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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  August 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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regulatory reform, repealed regulations that were killing us. a >> [indiscernible] >> we've got to go up the hill fast. pataki: thank you. >> if anyone wants to walk with us, you are welcome to. >> -- [indiscernible] mr. pataki: whereabouts? whereabouts? >> [indiscernible] thank you for your service. >> [indiscernible] >> kevin mclaughlin. thank you for being here. great. you.ataki: thank
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[laughter] >> thank you. thank you. mr. pataki: how are you? nice to meet you. >> [indiscernible] mr. pataki: hi. nice to meet you. good to see you. >> [indiscernible] -- mr. pataki: so we are off -- >> [indiscernible] yes, that would be great. thank you all very, very much. [indiscernible] >> hello, everybody.
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this is governor pataki from new york. [indiscernible] pataki: oh, yeah. >> proud to meet you. thank you for coming to iowa. >> welcome to iowa. mr. pataki: thank you. >> there he is. mr. pataki: nice to see you. thank you. >> governor george pataki. there he is. >> governor, what do you think of our state fair? oh, it's fantastic. [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] thank you. i appreciate it. i have always had a soft spot for ag. >> you mentioned you had some
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history with our governor. he was governor when i first got elected. he mentored all of us, including me. now i have been out of office for a while, and he is still going. still doing great for the people of iowa. i'm just proud to have known him. i worked with him for so long -- >> i am just proud to have known him. i worked with him for so long. clinton, there is criticism about her e-mails. what do you think, sir? mr. pataki: it seems like every us something that does not turn out to be true. now she is saying it is partisan politics. likely than not, she has committed a crime. and i think this warrants a special prosecutor. this is not simply a political issue. states the secretary of
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in all likelihood -- [indiscernible] that is just outrageous and certainly warrants such a prosecutor. you mention your speech coming down hard on isis. what would be your strategy as president? thing,aki: the first support the boots on the ground. we have the kurds incur to stand. -- in kurdistan. they are not getting the support. baghdad is heavily influenced by a ran i would provide training, , supplies directly to them so they can be the boots on againstnt line isis. second, i would ramp up the bombing. much more aggressive than we are today. at and beyond that, we have to stop turkey from
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allowing others from the middle east to go support isis. i would put pressure on turkey to say, we have got to stop this and make sure that turkey is not used as a border for people to go joint isis. and finally, if need be, i would go send american special ops. i would destroy the training centers. not spend 10 years or $1 trillion trying to nation build, but simply destroy their ability to attack us here over there and come back home. >> what is your favorite part of the iowa state fair? pataki: i am a beef guy. i am looking forward to seeing what is going on in the beef industry here in iowa. >> it will be a first for your campaign. a first.i: it is and a lot of retail politics where you sit down and talk to people. like just this afternoon. to do not know who is going
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ask you a question or what they are going to ask you. way to the best determine whether or not you are an ready to lead america. you do not have the pollsters. you have your feelings and beliefs and that is what i love about the iowa caucus. >> candidate george pataki. thank you, sir. mr. pataki: thank you. hi, how are you. george pataki. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. thanks for coming to the fair. mr. pataki: are you having fun? good to see you. >> can i get a picture? sure, sure. did you get it, lauren? thank you. mr. pataki: george pataki. how are you? you look very relaxed.
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>> [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] >> how are you doing, sir? mr. pataki: how are you? >> thank you. c-span returns to the iowa state fair tomorrow where more presidential hopefuls pay a visit. republican governor scott walker is scheduled to speak at 11:00 a.m. he is followed by remarks from carly fiorina at 1:00 and then south carolina senator lindsey graham at 4:00 p.m. we will have live coverage of all of these candidates on c-span. its august senate in rake, we will -- august break, we will feature book tv programming weeknights. and for the weekend, here are a special programs.
