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tv   Republican National Convention  CSPAN  July 18, 2016 7:00pm-12:01am EDT

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[gavel] >> point of information? steve womack: the chair note recognizes the delegate from the state of west virginia for the purposes of authoring a resignation. kotter from west virginia. i offer the following resolution and ask for it immediate consideration. resolved the report on the platform be considered as adopted. mr. chairman, for the purposes of explaining the report only, i am honored to yield to the cochairs of the committee, senator john barrasso, governor mary fallin, and congresswoman virginia foxx. thank you.
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♪ >> good evening and welcome to c-span's live gavel to gavel coverage of the republican national convention. delegates are returning to the quicken loans arena and cleveland, ohio after an afternoon session that included a spoiled rules challenge. 7:50java will come down at p.m., and the event focuses on national security issues and a speech by melania trump. skyboxgs from c-span's overlooking the podium here at quicken loans center. we are setting the stage what is happening tonight, both from a policy and politics standpoint. we have the washington bureau chief of the wall street journal, and he begins the -- after this afternoon's events, how does this all play out for the party,
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its message of unity around donald trump's candidacy? >> what happened was the last gasp of the stop trump, never trump movement. this is an attempt to force a vote on the floor, a public vote that would allow delegates to be unbound, to vote their consciousness, not broker donald trump even if states hold them in the primary election to do so. i will not succeed, but people pushing that idea want to have public roll call vote to show how much sentiment in that direction there was here. that will not happen. neverk the never stop, -- trump, stop trump movement is over. create a try to greater sense of unity here now that has passed. susan: we have got so much to talk to you about. steve scully is on the floor to learn more about how this production has been put together.
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steve: to take up on that point behind the scenes, this is from someone previously of nbc. we talk to you every convention. you were hired by the rnc to serve as executive producer. let me ask you about what was happening behind the scenes as you are putting this together this afternoon and the debate and for fossil over the -- ker fuffle over the rules? >> the official proceedings votes were actually handling all of the official work. the bottom line on this convention, there will always be transparent wherever it plays out, that is what they want to see. my hands were not tied. everything was shown as you seen on tv. steve: did unfold the way you had planned? >> yes. i will say yes because we were prepared. we were prepared to cover it, for for americans to see what was happening. steve: you were behind the
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podium. explain your job tonight and this week. to thisthree prongs convention, official proceedings, campaign, and production. i am in the production room. my job is to pull this together from a production standpoint, work on timings and collaborate, what elements together with graphics and set design and things like that. steve: are you prepared for any other unexpected events, or will this be more typical of the past? >> i would say this political season has been nontypical across the board so far. we are so prepared to cover this. it is great story. it is exciting. i hope american voters get the information they need. steve: how did your years at nbc train you? the reason i was hired in 2012 is because this is a news event, and they want an approach like a news event. my years at nbc, i could apply it here like from the other side.
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so from the openness of the convention side, they were asking for my advice, how do we make it better, open it up to the media. so i'm assisted in that regard. steve: we will that you get back to work. thank you for joining us. phil: always a pleasure. susan: thank you, steve scully. fill a laundry -- phil alongi referring to this as atypical. steve: understatement of the century, perhaps. want to pick up on some seems you have found in recent columns. we have learned over the last couple of hours there has been another attack in europe, this time on a train in germany. tonight for their publican party is national security theme. how would you say this party is positioning itself versus hillary clinton on national security issues, and how it
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matters to the public right now with the mood in the country? afort saidnn earlier tonight, making america safe again. we don't know how president that would be the night of the convention actually arrived. so you have seen domestic violence and international violence kind of coming together. you will see a mixture of both. what has happened since the polite -- police shooting in dallas, you have [indiscernible] donald trump himself and his mike pence, they have declared we are the law and order team, law and order ticket, law and order party. this is something you will hear a lot of. some people will be frightened you were talking about potentially added police tactics. in either case, it is a topic that is relevant on the international and local levels.
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we later about benghazi as a way of saying to delegates here and voters watching on tv's that secretary clinton decisions in that -- watching on tv the secretary clinton's decisions were not good. that will be up for debate in the fall. susan: i would like to show viewers at home a lineup of the speakers tonight. they include senator tom cotton of arkansas, senator jeff sessions of alabama, rudy giuliani, of course the former new york mayor. melania trump will be speaking tonight, not part of the national security lineup. this is traditionally the night where the first spouse makes their presentation, and their continuing that with this. lieutenant general michael flynn, senator joni ernst of iowa and representative ryan zinke he. there are quite a number of names on that short list among the people that were being
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vetted for possible running mate for donald trump. as you watched that selection process play out, what did you learn about how he is building coalitions and ringing people into his fold? >> there were a lot of reasons to reach mike pence, but the biggest one in retrospect may have been the attempt to use him to create a little more party unity. mike pence speaks to parts of the republican party that have doubts about donald trump. evangelical community, the movement conservatives, and to some extent the elected officials. they are not all governors in the midwest. state ofthat run this ohio, john kasich, has not jumped on the trump bandwagon. my guess is conservative republican governors have done so. -- mike pence is a conservative republican governor who has done so. first and foremost, the mission of mike pence is to create more
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party unity for donald trump. susan: whale we are talking about the lineup, melania trump has not been much of this much here. what are the opportunities to be introduced to the public tonight. one of the things the trump campaign manager do is present donald trump as a fully formed man, not a political leader and a slasher who is a parity in primary debates, but shown as a business leader and family man so there is a more well-rounded picture of him that emerges. you will see literally every night some member of his family. tonight it is melania, his wife. taking primetime and talking about donald trump as a family man. she takes it off tonight. the more important one conceivably may be later in the week when his children do the same thing. they have been the most directly involved in the campaign. they will speak of him as a father and a business leader
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they work with and a political leader. topic.this is a big i would like to take a couple of minutes and really flesh this out for our viewers. yous struck by a column wrote asking whether or not donald trump was renting the party for this cycle or whether or not he was the new direction of the republican party. you talked about how the party may have been chanting, -- changing. talk about this. >> donald trump speaks to a different republican party than you saw for 16 years ago. it is a more populist party, a party that is more populated by people with lower education levels, possibly. different expectations of what the government is going to do. republicans who are unhappy with not only the way the government has worked or not worked for them, but also the republican party leadership, this is a different phase of the
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republican party. the question is, is that the part donald trump has brought to the surface, or is it transformation of the party where he brought in new people? the question to get at is, whether this is a fluke. is donald trump and unconventional republican, not a movement conservative in many ways, hostile to the business community, ironically that has been the backbone for the public and party for a long time -- whether he got the nomination because of the injury -- angry electorate and the large field of other candidates who fought each other off, or does he represent a new, more populous, more working class version of the republican party than we have seen in the last generation? we don't know yet, and the answer will be determined by whether he wins or not in the fall. think this, i convention is a convention for that self identity question the republicans on the table.
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susan: when we come back, we talk about how 2008 and the economic crisis may have laid the scene for donald trump's candidacy eerie let's return to steve scully on the floor. steve: we are on the floor with john spicer, communications director for the republican national committee. walk us through the scene tonight and the rest of the week. the overall theme is make america great. tonight is make america safe. you will hear from veterans, talk about national security, foreign policy, but we need to do to make the country safe. are seeingwe domestically, very recently in the news we are seeing throughout the country. trump will have people talk about that. you have folks from benghazi talking, contrasting differently the agenda mr. trump has and the andda hillary clinton has the national security lapse she had during secretary of state and the vote for the u.s. senator.
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you will talk about senators, veterans. is anor rick perry veteran. joni ernst, senator from iowa, a veteran. marcus luttrell, navy seal. tom cotton, army veteran. he was the a lot of these guys, ryan zinke speaking from montana. a lot of veterans talking about national security, foreign policy, keeping americans safe. then we go to make america work tomorrow, talking about jobs and the economy, giving the american worker a job. then we go to a make america first, make america one. this is talking about this country and what donald trump is doing to make the country great again. steve: making america one is the challenge that this party is united. it is one of the reason he selected mike pence. but there are delegates that left this afternoon, they were
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upset. how do you bring this party together based on what happened earlier. sean: there is -- let's be honest. no convention do you gather 5000 people and all things -- all sing kumbaya. we kicked it off here first of -- some people are very passionate about the candidate. at the end of the day, we saw 44 states and all the territories, 100% behind donald trump. a few states have a candidate that are not 100% behind us. it is a vocal minority and a very small minority in fact. we will continue to talk and have speakers talk about donald trump and the republican party. we walked out of the convention, we will beat really, really unified. if you look at the party, the viewers watched the convention in philly, you still see a lot of bitterness with the bernie sanders folks on the far left with hillary clinton.
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our divide is rather small compared to theirs. steve: a money question, do you have enough money for this convention? sean: the lights are on, this week -- speakers are here. what people don't realize is you really need to do this kind of buildout. money in the bank 30 days out. we built the best convention. you saw phil. his team created the best setup in convention history. have a see we did not money problem. we are always looking for more. people can donate if they can. does one look around, c-span viewers can get different angles, we will show you how great we did with the money we had. steve: director for the republican national committee, thank you. susan: , we show you what it looks like outside the convention center as the delegates are coming back. tents are the beginning of the security process for people coming through.
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the other washington bureau chief. ever since 2001, the security has been high. this time around, are you seeing more security than the last cycle? gerald: it sort of blurs. there is so much security here. there was so much in 2012. i think the perimeter around the arena that is designed to keep bad guys out field a little more solid and maybe a little more well guarded. there are a lot of law enforcement officers on the street. every four years, we ramp up, but it is a question of degree. this has been the reality for the last several cycles. to some extent, it is depressing, because you would like to have a feeling this is open and public than it is. the reality is reality. we kind of grit our teeth and bear it, frankly. want to follow-up on a few seeds from the interview
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with sean spicer we just heard. worst of all, fundraising. there has been a number of corporations of these events that have taken a pass. one is price of paying for this convention, but how is the trump campaign doing versus hillary clinton in raising money for the general election process? gerald: they have a game of catch-up to do. they started spring, summer general election ready far behind. i don't think he will close that gap. hillary clinton and the democratic party have done well. the trump campaign is helping the republican party raise money, but not always trump campaign money. that is significant because the republican party apparatus, what put on the convention behind me, is really behind donald trump. they have done all in. that is a considerable amount of help. but the trump campaign himself is well below the curve when it comes to raising funds compared to the clinton campaign. they can run a campaign that
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will succeed with less than the clinton campaign, i believe. we will find out. there will be a gap, but it will not be eliminated. susan: sean spicer was talking about the event you folding -- that will unfold tonight. the rest political conventions declared -- donald trump declared political conventions pretty boring. he would have a more exciting event. the light out sounds pretty good. gerald: i think a lot of us look at the line up and say, it is a little different, but the family component is much bigger than it normally is as these things. it is a more conventional convention, a more conventional lineup of speakers than people expected. less hollywood, less liberties, more conventional kinds of people, not just population -- politicians wednesday night, but the kind that will speak to their experiences with the
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candidate. through this case, business experiences, talk about their failings of the other party, as sean spicer was mentioning. failures or the elected failures of the democrats and president obama. that is ready common, regular stuff for a convention. all in all, it is not as different as the people expected. susan: what is notable is the people staying away. among them, john kasich of this state, after public and president and nominees. key senators who are running for reelection. how should we process that? gerald: this goes to the point i was making earlier. a scene that represents a considerably different republican party emerging. you don't have either of the bushes elected president to this party, you don't have john mccain or right -- mitt romney, the last two nominees of this party, here. this is a break from what had been a republican establishment.
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how big a break and how permanent, those are the ". open questions. absences, johne kasich of the state of ohio, where we are standing tonight, he is floating around the convention, but he will not be in the convention. there is a lower percentage of republican senators and normal. some of them might come here. trump mayorried that not carry well for them. there is background tension for the election and the campaign. is that simply a sign of tension or a sign of a changing party? maybe we will have a better fix on that after. susan: i just spotted my first she's had on the floor. -- cheesehead on
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the floor. let me go back to this theme. talk about the voters and the economic satisfaction that arose out of the 2008 crisis and how that played in to where we are today with this party and the election? climate created this year, and it is true for donald trump and bernie sanders, told ofthe wounds, the scars 2008, 2007 recession, 2000 eight financial collapse are not going to heal. you can see that in retrospect over the last eight years. as the recovery progressed, and economicuch of indicators trending upward, the feeling the country was on the right track, cap trending downward in the wall street journal poll. there is a disconnect between an economy where people thought should be working, is working as far as numbers go, and what
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americans really thought, which is it is not working. it is partly a reflection of waste level not keeping up, a reflection of job insecurity. you have a job and is a paycheck, but you don't feel secure. that is the back of the created the environment of anxiety and anger the economy is not working better for more people in a way that would make them feel secure. and at ease. but as the environment which donald trump set and the environment to which bernie sanders stepped in. they created an uproar in each party that was greater than a lot of people would have expected coming in. susan: trade policy was that particular nexis, the difference between traditional republicans and donald trump most apparent. can you talk about how the party will resolve this position on trade versus their pro-trade approach of the past decade? gerald: that will be a tough one. you have a candidate against nafta and transpacific
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partnership, the free trade deal proposed, in a party where most people supported and continue to support and think nafta was a good idea. majority congressman think this was good. you have a vice presidential nominee who spoke in favor of both of those trade agreements running with a guy who said they were a bad idea. so what the trump campaign is trying to do, we are not against free trade just that free-trade deals. -- bad free-trade deals. internationalbig agreements. mike pence says they have not been dealt with in the past, so i am with donald trump. that will be awkward especially for the business wing of the republican party. they believe in trade liberalization on a global scale. good from economy, americans, their businesses.
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that will have to be worked out. it is a point of contention that will not go away easily. susan: our cameras have just spotted former senator and former public and many -- former republican nominee bob dole. a lot of them here at the convention. what do you make of his support for donald trump? gerald: that surprised people, including me. i thought he would not weigh in with donald trump, who is quite different from the kinds of conventional republicans bob , in whose company bob dole has kept over the years. some of the people bob dole is close to, the bush family with whom he has done very close relations, went the other way. one thing about bob dole -- susan: jerry, i want to interrupt you for a second. bob dole is ready to talk to us. let's come back.
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>> i am normal. -- senator dole, why did you decide to come to this convention? bob dole: i have been coming to every convention since 1964. there was no reason not to come to this convention that i know of, and i have a great time. we are going to elect donald , entering this country around. we need strong leadership. >> uart 93 years old on friday. -- you are anti-three years old on friday? i'm afraid so, but i want to live a little longer. >> senator, thank you for your time. 93-year-old bob dole at the convention. you were talking about the difference between him and trump . go ahead, please.
