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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 15, 2016 5:32am-6:00am EDT

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of transparency and accountability. t in :00y night at either :0 eastern on "q&a." republican presidential candidate donald trump spoke about trade, border security, and the iran nuclear deal. he's introduced by new jersey governor and former gop presidential candidate chris chris. -- chris christie. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the governor of the state of new jersey, chris christie. and the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump. [cheering] ♪
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[applause] gov. christie: good evening, ohio.
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my name is chris christie and i'm happy to tell you that tomorrow you will make ohio trump country. [cheering] america needs a strong leader to restore our hope and our strength and there is only one man to do it and that is donald trump. america needs someone in the white house who knows how to create jobs because he has done it and that man is donald trump. america needs a leader who will restore our military and have the backs of the men and the women in the army, and that is donald trump. america needs a leader who the rest of the world will respect because he is going to make america great again. that is donald trump. we do not need what you have to put up with here in ohio. higher spending from government.
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we don't need bigger sales taxes. we don't need that in washington. we need someone who will make government smaller, smarter and working for you, not the other way around, and that is donald trump. tomorrow, tomorrow, we need each and every one of you. your family, your friends, the people you work with, your neighbors to get out to the polls and make sure you vote for the person who will make america great again. donald j. trump. it is so great to see such a great crowd here today. we want you to go home after this, get some sleep, get up tomorrow morning, get to the polls and make america great again with donald trump. ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and my privilege to introduce to you the next president of the united states, donald j. trump.
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[applause] mr. trump: wow, thank you. thank you, chris. so great. i got a call a couple of weeks ago from chris christie and he said i really think what has happened. it is something special. whether it is momentum or whatever, we have something going that people have not seen before. it is really a drive. honestly, they are talking about one of the greatest things they have seen on political history. it has been on the cover of "time," every newspaper. it is really something special. we are going to make our country so much better. it is going to be great again and it is going to happen quickly. [applause] so, i just wanted to -- i changed my plans a little bit. we are doing great in florida,
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great in illinois. missouri, i think we will have a tremendous day. i have to come out here and explain a couple of things because what is going on -- i don't know if you read "the art of the deal," but i worked for a long time in ohio. it was in cincinnati. it was a great success. it was a horrible job. it was a mess. i took it over, i fixed it. i come out here all the time. i bought it for x and sold it for x. after that, the job did not do too well but we were gone. usually we hold but this time we did not. it gave me an unbelievable feeling for the people of ohio. i have stayed here, work here, and i love the people of ohio. it was really one of my first big jobs.
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1164 units and we bought it from the fha for nothing and sold it for a lot of money. it is like if you are a baseball player and you get that first hit, or if you are a golfer. it gave me a great confidence and i have always loved this place. i just wanted to tell you that, folks. thank you, thank you. this all began very strongly in june. june 16, to be exact. i said to my wife, we have to do this. this is something we have to do. our country is being so badly led, led into this horrible deal with iran. this deal will repay $350 billion. we get nothing. we should have never started negotiating the deal until we got our prisoners back. [applause] they never once walked, did
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anything. constantly, you would see back in iran, people dancing in the streets before the deal was done. they are dancing, calling us all stupid. the deal was a joke. it was a joke. it was one of the worst negotiated transaction of any kind i have ever seen. they could have walked, they could have gone in and said before we start, we need our prisoners back. this would be 3.5, four years ago. they would have said no. the persians being great negotiators. and then, we get up and walk and we go out and doubled up the sanctions. within 24 hours, they would call back and say we are giving you back the prisoners. then, we go in a second time and say, listen, we have a problem. we owe $19 trillion. we cannot give you the $150
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billion back. cannot do it. i tell that story. some of the media who, by the way, are the most dishonest people on earth. the worst. [applause] [booing] mr. trump: boo. so true. so true. like, look at his massive crowd in this big hangar. we set this up like, what, 15 hours ago, right? just look, because i wanted to come up. this is a place i want to win. this is going to do it. ohio is going to make america great again. [applause] kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. he can do it. if you didn't hit oil, you would have had a disaster.
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this would have been as bad as any of them. you got lucky. oil has now gone way down but yet your budget has gone up 35% more than any other state in the united states. that means you will have a big problem. it has are even talked about. two days ago, i was in cleveland. it was unbelievable. like, 25,000 people. just before i went on, one of the managers of the arena came over. patrick and raymond park, they own it. they do a beautiful job. he said it is so sad. right over there, edencorp going to mexico. ford going to mexico. he pointed to other places and i said, wow, that is sad. that is what is happening,
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folks. with me, it will not happen anymore. we will not be the dummies anymore. we are not going to be the dummies anymore. [applause] you are losing your job, your income, your factories. they are going to china, going to mexico. japan is killing us with the cars. now it is vietnam, india, everybody. we don't make good deals anymore. we don't win anymore. where do we win? we lose on trade, the military. we cannot beat isis. we can't beat isis. here we have a military and cannot beat isis. we all know how to win anymore. it is not in our culture anymore. the old expression, to the victor belong the spoils. i did not want to go in. you are going to destabilize the entire middle east and they went into iraq and it was a mistake. now, obama gets out.
