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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  August 28, 2016 2:30pm-3:16pm EDT

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community, which we must do if we are to solve any of the problems that we're currently struggling with. thank you very much. >> we are just about done. it is 11:00, so i thank you all for coming. if you have not gotten a card, please come get one. thank you. jill stein: we appreciate your attention. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> libertarian gary johnson asked what it would take for him to be in the debates. >> the presidential debate commission has identified five polls. we are 10% flat on those polls. that is an increase really of probably about 4% consensus over the last six or seven weeks. we are spending money right now in five states right now, 15% and i am just really optimistic. phase two,gs us to
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to keep both clinton and trump from reaching the majority of 270 votes to be elected president, throw the race into the house of representatives where you say you could win and each state gets one vote that you could win on a second rally. outrightject is to win . the polarization of clinton and trump, that he might actually twothe table on this theory reelected in democrat heavy states. i do not think there is any arguing that we made differences in our state being fiscally conservative and socially as the. i will add we are really skeptical about intervening militarily to achieve regime change that i has resulted in a safe world.
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i think about 60% of americans with that philosophical police -- belief. >> republican vice presidential candidate mike pence speaks at a campaign rally in virginia. about 35 minutes. mr. pence: wow. "usa!"]g pence: hello, virginia. friends. i am to call
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susan b anthony would be proud to be associated with a great champion like this, a great champion of life and my friend of so many years. todaya joy to be with you . president of patrick henry college for your great hospitality. [applause] humbled to bem so able to be with you today. it was a little more than a month ago, standing with my wife at my side that i accepted my party's nomination to run and serve as the next vice president of the united states of america. [applause] mr. pence: my friend was overly kind, as usual.
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i'm a christian, conservative, and republican in that order. [applause] and i served 12 years in the congress and the united states and i did four years as governor of the great state of indiana. through all that time, there was one person who most personified those priorities to me, inspired in my time in congress. i saw him work on behalf of our values on the world stage. he was a mentor to me and he is to this day. i hope all of you here in virginia know how grateful all of america is that frank wolf came from this place and served the nation. would you mind coming up? [applause]
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i joined this campaign in a heartbeat. and i hearde rang the familiar voice on the phone and he said mike, it is going to be great. and i said yes, because you have nominated for president a man who never lets, who never backs down. he is a fighter, a winner until very recently, it seemed like he was out there fighting for the
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american people all on his own but now this party is uniting, the movement is uniting, and we will elect donald trump to be the next president of the united states of america. you know, people ask me about this good man and they say what is it about him and i am from indiana, and we put things pretty plain. i just think donald trump just gets it, right? you with me? is the genuine article. he is a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. he does not go tiptoeing around all those thousands of rules and political correctness. it is, from his heart and his mind and the american people here it loud and clear and know that he will make america great again.
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[applause] the party inng is power seems helpless to figure out my running mate. of course, i'm talking about the media. [applause] i mean seriously, think about it. the media and the democrats. they all keep telling each other the usual methods are going to work right? they think we have got him this time and they have done him in and they wake up next morning and turn on the tv and donald trump is still standing and fighting for the american people and fighting to make this country strong and great again. the man just never quits. every day, it seems like is almost too on one out there. i get up every morning and i have got to turn on the television with a stick. [laughter]
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media is so busy parsing everything donald trump said in the last 30 minutes, they keep ignoring what the clintons have been doing for the last 30 years. oing] [applause] "lock her up!"] but you know, they are busy people. let me help them out a bit. let me see if i can catch you up a bit. it is amazing to think about. all follow the cascade of controversies and questionable that just flows out of the clinton years and experiences. in the last few weeks, e-mails , direct evidence, we found out the fbi several
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months ago tried to open up a criminal investigation and public corruption for the foundation but the obama justice department shut him down. the fbi found 15,000 more e-mails that hillary clinton did not turn over paired a great organization just released 700 pages of e-mails from atop it that secretary clinton gave direct access to donors. hillary clinton to the tough jen -- interview with jimmy kimmel the other night. she did, she went on jimmy kimmel and she joked about it. says, her e-mails were so boring here we found out in the last few days, all the boring e-mails or deleted with a which wipes out any
