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tv   Former Governor George Pataki at the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 17, 2015 5:20am-5:41am EDT

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government school where that school year after year fails to educate those children, we are going to give you the opportunity to pick another school or another benefit for that child. we do not want that child left behind. that is part of the equation to lift people out of poverty. the other is to have a stronger economy. the biggest impediment to the american economy is not the american worker, the american entrepreneur. we have the best workforce of willing to risk entrepreneurs. everyone of you out there is thinking, i can open a little store. i can have a small business on the side. then you go to fill out the paperwork and the regulatory burdens are so high that you say, forget it. or if you do succeed you get things like obamacare that say if you hire another employee, we are going to penalize you up the wazoo. you give up or you don't grow. when i was governor we had the lowest unemployment rate since they started keeping records in new york. we lowered the tax burden. we repealed thousands of regulations. we got government out of the way. we empowered the american people, and the dream came government school where that eal. just one other thing. iowa is a great ag state, but also a manufacturing state. there's a lot of people in this
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country that think, we will not make things in america anymore. i don't believe that. i would put in place the lowest tax rate on manufacturing in the developed world. we have that workforce. we have energy prices that are coming down. we have the capitalists and investors willing to put money behind things. what we don't have is a government that empowers freedom instead of inspiring fear. i get elected, we will have that government and we will have those jobs. so, thank you. yes, sir? >> i like your message. mr. pataki: thank you. what is that on your hat? >> mr. pataki: let me just say, this country produces no finer men and women than those who put on the uniform to protect our freedom. we are proud of every single one of you. >> mr. pataki: that's exactly
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right. >> mr. pataki: did you all hear that? absolutely right. hat he said is that he loves the message, but when you talk about i'm going to do this, no individual can do it by yourself, you've got to have a team. that is exactly right. 'm glad you raise that point because one of the reasons i was so successful as governor of new yorks -- and i used i again, so forgive me -- is because we created the best team in america. there you can tell, that's a marine. because they know you don't do
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it yourself. i hope i said at the end that we as americans can accomplish anything, and we can make this the greatest century america has ever had. first, we have to reclaim our government and get it out of our lives and out of our way. is that better? all right. all right. thank you. >> what can you as president and your cabinet do? mr. pataki: did you all here that question -- did you all hear that question? he was critical of governor branstad's cuts to mental health in iowa and what can we do to change that.
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irst of all let me say i think overnor branstad is a terrific governor and one of the finest governors. he was governor before i got elected, and he is still governor long after i served in -- and he set the record for longest-serving governor in american history. he cares about iowans. specific items and specific agents -- i can't comment on. i love governor branstad. mental health, first of all -- i'm going to digress a little bit because to me when i think of mental health, i think of how this government is failing our veterans. and it is an -- it is in all
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types of health, particularly mental health. one of the roles the government has is to provide a safety net for those who can't take advantage of america upon saw -- america's opportunities. and certainly no one deserves that a net more than america -- has ever had. number deserves that safety net more than america's veterans. we are letting them down. any veteran who served, they are not going to wait in line to see if they can get services out of the v.a. system. we will give them a card where they can go to any health facility in america they need. we are going to make sure they get the mental health support, -- the vast majority of them don't need it, they come back stronger and better -- but for those who do, it is the federal government and president's role to make sure they get the mental health support and counseling they need. and just to digress a little it more. we have seen horrible incidents of violence in america. you will say, we get to do this, we got to do that. in almost every one of those incidents it was someone who of violence in america. you will say, we get to do this, we got to do that. in almost every one of those incidents it was someone who was mentally ill, and others knew that he posed a threat of
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violence to himself or others, and we did not do anything. we don't need to change the gun laws. we need to change the mental health laws so we can protect ourselves from those who are clearly violently mentally ill. one of the laws i changed in new york after a horrible incident is i got the state legislature to pass a law allowing new york state to put in a secure mental health facility violently ill mentally health people, even against their wishes, when we had a panel of experts say it was necessary to protect them and protect society. that is the role the federal government can play to make sure we protect people from these horrible incidents. not by taking away people's guns, but by protecting us from those who are clearly violently mentally ill. >> mr. pataki: i'm sorry. one last question. i'm having a great time. >> mr. pataki: for those at
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ietnam that we lost? >> mr. pataki: let me repeat it. what he said is you go to the vietnam war memorial. i have too many friends there. you can see the names but you don't know the story of what they actually did and what their lives were. that is something that touches me because if you go to ground zero today and see the memorial, which i'm so proud of because it really shows the magnitude of the loss and the courage of the response and go down to the museum, we have every single person who died in those horrible attacks, their picture. you push their picture and it
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tells their story. i think that is a terrific idea to honor those who lost their lives protecting us in vietnam and in other wars. if we, i and my team have the opportunity to lead this country, this will be one more symbol of respect we show veterans, not just those here today but those who served our lost their lives and their families in the past. i'm being cut off. i will tell you, this was great fun. i will be here again tomorrow morning, 4:00. it won't be as hot. come back. no, i can't do that. let me thank "the des moines register" for having me. thank you all for being here. this should be a time when we feel the most optimistic, the most positive, the most excited about our future. if we get the right leadership, we will. god bless you and god bless the united states. > thank you, governor.
