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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 15, 2016 4:36pm-5:15pm EDT

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thank you. thank you very much. thank you. it's truly an honor for me to be with you particularly on the occasion of the talk that donald trump is going to give today about the danger that we face from radical islamic terrorism. notice i used the words radical islamic terrorism. [applause] donald trump is our only hope for change in the way in which we approach islamic extremists terrorism. he is our only hope for change. he is going to describe to you the america that president obama, and the person he, unfortunately and i believe now
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probably believes mistakenly, was selected as his secretary of state, hillary clinton. he will describe the world they were handed. then he's going to describe the world as it is now. in other words, the damage they have done, particularly in the middle east but all throughout the world. in almost every area that we can think of things are worse today than they were on the day hillary clinton were walked into the state department. i think history will write that she was the worst secretary of state at least in our lifetime. [applause] what have they left us?
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they have left us a government that used to be on offense against islamic extremists terrorism, radical terrorism to a government that's now. on defense, waiting for the next attack. isn't that what were doing? we are waiting for the next attack. god forbid here in america or here in paris or london, i have a friend who left to london yesterday and he was afraid to go to london. you know why he was afraid to go to london because we don't know where they're going to strike next. that's why 70% of the american people today are afraid. this is the world that hillary clinton created for us on all of those thousands of miles of trips which amounted to a much worse world than the one she was given. maybe it would have been better if she had stayed home. [applause]
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she and the president are afraid to even name our enemy much less confront them and defeat them. donald trump has the intellect, the stamina and the strength to confront our enemies. no one doubts that. and he has the temperament to win she is running on her experience. [laughter] if i were her, i would run away from my experience. i don't have time to talk about all my wounds but she's been
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found extremely careless by the fbi in handling our top-secret materials. i used to be the united states attorney in the associate attorney general of the united states. i hired many lawyers, tia agents, fbi agents and on and on. i had read many background reports. if i were to read a background report on someone who had been extremely careless with top-secret material, i couldn't hire them. in other words she couldn't be hired as an assistant u.s. attorney or an fbi agent, a cia agent, she couldn't be hired for any job in the government nor could she be hired by a contractor who was doing work with the government because she has a very, very bad security record. she was extremely careless in handling our top-secret material and she wants to be president.
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she has made millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars and her husband. you know what his name is. they have turned the state department into a pay to the clinton foundation to play with the department racketeering enterprise. do you know what a racketeering enterprise is? it's a racketeering influenced corrupt organization. that is what the clinton foundation is. it is a racketeer influenced corrupt organization put together for the enrichment of the clintons and selling america out to russian oligarchs, to money launderers and to crooks all over the world. read the book "clinton cash."
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i don't have time to tell you about all of it. then make it short and you will cover about ten pages worth of what i would consider straight out crimes. she has destroyed more e-mails than i have ever written. [applause] but of course, i don't do yoga. we can now see why she destroyed those e-mails. the e-mails show the connection between the racketeering enterprise i just described to you. it shows the connection between the people who were paying millions to the clinton foundation and to bill clinton in speaking, a one point to million dollars speaking fee, one point to million dollars to give one speech i mean he's a good speaker but one point to million just at the time hillary is calling up the treasury department and telling them to
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go easy on ubs. gosh almighty. as an ex-prosecutor i would love to get my hands on that case. man could i nail her on hours. well, enough about her because we aren't going to have to think about her after november goes past. donald trump is very fortunate to have mike pence as his partner. mike's background is exactly a complement to donald trump, meaning he is exactly what donald trump needs and donald trump is exactly what he needs and they are both exactly what america needs as a member of the foreign affairs and judiciary committee and during the time of september 11 when we went through the worst foreign attack
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since the war of 1812, remember we didn't start this war, they did. we don't want this war, they do. we didn't start it in 2001, they attacked the world trade center in 1993. they attacked it under the ideology of radical islamic extremism to create a caliphate, to destroy christians, jews, nonbelieving muslims from their point of view and other people. mike pence understands this. from his time on the foreign affairs committee, from his very, very timely visit which i remembered to ground zero when we were in desperate need of help, he was there and from his
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work on judiciary committees in helping to advance the patriot act, by the way under those eight years before obama came along we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. he's also been in business then you know better than i do what a great governor he is of your state, what he has done for your state and house he's improved it and helped it and left it in tremendous condition. i am, when it gets to the state of indiana, we are going there next. youngstown ohio, i love youngstown ohio. so donald trump is very