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then thisy and morning several months after a federal judge ordered the state to release hillary clinton'schedule yesterday, the state department said they would not get around to that until after the election. [booing] the clinton foundation announced they would no longer accept corporate donations if she is elected president of the united states. let me get this straight. it would be a conflict of foreign andaccept corporate donations to your foundation if you were president, but it was not a conflict of interest to accept foreign donations to your foundation when you were secretary of state? the american people are sick and ined of pay to play politics
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washington dc and it is politics that will come to a crashing end the day the donald trump steps into the white house. we all know it and we all know hillary clinton should shut down the clinton foundation immediately and the justice department should appoint a to the prosecutor to get bottom of this. come november, we can set it all right when donald trump -- the -- favored few will come to an end and donald trump -- will be you. the american people. let me just say, for the sake of preserving the highest standards of integrity in the highest office in the land, let's decide now in virginia that
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hillary clinton will never be elected president. it really is extraordinary. for all of the controversy. the worst of it is the record at home and abroad. 7.5 years of barack obama and hillary clinton have weakened america's place in the world. stifled our nation's economy. frank and i have worked on and wrestled with for years seemed dependency of her time in the state department in the course of this administration. mapou took a picture of the and compared it to a map of that part of the role today, you
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almost could not tell it was the name place where it is extraordinary. terrorist attacks at home and abroad, heart raking. .eakness arouses evil i would submit to you that hillary clinton and barack obama 's foreign policy of leading from behind, moving red wines, feigning recess with russia and paying ransom to terrorist is a testamentes to the truth of history. [booing] make ace: let me promise. when donald trump's president, we will not be paying ransom to terrorists or terrorist sponsoring states. they will be paying a price. if a threat or harm -- threaten or harm the american people or their allies. hillary clinton's record on foreign -- foreign affairs is incredible.
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i mean it was hillary clinton who help them do the -- was in it, frank? wonr the american soldier the hard-fought gains to secure a stable iraq in 2009, it was hillary clinton and barack obama who precipitously with to our groups and created a very vacuum in which isis was able to be conjured out of the sand and compromise the hard-fought gains and hillary clinton who instigated in iran and it was oflary clinton as secretary state who left americans and , blameday and benghazi and when she was questioned about it, she said, what difference it this point doesn't make.
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anybody who said that, anyone who did that should be disqualified from serving as commander-in-chief from the armed forces of america. [applause] we cannot have four more years of apologizing for enemies and it banning our friends. america needs to be strong for the world to be safe. on thetrump will lead world stage with american strength and the world will be safer as a result. he will rebuild our military. he will restore the arsenal of democracy and bring our allies together and hunt down and
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destroy those who threaten freedoms and people at the source. it is just as we get home. the day the barack obama became president of the united states. hillary clinton's plans, more of the same. taxes, more regulation, roleobamacare, more on the
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in this administration. hillary clinton is advocating more than $1 trillion in new spending, $1 trillion in new tax is, and she thinks obama care is just a good start. when asked to the other day how she would pay for big government programs, "i will tell you how we are going to pay for it. we are going where the money is. we are going after the super wealthy, the corporations, wall street." well, judging from her speaking fees in the clinton foundation, she knows where to find them. [applause] the only problem is this. the problem with socialism is of otherually run out people's money.
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they tell us the economy is the best we can do but it is nowhere near the best that we can do. they can do.e best when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, we will get the economy working for all the people in the united states of america. [applause] "usa!]ng: "] donald trump has a plan. i was there when he outlined it. i hope you get a chance to look at it. reunite our economy with four main areas. taxes formplify everyone and lower taxes across the board for every american. we will end taxes once and for all and we will lower taxes on
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his this is large and small so companies in virginia can compete with companies all over the world. [applause] on day one of this administration, donald trump will sign any negative order issuing a moratorium on any new federal regulation and he will heal every obama executive order stifling our growth in this economy. and applause] with donald trump as president, we will have a negotiator in chief. the time has come for the world to be on notice. we believe in free trade in this country. we will have someone who negotiate deals who works for the american worker and the american economy first. lastly, the day that donald
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trump walk into -- and i walk into the west wing is the day that the war on coal comes to a crashing halt. develop the resources of our land and call for the power with an all of the above energy strategy that will drive in american economy. -- an american economy. are sayingonomists great things. hillary clinton has said projections about less taxes and regulation, ending the war on coal, smarter and tougher trade deals, she set expectations about growth were wildly unrealistic. that is wildly unrealistic is electing the same people with the same bad ideas and expecting a different result.