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saturday, august when he second, we are live from jackson, mississippi for the inaugural is a sippy book festival with discussions on harper lee, civil rights, and the civil war. arerday, september 5, we live from our nations capital -- nation's capital. join lynne cheney on in-depth. c-span2 book tv. television for serious readers. from"ing up next -- fromon journal, "washington journal," a discussion on secretary clinton's state department e-mails. q&a, phyllis bennis.
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ial watch, which is what? guest: our mission is to grow up .- to promote transparency we do that by using the freedom of information act at the federal level and state level. host: you have been using that to go after hillary clinton's records. some new developments now that the fbi has the server and the e-mails. why is it such an important ?ssue jek guest: we have 3400 freedom of pendingion act requests on the operations of government. what happens, what the government is or isn't doing. of that universe, we have about 18 lawsuits that we filed because we need to go to court to compel the government to give
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us records. we are trying to help educate the public on the operations of the government. that is what our goal is. we get these records, and then make them public. we hope the public reviews them and has an idea of what is or is not happening. it is not based on soundbites, it is based on actual documents. andget past spin language, get to actually read the government's records. we think that is important. host: do you think she has something to hide? guest: that is a great question. as a question that is begged by her shifting stands over time and notion that first she claimed there was no classified information, now she very carefully says there was no marked classified information. she denies, or said she would erver, ande her s has been one gets the impression that the story is unraveling.
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host: what is the difference between classified and top-secret? guest: there is a level of information. top-secret being the highest level of secret. it would cause what they call extensive or grave damage to national security. within those levels, there things called compartments, based on the type of intelligence being discussed. you may have seen reference to top-secret -- the header on the classified record that the intelligence community made reference to. about not just top-secret information, but categories, types. there are different methods and sources of obtaining classified information. that is the most sensitive of all. jewels,e crown
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essentially. host: she has repeatedly said -- hillary clinton -- that she carried on the same practices as their predecessors, including: how. including colin powell. guest: that is misleading. no one has established there outside outlaw server. none. there may have been cases where general powell sent an e-mail has his account, but no one established a separate outside server. no one has run their own independent network outside of the government. it has never been done. host: why do you think she did that? guest: i think it harkens back to her husband's presidential run when there were fights over records. historically, if you look back
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to 1999, there was a fight over white house e-mails. the then white house deputy counsel, who is now mrs. clinton's chief of staff, was in the white house. there was a fight over white house e-mails. again, the same sort of confusion about what was and wasn't in the records. and litigation resulted in order where the judge called her professional conduct in that case inadequate. the same cast of characters, 16 years later, are fighting over e-mails in a case where miss conducter professional has been cited by a judge as in inadequate, and 16 years later, fighting over e-mails with the same cast of characters. it is not a good track record. rural today mills
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is what? guest: she was the chief of clinton's state department. she is now operating her own law practice. host: hillary clinton did speak yesterday to reporters and worked the crowd. she was asked repeatedly about turning over her e-mails. here's more from the former secretary of state. [video clip] >> i have said in the past that -- obviously, he is leader, it doesn't look comedian. the fats are the same as they have been since the very beginning. importantly, i never sent classified e-mail on my material, and never received any. thisng to let whatever
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inquiry is move forward, and we will await the outcome of it. the state department confirmed what i just said to you. if you lookhink -- at the republicans in congress who are running for president, there is it an unfortunate attempts to try to make partisan a tragedy in benghazi, which i fundamentally disagree with. i do not think it is right, and i will not participate. we will see how this all plays out. it is not anything that people talk to me about, as i travel around the country. it is never raised in my town meetings in my other with people. i think what people are interested in is what senator harkin said, who will get the economy moving, who will create
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jobs, who will get the cost of college down, and refinance people's debt, and open up the workforce to women, people with disabilities, and so much more. that is why talk about on the campaign trail. yesterdayary clinton at the iowa state fair. your reaction? thing that is the key is her emphasis that she did not receive any e-mails marked classified your she is being very careful with her language. general'sd inspector in the intelligence committee say there is top-secret information going to her outlaw server unlawfully. the system of communicating in the government, there are three distinct channels. p secreton that tops information was sent over the internet is reckless.
