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tv   QA  CSPAN  October 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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corny but as you get older, and now the nation is obsessed with finding out things, as you get older, you realize it is really nice to know everything about your roots and to have a warm feeling that ancestry can get you. mr. lamb: that is something that you wrote about in your book. you have some fresh stuff and we will talk about that. here's something you write about and i want you to explain this portrait to the audience. [laughter] ms. dowd: right. that was such a weird story. so what was the guy's name, nelson sparks? mr. lamb: nelson chang. ms. dowd: yes, he recently died. he was given a commission to do an official portrait for bill clinton, and for his own
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reasons, very oddly he had in his studio he had a mannequin and a blue dress, just randomly and he put the blue dress on the mannequin and painted the shadow of that into the picture. bill clinton often does not wear doesn't also does not have on a wedding ring, which is weird, so than when they found out, i do not think they wanted to put the painting up, not the clintons but it was at a museum. it is in storage. he was trying to investigate whether it was in storage because he had played this spectral trick or he had an illusion to the blue dress. there is a history of that kind of thing in arts, but i think when you get a commission to paint a president, that president definitely does not want an allusion to his white house sex scandal in there.
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mr. lamb: i saw that painting at the portrait gallery, and the first thing i thought, i had no idea there was a blue dress image on there, according to the artist, it is the shoes. as the president of the united states gets his shoes shined, those of the ugliest shoes in the world. ms. dowd: i know, it was very strange that he did that. it was up for a while and then they took it down. he suspected the clintons asked him to take it down but he never approved it, you know? you know, i think it would have a right thing to do, such an odd thing to do in an official portrait. mr. lamb: in your opinion, what are the chances he will become the first spouse january 20? ms. dowd: i would say at the rate we going, 100%. that is when you go to hollywood, the story line all of the clinton donors are really excited about. there was an old frederick mcmurray movie called "kisses
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for my president" where she was the first woman president and he was the first lad, but hollywood has not seen anything like that. when they got sarah palin, they got so excited because it opened up their imagination to have a beautiful, sexy young woman in the role of dick cheney, something that usually been old gray-haired men. that is where you get things things and and other it never occurred to them, wow, we could have a babe in this role. at the same time, they love the role of bill clinton. he says he wants to be called first laddy. chelsea said because of his irish roots, but that is more scottish. the funny thing, hillary might let him do the economy and let chelsea do the postings -- hostessing and hillary would keep picking up the china. she really should not do that.
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she should let bill do the traditional things first ladies have to do because it would be a great way to show how antiquated the job is because hillary hated it and michelle has done it beautifully, but it is kind of a white satin jail for a woman like hillary and michelle that have the same educational credentials as their husbands. i think if you saw bill clinton doing it, you would realize maybe we need to modernize the job. mr. lamb: you have a column in your book from march 6, 2016 and it starts out, "here is why the trump campaign is wicked fun." do you remember what you said? ms. dowd: yes, that lasted for five minutes. well, the second part was "just wicked." the wicked fun was seeing the political applecart of leeches, the political consultants that make millions of dollars giving
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candidates bad advice and to spend, jeb spent $170 million in -- in negative ads and donald trump was doing his own instagram as. it was just fun to see that kind kind of leech society turned over to have a more direct connection between the candidate and the voters. that did not last long because then, you know, the bigotry and racism and misogyny, which kind of took over the fun populous part. mr. lamb: 21 years of writing your column? ms. dowd: wow. i don't like to think about that. it is been since 1995. mr. lamb: so, 21 years. am i counting right? you only do one week now. ms. dowd: i do one a week and i
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worked half-time time at our sunday magazine projects over steam. -- jake silverstein. mr. lamb: how do you know the column has hit a nerve? ms. dowd: well, you know, we have comments, which i never read but you can see them. i can see the number of comments, and you know, we, you can tell on twitter and where it has been picked up if it is mentioned on cable news and stuff. mr. lamb: is there someone that calls you on the sunday morning and says, you got them this time? ms. dowd: you know, i have friends that do that. they will read it. it comes out saturday afternoon, basically, so i have friends that read it saturday afternoon and you can tell if you hear from them or you do not what they thought. mr. lamb: what is the best thing they can say to you? ms. dowd: just that they enjoyed
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it, that they thought i did a good job. mr. lamb: this is one from february of 2015. i will pay for this column, you write, the rottweilers will be unleashed. once the clintons had a war room and now they have a slime room. once they had the sly james carville fondly known a serpent head and now they have a slippery david brock accurately known as a snake. we have video we are going to show eventually of david brock before and after. ms. dowd: right. mr. lamb: why did you call him a snake? ms. dowd: this is something that concerns me about the coming clinton administration because she does have this idealistic public service side, but then she also over the decades has developed a kind of, a different side where she often makes decisions from a darker place,
