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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 10, 2015 10:31pm-12:01am EDT

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voting, voting, voting. those are my three solutions. shannon: and try to follow all of them and their organizations on social media. shannonlanier. you have all of the statistics behind the state of black america report their urban link put out. all resources to use. what you should edition i do if you are stopped by police. give around round of applause to our amazing panel. -- what you should and should not do if you're stopped by police. a hillary clinton rolled out college proposal. that is next. a conversational media coverage of the presidential race.
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>> epa administrator talks about a recent proposal to reduce carbon emissions from power plants hosted by the group resources for the future tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. eastern on c-span. i c-span2, credit card security. an october 1 to record -- to replace credit cards with computer chips. we will hear from the head of consumer issues. our coverage begins at noon eastern. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton land -- laid out a 10 year plan about u.s. loan debt. and then she spoke to reporters about the proposal and a 2016 rates. hillary clinton: welcome to exeter. i want to say my thoughts are once again with the people of
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ferguson as of a mark this painful anniversary. and in light of the continuing ,iolence that we saw last night violence has no place in our streets. and we should all be working for peace and justice as their and everywhere in our country. i would like to make two quick points and take your questions. announcing my plan to put college within reach for everyone, the new college 2mpact, i am emphasizing the parts. no family and no student should have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college or university and everyone who has student debt should be able to refinance it at lower rates, costs not a barrier, and data will not hold you back under my plan. i wanted to make this announcement in new hampshire because students carry one of the highest debt burdens, nearly
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$33,000 for average graduates all four-year colleges but much more as we heard from the last young man i called on. the cost of community college is here late -- is nearly twice what is paid to store in maine. the house and it is working to reverse the dramatic decline in state investment in higher education that they shifted the cost of students at families but is only the beginning of what needs to be done and the federal government has to be a partner in moving this compact forward. i am looking forward to discussing this further tomorrow and next week in iowa. second, i want to add my voice to those who've expressed outrage and disappointment about the decision last week by the executive council to cut off funding for planned parenthood in new hampshire. it is appalling that a three man sitting in the chambers of the
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negative counsel would deny women across the state the health care they need and deserve. it shows yet again why we need more leaders like governor hall senator-- hassan and shaheen who will stand up for women. and how out of touch republican leaders are. this is what we saw at the debate on thursday. none of the candidates offer solutions for how to make college affordable or raise incomes for hard-working families. they do not talk about the real pressures facing american families. while what donald trump said about megyn kelly is outrageous, what the rest of the republicans are saying about all women is also outrageous. women'sg about flashing health care funding essay they would force women who have been raped to carry their rapists' child and we do not hear in of
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them talking about raising the minimum wage, access to quality child care, equal pay for women, or anything else that will happen -- help to give women a chance to get ahead. megyn kelly is a strong woman and more than capable of defending herself against donald trump. i am worried about the republican policies would do to the rest of america women and i will speak out about that today and through the rest of this campaign and in the white house. that -- that -- with i am good. how are you? >> [indiscernible]
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hillary clinton: i am looking forward to debating first of my friends and colleagues on the democratic side and then finally have a chance to debate the republicans about what ever their nominee has to say. i will show up for the debates as they are scheduled and i look forward to having a robust, good opportunity to exchange views with my fellow candidates. -- i am not going to get into scheduling. i will just show up. when i am told, i will show up and looking forward to it. >> [indiscernible] does donald trump have a problem with women? hillary clinton: i will leave my comments where they are. i thought what he said was
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thinkive and i certainly that it deserves the kind of reaction it is getting from so many others. if we focus on that, we are making a mistake. men on thatf the state and debate said was offensive. i want people to understand if you just focus on maybe the biggest show man on the stage, you lose the thread here. the thread is the republicans are putting forth some very radical and offensive positions when it comes to women's lives, women's reproductive health, women's employment, women's opportunity. gowill let the republicans back and forth with each other. i what a poor not there is not that much difference in the policies -- i want to point out there is not that much difference in the policies they are having for american women.
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i consider him a friend. we were colleagues in the senate. i have a highest regard and affection for him. i spoke to him at his son's funeral. we should all just let the vice president the west has family and make whatever decision he believes is right for him. and i will respect whatever it is. >> [indiscernible] how did it differ from any of the other candidates? did not apologize. hillary clinton: well, the
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republicans get to choose as their nominee and as a lot to hat decision. when one of their major candidates, a much younger man, the senator from florida said there should be no exception for reagan insets, that it -- for rate and and says, that is as troubling as you can hear from a major candidate running for the presidency. the language may be more offensive but the attitude toward women is very much the same. it is delivered in a different package. i do not want people to be confused here about outrageous comments by one essay where focused on this and going to let -- and say we are going to let the focus say there's not going gobe rape and incest
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unmentioned. -- say we're not going to focus incest and let it go on a mentioned. i stand by it. more people should say the same. more people should go after him. the republican party will have to deal with him. i want to remind us that what they say about women, not a one woman was perfectly capable and incredibly impressive able to take care of herself, but all of these women that i how fox for it worked for instead of four in advocated for the want to be a president for who may not have the opportunity to defend
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themselves. who may lose the right to exercise a personal choice. i do not want that forgotten. yes, it makes a great tv. the guy went way overboard. said has asco rubio much of an impact in terms of where the republican party is today as anybody else on that stage. a is deeply troubling and should be to the press and not just to those of us who have been doing the work for so long. >> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: [laughter] it is entertainment. it is all entertainment. i think he is having the time of his life being off on the state saying whatever he wants and getting people excited for and
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against him. >> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: i do not know him that well. i knew him. be inen to be planning to florida at it would be fun to go to his wedding because it is always entertaining. now that he is running for president, it is more troubling. >> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: not as all. i was proud to be endorsed by the american federation of teachers. i have been proud to work with her nurses for many, many years on health care and better treatment for nurses. i am a strong advocate for nurses and i look forward to working with them when i am president. >> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: nick is the m
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an. i have to let nick does what he does. that is his job. ok, guys. [laughter] oh, really? what does donald trump have to say about college affordability? >> [indiscernible] yes, yes.inton: right. >> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: first of all, that is why you have a campaign. it will be at the center of my campaign. i hope people running for to it.s will latch on i want to get more democrats elected and that would be a big help. clear want to make it
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that what i am advocating as what president obama advocated goes back to what president reagan. i wanted them to have to answer to the american people why they do not want to make college more affordable. this has to be a choice. what we're doing is setting up our side of the choice and a proposal i am making and i am going to be looking to see what their responses and let's have an election. choicesion about real that will effect people's lives. and once i get to the white house, i will do what i have always done it i work across the aisle with senators and republicans. i will work very, very hard to put together the votes needed to get this past. i think it will be huge constituency for it what? -- for it. -- what?
