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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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people i have seen. i will be signing autographs after his speech and we will be talking to people. i've had many people say -- it was a beautiful thing to hear, "mr. trump, i'm 67-years-old. i'm 67-years-old. i have never ever voted before. i've never come close to voting before. this is the first time i will ever vote." and that is so amazing. , that is so amazing. [applause] mr. trump: they do it with such spirit. so, it is really great. i want to thank the special interests and lobbyists. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: they obviously did something to drive these numbers. but i want to congratulate them because to raise that much money that quickly is a pretty good feat. many of them are my friends but
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they have to gamble. i want to thank paul ryan. he could not have been nicer. he was very encouraging. i have great respect for paul ryan. great respect. [applause] mr. trump: ted cruz is interesting. he is always saying i am the only one that can beat donald trump. you have to vote for donald trump and going to be miserable. you have to vote for me. the only onee is that can beat donald trump. i've heard it so many times, but he never beats me. take a look. meaning he rarely beats me. the fact is that we are going to do well. ted cruz is going to have a hard time with certain states. one of the things we do is we get up new york. i'm going to do great. we get to new jersey, i'm going to do great. chris christie is here someplace. i watched what chris christie did to marco. great prosecutor.
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and really, when he came and called he said i have seen it, it is amazing thing. many people have called it a movement. covers on time magazine. part of the movement is what i said before. the people want to be involved. when chris called and sarah palin called, and jerry falwell junior called, when joe arpaio called, and you know when joe arpaio of arizona calls, the that donald trump is tough on the border. i don't want to be tough but we are going to be fair. we are going have borders again. people are going to come into the country. but they are coming in legally. they have to come in legally. [applause] mr. trump: mitt romney got up and made a speech the other day. no, that is ok. no. it's ok.
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i understand. he's a very nice man. but i understand. it's hard. when you go through this and get to the final gate and you don't get over it it is a hard thing. so i understand. but, he did make some statements. i brought some things up because he said water company is gone. i said, it is? i have successful companies. i filed with the federal elections 100 pages. almost. press has gone down and seen. and they were all very impressed. i built a great company. i have low debt. i have assets like this. this is owned 100% by me with no debts. you have seen were a lago. mira lago. that is 100% me, with no debt.
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i have trump international where you were last week. 100% by me no debt. partners with related jobs on the beach, gill and michael on the beach. massive buildings. no one ever talks about this stuff. one of the most successful projects ever built in real estate. the bank of america building, a big chunk of in san francisco. many things. they talked about the water company. well, there is the water company. i mean, we sell water. little water and it is a drive and water company. it supplies waters for all my places. and it is good, it is very good. we have trump steaks. he said the steak company. we have trump steaks.
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by the way, if you want to take one, we will charge you $50 a steak. trump magazine is out? i read 12 days ago. this is called the jewel of palm beach. it goes to all of my clubs. i have had it for many years. they goes to all of my clubs. it is the magazine that is great. does anyone want one? take one. the airline, i sold the airline. i actually made a great deal. complicated and in terrible times. the economy was horrible. and i made a phenomenal deal. ,i had the shuttle. and i sold it. so i'm hearing about all of these things. and by the way, trump university, we are holding it. when i win the lawsuit, they did and add the other day, two or three people were staying, it is
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so terrible. the reason i didn't settle, all of these people, we sent their letters out. their report cards. their report cards were all excellent. beautiful. we love it. you can't settle cases when the person suing you has given you letters and tape saying how great it is. it was a very nice thing. we are putting it on hold. if i become president my family will start it up. and we have a lot of great people who want to get back into trump university. it's going to do well and continue to do well but we have a lawsuit where they are trying to get one of these class-action lawyer guys and it is ridiculous. but, we will win that lawsuit. i just want to explain. and, the united states should do this. i do not settle lawsuits. very rare.