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fortunate to have mike pence and i am very honored to introduce him because i've been a great admirer from the time he was in the united states congress through the time that he really has taken indiana to heights that, gosh if we could take the federal government there we would all be in great shape. all of you in ohio which is a state that i also love very much, you have to support mike, you have to support donald but here's the most important thing. our only hope for change, you have to support them because they are the ones who are fighting for the regular americans. they are fighting against the establishment in washington. they are the ones fighting against it the lobbyists and the people who control washington. and, the press that is complicit in it, they are not hiding fighting the press because
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they're criticizing them, they're fighting the press for you so you can get the truth, so you can get a fair presentation of the facts. when they fight the press, it's not because they're thin skinned or can't take it. they are both big tough guys who have been through a lot. they can take a lot. nothing's going to hurt them. they have been through it all. they are fighting the battle for you so that you and your children and my children and have a fair chance, equal treatment on the news pages, fair press on both sides. it is my honor to introduce to youngstown, ohio, the governor
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of indiana and the next vice president of the united states mike pence. [applause] >> thank you all. thank you, mayor. thank you, ladies and gentlemen here in youngstown ohio. it is an honor to be with you today. it seems like a few short weeks ago with my wife karen at my side i had the privilege to accept my party's nomination to run and serve as the next vice president in the united states of america. i am deeply humbled to be with you today. i'm grateful for that gracious introduction by mayor giuliani,
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someone that i deeply, deeply admire, a man who demonstrated his courage on a dark day in america and has been a clear and voice for the interest of the united states of america and our security ever since. today here in youngstown it is my privilege to introduce to you a man i've come to know personally over just the last several months, i've come to know his family, i've come to see him with the lights are often the cameras are off and i can tell you with conviction he is a man whose strength and leadership and vision will make america great again.
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today will be one more example as he articulates an extraordinary vision about national security. while many in the national media continue in the major and the minors, focusing on semantics over substance, today you will hear once again a man who will remain focused on the solutions to the real challenges facing the people of the united states of america. last week donald trump outlined his plan to restart our nation's economy, to make america work again. today he will speak with a clear and present danger that radical islamic terrorism poses to our nation. he will address how we can make america safe again. in my years of public service, i have have seen the handiwork of our enemies firsthand. i was in washington d.c. on capitol hill on september 11, 2001. i walked along with mayor giuliani in the ashes and rubble of ground zero about a week
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later in new york city. with my family on my side, i have stood in a quiet field near shanksville, pennsylvania where the heroes and the victims of flight 93 met their fate. since then i have seen the sacrifices of the american soldier in the global war on terror. then i watched over the last seven and a half years has the hard fought gains that they won were squandered by the failed foreign policy of barack obama and hillary clinton. history teaches that weakness arouses evil and the weak leadership of president obama and his secretary of state hillary clinton, leading from behind and moving redlines, making so-called deals and ransom payments to the radical in iran, the reign of isis are a
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testament to this truth of history. donald trump knows that america needs to be strong for the american people in the -- and in the world to be safe. today you will hear the latest installment for a new vision for a new time. in place of the aimless foreign-policy of the recent form past, you will hear a broad shouldered vision to confront our energy, restore our security and once again have america command the respect of the world. ladies and gentlemen, it is time for new american leadership, for a safer america at home, for a stronger america on the world
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stage, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to give you a man of courage, a leader who will name our enemy and marshal the resources and the national will to make america safe again. i give you the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. [applause] >> thank you, everybody, thank you very much. it's great to be with you this afternoon. today we began a conversation about how to make america safe again. in the 20th century, the united
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states has defeated fascism, nauseism and communism. now a different threat challenges our world. radical islamic terrorism. this summer there has been an isis attack launched outside the war zones of the middle east every 84 hours. here in america we have seen one brutal attack after another. thirteen were murdered and 38 wounded in the assaults on fort hood. the boston marathon bombing wounded and maimed 264 people and ultimately left the worst on the lgbtq community. and i'll tell you what, we can
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never ever allow this to happen again. -- in june, 49 americans were murdereda tt the pulse nightclub in orlando, the worst mass shooting in our history, and the community,e lgbtq and i'll tell you what, we can never ever allow this to happen again. [applause]
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thank you. in europe we have seen the same carnage and bloodshed inflicted upon our closest allies. in january of 2015 a french satirical newspaper, "charlie hebdo," was attacked for publishing cartoons of the prophet mohammed. 12 were killed, including two police officers, and 11 were wounded. two days later, four were murdered in a jewish delicatessen. in november of 2015, terrorists went to the shooting rampage in paris that slaughtered 130 people, and wounded another 368 people, some in very, very, very bad shape today. france is suffering greatly, and the tourism industry is being massively affected in the most negative way.
