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tv   Munk Debate Focuses on Donald Trumps Candidacy in 2016  CSPAN  October 2, 2016 6:29pm-8:01pm EDT

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the american federation of teachers, they have formed a super pac this year to really fight trump and make sure that laborers' priorities are not only prioritized in this election cycle but also on the election so i think we are seeing a significant mobilization. i think it is a significant motivation factor. pedro: our guest interviewing mary kay henry is marianne levine and ben geman. to both of you, thanks for being on newsmakers. ben: thanks for having us. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> what makes movies or stories about people in crisis is the orsis either changes them
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changes everybody else. if you don't show conflict and you don't show flaws, if you don't show someone going out of their flaws, you are to and it't have the same impact. >> tonight on q&a, editor of commentary magazine and movie reviewer for the weekly standard talks about the movies he has reviewed, ranging from "lincoln" to "straight out of compton." >> the movies themselves as a classic -- an update of the classic showbiz story about how the band got together and recorded its big hits, it's pretty strikingly effective. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. go to tuesday evening for the vice presidential debate on your desktop, phone or tablet. watch live streams of the debate
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and video-on-demand of every question to the candidates and their answers. use our video clipping tool to create video clips of your favorite debate moments to share on social media. not able to watch? listen live on the c-span radio app. it is free to download from the app store or google play. tuesday evening on and the c-span radio app. trump spoke to supporters last night and manheim, pennsylvania. it is just over one hour. gentlemen, please welcome the next president of united states, mr. donald j. trump. ♪
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mr. trump: thank you everybody. thank you. [cheers] we are going to make america great again. [cheers]
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mr. trump: we are. i am thrilled to be here tonight. beautiful city. mannheim. [cheers] i will tell you what, we will win the great state of pennsylvania. i went to school in pennsylvania. we are going to win pennsylvania. we are going to win back the white house and we are going to be so happy. we are going to be so happy and we are going to again be proud of our country. we will be proud. we are going to take on the corrupt media, the powerful lobbyists, and the special interests that have stolen your jobs, here factories in your future. that is what has happened. we are going to stop hillary clinton from continuing to rate the industry -- raid the industry from your state for her profit.
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hillary clinton has collected millions of dollars from the same global corporations shipping your jobs in your dreams to other countries. you know it and everybody else knows it. [boos] that is why clinton would 100% approve transpacific partnership, a total disasterous trade deal. she called the deal "the gold standard." economicill bring devastation to pennsylvania and our campaign is america's one andonly chance to stop that lots of other bad things that are happening to our country. and she lied about the gold standard the other night at the debate. she says she did not say it. she said it. we don't want to stop the transpacific partnership, and if
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we don't, billions -- remember this. we don't stop it, billions and aliens of jobs and wealth will be vacuumed out of pennsylvania and sent to these other countries just like nafta was a disaster. this will be a disaster. frankly i don't think it will be as bad as nafta. they can't get any worse than that. signed by bill clinton. all of us here in this massive room tonight can prevent this from happening. tpp and we will stop can and the fact of american jobs and prosperity. -- theft of american jobs and prosperity. one man -- we have to do it. it is time. it is time we bring our country back. it is time we act like intelligent people. it is time we don't let mexico
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and all these other countries take our jobs and that is what they are doing. you look here, the miners. we are going to protect our miners. we are going to protect our steelworkers. we are going to protect our factories and our manufacturers. [cheers] man -- i'm not a big fan. one man they knew the dangers and the dangers of tpp was bernie sanders. crazy bernie. [laughter] he was right about one thing. only one thing, and that was trade. he was right about it because he knew we were getting ripped off but he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. we are going to do a lot about it. we will have the highways running the opposite direction. we will have a lot of trade, but it will come into our country. we are going to start benefiting
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our country. because right now it is a one-way road to trouble. our jobs leave us, our money leaves us. with mexico we get the drugs. they get the cash. that simple. way we are by the going to have a very, very powerful, strong southern border. we are going to have drugs stop pouring into our country. [cheers] and we will build the wall -- [cheers] drugs going to stop the
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from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth, and plenty of other people. and we are going to help all the people in our country who are so horribly addicted to what is coming in. we are going to stop it and we are going to stop it fast. who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! mr. trump: 100%. they may not know it yet, but they are paying. believe me, they are paying. they have not figured that one out yet. hillary clinton is controlled by global special interests. she is on the opposite side of bernie on the trade issue. she is totally on the opposite side of bernie. a new audiotape has surfaced just yesterday from another one of hillary's highroller fundraisers.
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shows her demeaning and mocking bernie sanders and all of his supporters. [boos] mr. trump: i will tell you something. we have a much bigger movement and bernie sanders ever had. true. it's true. we have much bigger crowds than bernie sanders ever had. it's true. and we have a more important movement than bernie sanders ever had. we are going to save our country. we are going to save our country. [cheers] but i can tell you that bernie sanders would have left a great, great legacy had he not made the deal with the devil. he really would have left a great legacy. and 120 people come and hear him talk. bernie sanders would've left a great legacy had he not make the deal.
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had he held his head high and walked away. he is on the other side perhaps from us, but we want to get along with everybody. we will unite the country. but with bernie sanders did to his supporters was very, very unfair. they are really not his supporters any longer. and they are not going to support hillary clinton. i really believe a lot of those people are coming over, and largely because of trade, college education, lots of other things. but largely because of trade. they are coming over to our side. you watch. you watch. [cheers] mocksally after hillary all those people by attacking him and his supporters as living in their parents basements and trapped in debt in careers. that is not what they are. she describes many of them as
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they want the united states to be more like scandinavia, but half the people don't know what that means and a really sarcastic tone. she is a sarcastic woman. to sum up, and i will tell you the other thing, she's an incompetent woman. i have seen it. she is an incompetent woman. just take a look at what she touches. it never works out. and you watch. her run for the presidency will never, ever work out. we can't let it work out. [cheers] hillary clinton thinks bernie sanders's supporters are hopeless and ignorant basement dwellers. then of course she thinks people who vote for in follow us are deplorable and irredeemable. i don't think so.
