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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 3, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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timeeath: tell us about a where your judgment has been tested and what you want to appreciate your judgment. i will tell you, serving in the senate is an interesting experience.
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they don't opm as a result of it. i am not support any additional
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intoxicants be legalized. for this loan purposes, if a vendor went through the process and it was designed to be used as medicine, that would be something that i would be four. senator rubio: what would your policy be for undocumented aliens? an issueubio: this is that everyone agrees that we have to fix. in one piecefixed of legislation.
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they want to see more euros. this over 40% of the people in this country illegally entered legally. that's why we need an electronic revocation system that employers must comply with or they will be buying the that or they will be fined. that is the key that unless the ability to make progress on anything else when it comes to immigration. once we have done that, the -- we do so on the basis of whether or not they had a relative you. we cannot afford to do it that way anymore. in the 21st situation, legal immigration must be based on as opposed to living in
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america. once we had those things, there is a reasonable way to address the fact that 12 million people living in this country who are illegally here. they will have to pass a background check, pay a fine, start paying taxes. to learn english. heexchange for that, what will get is a work permit that allows them to work in the united states that is all they will for a time. some point --
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that is the question of this legendary this nation is at a pivotal moment. the world around us is changing and we decide what country we will be. we're the largest hospitality company does not own beringle hotel room where u is not even own a single card. southis taking over the china sea. iran is on the verge of acquiring not just a nuclear weapon, but the ability to deliver it to the united states, and radical jihadists are spread across the world and some are located within the united states.
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they recognize the old and of doing things no longer works, but no one has outlined somebody in the 21st century. we need leaders who have clear ideas about how to modernize our .conomic policy mr. heath: we need to move on to round two. at the end, we hope each candidate will have 30 seconds to say what they want to become orders from when he or support. we will stay with our guests with washington. father' aul, your
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campaign aided in new hampshire. contrary, how do you define your political philosophy drives you. mr. paul: i am a constitutional conservative. wasiven the government enumerated in the constitution, and the rest of the rights were left. war should be seen as a last resort. that is what reagan believed. he was seen as a great president. . will do whatever it takes i also look judiciously in a personal way to whether we go to war. who lost both man arms in a lake, and we should not would you like it is a game.
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i will something to do on occasion but i think it should first resort, always be the last resort. louisville qqq 30 seconds now anything you say to voters in new hampshire, south carolina, i will, or the national audience. mr. paul: i am a different kind of republican. i am leaving hillary clinton in won by obama. i'd been to detroit, chicago, ferguson with a message that --erty, low taxes will give will bring jobs back. i did this message is resonating. i have been for from jesse. manyave locked up way too
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i am the only republican leading in pennsylvania. he had not been winning, and if she tried the same thing over and going to win. i wonder who will put forward a plan and message that is distinct. mr. heath: senator ted cruz, you agree republicans might have been blamed for the affordable mr. heath: would you agree that republicans in congress might have been blamed for the affordable care act because they don't come up with a solution sooner for the americans that did not have health insurance. had they maybe obamacare maybe never would have been passed. i want to know your thoughts on that. are there any parts of the affordable care act you think are worth keeping? mr. cruz: well, there is no doubt we need common sense health care reform. and it is something you are seeing a lot of republicans talking a lot about ideas.