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employee government doing the same thing would be fraud marched out of the building. you would see video of fbi agents carrying cargo boxes out of their house. we saw that with general there was a security violation there far less classified information. veryis very damaging, damaging personally and for a campaign. i think she is trying to be very careful with her language. host: some republicans, including donald trump, saying this is now a criminal matter. if she broke the law could you phase criminal charges? it is a criminal matter. host: how so? guest: because what they are investigating our national security crimes.
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the unlawful or inappropriate handling, any use of classified information is a national security crime. i know that firsthand from my earlier professional career. i was a special agent of army counterintelligence. i'm telling you that i have investigated people who inappropriately handled classified information. i am not guessing. i have done it for a living. these are national security crimes. they are investigated that way. there has to be an identification of the vulnerabilities. there is a lot of work to do. the fbi appears to be doing that work now. it is very grave. this is not an administrative error. this is very serious. host: where do you think this is all going to leave? what are some possibilities? guest: i am hoping the fbi would conduct a rigorous examination of the server, of the thumb
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drives that were turned over. there are unanswered questions concerning other servers that may exist, perhaps servers that , that the state department was eventually provided. there are technical forensic questions that are quite detailed and the specifics of which, greatly i am not qualified to discuss. you would need an i.t. professional to really drill down on that. be athere is going to tracing back of who set -- send what e-mail when, and then even things like bcc, blind carbon copies. i think they may have turned over paper copies of her e-mails, what are sometimes referred to as dumb copies. it does not contain the metadata , the routing information that you would receive in a digital version of the e-mails. d, whould see who was bcc
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was forwarded the e-mail. there are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of work to do. host: we will get your calls in just a moment, but one follow-up. why did the state department and the white house let this happen? others had to know. of my that is one greatest questions. you have the senior leadership within a state department who had to have known. you had people in the white house, even private citizens who are e-mailing her. outside, private persons who are e-mailing her. those are persons who knew she was running this outlaw server. why didn't anyone say anything? and if they did, were there objections taken seriously? were they acted on? where they investigated? at a certain point, you are or you areigent complicit. you cannot have it both ways.
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if you know this is going on, you either stand up and say while -- stop, we can't operate this way. it's unlawful. or you are along for the ride. there are a lot of tough questions that have to be asked, and hopefully we get answers to. this is a very grave matter. it is not something that she should be jumping -- joking about. she was joking yesterday about how she had a snapshot and joking that those disappear all by themselves. this is nothing anyone should be laughing or joking about. host: our guest is christopher farrell, he is a research investigator for judicial watch. isjudicialw our phone lines are open. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. matthew joining us from philadelphia, democrat line. good morning.