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i don't think so. people.the smartest we have the sharpest people. we have the most amazing people. and you know in all of the years of this country they say even the pundits, most of them are not worth the ground they are standing on -- some of it could be wealthy ground, that most of these people say they have never seen a phenomenon like what is going on. we have crowds like this wherever we go. we have these massive crowds. [cheers] some call it the greatest phenomenon they've ever seen politically in their lives. i think that is what it is. remember this. one said to me long ago, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. what you have done is amazing. i said forget it.
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[cheers] 8,we don't win on november have tens and tens of millions of dollars. nobody else does. i put my own money into this. we have small supporters and a limited number of people that just want to help the republican party. but i have put self funding in to a level to have not seen maybe ever or many years. i will tell you what. the money is the least of it. i put a lot of energy -- we put a lot of heart and soul, all of us. some of you people get here at 12:00 in the afternoon for this and earlier. [cheers] i know, i know. i know. it is the good news. when you leave, is it worth it? [cheers]
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win on november 8, i don't care what they write. i don't care if they have to give us a lot of credit. i think they have to give us credit. i will consider it a tremendous waste of time, energy and money. believe me. if we don't get there, we are not going to be able to do the job. we are going to be doing something for this country that this country has needed for many, many years. we are going to do something so spectacular -- you will be so proud of your country once again and you are not proud of your country now. you are certainly not proud of your leader. how about last week? are you proud of your leader? >> no! mr. trump: how about two weeks ago? $400 million in cash going to iran. [boos]
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remember the hostages. then he lied about that. no, it was not for hostages. but they cannot leave until they got the cash. it turned out to be wrong. now it is looking like it is -- get this. see the corners? you cannot fit them in here. $1.7 billion in cash they paid to a terrorist nation. they paid to iran. $1.7 billion. how about last week? they were going to deport 800 people. they were ready for deportation, which means they had problems. but they made a mistake and instead of deporting these 800 people back to the middle east, guess what happened? they became united states citizens. [boos] mr. trump: and that turned out
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to be wrong, just like the $400 million became $1.7 billion. people areke the 800 1700 people and welcome, welcome, welcome folks. then i said, well, you made a mistake. so when do it. they said -- so undo it. they said we can't do that because it would be unconstitutional. [boos] the world looks at us like we are stupid people. but we are not going to be stupid people much longer, folks. you have got to go out. you have got to go out and you have got to get your friends. you've got to get everybody you know and you have got to watch her polling booths.
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i hear too many stories about pennsylvania, certain areas. high here too many bad stories and we can't lose an election because of you know what i'm talking about. go and vote and then go check out areas. a lot of bad things happen. we don't want to lose for that reason. we don't want to lose, but we especially don't want to lose for that reason. go over and watch. we watch carefully because are going to win the state of pennsylvania. pennsylvania, we take back the white house. [cheers] mr. trump: we are leading in ohio. we are leading in north carolina. i think we are leading all over the place. we are leading in states that never really played for
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republicans, but we are leading all over. we are doing so great. if we win the state of pennsylvania, where i went to school, where my kids went to school, if we win the state of pennsylvania, we are going to have a country that you are going to be so proud of. believe me. [cheers] so let's not forget the other night. the recent debate, which i think i won to be honest with you. [cheers] even though they gave me a bum mic. commission onhe the debates. the commission. they get a great job. i go in and the mics are working. we have the commission on presidential debates. big fancy name, and they gave me a bum mic.
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i have to scream into the mic. i have friends in the audience going what is going on? how many people in this room think that maybe that was done on purpose? yeah. ok. after an hourn, and a half and it's over, and i got great -- i have great praise. one minute later all of the dopes that work at cnn said trump lost and start screaming. i don't think half of them watched because they want to change the narrative. you watch that without being influenced by these phony theyts -- don't forget, have been calling us wrong from the beginning. they have been calling us wrong from june 16. we had no chance.
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we were running against professionals. we were running against senators and governors, and we had no chance. and then one by one, bum, bum. these to watch these characters on television. 25%.d trump has not won you have 17 people in the race. then they go, to weeks later, another victory, another one. they say donald trump has not won 38%. and we had a lot of people left and i had 49% of the vote with a lot of people. you understand what that means? many --ard to get two too many votes. we had 49% with a lot of people running. we had senators and governors. talking about people like ben carson who were great people and endorsed me. smart people.
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good people. ben carson, great guy. but they said -- i will never forget it. me right overd to the television, what -- donald trump is not hit 50% yet. how the hell do you hit 50% when you have 11 people left? but then we lost a couple. very sad to watch. we were all broken up. i guarantee most of the people in this room were with us in the beginning. we were all broken up. really. [applause] and then we started getting 52%, 82%.66%, 78%, and they just did not understand what was going on. and now they said with crooked hillary clinton, that is all we
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have left is crooked hillary. here is a woman that is supposed to fight putin -- up.ock her up, lock her mr. trump: here is a woman who was supposed to fight trade -- they arena ripping us like no one has ripped us in the history of the world. here is a woman supposed to be fighting putin. here is a woman that is given barack obama such bad advice that i guarantee you if he had the choice to do all over again, go back years, he would of never picked her as secretary of state. she has been a disaster. everything she has done has been bad. huge financial loss and death, and i mean death on both sides.
