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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 24, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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can my friend also confirmed to the house that there are security concerns relating to russia and counterterrorism issues that will help focus the minds of negotiators on arriving at a positive outcome? >> -- prime minister may: much of the discussion focuses on the trade relationship we have. there are many other areas in which we cooperate with member states in the european union, and errors such as law enforcement and counterterrorism where we want to have an enduring partnership once we leave. i'm sure the prime minister understands the concerns of the british medical research center about the continued access to vital european medical research networks with brexit. can she given assurances that she has a plan to protect this
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vital research? prime minister may: the substance behind the gentleman's question which is that the human way to access those medical networks is through the membership of the european union, -- which operate as effectively, but have nothing to do with the european union. i can assure him that this is another aspect that we are aware of and are taking in consideration. dangerous crisis in the democratic republic of the congo which has seen 6 million people die in the last 20 years. crisis with extrajudicial killings happening every week and a bloodbath in south sudan all of these are of great interests to the european
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union and the u.k., were any of these discussed? prime minister may: no. related to russia, syria, and tray. these were not discussed. i can tell my honorable friend that i am aware of these concerns that he and others have about what has been happening in south sudan. the foreign secretary is looking at this closely. thank you. the prime minister assures us that she was looking to raise the concerns of u.k. citizens living elsewhere in the european union, where these concerns last week, and if not why not? prime minister may: i have sat on a number of occasions, including last week that this is an issue i wish i would be able to address at an early stage. i repeat the comments i made
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earlier in relation to our expectation. again, it is for this house not simply to ignore the interests of british citizens living in european union member states. we must ensure their rights are guaranteed. speaker, i very much command my right honorable friend's statement to the house. last friday evening i held a public meeting for eu nationals concerned about the brexit above. i was actually heartened by a majority seeing the opportunities of the u.k. leavingthe eu, possibly a form for their home countries in the future. discussions was there amongst other eu leaders for eu
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reform? it is up toer may: the 27 themselves to discuss the future shape they wish the once theunion to take united kingdom leaves. i have raised the importance of paying attention to the message that was given by the u.k. about to leave the european union. i leave it to them to discuss the future of the european union without the u.k. committeethe treasury were told that the treasury is modeling a range of scenarios to look at the economic outcomes of those assumptions. the prime minister has said the government is looking at the regional impact of those decisions. having a series of debates in the house of commons, she must agree that the debate would be better informed if we had that
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evidence in front of us. will she now publish that information so the house and the public can have an informed debate? prime minister may: we want to ensure that the base that take place in this house are as informed as possible. there are a wide variety of pieces of work being taken place . >> thank you, mr. speaker. my right honorable friend was absolutely right. we are not leaving europe. which he confirmed that when we leave the european union, we will continue to work with the council of europe on the basis of friendship and cooperation, not on the basis of political union? prime minister may: the u.k. will continue to play its role within the council of europe. i want to have a good relationship with the member states in the eu and the eu
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itself. that is in all of our interests. >> did the prime minister find time in her busy weekend to emphasize to her colleagues how much we value the prisoner thesfer agreement, such as european arrest warrants, and will she agreed that whatever negotiation she does it does not lead to the watering down of those commitments? prime minister may: my commitment to the relationship we have with other members -- i'm interested. i've had a lot of questions about the details of the discussion i had. the main topics we discussed at the european council were russia, migration, and tray. -- tade. negotiations will be for the future. constituency i'm sure
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proves more of the prime minister's approach than mine. wilshire group me that what they deserve is the speedy triggering article 50, a commencement of trade operations, and while we're at it, controlling the migration program? i note thater may: article what my honorable friend slipped in there at the end of his question. it is absolutely right. as i said in response to questions earlier. it is important that we see we are committed to invoking article 50. there are those i fear the wish to delay the application of article 50 as a proxy for not leaving the european union. it is important we get people to certainty. that is why i sent out we invoke it by the end of march next year. minister said the tropic of -- topic of trade
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discussion is for the future. he says that while we do not have to accept dumping by the chinese steel industry, we could impose retaliatory tariffs. is this a case where the government has tied the hands of british steelworkers as we speak? prime minister may: the government has been supporting production in the united kingdom. as the gentleman will note in terms of compensation and also in relation to the ability to take social issues into concern when deciding about the chairman of steel. in relation to the action that is being taken by the european union, we decided at the end of last week that we will modernize
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the trade defense instruments. we would balance the interests of users, producers, and consumers. relieflication of the has meant that certain parts of the steel industry, the imports from china have dropped by 90%. of all the european laws and regulations that she wants to bring democratically into u.k. law, what does she want to abolish or amend first? it will beter may: for this parliament to decide of how we deal with regulation and law once they have been brought into u.k. lot. eu law intoto bring u.k. lot at the point at which we leave the european union union to ensure there is
