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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 18, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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have welcomed the italian prime
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minister to the white house.
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they will hold a bilateral meeting with vice president biden by a news conference pretty we will have that live. the italian prime minister will return to the white house for a state dinner in their honor. join us today at 6:30 p.m. for
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the state dinner. dinner guests will arrive through the east wing. the grand staircase official photo and the dinner toast offered by president obama. we will talk about food, the court, entertainment, and protocol for the state visit. we will also revisit previous state dinners. we will talk to the italian ambassador to the united states. review state dinner fashion over the years. the white house state dinner airs live today at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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>> watch live coverage of the third debate between hillary clinton and donald trump wednesday night. it starts at 7:30 p.m. eastern. it debate is at 8:30 p.m. eastern. the debate is at 9:00 eastern. stay with us following the debate for viewer reactions. watch the debate live or on-demand using your phone or tablet at you can listen on your phone with our free radio app. >> donald trump was campaigning in wisconsin. here is his rally in green bay from last night. this is about 50 minutes.
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and gentlemen, let's make america great again. please welcome the next president of the united states, mr. donald j trump.
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mr. trump: thank you very much, everyone. wow. beautiful. what a crowd. we want to start by thanking the fire marshal. do you agree with that? fire marshall, thank you. this room is packed. in 22 days we are going to win the state of wisconsin. we're going to win back the white house. starting the look that way. you saw the polls. we are up in ohio. early voting is underway, so make sure you send in those absentee ballots, right? send them in. together, we are going to deliver real change that puts america first. america first. we are going to renegotiate our
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terrible trade deals and illegal immigration, stop the massive inflow of refugees, reduce surging crime, cut tax and regulation, end common core, create millions of jobs -- get him out. get him out. all right, 'em out. all right. you can take him out. there is always one in a group, isn't there? but you always have to be very nice because the media will say you weren't nice. we weren't kind. we weren't kind. ok. go ahead.
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get him out. thank you. you get him out? [crowd noise] mr. trump: there is always one. always one. thank you, police. thank you very much. is there any more fun place to be than a trump rally? seriously. and there is no safer place and no more energetic place. we have a lot of energy. you know what i mean by energy. we fought some people that did not have a lot of energy, and you know what happened to them. a lot of energy. ok? let's get going. get him out as fast as you can.
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we are going to create millions of jobs by unleashing american energy and repealing and replacing job killing obamacare. your jobs will come back under a trump administration, come back like you have never seen before. your incomes will go up under a trump administration. your taxes will go way down under a trump administration. and you know that crooked hillary wants to raise your taxes big league, just so you understand. your companies will not be leaving wisconsin under a trump administration. believe me. there will be consequences for those companies. we are also going to end government corruption.
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hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency of the united states. mr. trump: newly released fbi documents -- always the same. everybody understands exactly what went on. newly released fbi documents, made public just today reveal just how deep this corruption goes. you saw it. the undersecretary of state, patrick kennedy, illegally pressured the fbi to unclassified -- unclassify e-mails from hillary's illegal server. that's a lot of you a gala he and that one statement, isn't it?
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in other words, the state department was trying to cover up hillary's crimes of sending classified information on a server our enemies could easily access, which is what we are talking about. this is a criminal act, a conspiracy that included hillary's deleting and bleaching of 33,000 e-mails, the disappearance of 13 phones --
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mr. trump: all right, get him out. take him out. i will say, you are a voice, barely, and then our people take on theirs and you've got 2000 people pointing a finger. and by the way, that's only a small percentage of this group. this is amazing. this is amazing for it. but you know what, keep doing it. it is more fun that way, right? frankly if you didn't do that you would not even hear this guy. that's ok. thank you. thank you very much. so, you have the disappearance of 13 iphones, many of them whacked with a hammer.
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who here has gotten rid of your phone and hit it with a hammer. -- it with a hammer? how many? anybody? oh, i want to find out the business that guy is an. but she whacked a lot of them with her hammer. just whacked to them. two boxes -- i don't know if you even know this -- two boxes of e-mail evidence has gone missing, and the destruction of laptops in a secret deal with the fbi. remember also that crooked hillary lied under oath to congress, saying that she had never sent or received information that was classified on her insecure server.
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and she pretended not to know that the letter c meant confidential information that was classified, right? hillary told the fbi she could not remember 35 times, bad memory. then under oath she said she could not remember approximately 21 times. can anyone believe this stuff? seriously. i will tell you -- look, i will tell you. this is one of the great miscarriages of justice in the history of this country. what has happened to the department of justice, what has happened to the fbi is so sad. you have so many incredible
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people in justice and an fbi, -- and in fbi, and they must be absolutely reeling. they probably do not believe themselves what is going on. we are witnessing a criminal enterprise that has turned our government into a vehicle for the clintons personal profit at your expense. but it gets worse. it gets worse. the fbi document that shows undersecretary of state patrick kennedy made the request for altering classification as part of a quid pro quo. in other words, a deal. this is felony corruption by any standard. undersecretary kennedy needs to resign.