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>> i was just wondering. you mentioned you grew up on a farm. i was wondering how you can use that for iowa voters and what is the most important issue facing farmers today? mr. pataki: i did grow up on a farm and spent my whole life on a farm. we're running our farm now and every saturday we take some of our grass fed beef down to one of the farmers markets. it's a way of life that really taught me the value of hard work and the value of it doesn't matter what you say, what matters is what you do. one of the largest problems facing farmers today is the tremendous fluctuation in prices, whether it is corn or wheat or soybeans, the market can fluctuate greatly. the best thing to do about that
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is to open up and expand markets to new possibilities and new countries. the other thing of course that e experience when i was a kid, we would have a great peach crop looming and then you get a hurricane, and what looked like it would be a good year became a terrible year. crop insurance because of the vagaries of nature. you have to understand that is something as much as farmers would like to be able to be proactive, you can't protect against a natural disaster. >> ok. and what do you think of the state so far? mr. pataki: i have seen the butter cow. i will certainly go see the pork show and do some grilling and just make the rounds and say hi to as many people as possible. >> i was reading a wall street journal interview, you said, if you could just get attention, you would win. get your message out. do you feel like you have been able to do that?
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r. pataki: this is serious business. it seems like so much politics is entertainment. it was going to land in a helicopter, who is going to be indicted, how do you fit things into a 32nd -- 32nd soundbite? but leaving america is a real job. we need grown-up government. business. it seems like so much politics is entertainment. it was going to land in a helicopter, who is going to be indicted, how do you fit things into a 32nd -- 32nd soundbite? but leaving america is a real job. we need grown-up government. i now have the ability to deliver that. this is not partisan, narrow overnment, but in american government where we solve our problems together. the last of our presidents to do that was ronald reagan. he had to work in a bipartisan way. >> thank you, governor.
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mr. pataki: thank you. >> appreciated, governor. mr. pataki: all right. thank you. i appreciate the opportunity. >> nice to meet you. mr. pataki: good to see you. >> mr. pataki: it may be more interesting for you. you never know. we may go back to politics is entertainment. >> > thank you very much. -- mr. pataki: thank you very much. sure. >>
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>> stand right next to him. mr. pataki: new yorkers together. native new yorkers. > stand right next to him. >> mr. pataki: thank you. >> keep doing what you are doing. mr. pataki: thank you. sure. sure. >> mr. pataki: oh, yeah. >> >> i really liked your remarks earlier in terms of business, the regulatory things holding
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you back and you can't make long-term decisions. one of the things i ran into. mr. pataki: one of the things i did, we looked at the office of regulatory reform, repealed regulations that were killing us. >> >> we've got to go up the hill fast. mr. pataki: thank you. >> if anyone wants to walk with s, you are welcome to. mr. pataki: thank you for your service. thank you for being here. great. mr. pataki: thank you.
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>> thank you. thank you. mr. pataki: how are you? nice to meet you. >> r. pataki: hi. nice to meet you. good to see you. >> mr. pataki: yes, that would be great. thank you all very, very uch.
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>> hello, everybody. this is governor pataki from new york. mr. pataki: oh, yeah. >> proud to meet you. thank you for coming to iowa. >> welcome to iowa. mr. pataki: thank you. >> there he is. mr. pataki: nice to see you. thank you. >> governor george pataki. there he is. >> governor, what do you think of our state fair? mr. pataki: oh, it's fantastic. >> mr. pataki: thank you. i appreciate it. i have always had a soft spot for ag.
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>> you mentioned you had some history with our governor. mr. pataki: he was governor when i first got elected. he mentored all of us, including me. now i have been out of office for a while, and he is still going. still doing great for the eople of iowa. i'm just proud to have known him. i worked with him for so long -- >> i am just proud to have known him. i worked with him for so long. hillary clinton, there is criticism about her e-mails. what do you think, sir? mr. pataki: it seems like every week she tells us something that does not turn out to be true. now she is saying it is partisan politics. ore likely than not, she has committed a crime.
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and i think this warrants a pecial prosecutor. this is not simply a political issue. this is the secretary of state in all likelihood -- that is just outrageous and ertainly warrants such a prosecutor. >> you mention your speech coming down hard on isis. what would be your strategy as president? >> you mention your speech coming down hard on isis. what would be your strategy as president? mr. pataki: the first thing, support the boots on the ground. we have the kurds incur to stand. -- in kurdistan. they are not getting the support. baghdad is heavily influenced by a ran i would provide training, support, supplies directly to them so they can be the boots on the front line issue. this is the secretary of state in all likelihood -- gainst isis.
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second, i would ramp up the bombing. much more aggressive than we are today. at and beyond that, we have to stop turkey from allowing others from the middle east to go support isis. i would put pressure on turkey to say, we have got to stop this and make sure that turkey is not used as a border for people to go joint isis. and finally, if need be, i would go send american special ops. i would destroy the training centers. not spend 10 years or $1 trillion trying to nation build, but simply destroy their ability to attack us here over there and come back home. >> what is your favorite part of the iowa state fair? mr. pataki: i am a beef guy. i am looking forward to seeing what is going on in the beef industry here in iowa. >> it will be a first for your campaign. mr. pataki: it is a first. and a lot of retail politics


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