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tv   Ted Cruz News Conference in Douglas Arizona  CSPAN  March 18, 2016 9:40pm-10:04pm EDT

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the c-span a city store, working with our cable affiliates and visiting city across the country. presidential candidate ted cruz held a meeting in arizona to talk about border security. perry andned by rick a law enforcement. it is 20 minutes. >> good evening everyone, i am marked, the sheriff in this county. i want to say thank you to the for coming out here and bringing true awareness and educating senator cruz and governor perry on what is going on in our border. we could get more people in washington, d.c. to see what is going on in here. the true life for people who live on the border. that being said, i want to
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introduce governor rick perry from texas and thank him for being here today. perry: a great privilege to be here in southern arizona, and i want to add my family.o the glen there are reflective of the generations of americans who have made this country what it is. hard-working souls who want to ranch and do what they love to do in peace and prosperity. but in the last decade plus, living in peace is harder to accomplish because the federal government has failed miserably at securing the border. i am here not only as a former governor of a state which runs 400 miles, this border is not monolithic. it is different from brownsville, to el paso, to tijuana. this is a very different border.
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you have to have a lot of different approaches to it. what we heard today from these of ranchers that deal with this every day, certainly a different approach than what we hear our federal counterparts talking about. they understand that to really address this issue, a federal issue, they have to work with the local individuals and local law enforcement, they have to legislatures,l the speaker of the house, who is here today. he understands all those things. andthe person who hears understands it as well as anyone is a senator ted cruz. senator ted cruz understands to what the constitutional responsibility is for the federal government to defend and secure this border. he understands what this tenth amendment means.
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giving power back to the states and allowing them to be competitive. i made the decision to support senator cruz to be the next president of the my -- united states because he is a dedicated constitutionalist who wakes up every day and will test the with ours he has united states constitution. one of those enumerated issues in our constitution is to secure the border with mexico. i want a president who understands that, respects it. who does notident just give a mouse service to it. service to it.h i want a president that secures this border and brings out the best in us, not the worst in us. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, ted cruz. [applause]
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sen. cruz: thank you governor. it is great to be here in the state of arizona. thank you to the glen family for your hospitality. thank you for the amazing arizona meal we just had, and the opportunity to tour the border and hear from ranchers and landowners down here. sheriff, thank you for being here. your leadership and your public service. thank you for risking your life, you and the men and women who work with you, risking your life to keep us safe. we are so grateful to the law enforcement all along our southern borders. day to day threat of drug cartels coming across, transnational criminal organizations that are terrorizing communities. thank you for your leadership, i know it is important and significant to have the first speaker of the house from
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arizona in a decade, and thank you for giving a strong voice to the men and women here in the state legislature. , thank you so much for your friendship, incredible leadership, your service. thank you for dealing with these problems every day for 14 years as governor of texas. and when the federal government failed to step in and do its job, thank you for your leadership to the state of texas, deploying resources and manpower along the border to address this problem. today, we just finished having lunch, and i have the opportunity to visit with ranchers down here in southern arizona. i spent most of the time just listening and hearing their stories. hearing the volume of traffic every day. across cartels smuggling . groups coming across with backpacks filled with drugs.