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certainty. the second important point is that once that has happened, it will be for this parliament to decide and be sovereign in determining those laws. could the prime minister in lightness on whether her discussions touched on the topic of prior education and whether u.k. universities will retain access key european union research projects after we leave? heard anecdotal evidence that british researchers have been turned out of horizon 2020 funds. my questions remain unanswered. prime minister may: we will get responses to her written questions in due course. there has been a concern raised with me by a number of people. there is an approach being taken in relation to the university
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sector that as we have decided to leave, we should be acting differently while we are in the european union. we emphasize and ensure that while we are members of the eu, we are still treated as for members and still have access to the sorts of projects the honorable lady is talking about. >> the secretary-general has been made to call the european union and essential partner for nato. an opportunity to strengthen our unity and practical cooperation even further. confirmed brexit prime minister deliver security with an even closer military union with the european union is expected by our nato allies? prime minister may: i think the quote he gave, he was talking
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about nato operating in working with the arrangements that are in the european union. that was not about the u.k. being part of some stronger defense within the european union. we will continue to play a leading role in nato as we have done over the years. we will continue to have a close relationship with the european union. it will be an all of our interest to ensure we are working together for the collective defense of member states and europe. is the prime minister in a position to offer specific assurances on negotiations, but not to 13 million eu citizens who make the vital contribution to our economy? prime minister may: i will repeat it once again as the honorable gentleman does not appear to have heard it previously. i want to be able to to citizens of the
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european union. the u.k., but that is only possible if british citizens, including people of scotland living in the european union is guaranteed in return. we cannot abandon british citizens. statement the secretary of state. >> the british prime minister faces questions from the house of commons every wednesday morning whenever they are in session. you can watch that live on c-span2 and sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. and midnight eastern time. newspaperuardian reports this morning about the british exit from the eu, a quote from scottish party leader saying to reporters, "i don't mind that admitting parts of the meeting were frustrating. i know no more now that i did
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going in." hillary clinton will be campaigning today in new hampshire with elizabeth warren. we will take you live to the rally scheduled to start in just a few minutes at 12:30 eastern time. candidates in the u.s. senate race in washington state, debated sunday night on cyber attacks, the federal budget, education policy, and the u.s. role in syria. real clear politics rating this a democrat lead. [applause] austin jenkins: good evening. i'm austin jenkins from public radio, and hosted inside olympia on tbw. welcome to the kodiak auditorium on the east campus of microsoft headquarters in redmond washington. tonight is the final debate between democrat patty murray and republican chris vance for
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u.s. senate. we encourage you to participate tonight on twitter with the #waelex. tonight is made possible by sponsors aarp at microsoft, the bill and melinda gates foundation, and pemco insurance. we also want to thank microsoft for lending support to host this event. let's begin with our opening statements. senator murray will go first. your opening statement. sen. murray: thank you. thank you for hosting us tonight. thank you for all of these are here tonight. chris, great to join you as well. like many, i am often frustrated
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by the gridlock and dysfunction of washington, d.c. here's how i get things done. i start with my washington state ethics that were instilled in me at a very young age -- you work hard, you do not complain, and you persevere until you get it done. i come home every weekend and talk to people from communities around the state and hear their stories and their hopes and their dreams and i take us back , with me to washington, d.c., every monday morning, to help solve the problems that people face here. a few years ago, i was hearing from so many parents and teachers and students of the federal education law no child left behind was not working for anyone. one parent told me that his son had a good teacher, did well, but he got one of those letters home that said his school was failing, and duncan said that he
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knew that the education his son was getting was not a failure. worse he felt that the loss of , federal education dollars meant that many students that needed it most would miss out. i took duncan's story and get as many parents and students back with me to washington, d.c., and found a republican to work with. we wrote a plan and we worked through that gridlock and dysfunction to pass a law that now means that it will work better here for washington state families and parents and teachers. i hear people across our state talk to me about how the economy is not yet working well enough for them. they are worried about paying back colleges and student loans. they are talking about violence in neighborhoods and want to get something done there. they want medicare and social security to be there for them. i take the washington state work ethic, i listen to their stories, and i take them back to make sure that the policies that we pass and the investments that
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we make work for the people i represent. that is why i ask for your vote. so i can continue to be a voice and fight for you with united states senate. finally, let me say this. i am tired of the hateful, divisive rhetoric that we are hearing at the federal level. i think it is time for leaders in our communities to stand up and say enough. i hope that we can listen to each other, be respectful, share our ideas, and have a good discussion, and begin with our example to help lead our country to a better place. thank you. >> mr. vance, your opening statement. chris vance: thank you microsoft, thank you to the washington state debate coalition for making all of these debates possible. and absolutely senator, i'm looking forward to another thoughtful, adult discussion. you and i got great reviews for our last debate, so we'll do it again.
