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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 13, 2015 7:40pm-8:01pm EDT

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collection. response voting for the museum to be a caretaker for this collection. >> c-span cities tour will be nebraska to learn about omaha. it will start on friday at 6:00 p.m., eastern. >> our congressional series -- inues with mike cost bost. welcome congressman mike bost. i see that there is a marine corps flag on your pin. you are a former firefighter and a beauty shop owner.
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mike bost: it was a situation where i was not happy with obamacare. i had been in the trucking business for many years, i came home from the read core -- the marine corps and ran for many years. family, took a lot of prayer and decision-making, i could have thrown my hands up and said i am done with politics, but i decided to make things better. >> when did you decide to run for the house? for your seats in congress. >> it would have been in february of 2000 -- 2014. right after the election i was
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thinking about it. your race in 2014, you defeated the democrat in one of the most expensive races. >> it was. , theave the southern part paducah kentucky market, that is not as expensive. in terms of advertising. but in st. louis, it is more expensive. >> your district reaches that are -- far? of st.oes, it goes north and one third1 counties. >> how did you do it? raising the money, who helped to fund you and what was your argument/ >> we had jerry costello there
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for many years. he was a conservative democrat. he represented the area well and he was in touch with the people. , thatncern had come up not keeping inas touch with the people. style,came used to his they knew him. and in a short. -- and in a short time, i noticed that that was not occurring. i talked to a legislator who said that he did not know jerry. that is not what these jobs are about. look at that and then springboard on other issues that were out there. waslso had a videotape that from my experience on the floor, then we did not know whether they would use, but we had to
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build up our name recognition. of -- study the nickname explain to our viewers. >> is rated as the second greatest the second cnn, so --ding to basically what happened, what after -- right after obamacare, the statement had been made, we have to -- >> in 2010 -- onyes, we had been working things for 1.5 years. i was a floor leader. i came in when we were supposed to pass a bill, i came up and i said, i need information on the bill because there are things i
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need to talk to -- to talk about. someone said that they had changed the bill. the democrat speaker had changed it. so, things went on that day, they moved the bill in a partisan manner out of committee and bringing on the floor. my job as a floor leader is to protect the rights of members point.ue our this is more than that. this is a case where 30 years of having the same speaker that payrolls -- bypassing roles, i had had enough. rant, listen to this there are specific arguments i was talking about. >> this went viral and in the and helped your campaign, but how do you feel about the spotlight and the media, maybe
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other members criticizing you? that it was not a case where you had to do that, but what you discover sometimes -- sometimes it is, the majority of people who , make said this could have made problems worse. the people on the street said they want people like this in washington to say that for them. >> in congre, what have you found so far, how different is it from when you came in? >> it is different. debate, after being a leader in illinois, where you do not have to address the chair, it is different in that respect. just the level of work and the beunt of weeks you need to
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job, ithe size of the is bigger. >> talked about jerry costello keeping in touch with the district, how do you do that? in the i and back district, having all those counties, people say that you are home. is my population base currently from my home. during easter, we were there one --k before in one week after and one week after, i only slept in my bed maybe four hours. you need to make sure that you are in constant contact, town hall meetings, listening russians, we go out and meet with the leaders -- listening sessions, we go out and meet with leaders.
