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tv   Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati Ohio  CSPAN  October 15, 2016 10:00am-10:46am EDT

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also, a .review of tomorrow show our guest will include nathan gonzales where he will be talking about the 2016 house and o'neill ofs, terry the national organization of ongoingll talk about controversies about donald trump's comments towards women. newt gingrich will be here as well to discuss the latest developments in campaign 2016 including growing republican divide and the impact on down ballot races. have a good saturday. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> coming up to her former president go clinton campaigning in ohio on behalf of his wife. then, house speaker paul ryan speaking with college republicans about the 2016 election and the gop agenda. that is followed by another campaign event for hillary clinton featuring michelle obama. at noon, we take you live to new hampshire were donald trump will be speaking to supporters. 's this weekend, c-span cities tour's along with our comcast cable partners will explore the literary life and history of p ioria, illinois. the author of "lincoln, incorporated" talks about modern marketing and selling of abraham lincoln.
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>> he is really pretrade in pioria as a hero, someone who stood his ground against the spread of slavery. >> then, the author of "brothers notorious" explores organized crime in illinois through the legendary gangster family. an all out war between the klan and the bootleggers. bootlegging army. >> on american history tv on c-span 3, historian h wayne wilson talks about the history capitala as be whiskey of the world. >> the water is filtered, in essence, by limestone. it was perfect for distilling.
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scientists are credited for discovering penicillin. the cities tour of pioria, illinois today. on c-span 3. working with our cable affiliates, visiting cities across the country. bill clintonident> was in ohio guest or, we he spoke to voters about hillary's clinton's plan for making jobs affordable. this is 40 minutes.
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thank you,linton: democratic party chair. thank you, denise, and did luck to you in the -- good luck to you in the election. thank you, alicia reece, who has led ohio in believing that more people should vote, not fewer. thank you. [applause] president clinton: you ought to give this guy a hand. his site has had a very bad week. let's try to make him feel better. [applause] [cheering]
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president clinton: look, what you are saying -- >> hillary! hillary! president clinton: what you are seeing is a microcosm of what this election is all about. you have one person who is a master at rubbing salt in people's wounds, does not pay taxes, does not even contribute to his own family charity, does not pay his contractors, takes the life savings of people who go to trump u and don't get anything, except trumped. but, he is really good at making .eople mad the fundamental decision you have to make in the whole election is how do you feel about america and where we are going? if you think everything is going to hell, maybe you want to have
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somebody who is great at dividing us, distracting us, and demonizing those who are different. fine. that our best days are still ahead, if you think we are fortunate because with all the problems we've got, too much income stagnation, too much income inequality, too much tension within many of our communities, underdressed mental health and drug addiction needs, all of our challenges, but we are still outperforming any of their bigger economy on earth. we still have the youngest, most diverse workforce in the world of any big country. we still have the most productive workforce in manufacturing in the world, and we can get a lot of those jobs back. it just depends on what you think. a
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and telling you, don't treat them -- weights. if you want to know what this is about, turn on the tv when you get home tonight and look at what president obama said on television about it. , it depends on what you think. [shouting] [indiscernible] president clinton: if you believe that, you should not vote for hillary. if you believe that, america's best days are behind us. i believe that america's best days are ahead of us. injust passed the 79th month a row where we had more jobs
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than the previous month. even when i was president, i gave you three balanced budgets, three surpluses, and we all rose together for the first time in several years. so telling you, we're just close to taking off. it all depends on our attitude. does it depend on the future or looking back? do you want to go back to trickle down economics? >> no! president clinton: set is one of the issues in the campaign. the truth is, hillary wants to invest and grow from the bottom up. her opponent wants to go backwards and cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires whether they move jobs or keep them here. you cannot pretend that is not a choice here. it is clear.
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it will affect your life. i would like to talk about what this election means to you, and your future, and how we will all live. here is what i think. you might wind an election distracting people, dividing the country, and demonizing your opponent. after you get there, it's that is what you do, you will not do anything good for anybody. we will not be better off. on the other hand, if you decide and toct that concentrate on what we can do good instead of distracting people, to cooperate instead of dividing, and create opportunities for everybody to ride together because we are stronger together, america will be a whole lot better off.