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groups that were heavily armed. storyd one rancher tell a of the cartel, at least one of the smugglers monitoring her, finding where she keeps the key. and this drug smuggler would, with some regularity, come to her home, user key, unlock her front door, take a shower, make a meal, wash the dishes, go to bed, sleep, leave, and locked the door behind him. i want you folks to think how you would feel about a drug smuggler monitoring you, and entering and leaving your home with impunity. every rancher here describes break-ins they say are just a routine matter of living near the border. president obama tells us the border is secure. to move thete him
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white house down to the southern border to see how secure it is. the ranchers here deal every day with the threat, the threats that tragically took the life of a well respected rancher not far from here. threats that challenge our basic safety and security. ranchers thefrom experience of encountering the bodies of dead people. coyotes.doned by underscoring that the people smuggling, the illegal aliens into america, are not goodhearted social workers with beards and birkenstocks. there are hardened, violence, vicious criminals. and far too often, they abandon women or children. those who are sick, they abandon
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in the desert to die. this is a national security crisis. and it is a crisis that the federal government is refusing to do its job and solve. i will tell you one individual here with me today who has experienced firsthand the consequences of that. grants, was murdered here in arizona. old, had a9 years promising future ahead of him, was working at a convenience store, when an illegal alien change, but a handful of on a counter and demanded some cigarettes. grant began counting out the alien, when this illegal pulled out a gun and put it in his face. grant quickly grabbed the cigarettes and just gave them to him. other thanreason
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evil, malice, and hatred, this illegal alien shot and killed grant. he had been in and out of jail, a known criminal. he should not have been in america, he should have been deported. he should have been incarcerated. he should not have been in a 19-year-old boys , andthe barrel of a gun are murdered because the federal government refuses to do its job. steve, thank you for being here. we mourn the loss of your son. steve's story is far too common. in every state of the union, there are people who have lost their lives to criminal, illegal aliens.
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francisco, my texas, families who lost their little girls in a horrific crime. for far too long, we have had a president, a federal government who does not do its job. ones striking, whether you are in arizona or texas, when you visit with ranchers and those who live on the border, the answers you hear are the same. the uncertainty, the threats, people crossing your land regularly with impunity, the unwillingness to go up and confront them because you are taking your life in your hands. question i asked in every conversation, how do we
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solve this problem? far too many in the media suggest we cannot solve the problem. that is a lie. we know how to solve this problem, what is missing, is a supports -- he handcuffed the border patrol. a lot of the brave men and women serving in the border control. and morale is at its lowest. when you have a president, political operatives who oppose your basic mission and punish you when you enforce the law, it becomes very difficult to do your job, and do it effectively. thisow how to solve problem. what is missing is the political will to get it done. the most important tool for solving and securing the border is boots on the ground. it is the answer every rancher here said. texas, and all across the
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country on the border, nothing more important than having boots on the ground. to be able to direct those boots on the ground quickly, not be there in six hours, but be there quickly. rapid response. response, not 30 or 50 miles in, but on the border. a focus on prevention at the border, turning people around. a visible, uniformed presence. boots on the ground. government,ral should not be trading -- treating law enforcement like their adversaries. we are lucky to have state and local law enforcement's here today, they do not have the resources to solve this problem. the federal government should be working hand-in-hand with state and local law enforcement to solve this problem. we have had a president for
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seven years who does not want to see it. ini am elected president january 2017, that is going to end. we will solve this problem, we will secure the border, and we will end illegal immigration. [applause] rattlesnake shoes? >> mitt romney is planning to vote for you, but not explicitly supporting you. leaders knowparate who they don't want to be the nominee, but not fully decided on what -- who they do want to be the nominee. why have mitt romney and others not endorsed you in a full-hearted way? sen. cruz: i appreciated his kind tweet today that he would vote for me in the utah election and encouraged others to do the same. book, when someone
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says i am voting for you and encourage others to vote for you, that is pretty darn good. i will take that happily. >> what is that tell you? sen. cruz: we are seeing republicans come together and unite. all across this country. campaign, this primary started with 17 candidates. a fantastic, diverse, young, talented field. it has now narrowed genetically. as a practical matter, there are only two candidates with any plausible path to winning the nomination, either donald trump or me. that 65%-70%eing, of republicans recognize that donald trump would be a disaster. if we nominate donald trump, hillary clinton wins. if we nominate donald trump and hillary clinton becomes president, this border does not get secured. if hillary clinton becomes