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as a democrat, your take on all this, and the impact of potentially house for hillary clinton. caller: good morning. i am a big-time hillary reporter -- supporter. i am also a former executive branch employee. i'm not going to save which -- i'm not going to say which branch. host: during which administration? caller: during this administration, when hillary clinton was secretary of state i was an executive branch employee like she was. i was just a regular working guy. astounded atlly what she did. she is arrogant, but i just never figured she would be this stupid. seriously. we were getting memos the a e-mail just about every month -- e-mail e-mail -- via
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just about every month telling us not to do what she was doing. nownd it hard to believe everybody says they did not know what she was doing. to then she went department of state cap operable to have the private server? she was the department of state. who was going to tell her no? you serve ing did the administration, or in the executive branch? caller: i was there for 30 years. i was a career civil servant. was under theer obama administration when she was secretary of state. host: will you still support her in 2016? caller: i still support her as a democrat. i don't think she will survive this legally, because i think -- i don't think loretta lynch will it is prettyt collocated. host: thank you. we will get a response. technicalhink the
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aspects of this may be more compensated than not, but i think the truth does not require a lot of expiration. the truth is, people are drawn to it. they can recognize what it is. it is pretty acceptable. when people get into long , that isd wordsmithing where they get into trouble. in this case i think it is pretty clear what she did was set up an outlaw server that had nothing to do with any government system. it is a grave security issue. it is a transparency issue. there is a record. she is hosting government business on a private server. it is an archival issue. from her term as secretary of state. now she can pick and choose what that record is. host: two things. she says she has released all the official information. she is not releasing her
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personal e-mails or -- where she made reference to chelsea's wedding or yoga. and jennifer palmeiro who was the former white house committee record, now hillary clinton's mitigation director, sending out a long e-mail saying the fbi is not living in doing criminal investigation, that this is -- is not looking into a criminal investigation, that this is just a routine investigation. is a lot of explaining that is going on, it is sort of tortured language. serverhis is an e-mail set up by mrs. clinton at her direction to conduct her e-mail traffic for her official -- actually, kurt used in a confession -- official capacity. she ran it. she used it. she conducted business off of it. the e-mail server did not do this by itself. it is an inanimate object. somebody made decisions. mrs. clinton jimena kidded
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overtly to her circle of communicated overtly to her community of associates. you can't blame someone else. i understand she's upset or if she is frustrated, but it is her own doing. she has created this. klesko to helen joining us from west virginia, republican line. caller: i have a couple questions, but first i would like to say one thing about mrs. clinton. how far down her poll she goes, i don't think she can afford to quit. simply because of all the donations use taken from foreign countries. when they give you money, they expect something in return. i don'tthink -- believe a thing she said. i would like to ask a question regarding this bill in this river in colorado.
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i know they are testing all the water for chemicals and everything. i just wonder if there is any somee that there might be stuff and some of that water. neey mind cold for gold -- mi coal for gold and it settles into the soil. i just wonder if anyone is checking to see if there happens to be any gold dust or anything in that liquid. host: helen, we appreciate the call, but that is off-topic for our guest. guest: i don't have anything to add. host: thank you for the call. let's move on to tom, joining us from centerville, massachusetts. independent line. if you do about the gold dust you can weigh in. .aller: good morning everybody everyone knows gold is a very heavy elements. it would be at the bottom of the minds. mines.the bottom of the
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host: how do you know that? caller: iwatch gold reality tv. ago americansrs dropped the atomic bomb which was not about by the manhattan project in the united states of america. and savedorld war ii many millions of lives, both japanese and american. it is in that. of time, when that was being ofe, -- is in that period time someone has leaked important information and it had been aout, it would have very big error on the part of those who spoke out about what they were doing. example ofrgs are in people who passed on information to foreign elements of opposing government and created what we know as the nuclear cold war
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era. for somebody to have a private server, though i am not totally technologically astute, it seems to me you are holding vast amounts of information by the state department whether it be either social or top top-secret information about potential moments in time where you are going to be giving money, whatever, to other governments via the united states. it creates a very big problem for other people to know what the chessboard moves are by the state department. host: tom, thanks for the call. your response? guest: i agree with the caller. in march of 2013 a romanian access to cynthia blumenthal's e-mail.
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anthia blumenthal is decade-long associate of mrs. clinton. a professional advisor to her. a personal friend. they hacked into her e-mail and actually published screenshots which reveals that mrs. clinton had this outside e-mail server. just want the viewers to pause for a moment and think about, if a hacker can get into sidney blumenthal's e-mail and from their move into mrs. clinton's e-mail, we should think about what the national intelligence services of russia and communist china would do. with a level of sophistication and technology than i would guess are light years beyond what an individual hacker would have. mrs. clinton says that all of her official state department business is conducted over this outlaw server.