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i wonder if mommy and daddy are going to be angry at her tonight. all right. that's ok. hey, i have to tell you. we haven't had any of this practically. the bernie supporters had much more energy. they really did. they had a lot more energy. so, clinton and her cronies have sacrificed your security, your family's safety and your country's safety as though it
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meant nothing to her at all, which it didn't. this magnitudes worse, in my opinion and the opinion of many people and law enforcement, this is worse than watergate, what is going on. and what does she get out of it? she gets to run for the presidency of the united states. explain that. but we are going to put an end to that on november 8. yeah, we are going to win. those polls were great today, but you know, they are also showing an undercurrent. you remember when i was in the primaries? how is he doing on such and such? well, it looks like he won't win that state. in the next day, you win a landslide. they say, what happened? this is, i guess, people do not want to say they are voting for
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trump? which is ok. we will take it anyway we get it. do you agree? we will take it anyway we get it. but there is a big, big undercurrent out there. another series of e-mails shows top officials in the clinton campaign scheming to take massive sums of money from foreign lobbyists. one of the e-mails said "take the money." and you know they had -- just take the money. this is money bundled by people registered as lobbyists on behalf of foreign governments. remember -- we are competing in a rigged election. this is a rigged election, folks, ok? i said it -- remember, i won louisiana? how many delegates did i get? i said, what is going on. i won the state.
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i went there friday with these massive crowds, great state. i won the state. so, i'm going over there and they are saying, how many? they're saying, wait a minute, this guy has 18, i have nine. he said, that is the way the system works. then it is a rigged system. but you have to say -- we figured it out, right? we figured it out. but it is, and bernie sanders with his superdelegates, everything else, bernie sanders, i bet he wished he didn't endorse her. he would have been something very special in history, but we are not going to let that happen to us, ok? not to the movement. the media is trying to rig the election by giving credence and this is so true -- by giving credence to fall stories that have no validity -- they take a story with absolutely nothing that didn't exist and they put it front-page news because they want to poison the minds of the voters.
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they really do. the one to poison the minds. they take things as statements and put it in, from 30 years ago, 20 years ago. by the way, just so you understand, events that never happened. you do understand that? it's amazing. it's amazing. i think most people do believe me. that is why we are having -- and it's in our favor -- a backlash like nobody has ever seen before. people are tired of it. front-page news, the phone call. it is all false stuff. there is a backlash.
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a very, very prominent person from wisconsin just left the back room. i said hello to him. he said, mr. trump, i want to thank you. you are taking abuse the likes no one who has ever run for public office has taken. i really appreciate it. and most important you have your former miss wisconsin, right? who got out of the hospital to be with us. this is one of the greatest people you will ever -- who got out of the hospital. stay out of that hospital, will you? an amazing, amazing person, an amazing woman, thank you, thank you darling -- thank you, darling, for being here. and we have our generals, and we
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have our share -- we have our share of. -- we have our sheriff. nobody is going to mess with us. nobody going to mess with our sheriffs. and he was there early when he endorsed trump. he was there very early. thank you, sheriff. i appreciate it. and his family, more importantly. more importantly. thank you for being here. appreciate it. the media is an extension of the clinton campaign, as wikileaks has proven. they don't talk about wikileaks. they just keep talking about trump, trump, trump. they want to put nice, sexy headlines up even though nothing happened, nothing took place, it's a total fabrication. they have got to start talking about wikileaks, the things that are going on. hillary even got the question unanswered --
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mr. trump: we need some truth. we need truth. you know, to make america great again, we do need some truth from these people. because they poison the minds of voters. not everybody understands what is happening and by the time they figure it out, it is too late. they are poisoning the minds of voters. remember this. all right, get him out. that's ok. you notice, it is always one at a time. one at a time.
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by the way, where is diane hendrix. where is she? she's so amazing. one of your great, great successful people. she is an amazing woman. diane, i know you are here someplace. wherever you are. amazing woman. hillary even got the questions and answers in advance of a major debate. how do you do that? and nobody made a big deal. nobody even knows about it. she got the questions in advance to essentially a debate. can you imagine if donald trump got the questions in advance? do you know what they would do? they would reinvent the electric chair. that's what they would do. you don't even hear about that? sheriff, did you hear about this? she got -- and by the way, behind you is one of your great
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football players, folks. look at this guy. and he is a man of god, i will tell you. thank you, one of the greats. those championships. i don't know about green bay. what do you think. are they going to be ok? he says yes. a new report from the center of public integrity shows that 96% of so-called journalists or reporters who made presidential donations this circle gave the money, gave themselves, gave everything to forget clinton. crooked hillary clinton. can you believe it? they even want to try to rig the election at the polling booths, and believe me, there is a lot going on. you ever hear these people, they say there is nothing going on. people died 10 years ago are still voting.
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illegal immigrants are voting. where are the streetsmarts of some of these politicians? they don't have any is right. so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is very, very common. the following information comes straight from pew research. "approximately 24 million people" one of every eight voter registrations in the united states are no longer valid or significantly inaccurate. one in eight. more than 1.8 million deceased individuals right now are listed as voters. oh, that's wonderful. well, if they are going to vote for me, we will think about it? all right. but i have a feeling that not going to vote for me. of the 1.8 million, they are voting for someone else. approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.
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do we love our police? do we love our police? law enforcement. law enforcement. thank you. thank you. you can see they are getting angrier and angrier with everyone. because they are such a disturbance to you people. and then there is the issue of illegal immigrant voting. the following comes from a 2014 report from "the washington post." or than 14% of noncitizens in 2008 and 2000 samples indicated they were registered to vote. isn't that wonderful?
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because noncitizens tend to favor democrats -- to put it mildly. obama won more than 80% of the vote of noncitizens in the 2008 sampled. you don't read about this, right? your politicians don't tell you about this when they tell you how legitimate all of these elections are. they don't want to tell you about this. we find this participation was large enough to plausibly account for democratic victories in various close elections, ok? all right? noncitizens votes could have given senate democrats the pivotal vote needed to overcome filibusters to overcome other obama administration priorities. now it continues. it's possible that noncitizen votes were responsible for obama's 2008 victory in north carolina. obama won the state. a turnout by 5.1% of north carolina's adult citizens.