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i think health care reform ought to expand competition and empower patients and disempower rats fromt bureauc getting between us and our doctors. the best way to do that are number one, allowing people to purchase health insurance across true lines so you can have national marketplace and low cost health insurance. number two, as dr. ben carson talked about very effectively, expanding health savings accounts so that you can save for more routine health needs. to makehree, working affordable.ance delinking it from employment, so when you lose your job, the insurance stays with you. that empowers the patient. obamacare is a disaster. the state of new hampshire, insurance companies have put in increasesfor premium of 51%. in iowa 30%. in south carolina 33%. millions of americans have lost their jobs and health care and work.orced into part-time
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i have been proud to lead the fight to stop obamacare in the united states senate against the washington cartel. and there are a lot of politicians in washington that have given up. they don't believe obamacare can be repealed, including sadly a fair number of republicans. i don't believe that. i intend to make 2016 a referendum on repealing obamacare and if i'm elected president we'll repeal every word of obamacare and pass common sense health insurance reform to make it personal, portable and affordable. mr. heath: senator, you now have 30 seconds. ago, my: 58 years father fled cuba. when he was standing on the deck of the boat, looking back
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imprisonment and torture in cuba, he looked forward to the incredible freedom this nation provides. his story is all of our stories. the fundamental d.n.o. of what it means to be an american is we are the children of those that risked everything for freedom. that is in jeopardy. men and women, their lives are hard jeremy lin under -- under is theaster that american economy. i believe in america. if we can believe again and come free market principles and constitutional liberties that made america great, we can turn the country around. i believe 2016 is going to be an election like 1980. as ronald reagan said, we will in bold colors, pastels. mr. heath: thank you. some felt the government is far trying to collect
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data and information on terrorist activity, even against individuals if they were innocent. do you think he made an effort to do that, to get away with the data mining made the country safer or less safe. do you also, second part of this, do you trust no one in the misuse phone and internet records? mr. rubio: let me say as a member of the united states intelligence committee. on a daily basis i review the threats coming at our country. we are living in a period that is more dangerous than any we ever lived through before. all the attention paid to isis is not just isis, al-qaeda still exists and is an organization looking to remain relevant and the best way for them to remain relevant is to conduct a devastating attack the united states, there is a front growing in power in syria.
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some are plotting attacks against the united states and our allies and interests. they are engaging in trying to recruit and inspire radicals in our own country to kill americans and attack our interests here and abroad. these risks are serious. they are not a game. in my mind it is not a question of if we're attacked, it is a question of when. when we are the american people will want to know why didn't we weren't weit and why able to stop it. we need every tool at our disposal. we have lost information we used to have. in the last four years, i have seen us lose access to information because of unauthorized disclosures that easier fort terrorists to evade us. do i believe that this information could be used for wrongful purposes? if they do, they should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. if it ever does, we have laws for that. people should go to jail and be convicted and put away and punished for having done it. toan tell you the threats
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america are real. we better take them seriously or it.ill answer for mr. heath: senator, you have 30 seconds. mr. rubio: thank you for this opportunity. you know, a decade go, two maidessing my mother was a a i'm a candidate for the highest office in the land. the journey i made is the essence of the american dream. that is what makes america different. it is what makes america special. the reason i'm running for president is because i want us to be that country. i want us to be the country where people can do for their parents or children what my parents did for me. that's why tonight i ask everyone watching for your vote. together, not only can we save and rebuild the american dream, but leave for our children a new american century. mr. heath: thank you. our senators in washington, now
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back to the candidates here in new hampshire. >> ben carson written eight books and was on the board of directors for kellogg company and costco. mr. heath: welcome back. mr. carson: thank you. mr. heath: someone say the two biggest responsibilities of a president is deciding when to send troops to war and naming a supreme court justice. i would like to ask about the latter. what kind of person would you pick as a supreme court justice. mr. carson: i would be extremely interested in their past judicial history. interestingly enough, you don't have to be a lawyer or a judge justice.upreme court your history tells a great deal. tests,w, using litmus using questioning, probably will never get you to where you need to be. looking at what they have done before, making sure they truly
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understand the constitution, and what their role is in the judicialary would be very important. mr. heath: as you look ahead in this process and all the republicans running, how important is an event like this for you when you can come to a state like new hampshire and be part of this versus a national event where they are looking at national polls this early in the process and do you worry about that and also big money in politics. what has to change for americans to feel that they, voters like tonight, actually are being heard and responded to versus other interests? mr. carson: i think these kinds of forums are obviously very important. particularly for individuals like me, 50% of america still doesn't even know who i many a. probably a little better after tonight. we will continue with that. and i am absolutely thrilled to let an opportunity to people understand that our of and for designed,
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and by the people. any intentionr that the people who are our representatives should have to be of the political class. they can come from any class. manyreciate the work that of my colleagues have done as governors and senators and other representatives, but the fact of the matter is the experiences that made america to a great nation came from a whole broad spectrum of people and it is our our ability as people that will make this a great nation once again. mr. heath: in the first round you were touching on tax reform. secondt on that, or a before before you go to your 30 seconds if you want to finish the thought. mr. carson: a lot of people talk about a guy that made ten billion dollars and paid a billion. he still has nine billion left. we have to take his money. that is called socialism. that doesn't work well.
