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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 7, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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speaker of the house talks about why she is supporting hillary clinton for president. we will take ♪ host: one last debate. two more days of debating. good morning. it is sunday, february 7, 2016. welcome to washington journal. we will spend the entire program talking about the new hampshire debate. in particular we will ask you who won last night's debate. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. democrats use (202) 748-8000. for independents, (202) 748-8002. new hampshire residents, we have
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aligned for you at (202) 748-8003. you can weigh in online as well. we have a poll at send us a tweet this morning. we will get your calls momentarily. a look at how it's playing on the union leader this morning. rubio."e rocks reporting this morning saying republican rivals hit senator marco rubio with a barrage of criticism's about his readiness to be president during the final debate before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. a moderator of saturday night's debate keyed it up for chris christie did it -- for rubio to defend his time as a senator. -- wet becomes about should all rally around joe biden." governor christie looks to build
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on rubio's surge. he argued rubio had not been involved in any consequential decisions like governors had to confront on the job. a look at 70 back and forth from last night's debate between chris christie and marco rubio. [video clip] >> i think the experience is not just what you did, but how it worked out. under chris christie, they have downgraded nine times in their credit rating. this country already has a debt problem. we don't need elect someone visits. that running up and destroying the credit rating of the state. let's dispel this fiction that barack obama does not know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he is trying to change this country. the once america to become more like the rest of the world. we want to be the united states of america. thisi'm elected president, will become once again the single greatest nation in the history of the world, not the disaster barack obama has imposed upon us. >> i do want to bring in governor bush. >> excusing.
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-- excuse me. it was incorrect and incomplete information, and then he memorized 25 seconds speech that is exactly what -- [cheers] marco, the thing is this. when you're president, when you're the governor of the state, memorizing 32nd speeches we talk about how to great america is doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow. they speculated the schools open. and when the worst natural disaster in your states history it's you, the expected rebuild the state which is what i have done. none of that stuff happens on the floor of the united states senate. it's a fine job, but it does not prepare you for president of the united states. your state got hit by massive snowstorm two weeks ago. they had to shave you any going back. -- shame you to going back.
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this notion that barack obama doesn't know it is doing is not true. >> there it is. the memorized speech. >> that's why this campaign is so important. this is an important point. we have to understand that we are going through. we are not facing a president but doesn't know what he is doing. >> the shame is the would actually criticize somebody for showing up to work, plowing the streets, getting the trains running on time when you've never been responsible for anything in your life. and you want to go back. the fact is i went back. second, is that the skills you get as a you nice state senator? esp? >> he told everyone he wasn't going to go back and attache and him and going back. and when he decided to go back he criticized a young lady. gets very unruly when he gets off his topics. [laughter] >> it's not a talking point.
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host: and more coming up from last night's debate. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. for independents, (202) 748-8002. for new hampshire residents, (202) 748-8003. a couple of tweaks coming in. won when they noticed -- he said abc had stacked the audience with rich lobby donors. some of the thoughts on twitter. let's go to the phone to hear first from michael in new york. democrats line. caller: good morning. i watched the debate last night. to me, my opinion of the whole scenario is it's a clown show with republicans.
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they are not putting up a sustainable candidate to begin with. they are not going to win this. i think hillary is going to take this hands-down. host: do you think she will limiting after primary? -- win the new hampshire primary? caller: i think she will go all the way. i have not seen one of these candidates, mr. christie or any of them, they are not coming up with problems that need to be solved. they are talking about just talking points. we need to have candidates that care about what is wrong with the economy, things that are going on in our world today that have more importance that hillary clinton has been stepping up to the plate to take care of. host: jim from tennessee. also a democratic caller. 80 you think came out on top? caller: i watched this.
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i have either heard or watched all of them. i believe trump won. me go into this a little bit if you don't mind. i'm a democrat. i've been a democrat my entire life. i've never voted outside the democratic party to be honest. that is probably going to happen. it just depends. andillary is the nominee, let's say it's hillary and trump, i will vote for trump. and one of the establishment candidates, then i will vote for jill stein. if it is bernie -- host: what party is jill stein running for? caller: the green party.
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i said a moment ago i hadn't voted outside the democratic party but i guess that's not true. i voted for her the last time. if it's bernie sanders against anybody else on the right, i will vote for bernie. i really only have one issue i'm looking at. and that is kind of on for me -- odd for me. andhe social safety net social security. i've been on your working my entire life. i drive a truck. i have been working my entire life out here. i've been paying into social security like all these baby boomers and donald trump has, out and said he will not touch social security. that got my vote right there. bernie sanders, i think he's a little bit shaky, but i will vote for bernie because at least
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he does care for the social safety net. i will tell you this and i will tell your listeners, and don't listen to me but check it out, bill clinton has done more damage to the working people in this country than anybody i know. host: jim is on our democrats line. we good of her beer, massachusetts. susan, if you like in the race in general? waffling am actually between senator sanders and mr. trump. i think who won the debate last night was carly fiorina. i was kind of uphold and saddened that she was not allowed on the stage. she pulls better than christie -- polls than christie and bush in iowa. i think his anti-democratic and
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it's an insult. i am not one of her supporters but i admire her tenacity. i think it's an insult. she has had her skin of the game now for over two years. she has a huge number of supporters in new hampshire. i thought it was antidemocratic. i reached out to everybody. i even e-mailed emily's list. women should stand up and support other women in the process. you can go on the attack later. it's really upsetting to me. host: susan reflecting a number of comets about carly fiorina. carly fiorina spend a lot of yesterday and the day before not just complaining that actively tweeting and speaking with reporters about her being left out of that abc news debate. here is one of the tweets. "i see now with a didn't want me on this stage. all talking points. no leadership."
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let's hear from the republican line next in elizabethtown, kentucky. caller: thanks a lot for c-span and thanks for taking my call. i think trump one last night because he didn't -- won last night because he looked a little presidential. hang on just one second. i want to make a comment all of america needs to hear. it does not matter who wins the presidency, i just want an american to win the presidency. 57 million people may have put you in the white house, but 54 million people say they don't want either -- don't want either. i want something -- someone who will bring the country together. without new york and california, democrats would never be in the white house. republicans without texas in the deep south in florida and virginia, you would never be in the white house. i just want an american president for a change. host: headlining the washington
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post, a rollicking republican debate brings cheers and boos. it was a difficult night for marco rubio. he showed himself in the previous debates to be agile and prepare a performer, but never faced such an onslaught from both christiana bush. both are desperate to revive their candidacies or face the prospect of dropping out. regret and newo hampshire after humbling iowa second-place finish. he returned to the debate stage after skipping the last one in iowa. he ran into an uncharacteristically feisty bush, who lashed out at him over the eminent domain issue. [video clip] >> the difference between eminent domain for public purpose as donald says, roads and infrastructure, that's for public purpose. what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of a nobody lumen -- elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is downright wrong.
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here is the problem with that. the problem was -- >> he wants to be a tough guy. i did not take the property. >> you tried. >> the woman ultimately did not want to do that. >> that is not true. to turn this into a limousine parking that for his casinos is not a public use. in florida based on he did. approach. better that is the conservative approach. havelot of times you will -- it doesn't work very well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >> that is all of his donors and special interests. it is. let me just tell you.
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you know who has the tickets? for the television audience? donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money. [boos] >> we have all donors in the audience and the reason they are me, theng me -- excuse reason they are not loving me is i don't want their money. i will do the right thing for the american public. i don't want their money and i don't need their money and i'm the only one of your they can say that. eminent domain, the keystone pipeline -- you consider that a public job? do you consider it private or public? >> its public use. >> it's a private job. >> federal and state courts -- >> he would not have that pipeline without eminent domain. you would have massive -- it's easy, you would -- excuse me, you wouldn't have massive factories without eminent domain.
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host: you can send us a tweet at won lastout who night's debate. " the democrats one." "marco rubio is not fit to replace president obama. he is a lightweight." "i say ted cruz. he was articulate and knows the laws of the constitution." "the gop debate was missing one thing. ideas to fix the country." "it was like watching a barroom brawl. they would've done better if a woman had been included." is the line for new hampshire voters. we get to emmanuel in upper marlboro. caller: thank you very much for taking my call and thank you for c-span. i think a missed opportunity occurred last night and mr.
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trump puts forth the idea that he made $6 million for the veterans are taking off of the last debate. nobody challenged him on that because he had a major project in front of them that i would equate it any state culture that had a project and one to go off and do community service. that is essentially what he did when he left iowa people hanging over there to look at him and to interview him and to see him put forth his best foot. he cut them short because of the fact he had -- the fox news network. nobody brings that up as it relates to this is the type of person we want at the helm. i think that shows poor temperament for anybody to take time away to go do something he wants to put forth that is a good, admirable thing to do. at the same token he has a major assignment in front of him and nobody is asking him if that's
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the type of person we want, level up -- that will just up and jump and go. poor temperament. i'm surprised none of the other candidates bring that up, nor do the media bring that up. host: let's hear from florida. this is glenn on the democrats line. caller: how are you doing? debate and i think chris christie won. i think what they are not paying attention to his they are so busy watching the sideshow, you're not paying attention to the fact that your governors are the ones that probably have the most experience because they actually do real world work. they actually understand how government is run. i know jeb bush. his legacy is not going to get him into the white house. his brother's actions for the last eight years when he was in office.
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the governors are the ones that have the experience going forward. you're looking at the sideshow, the fun and the cars. these guys don't have experience, especially trump. he is fond of watching entertaining but i don't see him as commander-in-chief because he does not have the temperament or the experience. you want to put a real estate business mogul in charge of the country? come on. think about this for a second. this guide is not have anything at all that he would need to run for president that your said desperate to have a republican in the white house that can defeat hillary, your keeping those guys live in relevant. he just doesn't have the goods. host: it is two days until the new hampshire primary. we are asking to hear your thoughts on who won the debate last night on abc. all morning long as the you about new hampshire politics. real clear politics keeping track of the latest polls.
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their average through friday of who is ahead in the republican race. looking specifically at their rolling average. -- fromr average of real clear politics has donald trump up by 14.3. marco rubio at 16.4. cruz at 12. john kasich at 12. jeb bush at 9.1. chris christie at 4.9. carly fiorina at 3.9 and ben carson at 3.3. that average through friday is not reflect last night's debate. let's go to the republican line. ohio and cheryl. caller: thanks for having me. i love c-span. it was waiting on the republicans? i can't really say. the debates don't seem to prove anything. they give them half a minute to say something. slamk chris christie
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that would last night but rubio makes a good point about obama's incompetence. he's dangerously slide and he has done -- his agenda. it's not an american agenda. the american people have such a short memory that they would even consider putting hillary clinton and the -- in there sickens me. she will finish us off. she has done all kinds of things. i don't believe for a second they said a chance. i want to have independence. i want to be able to work. i think everybody else does too. i want the constitution to be upheld as a swear today. she is no different. they say she is really experienced.