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once you settle lawsuits everybody sues you. when you settle lawsuits, sometimes it is cheaper to settle but once you settle, i had a friend who was sued very rarely and everybody else in the same business was sued all the time. he said i never settle. the lawyers learn, you do not settle, they do not sue. when i watch these banks settling lawsuits all the time, they settle lawsuits with governments and other people giving billions and billions of dollars, i don't do it. when i saw the different things, and by the way, the winery. you mentioned trump wine. does he mention trump vodka? the largest winery in the east coast. you have to check the records. in fact, the press, i am asking you, please check. you can see if there is any debt. it was one of the greatest men in the united states'.
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he died. he built one of the great vineyards of all time. there is nothing like it. close to 2000 acres in charlottesville, virginia next to the thomas jefferson memorial. we are proud of it. they make as good wine as you can get in the world. the press is extremely honest. they can take a bottle home. the members have plenty. right? the members have plenty. we have one of the greatest. we have the largest winery on the east coast. so i just wanted to put that to rest. so, you have the water. you have the magazine. you have the airline, it you have the steaks. trump university, we are going to start it up. does that make sense? ok. i want to thank paul o'neill. that is a big deal. i had such respect when he was
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here, he just didn't make mistakes. we could use him right now. i love that kind of a guy. [applause] mr. trump: i think what this shows is advertising is not as important. it isn't as important as competence. there has never been more money spent on hitting somebody than was spent on me. between that and people saying things. lindsey graham, he is a nasty person. he is wrong on the military. i have been doing this for 15 years. we have been fighting a war for 15 years with this type of thinking. if your going to fight a war when the war and let's get back to building our country. he has been so nasty.
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i watch him and say does he hate donald trump? i watch him and say if you think about it every single person that has attacked me has gone down. i don't want to mention names. they are out. you can take a look at virtually every single person. we started with 17. we are down to 4. of the four they are pretty much all gone. pretty much. ok? they didn't do so well tonight. i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well. they didn't do well. only one person did well to night, donald trump. i will tell you. [applause] mr. trump: it was actually amazing. i was impressed. even megyn kelly said donald trump did well tonight. thank you. thank you. that was an unusual -- i was shocked actually to hear that. but that was very nice. and charles. he was very nice. thank you. i have been waiting five years, charles. but, it is true. every single -- i have had such hostility like with lindsey graham. he was a seven, he attacked me. we took them down to zero.
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he leaves in disgrace. he goes to his own state. they do a poll in south carolina. he endorses somebody else and the poll has me at 47, him at 2 and he is a sitting senator. i don't like to bring it up but i tell you it is in now. it is enough. just relax, go home. everyone knows you take this big defeat and the problem is the press never calls them out. they go to this horrible defeat and then they start immediately on the attack. it is like he never ran and made a fool out of himself. i call people out. it is true they have attacked me viciously. every single one who has attacked me is gone. i am very proud of that. because -- because -- that is we should have for our country. isis should not be beating us. we don't win any more we don't
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win with our military. we don't win with anything. we should be in a position where -- we should not be in a position where isis is dictating terms. they asked ted cruz -- lyin' ted. he goes home and put the bible down and then he lies. lyin' ted. he will say "i'm the only one that can beat donald trump." i beat him. but he doesn't say the one 4 and i've one 12-13. he forgets the other part. the evangelicals -- i was watching carl he said how great i did with the evangelicals. i'm a good christian. they are chipping away at christianity. we are not going to let that happen anymore, folks. a lot of times i will say it at the rallies, we are going to say
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merry christmas again. we are going to start saying it again. they are chipping away at christianity and we can't do it. and i tell you, with the evangelicals, they get it. they get me. i will be the best thing that ever happened to them. i mean that 100%. they don't like the way ted talks and they do like the way that he truly does lie. he lies badly. and i was actually interested little marco help me a lot. marco -- in one of the debates he screamed across me. i was always in the center will stop -- i was always in the center. never out of center. i always like an odd number. with an even number i hated it because we had four people so i'm not in the center. we should always keep it odd numbers. marco helped me a lot because he called ted cruz a liar. he said he is a liar. i know politicians better than anybody. they are liars.