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what makes america great is that we have the opposite attitude. we say let's encourage risk taking and capital investment so next year he can make $20 billion and put two billion in and grow the pot for everybody. mr. heath: 30 seconds. mr. carson: our nation is in a lot of trouble. we have tremendous divisness going on. women, income on war, age wars, religious wars. you name it, there is a war on it. we have fiscal irresponsibility that threatens to undermine our foundation and destroy the future for our children. we have a failure to lead, which allows other forces to get in there to grow and to threaten our future. we need to recognize that these are american problems. they are not democrat or republican problems. mr. heath: thank you, dr. ben carson. >> during his tenure, scott
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walker eliminated wisconsin's $ 3.6 billion budget deficit without raising taxes. mr. heath: do you support raising the eligibility for social security benefits if it is raised over time. mr. walker: i think for my age, for my generation and those younger, we'll have to make reforms going forward. it is part of the process that when you look at things like medicare, social security, you need to protect those for people at that age. for medicaid, it is something that needs to be sent back to the states without strings attached where it can be done more effectively. mr. heath: i asked a few of your colleagues, can you win this election against the democratic nominee and be truthful about entitlement reform when some critics say you are antisenior, antikid, antihuman, to save some of these programs that are going bankrupt? mr. walker: i won three elections in four years. the last two i won after a lot of people were upset on the
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democrat side of things. we did it by making big bold actions and got results. i would love to go against, whether it is hillary clinton or joe biden, i'm a new fresh face past.a name from the i'm from outside of washington with a proven track record. ahave gotten things done in blue state. mr. heath: 30 seconds. mr. walker: thank you for hosting. it is great to be back in new hampshire. we are blessed to have a wonderful group of republicans running for president. sometimes people ask me what makes me different. i fought and i won. i don't win three elections in four years. we won on the big issues. we balanced the budget, cut taxes, defunneledded planned these hood long before videos and we put the power in the hands of the people. if we can do it in wisconsin it is not too late there and certainly not too late for america. i ask for your vote. mr. heath: thank you. mr. walker: thank you. >> during rick perry's time as governor, texas created almost
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1/3rd of private sector jobs states.nited mr. heath: governor perry, in the past you mentioned cutting federal agencies. we talked a lot about the debt, the size of government not working for the rest of america. what specifically, what agencies would you either eliminate or cut? mr. perry: i heard this question before. mr. heath: i thought you might have. mr. perry: i think it is -- when you look at the federal government, obviously when we talk about the size of it and the concept of being able to shrink the size of state government. if anybody gets on the stage, whether any of these candidates left thatybody on the says there is any way to go forward in this country without cutting and without growing, those are the two things that we must do in this country. we have to cut spending. i know a little bit about cutting spending. a $10 billion shortfall
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in 2003. we went in and made the cuts. we told people we would do that. we realize that's how you have to live your life. the government has to learn to do it as well. the states that have been successful, governors have done that and made successful cuts. we cut the $10 billion out and laws down.ulatory reform.weeping tort we had health care explode across texas. two years later, we came back into session, we only meet every other year for 140 days, we had an $8 bill budget surplus. that's what you can do in this country. i believe in this country. i believe if you put those principles in place, the greatest days of america are in front of us. mr. heath: governor perry, i heard several primaries that for, people want to run president with good intentions and say we need to reform the
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tax code. it is too complicated. -- can we reform the code? mr. perry: we can. we start with the corporate tax code. there are two things to make growth occur in this country. as i said earlier, it is with american and north american energy policy. i'm talking about all energy policy in this country and all domestic energy sources. we need to be using those because you drive down the cost of electricity by this abundant power we have. couple that with this corporate tax. taxlower the corporate policy or corporate tax rate by 10%. every accountant will tell you that you will see a mid level wages increase between 5 and 10%. the other side of that is it is incentive to manufacturers. we can bring back manufacturing country like you have never seen before. blue collar workers ought to say "perry, i'm going to vote for you because you will raise my wages." that's what this is
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about. we are going to lay out a positive message for the people of the country, where they see the best days of america are in front of us and it happens by using domestic energy and creating a climate for manufacturing like we've never seen in this country before. mr. heath: will you have an individual tax reform plan? mr. perry: we'll lay it out. listen, you have to cut. you have to cut. whether it is cutting spending or tax rates, that is part of it. if you don't see the growth side of that with it, you're not paying attention. mr. heath: you have 30 seconds. mr. perry: the greatest days of america are in front of us. i believe that with all my heart. i'm an optimist about the future of this country. i understand it. i have seen what we have done before. i think about 1979 and this country was on its back. we had a president that was hollowing out the military. we had an embassy that had been taken over in teheran. but ten years later, ten years later, we saw the berlin wall