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the outside persons would not only be up to find it but hackett, penetrate it. this is a very grave security issue. if one hacker in romania can do it, what are the chinese and russian intelligence services doing? .ost: two quick follow-ups first of all, her argument was she wanted a standalone device. host: that made -- guest: that may be what she is representing now, but i can tell you that she was also using an ipad and wanted to use an ipod -- ipad. they were asked to certify her use of an ipad and a repeatedly told her no, that the device was not secure. for my understanding she went ahead and used it anyway. there are photos of her using some kind of device, a blackberry perhaps, there were also reports of her using an ipad. judge sullivan ordered the state department to provide
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a listing of all the devices and hardware that were involved in her e-mails, and they simply refused. they did not follow the judge's of listing her devices and hardware. i find that astounding, that a federal judge issuing an order, , and they missed the deadline. they asked for an extension. when the response came in at 5:00 p.m., they completely ignored the judge's order. there was no list of devices or hardware. host: and that this tweet from stella, do you 12 -- do you trust the fbi to do the right thing for america or is corruption to the? how long will we wait? guest: those are great questions. rightly i think because we are dealing with historical records -- these are from the past, they are identifiable on servers. with a $300 tool that can be used to access these servers and
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sort of scan them for what is frankly, aand for much more significant forensic exam, i would imagine it would be weeks. that is just a guess. host: and michael makes this point, hillary clinton even touted that she is a multi-device user to the msn mainstream -- media. guest: i can tell you that i appreciate there is a need for this. you have to devices. it your personal device and your business device. if you are working in a sensitive department, ewald athin ewald, -- ewald -- vault,-- vault within a people have to lock up their phones outside the workspace.
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you are not even allowed to bring the transmission -- transmitters into the area. the attorney general jokingly said she uses for different devices. so she certainly has an appreciation for the security requirements associated with electronic devices and the secret and top-secret information. host: from new hampshire, roger is next. democrats line. caller: good morning. i am a hillary supporter and i wanted to say this last week or , the white house communications was hacked. i think the pentagon has been hacked. almost every state or government thing has been hacked. i don't think that that is pertinent to her e-mail. secondly, when ronald reagan was were for there terrorist activities that happened to americans with an 18 month. in beirut and lebanon.
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thirdly, the fact that the other people are not happy that it took two weeks to get this corrected version is irrelevant. it's too late after the fact. the fact that they said one thing or whatever, that people weren't happy about, did not affect the outcome. host: how do you respond? guest: i don't have a response. he is entitled to his opinion or whenever he would like to say, but our interest is in getting the records of the government, as the public is due. we have been doing us a judicial watch for more than 20 years. the open records law, the freedom of information act, are important tools for accountability. it lets people see the governments work. there are important, primary source governments for political
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scientist, or lists, historians. we just want the records produced. that is what we do. and a viewer taking aim at me and this program, shame on you for not pointing out: powell and a jeb bush use of private servers when they were in the government. the viewer who was not with us earlier in the program. do you want to elaborate? what jebdon't know bush did or did not do as the governor of florida. he never set up a private e-mail server. he sent an e-mail from a personal account, a gmail account or something like that. i don't know specifically which one. this is remarkable he different than setting up your own separate outside e-mail server in order to circumvent the established both unclassified
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and classified government networks that every other cabinet secretary has used as long as there has been e-mail. no one else has done what she has done. host: have you in the past requested e-mails from previous secretaries of state? guest: absolutely. it is something we do all the time. e-mails are very important to us, because unlike policy documents that are heavily crafted and wordsmith, e-mails are normally quite chatty. people say things in e-mails, off-the-cuff, they are much more frank about their assessments of what they will or won't do. what is going on. e-mails are very valuable to understand what is going on. garrett is next, orlando, florida, republican line. good morning gentlemen. c-span is a national treasure. especially washington journal. i would just like to comment and thishat this makes me --
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18 minute gap or whatever it was, however long it was on the nixon tapes, look like a sneeze. is is thatomment secretary clinton asserts that she never transmitted secret information over her e-mail. it outst absolutely -- slowly defies credulity. i would like you to comment on that. host: thank you. comes to thetainly volume of information we are addressing. the callers intuition is correct. 118 minute gap versus thousands of e-mails. no one has any idea how many e-mails were involved. i think the important thing -- and this kind of belies the notion that this is somehow we file for a request and we litigate against all administrations. we have sued the obama administration for records and documents. we sued the bush administration more than 200 times for records
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and documents. this is an issue of exercising the freedom of information act and getting records and making them available to the public. what i think it is important here is that we have three different judges working on various cases that we have brought. judge sullivan, who actually was appointed by mrs. clinton's husband. judge walden, and judge the terrace. three different judges working on three different cases. this is not a partisan issue. these are federal judges who have brought various cases about the production of records, and they want answers. you have provided warnings to the government that they need to preserve the record and produce them. a question of political agenda or democrats or republicans. this is about the exercise of the freedom of information law. branch has aal role in this. the fbi is doing their investigation. the judges are running the cases that we brought to them.