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>> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: we are in the middle of the election. i do not know if we will hear it yet. some of what republicans are trying to do is very connected to my plan. if you look at what senator alexander has been advocating, i've been looking for ideas for republicans as well as democrats. that is what i get thoughts about risksharing. if you pretend to educate people and not employable, you have to pay a price for it. senator alexander, i think he and i would have a great conversation about it. he have to do what he is to between now and the election. there will be an opportunity to work together. thank you all. [indiscernible]
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[applause] >> hillary clinton on the plan to address student loan debt which includes refinancing options. she spoke at exeter high school in new hampshire. [laughter] [applause] >> hello. good afternoon. this is very exciting for all of us. i hate to slow your applause. hello. good to have all of you here. thank you for coming out to exeter high school. my name is alexis simpson and i'm a state representative from here in exeter. [applause]
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rep. simpson: is my pleasure to welcome all of you to our home exeter and i will ask you if you are able to rise and we will say the pledge of allegiance together. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. rep. simpson: please be seated. today'se continue with townhall -- i already said of that. toare particularly glad welcome secretary clinton back to our community today. to discuss her college compact.
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college affordability is an issue that impacts new hampshire and sally -- rallies in profound ways. new hampshire is what the highest levels of student debt in the country. our stews graduate with on average 33,000 and student loan debt. as i said earlier i am a state representative but i am also a mom to 2 the young boys here in exeter. legislator, i've been examined this issue and working with waste withdraws the problem. as a parent it is frightening to me. i just finished paying off my own student loans. [applause] rep. simpson: that is worth a little clout. -- clap. when that time comes for my boys going to college, they go face the process that of thousands of dollars of debt before they
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receive their diploma. hillary understands this is a problem that requires true leadership. she and her top policy advisers have made college affordability and solving the student debt crisis a priority. youis here today to talk to , families of the granite state, fulfill this particular economic issue acutely. she has a plan to topple the cost of higher education. and help reduce the burden of debt on our students. hillary clinton wants to be the champion that families like mine and many of yours need in order to get ahead and stay ahead. [applause] rep. simpson: before we hear from secretary clinton herself, dan torrey in the midst of the
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struggle to pay down his student loans will speak. let's welcome dan. [applause] dan: hey, everybody. i hope you are ex i did. i am excited. i'm a student and at the university of new hampshire and i will be a senior. i studied political science there. i come from a humble background. my dad is the small business owner and has been since asphalt. my mom is in a council -- accountants. -- and has been successful. we have a problem. our problem is that me and my sister, it will be a struggle to pay for education. i am working three jobs my summer to pay debt and help my family because we work as a team for the problems we have in our house. we can barely afford it now and it will be a struggle when my
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sister has to go to school. we are really excited that a lot of the candidates this time around, hillary seems like she will do the most for us and trying to fight student loans costs. and one of the things i've been doing this summer that it does easy idoes not come think is dedicating a lot of my time, any spare time, to volunteering for the campaign. [applause] fighting for every day to help solve issues for my family because i am not content with the status quo we have now and i will prices to go down. please help me in welcoming the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [applause] hillary clinton: oh, wow. thank you all so much. [applause]
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hillary clinton: thank you. thank you so much. i thought dan did a great job. thank you for speaking for so many other young people like yourselves more hard-working and dedicated and deserve to go as far as the that ambition and effort of yours will take you. we will do everything we can to make it easier for you, your family, your sister, and the other young people here in new hampshire. let me thank representative alexis simpson for her introductory remarks. [applause] clinton: i loved it when she said i am a state representative, a mom with 2 boys and i just paid off my student loan. i know that is true for so many young couples and families. people to be able to fulfill their responsibilities but we do not want it to be so that the debt they carry
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interferes with them able to start a small business or buy a home or get married which unfortunately is the case today. i wanted to recognize state rep patty lovejoy. will you stand up? thank you for being here. [applause] hillary clinton: and executive counselor ostern. where is collin? he works on behalf of the issues. great to be back in exeter and after this extraordinary high school. i have been traveling all over new hampshire from dover to nashua to window and people everywhere ask a great questions. i think it is partly because you live and the first primary state. and one of the questions they asked me all the time is about affording college and being able
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to pay back the loans they take out in order to go to college. about theelection is choices we make as a country. and those choices will shape our future for our children and our grandchildren. i have always believed in america, if you work hard and do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. that's the basic bargain that is country apart. i want to make sure we strengthen that bargain and it holds true for the next generation and the next and the next. work ofo the hard people across america, our country has come back from the recession of our lifetimes. we are standing again but we are not running the way we should. near deathockets are
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profits are near record highs but most paychecks have bought -- barely budge. basically everything has also gone up. as they are rising faster than wages. many americans feel the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top. with got to do better and we have to get income rises again so more hard-working families can afford a middle-class life. that is the central economic challenge of our time and it will be my mission every day that i serve as president. we need strong growth. [applause] hillary clinton: we need strong growth, fair growth, long-term ofwth and we want a new era prosperity that a shared by all. works for everyone. today, i want to talk about one
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of the most important ways we can ease the burden on families. and one of the single biggest ways we can actually raise income. by making college affordable and available to every american. [applause] hillary clinton: for millions of americans, a college degree has been the ticket to a better life. my grandfather worked his entire life and the lace mills. he retired at 65. he always believed by working that hard, all of those hours that life would be better for his children. made it to college, made it to penn state. made it to the football team back in the 1930's.