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president, we lose the supreme court for a generation, we lose the bill of rights, we lose our second amendment. if hillary clinton becomes president, our children are buried in a mountain of debt and their futures are put into jeopardy. seeing, across the spectrum, republicans uniting behind our campaign. as mitt romney observed today, if you want to beat donald trump, cruz is the only campaign that can do it. that is why he is voting for me in utah. he explicitly observed that a vote for john kasich only helps donald trump. seeing,amic that we are to be standing here with governor rick perry, to be standing later today with carly fiorina, tuesday republicans all across this country coming together and uniting, is tremendously encouraging. both arizona and utah, when you
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vote on tuesday, are going to have a powerful national voice for this country. been no secret that the washington establishment is not a huge fan of yours. some relationships are preventing folks from washington -- to seeuz: i am grateful the unity we are seeing, so many republicans ending together behind our campaign. there is no doubt, that every day i have been in washington, i have been standing up for washington. it is the reason so many americans are energized and excited by our campaign. we have seen for a long time, the washington cartel, career politicians in both parties that get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests. it is why people are frustrated and angry. we arbitrate, tired of being lied to. are betrayed, tired
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of being lied to. i stand up to members of my own party. and i honor the commitments i made two texans when they elected me. i promise that if you elect me, i will fight with every breath in my body. stop the disaster that is obamacare, stop amnesty and secure the border, stop the debt that is bankrupting our children and grandchildren, to defend religious liberty, and the bill of rights. every day in the senate i have honored that promise and stood with the american people against the corruption of washington. we welcome the support of everyone. we welcome everyone with open arms. part of the process of a primary is uniting everyone. but i would know, they are uniting behind a strong conservative, optimistic message for this country. we are going to change the direction this country is going. we are going to turn away from the manifest failure in the economy, and bring back millions of high paying jobs.
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we will repeal every word of obamacare, and adopt a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. we will pull back the federal regulators that are killing small businesses. -- that will end up weight raising wages. students straight out of school multiple job opportunities. republicans are uniting behind an optimistic conservative agenda, one that offend -- defend the hard-working taxpayers. on the border today, it was unsecured thehow border is. the fencing was minimal. indeed, if we stopped and stood on the border, several of the folks here in the media taking pictures decided they would get a better picture from the other side of the fence so they climbed it and crossed illegally into the nation of mexico.
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took all of 10 seconds to climb the fence to get a better shot from another nation. any of thee if mexican authorities will be arresting them. but this is not a complicated endeavor. you know, if you're a drug coyote, bringing hundreds of pounds of heroin, cocaine, or marijuana, and the drug issue in this country is devastating, people dying from drug overdoses, heroin is destroying the lives of our young people. and that unsecured border is part of the reason, when it is so easy you can hop the fence. my five-year-old daughter could have climbed it or gone under in 20 seconds. that is indicative of a federal government not doing its job. that is not even trying to do with job.
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one of the important things to remember, we don't have to change the laws to solve this problem. we have plenty of laws on the books. is, a federal government and a president that does not enforce laws. what is missing is the political will. a couple years ago, the obama administration released over 104,000 criminal, illegal immigrants. violence, sexual assault convictions. i have to wonder, how president inma would look in the eye some like steve. how do you defend the government that releases murderers? have you confront families? when i asked her what she would say to the families of those murdered by criminal illegal
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aliens released by her administration, she had no answer to that. in 2017, isstarting we are going to use the full force of power of the federal government to secure these borders, working in close court with state and local law enforcement. we will solve this problem, and this border will be secure. >> donald trump calling you a liar? tossingz: donald trump out insult is nothing new. that has been every day of the campaign, i'm sure it will continue. you can follow a direct measurement of just how worried and just how upset donald is, by how many insults and how much he is cursing on that given day. i will say it is an interesting experience to run for office against donald trump. you wake up in the morning and you look at twitter, look at your e-mail, to see the latest insult he is tossed in your
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direction. i have no intention of responding. -- like a junior high child. this election should not be about insult and attacks. communitythe lds appreciate donald trump's advice on how to practice their faith. i somehow suspect that advice is in the years of the faith. >> during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house, as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span .adio, and presidential campaign four west as candidates by
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arizona, idaho, and utah. we will have results here on c-span tuesday night, and you can follow all our road to the white house coverage at hall meeting in orem, utah, john kasich discusses his chances of securing the republican nomination and how he will fare against hillary clinton in the general election. this is one hour. ♪ >> we are delighted to be here, to have all of you today. -- to have all of you here today. first, i want to tell you why i support john kasich as the next president of the united states. [applause] co


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