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of fear and insecurity. her secretiveness and defensiveness trips up the public service side. to that end she has surrounded herself with a lot of henchmen who will slime people who are even saying accurate things about the clintons. i think that speaks to this paranoid side that she has. they are going to come with her in one way or another, either outside the white house or inside the white house, and you know, it just worries me because i wish she could have the confidence to throw off that kind of person. and i interviewed bernie sanders and he was really concerned about that because david brock has been attacking him on his age in these sleazy ways in the primary, and he does not understand why she needs to have this sort of person around her, but in my experience, people
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tend to get more paranoid in the white house at the very moment that the whole country affirms them, and they should feel confident. often there gremlins, out. that is not only with presidents but with any chief executive in office. oftentimes, that is when their insecurities come out which seems counterintuitive but it is pretty common. mr. lamb: this is video from 1993 and 2015 of david brock. you can see him when he worked for the american spectator in the clinton project. it was funded by richard on skate. you can see him now as he raises money for hillary clinton and runs the other side. he has switched complete sites. [video clip] >> larry patterson quotes that it is common knowledge of the governor's residence that mrs. clinton and vince foster were
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intimately involved when governor clinton would leave town. shortly thereafter vince foster , would regularly show up at the mansion and stay through the hours of the night with mrs. clinton. they were often driven out to a retreat that the rose law firm kept a cabin outside of little rock where they spent extensive time together. much to my own surprise and certainly to my professional detriment, i wrote about a woman with a steadfast commitment to public service, a lifelong passion for children and family and a deep well of personal integrity. mr. lamb: how does this happen? ms. dowd: i do not know. it was his work on the state troopers in arkansas that lead to impeachment, right? with paula jones and everything? the irony to me is he was the main kind of attack dog smearing anita hill and bill
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clinton called him because he liked his book "blinded by the light." and they sort of brought him in. the clintons turned him around and he now runs one of the media kind of conglomerate that defends her and goes after people that even write accurate things about her. the irony is he was smearing , anita hill and now he is part of the clinton team and the clinton team, sidney blumenthal and charlie wrangle were kind of smearing monica as a little naughty and a little slutty. that is a very interesting kind of arc right there. mr. lamb: you have to explain this. this is a picture of you. you can tell us where this came from.
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ms. dowd: yes, with cindy -- sydney blumenthal. we just happened to be standing in line. he was standing in line in front of it. we took this together. it was funny because bill has an allergy, a lot of allergies and he has an allergy with trees so they always photoshop the christmas tree and afterwards. bill and i both have on ties. mr. lamb: the time was that? ms. dowd: that was probably the beginning of the clinton administration. i am in my annie hall look. i feel sorry for presidents for the media christmas party because they have to stand there and pose with all of the reporters that they are probably seething about. i do not think it is a very pleasant evening for them. mr. lamb: it is a constant theme in the last two years about sidney blumenthal. how does he fit in the story? ms. dowd: donald trump keeps trying to bring him up in the
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debate and rallies and no one knows who he is. unless, i mean, people in washington do but none of these people at the trump rallies. it is so funny to see donald trump trying to make that state. -- make that stick. it is a rare case where trump is right that sidney blumenthal was one of the ones who, you know, was smearing people and, what is the issue he came up and most recently? mr. lamb: i know exactly what you are talking about. ms. dowd: the birther thing where hillary -- you know, he was trying to say hillary actually started the birther thing and it turns out that sidney blumenthal went to a reporter and suggested he sent a
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reporter to kenya to check out and see if obama was really born in kenya. you know, as always with donald trump there can be a kernel of truth in what he is saying. that does not excuse his absurd and offensive birther campaign, but there were hillary people calling reporters and trying to suggest the same thing. mr. lamb: here is more video, this time you write about dick morris who worked for bill clinton and now works for the other side, the right side of things. here he is in a kind of goes back to what you said in the first place about watching this town and what it is all about. here is 1998 and 2016. this is the same man. [video clip] >> the democrats do not want the abortion debate to be resolved. they do not want to gun control
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to be passed. they do not want the environmental problems to be solved because they are too good for getting votes. essentially what he decided to , do was take each of the problems we faced as a society and in a very workmanlike way, and almost nonpartisan way, bring them to a solution and a salt them. i think he succeeded overwhelmingly. now, corruption and money making is the be-all and end all. they have gone from a romance in the 1970's and to a partnership 1980's in the to a racketeering 1990's organization today where bill's job is to pass the bag and hillary's job is to access favors to those who put money inside. ms. dowd: wow. toe sucking by a call girl seems so quaint anymore.