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and by the way, we are doing great in north carolina. we're going to win, folks. but we don't want noncitizen voters, if that's ok. is that all right to ask for? it could have provided his margin of victory. our system is also rigged by the donors giving hundreds of millions of dollars to hillary clinton's campaign. i will have spent over $100 million on my campaign. i'm working for you, folks. i'm working for you. believe me. and they are all telling me what a great job and what a big movement -- there is never been anything like this in this country and even the enemies back there admit it. if i don't win, it will be the greatest waste of time, energy, and money -- oh, what a waste. they all say -- it won't be a waste.
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you will be in history books. let me tell you, folks. i don't want to be -- if we win, we will do something. we will make america great again. that is what we are going to do. that is what we are going to do. the reason hillary clinton pushes for job killing nafta or transpacific partnership which you cannot let happen -- don't worry, we are building the wall. build the wall.
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who is going to pay for the wall? crowd: mexico! mr. trump: 100%. by the way -- i'm not kidding. 100%. all of these partnerships and for completely open borders, she wants open borders. she wants people to pour across our borders. we will not have a country. it is because her international donors control every single move to makes. if we let the clinton cartel run this government, history will record that 2017 was the year america lost its independence. so important.
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we will not let that happen. it is time. it is time to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. this is why i am proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest again. when bill clinton -- it was right about obamacare two weeks ago, by the way -- is that it was crazy, crazy. he came into office and signed an executive order saying if you work for the white house or federal agency you can't lobby for the government for five years after you leave, but then president clinton did what the clintons always do. he rigged the system on his way out. he lifted the executive order so clinton cronies like john podesta could start raking in cash. here is what we as a group are announcing. first, i'm going to reinstitute a five-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for five years after they leave government service.
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i am going to ask congress to pass this into law so it cannot be lifted by executive order, right? i will ban the lobbying by former members of congress and their staffs. it's enough. i am going to expand the definition of lobbyist so we close all of the loopholes that former government officials used by labeling themselves consultants, advisers, and all of these things in the get away with murder. it's not going to happen. i'm going to issue a lifetime ban against senior branch officials lobbying on the half of a foreign government.
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[cheering] mr. trump: the and fifth, i am going to ask congress to pass campaign-finance reform laws. this will go a long way to ending our government corruption. we will end economic stagnation. my plan for the economy can be summed up and three beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs.
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they are taking our jobs away. they are going to mexico. they are going all over the place. if they want to leave, there will be consequences. our politicians have worked for years to keep our companies. you want to leave? you want to build whatever you want to build. cars, so many companies. we lost 70,000 factories. 70,000 factories since the signing of nafta. i thought it was a typographical error. i thought 700, 7000. 70,000. at the center of my jobs plan will be fixing our terrible trade deals. they are horrible. 47 million americans are in poverty and 45 million americans are on food stamps. we have nearly an $800 billion annual trade deficit in goods with the rest of the world and the worst so-called recovery -- by far -- since the great depression. did you see the jobs numbers the other day? horrible. you saw gdp is going to be -- in my opinion -- less than 1%. you know, if china goes to 7%, a -- 7%, 8%, 9%, it's a national catastrophe. if we are less than 1%, which is what it will be, it is like,
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what else? we will not put up with it. if the clintons who gave us nafta -- he signed it. remember that. bill clinton signed to the worst trade deal in the history of the world. and the clintons who gave us china's entry into the world trade organization -- here in wisconsin -- do we love wisconsin? you know why i'm here. first of all i have a lot of friends here. you know why i'm here? i'm here because everyone's calling me, everyone's calling, saying we're going to win wisconsin. a tough state. it is difficult for a republican to be in this position. we are going to win wisconsin. companies like briggs & stratton have cut manufacturing jobs and move them where? to china.
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ge closed its milwaukee location and shipped its jobs to mexico. did you know that, sheriff? that's a lot of jobs. jobs and controls shutters plants in milwaukee. and they move the jobs to mexico and china and moves the jobs all over the place except to hear. the list goes on and on. many, many companies. leaving wisconsin, leaving everywhere. they are leaving our country. we are living through the single greatest job step in the history of the world. it's true. our companies are being rated. our jobs are being let go. we are being left with unemployment and empty buildings. they end up with cash. they end up with cash, tremendous factories like you've
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never seen, magnificent plants, jobs all over the place. we end up with -- you know, we end up with two things. unemployment and drugs. they end up with the catch, we end up with the drugs, not so good. a trump administration is going to renegotiate nafta, stand up to china and get along with china. we don't get along with china now. they rip us off. and stop the jobs from leaving our country. i do a lot of business with china. china is wonderful. i wish our people ran our country like -- they are smart people. they are smart people. we don't have smart people running our country. we have people that are incompetent. we have a president -- we have a president -- all he wants to do is campaign for hillary clinton so she can double your health care costs. all he does is campaign. this guy -- every time you see him, he is campaigning for clinton, and frankly, he ought to be working on jobs, he ought to be working on the second amendment and the border and all of these things.