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i have been lucky enough to live in our beautiful state our entire life. wife ann and i met in college at western washington university. we have been married 28 years. we live in auburn. we have two great kids. our daughter natalie is in poland. she should be studying right now. natalie, you need to be studying. i have been proud to represent our community in the washington state house of representatives in a lengthy a -- olympia as a member of the king county council, and of the statewide leader of my party. i'm running for senate because like you i am fed up with washington, d.c. senator murray said she would be willing to work with anyone to bring down our debt and save social security and medicare, but then ruled out any options other than raising taxes, and blamed the wholeness on republicans and george w. bush. we will never get an agreement that way. compromise happens when
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politicians have the guts to set aside their partisan talking points and come to the center. in washington, d.c., that never happens right now on the biggest issues that matter the most. america faces real challenges that demand real solutions. our economy is stagnant. our national security is threatened daily. social security and medicare are going broke. we are $20 trillion in debt. the bottom line is washington, d.c. is broken, and after 20 -- 24 years in the senate, patty murray as part of the problem. i think we need new, independent voices in the senate. people who will work to bring democrats and republicans together to solve problems, rather than being rubberstamps to whoever their president is or whoever their party leader is. this election is about a lot of things but it comes down to just one thing -- it is time for a big change, and that is what i look forward to talking to you about tonight. austin jenkins: before we begin
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our formal questioning, there is a way for all of you here and those watching or listening can participate in shaping tonight's debate. this is in thanks to our friends at microsoft pulse. if you go to, you can decide the subject matter we will discuss later in the hour. you will be able to pick from four topics. health,are, mental national politics, and paid parental leave. in a few minutes, we will check in on the results, and that will determine some of the questions in this debate. this evening, i'm joined by some of my colleagues in the news coverage field. >> thanks, austin. the debate coalition has received hundreds of audience questions about immigration reform, especially as it affects people who are invited here on employment-based pieces. -- visas.