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the kind of mainstream rebel against that bob dole has identified with including the bush family saying they have gone in a different direction. bob dole is at heart a very loyal republican. he find it hard to oppose any republican end of the day. his party loyalty matters an awful lot. it did in this case as well. he does not have a particular ,elationship with donald trump but he believes republicans ought to be in charge of the white house and the congress, and he does what he can do to make that happen, no exception in 2016. susan: the gavel will come down at about 7:50 eastern time. the convention chair is the speaker of the house, paul ryan. you up recently written an article about paul ryan, the challenges he has as speaker and making his case to the public
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through this convention. what are you thinking? gerald: we hosted paul ryan at a wall street journal lunch today. he talks quite openly about the trump in hisald words, paul ryan's words, is not my idea of a conservative. paul ryan is kind of a movement conservative. donald trump is more a pragmatic conservative. some of the issues we are talking about, in particular immigration and trade, but also entitlement reform, they have come down in different places. but he said, the important thing is we agree on principles. if you agree, you may disagree on policies that come out of those principles more technical than strategic. i think that donald trump and i agree on principles. he also said they spent a lot of time talking about these things. what paul ryan is trying to do is create a conservative governing agenda from the congressional end of angelina
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avenue, from the house, so that can be a part of the donald trump campaign. he wants the trump white house, if there is one, to stick with him. to some extent, he is trying to be the policy ideal leader of the party even if donald trump is the political leader of the party. susan: he certainly had talents with the conservatives in the house of representatives. it seemed like he had a honeymoon when he first took the position, but he has been thwarted with some of his efforts in recent weeks. how is he feeling about bringing that coalition together and moving these big policy items or word? -- forward? gerald: he has done good bringing the house together. he is quite proud of the fact he has been more of a listening speaker and has basically let more people into the process to figure out, what do we stand for ? but he was quite frank about this today. i am under no illusions that we
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should leave the entire government from the house of representatives -- lead the entire government and the house of representatives. it will take a president that will sign that kind of legislation into law. it is not that easy because if there is a donald trump that wants to build a wall along the mexican border, and house speaker paul ryan that does not think that is the way to approach immigration policy, it is hard to finesse that. there is a lot of challenges ahead, and speaker ryan does by no means, he put together a platform the whole party is united behind, but what he is doing represents an important start. susan: is the house in place this fall? gerald: some people think it is, others think it is not. it is hard to find enough seats that can turn. it is possible. there is ways to develop, strange things happen. the senate is clearly in play.
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it is a tough one for rebel against. the house -- four republicans. the house is strange. strange things can happen. i will >> thank you so much for your time tonight for setting the stage of night one of the republican convention. always good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> we mentioned that among the national security speakers tonight, there also be a speech by claudia trump who is making her debut political speech to an osceola audience. -- national audience. we spoke to an expert on first mrs.s who talked about trump and her comparisons with other women who have held the role of first lady. watch. , there is notama a huge, nothing that stands out. there are a lot of things that stand out about melania that
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would seem exceptional but not her age. she will be the first first lady born outside of the u.s. with inspection -- exception of john quincy adams white. first lady who is a non-native english speaker. i think those things will be interesting to watch. to me, she talks about being like jackie kennedy or betty ford. parallels.mebody -- jackie on public she was a liability to her husband. she was too rich, too beautiful and that changed and she was in the white house. to the able to go restoration, open the white house to the public click television cameras. they are challenges and .pportunity susan: jacqueline kennedy also spoke french. are there any other ladies who also spoke another language? not that i know.
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i think that is something i could help her with some non-native english speakers. she could talk about the process of coming to this country, immigrating here. learning the language. during a part of american culture. that is something she could use and help her as she carves out this potential role for herself. the one policy area, immigration. she has a life story to tell there. her husband has been very vocal on immigration policy and critical of open borders. how do she positioned herself on the campaign trail? a talks about how she is legal immigrant and how is important that people come here legally. it is all about getting rid of the illegal immigrants in this country. and changing the policy there. she is kind of that a defensive crouch that topic is difficult
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for her. it could be a way to bridge this hypocrisy that people have charged her and her husband. that is an obvious point you'll have to help define and look for a way to define in a way that works for them. also on the policy front with this campaign want to appeal to social system conservatives, -- social conservative. from a writing was the only other divorced president. this is donald trump third marriage. how does the couple portrayed as to the public. the talk about this blended family that they have. the divorce rate in this country is high. a lot of people have families where there step brothers, stepsisters, changing
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sociological thing. is something that they can really play up. i think it works for them. at the cnn townhall, they were if there sitting on stage they could talk about the relationship and what her relationship for instances like obama and marla and how they worked together as a family to make this work. back to be a positive and would be a smart thing for them to emphasize. susan: as we close, could be some all this up and talk about this national debut for mrs. trump and what the stakes are for her in the campaign. >> i think the states are incredibly high. we have not heard much from her at all. she has been very private. she has to put herself out there and i think it would be very ,ise for her to try be warm
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self-deprecating. i think it's important for her to be self-deprecating because she lives a very luxurious life style. as a former supermodel. it is important for people to relate her. like she is a human being and that will be the challenge. tonight is pivotal. -- very important for her to show her as a mother and a white and intelligent speaker. susan: that was kate brower talking about first ladies. mrs. trump's debut at the percent of the republican netbook and budget. you are watching c-span's preconventional -- the convention pregame. the gavel will come down in about 15 minutes. we are with ellie crystal. >> you are here tonight in cleveland. how do you feel? >> great to be feeling like lebron james.
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i find it depressing that donald trump will be the nominee. i've been a republican all my adult life, i voted for 11 and i'ven candidates, always been proud to do so. i think they're open and party, whatever its problems and deficiencies, candidates were not at all perfect but they were respectable, honorable men who stood for basic conservative principles. principal. good for the country in the world. donald trump does not have the character to be president. he does not stand for this president -- those principles. sticking up for freedom, limited constitutional government. these are important things. the republican party is the carrier, defender those printable. once donald trump is nominated, one worries if the rep. king: that they're public and still stand for the things? >> is it change your view of him with mike pence? itif you were at the top of
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today, i would be a jerk for guy. if you saw the interview, it is donald trump ticket and his party. not mike pence's. >> if you don't vote for donald trump, tebow for anyone? said out the race -- sit out the race? >> the libertarian ticket interesting. gary johnson number two and build on the top, i might vote for him. he was a good republican governor of massachusetts. gary johnson, maybe not so much. build --endation, put top.weld at the if you can get in the debate with him a cup and hillary donald trump and hillary clinton, he would be for middle. outside possibility. otherwise i will write in the
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when i admire. >> the polls show this race is close. >> i agree. i think it is a mistake to underestimate him. i made that mistake. if you look at the polls come for clinton is ahead by 5-6.2 you could imagine that there's a hidden donald trump vote. you can imagine him making himself more respectable might not think he ever could for me, but there are a lot of republicans and conservatives who don't want hillary clinton to meet resident and want to be convinced that donald trump could write to the occasion. -- rise to the occasion. that is why his speech is important on thursday. he can admit he made mistakes. but he can say he will be a president we can be proud of. if he has that tone, i do not buy will come over but i know a lot of people i know will. i don't imagine that is the tone he will take. you never know. bill kristol, editor of the standard. thank you very much for being with us.
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as our convention preview program continues, i want to show you what the lineup looks like tonight. it is a team of national security. make america safe together. let's look at some of the speakers were going be presented tonight. someone who is been calling this campaign from a national security perspective is a next guest. she's a senior reporter for foreign policy-.
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we are hearing word of a attack on the train in germany. this is another international event that is having people all over the world concerned about security. how does that feeling play to the presentation the party will be making tonight? >> it follows a difficult week in europe. we have the attack with a truck driver in nice and the attempted coup in turkey and a contributor to this narrative that the world is sorted -- sort of falling apart and american see that. there's a lot of anxiety here as well. that anxiety in the u.s. is at the highest level since 9/11. donald trump has been tried to portray himself as somebody who is very strong on national security. we have not heard a of specifics but it is the power of that rhetoric that does appeal to people who are anxious at this time. can you contrast his
7:41 pm
presentation about law and order candidates with the hillary clinton campaign and their approach to national security issues. >> is fascinating to see how central national security has been to both candidate narratives. we have some who are pointing these terrorist organizations around the world, i don't think we have all the information about the incident in germany, appointed to these terrorist attacks around the world, pointed to the corn prices and try to put them on the doorstep the obama, clinton administration and point out that hillary clinton may have more in spirits as a senator, as secretary of state. what he questions for judgment. interestingly enough, attack also usedor sanders in the democratic primary hillary clinton as a former secretary of state is emphasizing that experience and point to others incidents and saying at a time like this, we can't afford to have someone who does not have that express. she also uses donald trump's own
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words against him. some of the statements he has made that has drawn a lot of alarm from global leaders. withdraw from nato, on-again-off-again stand on muslims. to say at a time at this, we'd express. we don't need the quote on quote dangerous, incoherence when it comes to for policy. national security has been central to both. susan: spend a little bit more attempt in coup turkey and the announcement from the obama administration through secretary kerry about nato's membership in turkey and how there might be a review of it. donald trump's approach, his public statements about nato have contract in what way with the obama admin's ration? -- administration? >> donald trump has considered
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pulling the u.s. out of nato. there has been some criticism should by both parties by permit defense secretaries, even under the obama administration suggesting that european allies, nato allies should do more to carry more weight. so the u.s. is not caring too much of the burden. is a very turkey complicated, but important nato ally said that has been a contrast to the obama demonstration where donald trump is suggesting the u.s. pullout of nato. even as the obama administration is leaning on allies, especially turkey since they are the nato member that has the most invested in this fight against the islamic state. to really do more and step up to close the borders of foreign fighters. , the leader of turkey, a real complicated part of. there has been a lot of crackdown on media, some are suggesting that this coup
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attempt could district in his hand to continue to crackdown on opposition and those are the kinds of things the obama administration has said they will review in the wake of this. at the same time, we are very dependent on turkey when it comes to the ice is quite, for example, we use air force bases there to cut down on the amount of time the u.s. led coalition has to take in order to strike isis targets in syria. it is a complicated relationship . it is difficult to see how pulling the u.s. out of nato necessarily would help those competitions, not only in the isis quite but the interesting moments we're seeing with european politics. susan: we will be back here for one final question as the music gears up in the convention is been registered. steve soli is on the floor with congressman peter king. you're talking about security, is this the new norm? >> i think it is.
7:45 pm
instability in turkey. the president, who has been an ally of ours, he has been very [indiscernible] we can to make sure improve relations as much as we can. if it did as part of the world. the new norm is that isis is going to attack us everywhere they can. we have to fight back. we have to stop them. they will continue to try to attack us. we can be the norm that we accepted. steve: how big will national security be among voters? >> much more than people expected. france, orlando, san bernardino, turkey to some extent, russia and china, national security will be a much bigger issue. as those with likely to running a former secretary of state and her record will be a real target. steve: punishment can, thank you
7:46 pm
very much. thank yousman king, very much. susan: one final question for you, the line it will include quite a number of veterans. either campaign have an advantage with american military personnel? that suggest that donald trump has more support among members of the military. members of the military do tend to lead more conservative ideological be that they might be or supportive of donald trump . it should be noted that donald of them haver one the military expansion or donald trump made some interesting statements on the u.s. military the context of isis suggesting that they should be using different tactics, stronger tactics in the fight. as of now, there is some indication that donald trump has a slight advantage among veterans, but as a national security policy this and
7:47 pm
develop, i think we can expect to keep an eye on those numbers. susan: you can find molly online.s writing thank you for giving us your time. >> thank you. susan: two minutes to go until the session of the convention gets underway. we are going to look at some of the sights and sounds of the convention floor at the delegates gather. c-span will provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of every minute of the convention. all tonight speeches will be available archived individually on our website so you can go back to see them and share them with your friends by social media. thank you for being with us. can i come after the convention, we will be back to take your calls and i just what happened here on night one of the convention. ♪
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
>> please welcome back to distinguish cochair of the republican national convention committee sharon day. ♪ >> good evening. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second session of the 2000 and 16 republican national convention. the convention will come to order. gavel]
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
>> please welcome the cofounders of prayers for maria foundation in memory of their daughter maria. they will lead us in the pledge of the allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of united states of america , and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [cheering] welcome the performer
7:52 pm
of the national anthem. [cheering] ♪ by thean you see, dawn's early light, what so hailed at the twilight's last gleaming. whose broad stripes and bright perilous fighthe watchede ramparts we
7:53 pm
were so gallantly streaming, and glare, thes red , gavebursting in air that ourough the night flag was still there. does that star spangled wave.r yet free and theof the brave!f the
7:54 pm
[cheering] [cheering] tonight indication. -- tonight's invocation. father, we ask that you bless and inspired these delegates, that the deliberations over the next or days might be earnest and fruitful. our forefathers recognized in your divine plan the freedom you intended for all men and women.
7:55 pm
contrite forre you those times in our history where we failed to be the shining city on the hill for which you destined our great land. thanks, moste you especially for those who bravely wear the uniform here at home and abroad. truly there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. bless those who endured torture or start revised -- sacrifice themselves for the freedom of our fellow countrymen and those in far-flung places around the world. build a more noble society that reflects your divine image to a world that is broken and rock low bison -- bro ught low by sin.
7:56 pm
you have endowed us with a gift of charity, may we be mindful of those who suffer here and abroad. that our truew citizenship is in your kingdom. you remind us that to inherit inherit life -- eternal life, we must love your lord with all our heart and all your mind and strength and soul, love your neighbor as yourself. the son instructs us with parable of the good samaritan as to who is our neighbor. may we defend life when most honorable in the womb or an old age. let us not forget our obligation to the poor and the sick, the prisoner and the alien in our midst, we make this prayer through your holy name, amen. [cheering]
7:57 pm
please remain standing while the colors are retired.
7:58 pm
[applause] ♪ ♪
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
8:01 pm
god bless america.
8:02 pm
[cheering] ♪ me and you and you and me
8:03 pm
no matter how they toss the dice, it had to be . the only one for me is you, and you permit. so happy together. i can't see me lovin' nobody but you. for all my life when you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue for all my life. i can see me loving nobody
8:04 pm
else but you. for all my life. [cheering] welcome avid hunter and businessman billy robertson. [cheering] >> whew! up?l fired thank you so much. i'm so honored to be here. as some of you know, we and
8:05 pm
every episode of dr. dennis and with a -- duck dynasty with a family prayer at the dinner table. i know we just said one that i'm going to throw one more up with the way things are going in this country. father, we are something for him was to be in this country. while the, we want to pray that you keep us safe. i mindful of my brothers and sisters in louisiana. be with us in the paint. we love you and jesus. amen. >> amen! >> i've always said that me and mr. trump have three things in common. were both successful businessman. hereugh i flew commercial so i'm guessing he did not. [laughter] hit televisiond shows. and we both have intelligent
8:06 pm
wives were much better than -- much better looking than we are. are you cheering because were ugly? it has been a rough year for the needy experts. -- media expert. it must be humbling to be so wrong about so much for so long. [laughter] but i have a theory about how they missed the trump train. they don't hang out with regular folks like us. who like to hunt and fish and pray and actually work for a living. [cheering] heck, i don't even think been a
8:07 pm
how to talk to people from middle america. when i tell them i'm from louisiana, they start talking real slow and real loud. [laughter] let me tell you why i have been on the trump train from the beginning, when you are from the south and to grow up with rednecks, there are some occasional disagreements. sometimes those disagreements turned into fisticuffs. but any time i was ever in a bad spot, i always knew my brothers would have my back. ways,day, and a lot of america is in a bad spot. and we need a president who will have our back. [cheering] i can promise you this, no matter who you are, donald trump will have your back.
