on immigration. it's not worth -- it's not worth the paper -- it's not worth the paper it is written on.
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[shouting] >> order, order. order. can i just ask the house -- order. can i just ask the house to have some regard for the views of the public about our behavior, given we will be seeking their support in the weeks ahead. it's quite straightforward really. ed miliband. >> last thing about his broken promise on immigration. now let's ask it again. he promised net migration in the tens of thousands. will be now admit that he has broken that promise yes or no? >> i have been very clear. we cut immigration from outside the eu but we've seen the rise of inside eu. we have a plan to deal with that. butbut he talks of commitment -- mr. speaker, i've got a few more. [shouting] it says we will cut wasteful
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spending. we have cut wasteful spending. it says we will reduce carbon emissions. we reduced carbon emissions. it says we'll have 400,000 apprentices. we have broken that promise. we have had 2 million apprentices. [shouting] mr. speaker, it is election time. we are all beginning to think about. i have a little question apparently you can go run to his office and the stand on a soapbox to make himself look a little bit taller. [laughter] let's ask him how many people will put the leader of the opposition on their -- [shouting] hands up hands up. i think that's enough about leaflets for now. >> mr. speaker mr. speaker, mr. speaker, so it's all about leadership. well, there's a very -- [shouting] great. and there's a very good chance. the broadcast proposed
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head-to-head debate between the prime minister in me on the 30th of april. a week before polling day. i will be at that debate. will he be at that debate? >> it is all about leadership, mr. speaker, and we see no leadership from the party opposite. what's interesting, mr. speaker we are having a debate now and they cannot talk about the economy. they can't talk about jobs because there are more jobs being created. they can't talk about growth because growth is going out. they can't even talk about living standards because there's a breakthrough report today showing living standards are back and the pre-crisis level. i say let's have these debates. let's get on with them before the election. [shouting] >> okay. if he wants an additional debate between me and him before the election, i'm very happy to agree to it. but the broadcasters have set a
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date. he said the election is all about me and him but the one thing he wants to avoid is a tv debate between me and him. i will give them another chance. i will be there on april 30, a debate between me and him. will he be there yes or no? >> he has now given up on the seven corner debate. he doesn't want to debate with the greens anymore. he wants he wants the press conference. we all thought it was a car crash. he probably thought it was a -- we're having a debate now and he can't talk about the economy. he can't talk about jobs. he can talk about living standards but he can't talk about what we've done for our economy. and the reason why, he's got no leadership whatsoever. the truth is mr. speaker, we have a recovering economy and we mustn't let labour racked it.
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[shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. next monday -- [inaudible] >> order. the honorable gentleman is entitled to be heard. >> here, here. >> thank you mr. speaker. next monday a seemingly minor amendment to the road traffic act will allow 70,000 severely disabled wheelchair using children to legally use a heavier wheelchair which better meets their needs. will the prime minister join me in congratulating the excellent new life foundation for disabled children in my constituency which has been campaigning for this change in the law for over five years and can now continue to make a real difference for the quality of life of some the most severely disabled children in our country? >> i'm very happy, with my honorable friend, to praise the business and also pay tribute to
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all those who give young people disable junk people the chance of more choice over wheelchairs. anyone who's had a child in a wheelchair knows that you need a choice of your child can accept a better quality of life and i'm delighted that this change in the law will help make that possible. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my father died of cancer. my mother died of cancer. and my sister died of cancer. a year ago the prime minister set a target to urgent cancer referrals should receive the first treatment within two months. last year 20,000 people have not had that target met for them. does the prime minister understand that even if the national health service can survive another five years of a conservative government, 100,000 cancer patients cannot? >> well, first of all the
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honorable gentleman, like probably everyone in this house and most people in our country knows someone who's benefited by cancer or died of cancer. we all know that and we know it is one of the biggest killers that we have to get to grips with in our country. what we've seen over the last five years partly because we're protected health spending is we've seen a 50% increase of referrals into cancer treatment. something like half a million extra people have been treated because what we need when it comes to cancer is earlier diagnoses by the gp. that's what information campaign matters much and when you go into treatment, yes, it does matter that the waiting targets are met. to ours -- we need to make sure all of them are met and we also need to keep on with the cancer drugs fund which is given many people suffering cancer access to drugs adult longer life as a result. >> will my right honorable friend agree that too often --