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she's held a lot of titles. she bill clinton was office was trying to overcome him so she can be acting like president. and democrats hate her for that. try to overstep her own husband. i think we are in a lot of danger if you put her in there . she will already attack the second amendment. violence the dangerous is not in the hands of the law-abiding citizens. guns are killing people every day in america. that's too bad because we are all americans and yet some people are not important to them. let's hear from lisa next who is from kansas city, missouri. democrats line. caller: i been a democrat for over 60 years. but i watched the debates last
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night and even though rubio did not have a good night last night, what he has been saying out in the town hall meetings and all the different places he has been an talking, i like his ideas. i like what he has to say. we have a talker in the white house that is all he has done is talk. he has not done anything. i think rubio will put the country in order. i think he will help us to be successful. i think we will have a country that gets back on its feet. i like rubio. i'm going to vote for rubio after being a republican for over 60 years. and that is my comment. host: one of the issues that ben carson's campaign -- i should say ted cruz's campaign has been trying to shake his last monday nights iowa caucuses and the fact that ben carson had indicated he was going to head back to florida and the ted cruz campaign made some hay out of
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that announcement. here is how the issue was handled last night during the debate. [video clip] >> then is a good and honorable man. then and candy had become friends. he has an amazing life story that has inspired millions, including me. when this transpired i apologized to him then and i do so to him now. ben, i am sorry. let me tell you the facts of what has occurred. on monday night at about 6:30 was notrted that ben going for mileage enhancer or south carolina. he was "taking a break from campaigning." they reported that on television. said itlitical anchors was highly unusual and highly significant. my political team saw cnn's report breaking news, and they forwarded that news to our volunteers. it was being covered on live television.
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at the time as i would the caucuses -- i was at the caucuses. i knew nothing about this. a couple of hours later i found out about it and was told that ben was unhappy. i called him that evening because the respective highly. i did not region that evening. i reached in the next day and apologized. he said ted, would you make this apology in public and i said yes, i will and i did so. i regret that subsequently cnn reported -- they did not correct that story until 9:15. from 6:30 until 9:15 that is what the end was reporting. -- cnn was reported. his campaign put out a statement said he was not suspending his campaign. i wish our campaign staff had forwarded that statement. they were unaware of it. that is why i apologized. >> senator cruz, thank you. >> dr. carson? >> i wanted all mentioned me
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when you say something. [laughter] fact, the timeline indicates cnn wastial tweet from followed by another one within one minute that clarified i was not dropping out. what happened to that one is unclear. the bottom line is we can see what happened. everybody can see what happened and you can make your own judgments. host: from last night's republican debate, the last one before the new hampshire primary. we would like to hear from you on the thought won. new hampshire voters, (202) 748-8003. send us a tweet as well if you want. we will also check our facebook poll. a couple of those tweets here. last night to gop debate shows how incompetent the republican party is. gop debate is a clown show.
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the democrats won." " nobody won the republican debate. they are fooling the american people. trump says he will do so much for the american people but does not give specifics, more portly how he will pay for it all." here is portland, oregon. it is alan. who won last night? supporteram a cruz but i was impressed with rubio because of what he kept repeating three or four times. obama knows exactly what he is doing. i was kind of surprised and disappointed that trump disagreed with that. is surrounded by people with the same mindset. he just doesn't like america. he went to a church for 20 years with the preacher that hates
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america. how anybody could think he knows exactly what he is doing is amazing to me. host: you liked the performance from marco rubio. how do you battle back against the accusations of some of the other candidates? he's too young and inexperienced. they say we have seen this already. caller: that concerns me a little bit. young and he is an experienced. i think his heart is in the right place. supporter number one but i'm considering rubio. ist is a good point that he inexperienced and young, but i think he is ready to be president. any one of those people be far
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better than what we have now. host: we go to seattle next on the democrats line. it is james. welcome. caller: thank you. cubans have a special privilege when they make it to america. this is the reason why him and cruz -- neither other parents were citizens. they were just born in the united states. why don't he go back to cuba, him and cruz, and help castro and fight for those people down there? you never get republicans talk about how they had to fight for these rights. united states is not an exceptional country. it's an exceptional country for white people. when you come to the united states you all become wives -- white.
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you are spanish, polish, british, you are different races but when you come here, you have a whole lot of hispanics now who would classify themselves as white. it is why hispanic. -- white hispanic. carson, you think ben the african-american candidate is addressing any of the issues you are raising? caller: and indians and people that have been oppressed in this country we can become an obsessional -- exceptional country. host: next of bluefield, west virginia and kelly. caller: how are you? won the debates. i want to bring it up if people keep talking about experience and we need people with experience. look what experience has gotten us over the last decade.
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that is what people don't realize. they keep saying we need people with experience. experience has gotten us nowhere in this country. thank you. host: as the debate was getting underway last night, host: here is a headline abc -- has fired area long-range rocket in an attempt to band nuclear technology. north korea had successfully launched a satellite in orbit. is an emergency meeting requested. as that story was breaking, the debate was getting underway and the candidates were asked their reaction to the news. this relates to the strategic patients of the obama administration.
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they hold back. they are filled by asymmetric threats of terror. next president of the united states is going to have to get the less back in the game. -- get the united states back in again. trump: earlier, they said president obama knows exactly what he is doing. i disagree respectfully with marco rubio. we have a president that is totally incompetent and does not know what he is doing. [applause] what hehe has no idea is doing and our country is going to hell. we disagree on that. is that ok bu? i would like to finish the question, please. says they don't have that good of a control over north korea. they have tremendous control.
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i do with the chinese all the time and do business with them. ideal with them. they tell me they have total control of north korea. they are sucking trillions of dollars out of our country and rebuilding china with the money they take out of our country. i would get on with china. let china solve that problem. they can do it quickly and surgically. that is what we should do with north korea. last night'.om we are asking you who won. the number to call for new hampshire residents only. we go to our republican line in tennessee. caller: good morning. everyone that was on that stage are a lot better than hillary clinton, who is actually only out for her own pocketbook.
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i really want you to think about chris christie and john kasich is very well. i had my doubts about trump the way he talked. host: thank you. it here is anchorage, alaska up way early. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i think governor john kasich won. he consistently behaves like an adult and he states his positions clearly. i've watched virtually every debate and i may not agree with him on every single issue he has taken a position on, but i think that if we disagree, he would be willing to to say.o what i had
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he might be willing to modify cts position if you have fa -- has facts. host: john kasich was asked what he would do in his first 100 days in office. here was his response. [video clip] jeff is right, if you delay or wait, the washington operators will take you down. i continue this, in the first 100 days, i will have --islation to increase reduced state taxes. have a fiscal plan to balance the budget. the border protected and begin to fix social security in the first 100 days. anyone that is here tonight, if i get elected president, there is going to be so much happening in the first 100 days, it will make your head spin.
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we will move american forward -- we will move america forward. night'so won last debate. one person said k-6 was the winner -- one person said john kasich was the winner. very consistent and calm. says marco rubio has done nothing in congress. why would he be good -- why would he be a good president? sunday news -- gop seven, make a final pitch. jason on the republican line. caller: good morning. christie done a good job last night. peoplee actually for the as far as keeping jobs going and
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keeping factories -- even the coal mines in west virginia. sayepa regulations president obama put an executive order and shut down coal mines. probably, and the last six months to a year, over 25,000 minus have been out of work. it is really hard -- over 25,000 have been out of work. it is really hard. i think governor christie or john kasich would do a good job as far as bringing jobs back. i used to work in a plant. there is a way to make coal clean for the united states and having it as a good resource. host: is part of the problem in the coal industry, the plummeting price of a barrel of oil?
7:37 am
is it hurting your industry? caller: oh, yes. oh god. being inhave to -- west virginia and seeing these people down here, they are really, really hurting. there has been about probably 10 to 15 -- 10,000 people or 15,000 people trying to find work. even in ohio and pennsylvania also. reason why chris christie would do a good job is he seems to keep all these factories and ,ther places in new jersey keeping them going. he would do a better job, a lot better job than trump. --ple are startup over people are starstruck over trump. people think from the hip. we really need someone with put peoplewho could
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back to work and make this country better. host: jason, i appreciate your input. let's go back to alaska with cheryl on our democrats line. hi, there. caller: hi. i'm a democrat. the only republican candidate that i think would be halfway decent is john kasich. and if younable and if youhat he is listen to what he is saying, he's got substance behind what he says. the one thing i really wanted to say was a couple of the callers have talked so badly about obama. he did not do anything. all i can say is most people have not been paying attention we have achieved the longest stretch of private sector jobs and growth of the history of the united states.
7:39 am
also, when obama took over from george bush, we had 10% unemployment rates, and now we have 5% unemployment. approximately, 18 million people now have coverage and some medical care because of the affordable care act. he increased the early childhood education. he has addressed climate change. he restore diplomatic relations with cuba. host: cheryl, who do you think is the best of the two candidates on the democratic side? thethat will continue successes that you pointed out in the obama administration? caller: i love both of them, but i think hillary clinton is a little better. host: thank you. let's go to our new hampshire line and hear from mary in
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concord. go ahead. caller: yes, good morning. thinkvening, i definitely chris christie won the debate. i am an independent. in new hampshire, for the primary, we have to claimant particular party. i am going to pick up the republican ballot. host: so you can go to the poll on monday -- on tuesday and you have to pick up one of the two ballots? caller: right. you cannot vote as an independent. i am going to pick up the republican ballot. i have been to many of the town halls or most of the candidates with the exception of marco rubio because he has not spent that much time in new hampshire. has practically lived up there, so he was one of the easiest ones to see. i have seen him in at four town
7:41 am
halls and he has had some tough questions thrown at him, and he handled them very well. leaning toward john like heecause i felt did well in the town halls. after last night, i am desolate going to throw my weight towards christie. host: i am going to show viewers a headline of the "washington post," with barbara bush and jeb bush. adshampshire's have seen from the right to rise for jeb featuring george w. bush. jeb bush'sink about efforts bringing in the family to help out? is just athink it little too late at this point.
7:42 am
i don't know if he was attempting to stay away from the bush name. that was just the impression i have. he should've brought the powerhouses in and that is his brother and his mother. host: mary, thanks for your help. -- thanks for your call. you can find the video on the website at nina on a republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. my comment is that a lot of people are calling in about nobody having experience. they need to remember eight years ago, president obama was a community organizer in chicago. he had no experience. last month, 51 people were
7:43 am
murdered in that same city he is from, so he has not even straight out his own city in eight years and the rest of the country is falling down. experience does not always matter. leadership is important. i can look at donald trump and what he has done to the ark city and compare that to chicago -- what he has done in new york city and compare that to chicago. host: norristown, pennsylvania. connie, welcome. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am calling because i think donald trump was the clear winner. it is not about experience. it is about leadership. he has a number of good ideas. people keep saying he doesn't talk about policy ideas. last night,a look none of his ideas were stated by the other candidates. his health care ideas were the
7:44 am
-- [indiscernible] this man is a later. he has a number of good policy ideas. people talk about his temperament. people says he does not have ideas which is completely untrue. the fact of the matter is the company, alt a worldwide company. there is the way he could have filled that company without working with people from all over the world. dealing with politicians. being able to get along with people. -- [indiscernible] connie, thanks for your
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call. we are asking you who won last night before the new hampshire primary. a saturday night fight breaks out. a couple of tweets and we are taking your thoughts. here is paul who says, trump won the debate. rubio is the only one who can win in november in my opinion. this guy says marco rubio is young and inexperienced. asco rubio is as shallow they come whereas obama could think for himself. strawberry, planes tennessee. ben, good morning. caller: i think bernie sanders won the debate last night. me -- donald trump
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keeps talking about china and the trade deficit we have with them. all of his ties are made in china. on the postdebate show on cnn, they basically called ted cruz a liar about what he said about ben carson. it just amazes me. talks about obama hasn't done anything. until we change the house of representatives in this country, nothing is going to get done. they have stalled and blocked everything that obama has tried to do. no matter who gets elected as president, if we don't change it, it is not going to change. people don't seem to understand how much power the house of representatives and the senate have. host: ben, thanks for your call. more of your calls coming up. two days before the first in the
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nation primary. we are going to hear from a political reporter kevin landrigan. he is the chief political correspondent from nh1. he will have reaction to last night's debate. all of that ahead. all eyes are on new hampshire for the primary, including visitor ambassador and other countries who were observing the event. >> among the people here in new hampshire watching the process play out are a couple of foreign dignitaries joining us. can you present producer cell? >> i and the ambassador of sweden to the united states. >> i am the ambassador of hungary. >> what brings you to the united states to observe this process ? >> this is an important process. it is important to the rest of the world. for as are you looking
7:48 am
far as watching and what are you hoping to learn? >> interested in all of the issues being discussed. some of the issues have a direct relevance that we are interested in how these issues get phrase. values andommon international developments in global pressures. >> tell us about your days here. what you hope to learn most? >> we got to see and interact little bit with the candidates. in directsee them with the electorate in new hampshire. it is great to see that happen. it is very direct communication. it is something we can learn from and our countries. we have a number of extremely good briefings from experts here on the electoral process in new hampshire. we get to see a little bit of this beautiful state. how ourou tell us process differs from your country's s? >> you see this interaction.