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ok? they are serious liars. importantly, they will never get you to the promised land. they will not do it. they are controlled by special interest in the people that put up all this money for them to run. do you know how much money was spent in the last week on me? you know how many times they were asking despite the fact that they are not supposed to be talking to their super pac's, let me ask you a question how , many times do you think marco rubio and ted cruz and all of them were calling their super pac's? it is called life. that is the way life works. they talk to their super pac. they are not supposed to but that is the way life works. we are going to do something and clean the slate. i think we are going to do well in florida. it is my second home. i love florida. a special place. i think we're going to do well. i think we're going to do really well in ohio now that i have
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paul o'neill's endorsement i know i'm going to win. i love ohio. i have so many friends. it is an amazing place. we are going to have a lot of fun. and then what we are going to do is we're going to eat hillary clinton. we are going to beat her badly. i think one of the things -- then we will take some questions, one of the things i add that is very different. we talk about the five and sometimes 6, the five states you have to get. whether it is ohio or pennsylvania or florida. you know, if you don't get one -- because for the republicans, it is much tougher. it is much more tough for a republican to win the presidency. but i have things others can't do. i have a chance of new york. upstate new york, i pull hire than anybody ever. -- upstate new york, i pull hire poll higher than
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anyone else. they are in trouble up there. they know i would have done things and they wouldn't be in trouble if they had taken my advice. i will get michigan. we are going to bring the car industry back. we are going to bring the car industry back into michigan. i'm going to win michigan. it is not even the question. it is never even a question. michigan is not something they even talk about. i will win new jersey, ohio. florida. i will win virginia. i have great properties in virginia. charlottesville, we just talked about the winery in virginia. i have 600 acres on the potomac river. one of the great pieces of property in the world. very, very successful place. you know, a lot of employees in virginia. it seems when i have something when i am in virginia, i have a lot of employees, i have -- how good was that?
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he is a great young man and the weight he won -- the way he won the tournament. the world championship, it means you love this state. it means you have a lot of employees. you pay the employees. you take care of their health care, you take care of the education for their families. you take care of so many things. aunt you just do well. ,i think i'm going to do great there. i want to do great in ohio. i'm going to be working hard between the two. i have one of the greatest buildings in the world in chicago. rated the number one hotel in north america. i'm very proud of it. it is a great, great -- right on the river. and it is a great building. maybe we will do it in chicago. let's see what the press has to ask and then we will go home and go celebrate a lot of victories. go ahead. cbs. [inaudible question]
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mr. trump: you have to win. i know how to win. i've one. these people will tell you. have i won many championships? stand up. stand up. stand up. have i won many club championships? does trump know how to close? winning is winning. it is not easy to club championships. i like to close things out. so until the last person is , gone, we started with a field of 17. and now we are down to 4. one -- want to close things out. i have not even focused on hillary yeah. in many cases. i have all night. hillary is easy to be preachy is a flawed candidate.
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it is going to be a very, very easy target. if she is allowed to run. because there is a real question as to whether or not she is even going to be allowed to run. and, if the government is going to do its job properly she will not be allowed to run. [applause] mr. trump: go ahead, tom. nothing to say to marco. it was a rough night. i have actually had a good rubio,nship with marco but he became hostile a few weeks ago. it didn't work. hostility works for some people. it doesn't work for everyone. [laughter]
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mr. trump: he became very hostile. it doesn't work for him. he was better had he kept the original pitter patter going. but this did not work. [inaudible question] mr. trump: i have been outspent a everybody. look, i haveeauty, more money than all of them put together times 20. i'm a businessman. why should i spend the money? i have spent maybe $35 million. other people have spent $160 million. you have the numbers. in new hampshire i spent a million and a half dollars. someone else spent $48 million. what do be nice and we had a country that works that way? right? right? so, the cnn poll came out and i was 41. in fact, i was 49. second is 15 and 15. you know, i have spent less money than anybody else. now, the phony wall street
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journal poll came out. one, butm still number if you remember the poll from south carolina. it was the phony as most disgusting poll i've ever seen. i don't believe that poll. i don't know who is making of that poll. they should not pay that bill. i never pay bills when somebody does a bad job. they did such a bad job during the south carolina run. they had me practically dying in south carolina. they did that with a viciousness and vindictiveness. it looks like i was in trouble. then i won in a landslide. poll was wrong. and then the following day they came out with a national poll that was ridiculous. then they came out with another one. nbc jumped on it. what is wrong with them? that's not right. cnn came out with a pull. 49, a couple of days ago. i am still in first place. i believe there poll is wrong. boy did they turn out to be wrong in south carolina.