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[applause] mr. pence: donald trump and i know, when you let evil keep more of what they earned and way,government out of the and roads and bridges in education, you take three steps back and america grows, america works, and it will again. if i have not mentioned it, on day one we will look at congress to put paper on our desk and donald trump will repeal obama .are [applause] the last thing i want to mention is another aspect of this election is as important as a strong america in the world is, a stronger economy -- the liberties enshrined there. as the selection of roaches, we -- approaches, this next president will likely -- and we better think about that.
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the liberties enshrined there. approaches, wen ought to remember while filling the presidency for water years, the next president will like you set the course of the supreme court of the united states for the next 40 years and we better think about that. we better think about that very carefully. [applause] think about what that means to our constitution, to the liberties enshrined there, what it means to limited government. you elect hillary clinton and you better get used to being more i stand without apology for the constitution, the rights enshrined there and for the unalienable right to life.
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[applause] mr. pence: donald trump will appoint jurists. you have seen a list of prospects. he will appoint them to the united states, men and women of conviction and character, shaped in the model of the late and great just to -- justice antonin scalia a and they will strictly at here and interpret the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of the sanctity of life, for the sake of the second amendment to the constitution of the united states, for the sake of all our god-given liberties, let's decide here and now as well in virginia that the next president making appointments to
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the supreme court will be president donald trump. [applause] mr. pence: there's -- it seems to be a challenging time in the life of our nation, isn't it? thingseems to be so many that divide us, so few things and great offices that unite us as they once did. it does not have to be that way. it is at moments like this when politics fail, that we do well to remember a simple truth, one i was raised on. and that is there will always be more in america that unites us than will ever divide us in these united states. [applause]
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i was raised to believe in that. my grandfather came to this country from ireland and took a train to chicago and drove a bus for 40 years. the proudest man i ever knew. i was named after him. richard michael, and i bear his name my good -- michael richard pence. i cannot imagine what that irishman things looking down at the country he had the courage to come to at my son's age, would grant our family privilege and opportunities we have been granted. [applause]
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but there's a legend in our family that his mother walked him out the front door of a two room house that i visited many years ago and she looked to the west and said you have to go to america because there's a future there for you. i know in my heart she met more than a future. she meant about was opportunity. -- she meant boundless opportunity in america. here in america, different than on most every other place in the world throughout the long history of the world, because of our freedom, because of our constitution, anybody can be anybody. that is for the american dream is all about. in the mist of reflecting on that, we hear the other side
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already. have heard it, we have seen it. it is really remarkable, after donald trump spent the last two weeks reaching out to minorities every american can be great .gain for every american [applause] democrats and hillary clinton have rolled out the old playbook on divisiveness. we heard it again this week. tolary clinton decided attack the very intentions and characters of millions of hard-working americans who launch a better future of this country. the american people are tired of the politics of division. tired of politicians who divide
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our country tonight their support. [applause] it is time we had a president who will unite the united states of america and i promise you donald trump and i will fight every day to make america great again for every american. [chanting "usa!"] mr. pence: i hope you leave here today and tell somebody. ok? i mean i really appreciate you coming out on a saturday afternoon.