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at the time, that was a crazy sex scandal when morris was caught doing that. of we have all kinds eties in thend crud race. mr. lamb: how about what we are seeing with anything to do with the american people's attitude toward this town. ms. dowd: i think these are extreme cases, but that is what is disturbing about the clintons because they will hire anyone that can help them win. i was at the convention where the story broke about the toe sucking and he had to resign. i think hillary helped bring him back in. you know, he was very, i think that was part of their kind of dlc conservative streak they brought to democratic politics. mr. lamb: the toe sucking story at the jefferson hotel in
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washington -- ms. dowd: talking on the phone to clinton and congressman and stuff. mr. lamb: where are you on the cynic, skeptic scale? ms. dowd: i think a lot of people think journalists are cynics but we are idealists. i am definitely not cynical, maybe you get a little jaded if yoseenghhis athi --isluonoubui in bacay e reas pplwa toe urli ibeusth aridlis. . mbth ifoma30, 15 rent ierew ser zehoywd ays,osy bkgunbeusofea outhfad inn d't --incte re. i veortoea hodo tt rkheyoar wrin w ty obagrndr
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d eyernosu, t ey e kindf ndff tth ll cst, erwi t innshe ialysom sne ppg t aanou dinokn authamabe althg eyavhienr y a lgehi ty ve dd, t att me tuli o ipptu mont . mbgog cko e lu, eyreotveth onbo bacoba u otin015 anor en el rn. w le a raleaze trleth tneoutoe dippntg viwi meoc b oic msdo: thk t cze of00 bacoba d miel, u kw,oloba as, i remember michelle saying, this is not about politics, this is about our souls, more than
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politics, it was something cleaner, finer, fresher and people thought they were turning. and in hollywood that was ground , zero, people but train the clinton machine. i think that people in hollywood who changed sides and went with obama against the clinton machine did not think eight years later obama would put out , the red carpet for the clinton machine. because now all of these people are going to be pariahs, anyone who left the clintons before for obama. mr. lamb: why does president obama working so hard for mrs. clinton? ms. dowd: well, the first african-american president does not want his legacy erased by the most overtly racist candidate in modern times, certainly.
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michelle, too, and she is an amazing campaigner. i think that is about his legacy more than about the clintons, although hillary is his , hand-picked choice. he pushed biden aside for her. mr. lamb: you wrote in february, 2016, lyndon johnson said the two things that make politicians more stupid than anything else are sex and envy. with hillary there are three things -- sex, money and the need for secrecy. ms. dowd: yes, it is so weird that this campaign is like the revenge of the 1990's. both candidates are kind of good candidates in a weird way and all of these figures in the 1990's like newt gingrich and rudy giuliani are back. i don't -- i recently reread all of the biographies of hillary in
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my own, starting out covering her in 1992, very supportively. i was surprised when i went back and read it when she was running on health care. i was very supportive even as a news reporter. but somewhere along the way, maybe when she got to arkansas and the marriage was rocky and she thought she might have to support the family, maybe it is one of these things where you think, i am doing public service, but i think i should get what i would've gotten if i had gone into the private sector. but somewhere along the way she did get this fixation on money, which it is weird because they made so many hundreds of millions. even if they spent a bunch every day, they could never spend it, so why on earth, and if she is going to be president and he is going to be the first first lad, they will get $20 million each
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to do memoirs. so why would you go goldman sachs and make the $75,000 speeches? their 10 cap should be in the smithsonian. mr. lamb: in that same speech, and you said this in your column writing about the portrait, you also bring up the fact that michael schmidt at the times was the one that started the e-mail story. the reason i bring it up and i ask you about it, if you listen to right wing talk show host, they are constantly exposing the new york times of being in hillary's camp. why? ms. dowd: he is a brilliant reporter. he is like a throwback to a 1930's reporter where he is a real investigative reporter, and he broke a lot of the steroid stories in baseball coming to
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washington and broke this story. the clinton people can say all they want, but it is a tempest in a teapot. what she did was really, really reckless in so many ways, and that is what worries me, the paranoia that caused her to make that kind of reckless decision. it is sort of unfathomable. one thing i do not like about the clintons, when they get into trouble and donald trump does this, when they get in trouble, they try to blame someone else. when bill got in trouble with monica, the white house aides would call and say, thomas jefferson had a mistress, dead presidents they are dragging in, right? and jfk had a mistress. like, fine, why do not just confess what you did? bill clinton would never admit it. he would drag everyone in to say, he was telling the truth
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and his wife would try to savage the girlfriends. and then years later, he would kind of admit it. so it is just a very unhealthy -- and then on the e-mails hillary said, colin powell did it. but the state of the internet had changed profoundly and new been put in place, so do not drag poor colin powell into it. it is not comparable. mr. lamb: which one of these candidacies, prime candidates, mr. trump, mrs. clinton would be the best for columnist maureen dowd? ms. dowd: well, obviously, you are right that journalists have a citizen side and not a journalist side with conflict. and our chief washington correspondent says, bad for the country, good for carl.