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this is a very straightforward choice. there's only one person you can vote for who has a plan to create more than 10 million jobs in modernizing the infrastructure. not just roads and bridges, but you see all the construction workers over their? look at that old building. it.oundation did unionsinced the employee to put $16 billion aside at a good rate of return to invest in infrastructure. we have allocated 12.5 million dollars of that and already have 100,000 jobs out of it. no government action. the secretary of agriculture, he is the most underrated person in
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the president's cabinet. asked for any credit for himself. the agriculture department has .reated 250,000 jobs i'm tell you something, when you reach a certain age, all the you is how people are. we just have got to decide what ands that we are about whether we really believe if we are stronger to better -- together, and whether we believe
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if it matters. it does matter. getave been trying to health care and education for their kids, resolve problems in the community so we can all go forward together. i know wherever people are working together, good things are happening. in america and all over the world. where they spent all their time, good things are not happening. i don't think you should be surprised, but you ought to feel bad about those people. some of it is going to come back out. you cannot deaden the spirit and poison the mind or numb the heart without having some consequences. no one will be doing anything for anybody.
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need a modern infrastructure. andeems like the building recognizing that flint, michigan is not the only place where children have elevated lead levels in their blood for t drinking water out of rusty pipes. if we brick. all of those pipes, we could get our kids a healthy future and create an enormous amount of jobs. every single day in america, between 3000 and 5000 children are given a homework assignment and they cannot do it. why? here we are in twice 16, and the internet is not available to
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people because they don't have broadband coverage with a live. they have a better chance in the race for life in the future. i will give you another example. results -- relates to ohio's ability to generate more manufacturing jobs. i just spent two days on a bus in iowa. i was traveling around. some of you probably know this. iowa has the biggest baseload windity of electricity and of any state in america. guess what? to they pay a penalty for leading the fight against the worst consequences of the climate change it? no. they also have the lowest electric rates.
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once you build the thing, the power is free. part of our future that is the first thing. second thing, we have to get back in the small business business again. hillary supports the dodd frank law which the president signed which keeps wall street from ever wrecking main street again. [applause] president clinton: another big .hoice behind all the screens, her opponent has promised to repeal it. you tell me who the establishment candidate is. she wants to keep it, he wants to repeal it. however, she does want to make more lending available to small businesses and make sure that banks do not spend as much money processing alone for $50,000 as
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they do for 50 million. we have to get back to the small business business again. it is two thirds of our job growth. [applause] the thirdclinton: thing we have to do is make sure we are investing in all of our communities. ryan -- tim ryan -- paul ryan has its own problems. i feel bad for him. [laughter] president clinton: the poor man now. load to lug around tim ryan, your congressman is the democratic cochair of the manufacturing caucus. brown knows sherrod more about manufacturing and trade than anybody in the senate. they have worked hard for hillary because they know she
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has a good program to bring manufacturing jobs back to america. she got the right idea on trade. we are only 4% of the worlds population. she wants to make two big changes. realize that negotiations do not stop you have to enforce these deals. when i left office, the cut enforcement by 400%. she wants to take into account current immigration and other things that will never be in a trade deal but will keep you from having fair access. thing she wants to do is make sure that they don't get
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tax benefits in this country when they are ripping american workers off. just the other day, her opponent builds a building with chinese through dummyld corporations so he would not have to fess up to where it came from when there was already a that it wasn illegal because it was below the production in china. making, not air conditioning, but furnaces. they were making $2.9 billion a year. the profit margin on each
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furnace was going up. it was just everything you would want in a company. the richest shareholder said, we want more money right now, it will drive making, not air conditioning, the stock market oute up, we want our money in one year and a day. this is a big problem in america. they say, we don't care about the workers, we don't even care about the customers. all we care about is can we take all of our money out in a year and athe date? that is terrible news for the long-term health of the economy. hillary says, if someone did say,they did, and let me the union said, you will only million, let us save the money for you. they said, no, we want to break the union's so we can take the money away.