8:08 pm
if you are looking for a job or trying to grow a business, donald trump will have your back. [cheering] if you are a servicemen fighting overseas or a cop who is risking their life to help us stay safe at home, donald trump will have your back. [cheering] if you're an average american who feels like you have been by far wayneglected leaders, that the deck is stacked against you and you can't win, donald trump will have your back. [cheering] now he may not always tell you what you want to hear. you may not always agree.
8:09 pm
and it may not always be politically correct. is bill your father robinson, i'm used to that. i will say this, donald trump will always have, he will always tell you the truth as he sees it. and that is why we can trust him to make america great again as our next president. thank you and god bless you! [cheering] >> please welcome television director and ambassador from the sitcom happy days, scottsdale -- scott baio. >> thank you for the warm welcome. theme is making america safe. i would do think all of the brave men and women who serve our country, including retired lieutenant colonel charles kettles to this morning
8:10 pm
received the medal of honor for his hair was in vietnam. [cheering] absolutely. [cheering] i would do that mr. trump are asking me to be here tonight. i can tell you how much of an honor it is to stand up. and talk about a man that i trust with the lives of my family and the health of our country. [cheering] america, the greatest country got ever created. -- god ever created. now, america is an easy place to get to. for you first-time voters, it is important for you to know what it means to be an american. it does not mean getting free stuff. [cheering]
8:11 pm
it means sacrificing, winning, andng, failing, succeeding sometimes doing the things you don't want to do, including the hard work in order to get where you want to be. that what it means to be an american. [cheering] folks, our country is a very bad spot. you can feel it and you can see it everywhere. there is no stability. nothing seems right. dearhe things that we hold are being attacked every single day. we cannot go down this road anymore, we need to stop. many donald trump to fix this --
8:12 pm
we need donald trump to fix this. [cheering] messiah, a just a man. a man who was to get back to his country, america. the country that has given him everything. a country that has also given , and now doesuch tend to get back to her. time to get back to her. we have a choice in november. we can go for hillary clinton -- >> boo! >> i agree. who was to continue the same policies that are wrecking this country. unsafe. that make us a woman who somehow feels she is entitled to the presidency. somehow owed it.
8:13 pm
or we can vote for donald trump. [cheering] a man doing this from the goodness of his heart and genuinely wants to help. a man who knows how to get things done. a man who says what he means and means what he says. hillary clinton wants to be president for hillary clinton. donald trump was to be president for all of us. [cheering] of course, let's make america great again. but let's make america america again. [cheering] thank you all so much. god bless and go trump!
8:14 pm
good night! [cheering] welcome the former governor of texas, rick perry. [cheering] >> hello, cleveland! [cheering] and six -- 2006, , we had this and i extraordinary experience, this great pleasure of touring and naval base in san diego. -- a naval base in san diego. our guide that day just happened to be this big old topic of
8:15 pm
water navy seal who was recovering from combat related injuries. now, he is a texas boy. [cheering] he was pretty plainspoken and respectful and his love for america came through loud and clear. departed that day, i told him, if you're ever in austin, and by ncs. -- see us. some people might say that meeting was just blind chance. or a twist of fate. i will tell you, it was by the grace of god. [cheering] he and i kept in touch. over the course of the months through a tour he had in iraq and his return to texas. not show up onid
8:16 pm
the doorstep of the governor's mansion unannounced. with nowhere else to go. we welcomed him into our home. him get the care that he needed. today, he's like a second son. know theyou battles he fought in afghanistan, but too few of you know the battles he and thousands of veterans just like him face when they come home. [cheering] this,t, our commitment is making america great again starts by taking care of our veterans. [cheering]
8:17 pm
thank you. [cheering] gentlemen, please , theme an american hero lone survivor, marcus latrell. [cheering] -- lutrell. [cheering] >> cleveland! >[cheering] >you all know i love you. i love coming down here. thank you. thank you. [cheering] thank you.
8:18 pm
all right. >> usa! usa! usa! >> all right. thank you. thank you again for having me back. for those of you, i've said before in the past, it is a pleasure to do so again. for those of you i've not sit in front of, thank you for the privilege to do that. i mean it from the bottom of my heart. [cheering] i was fortunate enough in life to be born from a patriotic family. tommy to love this country and the people who make her up. unconditionally. to die for any woman in fight beside any man. without hesitation. or hope of individual achievement. that's how i was raised in that
8:19 pm
is the way i still want my life. generations the men and women in my family have served this country probably at home and abroad. my father served in vietnam. although he was shamed out of solidified, it only his resolve to raise his voice to love this country and be patriotic and love the people more than we love ourselves. [cheering] in fact, 10 years of my navy seal career, my first and was in combat and the next part i was coming around the country, state to state, city to city, town to town. armed only with the members of your bravest fighters in the story of how hard they fought. because i was willing to completely open up my life and its speak about the worst week to meet and glad
8:20 pm
see all the greatest people america had to offer. i think it is important to say sure that to make the hell veterans returned from veteranse hell returned to. [cheering] that's what is promised and that is what is deserved. [cheering] it also aims about my generation and how i love my generation. generation x. an honor to fight along all of you. even when the system does not take care of our boys, citizens depomed start foundation to help the wounded and the families of the fallen. from the bottom of my heart, and literally please note that i and every day on my knees thanking god for you. my generation abettors is coming
8:21 pm
home. -- of veterans is coming home. [cheering] , for those of you who know me, i only talk about stuff that i've experienced and usually on the worst side of it and the side of it. i had a chance to spend time with mr. trump and i know he understands what is going to take to fix this. the only way we will keep america safe is having an elite military, all right. [cheering] made up of the warriors and prepared by the toughest training we have to offer. supported by the best equipment and backed up by the nation who puts those people in harm's way. everyone of us has to step up in some way. we need our leaders to lead by example.
8:22 pm
they need to lead by example and show the american people -- public that each and every life on any device to be family and treated accordingly. [cheering] sorry, i'm so used as "the heart when i have to resist the goes wrong. i was going to go. are you ready? [cheering] do leaders have to step up and support us, but the family and those of us and has, we are all family. not only that, we hold them accountable for every position in office behold. -- they hold. [cheering] look, it away, the only way we survived this is together, not a part. in order for any like to matter, we all have to matter. you understand? [cheering]
8:23 pm
my generation, the next generation, this is for you. your war is here. you don't have to go searching for it. your people are afraid. walking, i wasou allowed to walk with giants. now we are looking for the next generation of dies. who among you will love something more than you love it so. who among you will step up and take the fight to the enemy? [cheering] i challenge all of you to fight for this country and for each and every one of us. the world outside of our borders is a dark place. a scary place. america is the light. are the goodness that grows from that.
8:24 pm
he will always be worth fighting for it was my greatest honor to fight for her every day of my adult life. [cheering] i just wanted to come up. and thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve you for 20 years and i swear to god i'm going to spend the next 20 paying you back. thank you again. [cheering] god bless! [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome pat smith. mother of one of the four americans killed in benghazi, 2012. [cheering]
8:25 pm
>> my name is patricia smith. my son sean was one of four brave americans killed during to the 2000 voters attack in benghazi. he was a wonderful son and father to my two amazing grandchildren. samantha and nathan, now 10 and 11. he was proud to serve his country with the united states foreign service. the last time i talk to some, but that before the attack, he told me mom, i'm going to die. security had been pulled from the embassy. explain. he explained. when he asked why, he never received a response. nobody seemed to care.
8:26 pm
the very next day, he was murdered. murdered by radical islamic terrorists. to this dayay -- come i don't even know why a bitter guy like some was sent to benghazi. lost sean, brother, father, husband. we lost for brave americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country day served and the american people lost the truth for all of this loss and grief, for all the citizens of the tragedy in benghazi, it has brought a gun -- upon america, i by hillary clinton -- blame hillary clinton. [cheering]
8:27 pm
i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. personally. in an e-mail to her daughter shortly after the attack, hillary clinton blamed it on terrorism, but when i saw she lied to me, and then called me a liar. >> boo! when i saw hillary clinton at sean's coffin ceremony, she looked me in the eye and told me a video was responsible. >> boo! >> since then i have repeatedly asked hillary clinton to ask plaintiff may the real reason why my son is dead.
8:28 pm
i'm still waiting. whenever i called the state department, no one would speak to me because they say i am not a member of the immediate family. >> boo! >> sean is my son. is a woman, an mother, a grandmother of two. mother, and aa mother of two. how could she do this to me? how could she do this to any american family? donald trump is everything hillary clinton is not.
8:29 pm
[cheering] he is blunt, direct, and strong. he speaks his mind and his heart. and when it comes to the threat posed by radical islamic terrorism, he will not hesitate to kill the terrorist who threaten american lives. [cheering] he will make america stronger, not weaker. this entire campaign comes down to a single question, is hillary clinton -- it's clinton can't give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency? [cheering]
8:30 pm
that is right. hillary clinton for prison. [cheering] she deserves to be in stripes. >> we don't come to you as republicans or democrats or with any arty affiliation, we come to as american to care. americans who care about our country and our comrades in arms. we don't deal with failed leadership, false promises and washington doubletalk when american lives are at stake. the zendaya back -- is an exact
8:31 pm
columns we do covered. >> livia was a different kind of calculation and we did not lose a single person. we do not lose a single person. we did not lose a single person. single person. single person. >> we honor the memories of the ambassadors. their families have dealt with the reality of their deaths because of their service to america. and this is the simple story of those men's reality on the ground in benghazi. our intelligence agencies new that some of those that we supported were terrorist. some were members of the living islamic fighting for. all of them were al qaeda groups on state department terrorist lists. one of the terrorist commanders was even a former inmate at guantanamo bay. >> the day before the benghazi tourist attack, president obama conferred with his cabinet to see what might be needed for the
8:32 pm
university of 9/11. hillary clinton was present. not a single change made by the help those in high risk areas. there was sudden violence and brutal. a terrorist attack. no one could i possibly have known it would have lasted. his comrades were under attack. they answered the call for help and went to the sound of guns. >>; p.m. in washington, ordered the appropriate step and dod to initiate movement, some hours after the message, americans under fire. >>; 30. hillary clinton state department requested the marines going to -- no military imports or weapons. in a war zone where americans were under fire. they did not want to look like an invasion. we didn't want to offend anybody. really? >> before the final american deaths occurred, secretary
8:33 pm
clinton sent out a statement blaming it on a spontaneous protest about a video. privately telling others it was a terrorist attack. most folks don't take mortars to a protest. >> in the end, not one u.s. military aircraft, not one soldier outside of libya was sent to benghazi where battle dragged on for hours. washington never intended to send anybody to benghazi. americans don't leave the man behind. it is not who we are. it is not what we do. we don't want our teammates coming home in black draped coffins because of the leadership. false realities and washington bureaucrats who don't have their policies or priorities straight. we want them coming home with honor to their families and a grateful nation that can say, thank you for your service. [cheering]
8:34 pm
>> please welcome members of the benghazi and a security team and co-authors the book 13 hour. [cheering] >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you, america for showing us the support and dedication that should have been offered by hillary and her state department. thereafter, stayed -- [cheering] >> september 11, 2012, we got a call that you as complex had been overrun. we meekly got ready to go.
8:35 pm
got the vehicles ready. we got pulled away by the chief and we got told to stand down. next thing we know, we hear the state department on the radio saying if you guys don't get here, we will all die. standdown order be damped, -- da mned, we took off and left. we were not waiting anymore. [cheering] as they moved on to the consulate, the first thing you see is the main village engulfed in fire and smoke. out, moved up to the front step of the consulate, all to my right, pulling a body
8:36 pm
, a live bodyndow and i'd love being a smith. he was dead of smoke inhalation. in,ontinue to move, we went the heat of the fire, blasting in our face, the smoke, obliterated our site. we try to get on our bellies and and seethe smoke -- underneath the smoke. we came to the back gate, as it moved under the consulate grounds, started searching, after two minutes, the state department guys got update classified information, get them ready to go in the armored vehicles and all of a sudden, we had a good encounter assault. at that time, the state department security agents jumping out and helping us defend the u.s. consulate. they took off. with less -- which left the six of us to defend the consulate.
8:37 pm
i got out, went up on the roof of the villa, made my way up to guy wek gate, the initiated was within our bj. r b j, onrd shot, -- his third shot i let loose on a 10 round valley and he dropped. [cheering] for about five minutes, then we got word, they were gathering about another 100 terrorists. hillary was watching. it came to a point where we had to make a decision. know --time we do not did not know the us ambassador was even there or if he had been kidnapped. if he was dead. we had a responsibility of 30 other personnel. we had to make it tough decision. we headed back to the annex about the ambassador. as the team arrived back at the
8:38 pm
annex, we took of our fighting positions because we knew they were going to be following us from the consulate in coming to our place the we were ready for them. started seeing movement on the side of the compound. all of a sudden, something came point over the wall. landed between us and expletive. up ons when they opened us and we unleashed hell on them. [cheering] the first wave had about 20 terrorists in it. they went away with a whole a less. lot less [cheering] . >> after the first initial he had to pull out his medicaid and grab some gauze and shove and easier. looks like he had a tampon out. [laughter]
8:39 pm
does become he came up right nextd it and stuck his gun man fired out my left ear. i can hear -- can't hear to this day. soon after that we got word that the support teams from tripoli have landed at the ghazi -- benghazi airport. you think airport security is bad united states, you ought to try landing in an airport controlled by moshe. -- a militia. thank god money talks. >> mine doesn't. going round 1:30 in the morning, you still have u.s. ambassador, still missing, movement starting to come up again on the east side and i get on the radio and say, are they going to secure the outer printer.