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you look at what is going on in the middle east where they bombed these cities. you can imagine how many people died. she has been a disaster. -- she iswoman supposed to fight all these different things and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. [cheers] mr. trump: give me a break. she is home resting right now. she is getting ready for her next beach which of the in 15 minutes and two or three days. we need stamina. we need energy. we need people that are going to turn deals around. we can't let china take advantage of us anymore. we have the piggy bank. we have the advantage.
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by the way, don't worry. they like to talk about temperament. that is a word they got from madison avenue. how can we attack trump? i have a great temperament. i have, in my opinion -- it's one of my strongest things. i have a winning temperament. country how they -- our does not win any more. she has bad temperament. she could be crazy. she could actually be crazy. did you see that all the numbers are going to vote. the top guys will be with her because the top people -- i will tell you about that someday. how many people here are in the afl-cio? not so many. [laughter] where are you? usuallypeople are against us. the unions will be with me because i will produce jobs. we will build our infrastructure and rebuild our infrastructure.
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she would not know where to begin. look, we needs, somebody who is strong. we need somebody that knows what they are doing. we will bring the greatest people. we have now -- it will be announced next week an additional 200 plus admirals and generals supporting us. [cheers] congressionalthe medal of honor, recipients, these great recipients of the congressional -- 17. almost every police organization in the country. you take a look. law and order and justice. law and order and justice. the border patrol. we have so many thousands and millions of people. with the unions we have the
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support of the people underneath the boss that stood up there with their million-dollar salaries and they work with the democrats, but they don't get anything. we have the support of the people within the unions. we have the support. you watch what is going to happen. and we have the support of the hispanics and the african-americans because they are tired of being ripped off and taken advantage of. believe me, you watch. will have some big, beautiful surprises on november 8. saidry clinton all that that most of the country is racist, including the men and women of law enforcement. she said that the other night. [boos] holt?ybody like lester [boos]
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did anybody question her when she said that? he said it the other night. you are not a diehard clinton fan. you are not a supporter. from day one hillary clinton thanks that you are a defective person. that is what she is going around saying. how on earth can hillary clinton try to lead this country when she has nothing but contempt for the people who live in the country? she has contempt. first of all she has been in so many scandals. she has been caught cheating so much. one of the worst things i've ever witnessed as a citizen of the united states was last week when the fbi director was trying so hard to explain how she got away with what she got away with. she should be in prison. let me tell you. [cheers] she should be in prison.
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and she is being totally protected by the new york times and the washington post and all of the media. and cnn, clinton news network that nobody is watching anyway so what difference does it make. she is being protected by many of these groups. i will tell you what. it is not like you think she is guilty? they have admitted she is guilty. and then she lives in lies. 33,000 e-mails deleted, bleached, acid watched. that they take the phones and hammer the hell out of them. how many people have acid a tweet thatshed you deleted?
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but that's not good enough. this is getting crazy. how country is becoming a third world country. i will tell you, you have great, great people in the justice department. you have great, great people in the fbi. great, great people. and they are embarrassed by what is going on. they are embarrassed by what is going on, believe me. just like you are embarrassed and i am embarrassed. hillary clinton slanders and attacks anyone who wants to put america first. whether they are trumped voters or bernie voters -- trump voters or bernie voters. she was to erase our borders and do it for her donors and she wants people to pour into our country without knowing who they are. you want to see problems? you watch. the special interests pay her
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for speeches. they pay her foundation. they pay her husband. and return they get your jobs. they get your jobs. you are standing here from pennsylvania, standing here right now. i will tell you what is happening. people are negotiating and owners of companies are negotiating to move your companies to mexico and other places. it is getting worse. you are unsuspecting. right now you say let's go to a movie after trump, but you will do that because you will be so excited that no movie is going to satisfy you. you know why? honestly, because they don't make movies like they used to. is that right? what a difference. i have been saying all week when it comes to hillary clinton always have to do is these three words.
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follow the money. companies that lobbied for tpp passage donated to the clinton foundation, as much as $67 million. nine companies that lobbied for passage of tpp gave hillary forton $2.7 million speeches. now she doesn't for free and very few people show up. when she went to pennsylvania last week, did you see it? it was a small room and they cannot fill the seats. look at this place. a media, turn your cameras -- hey media, turn your cameras over there. they don't do it. they never turn the cameras. the only time they turn the cameras is because they are dishonest as hell. they don't realize what is next. if they showed -- all the way
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out to the doorway. people outside. if they showed the kind of crowds we have, which people can hear. you can hear the crowds. but if they showed, it would be better television. but they don't know much about that. it would be better television. three tpp member countries gave between $6 million and $15 million to clinton. activelyfour lobbyists lobbying for tpv passage have raised more than -- tpp passage have raised more than $800,000 for her campaign. i'm telling you pennsylvania we are going to make it. we are going to make it. we are going to make it if we have pennsylvania, that is for sure. that would make it easy. i'm just telling you, you cannot let this pass. nafta passed.