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fall and soviet communism on its elected acause we president that believed in this whenry and said that america is strong the world is safer. we made it through two world wars and a depression. we made it through jimmy carter, we'll make it through barack obama. trust me. mr. heath: thank you, governor. >> governor jindal's education reform efforts cut the number of failing louisiana schools in schoolile the high graduation rate reached and all-time high. mr. heath: governor, when people run for president, they say the first executive order i will sign, i'll ask the question, what are the first two orders sign?uld push through or mr. jindal: the first thing we can do is get rid of the unconstitutional executive orders, granting amnesty. we have to get with the joint commanders and announce to the world america is coming back. we'll stand with our allies like
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.srael and deter our enemies we will tell iran they cannot be a nuclear power. we will not allow russia to come in eastern europe. we have a lot to do domestically. we have to repeal obamacare, energy independence, a lower tax code. we have to reign in the e.p.a. we have to repeal illegal amnesty and meet with the military, say we won't hollow out the military, america is coming back. our alleys can trust us again. mr. heath: there are things in this day and this age called super pacs. one.candidates have i think an individual contribution may be $25 or $2700 someone can give your campaign, these super pa.c.s where you can give $10 million are good, okay? should there be change on campaign finance? mr. jindal: i'm glad this is an election, not an auction.
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i'm glad the voters of new hampshire, iowa, and the other states pick the nominee. i'm for free speech. i'm not for limiting free speech. when it comes to campaign finance reform, the best thing is disclosure. let folks know who is giving the money. i don't think the candidate with the most money wins. i think hillary clinton may have two billion dollars. i think the american people are smart enough not to elect her as president of the united states. mr. heath: you have 30 seconds to say anything you would like. mr. jindal: look, we thank you for having us. this is the most important election of our lifetime. this is about the future of america, getting off the path towards socialism. we have a great talker in the white house already. if talk is what we needed we would be on easy street. a talker, wer, not can't afford four more years of on-the-job training. i have the backbone. i have the experience, i have the bandwidth to get us through this. i'm asking you not to join just my campaign, i'm asking you to join a cause.
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let us believe in america again. let us give more opportunities to our children than we inherited from our parents. a lot of candidates are running talkers, we've had seven years of a great talker. let's elect a doer. god bless y'all. >> during his tenure in the senate, senator graham cut entitlements. mr. heath: senator graham, john mccain was on my show on friday, touting our foreign policy experience. i think he said of all the candidates running you have the deepest experience. mr. graham: when he is right, he is right. not always, but when he is right.he is mr. heath: let's put that to the testify. mr. graham: i won't mention the candidate that is not here. is there any scenario you think, generals and advisors are saying maybe we should have gone earlier, if we go in places
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in syria, we can knock isis back. if you know about this, is that a smart thing to do? why aren't it is?g it if mr. graham: you have a weak president that is more worried about campaign promises than dealing with the threats to our country. he was told by all of his iraqnders, don't leave without a 10,000 residual force behind. john mccain and i begged him not to. everything we said has happened. it is hard, democracy is hard. look how hard it is for us. you expect these people to get everything right in 10 or 15 years? it won't happen. hisas told by all of advisors, you need to help the free syrian army while assad is on the rope, a no-fly zone. he said no thank you. he said isil is the j.v. teal. he drew a red line, and everybody thinks we are all
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talk. you need more troops in iraq. i have been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. commanderto make me chief. you need somebody who knows what they are doing. i have been a reservist. it will not be easy. we're going to have to go from 3500 to 10,000 to get iraq in a good spot. if you don't deal with syria, we'll be hit here. it's the perfect platform to attack us. there is no ground component in syria. we spent $5$00 million to train 60 people. i would go to the turks, to i would go toan, saudi arabia and say we're going to take your armies and integrate our forces in your armies and you will pay for this war, we paid for the last two. andl pull the caliphate up repair syria. if we don't they are coming here. there is no easy way forward,
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folks. we won't balance the budget without democratic support or fix immigration unless you get a bipartisan plan. i'm from the reddest of red states. my biggest sin is that i worked findemocrats that tried to a rational solution. i would suggest to you the best way to predict what i will do in the future is what i have done in the past. whatever it takes to defend the country. mr. heath: what should the federal minimum wage be? mr. graham: the federal minimum wage should not be increased. hillary clinton's list is a mile long of help the middle class. the middle class is somebody that can't go on vacation when the car breaks. the middle class has to make hard choices nobody else seems to make any more. i have been there. her definition, secretary clinton's definition of flat broke is different than mine. if after two terms in the white