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he ought to be working on taking care of our veterans and our military. but here is the guy, we go into mosul, we go into mosul, and why don't we just going quietly, right? they used to call it a sneak attack? i've been reading about it for four months. no, a primary reason for going in was we wanted to get the leaders of isis, right? they are gone, folks. they're gone. they are smart people. they read the same newspapers and articles we read. they said, hey, they are going to attack mosul. let's get out of here. they are all over the place. how stupid are our people? can you imagine the great general george patton and george macarthur -- you know what they are doing, right? they are spinning in their graves, and we won't be -- we will be attacking sometime next week.
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i've been reading about this for months. and honestly, i have always heard -- i always used to wonder what they don't go -- and i met -- i meant like quietly. you remember, they used to call it the element of surprise. now our element of surprise is in four months we will be attacking mosul. i wonder what our generals think about that. not too good. not too good. as part of our plan to create at at least 25 million jobs in 10 years, we are going to lower our business tax from 35% to 15%. we are going to make our nation rich again. we are going to have great companies, we are going to have great jobs are going to come back to america. but to be a rich country, we must be a safe country. national security begins at the border.
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speaking in a secret meeting to a foreign bank, hillary clinton said her dream is for totally open trade. there goes the rest of your jobs. and open borders. there goes your country. between open trade, your jobs, open borders, your country. other than that she is doing a great job. by open trade, she means for the -- she means foreign countries can cheat us out of millions of dollars, and really, its trillions and trillions of dollars. by open borders she means totally unlimited immigration. in a secret speech to goldman sachs, she said citizens who want to control immigration are un-american. i don't think so. deplorable, right? irredeemable.
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he looks good to me. hillary thinks most of the country is either deplorable or irredeemable, un-american, racist, or basement dwellers. that is what she called bernie sanders people, basement dwellers. oh, bernie, why did you do it, bernie? you know, his people are saying, why did you do it, bernie? why did you do it? poor bernie. now he has a rally and 100 people show up. he could have left a great mark on history. now he won't. i think we will get a lot of bernie people, because one of the things that bernie knew was we were getting a bad deal on trade. right now it's a one-way highway out. hillary's plan includes open borders with the middle east meeting generations of radical terrorism within our shores. let me state this as clearly as i can. if i'm elected president, i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our
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country. he won't even use the term and neither will she. we will stop the crisis of illegal immigration. have to do it. a trump administration will secure and defend our borders. and yes, we will build the wall we just talked about and you will be -- you know, when we got the endorsement of all the border patrol agents and ice last week -- ice endorsed those. ice. i said to them, tell me about the wall.
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who knows better than these people? they said, we need the wall, mr. trump. we need the wall. we are going to stop drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth. they are poisoning our youth. poisoning our youth. before our youth get a chance to go and make it, they are being poisoned by this garbage pouring in from the southern order. -- southern border. the secretary of state hillary clinton allowed thousands of criminal aliens to be released because their home countries would not take them back. we would bring them, we would have a murderer, we would have gangs and gang members. we would bring them back to our country. they intelligently said we don't want them. take them out. and our guys said, ok. hillary clinton never forced these criminals back into their home countries.
10:45 am
guarantee you not one time as president will you see that happen. there will be no times when we don't take these people and put them into their country where the country is telling us, take them back. we don't want that murderer. that country is taking their people back. there is a reason they are here. if you remember a long time ago, i said, they are forcing some of the people in. let me tell you. we have people in this country that are bad dudes. we are getting them out. and the country is going to take them. the ice officers in their endorsement of me described hillary's proposal as "the most radical immigration proposal in united states history. here is a summary of hillary's plan. support totally for sanctuary cities. some bad people are getting security in sanctuary cities.
10:46 am
security, medicare. making them all citizens. in many cases they are being treated better than our great veterans. remember that. we are not going to allow it. obamacare for illegal immigrants. no deportation of these over states. expanding catch and release on the border and you catch them, hey, go ahead, do whatever you want. catch -- it's called catch and release. expanding president obama's executive amnesty including work permits for illegal immigrants. and she wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees. that is over obama's number. either we win this election or we lose our country. i really believe that.
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this is it. this is the last shot we have. i sort of felt it last time. i don't just feel it i know it. under a trump administration is going to be america first. and by the way, that is the most beautiful little girl -- hi, honey. look how beautiful. do you want to see me. do you want to come up? come on. the most beautiful little girl. she got all decked out. wow. so beautiful.
10:48 am
oh, come on. no more of those. no more. what's your name? where are your parents? congratulations. what a job. what a beautiful person you are. thank you, honey. boy, they did a good job. come on up here. so beautiful. do you want to say hello?
10:49 am
what is your name? and do you love wisconsin? >> yes. mr. trump: beautiful job. beautiful job, mom and dad. we just made two big stars. we made two big stars. two great people.
10:50 am
here are some of the amazing things we're going to do for our country starting in 2017. we are going to have one of the biggest job producing tax cuts in american history. it's going to be amazing. we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. we are going to defend religious liberty. we will provide school choice to every low income child in america. rebuild our depleted military and take care of our great, great, great veterans. we are going to support the men in women of law enforcement. we will again repeal and replace obamacare. here is one that is very
10:51 am
important to wisconsin. we will save our second amendment which is under siege. and we will appoint justices to the united states bring court -- united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. you have 22 days to make every dream you have ever dreamed for yourself and your family come true. on november 8, the arrogance of washington, d.c. well him face-to-face with the righteous verdict of the american voter. i am going to fight for every citizen of every background. i'm going to fight for every child living in poverty. we have so much poverty in this country which is so hard to believe. i'm going to fight for every mom who lost their child to illegal immigration and drugs and gun violence.