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it is in the worst trade deal probably ever made. not in this country, anywhere in the world. it cleaned out doing with, big portions of -- a cleaned out new england, pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina, south carolina. you can't let it happen. these bloodsuckers wanted to happen. they are politicians getting taken care of by people that want it to happen. other countries want it to happen because it is good for them but not good for us. so hopefully you are not going to let it happen. whatever hillary's owners want, they get. they own her. on november 8 we are going to and clinton corruption -- end clinton corruption. [cheers] hillary clinton, dishonest person, is an insider fighting for herself and for her friends. i am an outsider fighting for you. [cheers]
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by the way, just in case you are not aware, i used to be an insider but i thought this was the right thing to do. this is the right thing to do, believe me. [cheers] for decades we talked about the corruption in confidence and failures of our leaders. 2016, our long-awaited chance. it will be our long-awaited chance to bring about real change. not obama change, the real change. [cheers] remember this. hillary clinton will be four more years of barack obama. [boos] and may be worse. it actually may be worse. we can't let that happen. we will not have a country left. if you do this one simple thing, you can deliver justice for
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every single person who has been wronged by the system. you have to show up and vote. when you cast that ballot just picture a wall street board room filled with special interests who have been bleeding out country, who have been bleeding pennsylvania, who have been taking your jobs. take a look at their faces and you will see smart people that know the game. but people that want to take your jobs and want to take your money. to them, i say you are fired. [cheers] mr. trump: i could be doing "the apprentice" right now. i loved it, 14 seasons. tremendous success. they wanted to extend. i could be doing "the apprentice." somehow i think this is a little
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more important. and to the millions of unemployed americans, we are going to say the two words that i really love. you know they are? you are hired. i am not a politician. i have no special interests. my only loyalty -- and i mean this. this is tough work. this is a little bit like a lot of the people in this room. years you had a better job 20 years ago and you had right now. you got more money. now you have a lot of years. you get less money. in many cases you are working two jobs, three jobs. you are working harder. you are older. you are making less money. it is supposed to be the other way around.
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the only thing i can say to you is i am also working harder. this is hard work, believe me. this is hard work. sir,they told me outside, your helicopter cannot land tonight. the weather is terrible. i said how many people are there? is that of these 15,000. i said are you crazy? land that helicopter. [cheers] there is no way we were going to miss it. there is no way we are going to miss it and these are amazing people. we have amazing people in our country. we are going to bring our country together everywhere. he will bring our country together. my only loyalty is to you. i don't care about my company at that point. my kids will run it, by executives will run it. this is a great company.
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some of the greatest real estate assets in the world. they say maybe you will have a conflict. if i do a great job as president, they will probably be more valuable. that is a conflict, that is a good conflict. isn't it? we need proper thinking. our country -- can you imagine somebody saying $400 million in cash, or1.7 billion in 800 people and now 1700 people for deportation. now coming back as citizens. not legally, as citizens. hillary clinton's only loyalty is to her financial contributors and to herself. i don't even think she is loyal to build you want to know the truth. -- bill if you want to know the truth. and really, folks, really why should she be? why should she be? the large corporations who support terrible trade deals
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that ship your jobs to other countries, they are donating to crooked hillary clinton. the wall street investors who have rigged the regulations against the middle class -- and by the way, we have middle-class. we have really rich people here. we have people that are not so rich. we have poor people. we have everybody here. we have highly educated people. i know two of them. they are frankly -- they are here. they have too much education. they would've done better with a little bit less. always angry at me. that is ok. we have everybody, that we have the most loyal people. everybody says it. we have the people that are going to get out and vote. we have the people the matter what happens, they are out there with us. they know what we are doing is going to be so great for our country. the wealthy donors who want to shut down american energy, and that is what they are doing,
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they are giving to hillary clinton. you see it all the time. the special interests that would open borders, they are donating to hillary clinton. follow the money. and her campaign for president hillary clinton has received $100 million in contributions from wall street and hedge funds. he was a person who is only worked in the government essentially. and now they are worth $250 million. it's not like they built a big project other put a lot of people to work. they say she is worth $200 million, $250 million. give me a break. have you do that? -- how do you do that? you know how that happens. she and bill were paid $150 million for speeches since bill left the oval office. the same groups paying bill and hillary -- i love you too.
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that was a guy, but i love him. bill and hillary, for their speeches were lobbying the federal government. they are getting paid to lobby the government. 22 groups paid bill clinton for speeches, lobbied the state department while hillary was secretary of state. $250 million. favors and access for granted to those who wrote checks. she put the secretary of state of for sale. if he ever got the chance, she would put the oval office up for sale too. believe me. [boos] she deleted and bleached 33,000 e-mails after getting a congressional subpoena. here is the story, folks. if you're in a private deal and mr. smith is suing you, and they want your records in your e-mails and everything and you
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say i don't want to give them, but you have a court order -- this is a court order. you have to give them. if you don't give them, if you get rid of them, meaning delete them, they put you in jail. they put you in jail. right? >> lock her up, lock her up. mr. trump: she got a congressional subpoena. i can't believe it. i talk about it. the fbi does not do anything. in the justice department does not do anything. then clinton, bill, me to the attorney general and her plane. he said they are talking about golf and their grandchildren. 39 minutes. i give two minutes and two or
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three minutes to the grandchildren. he was supposedly an arizona playing golf, but i think it was 114 degrees that day. is very hot. i love arizona, one of my favorite places, but it is very hard to play the temperature goes over 100 degrees. he was there to play golf and nobody played golf. did anybody see him playing golf? he just happened to be standing on the runway when this plane came by. oh, hi. i have had a plane for long time and nobody has ever done that in years. doesn't happen that way. we are in a rigged system. and what is taking place is horrible. i will tell you, and i've said it before, this is all a great embarrassment to our great country. it is a great embarrassment. 5% of whathave done she did are suffering grave consequences.