7:49 am
the candidates being out there moving around in the different states, meeting the electorate in different parts and getting feedback. being really scrutinized is it -- is extreme important. >> and in hungary? it is very different from here and the rest of the european union's. we have a lot of interest in understanding the processes. what we have to understand is really how to create more cooperation on all the issues. >> for the information you get here in the process, what are you taking back to your country about our process? have is important to direct contact with the electorate's, and for us, with the candidates as well. it is a great opportunity for us to get engaged and involved in due processes. >> mr. ambassador, same question. >> the much appreciate seeing
7:50 am
this direct interaction. that is what i will take back to my country. to have artant personalized idea of who you are voting for. a couple of diplomats joining in and watching the process to out in new hampshire. thank you for your time. us from ourg manchester washington journal, kevin landrigan, the chief political correspondent for nh one in new hampshire and the "newr and writer for the hampshire political report." ,linical to your latest article 2016 primary -- you write this is my 10th presidential primary bizarres been the most and unpredictable. why is that? youhat is true and thank for having me. it is because of the campaigns and the mood of the electorate.
7:51 am
unconventional front runners. you can't pick more two unconventional front runners than donald trump and bernie sanders. when this campaign began, both both were. seen as front runners. they have done it in the most unconventional ways. on has never spent the night in new hampshire. he gets on his jet and sleeps at trump towers every night. bernie sanders, someone who was not even a registered democrat before the campaign began, who is a public socialist in the past and has very controversial views. that certainly made this a very unconventional and bizarre election. -- 18zarre part speaks candidates when we started out on the republican side. democratic side.
7:52 am
we have already seen a number of candidates drop out even before they got to new hampshire. that is unpredictable. you are not sure with the music starts -- stops, i should say and end up with a seat. --t: part of that equation electorate.d the how is the electorate different in new hampshire than four years ago? >> it is more angry and frustrated with what is going on in washington. ac gridlock and stagnation -- gridlock and said nation. we have seen voters turned to outsiders in both races. in the case of the republican side, donald trump, who certainly talked in the say about running for this and that over the past several decades. never run for anything before. he does now.
7:53 am
he has a compelling, outsider's message. i am going to get in there and shake it up. on the democratic side, bernie sanders ideologically could not be more different than donald trump right now. but the style and the message is very similar. it is "i am going to wait a political revolution." thingsoing to turn upside down and kick doors in." it is going to be very different. host: we have been asking our viewers and listeners who won last night'. i assume you are there. what was your observation? who was the winner last night? this when itike
7:54 am
goes on for three hours as it did, it comes in waves, so it is difficult to pick a single winner. i could pick one of the losers -- marco rubio. he had a very difficult first hour. i don't think he felt grounded in this debate. , theught chris christie new jersey governor, had a good night. i thought jeb bush had a good night. john kasich, all three governors performed well. trump was pretty much left aside, which to him, is good. when you are sitting on a lead come at the last thing you want to be is in the crosshairs of that final debate. it turned out, he wasn't. it was marco rubio. why? look at how cruz handle trump. moderators went right at cruz and asked him to explain how trump does not have the temperament to be president. did not answer the question. why? it all goes to marco rubio. what do i mean?
7:55 am
cruz knows he is not going to win the primary on tuesday. his worst nightmare is to have arco rubio come out with stunning victory. he would rather have donald trump win this primary and have marco rubio underperform expectations. landrigan is a political correspondent. we set aside a line for new hampshire --(202) 748-8003. love to hear from you. --course, republicans 202-748-8001. democrats --202-748-8000. and for independent and all others --202-748-8002. but for new hampshire, (202) 748-8003. do you think the results of the final debate will change any minds heading into tuesday? >> there are a lot of undecided voters. as many as a third of voters decide in that final weekend.
7:56 am
so a debate like this could have some impact. i think going into the debate, heartrubio is the property. that is the problem with expectations. have to do well in new hampshire, you have to outperform expectations. going into this debate, marco rubio has served into second place in most of the polls. what happens if slips to third? ? actually underperforms i am not saying that is going to happen, or will happen. but there is a lot of shakeup in these last 48 hours. we have seen it before. certainly, where folks like thege w. bush going into 2000 primary, but he was up by
7:57 am
five, lost by 19 to john mccain. host: just a reminder to our viewers -- the latest of the secretary of state. 44% of the voters in new hampshire are undeclared. 30 -- 30% republican. have todeclared voters declare or vote for one in one or the other primary. >> that is correct, bill. we make it extremely easy in new hampshire for independence. they have to declare a party and take one of the primary's ballots. on their way out the door, they can change back to independent. remain aiterally democrat or republican for a moment. in some states, parties establish barriers and make these independents go to town halls. and: let's see what viewers listeners have to say.
7:58 am
from bethlehem, pennsylvania. caller: i would like to talk about the best candidate who was not there last night. carly fiorina. plans. tax reform she is tough on the military. with the military and rebuild our six fleet. i think she has great technology savvy and i definitely think she would be the best candidate. i think it is horrible what abc has done to her. i would like to get your views on that. certainly, the new hampshire media would agree with your assessment, tom. new hampshire is all about fairness. public andt likely primary voters think carly fiorina belonged on that stage last night and it was a shame she wasn't there. --ause of voters of their watch on tuesday. i will bet that she outperforms her polls going into the selection.
7:59 am
i would not be surprised to see a number of voters say, she deserved to be up there, i have a lot of respect for her, i am really not sure who i'm going to vote for. i am going to cast a vote for fairness and vote for carly fiorina. with new hampshire voters and new hampshire polls who put her on that big boy debate stage that she was on earlier on in the campaign, she really appreciated the opportunity she got it new hampshire. he has a compelling story. certainly, we will probably talk about the heroine crisis is a serious issue here. she has seen it firsthand. she is a step daughter who overdosed. she tells a very emotional story about her experience with that. i think voters in new hampshire go very good about carly fiorina. next up is glenn.
8:00 am
caller: i think trump was clearly the winner of the debate. i think he is a strong businessman and brought up some valid points. he knows how the banks are run and how they are being funded. he wants to weaken isis financially and find out how they are being funded. brilliant statement by mr. trump. i thought of having resolved night. one of his best moments with a shot at marco rubio when we're talking about president obama and his mastery of issues. marco rubio -- it was uncomfortable. he kept coming back to this talking point about people say president obama has no experience. president obama knew exactly what he was doing. donald trump through that back at him with a line people love, that i respectfully disagree with you and i think the president has been clueless and office and that is why we have had the disaster. that was his best moment. his worst moment was his closing --arks where he actually
8:01 am
before he had his closing statement -- he gave a shot to getting support from carson supportive because of the emails about ben carson dropping out that bill talked about earlier in the program. i tweeted about that # soreloser. in new hampshire feel sorry for billionaire donald trump. host: let's look to the democratic side for a second. the rolling average. through friday -- bernie sanders reportedly up by 16.77%. he has that a clear lead in new hampshire. what does -- how well does hillary clinton have to do to get her own moniker as the "comeback kid" like build it.
8:02 am
-- bill did. guest: in 1992, bill clinton lost nearly two paul sanders, declared himself the "comeback kid." the way outperformed expectations. -- he way of performance petitions. if she gets 5% of the vote, she will be the clear winner. she has been down by as much as 30 points. she needs to get into single digits because there -- single digits, or else there will be a crisis in her candidacy. if she loses by 16 point like these polls are showing, national figures will ask the question, we don't want bernie sanders. .e is too liberal can hillary take it all the way to the nomination? i think she will.
8:03 am
that is the kind of result that would be very unsettling to her. here is the problem to sanders -- these polls continue to show a lopsided result. that is not good. why do i say that? lopsidedbradley about poll results. in 2000, vice president al gore won iowa, and the polls widened, and why didn't, and widened against bill bradley heading into new hampshire. independent voters who really liked bill bradley decided my vote is not going to matter. i am not going to vote in that contest. i am going to vote for john mccain on the republican contest. that is exactly why mccain won by 19% over bush. that is why he did it. sanders has to worry with his big lead, a lot of his dependent saying, bernie doesn't need my vote. he is going to win on tuesday. i think i will go over here and vote against trump, or vote for
8:04 am
trump. that is what he needs to worry about because that will change the margin. has: quick comment on who the best ground game? republican or democrat? >> good question. primary raceourth for the clinton campaign. i don't think there is a better ground game in either party. on the republican side, bernie sanders has a number of volunteers who will run through brick walls for him. he is not to be underestimated, particularly among the youth vote. the college campus vote. on the republican side, it is more muddled. several candidates have very good ground games. nobody has an overwhelming one. john kasich has a really good ground game. with theistie
8:05 am
endorsements, he has built up a fairly good ground game. we found that ground game certainly helps, but by themselves, they cannot win this race. who had one of the best ground games until this week, rand paul. but he is out of this race. those ground troops are going somewhere else. and the candidates are scattering. cruz is trying to get a number of them and he has gotten some. host: kevin landor and is a political correspondent for nh1. back your calls. romulus, michigan on the democrats line, it is carol. caller: hi, how are you today? host: i am well, thanks. caller: i am a registered democrat, but what i have noticed is that democrats are theting to go too far to left.
8:06 am
republicans are going to far to the right. they need to understand we want them to go to the middle. i believe chris christie won. he is the type of character that we need as a leader right now. i say that, especially with the stuff going on in north korea and russia, they need to figure out the leaders that we have or be wary of them. if the have a leader that is weak, we are going to be perceived as weak. one thing i know is that if you weak as a leader, you are going to lose before you open your mouth. guest: carol, very good point. we talked about how independents and how much of a force they are.