8:40 pm
1:30, three half hours. we get the answer, i don't know. good intel. cameat point, a vehicle out of the darkness. guy camehicle -- the out of the vehicle. roundshim out, through into him and dropped like a bag of a second potatoes. -- second potatoes. [cheering] take that guy out and another guy would pop up. game, like that arcade lacrimal -- whack a mole. stick his head out, you should him. him.oot [cheering] a little bit out of that, --
8:41 pm
after that, we got a call that the ambassador was located at the hospital. there was no way across to determine if this was a -- alive or dead. we did not know if it could have been a trick frost to spread our and screw everybody else over. we had it stay put. moved from where was that. i was up there with tyrone and during the downtime, we started talking about events that night. about whenearlier sig saved his life. he started yelling out for sig and sig without regard for his safety, after getting out of a smoke-filled room went back in and pulled tyrone out. [cheering]
8:42 pm
he was also talking about his kids. all of us had a lot of young kids out there. just about his wife had been pregnant. he had a newborn baby coming. none of us knew we would make it home or not. was getting onto that time in the morning when the sun starts coming up and we start seeing that change on the horizon where the sky turns from dark to blue. about the time the call for prayer finished, we thought, the next attack will be here. by that time, when we heard over the radio that the team from tripoli had made their way to
8:43 pm
the annex and were getting ready to pull in, when they did, instead of going inside the , he came up on top of the roof. he wanted to get to the fight. he joined us up there. tyrone introduced me to going to die had never met him before. first thing out of my mouth was good to have another gunfighter up on top of the roof. he turned and started walking away from it and it was at that time that the final attack started. a rocket propelled grenade hit the back of the wall. small arms by the open up from the north. ar hit the- a mort outer wall. the state department guy yelled he was hit. took some trout now to his four head. -- shrapnel to the forehead. we opened the fire. that's when the second mortgage. aboutout 15 feet -- hit
8:44 pm
15 feet to my right. as i stood up, i noticed that tyrone was in a fetal position. i read my left hand up to raise my rebel and that's when i noticed that i was injured. i left arm about six inches above the wrist was hanging off at a 90 degree angle. then that the third mortar hit. as a glazed over my right , i knows glenn was face down and out of the fight. i tried to bring my arm up to grab my weapon because i wanted to get back into the fight. it just would not work. i cannot get it to hold on. that's when the fourth mortar hit. that was the first time i felt any pain than i did it felt like i got stung by a thousand bees. i figured at that time, the hardheaded midteens -- marines ought to get into cover.
8:45 pm
id. don't for cover and everything went fine. -- dove for cover and everything went quiet. i pulled the printed it out. -- tourniquet out. cannot find a pulse on tyrone. at that time, i saw a shadow come up on the roof and that was sig. the dust and debris had not finished falling when he got up on the roof. scared and wegot were initially fighting and he got on the roof. as i'm standing there, at first when the first- round hit the roof, it went dead quite. youdebris was so thick, cannot see the stars. just went pitch black. towards building c and i get on the radio. are you guys all right?
8:46 pm
i did nagasaki response. -- not expect a response. the team later said they were all right. jackets on and says, got no movement. over thing i do, i took the parapet in the first guy i see is the state guy leaning up against the wall. has his pistol at. -- out. left leg almost severed off. quick.o do something luckily he did not shoot me. maybe i would have got a metal if he would have. i got to tourniquets. the tourniquet on his leg. put eternity it on his arm. i'm asking for extra help from the guys below. somethingearing like crime behind me. -- crying behind me. pistolim down, give his
8:47 pm
back to him. unloaded. as a move across, i can hear the whimpering and the next thing i know, this guy sitting with his back against the wall and play with his wrist. need to quit doing that come it will be worse. >> i would try to put it back in place and would not stay there. >> i do not have superglue. he had his tourniquet out. got it on his arm. can you get to the letter by yourself? >> yeah. i knew that tyrone and glenn still needed help. some are in the back my mind i was hoping they were still alive. they met how i will get down off the thing. and three mortars landed on me
8:48 pm
and the next thing you know, i'm thinking, and the default this roof and break my neck. want toe not stores i hear about how i die. if i'm going to go out, i would to go out in a blaze of glory. [cheering] so i ended up hooking my good arm on the top rung of the ladder and think i might swing my feet down around the louder -- ladder. murphy's law, what went wrong can go wrong. i thought the letter. ugly i cut myself with my good arm and pulled myself back up. myself together and climbed on the letter. walked around from the front of the building, met one of our guys. laid him down on the floor. i was sitting there. looking at me, you need to cut my clothes off. i know have a bunch of other holes on the. another other wounds that need to be treated. they got the close cut off of me.
8:49 pm
too of them were bleeding bad so we got them plug. ready to going. >> t-mobile they did because he lost his cane when the mortar hit. -- he mumbled a bit because he lost his cane when the mortar hit. i rolled him over. it merely check for a pulse. for a move just above it. did not get a pulse. merely ripped off his body armor. see the breast -- breath of the stomach moving. did not get anything. got the flashlight, check for people dilation and there was nothing. i knew he was gone. he went down. the next radio call was going to be for him.
8:50 pm
got to the next guy, which ended up, never worked with him. over, same thing. check for a pulse. people -- did pupil dilation, nothing. grabbed all his weapons and stuff like that, you'll down and set a prayer for him. what over to bald, grabbed his weapon system. kneel down and said a prayer over him. off andtime, we all got we knew we had to get out of there. there is nothing that we had back could defend against a mortar attack in the fact that a building just got hit by three
8:51 pm
10 meter mortars did not collapse on everybody inside, it was not the construction of the building, that was from upstairs. >> the grace of god. [cheering] once we all got stabilize, we secure the dead and major wheat did not have any critical information behind and that's only made our way to the airport. militia, enlist the happened to be good off the loyalists. -- ghaddafi loyalists. they helped us get to the hospital. when we got there, we loaded up the non-shooting personnel. i made my trip in the back of a toyota pickup truck. they came over me. they came to grab the gurney and that's when i set up and told them i wanted to benghazi, i
8:52 pm
will walk out. ghazi, i will the walk out -- benghazi, i will walk out. [cheering] >> those the same plane that brought down from aaa. this was one of the planes glenn did not make it back on. secured, it became secured, they had just met that day. i don't think it is a coincidence. ushaven't overwater with that night. we got everybody loaded up, headed to tripoli and then we had to turn our task. we stayed behind because they cannot hold everybody. again, the gaddafi moralist -- loyal as moshe stepped up -- militia stepped up. there are termed the ambassador's body. ambassador with the
8:53 pm
's body. he was wearing the same close -- clothes at the morning we saw him. clothesearing the same .the only difference on his feetck soot and minerals and ears, -- fingernails and ears, no sign of torture or mutilation. obviously that he died of smoke and elation. -- inhalation. at that point, we still do not know how we were going to get out of there. of minutes go by, i seek 1:30 running down the runway,
8:54 pm
comes a little closer and is a u-turn, pulls off to a hangar area and shuts down. see the crew get off. we stand there for a little bit. one of the team members from aaa, -- tripoli, took them 15 minutes or so. persuaded the pilots to take us up to tripoli. ghazi,ericans leave and -- benghazi, we left on a libyan plane flown by libyans. asset we saw was on a jet, it was a medical transport bird that took us to germany. about 5:00 p.m. on september 12. >> that night, there are more than 30 american lives saved that night.
8:55 pm
it is because americans never give up. [cheering] we refuse to lose. benghazi has been a four letter word for the left, it was about opportunity. opportunities taken when he defied the standdown orders. an opportunity squandered when hillary failed to protect her people on the ground. night, done her job at had she done her job, we would not have had to compromise. sean, ambassador stevens would be alive today.
8:56 pm
now, -- [cheering] now we as americans, we have an opportunity and that opportunity is to elect somebody who will make this country safe again. we have to elect someone who will have our backs. someone who will bring our guys home. will not leave anybody behind. [cheering] we have to let somebody who will be with strength and integrity. and i believe that person is donald trump. [cheering]
8:57 pm
>> we did our part. every fallen veteran did their part. now two years. -- you do yours. >> god bless you and thank you all. -! [cheering]
8:58 pm
>> we are speaking to you last night from the arizona-mexico border. we're here to tell you about our brother and our hero, border patrol agent brian perry. he believed a life led in the service of others. >> we knew he would choose a career in one portion. he listed in the marines and served in the police. he joined an elite border patrol tactical unit. on december 14, 2000 10, not far from here, he was pursuing a crew of illegal immigrants who were robbing and assaulting illegals.
8:59 pm
when he engage them, suffer fired in our brother was mortally wounded. his last words as reported to me, i'm hit, i cannot feel my legs. i think i'm paralyzed. that will help me to the day i take my left breast. >> he was supposed to come home to michigan. if that celebrated holidays with him, we buried him not to far from the family home. recovered from the scene or traced back to the failed gun operation. left his family, friends, community in our country. the best way to honor him is to honor his fellow order patrol officer. failedtate policies -- policies are leaving portugal agent poorly equipped and unable to do their job. my brother made the opposite --
9:00 pm
ultimate sacrifice. they need the personal and the commit required to keep our border secure. arizona, their only 1.5 agents for every 10 square miles. this is on acceptable. >> only one candidate is serious about our security and that is donald trump. he will give us the agents -- resources to do the job. resident trump will make border secure again. rest in peace, brother. god bless america and god bless donald trump. [cheering] >> good evening. i monitored to be here. this november we're going to win. [cheering] i know i'm not your typical convention speaker. you might be wondering why i chose to speak. the truth is, i never consider myself very political or spoken out politically before. country, my this
9:01 pm
faith in jesus christ have compelled me to speak now. that is right. [cheering] i'm concerned about our .ountry's future i'm concerned about my children's future and i believe when he donald trump -- we need donald trump who shares my beliefs, my faith, to get our country back on track. in the past eight years, failed policies have caused our country to deteriorate. all rights have been threatened. we are weaker but every measure. we are on the wrong path. it is clear to someone who is not even born here, i came to the united states from rome, italy in 1985.
9:02 pm
[cheering] rules andll the finally became a naturalized citizen in 1996. [cheering] that's right. others, who want to come to the u.s. to live and work should follow the same rules. [cheering] that's right. laws for ation of reason. there should be no shortcuts for those who don't want to pay or wait. my mother was born in communist prague, and it -- met my debt of italy. i know a socialism looks like and i don't want that for my children. not at all. that is the past. -- path. that is the path we are headed
9:03 pm
down with the leader we have in the candidate he endorses. barack obama and hillary clinton promote division. don't be full. -- full to. donald trump is for unity. -- fooled. donald trump is for unity. [cheering] donald trump leaves in -- one america with liberty and justice for all. having secure borders, protecting the citizens, none of this is hateful. this is the responsibility of the government. [cheering] that's right. it is the right thing to do. doned trump will get it and put us back on the right track. people know this and that is why they have voted as they had. we can no longer afford to be silent. our country needs donald trump
9:04 pm
to make is great again. [cheering] god bless you and god bless the united states of america! [cheering] >> please welcome marianne sabine durden, and jamiel shaw. >> my son was killed two years ago by the illegal alien. he was a repeat criminal. everyone of the crimes committed have laws that should have resulted in court mandated jail time. but it did not happen. instead, i had my son's wife man who is the by a
9:05 pm
the time the legal limit drunk, was high on meth and drove for onr 35 miles the wrong way four different freeways and he had no business being in this country. my son was an intricate part of the community and his death had left a large void and many people's lives. story cut short. he was a modern day cop. he went door-to-door and met everyone. invited them in for dinner, he checked in on the utterly, he got drug dealers out of the neighborhood, he advocated for children, he provided an annual thanks giving dinner, he shopped for children at christmas and he inspired children to stay in school.
9:06 pm
a memorial is still up in the area he patrol. my son's life was stolen at the hands of an illegal alien. nt is time that we have a administration that cares more about americans than illegals. [cheering] puttingor hillary is all of our children's lives at risk, it is time for donald trump. thank you. [cheering] >> sadly, i have a similar story to share with you. rock, my sond, my child was alsoy killed by an illegal immigrant.
9:07 pm
i called them illegal aliens. [cheering] man whon amazing young is loved by all. he was fun, generous, outgoing. he was a law-enforcement. and i'm a month dispatcher pursuing his dream to be a helicopter pilot for the police department. life was good. his future looked bright. turned his carl in front of him riding his motorcycle to work and killed him instantly. the killer was from guatemala and had recently been supported -- deported for felony of armed robbery and grant that. after returning to america illegally again, he was cut from
9:08 pm
driving.- caught drunk no license, no registration, no insurance and he got probation. another probation. later, while barely under the legal limit of being drunk, he killed my dom. he was given a misdemeanor and served just 35 days in jail. >> boo! i have been talking about illegal immigration since 2012. since he got killed and no one listened. until donald trump. [cheering] donald trump is not only my
9:09 pm
hero, he's my lifesaver. [cheering] clinton, or as we know her, crooked hillary -- [cheering] always talks about what she will do for illegal aliens and what she will do for refugees. what donald trump talks about what he will do for americans. [cheering] usa. usa. usa. usa. we need to enforce our immigration -- our existing immigration laws. soneed to secure our borders
9:10 pm
no other person has to ever go through this kind of grief, pain, agony knowing this could have been prevented. build the wall. americans need to come first. thank you. [cheering] >> thank you for the rnc for the invitation to speak about my beloved son. friend,thank you to my the undisputed gop nominee in the next president of the united states. donald j trump. [cheering] the second, 2008, my life changed in a blink of an
9:11 pm
eye. one minute i'm here my son's voice, he might -- the right home old man. the next minute, gunshots. he is dead. i saw the hole in his head and blood everywhere. it happened so fast he was still holding his phone. at the same moment, his mother was serving in our military overseas. lapd came buried him, to my home to tell us they found the killer. for two weeks local politicians supported us and every black politician nla did too. -- in la did too. they even put up a memorial. two weeks after that, everything changed. we learned the killer was an mexico.alien from released from jail, with a
9:12 pm
deportation hold, three gun charges and assault and battery on a police officer. and the politicians disappeared. in 2012, we finally had our day in court. d.a. proved he was murdered because he was black. the coroner testified while he was on his back, bleeding from a stomach wound, his hands were up and his second bullet went through his hand and into his head. also proof that the killer's gang targeted black males. you would think obama cared and black lives matter, no. is obama's hillary third term.
9:13 pm
only trump called me on the phone to see how i was doing. only trump will stand against terrorists and end illegal immigration. [cheering] build the wall. trump mentions americans killed by illegals. donald trump will put america first. not crooked hillary. [cheering] again, like i said before, trump is sent from god. e.pport trump and penc they will come together and make
9:14 pm
america safe and a great again. [cheering] welcome united states representative michael mccaul from texas. >> good evening. i michael mccaul, chairman of the homeland security to midi. and i'm a fourth-generation texan. [cheering] raised in dallas texas. the dallas inr louisiana police officers who tragically lost their lives. hometowntands with my and we will never forget. to law-enforcement officers
9:15 pm
across this nation, we are with you and we will always support you. [cheering] [cheering] tonight, we heard powerful testimony from people who have been devastated by obamas reckless immigration policy. haven't we had enough? hillary clinton is promising more of the same. amnesty,ers, executive and a surge of syrian refugees. oo!b >> this is a dangerous liberal agenda and it is time for a change. time to take back our country and make america safe again. [cheering]
9:16 pm
>> usa. usa. usa. >> usa. you as a. -- usa. we need to add sanctuary cities. cities.hanks were ,- end sanctuary cities . [cheering] keep dangerous people out of our country. [cheering] and secure our borders once and for all. [cheering] securityry's nasa goes -- national security is at risk. president reagan once reminded that america is a shining city
9:17 pm
upon a hill. a beacon of hope to the world. after eight years of leadership, our city on a hill is now a city under siege. today, our allies no longer trust us. our adversaries no longer fear us. plottingnemies are against us. this did not happen by accident. it happened by design. obamathe work of a barack and the architect of his failed foreign policy hillary clinton. [cheering] for years, they presided over america's retreat. and the consequences clear. leading from behind has led us into danger. when hillary stop talking about the war on terror, our enemies noticed. when she helped withdraw our
9:18 pm
forces from iraq, greeting a power vacuum, she paved the way for isis to rear its ugly head and our enemies noticed. when four americans were murdered at benghazi, it burned. she blamed it on a video. in our enemies noticed. sidelinestood on the while terror hotspots corrupted across the globe, our enemies noticed. we have already sent -- witness the recent attacks in paris, brussels, a stable and now we are in the crosshairs. have become streets the battleground. ft. hood, boston, chattanooga, san bernardino, orlando. instead of protecting americans, the obama administration turned a blind eye to the dangers.