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you see what is happening to them. the mother crying because of the way they are treating her boy who did nothing by comparison. and did not mean to do it. you see what is going on. general trias -- patreus, destroyed his life. piece was a tiny, tiny compared to what she has done. then she has taken 13 phones and they are missing, and they were destroyed. some of them with a hammer. access enemies with easy were able -- i don't know if they did -- hacker server. how about the server put in the basement? lies to congress under oath about turning over her work-related e-mails. her staffers taking the fifth
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amendment, and the ringleader's getting immunity deals. nobody left but her. she has not gotten immunity yet. i wonder if obama will give her community. interesting. she has not gotten immunity yet. she is the only one. did anybody ever see so many people get immunity? everybody. you are guilty, you are guilty. we will give everybody community. like any to investigate if everybody is getting immunity? she has not gotten it yet. what are her chances of getting immunity from president obama? it will be very interesting. it will be very interesting. clinton and her cronies will say anything, do anything, lie about anything to enrich themselves and keep their grip on power. the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandals. [cheers]
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impeached fort lying. you were member what he lied about. what he got impeached for lying about. he can't practice law, can't be a lawyer. forgets. we want to take our country back, folks. we want to take our country back. [cheers] look at whitewater. look at the cattle deal she made. a friend of mine is in the cattle business. they said the single greatest deal percentagewise. she made a percentage gain, i think it have to be some kind of record in the history of the cattle business. i guess she knows a lot about cattle. is a very serious thing. we have a very, very serious thing happening right now to our country. i will tell you who is leading it, these people back here. all of those cameras are leading
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it. they are letting her get away with murder. they are protecting her. [boos] mr. trump: we are tired of the lies, tired of the trivial politics, tired of being talked down to, look out upon, and treated like second-class citizens. is not going to happen anymore. this will be the year the american people say enough is enough. enough is enough. clinton has been a total disaster for so many communities, but especially for the african-american community. i don't think african-americans are going to come out and vote for clinton. they are too smart and they know they have been used for years and years and years. [cheers] they also know he will do
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nothing for them once the election is over. she never does, and that's never going to change. many of them will never forget her calling young african-american men super predators. that is what she called them. to the african-american community let me ask you this one question, are you better off than you were eight years ago? look for instance at our inner cities. look at what is going on. look at what is going on. massive levels of poverty, crime out of control, no education, no jobs, tremendous joblessness. people walk to the office, they walk to get a loaf of bread and they get shot. their child gets shot. it's been going on for decades and decades. hillary clinton and people that think like her -- and i say this
7:19 pm
to the african-american community and the hispanic community, vote for donald trump. what the hell the you have to lose? i will fix it. i will fix it. i will bring jobs, great education, safe neighborhoods. give you keep voting for the same people, you will keep getting the same horrible results. take a look at what's going on in the streets. take a look at charlotte. take a look at baltimore. take a look at ferguson. take a look at what is happening out on the streets of our inner cities. look at chicago. thousands and thousands of shootings. shootings since january 1. not a long time ago. it is worse than war zones. in many cases you have cities,
7:20 pm
and are cities, that are worse -- and are cities that are worse than war zones. a trumpet administration will bring prosperity to all of our people. by economic agenda can be summed up in three such beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs. [cheers] reducegoing to massively taxes for working and middle-class americans. every wasteful and unnecessary regulation will be immediately eliminated. we will create jobs. the total catastrophe known as obamacare will be repealed and replaced. [cheers] we will lift the restrictions on american energy, including cleaning coal and shale energy here in pennsylvania. we will take care of our miners, which hillary clinton said she
7:21 pm
wants to put our mines and miners out of business. she was to put our mines and miners out of business. not going to happen folks. she also wants to shut down production of shale energy. not going to happen. we are going to put the miners back to work. we will unleash the power of shale energy, adding another $50 billion to pennsylvania's economy. [cheers] we are going to protect the over 5000 farms in lancaster, which i know very well. i was here so much. includesotection, that lower taxes, less regulation, better trade deals, and more affordable energy. how many bombers to be happier
7:22 pm
in lancaster? people are employed by those farms. those farmers, are the rich people? he says not so good. we are going to make a good for everybody. let me pause briefly to discuss a very heartbreaking topic. as most of you know, tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the school shooting. tonight when you say your prayers i ask you to remember those five young beautiful girls and their families. and other issue we are going to ways soh is in certain , that when i tell you about what i just did, that as a special group of people. say your prayers, please. remember those people and what they went through. remember those families.
7:23 pm
[applause] remember those families. we are going to deal with trade. we will tilt with the disastrous trade deals like nafta that have crossed industry in pennsylvania. we will renegotiate them to make them great deals or terminate them and start all over. we will come out so far ahead. we lost so much money, so many jobs. your state has lost more than one in three manufacturing jobs since nafta was enacted. a bill clinton assigned deal supported -- clinton-signed deal supported by hillary. jobs are moving to mexico, including 300 the left in recent years and the hershey plant. you have lost one in four manufacturing jobs since china entered the wto. anther deal pushed by bill supported by hillary. hillary clinton is merely a
7:24 pm
vessel for this global special interests trying to strip our country of his wealth, it's jobs, it's status as a sovereign nation. we don't make anything anymore. we don't make anything. we are going to start making things. we are not going to let the countries like china devalue their currency and have trade deficits of $400 billion and 500 dollars a year. we will not let that happen -- 500 alien dollars a year. she is a globalist that takes jobs in our country and gives them the foreign countries. she will not tell you that but that is what is going to happen. i am not running to the president of the world. i am running to be president of the united states of america and represent you. [cheers] have ever wondered why it is all things cementing people want never seem to happen? when was the last time we had a victory?