8:07 am
independents is actually lower than democrats and republicans. by tuesdayndentss look at candidates and say, they are too liberal. i am going to wait and i am not going to vote in either primary and choose between the two of them this november. we have high participation among independents and i am sure we will on tuesday. they will make an impact in both races. host: a couple of comments on twitter. here is a treat from edwin -- when fighting with each other becomes the norm, we the people are the losers. a debate as to compare ideals, not tempers. from michael -- what trump brings is organization skills. he understands how to make things work and how to drive success. a question for you, kevin, is
8:08 am
marco rubio pulling well with older or younger people? that is a very good question. he seemed to do well with baltimore graphics and iowa at the end. wellneral, he does pretty with older voters in new hampshire. -- they show up at a lot of his events. they like some of what he has to say, but back to the talking points -- we often sometimes, the more you see a marco rubio, -- thee you tired become more tired you become a marco rubio. i still think he will do well on tuesday. he has struggled to maintain momentum in new hampshire. let's go to our new hampshire line. ray is a republican. caller: thanks for taking my
8:09 am
call. i have been watching all the debates and watching the town hall meetings on c-span. great public service. hope a lot of people take the time to watch some of these town halls because that is where you get to really hit the candidates and the answer questions. i am laying towards john kasich the last couple of days watching some of his town halls and the debate last night. i am sure i will be voting for him now. -- john kasich was the architect behind the balanced budget. again. he can do that i think he can get things moving again. the house experience of john kasich, kevin landrigan.
8:10 am
guest: deficits matter here. we require a balanced budget in new hampshire. we have a two-year budget rather than an annual budget. that is harder to balance if you try to plan a two year horizon. folks like john mccain have proven this deficit budget hawk nested can be very powerful and he -- and it has worked for john kasich. he has a self-deprecating humor. he doesn't act like he walks on water. voters are really attracted to him. campaigning inut questions under fire, as chrissy is the best performer at the town halls. john kasich is the most endearing. you come away with the warmest feeling from a john kasich town hall. you come away perhaps most impressed by a chris christie
8:11 am
townhall. host: let's hear from gail who is on our republican line. who do you hope wins coming out of new hampshire and heading into south carolina? >> i haven't made up my mind yet which candidate i am really going for. i want to say, the republicans get blamed for an awful lot not being done in washington when i have watched when president obama ran for office. , and you guyssed can bring up the soundbite, when he won, he said republicans can now sit at the back of the bus. with all of this dissension between the parties, it is getting to a point where it is obnoxious already. for republicans to be beating each other up on the stage, governor chris christie, when he went after marco rubio to say
8:12 am
his line he repeats, here it is, here it is. he was trying to make a point because president obama, when he ran, used the word transform america. marco rubio was not really wrong when he said, obama knew exactly what he set out to do. that is the truth. he didn't set out to transform america. we are in a worse place and now with all the division and dissension going on in our country with this transformation. guest: gail brings up an excellent point. as bill no doubt knows, for almost 30 years, i was a reporter and columnist, loved doing that. i am new to this tv business. journalist --n and they always tell you in the tv world, you don't want to be too hot in the media.
8:13 am
that was chris christie's performance last night. i thought it was strong and voters,ve, but to some was he overly hot? to some degree, he won over support, but marco rubio had a strong second half of the debate, too. he was stronger in the second half. and some of those attacks forced a lot of soft marco rubio voters to come to his defense. host: kevin madigan reporter for .he national telegraph we have a caller from south carolina. i have a treat for you, kevin. trump will have problems once he gets out of new hampshire. i want to see how he does in south carolina. this may be out of your wheelhouse. any polling down there yet? second question, who decided that carly fiorina could not be on the stage -- abc, or the republican national committee? decided that she did
8:14 am
not do well enough in their poles. there were other polls that showed carly fiorina ahead of dr. ben carson, and as a result, if anybody may have been dropped, it could have been dr. ben carson. south carolina polling has been scattered, but ted cruz has done .ell a lot of south carolina voting -- rand paul had done very well before dropping out. there is an indication that marco rubio would do well. jeb bush could do well. the bush family historically has had support, but all of this kind of evaporate after tuesday. -- god for bid it inpens, but if jeb bush is fifth place, south carolina will probably not matter to him. host: it is bernice in michigan are democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning.
8:15 am
about each other too much, they are not really talking about what they are going to do. that is all i want to say. like i said, they should expect with they are going to do so we will know exactly what they're going to do. host: kevin landrigan, did you hear any substantive plans for many of the candidates us about? guest: i would like to say i did. thisso many candidates time, issues really matter and voters in new hampshire really care a great deal about issues. we had a lot of stuff that -- substantive debate about the north korean missile
8:16 am
launch. that was a new wrinkle to the debate. we have not talked a great deal about north korea. that was a great moment. was somethat -- there good discussion about veterans health care and about the support for health care for veterans. very important. new hampshire, the only state in the nation without it own veterans hospital. thanks to the work of bipartisan we now have a new law that allows all veterans in new hampshire to take a card and to go to any hospital and receive they arere as long as 30 miles away from a veterans hospital. affected arele not people that are 30 miles further. host: one of the smallest percentages of people who identify themselves as religious, here is the "usa
8:17 am
today" secular state of new -- that is the headline. based on more than 74,000 interviews, shows new hampshire to have the fewest residents who describe themselves as very religious. but he percent of the population. among that group is new hampshire voters. is there any polling on who is the favored candidate? guest: certainly. ted cruz is the favored candidate among evangelicals and born-again christians in new hampshire. they are nothing like what we saw in iowa where self identified christians were as much as 70% of the turnout in iowa. 10% in the to 7% to primary, they will do it fairly well. but cruz pulls very high and strongly among that group. host: recovered an event with ted cruz and a number of representatives -- kind of a bipartisan event at a church in new hampshire gaming on the issue of the heroine and opioid
8:18 am
addiction issue in new hampshire . seems like that is an issue that has stood out in terms of new hampshire. we did not hear as much of that in iowa. guest: no question about it. the chemical derivative called fentanol. cohort, aome a substitute for heroine when heroine may not be available. both are dangerous. more than 400 fatalities of overdoses in new hampshire compared to two years before. it's nearly doubled. and a lot of cities, they are running out of supplies of narcan, which is that additive that folks can give to someone who has overdosed that can revive them and keep them from losing their life. it is a serious problem in new hampshire. we had a special session in
8:19 am
november and created a task force to work on up to a dozen pieces of legislation to deal with this issue. some are on their way of passing, some will take a number of months to pass. there are went to be very significant policies going forward. what are some of them? -- theyard to fentanol and the distribution penalties the same as heroine. we are moving to create drug courts in new hampshire. they can take someone who has a serious drug problem and rather than put them through the criminal justice system, put them through a drug court and get them treatment right away. host: a reminder to our viewers and listeners, all of our coverage available at our guest is kevin madigan, chief political correspondent for nh1 tv in new hampshire. two more minutes of your calls
8:20 am
and comets. new haven, connecticut next. pete, an independent. welcome. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am a fan of for a long time. i think chris christie won the debate last night. he is a man i can lead this country and get it back on the right track. he shows that he can lead. , i think he isey doing a fantastic job. i like john kasich, the chris christie did a great job, and i think he is the one that can get the job done, and it covers working together again. given mexican, what would be a good showing for chris christie in terms of percentage and place? guest: certainly. if he could sneak into the place with over 12%, that would be a great night for him. he moves on with a lot of momentum. as we have talked about a little bit earlier, chris christie --
8:21 am
and a campaign like this, with this many candidates, and what we talked about is the open, with the unpredictability with the trump factor -- sanders candidates often see who struggle to get critical mass. struggle to get that attention. what has chris christie done in this campaign? you don't get a more consecutive -- conservative, authentic outlet like that. he has a speaker of the house supporting him. as we have talked about, he has a very strong townhome performance. digits in double third place would help. he has talked about -- he is onto something, being the first governor to finish on tuesday. i would agree with that. busheds to beat governor
8:22 am
and governor john kasich. host: next up is was broke, massachusetts. edith is a democrat there. caller: i have a question. i don't understand it and maybe he could help me with it. amendment to the immigration bill about taking citizenship off the table. i have not heard anyone ever bringing this up. , but't know if it is true i would like some answers, with that the possible? did it happen? edith, thank you very much for the question. it has become the topic of one of the most negative attack ads occurring in this race run my right to rise, which supports governor bush. they include footage of an interview that ted cruz did at the time on the immigration bill , amnesty bill as you would call
8:23 am
it, and there is some strong questioning of senator cruz in that ad about whether that amendment was pro-amnesty. cruz insists that it wasn't and that he let the fight against amnesty and the fight against the gang of eight bill that marco rubio supported. rubio has changed his mind and says we have to secure the border and get the american people convinced that we have done that before we move on to immigration reform. it has been a talking point and a real touchstone. it is been a point of real friction between the camps. host: tom in fort lauderdale, florida. caller: good morning. i don't think he won the debate last night. i don't think he will ever win a debate. i think the person who has the best message for america's john kasich. stoplicans have got to
8:24 am
scaring people. donald trump scares people. ted cruz scares people. latinost want to scare into thinking that their friends are going to be sent over the border. you don't want to scare people on social security and medicare. so adjusted orbe modified, that they are not going to be able to depend on it. republicans have the right message, but they have got to stop scaring people. host: given mexican, how about new hampshire republicans. are they scared over issues like the caller mentioned? don't think so. i am motivated by negative emotions. there is a question about it, when they are angry, they will turn out in large numbers. point,k to tom's governor john kasich is the one
8:25 am
field reachesy across the aisle more than any other candidate. thankfully, he is in a state where independents can vote in a republican primary. that is a concern for a lot of conservative republicans, they do not like to hear that. there are a lot of conservative republicans don't like to hear that governor john kasich supported medicaid expansion. one of the few republican governors who moved aggressively to expand medicaid. john kasich joked the other day about being the republican candidate who has the most democratic support. like i said, with independents that is a popular message. host: a look at kevin nh1rigan's report, the report. taking aillary clinton selfie was one of the town hall attendees. looking at the 2000 and eight by, she won
8:26 am
tweakedhillary clinton her campaigning style? outside of the obvious changes technologies, how is she different this time around as a candidate? kevin: we interviewed her last week. one thing, she is much more comfortable about being the person who can write the highest and greatest glass ceiling and all of america and becoming the first one president. in 2008, she campaigned as someone wasn't insecure with being the first woman president. that frontn't want and center. judge me as the most competent candidate. oh yes, and i will be the first woman. in this campaign, but only if she comfortable with being the first woman president, but for months, her campaign has focused on women voters.