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and then when he got out, he was his own small business. he worked really hard. he's granted he's saved and it made a huge difference in our lives. then my parents saved for years for college. they knew that would be one of the ways they could set to me on a path to a better future. college still holds that promise. a lot has changed in this country but that hasn't. parents who never had the chance to go to college themselves like my mother dream of seeing their children get that degree literally from the moment they're born. that is what they are hoping for. they emphasize the importance of education. high-schoolers even middle-schoolers are taking college prep course and some are studying for the sat. full-time workers are taking
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courses online, even if that means heading straight from an eight-hour shift to a pile of homework. if that's what it takes to get a better job to give their kids better than they had, then they'll do it. but here's the problem. states are slashing education budgets. and colleges keep raising prices. in-state tuition and fees for public colleges increased by 42% between 2004 and 2014. who's incomes were raised by 42%? so families are left facing a painful choice. either they say, "we just can't afford it," and pass up on all the opportunities that a degree offers or they do whatever it takes to pay for it, even if that means going deeply into
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debt. now, for most people, the return on investment of a college degree is still worth it. i want to emphasize that. on average, people with four-year degrees earn over half a million dollars more over their careers than people with high school degrees. but student debt is increasingly holds people back. 40 million americans have student loans. owe $1.2 they trillion. a new hampshire carries one of the highest debt to lowe's in the country. and millions of americans are delinquent or in default. even if they do everything they can they just can't keep up. ,i was talking to some young people before i came out and one was saying, it is a real
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stretch. i hope i never get sick. i hope i do not get a laid off. i hope there is not a family emergency. yes, people are doing everything possible to pay those loans but sometimes life and fate intervened. the cost of this debt is real and not just on balance sheets, but in people's lives and futures. when i talk to young people, they say they put off buying a house or changing jobs, or starting a business. a woman cannot afford to live in massachusetts so she commutes 2 hours and lives with her parents. she cannot make it work to have the job, started off her career and paying back her dad. i've met parents and grandparents who've co-signed loans and end up draining their
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savings or ruining their credit because they tried to help the next generation. there are students who take out loans to pay for an expensive degree from a for-profit institution, only to find little support once they actually enroll, or they graduate and when it comes to getting the job they were promised, their degree is not worth what they thought. then there is still to start college but never finish. they're left with debt and no to show for the worst of both worlds. over 40% of college students still haven't graduated after six years and many never do. it's time to show some tough love to colleges and universities that let significant numbers of students fall behind and drop out, year after year. here's the bottom line -- college is supposed to help people achieve their dreams.
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but more and more, paying for college actually pushes those dreams further out of reach. that is up a trail of everything college is supposed to represent. it is about whether or not america creates the greatest workforce and the world in this century just like we did in the last century. the rest of the world, make no mistake about it is working as hard as they can to outdo us. china's own a path to double the number of students enrolled in college by 2030, which means they'll have nearly 200 million college graduates. more than our entire workforce. i believe american workers can out-work and out-innovate anyone in the world. is given the training and education they deserve.
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[applause] hillary clinton: that is why i am proposing it is time for new college compact were everyone does their part. we need to make a quality education affordable and everyone willing to work for it without saddling them with the decades of debt. as i've been talking with people, i have reached out to students and families and educators and legislators and experts including young who pointe activists to the issue of debt-free college and affordability at the top of the agenda. today, i'm announcing my plan to put college within reach for everyone. we're calling it the new college compact. we are posting it on our website, facebook, snap chat,
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just about everywhere we can think of. or you can text the word "college" to the number to learn more and i hope you will check it out. for now, here are the basics. under the new college compact, no student should have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college. [applause] hillary clinton: schools will have to control their costs and show more accountability to their students. no more 42% increases over 10 years, way above the rates of inflation of anything else. states will have to meet their obligation to invest in higher education.
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[applause] hillary clinton: the federal government will increase its investment in education, and will not profit off student loans. [applause] hillary clinton and everyone who already has student debt will be able to refinance it at lower rates. [applause] hillary clinton: now, this is my plan. i know it is a vicious but i think we should be ambitious because it is achievable and would make a big difference in people's lives. the new college compact comes down to two big goals. first, we'll make sure that cost won't be a barrier.