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hopefully the truth gets out. host: mario is next from new jersey. democrats line. caller: good morning. a few points. first of all, it's judicial watch is so concerned about transparency, you would be a little bit concerned about overclassification. second of all, the criminal issue you are talking about would be the same as using a account which is on secured. -- unsecured. and: powell explicitly used personal e-mail. there is no material difference between that and using a server. the truth is, if you are interested in requests and not'sal purposes, we have e-mails. why are you making a stink about that jacket we have zero. -- why aren't you making a stink about that? we have zero. i don't have a problem with you going after hillary clinton, but
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to say it is not political and whatve no concern about howled it is beyond reproach. the caller makes statements that are false. establishll did not an outside e-mail server. that is untrue. do ask for all the records concerning various secretaries of state, with a hat or have not done. he made reference to something about complaining about over complication. that is not our call. that is not what we do. instancesame to some where the government has been these are exemptions used by the government when it tried to keep something classified, for example we had asked for the fbi files concerning ted kennedy once he had passed away.
10:42 pm
there is a lot of interesting information concerning senator kennedy and his various activi y ies. we challenge that claim. it had nothing to do with being classified. it had awkward or embarrassing information regarding the senator that the department of justice claims was classified that wasn't. we brought those sort of things to court and we won. we win frequently when it comes to that sort of thing. i am not clear -- we do fight classification issues, and i am trying to address that issue that the caller started with. with respect to: powell and his term as secretary of state, we challenge the secretary of state and ask for those records all the time. it is not a partisan issue. we have sued the bush administration over the cheney task force which was an open meeting issue. we went all the way to the supreme court over that fighting for government transparency
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. host: we have this tweet. interested in the dick cheney e-mail which judicial watch has requested. guest: it was a task force which was set up in large part by -- under the same law, the federal committee act, as hillary clinton's task force -- health care task force act in 1993 and 1994. people complained about hillary her task force. what is good for the goose is good for the gander. cheney's task force was set up under the same law and operated the same thing. they were meeting with outside groups getting input on energy policy matters. records.o obtain those there was a lot of stonewalling. we obtained many records but it was incomplete and so we went to
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the appellate court in d.c. and we went on to the supreme court. the kate -- the case ended up being remanded back down for further input from the appellate court. i think it is just a great example of how we fight for records regardless of the administration, no matter where it goes. we try to do our part. is carriedprogram live on c-span radio and we welcome our listeners listening coast-to-coast. for chris farrell of judicial watch. our line for independents. good morning. caller: hi. good morning. as far as i'm concerned this whole thing on hillary is a made-up thing. you know why? ok. thatwhen everybody knew hillary was going to run and hillary was going to be the
10:45 pm
front of the democrats. ok. when she was going through that thing in congress they posted a what doeser saying this matter in congress, and it was a video of a fox news station. i knew right then and there that they were going to hang hillary no matter what. they were going to dig back in her past. date, date,ing to date, and they were going to her, talk, talk and make sound like she was dirty. i don't care what you people do. you did the same thing to obama. you made him dirty. but what you don't understand is all these other countries on the outside are looking at this country and they are saying how stupid our congress is. thank you. i'm sorry. host: thank you grace. guest: she is entitled to her opinion. host: tom is next. the morning, richmond, virginia. republican line.