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husband and your husband is president you think you are flat broke, boy, have you lost your way? at 22 i was flat broke when my parents died within 15 months. i can't wait to get in the ring with her or joe biden, who is a fine man. aroundwant to turn american foreign policy, the last two people you ought to ask formervice president or secretary of state. mr. heath: 30 seconds, senator. mr. graham: the next president needs to be sure of who or -- i'm sorry. i can't talk. the next president needs to have act together. problems. too many terrorists, too much debt, too few jobs. you need a strategy to put radical islam in a box and nail it shot. we can't do it without more troops. the debt is driven by the 80 million baby boomers. we are going to wipe out social security and medicare if we
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don't do anything about it. i would do whatever it takes to save this program and this country. ms. fiorina's hewlett packard grew to become one of the biggest countries in the united states. mr. heath: how can we get past 2008.appened in ms. fiorina: the financial crisis was caused by fannie mae mac.reddie these were sponsored by republicans and democrats alike. d.ey have not been reforme 25 agencies were supposed to be minding the store and did not. passed dodd-frank. dodd-frank caused 10 wall street banks too big to fail, have become five, more bigger, powerful wall street banks and thousands of community banks
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have gone out of business. we need to repeal dodd-frank like we need to repeal obamacare and get about what we should have been doing years ago. reform freddie may and freddie mac. the government should not be in the mortgage business. theagencies that regulate mortgage system should be competent. the regulators that are supposed to be minding the banking system andwatching pornography earning the same pay. this is not rocket science. it just never seems to happen. mr. heath: senator graham had some sobering words about perhaps iraq, syria, troop commitment. i think americans -- i can't even begin to characterize what it is like to watch the beheadings and torture and what isis is doing to captives. we know about lone wolf terrorism.
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chattanooga, tennessee, and so forth. fort dix. do the american people have the if ith to go to war, even is limited, to go to war in this or iraq to fight evil? ms. fiorina: president obama continuously provided to the american people the false choice. he says either you agree with what i'm doing or not doing or the option is to go to war. that is not true. there are many things we could and should be doing. first we must have the strongest military on the planet and everyone has to know it, which have to invest in fighting men and women and reform the department of defense. two phone calls to netanyahu, to rea sure him we stand with israel. the second is the leader of iran. he may not take my call. he would get the message. any-time,allow anywhere inspections we'll make it difficult for you to move
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money around the global financial system. why do i start with those things? knowing more world leaders on the stage today than anyone running, with the possible exception of hillary clinton, i know our allies need a message from us we will stand adversariesd our need a message that we will confront you. lieserms of isis, we have al that know this is their fight. man,ing of jordan, a good them, the i know emrates, they know isis is their fight. they asked us for bombs, intelligence, and weapons, i would have a camp david summit and ask them what they need from us. yes, they may need more special forces but we need to show leadership, resolve, or support or our allies will lose courage. mr. heath: you have 30 seconds. ms. fiorina: i started as a secretary in a nine person real
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estate firm. i went on to lead the largest technology country in the world. now i'm running for the president of the united states. my story is only possible in america. our nation is at a pivotal time. whatever your issue or cause or problem that you hope would be resolved, the political class down.t you margaret thatcher once said i'm not content to manage the decline of a great nation. neither am i. we need a president who understands the economy, the world, how it works, who is in it. themucracy and how to hold accountable and cut them down to size. technology. i have a proven track record of challenging the status quo and problem solving. with your support and vote i will lead the resurgence of a great nation. mr. heath: thank you. >> senator santorum was a member of the gang of seven that exposed the congressional banking and post office scandals. mr. heath: senator, what should the president's role be in
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terming abortion policy in america. mr. santorum: i believe that the supreme court of the united states has abused its authority. most recently in the gay marriage case. justice roberts said it best. no constitutional basis for this decision. roe versus wade, they said it dredhe same logic as scott. whose sign are you on? are you going to be on the side of lincoln? abraham lincoln said that decision cannot stand and billwent on and passed a to free the slaves. are we suggesting we will be held by a supreme court that abraham lincoln wasn't held by decision wast handed down? in my opinion, we cannot be. mr. heath: is it time, this is from one of our folks, a voter. is it time to put a woman on the $20 bill, and if so, who? mr. santorum: i think carlie is a good choice. i like her.