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under my plan, tuition will be affordable for every family. student should not have to take out loan or tuition at their state's public university. we'll make sure the federal government and the states step up to help pay the cost, so the burden doesn't fall on families alone. but here is an important additional point i want to underscore about my compact. tuition these days is not the only problem. the cost of living and attending college has also been increasing. so under my plan, students who qualify for pell grants will be free to all to use them for living expenses and middle-class students will have an easier time paying for living expenses as well. [applause]
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hillary clinton: we're also going to make community college free. that's president obama's plan we are adopting get. [applause] clinton: if students start at a community college and transfer to a four-year school, we will make sure your credits count your transition is seamless. [applause] clinton: and we want more community colleges to offer two-year degrees and certificate programs that are valued by employer so students know that, if they do the work, they're in good shape to get a good job. we will work closely with historically black colleges and universities and hispanic-serving institutions, because of a survey lot of very bright and needy students.
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a lot of very bright and needy students. we will offer special help to college students who are parents, because when you help parents get an education, you're helping their children. [applause] clinton: and we'll make a promise to students who perform national service. if you're willing to spend years tutoring america's kids or cleaning up our parks or helping communities hit by disasters, we'll guarantee that you can attend your public university or college debt-free. [applause] hillary clinton: so that's the first big goal. here's the second -- we'll make sure that debt won't hold anyone back. for the millions of americans
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including many of you live already has student debt my plan , will give you the chance to refinance at lower interest rates. it just makes sense. if you can refinance your mortgage or your car loan, you should be able to refinance your student loan. [applause] hillary clinton: it's just wrong that people are locked into at 8%, 9%, even 10% interest. if you do end up taking out a go to a example to private college, we will cut your interest rates, so the government never makes a profit off your loan. we'll make it easier to enroll in income-based repayment programs, so you'll never have to pay more than 10% of what you make. and your debt --
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your debt will only last for a fixed period of time. it won't hang over your head forever. we are also going to help borrowers who are in default get back on their feet. to me to their obligation. and we will make sure colleges and universities have more skin in the game. if they load students up with debt for programs that don't lead to good-paying jobs, it shouldn't just be the students and taxpayers should not be the only left holding the bag. ones colleges deserve some of the responsibility and they will have to fulfill it. [applause] hillary clinton bank and we'll crack down on predatory schools, lenders, and bill collectors. if you defraud students,
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overcharge veterans, or mislead borrowers, we're going to do everything to hold you accountable and stop you. [applause] hillary clinton: i want to strengthen the g.i. bill so more veterans can get their degree -- [applause] hillary clinton: and i want to make sure that colleges spend federal dollars on things that benefit students, like teaching and research and not marketing campaigns or big salaries for administrators. [applause] hillary clinton: and finally i want to encourage innovation. people are increasingly rebooting their careers through online programs, yet many students can't use federal student aid to pay for them.
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if earning online badges, specializations, or nano-degrees helps people improve their job prospects, we should be making that option easier and more affordable. and under my plan, more students will be allowed to use student aid to pay for high-quality programs particularly online. and we'll make sure that rules about accreditation don't keep out promising online education companies. we want to keep quality high without stifling innovation. now, the reason i call this a college compact is because it goes both ways. everyone's going to have to step up. we can't fix the problem of rising costs and rising debt just by throwing more money at the problem. we can't expect the federal government just to pay the bill
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for free. that's not how america works. states will have to start investing in education again. colleges will have to do better by their students. as students want to make a contribution of working 10 hours a week, americans will have to work hard to put themselves through school to out learn and outhustled our component -- competitors just like will always have. from my perspective, this is just common sense. if you're going to hear people in this campaign talk about improving the economy, helping incomes rise, ask of the what they are going to do to make college affordable and begin to deal with the debt burden that is holding too many americans back. [applause] hillary clinton: i want every young person in america to know
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if you work hard, you can get ahead and i want america to have your back just like it did in the past and like so many of us believe. i had a loan to go to law school. it was a government loan. it was at a very low interest rate and i paid it back as a percentage of my income over time. so did my husband. we worked hard and all of the time, extra jobs, extra opportunities to earn money in order to pay our way. that help from our government made a huge difference. i am asking people, you have to do your part. you have to work hard to do everything you can to make your contribution but we should have your back. i want every parent to know that kids -- he is or her child can get a degree or you can get one yourself. that is the country i want to help build for this generation and all generations to come.