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ok? yeah, go ahead. [inaudible question] >> they accused you of being nonpresidential. the a word. the f word. were you embarrassed? mr. trump: i was concerned with that until i saw it. i think it is better than any ad i have ever taken out or myself. do you know why? i mean it. i heard about the ad. and i said, oh, i am not going to like this. but when i looked at it, i could be more presidential than anybody. i can be more presidential if i want to be. when i have 16 people coming at me with 16 different angles, you don't want to be so presidential. you have to win.
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you have to beat them back. i could be more than presidential. i could be more presidential that anybody other than the great abe lincoln. i saw that ad. people are sick and tired of being politically correct. i actually think that ad is good for me. because in some cases i was kidding and joking. i have a big audience. and i was joking. and the words are not so bad. in other cases i was showing anger and toughness that we need in our country. but, i watched that ad and i said, it shows a certain degree of anger and it shows a certain degree like we are not going to take it anymore. like a bunch of babies. very very stupid babies. i don't think it is a bad ad for me. if i had my choice of saying i could have it down or let it run, let it run. [applause] [inaudible question]
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>> a lot of parents are trying to figure out how to explain some of the language -- mr. trump: you are so politically correct. look at you. i know. oh, you have never heard a little off language or you are so perfect. aren't you just a perfect young man? hey, give me a break. you know it is stuff like that , that people in this country are tired of. it is stuff like that. [cheers and applause] [inaudible question] mr. trump: i have heard $39 million has been spent. i will be honest with you. i am very surprised. that is not 50% with two people. that is 50% with 4 people. that is a lot. that is shocking.
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that is like record-setting. a big difference. hillary running against one guy, bernie, you get a 50-52 -- i am running against three very competent people and i'm getting 50%. in michigan i'm close to 40% against a big group of people. i think that -- i will say this. i am a little bit surprised -- i was watching and i was watching adam scott hit that last great shot. i was watching the news. in one of the rooms. and every single advertisement was about me. and it was during my tournament. i go from tournament to horrible man. the most vicious ads. i mean, one of the reasons i brought the wine out and the water out and the steak out, and more wine and more water and i
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told you about trump university, one of the reasons is because of that. they hit me with this trump university. it is not even a big case. we're going to win the case. i could settle the case so easily. i don't want to settle it. it would be easier for me to settle it. i could settle it so easy. life youis, look, in have to do what is right. if you live by principal, i am a very highly principled person. if you live by principles you will do well. so -- what, just to finish. i must tell you i was surprised when i saw the viciousness of the ads, and viciousness of mitt romney. he was vicious. i mean, he gets up and he just that samehe used energy against obama. i think he would have won.
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no. [applause] mr. trump: if he used the same energy against obama he would have won. >> given your statement about hillary clinton do you agree you need to get mainstream american establishment republicans behind you. what do you say the ones who are trying to be in? you -- to beat you? mr. trump: let's come together folks. let's come together. not 100% but largely i would say yes. some people you are just not going to get along with. largely i would like to do that. believe it or not i am a unifier. you look at the things i've built. i am a unifier. i have great relations. i get along with you. campaign carl. i get along with people. i say this. i think it is time to unify. we have something special in the republican party.