8:27 am
it has accentuated issues that matter to women, whether it is the substance abuse problem, health care, child care, college affordability, day care -- all of these issues. thes abortion rights, all issues that women voters and independent women voters carry -- care a great gil about. that is of she has tweaked the message. i want to talk very quickly about one big difference -- it is small, but it matters. between 2008 and tuesday, -- 2008, the primary was january 8. it was because our secretary of state is famous for working so asd to protect new hampshire first the nation. we had to move way up to her dwight is matter? because college kids weren't on college campuses on january 8. barack obama was a legitimate rockstar on cancer college campuses. were at, who and said
8:28 am
home in pennsylvania, connecticut, massachusetts, on that primary day -- this time, february 9, 2016, all the college kids are back in bernie sanders is a rock star. in 2008, only 2800 people voted in the democrat presidential primary. the sanders campaign think as many as 4800 may vote. that could provide the kind of margin for bernie sanders that could translate into a significant victory on tuesday. host: a couple of quick tweets -- rubio reminds me of a favored child who gets away with anything because he has practiced the answer parents want to hear. good american should aspire to be like new hampshire in that one regard. secular. let's hear from james from hixson, tennessee who is an independent. caller: good morning, gentlemen. man,a retired military
8:29 am
disabled after 22 years of active service. i would like to say that i favor donald trump. i want someone in their strong with leadership, not necessarily experience. we've had a lot of people in there with experience that have not done too well, particularly in congress. illegal immigration is one of the main things that concerns me because if we don't control who is coming into this country, nothing else is really going to matter. same thing with our military. our military has been downgraded and destroyed practically from where it was seven years ago. we need to build that military backup. too many threats in the world. also, isis, that is a big problem there. spreading all over europe, asia, and everywhere. our current president doesn't know what to do. host: games, think you for your comments. guest: james, thank you for your
8:30 am
service. this is an unusual republican primary. nobody in this raises a military veteran. donald trump is popular among veterans. he comes across as a strong field of general and has the personality of someone who could be the troops. i think that has helped him certainly with attracting veterans to his campaign. a number of candidates have strong messages that help with veterans. governor bush, john kasich, and veteranristie have supporting them as well. can: kevin landrigan, you find more about him on thanks so much for joining us this morning. guest: it was an honor to be on "washington journal." host: we stay on in new
8:31 am
hampshire. we will hear next from neil levesq ue. then, hillary clinton supporter terie norelli. talked with republican students about this year's election. >> at the hampshire institute of politics, three students who are republicans here to talk about their interest in politics. >> cameron, freshman. >> madison, freshman. >> joe, junior. been interested in politics. when i was younger, my mom brought her -- me in the voting booth with her. to vote for john mccain. i have been interested in the process in the presidential primary. >> i am looking forward to seeing how the voters will go in
8:32 am
new hampshire. i am not exactly from the area. i am from new york. it should be interesting especially because new york is such a blue state. looking forward to seeing how it could be. thing fort important me in the primary is seeing the politicians and meeting them in interviewing them myself. the media plays a big role in politics, usually, and they can spin certain statements one way or the other. in new hampshire you get the ability to see the candidates and make sure you are getting real words. >> let's talk about who you like in the process so far. do you have a candidate? >> i do not yet it i like john kasich. any of the three governors. orn kasich, chris christie, bush. i am a fan of establishment moderates. >> i publicly endorsed government -- governor christie.
8:33 am
an intern on his campaign. the work he has done in new jersey has been phenomenal. new jersey is such a blue state. he is a great governor. have known the effects of hurricane sandy firsthand. if we had the work done on one eye mint and new york -- long island in new york that he did in new jersey, my family would be better off. >> i feel it we are all looking at the same candidates. i like jeb bush and chris christie. -- likedways like bush bush because he has the most commander to be the in chief. i also like chris christie because of his tell it as it is attitude. he will say what he believes. if you agree, that is great and he wants you to, that he will not change his view based on what you want. you have to tell someone
8:34 am
why you support republican candidates, what would you say? .> we like freedom and liberty we are against government regulations. i'm in favor of having people have the power to make their own choices. >> same question. >> my parents raised me as a republican. i was born into it. just the ideals that surrounded. family values. >> we have had eight years of democrat and i am tired of it. >> three students at than a hampshire institute of politics, a republican supporter. thank you for your time today. host: joining us neil levesque of --executive director first, before we get started, a
8:35 am
late night for you last night. thank you for joining us here early on washington journal. guest: glad to be on. how does it get the role of being the last debate in this case? the college has hosted many debates going back to dwight guest: eisenhower in 1952. --dwight eisenhower in 1952. guest: yes. we have more than any other in the united states. we are now almost at a candidate every day. lot ofates at a excitement to our students and the greater new hampshire community. we had a wonderful night last night. host: three hours of debate, certainly among our callers. questions about how and why carly fiorina was excluded from last night's debate. guest: the networks and the
8:36 am
parties published ahead of time. it is good for voters to have some sort of shrinking for the field so you can have debate on the stage. they are over 40 candidates running for president in new hampshire. the ballot will have 40 different candidates. they will get excluded. governor gilmore, the former governor of virginia, national committee chair, it is not always a perfect system. a order for voters to have good debate where they could actually engage with some of the candidates and engage with themselves, there needs to be a shrinking of the field. it needs to be tough, if you support the candidate, i understand that. and this is the
8:37 am
presidential selection process. you think the debate fared in terms of discussion of issues and the opportunity for new hampshire voters in particular to begin to make their decision on who they will vote for on tuesday? guest: it was a very exciting debate, very lively. long but exciting. they got into it right off the that. was a good experience for new hampshire voters. these are voters making up their minds on this final weekend here people who tuned in and saw , they're going to probably make decisions based on that debate. it is crucial it happened in new hampshire before the tuesday primary. host: neil levesque is our guest. --
8:38 am
host: is not just the debates. it is also lesser-known among one of the favorite events every four years on c-span, the debate known as a lesser-known candidate forming a traditions and 1972. how do you make a decision about who gets in that debate? we invite all the candidates to the lesser-known candidates forum. the late governor was really the king of new hampshire politics who started this tradition. as kevin mentioned in the last segment, new hampshire is about fairness and we want to try to have events where all the candidates can come. there are 40 candidates on the
8:39 am
ballots. they pay their $1000 to get on the ballot. we offer this forum on the new hampshire of politics. it is sometimes lively. .here are a lot of candidates we have got to go quick. we appreciate they do broadcasted. -- broadcast it. got: you saw hillary clinton through eight years ago. how does the campaign seem different to you in 2016? guest: there are clearly outsider candidates attracting a lot of attention. many candidates that are governors and senators seem to be splitting a lot of the vote. the sanders phenomenon is interesting. he is from the neighboring state of vermont. anyone who thinks him being from vermont is the reason why he is picking up speed is not here in new hampshire.
8:40 am
the fact is he is exuding this people are interested in it. it is not disparaging on any other campaign, particularly the clinton campaign. she probably has one of the best operations i have ever seen here at a great team, great support. she is on message. she is regularly in new hampshire. it is just sometimes things, and they pick up on them like the sanders campaign, almost like a movement at this point. let's hear from our viewers and listeners. david, a republican there, hi. ex-democrat and we switched over to republican because we did not agree with the way that obama was running his campaign. left as far as
8:41 am
we were concerned. he was really getting into socialism. once he -- once he started with choice and in favor of homosexual marriages and abortion and everything else, that was the drawing line for me. last night, i think marco rubio was right honest are as what he obama, that het is about dividing and conquering. there are two separate philosophies there we need to consider. also, he was attacked about being too young and ask. -- inexperienced. andident kennedy was young
8:42 am
he had a heck of a successful presidency. i think he was just being a .ully and attacking he wanted to knock down rubio. but nevertheless, i guess that is politics. it is dirty politics, but. host: i appreciate your call. any thoughts? guest: clearly what happened last night was we had donald forp, a double-digit lead about 33 weeks now if you believe the polls. a double-digit lead with trump. rubio --ng of k-6, john kasich, marco rubio, bush, and the challenge for the last to benths is they want the alternative to trump and they realized -- perhaps rubio and aking up speed
8:43 am
challenge is to stop that and become the alternative. talented order. background toar president obama. they are young. marco rubio is 44 years old but very skilled. he knows how to answer questions. he is good in the townhall meeting. just this week, an overflow crowd. i have never had an event with more press in our building ever before. he is very skilled and we will probably see a lot of him in the future. host: democrat line next inland virginia. lynchburg, caller: i had a reading of the
8:44 am
constitution, says that -- reading, tedion of cruz is not a natural born citizen. he has tried to shut the government down several times and i wonder why anyone would try to vote for someone who would like to shut the government down, which raises our debt because they have to send out a lot of money. i would support chris christie as far as winning the debate last night. did that issue for ted cruz come guest: up at all less night in the debate? guest:-- come up at all last night in the debate? guest: i did not see that coming up. people have tried to create this question of whether or not ted cruz would be qualified. ted cruz counters that.
8:45 am
this is not the first time the question has happened. it happened quite a few times where it has been a question in history. was torn in mexico . mitt romney's father who ran in 1968. he had the same question surrounding him at that time. the executive director of the political library, questions via twitter. -- that is an excellent question. all that partners -- all the partners in the debate, abc news, the republican national committee, the new hampshire republican party, were allotted
8:46 am
a certain amount of tickets. the college was allotted the largest block of tickets. i handed those out. we gave many different groups. students, community members. is reallyire politics a place where the community gathers for activity. we have a lot of people engaged and we know they are the types of people who really enjoy sitting in a debate. get people who want to bring their son in the seventh grade, a business owner, want to bring their son in the seventh grade to see this debate, really interested in politics. that is the kind of person we would invite. you get a lot of demand. there are always a lot of people who want tickets. you try to even out the audience.
8:47 am
that was the makeup and it was a nice audience. speaking to supporters after the debate last night in we noticed young people carrying the science for each of the areas, are those students -- guest: we have a student ambassador program and the networks at all the different willers will call and they say i need 10 students during the primary week. we have students with every allr network right now across the city of manchester working on many of the tv hits that you see. they work directly with candidates in green rooms. face to face contact with candidates. almost every single candidate on the stage last night has contact with a student.
8:48 am
it is one of the best experiences a young person can have. when i took the job at the theege, i never grasped fact that this generation is civic we engaged and really smart and really different than my generation. they are devoted to public service in a way that gives me hope toward the future. are you americans politics and a lot of this comes from negative advertisements on tv. if they could see what american politicians are really like behind the scenes like i do, democrats and republicans are patriotic people. they worked tremendously hard. do the bestng to thing they can for our country. it is very true. you only have to turn on the
8:49 am
c-span network on a thursday night at 9:00, when you may be and watchyour family, the floor of the house of representatives, people working and debating. they are working. they really give a lot to this and i wish more americans can see that. we set aside a line for new hampshire residents. we will go to neighboring massachusetts in fall river. kyle on the independence line. i am because i was watching the debate. i love the things carlie said about we need to make changes in this country. change in ao a new new country. see carliee to
8:50 am
become the next president of the united states of america. thank you. call. thank you for the it is great that you feel that way for a candidate and the fact that you are engaged in the process. a lot of candidates have a and that ishange, president obama's message as well in 2008. change can be disappointing because it is subjective. one person's change is another person's disaster. politics can be disappointing, particularly after in january when they raise their hand and take the oath of office. it is good for americans to be thesed and to understand people signing up to run for office, we need people in america to do that. if we do not have people stepping up to the plate and
8:51 am
running for office, having the debate, we will not have an american democracy. more than half of everyone who put their name on the ballot loses. for anyone who has been in politics and lost an election, it is extremely painful, nevertheless,ut we have people who continuously step up and those seven people on the stage last night were testaments to this. they are very devoted to their country. i know there is always a fiery debate, but behind the scenes, they respect each other. a lot of them understand what some of the theater is and they would be willing to work together after this election. we covered carly fiorina on friday as well as saturday and yesterday in new hampshire. live coverage today on c-span rubiospan radio of marco
8:52 am
at 11:30 this morning and then donald trump later. live coverage from new hampshire. kathy is on our republican line. >> i just have a comment. people think trump is a strong leader. that is not the case. he is loud and vulgar and of noxious. a thin-skinned divider just like obama. people do notthe vote for him. it would be disastrous for our country. thank you. i will tell you in new hampshire there is a solid segment of the republican party primary voters who are devoted to donald trump, specifically, i outspokenause he is and saying things they want to hear and they have not heard in politics before. they are sick of political correctness.