7:25 pm
a massive company coming into town? when was the last time? you don't have victories. we can't beat isis. by the way, by the way, just that you know our military is depleted. we going to build up our military. we are going to knock the hell out of isis. [cheers] financialuse the interests that control politics and media don't want these changes to happen. i am an agent of change. we will make great change for our country. hillary clinton has been there for 30 years. when i was up on the stage on monday night i was saying to myself, it was sort of strange, like 100 million people. i had a bad mic. all of a sudden it comes to me like a moment of clarity. more than any other time she
7:26 pm
says, i'm going to do this, i will do that, she has been here for 30 years. why hasn't he done it? he will not do anything. she has never done anything meaningful. never. is death,egacy tremendous financial loss and failure. for policies gave us the disastrou -- disasters in iraq, libya and syria. her policies unleashed isis. remember, the way she got out of iraq left a tremendous vacuum from which isis was formed. i said that in this character, study that tape, he came at me every time. i was right. with her when she said things that were wrong, he did not come after her. a 550% increase in
7:27 pm
syrian refugees brought to our country. and she doesn't even say the words radical islamic terrorism. nor does president obama. her policies gave us the disastrous deal with iran, one of the dumbest deals i've ever seen of any kind. at home, look at how she failed. upstate new york. she promised -- she doesn't know the first thing about jobs. i have created thousands and thousands of jobs. that is what i do. i 38 jobs. she promised 200,000 jobs. instead more people left and she failed, a tremendous failure. manufacturing jobs in upstate new york are down to the 40% from the time she was elected. hillary clinton is there for
7:28 pm
only one reason, to protect special interests and those donors and her own money. our campaign is taking on big business, big media and big donors. we know how to do it. you do it with massive rallies like this. they can't compete with us. they can't. my campaign is powered by my money, my money. and buy small dollar donations from hard-working patriots like all of you. every dollar brings us closer to taking our country back. we have raised tremendous amounts of money. $18day after the debate, million came in to our coffers. think of it. $18 million. that was our all-time record. i guess they thought i did good at the debate, but we got tremendous money coming in. we were raising tremendous money in $61 numbers.
7:29 pm
because of all of you and all of our great volunteers across pennsylvania, some of which are here tonight, standing right in the front row. we have not run over 100,000 doors in the state of pennsylvania -- we have knocked on the doors of pennsylvania and the people like us knocking on the doors. over 100,000 doors they had knocked on. -- raiseds, people your hands, people that are working with us. unbelievable. we are going to have a big victory. you have 38 days until the election. 38 days to change the future of our country and the world. you have 38 days to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true. do not let this opportunity slip away or be wasted. you will never, ever have this chance again. not going to happen again.
7:30 pm
in four years you are not going to be able to do it. you have one magnificent chance to deliver justice for every forgotten man, woman and the arrogance of washington dc will soon come face to face with the righteous verdict of the american voter. watch. [applause] mr. trump: it happened in europe with brexit, and it will continue to happen. and i predicted brexit. everyone said what does trump know? theresaid you know what, was a bad feeling. and i predicted brexit, and everybody said he is crazy. after i turned out to be right, nobody said i predicted it. on november 8, we're going to
7:31 pm
show the whole world that america is back, bigger and better and stronger than ever before. [applause] up,trump: just to finish here's just a few of the great things that will happen for your country. you are going to see your taxes substantially lowered. she wants to raise your taxes. tremendous tax decrease. eliminate every unnecessary regulation. she wants to increase regulations. we want to repeal and replace job killing obamacare. [applause] mr. trump: we want to make child care more affordable. is so strong,anka and she will be here next week to speak. we are to add common core. to every low income child in america.
7:32 pm
african-american children, hispanic children are going to get great educations. we are going to end illegal immigration. [applause] we are going to have a strong border. tothe way, people are going come into our country, but they are going to come into our country illegally. -- country legally. we're going to keep radical islamic terrorists out of our country. hillary wants to let them come poor again, we cannot do that. we're going to save the second amendment, which is under siege. another one that endorsed me is the national rifle association. they will be happy to see that.
7:33 pm
they are incredible people, and they love the country. these are incredible people that truly lovely country. by the way, if your supporters of the second amendment, you have to get out and vote. support the men and women of law enforcement. we have to. [applause] we are going to appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. [applause] rebuild oure will roads, our bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, schools, and hospitals. will travel the roads. american planes will soar in the skies. willcan ships that we make control the seas. pennsylvania steel will build
7:34 pm
this country like it built the empire state building many years ago. [applause] steelump: pennsylvania and the incredible steelworkers will send new skyscrapers into the clouds. american hands will rebuild this mindn, and american energy our r miners -- mined by miners, including right here in pennsylvania. it will power our nation. hiredan workers will be to do the job, and we will start making things again, and we will start winning again. steell knew pennsylvania into the spine of this country.
7:35 pm
i will fight for every neglected part of our nation, and i will fight to bring us all together as americans. imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one american flag. [applause] >> usa. usa. on november 8, a new bright dawn begins for our country. pennsylvania, you have no idea the importance. is spending tens of millions of dollars on wall , runningney commercials about me that are
7:36 pm
-- mostly false, a little truth once in a while. friend ofmmercials, a mine called up and said there is nothing else but those commercials. they are driving me crazy. donald, it is not you. that is true, it is not me. but she is spending tens of millions of dollars, it is a disgrace. and much of those commercials i will tell you are false. we're going to do something that i think the country has never .een before this movement is special, the people are special. we are going to make america wealthy again. we are going to make america stronger again. americaoing to make powerful again.