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senator murray, this is a question from redmond. i have been in the usa for 10 years on a h-1b visa. my green card is still pending and there is no hope of getting one of the near future. every time i go out of the country to visit my family back home, i run the risk of getting stuck outside. i have to put my job, my house, at risk to take a vacation. do you support the removal of the per country limitation on h-1b visas? sen. patty murray: thank you for that question. i think it is safe to say that absolutely no one in our country thinks that our current immigration system is working today. we are at microsoft this evening, and for them they say it is not working for them. for our farms in the state of washington, it is not working with them. they cannot have a secure workforce. critically, it is not working for people like habib who live
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in the shadows and live in uncertainty. it is imperative that we take up this issue at the federal level. i was very proud to be part of a bipartisan group of senators who passed strong immigration reform. it secured our borders and provided a pathway for citizens. it fixed many of the roles that we face today, and make sure that we brought some certainty. unfortunately, it was stopped in the house and was not brought up for a vote. i'm determined to get this done. one of the stories i have heard is from a young woman named mari who came here when she was seven years old, grew here, worked hard, and she tells me that she now wants to start a business and get her business degree, but she is living in the shadows. what she said to me as she wants to be known. we should want her to be known, and we need to fix our
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immigration system so that can happen. >> would you essentially allow more people in under these visas? >> the way this has to work is it has to be done in a balanced way under our immigration system so that we take all parts of what we are doing and make sure it is fair and balanced. many people are concerned about the h-1b system that we have in place. they want to make sure the people here in the united states have access to job. we want a workforce trained for the jobs here, but it can be done in conjunction with the h-1b visa. >> mr. vance, same question for you, do you support raising the per country limitation on these visas? chris vance: we are at microsoft, where this has been utilized for a long time to get workers who supposedly have special high-tech skills that are necessary. i support that, but i have heard from a lot of tech workers and software workers here in
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washington state that they think the h-1b system is used to just bring workers in from overseas and lower the salaries, and they are concerned about that. i am pro-immigration reform. i think that the 2013 bill the senate passed had all the elements we need. we do need a strong h-1b program, but there has to be a balance to protecting jobs of people who are already here. we have been talking a lot about immigration during this election. everybody understands what has to happen. yes we need border security. we need a guest worker program for the 11 million to people who 12 million are already here. we need a better guest worker program for high-tech. once again, congress failed to get this done. immigration reform has been stalled in congress for years. it is one of the best examples of gridlock that is going on. we need more people, especially more republicans, who will work across the aisle to make sure the next congress actually passes comprehensive immigration reform and it is right for our economy and it is right for families across the state.
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>> did i hear you correctly, you would not raise the number? chris vance: i am pretty decisive about a lot of things. i need to study this. i have heard a lot of concerns. we are already allowing too many people in on h-1b, i going to go to congress with an open mind on exactly what they numbered east of the -- on exactly what the number needs to be. austin jenkins: the wave of cyber attacks recently disrupted major websites. including twitter, netflix, amazon. we have been hearing a lot about hacking during this campaign. what can and should the united betterdue to -- do to safeguard our public and private networks and systems, and how do we balance the need for cyber security with the right for privacy? chris vance: the right to privacy is to not have your system hacked. i don't understand this. i don't understand when i read headlines that foreign governments, particularly the
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russians are according to our , intelligence services for the setting in this sort of activity and we tolerate it. united states cyber command is the world's best efforts ever security and cyber warfare. this is simple to me. if other countries are going to purposefully launch cyber attacks against us, they need to understand that there will be swift retaliation. countries can't be allowed to do these sorts of things that are practically a form of warfare. i don't understand why if we have the technology to strike back if necessary, i'm not sure why we are not using it. we need to make it clear that if you are going to engage in cyber warfare against us, you are not going to have good relations with the united states. >> senator murray. sen. patty murray: having our information hacked by anyone is really disturbing. in this election cycle, we have heard about russia and cyber attacks to try to influence our election. we cannot allow that to happen. how we deal with cyber attacks
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-- whether it is our electric grid or e-mails -- we have to make sure we are working to protect the privacy that we all enjoy, along with making sure that we have the information shared efficiently so that we can prevent them and make sure that we are doing everything we can to be prepared for whatever kind of cyber attack we have. that means that private industry, along with government, has to have strong policies, and we have to do one of the thing which is critically important and we're doing it here in the , state of washington. that is training people in the area, making sure we have educators who are trained to have professionals who are trained with cyber education, because it is a very complex field, it is not easy. anybody who tells you there is an easy answer to this has not seen all of the information that we know. we have to work together with our businesses and with our government to do this in the right way. again, that protects our
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individual privacy, but make s sure that we can share information at no those attack -- know of those attacks. my fishing license was attacks. these attacks are very complex, and we need to work together to address them. >> a follow-up to this. when you talk about striking back, do you mean a declared war, an undeclared war, what are the rules of the road? chris vance: there have been instances where countries have gone too far. i believe iran went too far at one point. the u.s. has this entire branch of the military called cyber command. they have the ability to engage in the same activities that are launched against us. we need to make it clear that if you're going to attack our computer grids, you're going to face the same response from us. my understanding is we are better at it. we cannot passively sit by and allow this country to launch attacks against us with impunity. it makes no sense to me.