8:53 am
donald trump has been campaigning for two years here. in the first trip to new hampshire, he did a famous .olitics serious i picked him up at the airport. it was way before secret service and all the security. he has been here quite a bit. of meetings and answered a lot of questions. he is not fearful to take a question. he is a very interesting person and also big physically. he is larger-than-life political but when you see him in .erson, he is physically big he is usually pretty jovial. asat doesn't come off
8:54 am
intimidating, the large physicality, does it? he is looking down on me and i am 510 -- 5'10". he is always well-dressed and you never see him in a sweater or a -- shirt. he does not miss much. he watches the media and what is said about him to a t. pundits sinceical june when he got into the race, they said he will not last and the he will not do well, but truth be told, at some point, analysts need to say he is good at this. he has obviously had quite a run. brian on the democrats line. am a bernie sanders supporter. i have been following the c-span debates and the campaign donations since -- yesterday.
8:55 am
hillary clinton was given a lot of time. they had campaign finance, campaign events. all i heard was politicians praising her. i'm just wondering, is it equal time for bernie sanders? the last point i want to make is the superdelegates that hillary clinton has, bernie sanders only has 11. isn't the superdelegates an unfair advantage to one candidate? vote like a comment from your guest. thank you. superdelegates are controversial. i believe in the democratic party, 18 or 19% are superdelegates, party leaders. sureare designed to make someone to whom the party establishment does not think would be a good general election candidate, they could keep out of the process or at least try to stop.
8:56 am
i have not seen that happen. as far as equal time, it is so hard. the answer to politics, we tried to be equal. completely impossible. if you have four children like my mother does, one is always complaining the other is getting more attention. the truth is you try to do your best to create equal time and networks and the media are not necessarily trying to slant this one way or the other. bernie sanders, if your analysis is right and he's getting less time and still getting good poll numbers in new hampshire, if that is true, it is not hurting him. host: let's go to our new hampshire line, susan, independent. new hampshire, good morning. go ahead.
8:57 am
caller: listen, i watched the debate last night. when they broke into the start of the debate and told about what happened in north korea, my question to you is, this is extremely important to me, i am ashamed to say that our president never went on the prior to the debate through the debate. he should have been on the airwaves immediately. host: to remind our viewers who may not have heard the news last reportedly north korea launching a rocket and satellite. i was right behind the curtain and the scenes of the debate when i saw it come up on my iphone.
8:58 am
you what some of the insight would be on this. if you were the president and you decided to break and -- statementnd do a live on that, there would be all this criticism that you were trying to break into the time of the republican candidates. fairics, it is not always and they get criticism for doing one thing or not doing it. it is just the way it is. i thought it was interesting it broke right before the debate. there were certainly folks who try to make sure candidates knew what was happening so they could respond to it in the debate. gary in new york, a republican caller. caller: i have become a chris christie fan over the last couple of months. he is doing really well and he actually has some plans he is
8:59 am
working on. there forbeen out months now and i have been watching him closely. and i'm not a fan of senators becoming president especially junior senators. i have always liked governors and he seems to be a tough one. one thing i would like to add about hillary clinton, a few months back, she called republicans one of her top three enemies are no one has jumped on that and called her out. donald trump talks about muslims and they wanted him to suspend his campaign and everything. she called almost half her enemies -- half the country guest: that is a great question. that issue did come up when she said that. to be there to her, i don't think she was talking about half but probably some of the people challenging her on a day-to-day basis. i will let her answer that.
9:00 am
as first chris christie, we have been seeing a lot of him. he is practically living in new hampshire. he is campaigning a lot. another person behind-the-scenes, a very likable person, the kind of person -- if you had to drive across the country with, chris christie would be the person to take. spirited, as we saw last night in the debate. he clearly wanted to take on marco rubio and dead, pride in the very beginning. he knew what he was going to do and didn't effectively. -- and did it effectively. he has a very devoted staff in new hampshire, they love him, and his wife mary pat, a wonderful person and spends almost every time campaigning with her husband. she spent a lot of time in new hampshire, a very likable person. host: next caller supporting chris christie, neil levesque, when is the last time a governor
9:01 am
won the republican or democratic residential primary new hampshire? guest: oh, god. trivia here. host: i'm sorry. [laughter] guest: here we go. governor romney -- host: there we go. guest: we only had to go back for years. that's good. i didn't want to miss him. [laughter] thes a great fan of college. i know he is a big fan of c-span, so he's probably watching and i'll get the call after this. host: didn't mean to put you on the spot there. we will stay in new hampshire and here from beverly. republican caller. good morning. caller: good morning. i think donald trump looks like a strong personality outside. he is cloud and he has gotten his way all these years and he is wealthy, but i think people need to look into his background a little bit more. find out what kind of person he
9:02 am
is. i don't know him personally, of course, but we can't just look at the surface. that is important to me. with a someone successful business and knows how to run the company, i think probably real -- i think carly fiorina would be better to vote for. i think she is a good person. i can see she has a lot of strength and she has my vote now. guest: it is interesting you mention donald trump and carly fiorina. "the boston globe" did a survey and figured out that the independent wealth of each , and the two of them with the top two, two very wealthy people running. have an interesting twist. i think right now, donald trump voters of -- a lot of are saying he cannot be bought, essentially, obvious and all that who will not corrupt --
9:03 am
lobbyists and all that cannot corrupt him because he is wealthy. four years ago, we had a pretty wealthy guy. we had mitt romney running for president, but it was almost the reverse. he got tagged with -- you are too rich and you can't sympathize with regular people, and he wasn't able to do a donald trump is doing today, which is quite fascinating since it was only four years ago. two interesting points. the question on donald trump from bobby on twitter who asked, have you heard any reasonable governing policy from donald trump? guest: certainly. they lay out what they're going to do, and it can be worn in platitudes, but you can definitely get the feeling, over time, of what direction they want to take the country. notaign promises and may specifics, you know, back and be difficult anyway because once you get to be president, you have to deal with whatever kind
9:04 am
of congress to get, so it the congress is more liberal or conservative, he has a deck of cards that he has been dealt, so it is not always perfect. for example, president obama says that he wanted a different kind of health care system, something that he has termed himself obamacare. he talked about it for the three years or so that he was running for president, and when he became president, it probably wasn't exactly the bill he described that he was running for president, but pretty close. you can usually get a pretty good indication of the direction that they want to take the from some of these statements that they make in the campaign trail. that brings me to another point, which is the great thing about new hampshire is going to have the candidates here. the presidential primary is in the 100th year of the residential primary and the great services that this
9:05 am
has been good for the other 49 states. we are fighting these candidates. it is a place where individual citizens can -- we are vetting these candidates. it is a place where individual citizens can ask questions. if you are at a rally and they did not give specifics, you can ask a follow-up and challenge them. no other place in the country does this happen. that is the great thing about new hampshire. interestingly, some of the biggest fans of the new hampshire primary tradition reporters themselves because journalists want to get specifics, too, and if you're behind a roped line behind some press conference in a big state were reported cannot get access to the candidate, you are not going to get these types of specifics. host: a call from overseas on the bbc parliament channel, david in eastbourne.
9:06 am
david in eastbourne, go ahead. caller: hi. ask -- i mean, most politics are everywhere and about many these days. respected investigative journalists who work for bbc and they revealed how marco rubio's campaign, on the 31st of october, received a $1 billion donation from a culture capitalist hedge fund guy whose activities are illegal in most of the world. in fact, he is banned from some courts. this guide is appalling stuff around the world. once the $1 billion from paul sager went into the rubio campaign, he went from oft-place to the favorite the republican nomination.
9:07 am
why did nobody mentioned that money comes from people like , al cingular -- paul sager falter capitalist. guest: first of all -- caller: a full trick capitalist. all, i think the facts are wrong. $1 billion would certainly swayed the election. i believe the entire obama campaign spent $1 billion. the great thing about the new hampshire primary is that money does not equal votes. you have to perform well. you have to take tough questions. that is the great thing about the new hampshire primary. money does not mean a victory. let me get to another point because there is a lot of concern about money in politics. to television advertising, radio advertising, 32nd television ads.
9:08 am
divac and people need to understand that if they don't win money in politics, then 30 second advertising needs to become less important. the reason why you see these negative ads, ecb's 30 second television ads is because they work -- ucb's 30 -- you see the se 30 second television ad is because they work. people are swayed by these ads. the money that feels that comes into politics. i will say again that there is money on almost both sides of every issue. people in politics, i think there is a wide group of people that american politicians are corruptible by this. i disagree. ishink that the money
9:09 am
reality but i think most politics are trying to do the right thing for the country. host: i don't mean to be a preacher of the choir, but quick points in my new hampshire madras, the headline of a piece -- graphic piece this morning in "the washington post." quick reaction. punch,ite about the 1-2 since 1980, every republican and democratic nominee has finished either first or second in new hampshire, sometimes after stumbling in or even skipping iowa. number two, you are not in iowa anymore. the first presidential run good run or sin campaigns. and number three, the doolittle new hampshire could be the key to any new hampshire. guest: the southeast part of the state is interesting because either a lot of people work in massachusetts or have moved into new hampshire from massachusetts. a lot of these people are now
9:10 am
republicans. it is a great misnomer that people move about to massachusetts and are democrats. new hampshire has changed over the years. it used to be that the small town was republican and the cities were democratic. that is almost perverse. now, we have a lot of towns that are democratic and we have a purple state. the four electoral votes, a small number, but they are up for grabs and very crucial. al gore would have been president of the united states if he had won new hampshire. the other thing about new hampshire is it is a small state, and people say that politics are a state sport and it really is. people are very engaged. we have 1.3 million people in this state, and we are expecting 550 thousand people to go to vote on tuesday, whether it's
9:11 am
nose or not. -- that is the highest would be the highest voter turnout in the nation, so we have a very engaged citizenry. it is just a really fascinating place if you live anywhere else and you come to new hampshire, you are almost amazed by the amount of civic activity that takes place in new hampshire. host: about five more minutes, so let's get back to calls. in pennsylvania, rob on the democrat line. caller: good morning. thank you particular call. i had a quick comment about the governors running in the republican primary. they make a lot of comments about the unemployment rate going down in the states when we all know that is the case in most parts of the country. i wonder if the unemployment rate had gone up for the last seven years, or they would be
9:12 am
blaming the president or themselves? it is just a matter of cherry picking the facts. beyond all that there is a difference between being a senator and governor. i think those who are thinking of supporting chris christie or john kasich should talk to somebody from their own state. host: neil levesque did we hear that issue come up last night? i believe it sort of did in segments, but i was juggling because the president of the united states himself, when he announced this, sort of hinted, like the caller said, that this may contradict some of the naysayers who are running for president on the republican side. -- to in politics defense, forch's
9:13 am
example, i'm sure he is that a lot of things that would help the economy in ohio and i'm sure he has a series of things he would to be that too. right now, the economy and unemployment rate statistics are low. the president mentioned this and really did sort of a victory lap. things would be different as the caller indicates if the number were higher. and is american politics don't know how much lower it can go a new hampshire. i think we have the lowest of employment rate in the nation. you are talking as a candidate to an electorate where the economy is pretty good, so that may change as these candidates leave new hampshire and go to other parts of the country. host: vernon is next, a republican and georgia. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: fine, thank you.