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that is a kind of weird thing to explain to people outside of the business. obviously, donald trump would be better for journalism because it would be better -- utter journalism because it would be -- freaking chaos around the world. as a citizen, you have a contrary opinion. mr. lamb: i notice when you write, you drop in many references to shakespeare. you drop in french all of the time, and as someone who does not speak french -- ms. dowd: i do not speak it either. mr. lamb: this is not just french. these are maureen dowd's words you use in your columns. do you realize how many of us have no idea what you are talking about when you drop these in? ms. dowd: that does not bother me at all because i think words are so much fun, and i do not do
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
drk setng th jt d't ale. lbki d aonrf ri ocomninhe asngnos" t me gislatn pcere chgebeusofha vidi iwahetbakg. . mbsohibo is yo thd? thsendneyoacal wre e ok msdowd: [uger acal wte . mba t tsere lus. . wdi d ve lg d mat i rrer yrsitthbush fil i veheetrshagege shenr otme 'a azki o aos ke sewllla ced keheri wki-css gi rorr d e sp esenwhisrin
6:55 am
scoln eeicin liuse d w rdt s fouso ce eh hean hoinhendweidndve delod fone f eh otr. . mbstl cta? msdo: ah i ntown anhaluh th hia up of yes o. eris ptu oth i thbook. r's e nnthg. th ibereond umwa ruinan t fde wh shenr s atebou bemerede a mbeak thlecyetr an lt . isk him -doldru wadelynvveinhe bihestf t te. ano shenr ide ve bill clinton and barbara calls him the brother from another mother. and he said he loved barack obama, who keeps in good touch with him. and i said, what do you think of donald trump?
6:56 am
and george bush senior just had an epithet with him. he was so disgusted with him , so i can't even imagine how painful it was for him to see trumpestroy jeb in what craftily likes to call a one day kill because of the low energy moniker. so bush senior apparently would throw his shoe at the tv set whenever trump came on. mr. lamb: if folks want to know more about this story, they must get your book. the name of the book is "the year voting dangerously: the derangement of "american politics." pulitzer prize winning columnist maureen dowd. thank you. ♪
6:57 am
>> for free transcripts, visit us at the programs are also available as c-span podcasts. >> if you enjoyed this week's interview with maureen dowd, here are some other programs you might like. "new york times" political amy chozick on her journalism career, which includes covering the hillary clinton campaign. robert costa on the similarities between donald trump and ross perot. and weekly standard editor andrew ferguson on potential republican presidential candidates in 2016. watch these anytime or search our entire video library at your calls and comments on
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"washington journal." at 12:30, ambassadors on the impact of brexit. 2:00 in, the colombian ambassador to the u.s. talks about the prospects for a peace accord between the government and revolutionary forces in the country. tonight on "the committee "communicators" -- >> traffic and become much safer and efficient. >> director the university of michigan mobility transformation center and the senior program manager at the ann arbor connected vehicle test environment about connected cars that can communicate with the road, traffic signs, and other cars, and how this technology can keep us safe. >> post systems, they see the vehicle in front of you, but that is the only information
6:59 am
they know. because this is transmitting over the year and it transmits minimum of 300 meters, i can or five vehicles ahead, so i will get a nice warning that i need to look out and potentially brake. >> not committed getting with a tower. we directly talk to everybody. for example, about 1000 feet radius. everybody will hear us immediately. no delay. delay is fatal. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. this morning, republican pollster and strategist discusses a new george washington university battleground poll. demographics and attitudes. hart on the impact of the millennial vote in
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