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mr. heath: i thought you would say mrs. santorum. mr. santorum: now you are going to get me in trouble. karen, i'm putting you. that's what i was thinking. mr. heath: let's shift gears. you agree it is time? mr. santorum: i think that's certainly appropriate. we have tremendous people, women of great accomplishment. theme no problem putting on currency. mr. heath: why has it taken this long. do you support the marketplace fairness act from another voter, marketplace fairness act, which requires internet businesses to collect sales tax. mr. santorum: i do not. mr. heath: what is going to happen if this push continues? how do you get across the message that taxing the internet might stifle growth. mr. santorum: what we don't need is more government texas. taxes. we need to go to a flat rate, a simple system where you don't have any of the bells and whistles, no incentives. haveon't need them if you a low flat rate.
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smallath: i hear from business owners that feel at arey level they overburdened. some say they would not even start the business today. are we antibusiness in america and why? mr. santorum: everything that president obama has done with a pen and phone can be undone on day one with a pen. i would suspend every single executive order, regulation, rules interpretation that cost americans jobs. i would repeal them. if there was no purpose for them, or i would review them and make them more business friendly and friendly to american workers. this is all about jobs. this is all about creating opportunities for the folks in america that feel that neither party cares about them. democrats, all they want to do is give them money. republicans, you know, all of our emphasis is all about small business. i think small business is great. we need to do things to encourage small business.
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but 90% of workers in america don't own or run their own business. they work for a living. we have to have an idea, a plan and a vision to put them back to work so they can rise, too. mr. heath: you have 30 seconds to address the voters. mr. santorum: as was mentioned i was a member of the gang of seven. i won my first race in a 60% democratic district against an incumbent. in a state of a million more democrats than republicans, i incumbent? i did that because i was an effective reformer that stood for the people in this country no one else is standing for. i'm the only person in the race presidential year, with a president on the ticket that lost the state, and i won. president bush lost by four, and i won by five. no won has done that. it's hard in a presidential election. none of these gentlemen have won in an election year. if you want a winner, you have to have someone that will stand with the american people that
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has a record of reform and accomplishment to get things done and i have that record. mr. heath: thank you, senator. mr. santorum: thank you. ohio, governorof kasich has made a surplus and cut taxes. mr. heath: what is a major issue with which you will say tonight you disagree with the republican party, your own party on? where is your party wrong? mr. kasich: i'm not here to criticize my party. what i will tell you is i think that economic growth is not just an end unto itself. i think it is very important with economic growth comes responsibility and the ability to help people that live in the shadows, whether they are mentally ill or drug addicted. we have the mayor of manchester fighting a tsunami. all over the country are the working poor. what i have tried to emphasize is economic growth, the creation of jobs is our most important moral purpose. once that is accomplished we need to reach out to people that