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said that announcement with action? will future that nato says it will do what it said would? [inaudible] when we say we will defend it we made it. >> my right honorable friend is right. that is why the conference is so important. we said we would stick to article v and we will stick to article by. we superdrol up an action plan to help countries in eastern europe including the baltic states and we are doing there. written sport we've got the typhoon is taking part in the baltic air patrol. we are 4000 british troops taking part in operations in eastern europe but it's important we are clear to those baltic allies that we signed up to article v we mean it. and they want to our support not only when they face a conventional threat but also when they face threats of cyber
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attack as well. we need to show we are standing with him at this time. >> without pushing to get personal, does he realize many people consider the prime minister simply doesn't understand the lives of millions of people in this country -- modest incomes? the tory party has been and remains the party of the rich and the. [shouting] >> but i would say to the right honorable gentleman is you should judge a government by what happens to the people living in the country. and we see 1.85 million more people with a job. that is 1000 extra people getting a job for every day this government has been in office. that's the secret of the pay package. the chance of providing for family. he shakes his head but that's the reality of britain today. more apprentices, more jobs where people able to provide for the dummy. i would've thought the labour party would have welcomed about.
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>> mr. speaker, the department for education proposal for an interim executive board will result in the future of the few schools in my constituency. will the prime minister seek to establish why they think it is so -- [inaudible] and goes against socialism. >> certainly have a look at the proposal that he talks about. what we have done is make sure that where schools are not succeed at where schools are then yes they are taken over and turned around but i think it's important we intervene on behalf of local parents to make sure that happens but i will look at the specific case he mentioned. >> how does it make sense when the government is losing millions in tax avoidance to close the tax office when every officer there brings in hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost taxes?
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>> what we've done is at least 40 changes to make sure that people to do pay their taxes. we inherited a situation where foreigners were not paying a stamp duty where hedge fund managers were paying less tax than their cleaners come in were a number of people were avoiding tax on an industrial scale. they were. they sit there now. they were the friends of the tax avoidance. and 13 just to act and they did nothing, and it took a conservative government to sort it out. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. does the prime minister believe his own behavior and that of the leader of the opposition prime minister's questions either enhances or damages the image of the houses of parliament ended the politicians in the eyes of the members of the public? >> what i would say is it is inevitably a robust exchange. there are always ways i'm sure we can improve prime minister's questions, but i would say does have an important function
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which is it does make sure we have accountable government in our country, and people can ask the prime minister anything they want. >> thank you, mr. speaker. yesterday the prime minister rightly designated child sexual exploitation as a national threat. suddenly the police are receiving more reports of abuse than ever before but there are fewer investigations and prosecutions than 2010-11. in this time, 16,000 police officers have been caught. how can it be right -- further 1100 next year? >> first of all let me say thank you to her for mentioning the fact that we have made this a national, an issue of national importance. what that will do is trigger work not just by local police forces but by the national guard agency as well. so you will see more resources put into these sorts of investigations. using all the tools that modern police are able to bring to investigations so instead of
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seeing other things as priority you will see the priority given here. in terms of what the police have been able to do this their budgets have been reduced but with the presence of police on the frontline has caught up and crime has fallen right across the country. >> mr. speaker, in a dangerous world, experience as a statesman is one of the advantages, one of the many advantages my right honorable friend has over any -- [shouting] will he agree that in such a dangerous world the ultimate guarantee of our security is our nuclear deterrent? and will he confirm that he would never be involved in any shabby deal to give away our nuclear -- too unilateralist party? >> my right honorable friend is out so be right. the ultimate guarantor of britain's security is our independent nuclear deterrent and that is why we support it
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and will make sure it is properly renewed beginning in the next parliament. and i think it's important that everyone in the south takes that clear pledge, and make that clear pet pledge that it is concerned by almost three quarters of labour candidates oppose the renewal of tried and. i think now is the time for labour to rule out any agreement with the snp because no one wants to see some grubby deal between the people who want to break up the united kingdom and people who want to bankrupt the united kingdom. [shouting] [inaudible] he needs to answer questions after him. so for the third time, there is a debate planned by broadcasters on april 30 will he be there? >> i've been very clear. i said get on with the debate before the election campaign.