10:52 am
i'm going to fight for every community whose jobs and dreams have been ripped out and shipped to other countries. so many. i am going to fight for every person in this country who believes government should serve the people, not the donors and special interests. i am going to fight to bring us all together. we live in a very divided country. there is going to be spirit. we are going to get along. imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god saluting one american flag. boy, i'll tell you, wisconsin loves this country. you really do.
10:53 am
you people are amazing. in 10, 20, 30, 40 years you will look back at this rally -- for the rest of your lives, you are going to remember this day. this is a movement like nobody in this country has ever seen before. you are going to look back at this election and say this is by far the most important vote i have ever cast for anyone at any time. because once again we are going to have a government of, by and for the people.
10:54 am
you will see things start to happen. we are going to make america wealthy again. we are going to make america strong again. we are make america safe again. and we are going to make america great again. thank you. thank you. thank you very much.
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>> and donald trump a greeting the crowd from yesterday in wisconsin. if you missed any of this, you can find it online and we have in our archives on in the video library.
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you can watch his stop in colorado springs streaming live at jennifer jacobs with bloomberg politics points out that in a quinnipiac poll hillary clinton is leading 45-37 over mr. trump there, and increase for mrs. clinton. donald trump is tweeting on allegations of voter fraud. he linked to a political article saying that 41% of american voters believing the election could be stolen for mr. trump. officials are refuting fraud claims and said that large-scale fraud is not happening. at least seven republican secretaries of state say such talk undermines the confidence in the u.s. electoral system. c-span's live coverage of the third debate between hillary clinton and donald trump on wednesday night. our live debate preview from the university of nevada-las vegas
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starts at 7:30 p.m. eastern. the 90-minute debate is at 9:00 p.m. eastern. stay with us following the debate for viewer reaction including recalls, tweets, and facebook postings. watch the debate live or on-demand using your desktop,, with download the free app from the app or google play. >> every four years the presidential candidates turn from politics to humor at the al smith memorial foundation dinner to raise money for catholic charities at new york's historic walled off her story hotel. say, i've traveled the banquet circuit for many years and i never quite understood the logistics of dinners like this and how the absence of one individual could cause three of us to not have the seats. >> vice president, i'm glad to see you here tonight. you have said many times in this
11:04 am
campaign that you want to give america back to the little guy. [laughter] mr. vice president, i am that man. [laughter] >> it is an honor to share the dais with a descendent of the your al smith, and al, great-grandfather was my favorite kind of governor. [laughter] the kind who ran for president and lost. [laughter] right, a campaign can require a lot of wardrobe changes. blue jeans in the morning perhaps. suits for a lunch fundraiser. sport coat for dinner. it is nice to finally relax and wear what ann and i wear around the house. [laughter] >> watch the dinner with hillary clinton and donald trump thursday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span and and listen and 9:00 p.m. eastern with the c-span radio app.
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>> president obama and first lady michelle obama welcomed italian prime minister matteo renzi and his wife at the white house this morning for an official visit. nokller of cbsark there is a bilateral meeting going on at the white house. here is a look at this morning's arrival. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama. [cheers and applause] ♪
11:06 am
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11:09 am
ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of the republic of italy, followed by the national anthem of the united states.
11:10 am
11:11 am
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11:13 am
mr. prime minister, the honor guard.
11:14 am
11:15 am
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11:20 am
president obama: good morning.
11:21 am
>> good morning! today is obama: bittersweet for michelle and i, because this marks the final official visit and stay dinner of my presidency -- state dinner of my presidency. but -- it's ok. [laughter] president obama: we have saved the best for last. [applause] president obama: and so on behalf of michelle and myself and the american people, it is my great honor to welcome from italy, prime minister matteo renzi. [applause] palazzo and mrs.
11:22 am l our founding fathers washington and adams drew inspiration from cicero. you are spoken with great ofiration of the soldiers world war ii that liberated italy so that families like yours could live in freedom. -- today we again page lostto all those who their lives, including the heroes of the italian resistance, so we could stand here today as 2 free people. [applause] president obama: and on a personal level, today's a chance for michelle and me to reciprocate the incredible hospitality that the time people have shown us on each of our visits to italy.