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have traditionally lived in the shadows. in my state, ohio, we usually find out the results of an election three days later, i had the second largest victory in with 60% ofhistory women, 51% of union households, americans.can our whole purpose has to be to give everybody a sense that the american dream is alive. that we all can rise. whether we are drug addicted or ill or developmentally disabled, whether we have never been given the attention we need as made in the image of the lord. so i would not disagree with any of my colleagues on that. i think we all have a heart for that. needssomething our party to talk more about so people across the country understand that we get them. problem isjack, our people don't necessarily think we get them. my you know, thank god father carried mail on his back was a coalminer,
8:46 pm
my mother could barely speak english. you are in touch with folks, their anxieties and concerns want. people want to know you get them. mr. heath: governor, in a few debate in will be a cleveland. mr. kasich: lebron will be moderating it, i understand. mr. heath: you got in the race late. here.of your colleagues some are pretty impressive folks. why did you feel there was an opening for john kasich. you have run before. why did you get in this time field?ch a large mr. kasich: jack, look. i have received blessings, most of us here have been very, very blessed. when you get that way, you have to figure out what your purpose is in life to make the world a little better place. it took me a while to get in this because i didn't get in this just to do it. i got in it to win. if i didn't think i could win i wouldn't do it. the reason i'm doing it is frankly, i have been a servant in terms of government, you
8:47 pm
know, government responsibility, a lot of my adult life. i spent ten years in the private sector. i got a calling back to my state to help fix my state. guess what. we went from the loss of 350,000 job to the gain of it. our credit going up. shadowsiving in the have hope. we cut taxes by five billion dollars. so you know, we diversified our economy, jack. the most importantening is give people a sense that we get them, everybody can be included and we out.h, nobody cut mr. heath: you have 30 seconds to address the voters. mr. kasich: i have been listening. balancing the budget. how are you going to do it. we did it. when i left washington, we had a five trillion surplus, the we cut taxes on risk taking and investments. so it is not about what i think we can do. it is about what i have already done. i served on the armed services committee and have great respect for senator graham.
8:48 pm
i was there when we changed the way the military operates to get the services to work together. pentagon.the i have national security experience. we went from eight billion in the hole to two billion in the black. for people in ohio, hope has come back to the buckeye state. thank you, i love being here. we'll see you soon. you, governor.k governorernor, christie achieved health benefit reforms. mr. heath: the question i asked someone earlier, governor, is a question about the presidents, now maybe he regrets it, calling isis a j.v. team and now they are a bigger threat. do you have a plan to take on that direct terrorist organization and defeat them or that we have to be realistic, it will be here want? than we may mr. christie: i think the answer
8:49 pm
is yes to both. this will be a long battle, whether you are talking about isis or al-qaeda or the other radical islamic forces across the world. the plan has to be very direct and clear. we need to get our allies in the middle east engaged in a major way. the jordanians and the saudis, they want to be engaged and an exostential threat to them. they areo make sure armed and trained. we need to share human and electronic intelligence with them and we need to provide them air cover and cooperation to make their attempts to target these folks correct. mr. heath: you may get the energy award of campaigning in new hampshire. i heard a lot about your town hall events. i hear you stay late and answer the questions. that's the point. mr. christie: i'm like the bad relative you invite for thanksgiving. i come early and stay late. mr. heath: of all the candidates in new hampshire are staying long and often.