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i think we should start now. >> mr. speaker i bring the house good news mr. speaker. for the first time in 10 years british beer sales are up. [shouting] the campaign for real ale -- [inaudible] have saved 1050 pubs. the sun newspaper today which champions britain's beer trick is said that the chance of as opposed to repeat the cuts. will the prime minister join me in assuring beer drinkers that this government is on the side of brewers? >> well first of all canapés the honorable gentleman for the work that he has done to support the beer industry, to support britain's pubs, and stand up for
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our local committees where the pub is so often the hub of the village and other community. and this government has been a good friend to britain's pubs and to the beer industry. i'm delighted with the figures he reads out. it only goes to show that life is better under the conservatives. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister agree with his minister at the department of business that prosecuting people who don't pay them minimum wage is the politics of in the? >> the prosecuting people for not paying the minimum wage is obsolete right thing to do. and what we've done is make sure that the resources are there for that to happen. and let me give her the figures. we've now got a 3200 penalties have been issued for nonpayment of the minimum wage amounting to nearly 3 million pounds in fines. what we've seen is the maximum penalty being increased. we are naming and shaming noncompliance businesses enter getting that sort of action
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under government led by me. >> thank you mr. speaker. our long-term economic recovery plan for the north -- [shouting] has seen wages up apprenticeships doubled, exports up and unemployment in every constituency in the northeast has fallen in the last year. we are fixing the mess left behind by the labour government. can the prime minister set out for the future plan for the northeast is complete? >> first of all we are setting out our long-term economic plan for the northeast. he's right about the figures in his own constituency, the claimant count is down by 53%. but what is really fascinating about what's happening today is in terms of what's happening in terms of youth employment and i can tell the house it a new figure. in the last year there was a big rise in employment levels for under 25 and the whole of the rest of the european union
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combined. that is what is happening with our economy recover. the biggest risk to the economic recovery is the wrecking ball of the labour party. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my constituents has been refused a drug treatment for his cancer. he has moved to england and he will beginning treatments next wednesday. what would the prime minister say to him and others who've who had to fight on a case by case basis for treatment? mr. williams himself a senior health care professional. >> what i would say to mr. wayne's is first of all he has my sympathy and understanding for the condition that he has put out that he will get the treatment that he needs in england in england we are investing 69 pounds in this parliament to introduce the screening in the nhs which i think will be vital going to the order question of identifying this cancer which is a major killer identifying it much
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earlier. the english nhs is performed 850,000 more operations each year compared with 2010. but the problem is that indwells the labour party has made the wrong decision and can't nhs spending. that they don't have to make that decision because of course the increase in nhs spending in england trickles the money being available in wales. so even at this late stage i would plead with the labour government in wales, make the right decision on health, increased the spin become increase the cancer treatment and give people like your constituents the treatment they deserve. >> thank you, mr. speaker. in a recent visit to my constituency to announce the great fund allocation for the southwest lep, my right honorable friend as part of the city do you learned about how the marine and actual campus -- could create 1000 new skilled jobs. does my right honorable friend know this opportunity could be lost if the land is not
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transferred to city council? can my right honorable friend confirmed when this is going to happen? >> as my honorable friend knows i visited in january to go see firsthand the plans for the maritime and actual campus. i think it is an exciting developer. discussions are underway between the council and the infrastructure organization but i don't think there's any reason why these can't be completed by the end of the month and i am pressing the ministry of defence to do everything he can to make that happen. i can also confirm that funding is there should the case be approved which of course will secure the part of the city do. this is important and i want to see it happen. >> mr. speaker, we all know the prime minister -- will he rule out increasing -- [inaudible] >> i tell you what we have done is we've created a system where the universities are now better funded than others in europe the number of students going to university has increased and the
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number of people from poor backgrounds has gone up as well. and we have from the party opposite, they have taken four years to work out their policy and their policy, it hits universities, helps rich students rather than poor ones and also it does nothing to expand university education in our country. it's going to be paid for by additional pension taxes on senior nurses, military figures firefighters but they have spent four years to come up with a completely useless policy. it is if you like a monument to the chaos you would get under a labour government. >> thank you, mr. speaker. unemployment in my constituents across northern lincolnshire has plummeted since 2010. a large part of thank you to infrastructure development. can ask the prime minister to look closely at the possibility