11:23 am
when years ago michelle and i traveled through tuscany, back when we didn't have kids so we could have a really good time. [laughter] president obama: you remember that? and then in my first term we brought our daughters to rome to experience the timeless beauty of the eternal city. and when michelle and our daughters and my mother-in-law milan for last year's expo, all of which prompted mali and sasha to ask the question posed by millions of visitors to italy, when can we go back? food, we love the fashion, we love the wine, we love sophia loren. [laughter] president obama: and nowhere does our love for italy run deeper than among the millions
11:24 am
of very proud italian americans, including those who are here today. [applause] i am not fortunate enough to claim italian ancestry myself, although my name does and in a vowel -- end in a vowel. [laughter] president obama: but i do consider myself an honorary italian. i was raised in part by my grandmother, and as any italian will tell you, you listen to your nana. and because michelle, like any good italian home, the white house has our garden with tomatoes and garlic. let me say that in the italian-american experience, immigrants who often came here with nothing, who had to learn the language and carve out 's and overcame prejudice in this -- carve out new lives and overcame prejudice in this
11:25 am
rumination relying on the family and the strength of their faith, and have gone on to succeed in every walk of life, we see the truth we should never forget, that america was built by immigrants, america is stronger because of immigrants come america is great because of immigrants. [applause] and asnt obama: president, i'm especially grateful for my partnership with my good friend matteo. i mean, look at him. he is young, handsome, has put forth a vision of progress that is not rooted in people's fears but in their hopes. as nations and individuals, we have the power to achieve great change. in italy he is challenging the status quo with bold reforms. he likes to tweet a lot. we also have in common the rry remarkable women, leaders in their own right, who have dedicated their
11:26 am
efforts to giving children every opportunity to succeed, including a good education to our sons and our daughters. so i am told that there is an italian saying -- forgive my accent. [speaking italian] so, roughly translated, it means that clear conditions lead to long friendships. when it comes to italy and the united states, the underlying conditions could not be more clear. we are united not only by our interest but our values, our love of dignity -- liberty and the dignity of every human being. which is why i say without hesitation that italy is one of our closest allies and strong as friends. in italy and prime minister renzi, the united states is a partner with whom we share a common vision. inclusive, growing economies
11:27 am
that create opportunity and reduce injustice and inequality. a europe that is whole and free and at peace. a strong nato alliance committed to our collective defense and united in the face of aggression and terrorists. empathy for the migrants and compassion for the refugees. partners in clean energy come as a generation takes the boldest steps ever to save our planet from climate change. partners in development, because when italians and americans work together, we can help save the world's most vulnerable people from the ravages of hunger and disease. as our italian friends know, of faithgan his life and service in the scouts. ever since, he has been guided by the words of the scouts' founder -- leave this world a little better than you found it. agnese, the italian
11:28 am
people, we are proud to call you allies and friends. when we stand together we can leave the world a little better than we found it. to all of you, welcome to the united states. [speaking italian] all right. [applause] pm renzi: mr. president, mrs. -- a, my american friends an]eaking oitali thank you for such a warm welcome here. president obama wonderfully organized everything under the sun. incredible organization. [applause] agnese and i are
11:29 am
delighted to be here. it is any credible honor, and incredible gift. this opportunity and this solemn occasion to celebrate the relation between our 2 nations. , we are ready every moment to host you and your family, every city -- also florence. we are so excited for this occasion and this opportunity. the enduring friendship and the bond between our countries has never been so strong, so deep, and so wide. italy and the united states work together globally fighting terrorism, providing security, creating economic opportunity. but i think, mr. president, if you think about our history, we can't imagine five centuries ago what a young italian called amerigo vespucci gave his name
11:30 am
to america. america. and so many ago somebody young americans sacrificed their lives to give freedom back to italy. thank you, again, to these people. [applause] we'd together, are facing the challenge of giving name to a new era together. a new era and season four of opportunities and uncertainty. my personal opinion is the name .f the future has to be future the name of the future has to be education, not intolerance. sustainability, not distraction. bridges, not walls. will be of the future
11:31 am
growth. in a time of fear we have to answer with audacity of hope, not only in the united states. [applause] president, mr. italians love history. we used to say [speaking we think history will be kind with you, mr. president. [applause] p.m. renzi: under your leadership, a country by crisis can start growing again. day after day you have maintained and improved lives, environments, and created opportunities for poor people. i think there are a lot of people who think that politics is only about screaming, fighting each other, creating
11:32 am
division. you are different, mr. president. we are different. [applause] p.m. renzi: we think politics is making a difference and this is the reason, because we love time,y, but at the same we need the future. of italy there are a lot of incredible personalities, michelangelo, galileo, the most incredible genius of the bunch, but they are not our stakeholders. our stakeholders in this time are our children's, the future of a new generation and for this is ready tonk italy build with the united states of america a great season of new opportunities, a future based on strengths, civil rights, education, self power, the real
11:33 am
united bond between the states and italy. mr. president, we have a great expression, ie an am not able to translate in english. [speaking italian] it means our mission is not full of brutality, full of values and knowledge. this is the choice for us today, this is the mission for the new generation of politicians. i think we will never be tired of being a true friend, a solid partner of the united states of america in this spirit, thank you so much for your leadership, mr. president and thank you so much for your friendship.
11:34 am
we are so honored to be here identity. our [applause] [military commands] >> mr. president, this concludes the ceremony. ♪
11:35 am
♪ [applause] ♪
11:36 am
♪ >> president obama and the prime minister of italy, matteo renzi has been in a sitdown meeting one-on-one before the news conference and c-span will have that live 11:40 a.m. a few minutes away. tonight, the state dinner will be live on c-span at ex: 30 and inside the white house for the official grand staircase photo, dinner toast, and all of that live on c-span.
11:37 am
also president obama will get ready to host the white house state dinner for the italian prime minister and more than likely the last state dinner of the obama presidency. the fashion critic discuss the first lady's fashion statements over the past eight years. >> describe michelle obama's style. >> her state dinner style? >> apply that to the state dinners in general. >> i think when mrs. obama dresses for the grant state occasions the thing that distinguishes her sensibility from that of first ladies before her is that i feel like it is much more rooted in a very contemporary, hollywood idea of what is glamorous and by that i mean she is not wearing anything particularly revealing or high slips, but there is a certain really modern edge that
11:38 am
cap's into what we are used to seeing coming down the red carpet. it is less regal and more glamorous. pasts it changed over the eight years -- her approach to the state dinners? >> i think her look has gotten to be in some ways a little more relaxed, if that makes sense. within that framework of glamour when i think back to the very first state dinner which was for gorgeouse dress was and her hair was up and she had bracelets and she looked wonderful, but then i think of some of the later winners win she wore a dress by caroline herrera and even though it was still quite a grand dress, there was an in for malady to it. it felt more like glamorous sportswear as opposed to a full sort of head to toe look.