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>> senator murray. sen. patty murray: your question is do we launch a counter cyber attack? austin jenkins: and do you declare it? do you not declare, is it done in a stealthy way? sen. patty murray: first of all, we need to be very careful that we know that a cyber attack occurred and where it came from. this is complex, and we have to yes come if we know someone has launched a cyber attack against us and we are confident we have the right information we need to stand up and have a strong response. to be very careful in this arena and that is why we have to make sure we have the right investment in our nation and budget to make sure we are not cutting back on this critical infrastructure. >> now to another one of our journalists.
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, in may the obama access totion -- with suitable facilities, including bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity. states sued the an ministration and won. on thursday the department of education announced it would appeal that decision. shouldbelieve states give individuals the rights to access to their locker or bathroom. >> we respect individuals no matter who they are or where they come from. i support the department of education challenging that in the court.
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everyone has the ability to know they are secure and who they are and not discriminated against. we have, walk -- come a long ways. we need to use our resources to make sure people feel comfortable about who they are and are not discriminated against. let a just say one other thing -- this is why it is so important that we have a supreme court that has a full-court. these are decisions that they make that impact all of us, and the republicans have filibustered -- have prevented a nominee from sitting on that court for the last nine. we need a full-court, because these kind of decisions impact all of us and our families. >> mr. vance, throughout the country, we are seeing conservative lawmakers trying to pass legislation that would and transgender people from trying to access facilities consistent with their gender identities.
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would you support legislation for these bands? chris vance: no. i want to protect the rights and safety and dignity of all americans, including tender individuals. in america, we believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. every american has the right to live their lives as they seek it, to live their identity as they see it. we need to an act policies that do respect everyone's rights and dignity and safety. we can do that, and that is happening in washington state. we enacted policies in our schools several years ago, and they do respect the privacy for all students. what they did in north carolina, where even people who had gone through the entire process and were now anatomically of one sex had to go back and use the bathroom that corresponded to their birth certificate, that is just wrong and the cruel, and we don't need to be doing that.
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i agree with senator murray, this is an issue that will be decided in the courtroom. the 14th amendment says that all people have protection under the law. i agree with that. i think republican leadership was wrong to rule out consideration of any nominee that mr. obama would send them, but i think it was equally wrong when senator murray filibustered alito to the supreme court. both parties have not supreme court nominations, and it is wrong or did i won't. austin jenkins: this is a question for both of you. if you have the power -- and i know you don't -- but if you have the power to wave a wand over the federal budget and put any amount of money into one program, but would have to take an equal amount out of another program, what would those two programs be. mr. vance? chris vance: i know where i would put more money.
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we need to triple the money we are spending on clean energy research in my view. i think the federal government is to do much more to develop technology to address the issue of climate change. that is how we're going to deal with climate change. by developing clean technologies, wind and solar and cleaner cars, but especially carbon capture and sequestration in power plants to virtually eliminate the amount of carbon being put into the atmosphere. that is where i would put more money. in terms of taking from anyone program, one of the things that bothers me with the debate over federal budget is people will look at small areas. we are never going to solve this problem by buying a few fewer paperclips in the department of commerce. the only way we bring down our debt is by addressing the big things like entitlement reform and social security and medicare.
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as i have said that the campaign, we need a simpson bowles style grand bargain to bring down our debt in that area, rather than having small debates. with a debt of $20 trillion, moving data around one not bring any of it down. i strongly support a bipartisan and bargain. so far, senator murray has not, and i don't think it will get done with the current members of the u.s. senate. sen. patty murray: i have always said that budgets are more than numbers on a page. they are what set the priorities and policies of our country. the investments that i think are most important today are the ones that help grow our middle class, making sure that we have a strong education system, the issue of college affordability, investing in our infrastructure, making sure that people have the
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capability to have a job that pays them more so we can grow our economy from the metal out. i would absolutely invest in education and research and helping our middle class grow, and i would pay for that by closing corporate loopholes that benefit the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations, because i believe that the trickle-down theory does not work, that if we help grow our economy by investing in middle-class americans, that is how we can get a better budget that actually reflects the policies that are important for our country. austin jenkins: before we continue to question, we want to check in on our microsoft pulls topics. we have some early votes in. right now, national politics is leading with 34%, health care with 28%, melted -- mental health with 22 percent and paid parental leave with 16%. you can still vote.