9:19 pm
let's cut to the suffocating political correctness. [cheering] and call the threat what it really is, the enemy is radical islam. [cheering] these fanatics of radicalized -- have radicalized a religion into a weapon targeting our way of life. resident reagan once asked if you are better off than you were four years ago? tonight, let me ask you this question. are you safer than you were eight years ago? >> no! >> no. is our military stronger? >> no. >> is america still respected?
9:20 pm
>> no. >> over and over of obama and hillary have apologized for sts toa and allowed jihadi spread like wildfire. we cannot afford hillary in the white house again. [cheering] we need someone who can repair the damage she has done, take the fight to the enemy and put america first. batman is donald trump. man is donald trump. [cheering]
9:21 pm
i am proud to serve as a member of his national security team. and i can tell you this, i can tell you this, donald will never apologize for american greatness. he will promote it. [cheering] it is time to unify as a party. it is time to unify as a party. he will never bow down to our enemies. he will stand up to them. and donald will never allow terrorists to gain ground against america. he will shape the ground they walk on. [cheering]
9:22 pm
my father was a volunteer in world war ii and participated in the d-day event in against monopolies. azis.e n his generation often called the greatest. america ton a safer generation. now, we are in a struggle against the forces of radical islam and terror which must be defeated for our children and our grandchildren. [cheering] pickup administration will take a donald trump administration will take on this point and send a clear message to islamic terrorists. you may have fired the first
9:23 pm
shot, but rest assured, america will fire the last. [cheering] >> usa! usa! usa! thank you and god bless america. god bless the next president of the united states. [cheering] >> please welcome milwaukee county sheriff david clarke.
9:24 pm
>> thank you. ladies and gentlemen. i would like to make something very clear, blue lives matter in america. [cheering] >> usa. usa. usa.
9:25 pm
>> i stand before you tonight with a heavy heart. at the law enforcement community prepares to bury three of baton rouge's louisiana finest. there is some good news. out of baltimore maryland as lieutenant brian rice was acquitted on all charges. [cheering] ofthe malicious prosecution activist state attorney marilyn mosby. >> boo! to talk to you about something important. five on abortion officers were murdered and nine more were wounded for earlier this month. murdered two more
9:26 pm
days ago in baton rouge, louisiana. important -- importance of making america safer again. [cheering] i believe that this noble mission is not just a requirement but a pre-what was it for achieving the campaign goal of making america great again. [cheering] we simply cannot be great if we do not feel safe in our home, our streets, our schools. i see this every day at street level. many americans increasingly have an uneasiness about the ability of their family to live safely in these troubling times. this transcends race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, and
9:27 pm
lifestyle. [cheering] if you don't believe it, a recent gallup poll confirms it. americanshalf of all now worry a great deal about crime and violence. consistently up from a few years ago. and for african-americans, that number is 70%. sadly, try growing number of communities, the sense of safety that many of us once took for granted has been shattered. americans don't always feel safe and that if they're working in a big city, living in a suburb or rural areas all around this i often tell, residents of milwaukee in the city and town that visit, that safety is a shared endeavor.
9:28 pm
's size with a willing acceptance of people to play by society's rules. if you well, they code where we collectively agree upon that insured stability, fairness and inspect. -- respect. it is built on the foundation of trust. and the people who administer and enforce societies rules at its foundation is a rule of law. the [cheering] -- [cheering] darkened -- dr. martin luther king wrote passionate about the interrelatedness of all communities and about our inescapable network of mutuality tying us to a single garment of destiny. he spoke about the basic reality of the rule of law provided that it is applied equally to both
9:29 pm
the wealthy and the impoverished, both men and women, and yes the majority and minority. [cheering] what we witnessed in ferguson and baltimore and baton rouge was a collapse of the social order. the actions of the occupy movement and black lives matter transcend people protest and violates the code of conduct we rely on. i called anarchy. anarchy.t [cheering] american law enforcement officers understand that race is and has been a heated issue in our country. most appreciate the vital need for thoroughness and transparency in pursuit of the greater good in their
9:30 pm
these are truths that are self evident to me and that i practice. they are the truths the donald trump understands and supports. [applause] donald trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs. mehas spoken passionately to of his belief in our american system of justice. values that are at the foundation of our social contract. throughout his campaign over many years he has consistently and constantly raised his voice not only in defense of the police officer but of the need for all people to feel that they are being treated fairly and respectfully by law enforcement. [applause]
9:31 pm
donald trump understands that what can make our nation safe recommitment to a system of justice in which no , no privatefficial citizen, no elected official even hillary clinton, and no group of people despite the fervor with which they put forth in their grievances. the law.ove it cannot happen in the united states. [applause] the tradition of the primacy of the rule of law in america is strong. actions that we
9:32 pm
will move forward toward making america safe again. god bless you and may god continue to bless these united states of america. [applause] [applause] >> please welcome united states ofresentative sean duffy wisconsin. sean duffy: hello america. i met rachel 19 years ago on america's first reality tv show. we had our eighth baby. nothing good comes out
9:33 pm
of reality tv? with a family of 10 it gets a little crazy. we have some pretty simple rules in our house. no waking mom and dad up on saturday mornings. no private servers in the basement. and no lying, especially to the fbi. for us, it is all about family. icon from a long line of lumberjacks. my irish family were tough farmers. they came to wisconsin to work. they knew anyone could succeed
9:34 pm
in america with great, faith and family. rachel: my grandparents came here from mexico. they settled in arizona where my father was a shoeshine boy. by the age of 12 he started his own business making people got this. my mother taught herself english and they both attended night school and earn their degrees while raising a family. [applause] hard work, discipline, self-reliance and opportunity. that is the american dream that we believe in. rachel: it is a dream that is bigger and more satisfying than
9:35 pm
any bureaucrat or government check could ever hope to deliver. [applause] sean: our grandparents chose to be americans. we choose to be republicans. the republican party offers upward mobility rooted in individual liberty and economic freedom. americane cannot let become the corrupt socialist regimes that our families left behind. sean: sadly, barack obama and hillary clinton had left us in $19 trillion in debt. there are thousands of new rules and regulations that are crushing the american workers. do you want four more years of
9:36 pm
that? radical jihadists are killing americans. all the time, hillary clinton and barack obama are fretting over whether to call it workplace violence or hate crime. you want four more years of that? we need to unify. we need a new president who can strengthen, protect and restore our nation for the next generation. rachel: every morning i look into the eyes of what is at stake in this election. our children. yours and mine. the challenges facing america have never been greater.
9:37 pm
we must meet those challenges. [applause] sean: we can make america great again. we will. ,t is going to take all of us in wisconsin. we turned our blue state red. electionne every except for the big one. we can't stop now. we're going to save our country. america, let's rally behind donald trump and let's make america great again. .ay god bless you all [applause] [applause] >> please welcome el paso county commissioner darryl glenn.
9:38 pm
darrell: give god the glory. [applause] good evening. i am an unapologetic christian constitutionalist conservative. [applause] i am your republican nominee for the senate in the number one battleground state in this country, and that is colorado. it is my privilege to stand here
9:39 pm
and support our next president, donald trump. i am often asked why are your republican? it's because the democrat party is the party of handouts. ther more than seven years only thing we have left in our pockets is change. this president ran to be commander-in-chief. his rhetoric has made him the divider in chief. we are more racially divided today than before he ran. but there is more. did you see the new black panthers outside?
9:40 pm
where are jesse jackson and al sharpton? they don't speak for black america and they don't speak for me. mr. president, i have a message. this is not about black america, white america, brown america. this is about the united states of america. somebody with a nice tan it needs to say this. all lives matter.
9:41 pm
[applause] here are some more facts mr. president. neighborhoods have become more violent under your watch. your rhetoric has a direct impact on the relationship between the community and the police. we can bring this country together. but we must realize that our heroes and blue are part of the solution and not the problem. stand up and support those men and women in dallas. stand up and support those people in louisiana. blue lives matter. [applause]
9:42 pm
nobody wants ban caps off the street more than good cops. if we really want to hear all more men need to start stepping up and taking care of their children. [applause] safe neighborhoods happen when fathers and mothers are home. we must recognize that evil exists in this world. the threat from radical islamic terrorism is real. our troops don't care what party you represent. they care about having the tools and the training and equipment to do their jobs. if you put them in harms way, let them win. [applause]
9:43 pm
when they come home, honor them and care for their injuries. friends, we must win this election. hillary clinton is unfit to be president. [applause] we all know she loves her pantsuits. you know what coming. e-mail andend her an tell her she deserves a bright orange jumpsuit. [applause] here's the bottom line. american exceptionalism is alive and well.
9:44 pm
evil exists. battleis my witness, the can be one. believe we can win. believe we can change things. makeve it together we can america great again. [applause] my name is darryl glenn and i can't do this without your help. god bless each and everyone of you. god bless the great state of colorado. god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> please welcome the united states senator from arkansas, tom cotton. ♪
9:45 pm
tom cotton: thank you. we've seen what happens when america leads from behind. that is that is not with the army taught me. for everyone who agrees that america should lead the way, i have a message. help is on the way. [applause] let me tell you a story. in arkansas farm boy who became a soldier. a war he waswas away at school. then in a comfortable professional job exempt from service.
9:46 pm
he sacrificed that comfort against the wishes of his family. volunteered for the army. he became an infantryman. .hat boy was my dad he went to vietnam in 1969. [applause] 35 years later because of 9/11 i did the same. [applause] against the wishes of my family i give up my legal career i volunteered for the army. and ime an infantryman went to iraq and afghanistan.
9:47 pm
my dad said he felt like god was punishing him for what he did to his dad. but god was not punishing him. god had called us to serve. just as he called so many of you to serve as well. my family isn't extraordinary. arkansas toms of the fire stations in new york, so many families can tell the same story. the defense of this country is always a family affair and these families shoulder more than their share of the task. we hate fight because our enemies but because we love our country. [applause] we love its freedom and we love
9:48 pm
that we are born equal and no one can boss us around. these things are worth fighting for and dying for. they make life worth living for. our warriors and their families don't ask for much. we are blessed to serve and we are grateful for the generosity of our fellow citizens. we would like a commander-in-chief who speaks of winning wars and not just ending wars. [applause] we would like a commander-in-chief who calls its enemy by its name. a commander-in-chief who draws
9:49 pm
redlines cautiously but enforces them ruthlessly. it would be nice to have a commander-in-chief who could be trusted to handle classified information. [applause] we did like politicians who treat our common defense as the chief responsibility of the government, not just another government program. this is not much to ask for. eight years without it is more than enough. another four years is unthinkable. quote the last republican vice president about the consequences of the last time a clinton was in the white house.
9:50 pm
in a trump and hence administration and with a republican congress health -- help is on the way. [applause] [applause] believe me, no man wants more wars once you've seen the face of war. have planned memorial services for fallen comrades in the mountains of afghanistan. i have carried to their flag draped caskets onto planes. i have buried them in arlington national cemetery. confirmsm of the ages the council of our first president to be prepared for war is one of the most effective ways of preserving peace.
9:51 pm
the purpose of our common defense is to protect the american people and preserve our independent so that we can enjoy the blessings of peace. freedom, family and prosperity. why father and his father were willing to fight so that their children and grandchildren could live in peace. sadly, that was not to be. fighting, hasis fought and will fight so that , my infant son gabriel and the christmas baby my wife and i are expecting, might one day live in peace. [applause] for that cause, i speak tonight
9:52 pm
not only to republicans but to the millions of independents and democrats who share that dream and wish to make america safe again. thank you and god bless you. [applause] [applause] ,> please welcome karen vaughn the mother of fallen navy seal. for thehank you so much opportunity to be here tonight. it is a great honor. remember because i when america was strong and proud. when our word meant something. i am here because i raised a son who believed in this country enough to give his life for it. because we are at a
9:53 pm
crossroads of like anything we have ever witnessed in our lifetime and something must change now. [applause] leadership, strong leadership. leadership that will longer sit idly by and let our enemies define the world in which we live. there is no adversary the u.s. we cany cannot defeat if find them under the ludicrous rules of engagement they've been forced to fight under for the last seven years. [applause]
9:54 pm
thank you. leaders desire to win hearts and minds at whatever cost to our own. too many american sons and daughters have died needless deaths due to these absurd rules. aaron.r my only brave warriors. countless others have curtailed their military careers because of the culture they know puts their lives in needless risk. said, i did not join to be sacrificed. i joined to fight. [applause] we have lost the will to defend whoelves against enemies
9:55 pm
are hell-bent on destroying us. we have been unwilling to lead with strength. we have been unwilling to even call our enemies by name. how can you defeat an enemy you cannot even name. [applause] we must elect to leaders will give our soldiers every tool possible to win. to stande can trust strong against our enemies. leaders like donald trump. [applause] it is way past time to make america strong and safe again. and god bless this amazing united states of america. [applause] [applause]
9:56 pm
>> please welcome the united states senator from alabama, jeff sessions. jeff sessions: thank you. thank you, alabama. speaking from this podium today is a long way from the rafters my wife and i had in miami in 1972. this year are voters spoke clearly on two critical issues in our primary. trade and immigration. they affirmed donald trump's position. they opposed obama on trade.
9:57 pm
they demanded a lawful system of immigration that protects their safety and their financial well-being. average americans have been the first to know that something is wrong with this economy. our middle class is steadily declining. african-american and hispanic communities have been hurt the most. andwashington establishment the media and big corporations have been in denial. fellow republicans, we must understand that the incomes of middle-class americans today are $4000 less per year than in 1999. this is an economic disaster. we are on the wrong track. the american people know it. [applause]
9:58 pm
clinton has a plan for more of the same. more government and more taxes and more regulations and more at illegal immigration and more debt. she has been the champion of globalist trade agreements. but they have not worked for the american people. when those agreements were signed president clinton and obama promised are dangerous trade deficits with china and korea would be reduced. the deficit with china has increased fivefold. the deficit with korea has more than foured in less years. these are job killing numbers. they are now pushing a disastrous obama trade agreement partnershipacific agreement.