8:50 pm
but some people that observed tos say that your best time run may have come and gone. i would like to know what makes of you tick to make such a big decision. mr. christie: are you saying i'm washed up? mr. heath: no. but if you are going to open the door, i will take it. you have gone through battles in new jersey. i'm sure it is a family decision for all the candidates. incredible undertaking. why now? what was the decision in your house. mr. christie: no one should run for president until they can look in the mirror and say when they are ready. when folks approached me i was honored but i wasn't ready. i had been governor about 16 months in new jersey. i was not ready. so i look this time, four years later in the mirror, and everything that happened to me in the last four years, good and bad, made me better, made me better prepared. the decision is about whether in your heart and mind you are ready to lead the greatest country in the world during some of the most difficult times we ever faced. if that answer is not
8:51 pm
unequivocally yes, you have no business going to the american people to ask for their vote. i'm ready. mr. heath: ready for 30 seconds? mr. christie: sure. i come from one of the bluest states in america. 42 years since new jersey elected a republican to the united states senate. longest streak of any state in the nation. in 2009, against an incumbent that outspent me $33 million to $11 million, we beat him and budget deficit, balanced it, cut taxes, and now, privateght years of no sector job growth in new jersey governor.ecame 192,000 new jobs. and most importantly the people in new jersey know when i say i'm going to do something, i'll do it. when i say i won't, i won't. we need that kind of clarity in the united states again and in the oval office. i thank for your vote. >> as governor of new york, government pataki lived through on worst terrorist attack
8:52 pm
american soil on september 11, 2001. mr. heath: governor, that introduction is where i was going to go. seems like a lot of years ago. in some respects, i imagine for you and others, it seems like yesterday. mr. pataki: it seems like yesterday. mr. heath: how did it change your life? mr. pataki: it changed it completely. on september 11 i was governor. thing to an abstract see and hear about radical islam. coulded the streets, i taste the dust and ash in the air. i comforted families that lost loved ones. i vowed that i would do, if i ever had the opportunity, everything i could to protect us from radical islam and another terrorist attack. today.not doing that isis poses a very clear threat to us. attack, with a major but what they are doing here, tweeting, recruiting, jihaddists, you know, we just had the tragic incident in chattanooga. the obama administration says we're going to not have our
8:53 pm
marines put on arms, they are going to take off their uniform. my view is very simple. we cannot bow down to islam anywhere. certainly not in the united states. we should have our marines not take off their uniforms, but put on their guns. we should be proud to be here. ve against be proacti isis in the middle east. i went back and read the september 11th commission report. just a couple months ago. they had what we must do in the future to prevent another attack. they actually had a section that said if, for example, iraq becomes a failed state, and radical islam rises there, we have to use all of the might of america to destroy it. has trainingsis camps. we distributement centers, social media capability. hundreds of millions of dollars, people with western passports, kurdse to arm the directly.
8:54 pm
the frontook place on line. instead of telling egypt to get better on human rights, help their military fight isis and we should go in and destroy the recruiting centers before they have the chance to attack us here again. mr. heath: quickly, lightning question. is there a limit to second yourment protection in mind? mr. pataki: i don't think we should change the second amendment. the problem is mental health. we have to do a lot more to enforce mental health laws. mr. heath: governor, 30 seconds. mr. pataki: in my lifetime, i don't think i have ever seen americans more divided than today. a great republican president, a houselincoln said divided against itself cannot stand. we need to win this election. bipolarto do it not bipolarizing but by uniting the american people behind good, intelligent conservative limited government policies. i know i can do it because i did
8:55 pm
it three times in new york, the most blue state in america, with more than three million democrats. we can win this election by bringing the american people together behind us. if i run, i promise you i will do that and take america's government back for the people. thank you. mr. heath: thank you, governor. was governorbush of florida. 80,000 businesses were started and 1.3 million jobs created. mr. heath: governor bush. common core curriculum is controversial in new hampshire. should state and local school boards reject national ?ducational standards mr. bush: they should. states should create standards, they should be state driven and locally implemented. the federal government should have no role in the creation of in theds, no role creation directly or indirectly. the federal government's role in education ought to be to provide
8:56 pm
support for states that won't reform. government jindal created some amazing reform in louisiana. used toy cannot be enhance the reforms. shoulderal government not have a say on standards, we need higher standards, school choice, ending social promotion, a plan to make sure more than a third of the kids are college or career ready. mr. heath: i differ than my sister greatly on politics. you have a brother that is well-known, and a dad, a father that was president. do you feel when you talk with voters you have to differentiate yourself philosophically from the former presidents? mr. bush: people get this. by your point, around the kitchen table, your sister doesn't agree with you on things, and so i have a different view than my brother. my dad is probably the most perfect man alive. it is hard for me to be critical of him. i have a t-shirt that says, the says my dadre that
8:57 pm
is the greatest man alive. if you don't like it, i will take you outside. mr. heath: a final word? mr. bush: first of all, i'm impressed with the caliber of the people that are running for president. every person that participated in this debate is better than any of the democrats running. be a candidateto and believe that we are on the verge of the greatest time to be alive. we have to fix a few things. if we do, this country will take off and i have the skills to make it happen. mr. heath: that is it. thank you very much, everyone. this evening'sdes program. thank you to our participants. good night. . mr. heath: i would like to have the candidates come up and say good night. i thank them and thank you all voters of newthe hampshire.
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