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we now go to our next question and joining us now is pacific lutheran university student kate hall. >> a question for both of you. hillary clinton has proposed a plan that would allow every student from a family making 85,000 dollars a year or less to go to an in-state, four-year public colleges and university without paying tuition. by 2021, families with incomes up to 125,000 dollars a year will pay no to it -- will pay no income intuition. -- in tuition. do you support your plan? if not, how do you plan on paying for? sen. patty murray: i get that from so many people today.
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i get it from young kids who said in a grade that they don't plan to go to college because they cannot afford it. too often, there are people who say that they are working five jobs to pay for a college education, making a very long time for them to pay for college. they're not able to buy a car or home or have kids because i am paying back the student loan. i am really excited that we are having a conversation in our country today about how we can make college more affordable or people -- affordable for people. our economy needs people to get those skills so we can help grow our country. i am very interested in the proposal that ms. hillary clinton has put out there. i am looking at how we can make that work. i think it is a great conversation to have. one thing i think is important is that we put this together, and i hope we can get bipartisan support. we need to make sure we have accountability so that we know students are going to school and getting good grades, and that
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they are achieving what we want them to, which is get a degree that will allow them to get a job and contribute back. i think it is a good conversation to have, and i'm proud that democrats are putting that forward and look forward to working with hillary and others hope the in a bipartisan way to ensure that students don't give up when they are in a grade. keep working when you're in college, and that families across the country have student loans debts lessons for generations to come. chris vance: i have a daughter who was a junior at washington state university. nothing would make me happier than free college. it would be great. there are things we can do to reduce student debt, such as allowing you to refinance your student loans. one of the worst things i have seen during this election season is politicians making promises for things inc. for free. we are $20 trillion in debt. what heller clinton is proposing is higher taxes on "the rich"
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for making colleges free. i do think we need to ask the wealthiest americans to contribute more to stabilize social security. if we are going to raise taxes, we need to use it to pay down the debt, not for more spending. i would love it if the federal government could make everything free for everyone, but that is why we are $20 trillion in debt. politicians keep promising things, and then raise taxes to pay for those things instead of using new revenue to bring down the debt. the real answer for college affordability is in state legislatures across the country. they have reduced their support for higher education, and that is why tuition is going up. here in washington state, we went the other direction and they lowered college tuition and the answer for this is in olympia, not washington, d.c. that is why the government is $20 trillion in debt is because politicians keep promising people free stuff.
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we cannot afford it anymore. austin jenkins: it is time to check our final microsoft pulse results. the next two topics will be national politics with 31%, followed by health care with 28%. our next question goes to chris vance. what do you say to those republicans given the rise of the tea party and the candidacy of donald trump? mr. vance: we have been living that issue. this has been a very difficult year to be a republican. [laughter] mr. vance: i haven't changed. i have not changed.
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i am a ronald reagan, jennifer dunn republican. i believe in limited government and i believe in bringing down the debt, i believe in free enterprise. i just could not support mr. trump because he has demonstrated over and over again that he is not, i don't believe , fit to be president. on the most basic issues that most republicans have supported, such as free trade, he has not taken positions that traditional republicans have taken. i don't support mr. trump. what is interesting here is senator murray is a wholehearted supporter of hillary clinton. i have criticized my party over and over again. i have yet to hear senator murray criticize the democrat -- for anything. we need people who will be independent voices, not rubberstamps to their party leadership or presidential nominee. i plan to go to the senate as a free agent. the last thing we need right now
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is to elect hillary clinton and give her a blank check rubberstamp congress. i think that is a major concern and a major difference between the two of us. moderator: senator murray, you do support hillary clinton. in a cnn poll earlier this summer, 68% of respondents said that trustworthiness does not apply to hillary clinton. how do you explain your unflinching support of hillary clinton? sen. murray: i am proud to support hillary clinton because i had the opportunity to work with her in the 1990's. she pressed a program to make sure all of our young kids have health insurance. i know where her heart is. i watched and worked with her when she was secretary of state and lifted up women around the globe. and i know today she understands
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what is happening to middle-class families. she knows that too many people today cannot meet there ir economic potential. she is talking but workplace policies, like paid family leave, and making sure you get paid when you are on sick leave, investing in education, and college education. i know she will work hard to lift that families around the country and i am proud to support her in that. i am also proud as the governor e grandmother of two young girls that there will be a woman as the president of this country. moderator: here is our health care question. diana from bellevue asks, untreated hearing loss is related to a reduced quality of life. would you cosponsor legislation to restore medicaid covering hearing aides?