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unfortunately, the people in the party called them the elites or whatever, those are the people that don't respect a yet. we have millions of people -- i discussed it before, we have millions and millions of people coming up and voting, largely for me. you know this. i have seen your report on this. it is a record. it is a record. it has never happened before. in 100 years what is happening now has never happened before. and the people of the party , whether you call the establishment or not, whether you call them the establishment or not, they should embrace it. the democrats would love to have what is happening. i have friends on the other side, they say, roy would we like that to happen. they are down 35%. there is no spirit there. we are way up with millions of people. what i say, embrace it.
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we will win the election easily. [applause] >> mitt romney, lindsey graham have been attacking you viciously. how can you win them back? and, do you think they are necessary? you are saying this is something different that has not happened in 100 years. are you changing the party? mr. trump: let's talk about that because it is so interesting. i am not changing the republican party because i am actually a conservative. nobody is more conservative than me on energy independence. nobody is more conservative than me on the military. nobody's more conservative than me on taking care of our great veterans, who are being absolutely maligned. nobody is more conservative than me on health care where we are going to repeal and replace on
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health care. and on common core, where we are getting rid of it. we have to start bringing it down to a level that is sustainable because we are going in the wrong direction. certainly, nobody is more conservative than me on the border. the one thing i think people can say is that on trade i am a free trader. i am also a smart trader. china,ot check -- let and i like china. they are wonderful but their leaders are too smart for our leaders. i do great with china. the bank of america i have because of china. in war, we thought. i will tell you, nobody is more conservative on trade. the problem i have is you have people that are in the national review, they are eggheads. no common sense whatsoever. it is not free trade when china
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charges tax to get our products in and they don't let our products in any way. and yet they take their products and they send it to us like nothing. we have a trade deficit with china of $500 billion a year. we have a trade deficit with japan of over $100 billion a year. we have a trade deficit of -- with mexico. that is why mexico's one to pay for the wall. $58 billion a year. 100%. these guys come up that i'm against and they say you're not going to get mexico to pay for the wall. of course i am. we have a trade deficit of mexico of $50 billion a year. you tell me i can't make that deal? that is an easy deal. so, the only thing, i love the question. the only thing i can say is that some people sam a conservative on trade. i want fair trade.
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i want free trade. trade, you opt of smart people on both sides and we don't have smart people on our side. i want fair trade. it has to be fair trade or fair and balanced trade. jeremy, go ahead. >> i want ask you about trade. staying on that topic. that's one of the planks of your campaign, the idea of fair trade. you talk about how the u.s. is getting killed by china. but of course there are some benefits to cheaper desperation in the u.s.. this gives cheaper goods for example. if you increase caps on some of my china. mr. trump: i know what you're going to say very nobody is listening to you, jeremy. let me just explain. the problem we have with trade, jeremy, jeremy. we have people on the other side
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that are grandmasters at monetary manipulation. they are manipulating currency to such an extent that our companies cannot compete with other companies and other nations. because of that, we are losing our jobs. if you take a look at how many jobs china as an example is take from us. it is not just china. china is the big abuse or because it is the biggest. china has taken millions of jobs, thousands of factories. what they've done to us is actually, it is the greatest theft in the history of the world. they've taken out so much money. and again, i love china. it is great. i don't hold anything against their leaders. i wish our leaders would do the same thing in reverse but they don't. and we cannot continue. i won michigan and i went up there. these people are credible people. you take a look at some of the factories that have in in there
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that moved to mexico. you take a look at, as an example, in chicago where you have the disco moves its big plant. they are closing their plant and moving to mexico. ford is building a $2.5 billion factory in mexico. we can continue to do it. carrier announced they are going to close. 1400 people laid off. they will build air-conditioners. david but them in mexico. how does that help us? [inaudible question] mr. trump: can i tell you what's going to happen? when china thinks you mean it , they're going to stop manipulating the currency. you won't even have to do anything. you might even have free trade. you didn't hear me. when china think you mean it, when japan think you mean it. that we're not going to let them cars is there telling us, you
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don't we sell to japan? radically nothing. they have cars coming in by the millions and we sell practically nothing. when japan things we mean it, they will stop playing around with the yen. they are a must as good as china. you look at what's happening with cut matsu trap dirt -- tractor. caterpillar is being hurt very badly not because their machines better, caterpillar makes a better machine. the currency manipulates and began have that. we are not supposed to do it. they have no fear of our government. they are dealing with babies. we are dealing with babies. they are grandmaster players and we have people that should be negotiating for us. we shouldn't. one more question. go ahead. i'm not good finish with her because she's never asked a decent question.