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>> you do not have duties as a volunteer firefighter anymore, we will show this to our viewers , tell us about this. >> this was a gift and a fire department. i was a full-time firefighter. it was a job, as a kid he was wanted to do that, all of those things that your mother didn't want you to do. fire, peoplethe like you because of it. it truly is one of the most exciting jobs. this is right up there. >> obviously you were a volunteer. full-time firefighter , if you're in town you respond untilwas that from 1988
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the time i was a state untilature, and so -- 2008. >> to talk about the busy schedule on capitol hill, what ommittees you serve on? >> >> veterans affairs and others. told me that he probably do not want to be on three committees, but it worked out. they were going to put me on -- we were able to cover it. >> how do you keep it all straight? >> i have a very good -- i spent a lot of time studying the issues. a lot of these issues are things that obviously are from other congresses before and you have to play catch-up and that was difficult, but we are now at the point where we can do that. so you may have several
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witnesses and you only have a few minutes. >> that a rough part of the job. by the time that you get to the freshmen members, most of the questions have been asked. but some of the committees i have been with, i have been able to get into what i know during the actual committee. many times, we come back later with questions. >> what is on the top of your to do list, in terms of your district? >> one of them is, we have an air force base that we are working to make sure, there's a system there needing to relocate . the most important thing really is, and it has to do with resources, the burden some
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regulations from the epa and other agencies that have caused -- why do we strangle our businesses in this nation, when we are trying to compete with so many agencies on a worldwide market, that have, that doesn't mean that we want to not making safe, i will fight for that. but when you have been in small business, you find out that the government does everything they can to make it difficult. >> give us an example. what was a regulation that he kept coming up against -- you kept coming up against? shortage,as a driver it isn't occurring because people do not want to do the job, it is because people who are doing the jobs can't get enough hours. there are mishandling of
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logbooks. you don't want to go back to the 1970's, but you need to, for instance, if you are on a run and you are coming up on your amount of hours for the week, and you are maybe a half hour from your destination, you have to stop the truck and wait 36 hours to move forward. or for another driver. if there is a weird break, he or do this.t that is why you have people in , they do not understand, they have never sat in a truck. -- in thetandpoint beauty salon business, we had a became bed, and we simulated on tanning beds, we just sold them. illinois -- ine
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a state like illinois, how prohibitive are they? >> the level of taxation on the trucking industry there, that was very prohibitive. >> you scott air force base, the house is just past a transportation bill through july, what is -- in your district and had we resolve this? >> as we move forward, i'm not sure he can do this together for a gas tax, they can say what they really want, but the reality is that people in shops, they are bothered by that. we want to watch and see if we can find a solution for long-term purposes. we need to figure out exactly what that is. as the u.s. congress, unfortunately there are many things we battle.
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, interstateg is commerce is our job, the highways, that is our job. we need to make sure that the bridges and roads are kept up. >> releasing the conditions of the roads are in your district are like? .> they are rough it is constant construction. it is patchwork. they do not go into the depths that they need to to restore them. you are a member of congress with military experience, how long did you serve in the marines? , i wentved three years to san diego for the camp -- boot camp, then to arizona where i did my duty. are there similarities between the military and the house of representatives? >> no, i will explain why.
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job --marine corps, our we had superiors. independents representing our own districts. there might be those who might might want to lead over, but leadership needs to understand that we each have our own district. >> are you put in a situation where maybe want to vote one way -- >> no, not in congress. , but i stillome up have to weigh things for my district. mines,a lot of coal unions in the district, but i am
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a republican. it is my job people working and there are other issues. comes to my district, i will be voting my district. >> were you born and raised in your district? >> yes. >> did you join the marine corps after high school? yes, in 1979i had graduated -- 1979, i had graduated. i got hit while i was on my computer -- scooter. when there was a hostage situation. i look at that and the next thing i know, i woke up in camp
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and i was serving. hostage was that iran situation and motivating you -- that motivated you? >> yes. >> looking back to that incident , where we are with iran and realizing your motivation to join the marine corps, what are your feelings? >> eye and not a fan of what the president is trying to do with negotiations with iran. we have a history, a history that we have dealt with. we want to be very careful. i want to make sure that whatever we do, make sure that they do not have a nuclear weapon. standtand very -- i will very strong to make sure that my voice is heard to make sure that we do not put down that path
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with them. oftell us about the process winning reelection in 2016, has it started? >> yes. i ran two years in the general assembly. you immediately go back into running in illinois because it is an early primary, seven months from when you are sworn in to where you are circulating again. it is part of the process. somebody said, we should change the constitution, no, i don't think so. the best way we can keep congress in check is that every two years we go back to the voters. fit theu feel that you legislator?zens >> i do, but the moment that
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they do not want me, i will go back to the grandchildren, doing all of those things. i also think that we need people with experience, that is also the reason why i don't agree have termther states limits and what happens is bureaucrats run the government, not those elected. grandkidsk about your , you have a picture of them. we hesitate one of the newest ones up at the top, there are 10 of them now because another was born on sunday. they all lived within six miles of the house. i have three children and they are, i think that they are done now. made a statement that
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there was no more room in the car. >> having your children and grandchildren been back east to see you? >> yes, i have one of the greatest blessings. grandson, -- that was an amazing moment, he was on the floor with. -- with me. >> we like to see what of your children or grandchildren run for office? >> that is up to them. my son, he is an attorney, he knows the strain that it puts on a life. i would be very proud of him and