12:46 pm
sen. murray: i understand her concerns. hearing is a critical part of learning and participating in society. i would love to talk to her about how we could do that. as we rightly know, medicaid is a health care program impacted by costs. we have to adjust as we look at how to do that. but health care is a critical issue for so many people in our country. and we have to make sure our federal policy, programs like medicare and medicaid, are there for people so they have the support they need. mr. vance: absolutely. medicaid needs to cover hearing hearing aids. it bothers me when i go into a doctor's office and there is a sign that says, "we don't take medicaid patients." one of the worst things that happens right now in congress is politicians respond to a need and they increase funding for a program, but do not pay for it, or they cut taxes and do not pay
12:47 pm
for it and it drives up the debt. this is why i am such a strong supporter of the bipartisan commission appointed by president obama to help with a concrete solution to bring down our debt, reform our tax code, and stabilize programs, like social security, medicaid, and medicare. it will involve increases in revenue, which republicans need to accept, and changes to our entitlement program, which democrats need to accept. all of these things have to be done to get there, not piecemeal, because when we do them bit by bit and do not pay for it, that is how we drive up the debt. the debt is not just a number, but one of the main reasons why our economy is not growing. if our debt is on a downward path, we would have 5% more economic growth.
12:48 pm
more people would find more good jobs. people are hurting out there. the gap between rich and poor is widening. we have had less than 3% growth for the last 10 years for the first time in american history. one of the main reasons why is our debt is crushing the life out of our economy. right now, this generation of politicians in washington dc have demonstrated they do not have the brains or guts to get it done. moderator: that brings to an end our microsoft poll segment. thank you to everybody who has participated. now back to my colleague, dave ross. >> we are talking about foreign policy. under what circumstances would you vote to authorize the use of force in the ongoing syrian civil war, and would you commit more ground forces than we have now? moderator: that is a great question. i would love to have more than one minute and 30 seconds to answer this. mr.
12:49 pm
vance: any question involving foreign policy goes back to the need to prevent war, to prevent a major war. i have a 24-year-old son. i have the fears people have about not wanting to get involved in foreign complex. syria is unbelievably complicated. you have the situation with isis, and the ongoing civil war between sunni and shiiate. and then you have the kurds who are in conflict with the turks. we need to be focused on job one, destroying isis on the ground. isis is an existential threat to many areas in the middle east. they are launching terrorist attacks across the country and killing americans in the united states. i'm glad we are putting pressure on mosul. we need to go farther and take back raqqa in syra. -- in syria. we need to do whatever is necessary to destroy isis.
12:50 pm
if that involves a few more ground troops, that is what is necessary, but our first job is to destroy isis. then we need to use diplomacy to settle the syrian civil war, which is causing the refugee crisis. it might even involve getting the u.n. involved in further partitioning. maybe as we did in the balkans. we need to redraw some borders to separate sunni and shia. that is the underlying conflict here. we cannot unfortunately, we cannot rule out the use of american ground forces to accomplish these missions. >> senator murray, same question to you. under what circumstances would you authorize the use of forece within the syrian civil war, and would you commit more ground forces than we have now? sen. murray: that is a really important question because one of the most important priorities we have is to make sure we protect america and american citizens.
12:51 pm
we do have to fight terrorism, but terrorism is not a country. it is across the globe. we need to fight terrorists wherever they exist. the situation in syria is extremely complex. i know that the thing we should not be doing right now is putting american troops at risk in a civil war in syria. we do need to fight terrorism, and we need to take terrorists out where they exist by using our airstrikes to take out their leaders and financial resources. we need to make sure we are working in global partnerships to go after terrorists wherever they are. we are doing that now in mosul, supplying support for the iraqi troops taking up terrorists there. but we also have to secure this country as well. we know that lone wolves are actually more likely here in the united states.