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tale was wagging the economic job. when that happens, only the tail will be happy. this is a huge national problem. if they leave us when they are making money with no concern for the business, the workers are there communities. they should lose every step they got from the local, state, or national government. they should not be able to bring free products back to the -- duty free, and they definitely should not get a tax cut. but, he said, i do want to cut taxes for businesses who share
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profits with workers and train workers to be more productive and valuable and whoand valuablt in areas of america where the have not been enough new jobs in the last 10 years. those people should be awarded with lower taxes. like i said, i've been doing it for a long time. i promise you, her way will work a lot better. it will spread economic opportunity across the country so we can all grow together. then, you have to make sure everyone can participate. a lot of people don't need for your college degrees to get good jobs if they get proper training. we have to make college affordable for everybody. talk about an example of cooperation. the best thing that happened at the democratic convention was
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that she and bernie sanders got together and merged their college plans and came up with one that was better than anything either had before. here is how it works. this is a really big deal. two people ran against each other, had a close race, and said, what we really care about is making college available to everybody. they did the following thing. one, free tuition to everybody at community college. for everybodyion at public institutions of higher education up to 120 thousand dollars of family income, 85 percent of us. and, debt-free education at
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private colleges. then, something of more concern to people in this audience, what about the debt that has already been run up? the average debt is $30,000, the average. people who have gone to law school or architectural school or medical school, some of them $100,000-two hundred thousand dollars. here is the plan. first, we have got to end the practice of college loans being the only bones that you cannot refinance. that is wrong. [applause] how many people i have had this conversation with, but not so long ago, i thought a pair of jeans from a woman i've been doing business with for a long time. justw she had a son that graduated from one of new york state's colleges, i said, how is your boy doing? she said, he graduated with
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great grades and he will get a great job. loans? does he have .he said, yeah, quite a bit i said, do you have a mortgage? it?efit -- refinance she said, yeah, 4%. we are supposed to be a place for opportunity for people with the play hard rules. how can you justify charging people for the rest of their lives.
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so, if you just let everybody , morence at current rates than 20 million young millennials would save an average of $20,000. then, she proposes to let everybody turned their college debt into a mortgage like instrument and never pay more than 10% of their income per month to pay it off, no matter how much they owe. if they do any public service work, americorps, or something like that, they can get it for given. if they do any public service work, they don't have to do anything over 10 years. aboutition to that, think that. that means everybody can get a
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credit rating. for people who have college debt who want to start a small business, if they otherwise theify, she would suspend repayment of the college loan for three full years why you get the business up and going. i've met a young man in iowa couple of days ago, in his early 20's. .e owed $20,000 they're basically is an app you can order to figure out how to do better on all professional the average person is paying between 1000-2000 dollars to get ready for these tests. they got young people and put together flashcards, made it available on the internet for $30. guess what?
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witharted the business $20,000. they have 50 employees now. that is where most of america's new jobs have always come from. that is the future of this country. they deserve the right to pay college loans off and have access to capital and credit. you just have to forgive me. i think that is a big part of what this election is about. we have to grow this economy faster with more high-paying jobs and more upward mobility. a lot of what is feeling the road rage on the other side of the campaign are too many people who get up every day and look in the mere and say, every one of my tomorrows will be like yesterday. i spent my life doing this. i'm telling you, we are so close. you have to vote for the right kind of policies and the right kind of leaders. that couldwo things keep america from rising
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together again. one is political gridlock in washington field by the kind of animosity that we see on the streets of this election, and and the other is trouble abroad. both the turmoil that you know about, but also very slow economic growth abroad. there is only one person who you can vote for who has good ideas, a proven record of breaking gridlock. she does not take it personally. she knows this is the way they do business. she will never close the door. everything she has accomplished as a first lady, as secretary of state, every single solitary thing, she was able to get republicans to join democrats and supporting her. that is what you need a president to do. asn she left office
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secretary of state, the approval of the united states on every cotton it -- africa, asia, latin america, europe -- was 20 points higher than it was before she took office because they believed that she had their back also. she wanted and inclusive future for the world. she is literally the best change maker i have ever known. we just celebrated our 41st anniversary. [applause] president clinton: when i met her in law school, by the time we got out of law school, she had arctic onto south carolina to figure out how to get african-american teenagers, some of them as young as 13, out of jail so the future would not be lost. she had arctic onto south texas to register mexican-americans, who for generations had then
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systematically shut out of the political system. she started the first legal aid clinic in the northwest of arkansas. i was the first person in my family to ever go to college. my kinfolk's could not afford lawyers to save their lives. it, sheore you know also went to alabama and posed as a racist mom tried to get hurt kid in an all-white school to prove that these academies work is legally claiming federal tax credits for what they said
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was nothing more than a segregated school. they lost the tax credit. she has always been able to get something done that needed doing. the efforts to raise the school standards and in arkansas. they said, i think we elected the wrong one. when iran for president we had the highest performing schools in our region. a man who said we had the worst schools, said that we had the most improved p she makes things better in or out of office. that is what you want. inill say this, her opponent the second debate, maybe it was an air, but he stated one true fact. quit.d, she will never she will never quit on america
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and she will never quit on you. it is easy to guarantee the security of financial stability. poverty.ept out of one final thing that is important. if you think the health care law should be repealed, she is not your candidate. is a good thing -- believe me. when you're young, it is hard to imagine this.