9:14 am
caller: i watched the debate last night and the stars marco rubio, i think he is going to be good president, but i think he is not connected with the people. i think he lacks personality with rehearsed answers, like chris christie said, and i think he should loosen up a little bit and be yourself. when he is asked questions, try connecting to people. that is what we want. we want to hear who they are. mostly everybody has the policy that is about the same. we have heard that were hearst over and over, but if he had a little more character and personality, i think he would possibly win this. analysisat is a great of the situation. we have a series called "life of the party," where we actually bring the candidates in and we tell them not to wear ties and just get questioned and see what
9:15 am
the real personality is like, specifically because you want to know if they are really like. i will say this, campaign managers will tell you that you need to stay on message as a it,idate, keep repeating keep repeating it, and good candidates do that. and successful ones do. host: neil levesque, the executive director of the new hampshire institute of politics and the head of the tuesday primary. follow him on twitter. thank you x much for being with us this morning. guest: thank you. host: our coverage from new hampshire continues on c-span's "washington journal." we will hear hillary clinton supporter and former speaker of the house in new hampshire, terie norelli. she will join us live from manchester, new hampshire. first, we had a chance to hear from any of the democrats on their view of campaign 2016. >> at the new hampshire institute of politics joined by students. here to talk about 2016, you
9:16 am
are? >> a junior politics major. >> a double major in policy and philosophy, a senior in the president of the college democrats. >> a senior biology major and the treasurer of the college. >> what is most important for you? >> choosing a candidate who will lift up the middle class. i feel like the trickle-down economics has partly failed. policies isalist one thing we can do to fix that. >> i would have to say -- it is hard to choose one topic. i would definitely say -- >> why? thatdon't feel i know minorities, especially african-americans and latinos, are created -- are treated differently in the criminal system then white folks. the most important issue for me is income inequality, racial injustice and police are tallied
9:17 am
the as it up next the african-american community. >> we had to candidates, who do you like? >> bernie sanders. i think he has remained true to his issues and been an advocate for communities of color. >> have you made a choice? >> i am and undecided voter. it is difficult because i feel there are -- i feel i am blessed that there are two democrats that i appreciate so much running. i enjoyed seeing hillary become more open and more accessible to voters over the past few months and i respect her, but i also agree with a lot of what bernie sanders says. >> how close are you to making the choice? >> probably the next couple of days. >> how about you? >> senator sanders. he embodies most of what i believe personally and the senator sanders you have seen in years past is almost identical to the men now, and he is not taking money from big super
9:18 am
pac's or wall street. >> what about activity? do you plan to be active? >> absolutely. i will be busting at any and all of my friends on campus. >> i have argued been very active. it is not about there being the cutoff point, i have been active since i was a freshman. >> when you find yourself active in this campaign? >> growing up in new hampshire, it is hard not to be act. i will try to increase my activity lead primary and general. activity leading into the primary and general. to being in new hampshire. >> say it is a democrat who gets to the white house, what is that person's main goal? >> as a college student, i think college debt is important. i will be put a lot of that and i want a president that will be focused in recognizing that you
9:19 am
and people are the future and we should be invested in them. earlier, criminal justice support. >> someone who could close the income gap. >> those are three students to talk about campaign 2016. thank you for your time. host: benjamin ginsberg -- terie norelli is the former new hampshire speaker of the house. joining us now from manchester, terie norelli, you run the campaign, the campaign manager for hillary clinton and 2008 . what is different this time around? guest: first, i want to clarify i was cochair of the campaign in 2008 and happy to have done so. i am very excited to be supporting secretary clinton this time around. i think what is different -- she has more experience than she did before and certainly more experience in the way of
9:20 am
international affairs, something that is critically important when somebody becomes president of the united states. unfortunately, they don't get to decide all of the issues that come at them from all directions, so domestically, internationally, so i think she ises back as someone who even more experience than she was in 2008. host: a lot of the polls are showing bernie sanders with a pretty strong lead in new hampshire. heading into tuesday's primary, if not a victory for hillary clinton, what would you consider a strong showing? hast: secretary clinton said from the beginning that she was going to be out there and fighting for every vote. not from day one did she ever take any votes for granted. that has been demonstrated by the number of times that she has
9:21 am
been here in the state, the kinds of events that she has chosen to do, often smaller events where she has the opportunity to actually connect with individual voters at town halls where she takes many questions and can really get a sense of what the issues are better on voter's minds and what kinds of challenges they are facing every day. like i said, she said you would fight for every vote and she has. we are certainly expecting that she would do well on tuesday. host: terie norelli was the new hampshire speaker of the house. she is a supporter of hillary clinton in the granite state and joining us from manchester. we have a line for new hampshire residents, (202)-748-8003. for republicans, (202)-748-8001.
9:22 am
democrats, (202)-748-8000. independents and all others, (202)-748-8002. new hampshire famous for all of the undecided or undeclared out there. how is hillary clinton working to get the undeclared, the independent vote in new hampshire? who may bethose watching out for new hampshire, the first thing to understand is that more than one third of the voters in our state are undeclared, meaning they have not affiliated with the democrat or republican party. day,ection day, primary they can go into the polling place and choose him a credit or republican ballots. -- choose democratic or republican ballots. it gives them some additional on bothr candidates sides. sometimes the question is, which primary will they vote in? never hampshire, only
9:23 am
quite know, will they cast a vote in one primary for someone that they like or will they cast the spoiler kind of vote in the candidate thatr maybe they think would be easier for the candidates to beat? voters are every bit as important to secretary clinton. out to alln reaching of them. is a hillaryorelli clinton supporter and you are on twitter. you talked about cecile richards of planned parenthood. grateful to have you back, you the head oferday to planned parenthood. how has that issue played in new hampshire and wise that an important issue -- and why is that an important issue for voters? guest: new hampshire has a long
9:24 am
history of nae nae pro-choice democrat,ther you are undeclared or republican. the majority support a woman's right to access a full range of reproductive health care. planned parenthood is really a big part of that. we are actually a very rules state were access to health care is more challenging than in other parts and planned parenthood is there, whether you are insured, not insured, whether you can afford it or not. in addition to your own personal health care, access to family ability of athe woman and family to be able to determine when they will have children has a tremendous economic impact on them as well. planned parenthood is very much and iiated in this state,
9:25 am
know another states across the country. of late, many of the misleading videos that have been out, downright lies that have been told about the organization, have heard it. hillary clinton has been there as a very strong supported for planned parenthood. she has been very vocal about her support for them and her willingness to defend their funding and the good work that they do for women, men and children across the state and country. host: we welcome your comments and questions on twitter at csp anwj. new hampshire voters have a special line, (202)-748-8003. we will go first to the republican line to hear from miami, florida. this is sandra. good morning. caller: good morning.
9:26 am
thank you for having me on. host: go ahead. caller: my question is directed to terie. i would like to get her opinion on marco rubio. he seemed to have around start last night in the debate but he is a strong proponent from a form policy perspective. i wanted to know her opinion on what hillary clinton needs to do -- i mean, if they were to confront one another, what she needs to do to come off as a bigger winner? host: in terms of foreign policy? caller: yes, in terms of foreign policy. host: ok. guest: thank you, sander. i think there is no question in anybody's mind that one candidate on either side of the aisle, who has the most international experience, is hillary clinton. she took over as secretary of state at the time one their
9:27 am
respect for the united states was at the low. over her years in the state department, she said about to rebuild america's relationship around the world. the other thing that i think is critically important and not valued as much as i believe it that she did when she was secretary of state was to raise and elevate the issue of advocacy for the welfare of women and girls around the country. when she went to various countries and met with leaders, she also asked to meet with women leaders and raised the issues around the treatment of women around the world. in addition to that, we can look at her ability to bring china, russia to the table around the iran sanctions.
9:28 am
they're very back that she was able to get them to the table and to agree with those sanctions was the first step in reaching what now we have is the agreement with iran. if you consider that she brought or had the diplomacy to bring together the israelis, palestinians to procrit cease-fire at the gaza strip, i think that time and time again, secretary clinton has demonstrated her understanding of the world, the intricacies and interconnections of issues, so her experience and her leadership and relations that she has spent and built around the world really set her apart from every other candidate on either side of the aisle. from a look at the piece the atlantic magazine saint hillary clinton represents the
9:29 am
establishment. the photograph they use is from the night of the situation room, that out of the capture of osama bin laden. miguel is next from massachusetts, democratic collar. -- caller. guest: good morning. caller: how are you? i am basically trying to bring up the case why some of these republicans that are candidates running for president over in the demised movement of the ,merican people is positive during this administration, we have been able to see the president take this country from being a country that was in turmoil, basically about economy, that the session, and now we are out of that basically. we feel like, as americans, that we want a quick fix, but the
9:30 am
reality is that barack obama inherited two wars, afghanistan, iraq, and he got us out of this economy mess. he bailed out the automobile industry. he raised the awareness for women to be able to take charge of their own health care, and equal pay for equal work. movementhad the lgbt directed from the president, but today, we see many people going back to work. the republicans want to talk about the progress of democrats and i feel like the american people want a quick fix and it want to look at reality. host: we will get a response. we appreciate your call. guest: thank you. i feel this at a personal level and i cannot agree with the more. seven years ago when president obama took office, you were right.
9:31 am
we were leading jobs by the hundreds of thousands every month and that was the time when i was speaker in new hampshire, so i very much appreciate the economic challenges that we had at the time. i give president obama a lot of credit for everything that he did. i think that today, unfortunately, any families are still feeling the debt stacked against them. we do need, despite the incredible number of jobs that were created under president obama, we do need to create more jobs and we also need to create more higher-paying jobs. in order to do that, we need to break down barriers. those barriers -- i think you alluded to this in some of the credit you gave to president obama. those barriers are not just economic terriers. it really should not matter what your race is, your gender,
9:32 am
, identity,ntation where you were born and what kind of personal challenges or disabilities you have to deal with. there should be opportunities for everyone of us to feel that we have an opportunity to share in the great prosperity of this country. we should feel that we have us in this country. we canld believe that live a life with dignity, and i think that is the vision that hillary clinton has and will continue to move forward on the progress that president obama has already made. in order to do that, we need to break down some of the barriers that get in the way, not just economically for all those other inequalities as well. host: another view on hillary
9:33 am
clinton's foreign policy record on twitter, it says, if hillary clinton has foreign experience, ask her what the russian word for reset is? guest: secretary clinton does have an amazing record for diplomacy around the world. as i mentioned, she got russia to the table to deal with the iran sanctions. i appreciate that she was able to juggle so many different things. something else that this president and anyone else who has ever been president understands is that you have to juggle so many issues all at once. so many international affairs, relationships at once.