9:59 pm
this must not happen. this election has also been about immigration. years are good and decent people have pleaded with their leaders for sound immigration policy. a policy that would advance the national interest. our elites have responded with disdain and to and scorn. is there anyone in america that is not understand that when we bring in more workers than we had jobs, the job prospects and wages fall. [applause] economists and the congressional budget office of just that. is it too much to ask that we slow down and protect our
10:00 pm
national security and jobs? we lawfully they are for the most part wonderful new additions to our country. [cheering] that, we have 700,000 guestworkers here who take jobs in the majority of these are not seasonal or agriculture workers, they are about 350,000 people who succeed in crossing our borders illegally each year and almost 500,000 more unlawfully overstay their visas. these are extreme numbers. but the only solution from obama and hillary clinton is to capitulate to the lawlessness and give amnesty and citizenship to all.
10:01 pm
it will not work. >> boo! this, from 2000-2014, while our existing population increased by a million, the number of jobs held by americans actually declined. amazingly all the net job growth and that time went to immigrants. ofbine that with the reality efficient businesses and increased automation and slow growth, the fact is we just don't have enough jobs being created now for the people who are here. why this help to explain our wages have fallen and by we have the false -- lowest percentage of americans actually holding a job in 40 years? our duty as elected officials is to get our people jobs first. it cannot be our policy to take jobs from across -- a rockwell
10:02 pm
government support him as are use for those unemployed americans. bad trade deals. excess immigration. the labor market, job prospects. places ourtting nation at risk of terrorism. remember, the president has the clear power to suspend immigration to protect america. wants help [cheering] this election will make it happen. [cheering] that is why we need donald trump . [cheering]
10:03 pm
donald trump is the leader who will bring change. [cheering] he has the strength, the courage, and the will to get it done. he is attracting more and more independents and democrats in the movement. donald trump will kill obama trade. [cheering] build themp will wall. [cheering] and donald trump will make america great again. [cheering] thank you. god bless.
10:04 pm
[cheering] >> please welcome the former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani. [cheering] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you, new york. [applause] yorker for once on the ticket, donald trump. [cheering]
10:05 pm
i'm here to speak to you about a very serious subject. how to make america safe. the vast majority of americans today do not feel safe. they fear for their children. they care for themselves. do for themselves. they fear for our police officers were being targeted with a target on their back. officersor our police in dallas and baton rouge and their families. [applause] and we say thank you to the cleveland police department for protecting us. [cheering] thank you.
10:06 pm
, we know the risk you are taking and we say thank you to every police officer and law enforcement agent who is out tonight protecting us, black, white, latino, of every race, every color, every creed, every sexual orientation. [cheering] when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you are black or white, they just come to save you. [cheering] we reach out out, our arms with understanding and compassion.
10:07 pm
lovedse who have lost ones because of police shootings , some justified, some unjustified. unjustified, must be punished. those that are justified, we must apologize to. america safe make again. it is time to make america one again. one america. [cheering] to there's no black america, no white america, there is just america? [cheering] what happened to it? where did it go? how has it blown away? [cheering]
10:08 pm
know we can change it because i did it by changing new york city from the crime capital of america to the safest large city in the united states. [cheering] york, donaldr new trump will do for america! [cheering] i have known donald trump for almost 30 years. created an accomplished great things. in my city, and all over the world. beyond that,at --
10:09 pm
this is a man with a big heart. every time new york suffered a tragedy, donald trump was there to help. [cheering] he's not going to like my telling you this, but he did it anonymously. when police officers were shot, fire fighters hurt, when people were in trouble, he came forward and helped and he asked not to be mentioned. well, i'm going to break my promise to him, i'm going to mention it. this is a man with a big heart who loves people, all people from the top to the bottom, from the middle to the side. [cheering] because i'myou this sick and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media and
10:10 pm
by the clinton campaign. [cheering] i'm sick and tired of it! this is a good man. [cheering] america should be sick and tired of their vicious, nasty campaign. [cheering] you deserve to know this about your next president, he's been a father-in-law, grandfather, and friend to me, mostfe, and my family from 30 years. i know him personally. this is a very good and decent man and he will be a great president. [cheering] in the last seven months, there have been five major islamic terrorist attacks on us and our
10:11 pm
allies. define not be afraid to our enemy. it is islamic extremist terrorism. [cheering] for the purpose of the media, i did not say all of islam. i did not say most of islam. i said islamic extremist terrorism. you know who you are. [cheering] and we are coming to get you. [cheering]
10:12 pm
failing to identify them, going to identify them properly maligns all those good muslims around the world. for being killed by them. they are killing more muslims than anyone else. it also sets up a fear of being politically incorrect. consequences.ious it did in san bernardino, it did the person young outlaw bar akbar.u the only person who cannot do this out that this was a terrorist attack was barack obama. who called it workplace violence.
10:13 pm
this is why our enemies css weekend on a. step ine said the first defeating our enemies is to identify them properly and see the connection between them so we can find them and caps on. to defeat islam into iteris, we must put them on defense. us,hey are at war against which they have declared, we must commit ourselves to unconditional victory against them. [cheering] this includes on do it -- undoing of's nuclear agreement eventually,at will
10:14 pm
that will eventually let them become a nuclear power and is putting billions of dollars back that at thery world's largest supporter of terrorism. toare giving them the money fund the terrorists who are killing us and our allies. money,giving them the are we crazy. donald trump will make sure any agreement with iran meets the original goals of the u.s. and our allies. non-n nuclear iran -- a nuclear iran. [cheering] donald trump is a leader. he will reassert america's position as the nation with the best values to lead the world.
10:15 pm
it was hillary clinton who advocated for the overthrow of good office in libya. -- muammar gaddafi libya. libya is in chaos. hillary clinton is accountable for this and much more. her dereliction of duty and failure to keeper people safe played a major role as you heard tonight and the horrific islamic terrorist murders on september 11 and 12, 2012. in benghazi. which claimed the lives of four brave americans. ambassador j christopher stevens, u.s. foreign service or officer john smith and cia agents to run ashwood and brant daugherty. may they rest in peace. [applause] and clinton and the obama administration for political reasons lie.
10:16 pm
lie about the purpose of the attack. including hillary clinton line directly to the families of the people who were killed right to their face. >> boo! >> hillary clinton's answer to congress about the deaths of these brave americans because of her gross failure, she was quote, what difference does it make? >> boo! >> what difference does it make? watch the video yourself. disregarde arrogant for american lives lost unnecessarily because of her and then make up your mind.
10:17 pm
it means we're getting to them. it means we're getting to them. anyone who can say that it makes a difference how or why serving america are killed should not be with the awesome responsibility to protect us and should not be allowed to be our commander-in-chief. [cheering] who would trust hillary clinton to protect them? i would not. would you? >> no!
10:18 pm
>> donald trump will change all of that and more. he will lead by leading, not by following. you know donald trump will secure our borders. his opponent has had her chance to do this and she has failed. hillary clinton is for open borders. >> boo! >> she is in favor of even taking syrian refugees even though the islamic state has told us they are going to put their operatives in with the syrian refugees. operatives who are terrorist who will come to western europe and kill us. they have told us that and she still wants to take an be syrians. we can't afford to repeat the mistakes of the past. clinton's extremists --
10:19 pm
experience as the basis for her campaign. hillary clinton's experience is exactly the reason she should not be president of the united states. [cheering] there is no next election. this is it. there is no more time for us no more time to repeat our mistakes. mistake of the clinton-obama years. washington needs a complete turnaround and donald trump is the agent of change and he will be the leader of the change we need. [cheering] he will make america once again
10:20 pm
like the president i worked for, ronald reagan. [cheering] city on the hill. for aor donald trump safer america and for america headed in a different direction. greatness! [cheering] god bless our next president, donald trump and god bless the united states of america! usa! [cheering] ♪
10:21 pm
10:22 pm
>> thank you everybody. we love you. we are going to win, we are going to win so big. thank you very much. [cheering] thank you very much. thank you.
10:23 pm
we are going to win so big. i you very much, ladies and gentlemen. -- thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. ladies and gentlemen, it is my the nextor to present first lady of united states, my wife and amazing mother, trump.ible woman, melania [cheering] thank you very much. [cheering] thank you. [cheering] >> thank you.
10:24 pm
[cheering] thank you very much. [cheering] you have all been very kind to donald and me, to our young son and our whole family. it is a very nice welcome and we are excited to be with you at this historic convention. >> we love you! [cheering] proud for your choice of president of the united states, my husband, donald j trump. [cheering] and i can assure you that he is moved why this great honor. the 2016 republican primary were fierce and started with many candidates, 17 to be exact. and i know that donald agrees with me and i mentioned how
10:25 pm
are.ted all of them they deserve the success and gratitude for all of us. [cheering] however, when it comes to my that he iswould say for good reason, i've seen the donald for 18 years and i've been aware of his love for this country since we first met. he never had [indiscernible] patriotism. like me, he loves this country very much. [cheering] i was born in slovenia a small, pitiful country and that for your.
10:26 pm
my hard-working mother traduced me to fashion and beauty. my father instilled in me a passion for business and travel. their integrity, compassion and intelligence to this day on me, my love for family and america. [cheering] my parents impressed on me the value of that you work hard for what you want in life. that your work is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. that you treat people with respect. show the values and morals in the daily life. lesson that we
10:27 pm
continue to pass on to our son. we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. [cheering] because we want our children in these nations to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. [cheering] i'm fortunate for my heritage and where it has brought me today. i traveled the world by working hard in the incredible arena fashion. after living and working in milan and paris, i arrived in new york city 20 years ago. i saw the joy and hardships of daily life.
10:28 pm
2006, i was very proud to become a citizen of the united states. [cheering] the greatest privilege on planet earth. [cheering] i will not take the freedom this country offers for granted. have -- theeedoms sacrifices made by our veterans, a reminder to us of this. i would like to take a moment to recognized some amazing veterans. a great senator bob dole. [cheering]
10:29 pm
let us all think i veterans in the arena today it does across our great country. -- those across our great country. [cheering] blessed to bely here. that will never change. i can type with certainty that my husband has been concerned about our country for as long as i have known him. knowall of my heart, i that he will make a great and lasting difference. donald has a great devotion to the nation and never give up attitude.
10:30 pm
have seen him -- he does not give up. [cheering] someone to fight for you and your country, i can assure you that he is the guy. [cheering] up and never ever give most importantly, he will never ever let you down. [cheering] is and always has been an amazing leader. now, he will go to work for you. [cheering] his achievements speak for themselves and his performance without the primary campaign,
10:31 pm
proved that he knows how to win. he also knows how to remind -- remain focused on improving our country on keeping it safe, i'm keeping it secure. [cheering] he is tough when he has to be, that he is also kind and fair and caring. notedind is is not always , but it is there for all to see. that is one reason i fell in love with him to begin with. [cheering] donald is intensely loyal to employees,ends, country. he has the utmost respect for his parents, to his sister and memory.her into the his children have been cared for
10:32 pm
and mentored to the extent that even his advisers admit that they are amazing testament to who he is as a man and a father. [cheering] a great deal of love and the trump family. that is our bond and that is our strength. , when considering the presidency of the united states, not for small thinking, not for small results. donald gets things done. [cheering] our country is underperforming and needs new leadership. leadership is also what the world needs. donald want our country to move forward in the most positive of
10:33 pm
ways. everyone wants change. donald is the only one that can deliver it. we should not be satisfied with stagnation. donald once prosperity for all americans. [cheering] we need new programs to house the poor and opportunities to challenge the young. there has to be a plan for growth and only then will we see for results. my husband's experience that applies growth and opportunity to the next generation. inclusions indicates rather than the mission. my husband offers a new direction, welcoming change and posterity and greater
10:34 pm
cooperation among people and nations. donald intent to prevent all the people,- defend all the not just some of the people. [cheering] that includes christians, jews, muslims, includes hispanics and african-americans and asians and the poor and middle class. [cheering] throughout his career, donald has successfully worked with people of many faiths and many nations. like no one else, i have seen the talent, the energy, the tennessee that a soulful mind and the simple goodness of the heart that god gave to donald trump.
10:35 pm
now is the time to use those gifts as never before for purposes far greater than ever. and he will do this better than everyone else can. and it won't even be close. [cheering] everyone depends on the causing country. all the millions of you to have taught us so much with your kindness and confidence, you have turned this unlikely campaign into a movement that is still gaining in strength and numbers. [cheering] the primary season in the darkness is behind us.
10:36 pm
let's all come together in a national campaign like no other. [cheering] the race will be hard-fought all the way to november. there be good times and hard times. an expert tutors. it would not be a trump contest without excitement and drama. doll, -- throughout it all, my husband will be focused on one thing, this beautiful country that he loves so much. [cheering] i'm honored to serve as first lady, i will use the privilege to try to help people in our country who need it the most. one of the many causes dear to my heart is helping children and
10:37 pm
women. the judge society by how it treats its citizens. we must do our best to ensure that every child can live in comfort and security with the best possible education. [cheering] citizens of this great nation, it is kindness, love, and thatssion for each other will bring us together and keep us together. [cheering] these are the values donald and i would bring to the white house. [cheering] my husband is ready to lead this nation. every dayy to fight to give our children a better
10:38 pm
future theybetter deserve. ladies and gentlemen donald j trump is ready to serve and lead this country as the next president of the united states. [cheering] thank you. god bless you. and god bless america! [cheering]
10:39 pm
♪ ♪ >> please welcome retired united states army general and former director of the defense intelligence agency, michael flynn. [cheering] >> i don't know how you file -- follow an act again next first lady of the united states of america. another big round of applause for her. [cheering]
10:40 pm
unbelievable and what an exciting night. as a determined american who loves our country. and my message to you is very clear. wake up america. [cheering] there is no substitute for american leadership and exceptionalism. should not fear our enemies. fact, we should clearly define our enemies. face them head on. and then defeat those that seek to threaten our country. and our way of life.
10:41 pm
you are done right. that is right. good for you. together asstand proud patriots who deeply love our country and believe in the principles of freedom, democracy, and liberty. [cheering] usa, you are done right. get fired up. this is about this country. this is about the future of our children. know that america, our nation, is the greatest country in the history of the world. never be a substitute
10:42 pm
for america and let us sustain the conviction that our country holds a unique place and role in american history, american exceptionalism must never fade, and you it is up to us cannot sit this election out. you as a citizen, and veteran, a patriot, but more importantly, as an american. that the destructive pattern of putting the interest of other nations ahead of our own will and went donald trump is president. trump, trump, trump. there you go. exactly.
10:43 pm
from this day forward, from this day forward, we must stand tougher and a stronger together with an unrelenting goal to not dry redline and then retreat. and to never be satisfied with reckless rhetoric from an obama clone like hillary clinton. we must draw from a rich foundation of our founding anders fight for democracy lead our friends and allies with more determination than ever before. conviction, with conviction in our police that pierces through the ideology of any people or any nation that attacks america, america's way of life and are proud heritage
10:44 pm
of fearlessness and courage. [cheering] tonight, america stands as one. with strength and confidence to overcome the last eight years of obama-clinton failures. bumbling indecisiveness. will for ignorance and total incompetence. has challenged the very heart and soul of every american and fickle handedly frog continued destruction.r and the world neighborhoods and streets. [cheering] on this day, we start the
10:45 pm
beginning of a new american century, a time that we turn our heads forward with persistent and relentless vocus on protecting our communities, our families and our country. firmly planted on the ground and by holding individuals accountable for their actions mutually -- equally and fairly. our new american century does not risk its future on political correctness and senseless hyperbole. [cheering] exactly. [cheering]
10:46 pm
it is about this country. the time is now. obligation that we have to lead the world with unwavering integrity. renewed strength, unapologetic resolve and with donald trump in the white house, we will make america great again. [cheering] america traditional and undisputed role as world leader
10:47 pm
is in jeopardy. duo has failedon our country by defying america's exceptionalism and betraying our nations history and our founding fathers revolutionaries. that established america on the principles of freedom and democracy. was aan exceptionalism core principle. the united states led and one ,ur battles under this doctrine we led the allies to victory in world war ii against nazi germany. [cheering] god help us, that fired up. usa!
