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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 3, 2016 11:50am-12:01pm EDT

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out to those folks. i could not do all of this without their support, and they are better for it, i think. i keep telling them that. it is a good thing. [laughter] and to my wife, we talked about the flower thing. we just saw hamilton last week. we went up to new york and saw a great play. [laughter] it has been fantastic. the 453,000 men and women who are out there, we could not get our job done without them. part of the partnerships that we do in addition -- we have partnerships with our communities, partnerships with our services, partnerships with everybody who allows us to do our job. one of the most important is our employers. our business model does not work
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without them. i have been on a period of extended leave with delta airlines. steve dixon is out there bank somewhere. i cannot see him. f-15 pilot. delta has got more than 200 pilots right now on long-term military leave. this is a business, the thing worked to make profit and this is just for people like me under extended military orders. there are hundreds more that have to manipulate the schedule that delta has to work around to make their model work so that we are not late and there are pilots and aviators. there are a lot of pilots that are flying for the airlines and some people get mad about that. i remember flying a 727 flying to syracuse and it was snowing
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and windy and full of people. i thought, i am glad the air force trained me how to be a good pilot because we are flying america's people. the key is to allow the system to work so they do not have to choose to be one or the other, they can be both. that is my goal to want to thank delta and all the other airlines doing similar things, and all of our employers who are doing similar things around the world. i will leave you with this. i went to general millie's ceremony about a year ago and at that ceremony we talked about the general. harvard, a redom sox fan. i went home and had all these personal conversations with highway about my career. i said, honey, we have a shot at
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this thing if you are a red sox fan. [laughter] [applause] thanks to all of you for coming. many of you came a long way, and i am honored and look forward to serving with all of you. thank you very much. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the inaugural playing of the national guard arch performed by the army national
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quintet followed by the departure of the official party. please stay seated until the official party leaves the room. ♪ [applause]
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>> still to come today on c-span at noon eastern, global health experts discuss the outcomes of the recent international aids conference which looked at funding and research options. after that, the white house briefing with josh earnest and this afternoon, live coverage of president obama attending a young african leaders town meeting. a look at our primetime schedule starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, jeh johnson on terrorism, border security, and the tsa. with authors tv who have written books about terrorism.
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c-span3, american history tv with a look at the life of william jennings bryan. last night at the white house president obama held a dinner for the singapore prime minister. here's a look at the official toast that followed the meal. pres. obama: we all know how seriously singaporeians take their food. in singapore, even the street earnrs, the hawker stalls mitchell and stars which created some pressure this evening. we had a lot to live up to. we were tempted to offer each of you a singapore sling or some chili crabs, but for knows of you who know it's unmistakable scent which never seems to go away you will understand why we are not serving a fruit known as jury in in the -- durian in the
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white house. celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between our two countries. we honor bonds that stretch back at least 180 years when singapore was still a colony and the united states was not far removed from being one ourselves. the first american representative to singapore was a planter, whose name lives on in one of singapore's neighborhoods. , on afe lives on beautiful church bell which rests at singapore's national museum. the bell cast in the foundry of her father, paul revere. it is a reminder that as we pursue a more peaceful and prosperous order in the asian pacific, our partnership is rooted in more than strategic interests. we are bound together by history, family, and friendship.
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it is the dedication of our men and women in uniform flying f-16s across the states of idaho, the excitement of our students and entrepreneurs to cross the ocean and work with each other, and the leadership of a son of singapore who is respected around the world and a trusted partner to the united states. prime minister lee, when you were sworn in last year you spoke of the shared purpose that animates the people of singapore, each of us giving our and our belief that here we can build something special together. is true of singapore is true of the relationship between our two countries. a singapore prepares to celebrate its national day and 50 years into a shared journey with the united states, i propose a toast. to prime minister and mrs. lee,
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and to the friendship and partnership between our peoples. let's continue to build something special together. onward, singapore. onward, america. cheers. lee. minister prime minister lee: mr. president, mrs. obama, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, i would like to thank president obama for his very kind words. i am delighted to be here and we are touched by your warm welcome and gracious hospitality.
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we especially appreciate mrs. obama's personal efforts to make our visit a successful one, and for personally overseeing the splendid arrangements for the state dinner. mr. president, when you addressed the u.n. in 2014 you said that when nations find common ground not simply based thenwer but on principle, we can make enormous progress. i'm glad to say that tonight on the 50th anniversary of our diplomatic relations, our two countries share much common ground and have made great progress together based on shared and symbols, convergent interests, and mutual respect. i remember my first meeting with you at the senate. it was may 2007. you were in the midst of a hard-fought presidential campaign and not yet the front runner for t d