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>> win reelection comes up, would you support him? mr. trump: lindsey graham is probably a nice guy. i was tough on him because he is tough on me. i think he is probably a nice guy. i could probably get along with lindsey graham. i could probably get along with romney. i have nothing against mitt romney. i understand how he feels. he worked really hard, he should've worked harder. but he worked really hard and you didn't get there. i understand it. i could probably get along with mitt romney. i don't know mitt romney very well, i endorsed him, i helped him. i don't really know mitt romney. i could probably get along well with lindsey graham, but he goes on television and he is nasty. you have to be nasty back. i can get along with people. the bottom line is we have something going that is so good. we should grab each other and we should unify the party.
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nobody's going to beat us. thank you very much everybody, thank you. i appreciated. thank you very much. this year c-span's studentcam competition was one of our biggest yet as students competed for over $100,000 in prizes. students produced documentaries using a road to the white house theme, answering the question what question do you want the candidates to discuss the most during the campaign. the students told us the economy, equality and immigration were top issues. be sure to tune in this morning at 8:30 this eastern -- this morning will will announce our first place winner and the fan favorites like the by the public. watch live on c-span and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton held a campaign rally in cleveland. ohio hold its primary next tuesday. her remarks are 20 minutes.
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[applause] >> thank you so much. hello, cleveland. hello, ohio. [applause] [hillary chants] >> thank you so much.
6:39 am
thank you all so very much. [applause] i am very excited to be back here in cleveland. [applause] i especially am thrilled to be in the district of congresswoman marcia but. [applause] and in the city of mayor frank sachsen. [applause] have the county executive here, county executive arm and guided us. friend of some in years, congressman tim ryan. [applause] i am also pleased to be here
6:40 am
with all of you, to have this opportunity to talk about the campaign and the fact that this will be a busy week here in ohio. [applause] we are so excited to have a campaign building across the state and this campaign is about building a future where every american can live up to his or her full potential, no matter where you come from, what you look like or who you love. [applause] i believe this with all my heart, because it is the only way for america to live up to its full potential, if every american has the chance to live up to his or hers. we've a long way to go. in fact, the future that i
6:41 am
envision is going to take work from all of us. because i want to knock down every barrier that stands in the way. i want to knock down economic barriers. the health care barriers, the education barriers. the kind of challenges that people face every day. tonight, and you are going to do everything you .an in this next week along with people in florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, who are going to the polls. i hope you make your voice and your vote count as well. this has been -- [applause] this has been so far a campaign focused on the issues. and i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are running.