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caller: yes sir. i was a fisherman >> there -- there was a fisherman on the gulf coast who was charged with fishing something illegal from the sea. he returned it to the sea and was charged with destroying evidence. when hillary clinton finally turned her information over it was wiped clean. why had she not been charged with destroying evidence? guest: i think that is what the fbi is now investigating, the status of that server. what was on it. what is on it now. forensically looking at it to see what may have been on it before. those are all open questions. host: what are your top two or three questions, you personally? of course, there are the records we have asked for. many requests concerning everything related to any number of different topics
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during her term as secretary of state. there is not matter of our requests, and that the issue concerning exactly what went on with the server. host: typically how long does it take to receive the information after you sent that the request? we filed these requests. by statute the government is required to answer with -- within 20 days. they frequently do not. they missed the deadline. you have to exhaust all of your administrative remedies and then you can go to court and say we have tried the best weekend, the agency is not responsive responsible or there is some barrier. then you get a court in a lawsuit, you are asking a federal district court to go to the agency and say why are you not producing these records? normally that results in the agency coming forward and offering to produce records on a calendar or schedule that is overseen by the judge. that is sort of a pattern of what we see.
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3400tioned earlier we have pending requests in the database that we actively manage. some are just filed in the past few weeks. host: of all of these -- of all of these our experience has been, unfortunately, that we very often have to file a lawsuit in order to get the government's attention and compel them to answer and produce records. it is unfortunate, but it is just a fact. minutes withmore our guest. harry is next joining us from washington state. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a few comments. all, this fellow's words are very prejudicial. he uses the word outlaw. let me see, i am just looking at my notes here. oh, you are innocent until proven guilty. no one can prove she has done
10:49 pm
anything wrong. these are mostly rumors. the private server, everyone knew where those e-mails were coming from. the state department knew. i am just trying to read it back, i can't. she is innocent until proven guilty. there has been no guilt proven against her. host: thank you for your call. we will get a response. guest: so i call it an outlaw server because it has been established outside the law. it is not according itself -- the creation of that server, running her e-mail through the outside system, conducting her business on a server outside the official communication systems is outside the law. these are state department regulations and policies. it is the law of the land. if you are doing some like that it is unlawful. i used the word brave because --
10:50 pm
that is thee language and wording in united states law with respect to classification of materials. means it's top-secret information is released or improperly handled, or in some way jeopardized, the language would call that extremely grave damage to national security. the word grave is in the law regulated information and material. i agree with the caller, you are innocent until proven guilty. but mrs. clinton has admitted and gone into detail her setting up this server and running it off line outside of the state department. her e-mails were screened, some were deleted. these are all things she has admitted to, there are court documents that document all of this. , or as not a question
10:51 pm
fact in question. or an open issue. these are established fact. the issue now is, what are the security repercussions? i have the professional experience having investigated these things. in my opinion, it is a reckless act. it is a dangerous situation, and it is a vulnerability. let me go back to one earlier point. the timeline for all of this. what do you think this will reach some kind of combination? guest: -- host: some kind of culmination? guest: that's difficult to say. this is an fbi investigation. they are going to try to construct what has been destroyed. there are interviews to conduct. if not months,k i don't see anything happening quickly. host: christopher farrell who it is the
10:52 pm
>> on the next washington journal, michael ferris on amending the constitution. and looking at how themes like economic populism and economic inequality are playing out in the presidential race. in day look at the impact big game has. life every journal." day at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. bond, a leading figure in the civil rights movement and former chair of the naacp died last night at the age of 75. he had a long history of serving
10:53 pm
in the legislature and at the southern poverty law center. >> what has it meant for the civil rights movement that you have been involved in for your still are as the chairman of the naacp, to have a black man in elected as president of the united states. it means the work we have doing since 1909 is worth it. the headline in the onion the day after obama got it, black man gets worst job in the united [laughter] it does not mean our work is over. there is more work to be done.