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i may be listed republican celebrity, right? not the man. i stand next to the man but your kind to be here today. a leader forvalid a team for a party. it is a movement of americans who belong to the american people when we reach a victory in november. i want you to tell somebody. with a burdenay on your heart. if what i have shared here has been new information here for you, go tell somebody. if you are remind -- if it is reminding you of some of the things that brought you out here, go tell somebody. i believe with all my heart with all the newspaper stories and shows, all the website
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all the media in the world does -- on aare in any way coworkeror friend or who knows you. ok? whatu're inclined to do do, occasionally bend a knee. i anchored you to do it. i believe it has -- is true today that if his people who are called by his name will humble hemselves and pray, here -- will hear again from heaven and he will heal our land. [applause]
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mr. pence: the choice that we face could not be more clear. the american people can elect theone who personifies failed establishment in washington, d.c., or we can elect a leader who will fight american for the people behind the desk at the oval office. so let me lay it out for you one more time. here is the choice. a president who will protect the nation, confront radical islamic terrorism, rebuild our military in the arsenal of democracy and , if youworld of isis
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want a president who will stand every day for law and order and with the men and women who wear the uniform of law enforcement on the thin blue line all across , if you want a president who will cut taxes, grow the economy, squeeze every nickel out of that bloated federal bureaucracy, and repeal barrel,e lock stock and and if you want a president who will enforce the laws of the nation for citizens of the a wall who will build and establish the borders of the and ifstates of america,
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who will --resident this is so true. if you want a president who will upend the status quo in washington, d.c., and uphold the constitution of the united then i wanterica, you to go tell your friends and neighbors, we have but one choice. that man is ready. ready.vement is let's make sure virginia is ready and we will make donald trump the 45th president of the united states and he will lead us to make america great again. thank you and god bless you,
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virginia. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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["only in america" playing] only in america where we ream in red, white and ream in red, in red, white, and blue
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only in america where we dream as big as we want to chanceget a everybody gets to dance only in america america in red, white, and blue only in america yeah, only in america america where we dream in red, white,
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and blue only in america ♪ >> c-span continues on the road to white house. >> this is not a reality tv show. it is as real as it gets. americap: we will make again. >> ahead, live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates on c-span, the c-span radio app, and monday was the first presidential debate live in new
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york and tuesday october fourth, mike pence and tim kaine debate. 9 -- finaloctober debate between hillary clinton on donald trump taking place october 19. live coverage of the vice presidential and presidential debates on c-span. listen live or watch any time on demand is >> tonight -- >> there was an average of one racial winching a week in the south and it was a brilliant psychological device to hold down a race because if you were black, you were afraid this could happen to you. >> and author talks about his literary career, including his , the courtroom
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battle that brought down the clan about the trial following the 1981 killing of michael donald i the kkk in alabama. >> a teenager trained to become a break layer, the youngest of seven children. he puts it in his wallet, goes himand an old buick: behind and james tiger orders him into the backseat of a car and he knows. know. >> tonight, 8:00 eastern, on c-span's q&a. >> tonight, author and journalist talks about her book, if the oceans were inc., mm -- memoir on her experiences discussing religion on a muslim cleric and the westerners
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lessons they can learn with ongoing talks with the cleric and the family, particularly the women in their life. >> maybe this is a good time to segue into this question from the audience, why does islam get more of its share of negative has in the united this? you write about that from your own personal standpoint and i think it is relevant. >> i think the sad thing is you and i are in an event driven business. the violent extremists have a good out a way to insert themselves into the headlines and the vast majority of the rest of the road passes 1.6 billion muslims have not. but if itessing bleeds it leads, it is true for
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sadly, there are not too many counter narrative that make it into the headlines -- ask people about what the face of various people was. no pope, no organized clergy in mainstream sunni islam. in shiism is different. for catholics, the base of catholicism was the pope. americans,ly, among the face of islam was albert daddy, the head of isis. >> and author and journalist on islam and the west.
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in 1996, president bill clinton --ned into law aimed at welfare benefits. for they assistance family called eight to families with dependent children, in plaisance 1935. 20 years later, c-span looks back at the debate over wealth there and the laws impact on poor families. >> prior to the 1996 welfare law, how was welfare delivered in the u.s.? 1996, it was the kind of welfare system i think most will imagine when they think about welfare. it was a true entitlement, a few net. when people were poor and found themselves in poverty, they could receive cash assist us from the federal government. the system obviously had some
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benefits but was very unpopular on both sides of the aisle. the assistance people received was scarce and not enough for people to survive on. if they went to work and began making more money, they would no longer be eligible for benefits. >> bill clinton in 1992, campaigning on ending welfare as the bill is not signed until almost 40 years later. what accounts for that? office, henton took did immediately take action on the issue of poverty. he worked with congress to pass annex -- and of the earned income tax credit. this was a popular and effective program that is often forgotten about in discussions of welfare and it a in that time in the country's history.


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