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[applause] we have our differences, which you can see you and we debate. tell you what, those differences pale in comparison to what is happening on the republican side. [applause] every time you think it can't get any uglier, they find a way. and as the rhetoric keeps sinking lower, the stakes in this election keep rising higher. now running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults, it should be about delivering results. [applause] that is what i am doing in this campaign and that is what i will do all the way through it because i want to talk about what working families are up
6:43 am
against across the country. i want to talk about how we have a new bargain so you can get ahead and stay ahead. [applause] >> in every industrial city, small town, farm country, indian country, every community that has been hollowed out by lost jobs and lost hope. don't let anybody tell you that we can't make it in america anymore. we can, we are, and we will. [applause] >> but in order to do that, we can't be talking about building back.or turning the clock we have to build on what made america great in the first place, our energy and optimism, our openness and creativity. nobody works harder than americans. nobodyinnovates better,
6:44 am
dreams bigger and if we work together, i know america will outcompete anybody anywhere in the world and create -- [applause] and create a future that will hold out the promise of america to every kid with a dream, every aspiring entrepreneur, everyone who works hard and does their part should be able to say, i can make it in america. [applause] ,> but to get there my friends we do need a real strategy. we have to invest in core american strength. i voted for the rescue funds that saved america's auto industry when it was on the brink. [applause] and as president, i will always stand by our auto workers and
6:45 am
automakers, i will also invest in manufacturing and small business and clean energy. [applause] some -- set some big goals. i want to install half a billion more solar panels and then enough clean energy to power every home in america, all within the next 10 years. and let's start creating more good jobs that cannot be outsourced. by repairing -- [applause] by repairing our failing infrastructure. including all of the dangerous water pipes not only under flint, michigan, but under a lot of americans cities. i know jackson, mississippi has a lead problem. so does cleveland, ohio. more than 14% of cleveland's kids have been exposed because of lead in paint.
6:46 am
we have problems in the paint, in the soil, in the water. and i want to stand right here in cleveland and tell you, as your president, i am -- find so for to have to be in that office -- [applause] we are going to tackle this lead problem everywhere our children are at risk. [applause] and we are to stand up to corporations that seem to have absolutely no loyalty to this country that gave them so much in the first place. [applause] nabisco laying off 600 workers in chicago and moving a production line out of the country. even though the economy has long received tax breaks from the state of illinois.
6:47 am
they have no problem taking taxpayer dollars in one hand and giving out pink slips with the other. look at the eden corporation in ohio. they get millions of dollars in tax credits and government contracts to make electrical equipment. but that has not stop them from using accounting tricks to move their headquarters overseas and avoid paying their fair share of taxes here at home. [boos] now they are shutting down a factory, a laminating more than 100 jobs, moving that work out of the country. and to top it off, they gave their ceo a payout worth more than $11 million. now, we should make corporations pay for these so-called inversions with a new exit fair. [applause]
6:48 am
know that ifies to they walk out on america, they are going to pay a price. and if they ship jobs overseas, we are going to make them give back the tax breaks. [applause] because we can take that money and we can put it to work investing in communities that are left behind and bring those jobs back to america. , ifthere should be no doubt you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayer, we will hold you accountable. [applause] but, when businesses do the right thing, we will stand with them. in shoring,rd innovation, investment and sharing profits with workers,
6:49 am
not just shareholders and top managers. [applause] everyone when companies treat workers like assets to be invested in, not cost to be cut. it is simple economics. america grows when your paycheck rose. [applause] know, i know the idea of corporate patriotism might sound quaint in an era of vast multinationals. but that is exactly what we need , because we really are all in this together. so we need to work together to break down all of the barriers holding back our families and our countries. and don't you think we have waited long enough for quality affordable childcare and pay -- paid family leave? [applause]
6:50 am
and don't you think it is time for equal pay for equal work for women? [applause] i sure do. and let's break down the barriers that top our children from getting the quality public education that they need and deserve. [applause] child should have a good school and a great teacher, and a matter what neighborhood therefrom. [applause] and let's break down the barriers so that all of our students can graduate from college debt free. [applause] and people already burdened by debt can pay it off as a fair percentage of their income with a definite and date. so you finish your obligations. [applause]
6:51 am
invest in our historically black colleges and universities which play such a vital role across our country. [applause] we have to break down all the barriers and those include ones bigotry still rooted in . in bias, in prejudice. is, more than half a century after rosa parks sat and dr. king marched and john lewis bled, we know race still plays a significant factor in who gets ahead in who gets left behind in america. we know that there are problems we have to be honest and face. when the young man, tenure rice, was shot. that was painful for everybody.