10:48 pm
>> i love it. country to putt a man on the moon. we ended the cold war. we ended the cold war and we stopped communism, we stopped communism's quest for world domination. [cheering] as ronald reagan said, and i here, if we lose freedom there is no place to escape to. this is the last stand on earth. [cheering]
10:49 pm
you guys are great. a centerpiece of american foreign-policy was once the protection of the united states and its people and interests around the world. under current leadership, that is no longer the case. stand period. [cheering] that americanize has enemies in our homeland and abroad. capable ofy is to be protecting the nation by finding and capturing our enemies. the president must have tools to deal with all threats to this
10:50 pm
country and must have the guts to put them into action whenever necessary. no bill, no break [cheering] and donald trump is that leader. and i'm going to say that again. donald trump is that leader. [cheering] we must regain our ability to and ourush our enemies soldiers from our soldiers deserve to hear from their leaders with clarity and , too often our troops
10:51 pm
are distracted by trivial use,rs about what words to what terminology is putting the correct and what after doors .pen up my god, or is not about bathrooms. it is not about political correctness or words that are meaningless. war is about winning. there is no substitute, there is no such thing as a runner-up and
10:52 pm
there are no consolation prizes. a commander-in-chief does not draw red lines and then retreat. america does not back down from anyone or anything. that is exactly right. get fired up. it is about this country. we arebout our country tired of obama's empty speeches and his misguided rhetoric.
10:53 pm
this has caused the world to have no respect for america's word nor does it appear our might. clear, caught on displays of entity -- empathy towards terrorists is not a strategy for defeating these murderers as obama and hillary clinton would like us to believe . [cheering] and releasing, listen to what i am about to say. releasing terrorists will not on the contrary, it simply emboldens the terrorist , and unders the war
10:54 pm
barack obama, we have no strategy to protect the citizens beat under hillary clinton, it will be more of the same. i am infuriated when i say that our president bans kurdistan of our enemies. that we cannot win this war unless we are free to call our enemies by name radical .slamist and filled tyrants -- failed tyrants. [cheering] because of obama's ill-advised actions, the world has lost inth in american leadership
10:55 pm
.he threats are mounting radical islam must assess sizing around the world, a complete lack of american military radishes and -- readiness to face multiple fronts. untold cyber threats. demoralized allies around the world. united states economy unable to compete with a .urgeoning chinese economy growing nuclear capability is a china, russia and north korea and loss of respect and wefidence around the globe had become the best enemies and worst friends. i'm going to say that again we have become the best enemies and the worst friends and that has
10:56 pm
to change. these next four years, these next four years will be consumed i that perils that we now face. and the so-called red lines of -- or reset buttons were under fair lawyers. -- bill years. the obama-clinton failed policy list goes on and on. we need a commander-in-chief who understands the challenges and is willing to do whatever it takes to meet them head on. againversaries must never mock american will power and we tot never give them a reason doubt our result to win. -- resolve to win. [cheering]
10:57 pm
the most damaging example, the most damaging example of the president's failure to understand the consequences of putting political expediency ahead of national security is the emergence of crisis. -- isis. we cannot continue down this path. more lives are at stake. , our way of life is in jeopardy. our very existence is threatened. night is the up at sobering realization that evil exists, the radicalization of islam and its barbaric cause that uses modernity to influence potentially millions of people around the world to join their cause, it should keep us all up
10:58 pm
at night. seriously the possibility that these enemies have weapons of mass destruction and intend to use them. that is a very serious issue. we must understand and define our enemies if we intend to get beat them -- defeat them. americans deserve no less. conceal,bama chose to because of obama chose to conceal the actions of terrorists like osama bin laden and groups like isis and the row and radical islam, americans are at a loss to fully understand the enormous threat they pose against us. now is the time for a leader that is honest and strong.
10:59 pm
leader who will stand up for and make absolutely path that if you cross her , you will pay the price. [cheering] we do not need a week, spineless president who is more concerned about issuing apologies there protecting americans. -- dan protecting -- than protecting americans. we do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law.
11:00 pm
[cheering] lock her up! lock her up! >> lock her up, that is right. that's right. lock her up. i'm good to tell you what, it is unbelievable -- going to tell you, it is unbelievable. >> lock her up! #neverhillary. that's what i use. i have called on hillary clinton , i have called on hillary raceon to drop out of the because she put our nation's security at extremely high risk with her careless use of a private e-mail server. [cheering]
11:01 pm
lock her up. you guys are good. damn right. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> and you know why? you know why we are saying that? i,are saying that because if a guy who knows his business, if i did a 10th of what she did, i would be in jail today. >> lock her up! so, crooked hillary clinton, leave this race now. [cheering]
11:02 pm
she needs to go. before i end, i will repeat my belief that american exceptionalism is very real. let us not fear what we know to be true. let us not fear what we know to be true. instead, we should always remember that our country, our country was built upon judeo-christian values and principles.
11:03 pm
instead, let us remember the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. america is theue greatest country in the history of the world. so get ready, america. get ready. elect fresh,me to bold leadership. trump, trump, trump. let's go. get it going. [cheering] we are just beginning. [cheering] you, i promise you that donald trump knows that the primary role of the president is
11:04 pm
to keep us safe. he recognizes the threats we face and is not afraid to call them what they are. donald trump leadership, decision-making, problem-solving abilities will restore america's role as the undeniable and unquestioned world leader. [cheering] he will lead to from the front, not from behind. he will lead with courage. never vacillating when facing our enemies our competitors. knows that the advantage, donald trump knows that the business, andife,
11:05 pm
wartime goes to the competitor that does not point and does not broadcast his game plan. [cheering] donald trump will execute the fundamental tenant of peace through strength and there will apologies for our american exceptionalism or leadership standing around the world. again, wake up america. you cannot sit this one out. you cannot sit this election out. get out of your houses and get out there and vote. astead, like donald trump the next president of the united
11:06 pm
states of america. thank you very much and god bless america! [cheering] usa! usa! keep it going! >> usa! usa! ♪ ♪
11:07 pm
three distinguished
11:08 pm
individuals. united states senator from iowa, joni ernst, format surcharge and of the u.s. army special services, jason beardsley and the united state representative from montana, ryan zinke e. joined by real american heroes, previously recognized by mr. trump. senator joni ernst. [cheering] >> distinguished delegates, republicans, and millions of my fellow americans watching around the country, especially those in iowa, thank you. it is an honor to be with you in cleveland. and to be on the stage with fellow veterans, among them, or special operations after
11:09 pm
sergeant jason veered -- bear dsley. and navy seal and congressman ryan zinke e. i never would have imagined a farm girl like me from montgomery county have the opportunity to serve as the first woman elected to federal office from iowa. my parents always said to my brother and sister and me, if we worked hard anything was possible. growing up we did not have much. but what we did not have an money, my parents particularly my mother made up for with tenacity. she really encouraged us, he never hear her say no.
11:10 pm
instead, if something was joni,nging, she would say we will figure out a way. if this is what you want, let's make it happen. together.gure it out that is a trait i carry with me today and it is something i teach my own daughter. in our household, and in the homes of many of those in the military, including those at ,ere tonight, giving up quitting or excepting failure are not options. [cheering] that resilience is not unique to our house. servedn do attitude has as the foundation of our country
11:11 pm
for 200 and 40 years. it continues tonight here in ohio, iowa and all around our great nation. in between my freshman and iphomore years of college went on and agricultural exchange to the soviet union. ukrainians do not talk about farming, rather they wanted to know what it was like country where they could experience freedom. they wanted to know, yes beautiful freedom. they wanted to know about our country, a place where anything was possible.
11:12 pm
when i came home, i realized it was not enough to simply enjoy freedom and liberty. protect do my part to and preserve it. military which is tremendously important institution that the fence the freedom that americans cherish. [cheering] thank you. i had the great privilege of serving my state and my country well working alongside some of our nation's finest soldiers. for 14 months i served as a company commander during operation iraqi freedom where my unit was tasked with running convoys are quite in southern iraq. more than 23 after years of service, i retired as a lieutenant colonel in the iowa
11:13 pm
army national guard. [cheering] as i travel across iowa and around our great country, i hear from folks who are worried america is no longer leading, but rather following from behind. those concerns are echoed by our allies around the world. and rightfully so. the question i hear time and , where is is america's leadership? world, aa void in the deficit that cannot be filled by others. our country in the world of which we are a part simply cannot afford four more years of
11:14 pm
this lack of leadership under hillary clinton. [cheering] allies see us shrinking from our place as a leader in the world as we have failed time and time again to address threats. they are looking for american leaders, leaders were willing to stand up and say enough is enough. [cheering] unfortunately, hillary clinton cannot be trusted. her judgment and character are not suited to be sitting in the most powerful office in the
11:15 pm
world. she has already failed us too many times before. clinton has failed to stop the expansion of terrorism. libya,icies in afghanistan, iraq and syria have created more safe havens for terrorism. shockingly, she continues to support a policy that brings captured terrorists into our backyard. believe that is unacceptable. unacceptable. join clinton has get to support our allies -- hillary clinton
11:16 pm
has failed to support our allies. her decision to back the iran clear deal puts imperil our longtime friends and allies in the region, especially israel. they have continued to threaten and destroy israel both directly and indirectly through its terrorist proxies such as hezbollah. there are many top sponsor of terrorism which endangers not just israel, but europe and the united states. [cheering] look, just take a look, folks. she's pathetic track record and obama have in the war on isis. this administration has called adversaries,arsity ignoring some of the best advice they were given.
11:17 pm
they represent a threat that is not limited to the middle east and is spreading rapidly. fact, according to the fbi, isis is present in all 50 states. think about it for a moment. isis are inrom every one of our 50 states. it will use whatever weapons trucks, knives, poisons and bombs. to kill innocent people. under this current administration, isis continues to spread while the president failed to put forward a
11:18 pm
comprehensive strategy to defeat and destroy them. donald trump will not hesitate to call radical islamic terrorism by its name. and he will not hesitate to harmoy those that wish to our great nation. usa. god bless you. hillary clinton has failed to
11:19 pm
protect our national security. she jeopardized our safety by deciding our laws don't apply to her. setting up her own private e-mail server and the line. lying to the american people about how it was used. o! bo [laughter] >> our men and women of the armed services, let me say this and women ofmen the armed services do not fail us. they cannot fail us. the veterans here with me did not tell us.
11:20 pm
us.ail [cheering] not fail us. they too are individuals of the highest integrity. cannot fail us either. accept hillary clinton when she has bailed them us and cannot be trusted. she has proven time and time entirely unfitis to serve as our nation's commander-in-chief. [cheering] long, americans have
11:21 pm
felt abandoned and they are warning -- they are warning unheard. donald trump has heard these voices loud and clear. yearsnot afford four more of the same failed policies. [cheering] enough, theot veterans administration has been failing those who have served alongside those of us here on the stage with scandal after .candal at the highest level in fear care, long wait times, extraordinarily -- extraordinary inefficiency and bureaucracy that has gone wild still continues. we need a commander in chief who will stand up to our enemies, and have ourllies
11:22 pm
veterans act. back.eran's [cheering] ensure a leader who will america remains a strong, stabilizing force around the globe and who will keep us safe here at home. country another four years like the eight we have just had. it is time to stand up and fight for the security for our children. grandchildren, and ourselves. with hillary clinton, it is always about her. it should be about you.
11:23 pm
[cheering] donald trump is focused on you. [cheering] movement ofice to a millions of americans who are tired of politics as usual. president, he will work tirelessly to keep our nation safe. time to make america safe again. [cheering] thank you. thank you. you,ay god bless all of the wonderful state of i want -- iowa, the brave men and women in uniform, and is great united states of america.
11:24 pm
god bless you. ! thank you. [cheering]
11:25 pm
>> can sustain the nation when we find ourselves in peril. this is such a time. aggression, russian to a belligerent china, and to the evil of the islamic state, we face unparalleled threats, but we stand here tonight on the shoulders of giants and legends who gave us this american republic that when we think of those who pioneered this country with courage and honor through a bloody revolution, and those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom around the world,
11:26 pm
today, at this crucial point in our history, can we summon the spirit that forged our nation and bound us together under principles of liberty and justice for all? [cheering] usa. us, once again to choose freedom over tyranny. [cheering] years, thest eight u.s. has traded the role of active leadership for that of a passive observer. americans have been told that the u.s. has always been a force for good and that since we have made mistakes, we should forfeit our leadership or god for bid, we should leave them behind.
11:27 pm
that thinking has endangered not just the u.s., but freedom across the world and those results all squarely on the shoulders of our current administration supported by hillary clinton. absent asship was u.s. marines were forced to match their weapons while bureaucrats abandoned our embassy and it was absent as our enemies overran another conflict and killed four of our americans at benghazi. lock her up. up!ocker up!er up! -- lock her leadership think our enemies and are on their knees. it is time we put some into office who holds the same
11:28 pm
convictions that we hold. the same convictions that my fellow warriors and i hold. the same convictions that my friends led or died for. members, we live by these convictions. usa. cap fired up. [cheering] imagine a country where our president shares those convictions and apples the honor of our military, and president who knows our past and defend our liberty. with that leadership, we will go over the top and into the teeth of this 21st century. " america, we will have that leadership. [cheering]
11:29 pm
god bless america. and donald trump america, the only time service members will get on their knees will be to think their god that they are americans. [cheering] god bless you and thank you and god bless america! [cheering] >> good evening, cleveland and thank you for hosting. what a night. montana, you are in the house. [cheering] i'm honored to be sharing a stage senator ernst and jason beardsley in all these distinguished veterans. i also probably represent the great state of montana and the
11:30 pm
first seal in the house of representatives. [cheering] before i was elected to congress, i spent 23 years as a navy seal. i was a commander of seal team six. [cheering] what i'm most proud of is when i was growing up, my daughter was growing up, i told her to andgs, don't join the navy don't marry a navy seal. she ignored me and the boat and i'm so proud. both and i'm so proud. have you ever heard a place called gitmo? i'm personally acquainted with many of his individuals experience in those accommodations. let me tell you, they need to stay there forever. [cheering]
11:31 pm
kyle, robof chris o'neill, glenn dorney, marcus lutrell? i've had the privilege of working with these nine teammates in america and i've mentored many more whose names you will never know. factorsl, there other that accomplished success. the first is teamwork. you need to know without a doubt the guy behind you literally has your back. secondly, training. we only to every troop and harm's way to measure the have the right equipment, the right training and the rules of engagement to win decisively in the field of battle. they deserve no less. [cheering] lastly, every seal, soldier, ring, airmen, those never to quit.