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i love forward to talking with you about it right now. [applause] >> thank you so much. please, please, sit down. we have a got folks and the audience with microphones. i you raise your hand and calling you, there will be a microphone over to get you. where shall we start? there is a man in the red shirt. yes, sir. >> thank you for being here. really excited about the college initiative. i know education has been important to you here and around the globe. right now, early childhood education is a key part making sure people have an opportunity
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to go into the future and eventually go into college. around the world, 58 million kids who cannot step foot inside of our grade school. kids suffering from malnutrition. body is not developing properly. i will love to see and asking you if you would be willing to forch it and initiative early childhood that would focus on nutrition and getting all kids in preschool and grade school. [applause] hillary clinton: thank you. well -- the answer is yes and yes. the first yes is in our own country. we have got to do more here to get more children prepared to be successful in school. aboutfeel very strongly this. some of you have heard me talk about it before. because we can do, everything i outlined and get more kids into
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affordable college and get at the debt load down and we could do a lot to work with great schools like this and others to help more school -- students succeed. zero to five years set the pattern into many kids come to school behind already. this is not something that i am saying just because i care deeply about it and i am a new grandmother and reading the talking and singing to charlotte. brain research shows that. 80% of your brain is physically formed by the age of three. and kids stimulated, have good early childhood programs, whose families have the time and energy and understanding to help prepare their own kids, they will do well. we also know from the research that by the time kids get to kindergarten, kids like my granddaughter will of her 30 million more words than children
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from less advantaged backgrounds. willchievement gap literally start on the first day of kindergarten. for those of you who are teachers and i hope we have a lot of teachers here -- [laughter] you understand: this. you will do your very best and the classroom and the school and try to help every kid fulfill his or her god-given advantage but it would be a lot more successful if we had universal pre-k a good early childhood in our country. the second yes is bold as a first lady and a senator as secretary of date, i worked on the development goals and work hard to make sure that our country which is such a generous country did what we could to help the smallest, most vulnera
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ble of children and we have made progress. we have more kids into schools and elementary schools and cut the infant mortality rate and with made progress. we still have to many places in our world where kids die too young. where they are stunted from poor nutrition. as they are not given adequate education. i have made this point. i write about in my book, i have made it in many speeches around the world. i believe what the united states does through our government and through our philanderer the at faith communities and individual charities is just astonishing. you know, we are a generous, caring nation. and we have to recognize it really has made a difference the work that americans have done around the world. and i started a program when i was secretary of state colin see
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to the future and a represents my views and became one of president obama's biggest initiatives -- feed the future. it is far more important to help people learn how to feed themselves and create a market economy around those crops than to always have to be providing emergency food aid. what we did with feed the future was to create more opportunities to go after malnutrition. we still have emergency help for malnourished children. we are doing more to help people have the tools to help themselves and their kids. a problem you did not mention the but one i will throw in is clean water. we have one billion people in the world without access to clean, safe drinking water. importantnot only
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charitable opportunities. also economic opportunities because we have a great companies in america are really good at knowing how to do this. if we can continue to link of our private and public sectors in dealing with these problems, i think we will go far in meeting your goals. thank you for raising that. [applause] hillary clinton ran right there. here we go. >> i am an educator. 13 year public education. [applause] >> thank you. and as a ninth grade teacher, i see kids coming from eighth grade without having the summer opportunities to continue very working on a summer program key kids engaged -- keep kids engage and active is a tremendous -- an investment in our future. kids lose so much over the
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summer. stimulated,gage in a lot of families are not so lucky. what you have on that measure? hillary clinton: thank you for teaching and caring about what happens to your students year round, not just when you have responsibility for them. one of the things i want to stress about improving education in our country is we shall look at the evidence about what works. a lot of of people have a big arguments over the right things to do but they often do not oference the massive amount evidence we have about what works. you put your finger on what seemed that works. kids who do not have the opportunity as many of us try to provide for own children over the summer actually lose ground. you can work really hard all
11:24 pm
year as a student, as a family to support the student, and as the teacher. then you have three months and other kids like your nieces and nephews are going to museums and going on interesting trips. maybe watching movies with our family that they talk about. a lot of stimulation. ,e know a longer school year summer programs, a longer school day, are especially helpful in closing the achievement gap between kids who do not have all of the opportunities that you are talking about and kids who do. summer programd can make a huge difference. and i think that is something the district shall look at particularly for kids who may not have good alternatives. thank you for raising that. that is great. is a young woman back of their. yes, you. -- the young woman back there.
11:25 pm
>> i just got back from doing a corpsf service from tehe in los angeles. one thing i've noticed that really bothered me was that there was no school nurse and very few opportunities for the students. and the opportunities offered were provided by philanthropist and not the government or other federal agency. i was wondering what you may be able to do in regards to gain reduction.- gang hillary clinton: thank you for being part of americorps and doing your service. have 75,000, mostly young people in americorps every year. i want to get it up to 250,000. i really believe in service. eitherve in service in
11:26 pm
national service, military service, some service a young person can do to get back to our country and thank you for doing that. again, we are not always being smart about how to make a better investment that will save us money. who haveare in school some sort of medical or health issue. if it is not taking care of, it can interfere with their learning. i've seen it over many years with the children's defense fund . kids who do not know they cannot hear do not know they are not thatg well have absentees -- just problems. most of us have not thankfully had to experience.
11:27 pm
we have a lot of kids who show up in school with health problems and we have steadily nurse or some kind of health care program. you are so right. i am so grateful to philanderer piece that does philanthropist -- philanthropists that pay to send nurses to 10 schools but we have 10,000 schools. how do we pay for services to make sure kids are healthy and do as well as they can? the only way is to have a much more supportive program from the government from the local state- federal level. i know it saves money in the long run. people say well to put our nurse in every school. covering two or three schools. you can do that. the point is what is the alternative? and kids who do not do well
11:28 pm
will often drop out because they are not doing all and will never live up to their potential in my book, burden. a financial burden on the rest of us. -- and become a burden. we have to get smart on how we spend our money to get the best results. thank you for your service and raising that issue. i hear about it across the country. people are concerned about the lack of health care continuity. now that we have the affordable health care act and more children are available for treatment -- [applause] clinton: we at least have a funding stream to take care of problems that are identified. often times the issue is how to get them identified? who will be on the frontline? a child spent never eight hours and that is a great way to refer
11:29 pm
them and treat the was that can be treated and the school site. thank you for that. oh, my goodness for you we go. how about you? >> my name is megan and i am from new hampshire. i am a life coach at a nonprofit in boston. and i work specific with a boy is a young man again who are victim of sexual exploitation. that is usually the response i get. when i get to these kids back into school, there is a massachusetts department of families partners with bridgewater state to offer them college which i think is amazing. these kids go through so much. i think your plan is really great and i was wondering if you could implement anything to support what dcf does?