10:54 pm
no one can believe that barack obama would be president of the united states if it had not been for the work of the and aa cp. the work done by these people and these groups. it was like vindication that all of this labor, all of this has been worthwhile. we are happy to do it and see the results of it. inspoke at our convention 1909, i'm sorry. 2009. my wife is here in the front row. laughter] she serves many wonderful purposes. [laughter] one of them is correcting me. tags i am glad she did that, because i could not get it right either. -- >> anyway, he spoke to our convention in 2009.
10:55 pm
he spoke to us as senator obama. he spoke to assess candidate obama running for the presidency. he spoke to us as democratic nominee for the party. having him speak was a great thrill. [applause] >> when he was first running, there were civil rights veterans who seemed to be resentful, particularly because he had not lived what they regarded as "the i think jessece." jackson was the most prominent of those who seem to be unhappy about him and that respect. -- in that respect. that important? >> it is important to note that reverend jackson came a strong supporter, is a strong supporter
10:56 pm
today, camp and vigorously for him and i am sure will be campaigning for him vigorously again when he undertakes his formal campaign for re-election. many of those people who felt that way, i felt that he would make a wonderful president. keptiends in chicago telling me, we have a great state senator who is going to be president someday. that he got to be a u.s. senator. and they would say he is a u.s. senator now he is going to be president someday. and we would say, ok. that he ran and iowa. wini thought, if he could in the white test of states, i hitestbecome -- in the wjo of states, i would support him. he proved to me he could win. i was happy to support him then. african americans in the
10:57 pm
united states are still disproportionately suffering from poverty, ill health, poor schools, all of the other ailments. ailments you have worked so hard to correct and in so many ways succeeded. but not in all of them. is it harder now to argue for affirmative action? to argue for issues of that kind? bit harderlittle because there is a feeling in the population that having elected a black man, all of these problems have been solved and gone a. the remedies that solve these problems are no longer needed anymore. that is false thinking. that is not true. the effect there is a black man in the white house does not mean the country has become a wonderful place where everything is happy, everything is fair and equal. believe that, it is harder to argue for these
10:58 pm
things. we're are going to argue for them nonetheless. >> you can watch that entire interview at president obama said today in and i haveelle in benefited from his example, his counsel, and his friendship. we offer our prayers and sympathies to his wife, pam lee -- his wife, pamela, and his children. julian bond helped change this country for the better and what weight to be remembered is better than that? " >> elon musk. get to america and at 17, he ran away from home and did it. bloomberg reporter ashlee vance on one of silicon valley's most inventive leaders, elon musk. >> he is seen as this next steve
10:59 pm
jobs kind of figure. attention tois detail. he pushes his workers really hard. i tend to believe more in this edison ideal, but i think elon musk has a lot to prove. who gets these thousands of engineers, the brightest of the bright, these very hard-working individuals and he is really able to get products out of them that can be commercialized and that have really changed industry. has --he is the guy who he has combined software and hardware and adams and it's in ways that nobody else has. >> monday night on "the on" coming up next, q&a with activist phyllis bennis.
11:00 pm
later, a look at the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails as secretary of state. ♪ announcer: this week on "q&a," institute for policy studies fellow phyllis bennis discusses her book, "understanding isis and the new global war on terror." ms. bennis also talks about u.s. foreign policy since 9-11 and the obama administration's recent negotiations with iran. ♪ brian: phyllis bennis, how would you describe what you do for a living? phyllis: ooh. it is one of those great privileges. i get to work my passion, which is working as a public scholar. for me, it means working against wars and occupation and bad foreign policy, mostly by our own go


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