7:37 pm
we are going to make america safe again. we are going to make america great again. thank you everybody. thank you. god bless you everybody, thank you. get out and vote. god bless you. [applause] ♪
7:38 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a new york times story about donald trump's tax history is a
7:39 pm
topic on the sunday shows. here is a reaction from democratic senator claire mccaskill, who supports hillary clinton, and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, who supports donald trump. >> donald trump apparently declared a $1 billion loss in 1995, which the time says he legally could have not paid income taxes for years. ?our reaction sen. mccaskill: he crashes businesses into bankruptcy, leaving scores of bills unpaid. . appears he walks away unscathed with a golden ticket that allows him under the tax code to avoid taxes for decades. i think the key here is how they're going to fix it? look at his tax plan. billionaires. his tax plan benefits donald trump. batch beto anyone, since that is
7:40 pm
the way he sees the world. he does not care about the businesses he pays, he doesn't care about the people who lost millions of dollars on his bankruptcies. he cares about donald. >> let me ask you, because the times said that they talk to lawyers and that if he did have a $1 billion loss, all of this would be legal. they also don't know if he actually did it. assuming he did, do you know anyone who pays more taxes than they have to? not theaskill: that is point. the point is his idea of fixing the tax code is to take care of billionaires, and his losses were something he used to avoid taxes. those losses represent real pain to many people who never got paid. he says that he used bankruptcy as a business tool. are five deductions that are available to me and i , the people who
7:41 pm
invested in my company consuming for not doing that. number two, my obligation in that circumstance is to make the maximum amount of money and to save my company from the maximum amount of damage. he was a genius and being able to do that. went down, came all the way back up. america needs a turnaround right now, and donald trump is a turnaround artist. everybody believes that we are moving in a wrong direction. nobody thinks hillary clinton can turn us around. higher taxes, less jobs, 1% growth, with her head down and just another country. this man is a man who knows what it feels like to fail, and then had to come back from that. did he pay federal income taxes? mr. giuliani: i haven't seen his tax returns. i would suspect he did, because that kind of loss, given the income that is on his financial
7:42 pm
disclosure form, would say to me that he probably paid off that carry forward very quickly. this is part of what you do in business. it, you woulddo be sued. makingnext president appointments to the supreme court of the united states will be president donald trump. with hillary clinton in the white house, the rest of the world will never forget why they have always looked up to the united states of america. c-span campaign 2016 continues on the road to the white house with the vice presidential debate between republican governor mike pence and democratic senator tim kaine tuesday night, live from longwood university in farmville, virginia, beginning at 730 -- 7:30 p.m. eastern. predebate 30, the briefing for the audience. then at 9:00 p.m., live coverage of the debate followed by viewer reactions.
7:43 pm
, watch liven c-span and anytime on-demand at, and listen line on the free c-span radio app. democratic and republican strategists on the presidential race and the performance of candidates hillary clinton and donald trump on their first debate. of the annual washington ideas form call hosted by the atlantic magazine. >> this is going to be a lightning round. we're going to 13 i think. who saw the last debate? who is going to watch the next debate? that is what we're here to talk about. havery, alex, great to appeared was going to happen the next debate? where the last ones between your lunch.
7:44 pm
here because they want to know we'll know. in debate one, we saw donald trump talking a lot about hannity and the 400 pound hacker. really seemed as if she studied, but benghazi did not come up, goldman sachs didn't come up, e-mails did not come up. you know him from people in both campaigns. what you think each side has to do next time. alex? is he going to be killer next time? be justthink they can as dull and an interesting is in the first debate. what does donald trump have to do next time? i thought hillary's debate strategy was actually very sharp, very smart. with are two candidates 75% unfavorable ratings, and they are both working real hard to get them up to about 150% unfavorable ratings. whoever the debate is about is losing.
7:45 pm
hillary let the debate be about donald trump, and i think donald trump let the debate be about donald trump. it is much better if the debate is about american people and the future. when the debate is about the future, guess what happens? it drives the desire for change. 70% of the american people think the country is on the wrong track. what does donald trump have to do? make the debate about where hillary clinton would take the country and where she wouldn't, and why she is a liability and more of the same and why we cannot afford that. why four more years of that might take the country in the wrong direction so far that we could not recover. , whatyou are an advisor to donald trump to get him to get his act together? hillary: it is interesting, to donald trump to get him to get his act together? because when you look at donald trump's platform, he positions
7:46 pm
himself as a populist, but he has a very traditional republican doctrinaire platform. it is tax cuts for the wealthy, element the estate tax, a ban on .mmigration anti-choice, anti-lgbt writes, climate change is a hoax. many respects, he has had trouble consolidating the he hascan base, because not focused more on those sorts of things. conversely, i think from hillary's perspective, people are talking probably too much about her personality, her issues and the like. when you will be american people on the issues, like the ones i just named, you get 60% agreement with hillary's positions than you do with trump's positions. whether or not this debate winds up being about issues is beyond
7:47 pm
-- but just when you think it have beenlesson we talking about donald trump's treatment of women and when he here -- and whether he is fat shaming girls. i'm horrified by this conversation. first of all, donald trump must have like a man mirror. "i look fantastic today." that's a man mirror. i would rather talk about, and i know hillary would rather talk about, actually the affordable careact equalized health for women. choices and issues, child care is an issue. fat.e too it is appalling. >> are you surprised moderator -- deal expect e-mails, goldman sachs, and benghazi to come up in future rounds? i'm sure they will,
7:48 pm
because he just objectively lost every opportunity to push on her . i don't think goldman sachs -- what will the attacker for, her wealth? i don't think so. e-mails, i thought her answer was great. it was short, it was sweet. he did not hit much beyond that. --hink one of her problems by the way, i cannot believe this guys helping trump. i love him so much, and we have been close friends for a long time. >> d remain friends? hillary: absolutely. with donald trump, there is like a thousand things to go at. with hillary, there is sort of one. alex: i have a longer list. hillary: we have the e-mail issue playing over a thousand times. we have had a thousand issues
7:49 pm
playing once. >> let me give alex a chance to talk about the targets on hillary. how you sort you of square all of this? we're all friends, but you wrote that if your angry and alone, you're more likely to be a trump voter. become increasingly and embarrassingly difficult to embrace donald trump. you're now embracing donald trump and overcoming that difficulty and embarrassment. tell us about the journey a little bit, and then about the target that you think hillary represents. is that inconvenient that when he writes of the like that it lasts forever? my candidates lost in the primary. donald trump one, and i think as republicans, we need to learn something from that. at the end of the day, i have a binary choice here.