11:30 pm
hillary clinton: thank you for doing that hillary clinton: thank you for doing that work. [applause] you know, for dealing with a group of young people who are particularly vulnerable, the exploited, the marginized, there is no doubt that some groups of kids need more intensive help. thank you for doing that. i really think that we have got to do more to deal with these vulnerable groups of kids and i would just maybe list a couple of them. kids in juvenile facilities. a lot of kids, they make a mistake and then they are put into a facility where often they get worse, not better. they don't get adequate education. they often don't even get adequate nutrition, exercise, anything else. then we turn them out and we wait for them to do something worse because what do you know?
11:31 pm
they have never really been given the support they need to do any better and they don't see much of a future. the foster care system. you know, in so many places, you're in foster care until you graduate from high school or turn 18, whichever is first. i have worked on foster care issues for a really long time going back to my children's defense fund days. i have defended foster care kids and advocated for legal changes as first lady and worked across the aisle to get changes in foster care. it really breaks my heart. i don't know how many of you have ever known foster kids. i've known manyor them. so many of them just need some support and permanence and predictability. along comes the age of 18 and in some cases of our country, the social worker shows up with everything they own in a black
11:32 pm
garbage bag and says you're on your own. if they turned 18 and they are in the middle of high school, if they are lucky enough, the foster family says stay here until you graduate. sometimes they are not. and they are literally sent out the door. i had to help and intervene as a senator and with other people to help kids who are sleeping in this bus stations who want nowhere to hool and go. i have talked to foster kids who i have talked to foster kids who have nowhere to go and the dorm is closed. what is going to happen to them? i mention this because we could never forget because as challenging as it is for many people now, economically and it is, there are group s of people, particularly children and young people in our country who are really in trouble. so i want to do what we can to do more, to help them and i
11:33 pm
will look for ways to do that. [applause] my goodness. oh! ok. i was going to go this way and then come back. is that ok? i'll be back. i promise. i promise. i'll be back. ok. the gentleman in uniform back there. [applause] >> good afternoon, hillary. i appreciate your time. i served 22 years in the united states navy. i live right here in new hampshire. [applause] this is not about education but about the problems going on with the v.a. recently there was this dentist that killed a lion and there was this outrage that was unbelievable. you have over 8,000 veterans a
11:34 pm
year committed suicide because they cannot get access to the v.a. because of the corruption going on at the v.a. to put that into context for you. that is the equivalent of a world war ii death march every year. that is just the suicide victims. whistleblowers, 47,000 veterans a year. if you have 47,000 -- with every onor them being wiped off the map every year, what would that be called? where is the outrage? what wepts as veterans and i'm a leader in this aspect. you want to know what is going on in the community? we started a facebook page called v. sambings lying. there is over 8,500 of us there. we're working the leadership of the v.a. the undersecretary knows my name on the administration side. they know who i am.
11:35 pm
we are working hard to get this corruption straightened out. this is our v.a. we are going to clean it up. ok? but we need help. and what we need is to see some of these people who are corrupt in the v.a., who are hurting us. [no audio] indicted. this has got on the the point where it is ridiculous and we need help. e are doing what we can. because warriors never give up. ever. we adapt and overcome. we will clean up our v.a. but we need our help. hillary clinton: you will have it. you will have my help. you will have it. [applause] you know -- [applause]
11:36 pm
thank you for not only explaining what is happening, but for being committed toing us. and to clean up the v.a. so that it operates as it should for you and for every veteran including your son, when he eventually is no longer active duty. that's right. that's why you're a patriot. that's why i appreciate what you're doing. i will be your partner in this because i believe strongly that -- [applause] there is no excuse. absolutely no excuse. no excuse for corruption. no excuse for negligence. no excuse for any kind of mistake or oversight that in any way harms one of our veterans. so we will follow up with you.