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of a feasibility into electrification of the southern line in northern and northeast lincolnshire? >> i've also have a look at the proposals that he makes as he knows we have made real progress on electrification of railway lines as part of the infrastructure investment we put him. very recently i was in his constituency with homes and kennedy agency look at a vital role development that is opening up economic development but happy to look at the electrification project as well. [inaudible] can go years and years with no inspection of their protection procedures. is it not time to put child protection much more central to the process and ensure that every school is inspected on what they're doing about child protection regularly? >> i will look carefully at the point that she makes. i think for many years inspection was in is almost too routine on schools that were
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outstanding and were delivering good results and we needed to focus more on the failing schools and the schools requiring improvement. she makes an important point because when we look at things like child sexual exploitation, an issue we need to address in this parliament and beyond or indeed issues like forced marriage, it's very important we know the right safeguarding policies are in place. of course, these things can also be triggered by board of governors by concerned parents rather than having to have a routine inspection but i will have a look at the proposal she makes. >> thank you, mr. speaker. two years ago, milly thompson tragically died following the choking incident at a local nursery. her parents set up a trust to campaign for change in the law so that all relevant nursing staff must have first class qualification. a petition of over 100,000 signatures and a backbench this
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debate promised a review which is currently being undertaken. does the prime minister support this campaign, and if so with the respectfully ask the minister to get a move on? >> i will certainly talk to my right honorable friend and minister about this review but obviously it makes sense for as many people to have that sort of training as possible because where you can prevent needless loss of life and prevent accidents from happening, of course you should. so let me talk to the minister and get back to my friend. >> let's try the prime minister on another one of his promises and that was to make energy companies -- [inaudible] too many of my constituents are still being, paying many hundreds of pounds a year for energy. with the prime minister again make that promise over will he wait until an incoming labour government later this year affect the energy markets because what we promise was to
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get energy companies to cut their bills by taking some of the charges off them, and that's been delivered. what the labour party is promising is a price freeze even when numbers are coming down. so even before the election they've started to inflict real damage on consumers in our country by helping to keep prices higher than they otherwise should be. >> the three fastest growing economies in the uk, and with youth unemployment down by two-thirds under labour businesses are investing in our world-class county but one factor holding back that investment is a long journey time. and asked the prime minister to join in the fast trac worcester campaign to deliver a campaign to deliver us a two-hour service the? >> i am very keen to join my honorable friend in this campaign because it benefits would benefit my constituency also. we have seen a dueling of more parts of the railway line in
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recent years and an improvement in car parts which i think is also the good. this is a vital railway. we are hearing -- he told us he was a long slow burn i have to say the only thing lying in ashes is labour's economic credibility. [shouting] >> recent figures produced -- [shouting] have shown that 40% of workers in my constituency earn less than a living wage with women particularly badly affected, 50% of women workers are less than 16,000 pounds a year. what's the prime minister going to do when two of the workers in my constituency start to feel the recovery speaks first of all i support the living wage i think those employers should pay should pay it. but what we can do to help all
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people in this situation is to make sure the minimum wage is properly enforced, these increased over time and then of course, to lift people out of tax and we lifted 3 million people out of tax a racing to 10,600 pounds the amount of money that you are before you start paying tax. that has benefited low-paying people and has benefited women. if you get a conservative government after the next election we will raise the threshold to 12500 pounds or you can work 30 hours a minute wage and pay no income tax whatsoever. >> cannot urge my right honorable friend to abandon his -- and remind the british people that the last labour prime minister destroy the public finances, ran up massive -- budget deficit pension fund -- [shouting]
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and five years of hard work the united kingdom now has the fastest growing economy in -- [shouting] >> i'm grateful to my right honorable friend to i haven't felt particularly reticent today but what it would cities the economy is recovering. you see that in jobs. you now see that in living standards. you see it in the lowest rates of inflation that we've had for many years in our country. the economy has turned around. we turned that corner. things are getting better and we must let labour racket. -- mustn't let rec it. >> the suffering of constituents of mine who lost their babies, it's hard to imagine they have ha


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