6:52 am
there are a lot of names we could be citing, not just from here, but from across our country. so i believe we have to invest in every community, we have to help everybody succeed because that will be good for all of us. [applause] [usa chant] that -- hasio's been very important in our history. you have given us a lot of trailblazers hear from cleveland. i knew andthat really cherished were lou stokes and the late great stephanie -- were successful people who really did so much in this community and for the state
6:53 am
and for our country. and i and proud that they were my friends. that we haved leaders like the ones i mentioned earlier who are helping us move into the future. here is what i want to know, when you run for a novice like this, it is a leap of faith. is we have important got the focus on how we bring our country back together. you know, the divisiveness, the mean-spiritedness, that is not going to move us forward. we need to stand united. trying to divide us between us and them it is wrong. it goes against our most cherished values. torica belongs to all of us not just those who are already successful. i want to be the president, not for those who are successful,
6:54 am
they don't need me. i want to be president for the struggling and the striving, for people who have a dream and who are looking for a way to achieve it. [applause] and we have got to resist forces trying to drive us apart, whether they are political forces are economic forces. there are a lot of about their. they seem to have forgotten what made us great in the first place. know, america is great, we don't have to make it great. [applause] we have to make it whole. and by that, i mean we have to get back to where we are supporting each other, but we are helping young people get involved in national service to read finding ways for just to give back to our community. everyone of us has a role to play in the future that we want, that is the spirit powering this
6:55 am
campaign and it comes from the more than 900,000 americans who have contributed. most, less than a hundred dollars. it comes from ernesto, a college student in defiance, ohio. he gave seven dollars to hillary because he says he wants a president who will help break barriers not only for latinos, but for all people. it comes from liza in texas whose child has down syndrome. money is tight she says. but she sent me $20 because she wants to unify our country and open up more opportunities for everybody. including for precious children like hers. i want you to join this campaign , please go to hillary or text join at 47246. when i did a note from people
6:56 am
like this and what i meet so many across country, yes they have the struggles in their own lives, but they still find it in their hearts to help others. i know that that is the people we are. we are better than what we are hearing in the political rhetoric of this time. we are better. [applause] we arebetter than what being offered by the republicans. seen the young people in flint, michigan working to help and heal their community. i have met entrepreneurs across this country in city after city where they are starting small businesses. i have met mothers who of lost their children to gun violence. they are turning their morning intuitive movement. all of them are living out what the scripture tells us, let us not grow weary in doing good.
6:57 am
for in due season, we shall reap if we do not lose heart. if we reach for love and kindness instead of cluster and , we can see the best in each other, not the worst. [applause] if we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, there is nothing we can't do together. you'm grateful to all of and i want you to know that if you work for me in this next week, as we move through this week of travel and door knocking if you work for me and you vote for me, i will work my heart out for you. [applause] i will work every single day. to make a difference in your life, to knock down the barriers that stand in your way, to make
6:58 am
sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential and that hours ande live up to our best days will still be ahead of us. thank you all and god bless you. [applause] ♪ >> during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house. onwe follow the candidates
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c-span, c-span radio, and >> washington journal is next, we will get an update on last night's presidential primary results and take your calls. attorney general loretta lynch testifies on capitol hill this morning. she is excited to get questions about the fbi and apple iphone legal case. we will join a senate judiciary hearing live in progress at 10:00 eastern. later in the day, agriculture secretary tom ville sack its question on his agency for budget request. that is a 2:00 eastern. coming up, we will talk to lori wallach about u.s. trade policy in the presidential race. then former oklahoma congressman j.c. watts gives his thoughts
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about the republican party of the 2016 campaign. we are going to announce the winners of our student cam documentary contest. you can join the conversation by phone or on facebook and twitter. ♪ good morning everyone. donald trump with wins in michigan, hawaii, and mississippi. he has 15 states under his belt. hillary clinton won in mississippi but suffered a blow in michigan. ted cruz won idaho's contest and bernie sanders one michigan. this morning, we want to begin with who you ar supporting right nowe and if that candidate is not the nominee, how will you vote? democrat -- republicans -- and independents --