9:34 am
they will continue to be challenges. to try continue to need to improve relationships where great, and inot so think hillary clinton is the one to represent us doing that. host: an independent line, robert for massachusetts. caller: what i wanted to mostly what is this 2000 immigrants coming into our country? they have food stamps and they are given enough money for eight months. thea vietnam veteran, united states was not giving this to nobody. we are more worried about other countries immigrants than the people starving in the states. host: let's hear from terie norelli. whenever hillary clinton's views
9:35 am
on immigration currently -- what are hillary clinton's views on immigration currently? guest: one of the things we need to remember is this country was born out of the strike of immigrants, immigrants that were under pressure back in europe and i came to the united states to start a new place where they could live and thrive. for all of our history, we have had waves of immigration from different parts of the world. our have contributed to greatness of the country. hillary clinton believes that we should continue to welcome immigrants from many places in the world and that they will continue to contribute to our country. refugees that are struggling from the strife in places like
9:36 am
syria and elsewhere in the world, we're a world superpower. we must reach out and help in those places. yes, we should be welcoming to immigrants and i am personally very disappointed and distressed by the degree and level of vitriol and incitement sometimes that goes on around immigrants. believeclinton does not that kind of rhetoric is wrong and discriminate -- rhetoric is just wrong and this commended -- and discriminate, but she believes it is dangerous. when muslims are attacked just for the sake of being muslim, there is. that is instilled in others --
9:37 am
there is fear instilled in others and the results of that are then that muslims are feeling like they are less than the rest of us and it creates a very dangerous situation in our own country. i hope people will look into their hearts, will look into where isestry to see it that my ancestors came from? how did they make it to the shores of this country and how did they make to help this country the great place it is now? and look to continue that as we move forward. host: some of the issues coming up after the town hall with cnn features speeches hillary clinton made to goldman sachs and others. the headline of "the new york talks at about a response to the question
9:38 am
from anderson cooper at siemens town hall the other not. i want to play you the response by hillary clinton and get your thoughts. [video clip] >> one of the things that critics point to is you made three speeches for goldman sachs speeches.or three was that a bad judgment? made speeches to lots of groups. i answered questions. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that is what they offered. [laughter] every secretary of state that i know has done that. but as running for office, you must have known -- >> i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would run. >> you didn't know you would run for president? i did not.
9:39 am
ask secretary of i said i was done but so many people came to me and the concerns i had about the republicans taking back the white house because i think they've wrecked what we achieved in the 1990's with new jobs and incomes going up for everybody and i didn't want to see that happen again. i want to continue the progress we have made. whos convinced, but anybody knows me and thinks they can influence me, name anything they have influenced me on. name one thing. host: terie norelli, hillary clinton supporter in new hampshire, had you think she handled the response to the question? thing i wouldst be curious to know is how much some of the men who make these speeches who have the background and experience that hillary clinton has gets? did she only get 79% of what they earned? i think that secretary clinton has a fast -- as i mentioned
9:40 am
before -- a tremendous amount of experience in many arenas. when businesses, particularly those that have an international component can speak to someone who can give them a flavor of what issues there are facing the world, that there is not any reason why she should turn that down. yesterday part of veryideo from one of those speeches, and she was talking about opportunity or gender opportunities, opportunities for women, so i think this is an championedshe really when she was secretary of state and something that i am thrilled that companies are interested in
9:41 am
knowing what the global market is and how women can play a role in that. myself ormagine where we would just say, no, that is ok. i will take it but pay me less. host: let's hear from our republican line, dave is in california. caller: good morning. i think the fact that bernie sanders is so popular among young people in particular in this country is a horrible indictment of our education system. they recently reported on cnn that famous relic, argentina and paraguay -- venezuela, argentina, and paraguay recently
9:42 am
elected social governments and they are now bankrupt because the governor leaders did exactly what bernie sanders proposes, which is vastly expanded government programs, try to pay for higher taxes on the rich and this is something that should be taught to every high school student before they are allowed to graduate. money that funds has to comerograms from citizens. the more you undermine that incentive by taking a greater and greater share of what they earned, less wealth gets created , so the government gets in a situation where they're spending more money on programs, taking in less revenue for the private sector and they have to then borrow the money to make up the
9:43 am
and that only works when you reach a point when the government can no longer service its debt and pay the interest that it has borrowed. host: any thoughts? guest: thank you for the question. i want to start out by saying, i am tremendously inspired by the young people are engaging in our democracy. that is what democracy is about. it is about everyone coming out and having an opportunity to have their voices heard. the youngall of people, not just those supporting bernie sanders or even just those supporting hillary clinton, but whether you are republican, undeclared, democratic young person, i am excited that they are engaged and paying attention and participating in our democracy.
9:44 am
has differentton views than bernie sanders does and she actually believes that we should build on the progress and i think that is one of the reasons and places you see a difference. they both want to get universal health care and that is an important economic issue. access to affordable health care is important to our economy and to an individual ability to be very productive. she supports the aca and thinks that there are improvements that need to be made to it. and to ensure that intermediary
9:45 am
companies are not raising or unduly raising the cost of prescription drugs. we need to get down the cost of prescription drugs, particularly life-saving ones, so that people can afford them. she thinks instead that we should build on the aca and make improvements to that, close that gap and get the last 10% of americans who are uninsured and get them to be insured. she is focused on the opportunity for entrepreneurs to be able to start and grow small .usinesses
9:46 am
again, i just want to say thanks to everyone. no matter your political .ersuasion, no matter your age i would encourage everyone to participate in this great democracy. we are speaking with former new hampshire speaker of the house and supporter of the hillary clinton campaign. let's go to pennsylvania. adbby. i have been watching democrat and republican debates and i am just shocked. i am a democrat, but i am shocked how someone can come out and say there can be this, free this, for he, and i'm not saying
9:47 am
we cannot have that maybe somewhere in the future, but it is not just the young saying that, it is like some of the older people, and some of the older people say they will bring and she haslinton proven herself time and time again, even as she tries to do was -- are when she first lady -- guest: first lady. caller: first lady, to write so much. she has a very big concern for our country and she has always been involved with children. with theeen involved killing of and lauded -- of osama bin laden. come with ane
9:48 am
simple statement like one of my ,riends did and come up with well, you can't trust her. she does not seem trustworthy. you know about benghazi. host: ok, we will get the response. that ii will tell you really trust secretary clinton. i have gotten to know her over the last several years. she is clearly someone, as you mentioned, she has spent her entire life in public service, ,oing back to investigating migrant farmworkers and their treatment going back to massachusetts, going door-to-door because they were moreat they children of school age than students in school, and she discovered that through this
9:49 am
process, they discovered that there were a lot of children with disabilities staying at home and the work that she did lead to national legislation that allowed for all students to go to school. you are bright that she has always been a very big proponent of affordable quality child care for working families. back when she was first lady in arkansas, help to found the arkansas advocates for children and families. you are right. she fought for universal health care when she was first lady. and that did not happen, she did not give up or walk away. she said, at least we should ensure the children and because of her ability to work across the aisle, she actually helped to get the children's health insurance program, which ensures 8 million children across our
9:50 am
country. coming out of schooling and going to work for the children's defense fund to her work as first lady in arkansas or first lady in the united states to the work that she did in the senate, to andort 9/11 responders, then on to secretary of state. i have mentioned some of the wonderful things that she did there. she is truly someone who has the in the service of public, not just here in the united states, but around the world, and that is why when she is not running for office, her approval ratings are through the roof. unfortunately, because she is so well-liked and because she has such experience and because she is such a strong leader, she is also a threat to opponents, so
9:51 am
they come after her again and again. the good news is she is tough and she has been knocked down and she gets right back up again to continue to speak for those who often don't have the voice. host: let's see if we can get a few more calls. we go to tom in grand rapids, michigan, independent line. caller: good sunday morning. you keep referring to hillary's experience and knowing to really well, but time and time again, the experience of hillary is always destroyed by her lack of judgment from whitewater, travel gate, the suspicious deaths of the whitewater, illegal lost billing on sniper fire e-mails, let's not forget about her skillful flip flopping in saying anything that
9:52 am
gets winner audience. isn't integrity more important than experience? guest: i think integrity and trustworthiness are very important and many of the issues you raise, as i said, when you have someone who is strong and things are said that are not true and are proven to be not that has unfortunately has not stop people from repeating them over and over again. there have been -- one of the things i think is true is that hillary and bill clinton are two people in this world who have been investigated more than any other, then hillary clinton time and time again who has shown that indeed, she can be trusted because the lies and and you and does that are tossed her weight are found -- are unfounded, so i do trust her.
9:53 am
continue toill stand strong against those. that is one of the reasons we need her. she is a fighter. she has been tested, tried, and she is still standing because those are not true. host: let's go to our line for new hampshire voters. james is in kingston, a republican. caller: thank you. had sought to -- hats off to a great c-span show. the government creates a problem, ok? on the other hand, the government has a solution, unnecessary evil answer, but hillary had her shot when she ran against barack obama. sorryew it then and i'm to say, but she owes you for dinner because you are a great campaign manager. i have a few more things to say. i don't know who i am voting for. i think a lot of people in the state don't know right now. we are a great
9:54 am
state. live free or die, but take a look at your problems. see where your democrats broadus, bigger government, they indoctrinate -- they brought us the good government, they indoctrinate our children, question everything and question everything again. it is an important election. we are $19 trillion in the hole, folks. we don't want to be like europe. we are america, unique people. host: terie norelli you find --terie norelli, you find a lot of people undecided. guest: a couple things i agree on with james. there are still a lot of folks undecided. i run into quite a few over the last several days. i think now that there have been a lot of debates, town halls, and candidates spend much more time here, people are really honing in on what the questions
9:55 am
are and getting them answered. obviously, we only have a couple of days left to do that. the other thing i would agree with is that we should be talking about is you cannot disagree with facts. sometimes i find these days that the facts are the facts and people do not want them to be the packs, so they pretend that they are not facts. answered,uestions know what really are facts and what is opinion and you are entitled to your an opinion, but the fact is the fact. host: in pennsylvania, republican caller. caller: hi, i am john, a democratic caller. i have one question and thank my call.aking they keep saying social security is going broke and i understand that. they want to raise the age to
9:56 am
whatever, but why doesn't someone ask one of these senators or congressmen how much money they had taken out since 1968? they either took out $150 million more in the last budget to prop up disability, which is fine, but you cannot keep robbing social security and expect people to work until they are 70 years old. guest: i think the point you are hitting on is that social security is not bankrupt yet. there is money that has been connected to social security that has not been given out yet. i am not exactly sure what the trade is. at some point in the future, it would become insolvent if we did not do something about it. than howot different it has been in the past sometimes and we had to look at it and say, how can we make this work and continue to ensure this
9:57 am
really important safety net for many, many of our seniors? secretary clinton is totally committed to ensuring the safety and security of both social security and medicare, and i it is possible to do when we step back from all the rhetoric and start to look at real solutions and work across the aisle because whether you are democrat, and declared or republican, if you are a senior citizen and living on social security, we need to make sure that we can continue to take care of you. host: quick question on twitter, a question from deedee, to new hampshire voters approve of tpp? are they asking candidates about the effect one more trade deal has on jobs and wages? guest: is the question to me on
9:58 am
whether i am hearing people asking about that? host: yes. guest: i have been to a of secretary clinton's town halls and watched the debates. that is not a question i am hearing coming up. secretary clinton has said that not that she opposes any international trade deal, but she does oppose this one. she thinks that there are not enough safety things in their four american businesses. thinkunately, i international issues are not necessarily being asked as much as they should be given how important they are. , the formernorelli speaker of the house in new hampshire and hillary clinton supporter. you can follow her for tweets ahead of the election. joining us this morning from our
9:59 am
studios in new hampshire, thank you so much. guest: thank you for having me. host: that will profit up for this morning's "washington journal." a look ahead to the coverage of tuesday's first in the nation primary. we will hear from days, he is with the university institute or director of political research and looking at the latest polls ahead of tuesday's primary. , the donalddasaro trump supporter and we will finish up with tym rourke, on alcohol and drug abuse. that a bitked about on this morning's program. thank you for being with us this morning. have a super sunday. see you back at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and c-span radio for "washington journal." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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and prevention. he joins us from cdc headquarters in atlanta. and we're joined by jennifer of politico, sara ferris of the hill newspaper. sara, you're up first. >> doctor, this has been something dominating headlines. it's something many americans are