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in march of this year, terrorists detonated a bomb in brussels airport, killing 32 and injuring 340 people. this july in the south of france, an islamic terrorist turned his truck into an instrument of mass murder, falling down and killing 85 men, women and children, and wounding 308 people. terrible. among the dead were two americans, a texas father and his 11 year old son. a few weeks ago in germany, a refugee armed with an ax wounded five people in a gruesome trained attack. only days ago and isis kill innovative a christian church in normandy, france, forced an 85 year old priest to his knees, a
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priest who was beloved, who was beloved, before cutting his throat and just unthinkable other things. overseas, isis has carried out an absolute atrocity, one after another. children slaughtered, girls sold into slavery, men and women burned alive. crucifixions, beheadings and drownings, ethnic minorities targeted for mass execution, holy sites desecrated. christians driven from their homes, and hunted for extermination. isis rounding out what it calls mission of the cross, nation of the cross, in a campaign of absolute and total genocide. we cannot let this evil
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continue. [applause] thank you. thank you. nor can we let the hateful ideology of radical islam, its oppression of women, gays, children and nonbelievers be allowed to reside or spread within our own countries. [applause] we will defeat radical islamic terrorism, just as we defeated every threat we faced at every page and before. but we will not, we will not, remember this, defeat it with closed eyes or silence voices. we have a president that doesn't
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want to say the words. anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead our country. [applause] anyone who cannot condemn the hatred, oppression and violence of radical islam lacks the moral clarity to serve as our president. [applause] the rise of isis is the direct result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton. let's look back at the middle east at the very beginning of 2009, before the obama-clinton administration took over. libya was stable. syria was under control. egypt was ruled by a secular president and an ally of the
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united states. iraq was experiencing a reduction in violence. the group that would become what we now call isis was close to being extinguished. iran was being choked off by economic sanctions. fast forward to today. what we have, and think of this, and the decisions made by the obama-clinton group have been absolutely disastrous. libya is in ruins. or ambassador and three other really great americans are dead, and isis has gained a new base of operations. syria is in the midst of a disaster. isis controls large origins of territory. a refugee crisis now threatens europe and the united states.
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egypt, terrorists have gained a foothold in the sinai desert near the suez canal, one of the most essential waterways of the world. iraq is in chaos, and isis is on the loose. isis has spread across the middle east and into the west. in 2014, isis was operating in seven nations. they were in seven patients. terrible but that's what it was. today they are fully operational in 18 countries with aspiring branches in six more for a total of 20 more, and many believe that number is actually 28-30 countries. they don't even know. a situation is likely worse than the public has any idea. a new congressional report reveals that the administration has downplayed the growth of isis with 40% of analysts saying that experienced efforts to
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manipulate their findings. they are trying to make it look much better than india's. it's a bad. at the same time, isis is trying to infiltrate refugee flows into europe and to the united states. iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism, is now flush with $150 billion in cash released by the united states, plus, if you remember from two weeks ago, another 400 million in actual cash that was obviously used for ransom. worst of all, the nuclear deal puts iran that no one state sponsor of radical islamic terrorism on a path to nuclear weapons. in short, the obama-clinton foreign policy has unleashed a isis, destabilize the middle east and put a nation of iran which chants death to america
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endowment position of regional power and, in fact, aspiring to be a dominant world power. it all began in 2009 with what has become known as president obama's global apology to work. we all remember. we all remember. in a series of speeches president obama described america as arrogant, dismissive, derisive, and a colonial power your kid was describing us. be informed of the countries that he would be speaking up about america's past errors. he pledged that we would no longer be a senior partner that sought to date date our terms. he lectured cia officers of the need to acknowledge their mistakes and described guantanamo bay as a rallying cry
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for our enemies. perhaps no speech was more misguided than president obama's speech to the muslim world delivered in cairo, egypt, 2009. i remember it well. in winning the cold war, president ronald reagan repeatedly touted the superiority of freedom over communism. and called the ussr. yet when president obama delivered his address in cairo, no such moral courage could be found or would be found. instead of condemning the oppression of women and gays and many muslim nations, and the systematic violations of human rights or the financing of global terrorism, president obama tried to draw an equivalency between our human rights record, and remember this, our human rights and