11:32 pm
teamwork, training and never quitting successful missions, like the ones that killed osama bin laden are impossible. when we don't do things right dangerous situations, that things happen. beretuary, army green lost his life in afghanistan when his unit came under heavy taliban fire. commanders on the ground, they requested air support. they received nothing. this tragedy represents the weakness we have come to expect from armchair quarterbacks like barack obama and hillary clinton. senator ernst haley described the leadership failures. barack obama and hillary clinton are both responsible for these failures. [cheering]
11:33 pm
president obama actually clinton, being popular is more important than being a commander-in-chief. president obama and hillary clinton abandoned iraq. president obama and hillary clinton drew a redline in syria and then refused to uphold it. president obama and hillary clinton watched passively as china and russia filled the international leadership vacuum that they created. president obama reached a dangerous nuclear arms agreement with iran, a country whose people and leaders tweet death to america. hillary clinton remained largely silent. our world knows this president is weak. his anointed successor, the architect of benghazi is no better.
11:34 pm
together, barack obama and hillary clinton have brought us isis and brought down benghazi. i shudder to think how many at halfr flag will fly staff. hillary clinton is in the oval office. i've been to a lot of funerals. and too many funerals. are inevitable in war. but the lives of sergeant mcclintock and the four americans and benghazi could have been saved with leadership in the white house. trump is not afraid to talk about radical islamic terrorism. [cheering] i can guarantee you, if we go to war, we will go to war to win. [cheering] we need a commander-in-chief who will support our troops rather than abandon them and benghazi.
11:35 pm
we need a mentor to double put our veterans confront of the line rather than letting them die while waiting for health care. [cheering] it we need a commander-in-chief that will stand with israel rather than with a reading octaves -- irene rockets that -- iranian rockets that fire at israel. it is time to rally the troops. time to rally around our candidate. how to rally around donald trump will make america safe again. [cheering] , god bless america, good night and god bless all of our troops. men and women. montana, i love you. [cheering]
11:36 pm
>> usa. usa. usa. >> please welcome the senior pastor of new destiny christian center in florida, paula white.
11:37 pm
>> i will ask you to rise up and pray. at that before come our nation needs prayer. to god, we need you. we stand tonight challenging times. i'm reminded of your words in kurt --hapter 59, our cork oppose the righteous and justice is no to be found. truth stumbles in the street and honesty has been outlawed. yes truth is gone, and anyone who renounces evil is attacked, we too have often turned our back on truth. at the beginning of this convention, at this very critical moment, and america's history, we choose a different path. we pray that you would forgive us for our unrighteousness. that you would inspire us to do
11:38 pm
what is right. that you would empower us to be aave, that he would give us that believes that things can and will change. help us of god to fight with all of our might for the future of our country. for the freedom of our children and grandchildren. for the peace that is brought by our role of law. your definition of justice. help us pray not only in the symbolic moments, but in every moment. help us to pray like we made it. and help us to pray like it matters. protect us from all those who aim to destroy us. and make america safe again. give us eyes to see a brighter future for america. we believe in faith, but it is time for target to be dispelled. it is time for this nation to live out its holy calling in the world and it is time for us to bridge the divide and become one again. we believe in faith, time for rest become the light of this
11:39 pm
world that it so desperately needs. it is time for us in this nation to uphold truth, proudly and boldly. we choose by faith to stand for the way of our god, to walk in love, to seek peace for the generations to come in which is by faith to raise up a standard against the forces of evil. to have a heart for your present, to have a thirst for righteousness, dear god, we confess that we need you as never before. we need your guidance, we need your blessing, we need your help, we need your anointing, we remember the many troubled waters that you brought us through by your grace and your mercy, we remember the red sea that had imparted in the mouth of the lines that have been pacified. we remember the miracles of those times and our time, we remember the miracle of america. we find our hope that we can be great and we can be good as we
11:40 pm
stand in your righteousness and lord, as we leave, lead us so that future generations in this land know your goodness. , makeess us and keep us your faith shine upon us. may you show us your favor and give us your piece in the name of jesus christ who gets us the hope for us at the tomb and his life has brought us your life. and all the hope in the world. amen. amen. america! [cheering] >> please welcome chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus. [cheering] >> all right. the chair recognizes the delegate from the district of columbia for the purpose of offering a motion. , christinerman
11:41 pm
brooks from the district of columbia. make a motion that the convention now adjourns. occurs on then motion to adjourn, all those in favor signify by saying i? those opposed no? the convention is adjourned until 5:30 tomorrow. thank you. ♪ susan: 1140 used in time, day
11:42 pm
one of the convention. thank you for being with us for the live coverage. we will open up the phone lines for a bit to get your reaction to what you heard tonight. including the allotted trump debut before the convention -- m trump's convention. here are the phone lines. we want to get through. for republicans. ,.mocrats you can send us a tweet using at c-span. talking to delegates on the floor. we're here with the todd delegation, a recap of what happened earlier tonight. you are part of the delegation. ?xplain what happened talk
11:43 pm
>> we were making a motion to have a rollcall vote on the roles which would give each state to vote on the rose. the requirement was that you had to have seven states sign a petition to do so. we had 10. our microphone was turned off. they finally turned it on to let me make a motion. then they turned it off immediately and completely ignored the delegates and they left the stage for 10 minutes. there was no at the party. that is never happened at all of the years i've been involved watching this. when they came back, they claimed that there were nine states that agree to the motion and three of them pulled out. which would lead six. we needed seven. and we said we wanted the states were. they turn the microphone off. they would not acknowledge us and what has happened, they disenfranchised delegates who
11:44 pm
come from all of this country to vet candidates and vote. that's a response among. the rnc turns the microphone off the style of the delegates be, we cannot do our duty as delegates and then, if they tell us three states dropped out but they will not tell us who, how do we have any evidence to verify that three states dropped out? that is the big issue. weis 11:45 at night and still don't know who the states were that supposedly dropped out. steve: this is one of the story from the convention on day one. moving ahead, can unite at this party? >> i've always been united with the party and so was the utah delegation. thing is, we come here to vet our differences. we come here to discuss and come to an agreement and come to the things we have in common and ultimately, we unite behind it kennedy. don't have had a great opportunity to unite the delegates.
11:45 pm
instead, through the help of the rnc, he continued to divide the delegates. it is my hope and our hope that we can become united because we do not want hillary clinton to be our president. we will unite behind our nominee. utah: care of the delegation, what do you think of so far? >> there have been some great speeches. it has been an exciting day and hopefully at the convention continues we are going to start seeing donald trump reaching out to all of the delegate to unite as behind him. that is what we need. steve: thank you very much for your time at this late hour. we appreciate it. >> thank you. susan: thank you. it is time for your telephone calls from you thought about the first day of the convention. but begin with lee was a democrat. say that i've enjoyed the convention tonight. i think the speech by mrs. trump was awesome. her articulate. i think it is time for the
11:46 pm
republican party and republicans and people within the united states of america to unite behind donald trump and support. this is history in the making and all eyes are watching. this is a very important election for the country. our supreme court is that state where it hillary clinton gets into office, the supreme court will be very temperamental for the country for a long time. detrimental for the country for a long cap. we need to bring cookie entity got back into the country more. stand strong for veterans and support them in health care. stand strong for jobs, to america instead of out of america. we need to stand up for our military and our troops for a strong national defense to protect our country. he within the united states as well as doing service and help to other countries abroad so
11:47 pm
that they can have a democracy and be free like united states. susan: i'm going to jump in. thank you for the call. we have so many people waiting. we will ask the colors to make their comments brief. h> i just have a suggestion wit making america great again, that they add what donald had added earlier for all the people. i think that is an important concept to get across. i support donald trump, i've enjoyed the convention terrifically, i think everyone has been excellent. a strategyo add that for beating hillary is to repeat everything that obama has had to say about her when he ran against her, everything that elizabeth warren said about her when she was running against
11:48 pm
her, everything bernie sanders said about her when he was running against her and what the democratic party that supported obama had to say against hillary when they were running. god bless donald, god bless the addly and again, i say just for all americans. susan: thank you. next is alex from north carolina, independent. >> i would like to say that what i saw today is nothing more than a fear-based set of principles of the republican national committee. running what you got is a candidate who does not resemble anything of the sort of christian values, not the say that i'm christian, but what i'm seeing out of donald trump is utterly a joke. the people who are supporting the candidate, they don't realize they are being lied to as well. not an advocate of flurries either, but what i can cut you right now is donald trump by no
11:49 pm
means is a christian, nor do i believe that the platform they're are operating on is a christian platform. evidencew was clearly of a fear-based kind of propaganda and rhetoric that resonates through the republican party today. there is no substance, no real indication of how they will restore the economy, no indication of how he will make america great. tois just a bunch of fluff commit to people who basically don't know how to absorb any kind of information of substance. read headlines and we learned this. scenario of talking heads and reality celebrity stars, what the make themselves comforted by these short ideas with no substance, no concept. susan: thank you. we got your point. for brief,.llers -
11:50 pm
let's return to steve on the floor. steve: we have to delegates, jim corbyn from south carolina, is assisted convention and rachel siebert from new york. this is our first invented. overall impressions? >> invigorating. it is such an honor and expressed to be here. also just the energy in the room. tonight we saw unity of the party. steve: what very moment in which one of the speeches you will remember? hearing fromdoubt, both the lone survivor, the victims of the family members and talking about benghazi. i think that hit home for all of us. steve: do you think the issue with continue to resonate? >> i don't see how it can't. in the front of everyone's mind and everyone's heart.
11:51 pm
i think it is time we start doing a lot more for our veterans. i think some having -- having someone like donald trump will deliver that. steve: what is your standpoint? >> a punch in the gut to hear the benghazi heroes speak after ll and then others who lost loved ones to illegal immigrants. emotional because it is about people dying and people living. and the people in charge could have done their duty and had a better result. are things that don't get on television that often and people might forget them come up with a fully remember. tonight was about national security and this was about what should have been done by the government that was not in this leader in the other party is not going to do it as president. she's not going to lead and stabilize. steve: did. by donald trump introducing his wife, what did you think?
11:52 pm
>> but it was heartwarming and wonderful. his support for women and for his wife. to be able to introduce her and make -- and that fall into the background. he gave her the stage and i think that was very telling of 12. thought it was -- telling as well. pull number so he has a lot of work with the female voters what does he need to do? >> you saw a very respectful, calm, loving residential candidate and i think that is what women want. that's what the country is looking for. the let's face it, donald trump will come out and go on both ends of the spectrum and what is nice, we saw someone who is very supportive and oil to this country -- loyal to this country and capable to step up. >> there are some republicans were not happy with the debate
11:53 pm
over the rules earlier tonight. what do you tell those wavering republicans who are not ready to support yet? >> the vote today. i think it will be a bump in the road, a technicality. i might have wanted it to be handled better. we are past that. steve: handled better? >> let them have a rollcall vote, lose it and trunk is nominated. in the end, it becomes a technicality. trump is going to get the nomination and has a lot of work to do. he is not run much of the campaign. he will show himself like rudy giuliani, he is a good friend. he is a good man. we will find out about the real donald trump he does listen to people and does listen to their ideas. steve: jim corbyn from south carolina and rachel siebert from upstate new york. thank you for your time. >> thank you. susan: and time for more of your calls and tweets. chris sent us this note about
11:54 pm
mrs. trump. proud to have mrs. trump present america as our first lady. back to telephone calls. florida, democrat. >> thank you. i really enjoyed watching the convention, there was so much life and energy, which is what we need. enjoyed all the speeches. the actual mothers of some of , it wasims of benghazi touching. very emotional. i believe donald trump is going to be a wonderful president and i think melania did an excellent job with her speech and she's going to make a wonderful first lady and bring class back to the white house. that has not been there since jesse. susan: i have to ask him are you
11:55 pm
a democrat? >> i am a democrat, absolutely. susan: have you ever voted for republicans in the past chris donald trump, what is been changed your mind? >> have voted republican in the past. i be honest, i think donald trump is going to win unanimously. i think we will see many people, , he'sats, conservatives the man, he will turn our country around and i believe he is definitely going to make america great again. susan: ok, thank you for the call. michael is in california. republican. >> thank you. irregardless of whether you are republican, democrat, or democrat, where independent, what i do is i vote against the
11:56 pm
80 ever tempted i vote republican line because that is the last thing they want me to do. oregon, represent my christian police as well. that is how far left the democratic party has been taken. it is crazy. they can do the definition of marriage from the hold culture war driven by the left. they ruined wholesomeness. you don't even have wholesomeness anymore. it is refreshing to see it. at the lady, look got up at the end, and i've christian lady and seven at prayer. that made me feel proud. that would never be able to happen at the democratic convention. i gone, shows how radical and extreme they have become. said, d.c. 101 professor he got to remember that the elite liberal media serves as
11:57 pm
the offense of him on the left and democrats about the defense of team on the left. the republicans not only have to be the democrats, they have to beat the elite liberal media as well. it is sad and an indictment of how corrupt the media has become in this country. susan: thank you, mike. d aire on twitter like melania's speech. wonderful first lady and speak seven languages. let's listen to watson. virginia. independent. >> hello. thank you very much for the pronunciation. i think tonight for evangelicals to donald
11:58 pm
i think that many of the black voters who are hung up on the fence over the years with the representation that we have had and leadership in the white house will swing dramatically to the conservative side of the political spectrum. i also think that the virginia delegation, i'm disappointed in his position and what is happening in colorado, the unity element has been dramatically tonight by what i saw exhibited by the delegation there. cook tonelli from virginia has never been a republican, has been the rhinos, that's what we consider him out here in southwest virginia. the republicans have dramatically changed the tone
11:59 pm
the public of what and party has been about. with this convention, if it continues this way, i think you will see a landslide victory for donald trump. it appears to me that he is appealing to a very broad spectrum, certainly people independent-minded as i am. would vote for him first of the opposition at this juncture. susan: thank you, let me jump in, thank you. how we in virginia. steve soli is back in the convention for. steve: we are with michael mccaul. he covers congress and the national campaign. he is with huffington post. theuld to ask you about attention on benghazi and the strategy behind that? >> we have seen for the last
12:00 am
four years that republicans think this is a very powerful point it to use against helicopter. tonight, we saw pat smith, the mother of john smith, she was incredibly moving. he could to the people in the audience crying, especially if you are watching on c-span. momenta very powerful and that is clearly what they want to resonate. however, they have spent the last four years going on about benghazi to the point where it has become somewhat of a joke on the left and it is bleeding over into the middle. whether or not they can convince a few more people to their side with the emotional power, two of the security specialists who responded and they do that very detailed talk about what they went through it was hard not to be impressed by that, but you have nine investigations now, including the last one which was a partisan that doesn't lay the blame that hillary clinton.


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