11:37 pm
[no audio] hillary clinton: let me have someone talk with you after this. to get more information. i can't comment -- the laws may need to be changed. i can't comment on legal matters without knowing. you give us information. you got it. you are well prepared. i can tell . you are an excellent member of
11:38 pm
the united states navy. thank you. we will follow up with you. [applause] will follow up and i will make sure that we have good information with -- from you and to discuss with you. thank you. [applause] hillary clinton: you know -- i just knew that there was something i saw in you when you stood up. we'll get it done. thank you very much. .y goodness wow. that was great. thank you. yes, ma'am, right here. >> i hear a challenge and i think that is wonderful. my question is for undocumented children who graduate from high school, go to -- accepted at college but then they don't have any -- they are not -- do you know anything about this? hillary clinton: yes, this is a problem that we have got around
11:39 pm
the country. some states are beginning to deal with it. they are beginning to offer instate tuition to undocumented high school graduates who want to go on to college. some states are also working to provide financial aid. i want to encourage more of that. i think that is important. because i want comprehensive immigration reform which will give us a very -- [applause] i want to make a slightly different argument. it goes back to my point about china. one of our advantages, and people don't always reck fies this, is that immigrants start more businesses. by a very big proportion. i want more americans to start more businesses but immigrants start more businesses now. we have more young people who are immigrants, both legal and undocumented. that is one of our economic
11:40 pm
advantages. it is also an advantage for older people because we have to keep replenishing our revenues for social security and medicare so the more people we get legally into the workplace, the better it will be for our economy, for our programs like medicare and social security and it will give us an advantage in competing against countries that are actually now starting to age faster. i think we have got some real opportunities here. so thank you for asking that. yes, this young woman right there. yes. here it comes. >> hi. this summer we have seen a lot of violence in charleston, chattanooga and lafayette. we no longer feel safe in our schools, our churches, our movie theaters and despite the fact that most americans feel that we need to change our gun laws, our leaders have not
11:41 pm
taken any steps to protect our communities. what would you do to help us feel safer and address the gun violence that is killing 88 americans a day. [applause] > thank you. hillary clinton: well, i will be fighting with you right by your side to do what we can to try to prevent these terrible killings and you just mentioned a few of them, as you say 88 people killed by guns every day in america. now from everything i have ever seen, a majority of americans d a majority of gun owners support universal background checks. nd part of the challenge is to overcome a very entrenched special interest that does not represent, as i say the majority of americans or the
11:42 pm
majority of gun owners to get, number one, a background check that actually worked and we have too many glitches in it right now that's how the young man who massacred the nine people in charleston at their bible study, he should never have gotten a gun. they didn't get all the information in and there is a three-day limit and he got the and we know how he used it. feel very strongly about this. you know. i just don't think there is the kind of contradiction that some on the other side try to argue on behalf of the second amendment with sensible gun violence prevention measures and protecting people's rights to bear arms. i will take that on. i know that it is politically challenging. [applause] but at some point, this -- you
11:43 pm
know, we have to regain our senses. our country lasted for a really long time and in fact, it was only relatively recently that you know, the supreme court decision began to reinterpret the second amendment. what about the rest? what about the young mom with her two kids who was in a supermarket and some guy gets to come in with an ak-47 over his back because he got a new permit that permits him to walk around and threaten and intimidate and scare the heck out of that young mother and her children! i don't get it! [applause] hillary clinton: so we have work to do. we still have a lot of work to do. it is good work. it is important work. oh, my goodness.
11:44 pm
there are just so many hands. ok. yes, sir. >> do you have any suggestions as to how to get the overpaid and too numerous administrators at universities out of the way so the faculty can do their work? [applause] hillary clinton: well, can i say that i hope with my compact, the idea behind the compact is that we will provide incentives for states to do more to be able to cut the cost so that young people can afford a public college or university, and among the listsor things i would like to see done is de-emphasizing layers upon layers of administration and reemphasizing teaching. and part of the problem here -- i -- i have been meeting a
11:45 pm
number of young people. t.h.d. in areas of scarcity, who'll not -- they are not being hired. they are not being put on a tenure track because the university says well, we don't have any space for you. and they are making $22,000, $24,000 a year. .arely enough well, they certainly can't pay off their debts and they are having a very hard time supporting their families. so i just think somehow our values and priorities got out of whack. you know, i can't speak to any particular college or university, but i have heard enough stories to believe that we could do a better job streamlining the top, saving money and putting money into faculty, particularly young faculty because it is the young
11:46 pm
faculty that are being most disadvantaged by either not being hired or not being paid adequately so that they can't really do the job that they have dreeled of doing. i'm with you on that. we have to see how we can make that work. [applause] hillary clinton: ok. any man with three stickers including one on his forehead! >> hello. thank you so much for being a champion for children here at home and also globally as well. i believe as regardless of , you should born have -- every child should grow up to have the opportunity to reach their potential. when we create partnerships that will -- these kids, then we can build independent people. if elected, will you bring
11:47 pm
these countries and the private we or together to show that have universal access to education for children? hillary clinton: thank you. thank you so much. you know, i do think that we have a stake in trying to improve education around the world to try to create conditions for people, people's economic fortunes to improve. to create middle classes around the world, which is tied to education. that is good for us. that is good for our economy. that is good for our democracy. so i want to make sure we do what we can and it will have to be a partnership because it is a partnership between governments, the private sector, academic institutions, charities, faith-based groups and a lot of other really important partners. i'll tell you a little story
11:48 pm
that your question kind of prompted in me. you know, i've been -- when i was secretary of state, i went to 112 countries for you. and there were a lot of places that -- [applause] hillary clinton: you know, that were still developing, that were very poor. one of the reasons why i worked hard to create an opening to burma now called myanmar is because it is very strategicically located but also had been so isolated for so long. it was apparent under military dictatorship, the very top had done very well. there was no middle class. and then there was just different degrees of poverty. and when you see that, and you realize how vulnerable people are to disease and to other,
11:49 pm