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bears. the records are unbelievable and unmistakable. his naive words were followed by even more naive actions. that failure to establish a new status of forces agreement in iraq and the election driven timetable for withdrawal surrendered our gains in the country and led directly to the rise of isis, without question. [applause] >> the failures in iraq were compounded by hillary clinton's disaster, total disaster, in libya. president obama has since said that he regrets and really regrets libya and the mistake he made. he considers it his worst mistake. according to then secretary of
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defense robert gates, the invasion of libya was merely a split decision. but hillary clinton's forceful advocacy for the intervention was the deciding factor. that's why we went in your with one episode of bad judgment after another, hillary clinton's policies launched isis onto the world stage. yet as she threw the middle east into violent turmoil, things turned out really to be not so hot for our world and our country, the middle east in particular. the clintons and made almost $60 million engrossing while she was secretary of state. it is unbelievable. incident after incident proves again and again, hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by
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bernie sanders, stability and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. [applause] importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis, and all of the many adversaries we face. not only in terrorism but in trade, and every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around. [applause] >> it is now time for a new approach. our current strategy of nationbuilding and regime change is a proven absolute failure.
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we have created a vacuum that allow terrorism to grow and thrive there i was an opponent of the iraq war from the beginning. a major difference between me and my opponent. although i was a private citizen whose personal opinions on such matters were really not sought, i nonetheless publicly expressed my private doubts about the invasion. i was against, believe me. three months before the invasion i said in an interview with neil thibodeau, to whom i offer my best wishes for a speedy recovery, that quote, perhaps we shouldn't be doing it yet, at that the economy is a much bigger problem. in august of 2004, the early right after the conflict i made a detailed statement to esquire
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magazine in an interview. here's the quote in full. look at the war in iraq and the mess we are in. i would never have handled it that way. this was right after the invasion. does anybody really believe that iraq is going to be a wonderful democracy where people are going to run down to the voting box and gently put in their ballot and the winner is happily going to go and step up and lead the country? come on. [applause] i then continued, two minutes after we leave, there's going to be a revolution and the need is, toughest, smartest, most vicious guy, in this case, guy, will take over. and he will have weapons of mass destruction which saddam hussein
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did not have. what was the purpose of this whole thing? hundreds and hundreds of young people killed, and what about the people coming back with no arms and no legs? not to mention, in all fairness, the other side, the tremendous damage done. all those iraqis kids who have been blown to pieces. and it turns out that all of the reasons for the war were blatantly wrong. all of this death and destruction for nothing. so i've been clear for a long time that we should not have gone in, but i've been just as clear in saying what a catastrophic mistake hillary clinton and president obama made with the reckless way in which they pulled out.
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[applause] after we had made those hard-fought sacrifices and games, we should have never made such a sudden withdrawal on a timetable advertised to our enemies. they said we are moving out your here's our time, here's our date. who would do this but an incompetent president? [applause] al-qaeda in iraq had been decimated, and obama and clinton gave it new life and allow it to spread all across the world. by that same token, president obama and hillary clinton should have never attempted to build a democracy in libya, to push for immediate regime change in syria come or to support the overthrow
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of mubarak in egypt. one more point on this. i have long said that we should have kept the oil in iraq. [applause] i said it over and over and over again. another area where my judgment has been proven correct. i just set it so many times, virtually every time i was interviewed. keep the oil, keep the oil. according to cnn, isis me as much as 500 million in oil sales in 2014 alone. that's before they really got started. fueling and funding its reign of terror. if we had controlled the oil, like i said we should, we could have prevented the rise of isis and iraq. both by cutting off a major source of funding and through
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the presence of u.s. forces necessary to safeguard the oil, and vital infrastructure products necessary for us to have the oil. i was saying this constantly and consistently to whoever would listen. i said, keep the oil, keep the oil, keep the oil. don't let somebody else did it. [applause] if they had listened to me then, we would've had the economic benefits of the oil which i wanted to use to help take care of the wounded soldiers, and families of those who died in the war. [applause] in addition to which thousands of lives would have been saved. this proposal by its very nature
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would have left soldiers in place of our assets.