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when you are my age, not one week goes by that i do not have to say goodbye to someone that i have loved. it is part of the rhythm of life. we all accept it. you have to be grateful for every day, but, no one knows. it is not a world of good, not allowing anyone to lose insurance because of a pre-existing condition. there are problems. deductibles going up too much. prescription drugs too expensive for anybody not covered by medicare programs that can keep them cheaper. and, people have the toughest making too much. they do not belong to big corporations. their employers do not have a lot of bargaining power.
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there is one person who said, let's fix the problem. here is how we will get the co-pays and deductibles down, more affordable. so, have a public option that they will get affordable health care. it is a big deal. i always get tickled. things these dial meters . they go off the charts if you land a finger on somebody else. this is the kind of stuff that will shape the country you live young people have to look forward to. we are either going to group together or not. you have a choice.
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anger or answers. resentment or empowerment. you have a choice. conflict or cooperation. and, you have a choice. look around this crowd, you have relating through walls or bridges. of the ballot. it looks like the united nations. [applause] president clinton: the other day i was in eastern ohio, doing a bus trips for hillary. an african-american fisher came
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up to me. i was virtually in tears. he said who he was, and said, that is not what is important, what is important to me is i and of grandson of luther black hope, arkansas -- where i was and where the first business i was ever inside of my grandfathers the grocery store, aross the street from cemetery, behind which lives most african-americans. his position was straightforward. if you are working hard and doing the best you can and taking care of your kids, you have a right to feed them. keep in mind, there were no food stamps, no income supplement, nothing. he said, my grandfather told me that your grandfather was a wonderful man. whenever he came in, and he had
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not been paid under regular regular basis, he would say, luther, take what you need, and pay me when you can. we need to get back to that in america. when someone looks you in the eye, you need to be able to believe them again. the family against because the muslim mother could not talk at the democratic convention after that young man lay down his life for our country was a disgrace. let me tell you something, if it had been my child, i could not have talked at the convention. could you? i could not believe the father could do it. we have to stop this. this is bad for us. it is dumb. [laughter] president clinton: you want to
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prevent these instances of inror like san bernardino or orlando with a guy was not in touch with anybody, just ?nspired by all of the killings you want to support the people who agree with what isis is doing without involving our soldiers? is that is what you want, we have got to have the help of american muslims who love america and despised terror. , this has been a heavy election. other day, i called a buddy of mine. we have been friends for more than 40 years. he is the best one line guy i have ever heard. i called him and said, i need to
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lighten this up, give me a good one line. he did not miss a beat. he said, if you don't want a guide to drive a truck off the cliff, don't give him the keys. [applause] president clinton: so, here is what i want to say to you. i want you to give her the keys. , sheu give her the keys will open up the back of the truck and put every american on board, no matter who they voted for. she will go to appalachia and a brighteroal miners future p she will drive the truck to the top of a new mountain and we will love where we come out. thank you and god bless you. ♪
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>> i would like to have the line item you to for the president. i think that will be extraordinarily helpful. debate with008
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barack obama and john mccain. >> the situation today cries out for by partisanship -- bipartisanship. we need to reform. let's look at the records as well as the rhetoric. that is part of your mistrust here. youwhat i will propose -- will hear senator mccain say he is proposing a whole lot of new spending, but actually i am cutting more than i and spending. the key is whether we have parties that are working for you. past presidential debates here on c-span or anytime on as the nation elects a new president in november, will
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america have the first foreign-born foreign lady since lisa adams or the first gentleman? learned about the influence of the present shall spouses from ladies.""first it takes a look at the history and impact of every first lady in american history. it features interviews with the nations leading first lady historians. offers a biography of the 45 presidential spouses and archival photos from their lives. published by public affairs, it is now available at your favorite bookseller and as an e-book. next, house speaker paul ryan became with college republicans about the gop agenda. this is in madison, wisco.


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