11:39 am
>> what do you think the impact has been on her choices for these state dinners on the role of first lady, but also on -- some have called them diplomatic art -- on diplomacy? >> i think the first thing is that we all want to be proud of the people in the white house and in that way we want to be proud of their hospitality and we want them to put their best foot forward. , i think she has presented herself in a way that i think moke's -- makes most people feel like, we can stand up on the world stage alongside folks from france and italy where the notion of fashion is really something that is embedded into their culture. the other part of it is that these are really momentous moments that the photographs are going to go into history books
11:40 am
and for any design house that is a norm us, not -- it not only puts them into the public vernacular in a way that red carpets don't, but it also puts them in the history books. it lends a certain gravity to what they do. it lends a certain gravity to the idea that the american -- the fashion industry is just as important to other industry as the food, the auto industry, all of the other things that go into creating that state dinner. >> how do she go about choosing her dress and choosing the designer? >> when we paint each other's fingernails and branch each other's hair she tells me -- i am just getting, my sense is that the first thing is that she wears what she loves and she wears what she feels comfortable in. that said, i think there is some
11:41 am
attention paid to the country being honored, a desire to acknowledge that either directly by working with the designer who, perhaps, has that sort of ethnicity in their background and sometimes it's just a matter of paying to be two or reticular color or flour or something that is important to that country. >> last fall, you wrote when you were covering the stated dinner for the chinese premier that she chose a there a way dress and you said by choosing that it was not an apology or mia coppola, but a diplomatic clarification. can you explain? >> now i am trying to remember what the dress looked like. ra a black, mermaid style ve wang dress. >> the first chinese state dinner was a beautiful red dress
11:42 am
and it was designed by sarah burton from alexander mcqueen, which is a british fashion house wang is a very well-known chinese-american designer and the first go around mrs. obama had gotten criticism from particularly the american fashion industry, particularly oscar de la renta who felt this was one of the occasions when she had the opportunity to elevate american design and to wear a dress by an american designer and he felt -- many in the fashion industry felt that she had missed an opportunity. they feltn many ways hurt that she looked outside of 7th avenue for a dress for the occasion. so this is a bit of a do over and i think there was a little bit of a -- and acknowledgment that perhaps the first time was a misstep.
11:43 am
>> do you have a favorite dress from the past eight years state dinners? >> i thought that caroline herrera dress was particularly elegant and in many ways it was i amr traditional, but also really fond of the last one she wore by brandon maxwell and in part, that is simply because it was such a surprise. i think one of the things she does quite well and one of the reasons why people are eager to see what she is going to wear is because she doesn't just go with design houses that have been around for decades. she doesn't go with the tried and true, the that it -- vetted designers. rand and hasn't really been in business for more than a year. who she wore twice for her inaugural gown had not been in business very long when she reached out to him. i think that is really nice to
11:44 am
see because she really is supporting small businesses in the true sense of the word. >> robin govan, thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> live now to the white house rose garden where reporters are gathered for a news conference with president obama and the prime minister of italy. president obama: i want to welcome prime minister renzi. as resolve this morning, his english is much better than my italian. michelle and i are looking forward to hosting matteo and agnese at tonight's state dinner come as i believe our italian friends say -- italian] [laughter] president obama: which means, first duty than pleasure.
11:45 am
tonight's duty will be a pleasure and today we are focused on our duties come our work to in -- improve the security and prosperity of our peoples. i want to begin by expressing our deep gratitude as americans for the extraordinary alliance with italy. the united states is lucky to have many strong allies around the world, few are as strong and as reliable and capable as italy . in good times and in bad, we can count on each other and i want to thank the government and people of italy for the hospitality and generosity they show to the many american military personnel and families stationed in italy far away from the home. please also know our thoughts continue to be with the people rice and i know you are still working closely with local governments to recover and rebuild from the devastating earthquake that took place this
11:46 am
summer. our work together over the past two years, i have come to count as onee minister renzi of my closest partners on the world stage. by virtue of this progressive vision, his energy, the reforms that he is pursuing which are bold vision that he has for italy and the world, i think matteo embodies a new generation of italy not -- leadership not just for italy, but for europe and it is critically important because as i have said repeatedly, a strong and united and confident and prosperous europe anchored in liberal traditions and democracy and rights, that is a necessity for the united states and for the world. it is a strategic interest of hours that we have a successful, united europe and today we focus on a number of key challenges
11:47 am
facing europe, our transatlantic alliance and the globe. on the economic front, we agree that our focus has to remain on growth, creating jobs and prosperity for our people. matteo has been pursuing structural reforms in italy that are not easy and often resisted by existing institutions and inertia, but the italian economy has shown signs of growth and it still has a long way to go to put italy on the path of long-term and sustainable growth and the upcoming referendum to modernize italy's political institutions is something the united states supports because we believe it will help acelerate italy's path toward more vibrant, dynamic economy as well as a more responsive political system.