you know, both health and educational problems, you know, it really does give you a great perspective on how blessed and fortunate we are and we have to keep investing in the our own people and we have to keep doing better because we have so much to be grateful for and we have to offer it to our next generation. and i think when you look at the world from that perspective, i didn't go anywhere in the world that people didn't want to know what was happening in america. and even those who would publicly criticize us were really interested in how we were solving problems and given the fact that president obama became president and he asked me to become secretary of state in the midst of the terrible economic crisis, there was a lovet anxiety about the united states economy because it still is the basic driver of what happens in the world. and i could just see people
11:50 pm
saying it is so important for the united states to get it right. you have to get it right. you have to keep holding up the banner of freedom and opportunity and equality for everybody because without you, we're really going to be lost. i think that is true. i just have to tell you. those , people who say for american leadership are behind us, i think they are wrong. it is not somebody else's leadership. it is nobody's leadership. that would be a very dangerous development in the world where you don't have the values, the interest, the ability to bring people together to solve problems that we have basically led for the last century and need to do again. so your question, what can we do about kids living far away is connected to how well we
11:51 pm
take care of our kids right here today, because we can only be as strong as our economy is, our people's dreams and aspirations are and that's why in this campaign, what i'm trying to argue for is to build on what makes america great and make it even greater so that are ahead of us, not behind us. but that causes us to have to ask ourselves hard questions about what we're going to do and how we're going to do it. i think we're up to it. i would bpt running for president if i didn't think we were up to it. [applause] hillary clinton: thanks for the hair compliment before. i didn't stop and thank you. i didn't think you for the hair compliment. you know, since who knows what my hair will look like from
11:52 pm
day-to-day. any day that it is good, i appreciate you noticing it, thank you. >> hillary, i thought you might like my t-shirt, and i have a bit of good news for you, which is that my daughter survived stage 4 kidney cancer. [applause] she is 4 years old and you took time out at your 2014 reunion to speak to us, and i really appreciate that. so thank you. hillary clinton: thank you for the update. thank you so much. >> she is doing fine. the thing is she is black and unarmed black people keep getting shot. and black lives matter and -- [applause] >> you know, she survived stage 4 kidney cancer. i need her to graduate into a
11:53 pm
world that is more just and fair. [applause] hillary clinton: oh, bless you! bless you! [applause] hillary clinton: i'm thrilled to hear how she is doing and please give her a big hug. give her another big hug from me, please. the last month, many months now, we just had the anniversary at ferguson and another incident occurred, someone else being shot. we don't know the circumstances, but the facts are across the board concerning we have deep unaddressed systemic race and justice issues and it is important that -- [applause] hillary clinton: that we honestly talk about them and try to bring the country together around dealing with
11:54 pm
this. it is not enough just to, you know, say we're concerned. we have to take the next step and say we're so concerned. here is what we are willing to do. from my perspective, there are number of proposals that i have been talking about from the very beginningor my campaign. one is we have to take a hard look at mass incarceration because it has been -- [applause] hillary clinton: it has nfortunately been one of the root reasons why so many families, particularly african-american families are torn apart, undermined, never formed and there is no doubt -- there is just no doubt. nobody wants to return to lack of safety or rising crime. so let's just pocket that.
11:55 pm
nobody wants that. that evidence is clear if you're an african-american man of whatever age, teenager and up, you are more likely to be arrested, to be convicted, to be imprisoned for doing exactly the same thing as a white man who'll not be. [applause] hillary clinton: and that is not -- you know that is not something that anybody wrote down in a law. that is just something that has grown up over time where people make those decisions. and we have to do a better job working with law enforcement, working with the entire criminal justice system so that the system and individual police officers respect the communities they serve and the communities they serve respect them. and there is a lot of work
11:56 pm
to have to do. some of the what i proposed, body cameras, that is a way of at least holding people accountable, but there needs to be more training, more awareness of people's own individual feelings or maybe biases. we have a lot of work to do. i think that these terrible incidentses of a the past year, they go way back, but certainly in the headlines of the past year really call on everybody in every community just to say ey, we need to do a very clear assessment about where we stand. now let's rid ourselves of bias and predges and discrimination and make sure our police officers are well prepared for the difficult jobs we ask them to do. let's try to work with communities so that they can provide more support and opportunities for young people, particularly young men. we have a lot of work to do. but we can't do that work if we
11:57 pm
don't admit we have a problem. and i think we have a problem and we're going to have to do it and yes, of course black lives matter. there is no doubt about it. [applause] hillary clinton: thank you. i have got time for one more question. anybody on college? i'll talk about anything but i want to make sure since people came to talk about college, i want to make sure we get a college question. ok. why don't you ask? >> hi, hillary. i wanted to be able to make sure that people going forward will be able to afford college better. we're a family of four kids. my dad worked all of his life. we all had to take out private loans. my my sister and soon
11:58 pm
younger brother will be living at home paying off huge amounts of debt. when i graduated i had about $120,000 in debts. the average is $30,000, i really want to know where they are getting that number from. because -- and in graduate school. with graduate i'm at $250,000. yeah. and i have loans that when i applied for them said i would be at 8%. not the 12%. hillary clinton: first of all, i'm really sorry that that happened to you. that is just wrong. i don't know the details but i will say without fear of continue diction, that is wrong. -- contradiction, that is wrong. with the variable rate interest that they kicked up on you. well, you going to be helped by my plan. i can tell you that. because we are going to be able to -- [applause] to refinance all of your debt to bring it down to where the interest rate is right now. who did you borrow from?
11:59 pm
were those government loans or private loans? so you have government loans plus three private ones. well, aufl o them can be refinanced. we have taken into account, when we did the numbers on this, the way we will pay for it is by closing the loopholes and the deductions for people at the top and we will go and in one instance, we will go back to where it was when president reagan was in office. you know, i think the republicans should love and embrace. and we will take the money that we save from closing those and then we will use it to do exactly what i said. to refinance loans. 40 million people. you're one of them. who have those loans that desperately need refinancing. you're a good looking young man. you ought to be out in the world making your way and i hope you can be. i know how challenging it is for you to have those kinds of debts and be back at home after
12:00 am
you have finished your education. so we want to refinance the loans and then we want to make it more affordable on the front end so people don't ends up where you are. i also want to put a limit on the number of loans, at some point it is just counterproductive. we are going to help. thank you all very much. thank you. [applause] >> we will have more road to the way has coverage tomorrow night here on seas. former florida governor jeb bush lays out his foreign policy priorities at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. yo