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the way he got out was so bad. he puts out a date. the enemy says, wow. they cannot believe it. he pushes out a date. bad thing to do. in all fairness, we should not have been there but we should have left some troops behind. iran is taking over iraq. iraq as the second largest oil reserves in the world. the iran deal -- i used to say one of the greatest deals i have ever seen was the iran deal, but actually, the greatest deal i have seen is just now. iran is taking over iraq. second largest oil reserves in the world. that is the greatest deal. they have been fighting with the iraq forever and they go 10 feet one-way, 10 feet the other way and then they rest. then they go again. for years and years, they fought.
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but they were the same. they were equal military strength. saddam hussein would drop gas. they would complain, they would drop gas. this went on forever. and then we obliterated one of the two powers. to me, it was obvious. i said, don't do it. now, iran is taking over iraq. iran is going in with yemen. they don't want yemen, but they like the long, big, beautiful border that separates yemen from saudi arabia. i've been pretty good with these predictions. when i wrote a book in the year 2000, i mentioned in the book osama bin laden. everybody said don't forget that was a year and a half before the world trade center came down. everybody said, i don't believe it. an announcer in the morning said, wait a minute. trump was talking about osama bin laden before he knocked down the world trade center.
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the guy said no way and they looked at the book. that is what i did. we had to take them out. we had opportunities to take him out. i'm good on the prognostication. years ago, i did this whole crazy political thing. we have been supporters and friends for a long time. i said take the oil. i did not want to be there, but now we are. if you are going to leave, take the oil, take the oil. i kept saying that and they said you cannot take the oil. what a terrible thing. this is a sovereign country. a country that was blown off the face of the earth. you have the leaders that were left behind were totally corrupt. [applause]
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horrible. these were corrupt people. that is what happened with isis. they would not include these people and isis turned out to be a lot tougher and smarter than the people we chose. they did not include them. who has the oil? iran has the oil and isis. what do we have? we spent years there. $2 trillion in costs. thousands of lives, wounded warriors who we love all over the place. what do we have? we have nothing. if our leaders would have gone away, tell them to go away to the beach and sun themselves for four years, we would have been better off. saddam hussein was not a good person. who cares? he was great at killing terrorists. he would kill terrorists. now iraq is harvard university for terrorists. that is what they do. they kill.
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we don't do -- they develop terrorists all over the place now. it is far worse than before we started. in the meantime, we have our country. it is crumbling. you look at our airports, hospitals, roads and highways, the bridges are falling down. you look at our schools. our country is falling apart. we have become third world in many respects. you go to dubai, qatar, some of these places and you land at airports. you say, oh, man, look at this airport. i was in qatar and they were showing me this beautiful airport. i said akbar -- nice guy. i get along with everybody. they were showing me, the head of the airline -- this is this
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and this is that. we have spas for the people. i said this is beautiful. he said, no, no, this is just a temporary. the real airport is being built over there. i get back on my plane and land in laguardia with potholes all over them. we are becoming third world. here is a story. it is so important to vote tomorrow. you got to vote. if you have a headache -- [applause] if you are dying, i mean, if you are dying -- if you just went to your doctor, although that would cost too much because of obamacare. we are repealing and replacing obamacare. [applause] but if you go to your doctor and he tells you it is over, it is just done. you are done.
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you are going to be dead in three weeks. doesn't matter. get out tomorrow and vote. think about your children, your family. get out tomorrow and vote, ok? you got to do it. it is a movement like they have not seen. i tell you what, the cover of "time" four times, take a look. that is what they are writing. the single biggest story in politics today in the world is what is happening, of all things, to the republican party. we had a party that was obsolete. mitt romney could not run for dog catcher. this guy was a disaster. we had a party that should have one the last election. i backed mccain, he lost. i backed romney, he lost. i said this time we are going to do it ourselves, folks. we are going to do it right.
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[applause] we got to do it right. so, the biggest story in politics worldwide, it is all over the world, is what is happening with the republican party. here is the story -- i have won 16 states. i think we will have a great day tomorrow. [applause] the one's that is closest is you get out and vote. i think we will have a phenomenal day. florida is looking fantastic. florida is really looking -- a senator that does not show up to vote. how would you like to have a senator that does not show up to vote? you cannot have that either but florida is looking really fantastic. they have a little bit of the same characteristics. you have rubio who does not vote. and your governor is absentee. he goes -- listen to this because i know.