11:48 am
matteo shared his thoughts on in the wake of briggs it, how the european union can move forward and focus on delivering austerity and security that your -- europeans deserve and we both agreed that without an emphasis on demand and growth and investment and infrastructure and projects that can put people back to work, particularly young people, that much of the economic fragility in europe will continue. by the way, that has impact around the world including on the american economy as well. we both reaffirmed our strong support for negotiations around the transatlantic trade and investment partnerships which can support jobs and exports and innovation and growth on both sides of the atlantic. we talked about, as nato allies, unified determinations to defend
11:49 am
every ally and continue to strengthen nato. italy will be a chief contributor to the nato task force. we discussed our shared concerns around the situation in the ukraine and the importance of keeping sanctions including eu sanctions in place until russia and the ukraine are both implementing commitments under the agreement and we are determined to work diplomatically with the normative group in order to achieve -- normandy group in order to achieve. i think italy for its role in the coalition against isis. after the united states italy is the second-largest contributor of forces in iraq. they are hoping to stabilize cities through training of police after they are liberated from isil. the start of iraqi operations to
11:50 am
liberate ,osu is enough -- liberate mosul is a major step forward. perhaps one million civilians are still living there. ,n addition to rooting out isil our focus is on the safety and humanitarian aid for civilians escaping the fight. that will be a top priority for both our governments. will be a difficult fight and there would be advancements and setbacks. will befident that isil defeated in mosul and that will be another step toward their ultimate destruction. italy continues to be one of our strongest counterterrorism partners as we prevent terrorist attacks in our countries. more broadly we agreed to continue support of the libyan government as it continues to face challenges to authorities.
11:51 am
italy provided critical diplomatic support to libya's efforts to force the government. we continue to continue to some -- we will continue to support as they were to eject isil from libya. to expand in afghanistan, italy plays a vital role. discussed the continued need for strong, courtney and responses to the largest migrant and refugee crisis in europe since world war ii. as the leader of eu's nabel -- naval operations, italy and its partners have worked to save hundreds of thousands of lives. the alliance is moving ahead with plans to increase support of the eu operations and i want to commend you and the italian people. the leadership in europe you have shown is an eloquent voice
11:52 am
for an orderly and humane response to the crisis is in keeping with our values and shared commitments of human dignity. finally, the past two weeks have been a powerful reminder that win our countries work together we can leave the world a little bit better than when we found it because the united states and italy joined with other nations across the globe. we brought the paris agreement on climate change into force, we reached an agreement to limit aviation emissions and through the montreal protocol nearly 200 nations just this past week agreed to phase not production and consumption of dangerous hydrofluorocarbons which are an enormous contributor to greenhouse gases and a major step toward achieving the goals we set in paris. meanwhile, italy continues to be a strong partner for development, especially to combat hunger and nine -- malnutrition around the world.
11:53 am
thank you for your friendship and your partnership. i could not ask for a better partner and the american people cannot ask for a better friend and ally than italy. p.m. renzi: i am not sure your italian is as well as my english , you improve very quickly. mr. president, -- italian]
11:54 am
11:55 am
p.m. renzi: i think that we can copy each other's expressions from the great initiative that were set forth by the obama presidency. this has created 588,000 new jobs in italy which are still insufficient, but at least they are a first step to leave our difficult situation. thank you, president obama, for the work you have done as a leader in the energy field. today, italy is one of the main nations that sustain and uphold of -- 21 in the next few years we will work in the direction in order to have clean energy sustainable environments for our children and thank you for the work you
11:56 am
have -- we have done together in the field of -- cultural field. i believe we find ourselves in a season of our political lives, maybe some people choose hatred, the culture of intolerance. we have to bet on liberty and on our identity, the values that make this country extraordinary and europe has a desperate need to find its own soul and this is due to its children. this is due to its grandchildren. this is the first topic of conversation we had in terms of italy, we want to make sure the g7 in italy in beautiful sicily is an important and relative of appointment and we commit ourselves because the work that we begin together, dear president under your presidency may continue.
11:57 am
if the legacy of president obama will not only remain in the united states, this has to be absolutely clear and loud, it will involve the europe and we feel totally committed in this direction and finally, before i talk about international policy i want to tell you that we thank you for remembering amitrice, it is a small village in the center of italy which has been affected by a dramatic earthquake. it is also the town where pasta -- a type of pasta was born. this small community that has so not lifted its curtain. dear president when you come to visit italy in the next few months i believe you will want us to taste, thanks to the cooks trice, one of the best you have ever had in your life.
11:58 am
it is a way to say it is a community that has been folded by this terrible tragedy, food can be a moment of identity. in terms of international policy , the italian agenda is in agreement with the american agenda and we are convinced of the need to affirm the values of being able to live together, being civil throughout the world. that is why we commit ourselves to the international coalition in all theaters starting in iraq, where italian troops are supporting an operation to save the dam in mosul and we believe it is fundamental, it is crucial not to succumb to the culture of fear.
11:59 am
,e cannot know what will happen but it is a great inheritance left by the -- this is the best way to proceed. recently, a lot has been said about innovation and technology and this has made people think .hat the future is a threat i completely convinced that italy and the united states can help new generations to think of this as a -- think of great opportunity and for this reason the agenda that the united states presented today is an agenda we agreed upon and we will be working together on it. thank you so much, mr. president. president obama: we will take a few questions, i will start with kevin from ap. >> thank you, mr. president. .com says hillary clinton talks to tough about vladimir.
12:00 pm
and that both of you consult the russian leader. he also said that if elected he might meet with the russian leader before his inauguration. what do you think of his approach to vladimir putin and how would it affect america's interest on the international stage? it distress you that folks at the fbi and state department talked about the declassification of e-mails on secretary clinton's servers. would you acknowledge the appearance of impropriety and should state officials look into this rather? and for prime minister renzi, with the referendum happening soon in your country, what would passage mean for your ability to lead the country and what would fill your mean for your political future as well as to italy's role in the european union? president obama: i am going to be more subdued in my discussions of the