7:50 pm
if someone can tell me that this election is not urgent, that it does not matter, that we can let the can -- let the country continue to drift along in the same direction for four or eight more years, i might consider .ther options a lot of republicans are willing to let this election pass. i do not think we can do that. it does matter. i do think that a $20 trillion debt, a world that seems to be dissolving, the center does not threathe metastasizing coming to our shores we seem to beand unable to do that. a weaker country, a less optimistic country, we're losing our optimism in the future. i don't want to become europe. it's too far down that i don't want -- i do not want to go too far down the wrong road to turn back. i think donald trump will be,
7:51 pm
not necessarily the future of the republican party, but i do hope that he is the turnaround ceo who comes in here, cleans up the books, fires the people that need to be fired, and then stops our competitors from kicking sand. i think the idea of bringing in business people into government and cleaning out the --ablishment of both parties hillary: where is he going to get the revenue? was donald trump is controlling the government, he will pay taxes to it? [applause] i'm sure you pay more taxes than you have to.
7:52 pm
hillary: i'm sure i've been more taxes than donald trump. audience thinks it is a great idea to pay more taxes than you are required to by law? the way, since we are going to talk about corruption, why do we talk about the corrupt empire of the clinton foundation and they global initiative. short form, what would the targets be of hillary clinton? hillary said there was one. frankly, i think loading more negatives onto hillary about her dishonesty, which the american people make their own judgment about, and i think rightly so, about her lack of character. the self-serving aspect of her quest for political power. i don't think you can burn down the same things twice.
7:53 pm
you may hold her where she is, but i don't think that necessarily unlocks the election. i think the targets for opportunity for hillary clinton is that she is more of the same. .othing will change don't we deserve something better than this? growing america's economy and set of washington's. we don't have a lot of time. i want to ask you to view one big question each. hillary, one of the things that i have been hearing more and more is that because of bernie sanders, the challenge that things have come up with the terrain of the country have a seems to change, people know hillary clinton is leading this charge. a lot of people think they know hillary clinton as she is running. can hillary be hillary if she wins? will she be able to maintain the level of international engagement? i'm sort of interested in whether hillary can be hillary?
7:54 pm
415-20 years running, hillary clinton was one of the top two or three most admired women in the world. it was only when she sought legal power for herself that all of a sudden people in my current war. changed.he hasn't i think the perception of whether or not it is ok for her to be there unapologetically and in a pantsuit seeking power. let me finish. then you can trash me. that she has a broad-based, optimistic view of our engagement in the world. alex said that the country is feeling dismal. mostost optimistic's -- optimistic population and the country are 15-30-year-olds.
7:55 pm
if you want to measure ourselves by how our children are feeling, we should feel pretty good that we are on the right track. it does not mean that there isn't a lot to fix, that there are not a lot of people left behind, but i do think that there is a significant number of opportunities that hillary has thought about engaging in and doing that will be useful. is other interesting thing that most of mainstream republican washington really doesn't like donald trump very much, and hillary clinton is actually pretty well republicans when she served in the senate. i think you're going to find in president clinton someone that republicans want to work with, wants to get things done with. >> alex, last question for you. we had speaker ryan here. a lot of policy detail and on.
7:56 pm
i couldn't help but think to say "wow, their charges really just to hold out -- wins, do you think the republican party would be something hard line for four years, or will it just breakup? is good to happen in your party? i think in many ways we are healthier than the democratic party. the party establishment just took a wonderful shellacking. we put that 16 of our best and brightest, and an outsider like donald trump comes in and moses down like he had a weed wacker. mows us down like he had a we factor. you are seeing a new generation like paul ryan come in and talk and offersom, different arguments. should we keep doing things the old way?
7:57 pm
we open up this economy for everybody? should we grow the economy naturally, bottom-up, organically westmark should be growing -- organically? we open up communication, or keep it the way it is? they chose the best tool -- the best school in town for the two beautiful daughters. let's give the choice to everybody. democrats can go that -- go there. they are a top-down party. there is a better bottom-up republican party coming up. i think of donald trump is elected, he will be working with that and they will support him. either way this election, we will need a republican party that actually can express its beliefs that they can lead the country to a better place. democrats have nothing but the old top-down argument. [indiscernible]
7:58 pm
hillary: rudy giuliani added newt gingrich. that is the trump argued that the trump government. you have no doubt about their advocacy, but you see real candor. i what to think both of you. thank you so much. [applause] ahead of tuesday's vice presidential debate, we will take a look back at the virginia senator tim kaine and indiana governor mike pence, using the c-span video library. >> i have seen this story before. i turned on the television and seen the bad news of the shooting, or a weather emergency, or a famine. i have seen these stories, and there will be more stories. there was something in the story
7:59 pm
yesterday that was different, and it was you, your spirit of even at a dark day of optimism -- >> the presidency is the most visible thread that runs to the american government. more often than not for good or for ill, it sets the tone for the other branches. it spurs the expectations of the people. its powers are vast and consequential. it's requirements from the outset are by definition impossible for mortals to fulfill without humility and insistent attention to its purposes as set forth in the constitution of the united states. at tim kaine and mike pence ahead of the vice presidential debate, mother night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. watch any time at, and listen at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the c-span radio app. next q&a with john podhoretz,
8:00 pm
then portions of the state funeral for shimon perez, s,cluding -- shimon pere including remarks by president obama and former president bill clinton. >> this week on q and a, john podhoretz. he talks about his career, and discusses movies he has reviewed over the past few years, including lincoln, spotlight, and straight out of compton. >> we would normally ask you hear to talk straight politics. for years, you have been a movie critic. mr. podhoretz: 37 years i have been a movie critic.


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