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i still work. i have a job. so, your governor kasich, if you look at him -- i'm being totally impartial. he goes to new hampshire, he is living in new hampshire. where's chris? even more than chris christie, he was there. right? even more. i hated to do that, but i had to make my point. he goes to new hampshire. he lives there. he loses badly. he gets killed. i win in a landslide. i love the people of new hampshire. they gave me my first big victory and it was early on. everybody wants to win iowa so they can win new hampshire, i won new hampshire. we go to south carolina. i'm not supposed to win that because it is heavily evangelical, but i'm a great christian and i understand evangelicals.
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an evangelical is smart and they don't want to remember -- lying ted cruz. he is lying ted cruz. he walks in with his nonsense, his phony stuff. he lifts the bible up high and says here i am, i'm lying ted cruz and then he starts lying for the whole night. he knows what your position is. he tells people of the opposite. what he did to ben carson, who just endorse me by the way. [applause] great guy. in iowa, ben was doing really well and i was. ted cruz said that ben carson just quit the race and the voting was not close to ending. right after the race ended, he called him and apologized. give me a break. i don't know if ben has forgotten that were forgiven that. ben endorsed me a couple of days ago.
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you know who else endorsed me was sheriff joe. you know you are tough on the borders if he endorses you. we have sheriff joe. we have sarah palin who endorsed. jerry falwell, jr. from liberty university -- so great. he really helped me with evangelicals. we go to south carolina and that is going to be ted cruz country. that is lying ted cruz country. we go and everybody says he is going to win. who wins? trump. who gets the military, the vets -- because when they are leaving, they do the polls. i won with the military, the vets, evangelicals, everybody. i won with women, men.
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i won with highly educated. i won with less than highly educated. we won with every single category. it has been great. same thing with nevada. i win with nevada in a landslide. the big thing is this -- i say hello to the people that work at the polling booths. a woman comes up to me in new hampshire and she says you know what, i have been doing this for 40 years. in 40 years, we used to have three people, another four people. it was very light. i looked at the lines. they were five blocks long. we have taken in millions and millions and millions of people within the republican party. they came out from the democrats. they came as the independents. the thing i'm most proud of -- i see it when i sign and shake cans with people -- every 20th person says, you know, i have never, ever voted before. we are talking about 40-year-old
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people. are you going to vote? have you never voted before? thank you. that is so cool. who has never voted before? wow. and you are all voting, right? i'm telling you. they just said it on one of the stations coming in. it is a phenomena and it is phenomenal. so many people. they said i never wanted to vote because i have never seen anybody i wanted to vote for. we have the democrats and we are up millions and millions of votes. it is interesting. i watched lying ted a little while ago and he was saying i'm the only one -- he is a good debater but he cannot talk -- he says on the only one who can beat trump.
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i beat him five times. it is like a professional debate artist. i have won every debate. i don't understand it. according to drudge, they do the polls after the debates. after every single debate, time magazine, drudge, they do polls. i think i have won every single one. really. lying ted goes, i have to tell you, i'm the only one who can stop trump. nobody else. i have beaten him five times. and then i said to myself, is anybody going to speak up? nobody does. at the debate, he says i have been him five times. and i said, yeah, but i have been you 15 times. [applause]
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i don't know. he is lying ted. so important. we have so many different problems. i want to read you something because i love it. we need security. we need borders. we are going to build a wall. the wall will be built. [applause] the wall is going to be built, 100%. build that wall, build that wall, build that wall. [chanting] it is going to be built. and, and, who's going to pay for the wall? mexico. 100%. we have a trade deficit with mexico, folks. they used to say you cannot build a wall and then i said the great wall of china is 13,000 miles long, much bigger, and it was built 2000 years ago.
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why can't we? the other day, i hear these guys saying we're going to build a wall. my wife heard it and she said i think they just said that. then, they say, you cannot get mexico to pay for the wall. ok, remember this -- anybody in the audience can do it. almost everybody in the audience is smarter than the people running our country. [applause] remember this, remember this. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. a lot of money. it is going to be like the old post office. under budget, ahead of schedule -- it is going to be a great. the thing i do best is build. we are going to build it.
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it is going to cost $10 billion. that looks pretty good. that is up there. they don't build them like they used to. it is going to be right up there. probably higher than that. 45-50 feet. here is the story. so, they say, you are never going to be able to get mexico to pay 100%. no way, these are the people of running against. we have a trade deficit with mexico. $58 billion, right? the wall is going to cost $10 billion. they are going to pay for the wall. when you have $58 billion, and you want $10 billion to pay for the wall -- there are various ways they can do it and i'm not pushy.
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they are going to pay for the wall. so easy. you probably saw this the other day. vicente fox, the ex-president. what did he do? he threw out the "f" bomb. if i did that, i would get the electric chair. they would say it is the electric chair. nobody even talked about it. what he did was good because he said there was no way we are going to pay for the you know what wall. vicente. there is no way -- really angry and arrogant. i love the people of mexico.