12:52 pm
we have seen that in san bernardino, as well as in paris. that is why we have to make sure we are interrupting their social media they are using to recruit terrorists, and fight that back on social media networks, which we are now doing. we also need to make sure that here at home we are protecting our own communities with our police. so, we have the resources here. finally, i just have to say this. the very least we should be doing is saying if you are on a terrorist watch list that you cannot purchase a gun. i am deeply frustrated the senate refused to pass that bill not very long ago. moderator: we now have another question from the tacoma new tribune. >> over the last decade federal education policy shifted to the every student succeeds act, granting more power to the state. you were one of the chief architects. what is the relationship between federal and state jurisdiction
12:53 pm
when it comes to setting standards in regulating nation's schools. how does this ensure that the quality of a child's education does not depend upon the state within which the live. sen. murray: that is a very important question. the federal role is to make sure there is a floor, and all students are getting access to education. our federal education policy has to assure that all students have an opportunity. it is actually the federal education law that is the essentially a civil rights law. that was why it was passed. in too many places, students of color and of lower income are not getting the same access. we set the floor and requirements. the no child left behind act was too restrictive. teachers and parents were telling us the over restrictions with the testing was creating too much pressure in their classrooms.
12:54 pm
we have to make sure we are accountable with our federal education dollars. when you get that diploma, it has to mean something. but we also have to make sure that students who come here from other states enter school with the same kind of skills. our new law keeps the accountability, but has that directed from states and local communities, so they decide what they can do if they are not reaching those accountable rules. rather having the federal government say, if you don't meet these requirements, here is a one-size-fits-all fix, we have changed it so states themselves can develop their response. >> mr. vance, you have called for an end to the federal government, forcing students to meet certain testing requirements, or have a loss in federal funding. should geography really
12:55 pm
determine the fate of our children and the quality of their education? mr. vance: of course not. i am a huge supporter of public education. my kids went to public schools and i went to public schools. tomorrow morning, my wife will be at an elementary school in auburn, where she is working with autistic kids and kids with down syndrome. i served on the education committee and am one of the senior advisers to randy dorn. i have been involved in education policy for a long time. the federal government should provide funding to our local goals. obviously, we should make sure that nobody's civil rights are violated, but the federal government has gone beyond that. we have allowed congress to become the great school board on the potomac. there have been cases when parents go into school board meetings and they ask, why do we have to use this textbook? they answer, because we have to otherwise we will lose our
12:56 pm
federal funding. this is better than the old law, but it goes too far in terms of interfering with local school decisions. schools should be governed by states and school districts, not by the federal government. they should not be looking over their shoulders, requiring them to do testing and adopt certain standards. under the new law, the federal government can threaten to withhold federal funds. i don't understand why all these members of congress, who many, like senator murray and i, started as state legislators, don't state legislators once they get back to washington dc. i think the federal government should help provide funding, but then get the heck out of the way. our school should be governed locally. moderator: now back to dave ross. >> taking the neck to supreme court justice will be one of the most important jobs of the next president, unless a lame duck session the prizes us all. -- session surprises us all.
12:57 pm
you support the delay in hearing the merrick garland nomination and you have a litmus test for the next the from court justice? >> i was very disappointed to hear the debate between the presidental nominees the other night. they talk about the print court justices like they are openly partisan. it is not supposed to be that way. the judges are supposed to be nonpartisan and interpret the constitution as they see it. i think the court has become far too partisan. i do not have a litmus test. i will look at federal judicial nonpartisan and interpret the nominations for the supreme court. whether or not they are qualified, whether or not they are good, solid people. i think it is dangerous to our form of government.
12:58 pm
i issued a statement the day justice scalia passed away, calling on the republican leadership to work with president obama to jointly come up with a nominee who could be confirmed by the senate. it did not happen and in typical washington dc fashion, those folks have sent the last few months issuing press releases, while nothing gets done. i think it is wrong and it has gone on too long. both parties do it. as i said earlier, when president brush nominated samuel alito, some democrats, a few highly partisan democrats, including senator murray, try to filibuster the nomination. both parties have been blocking judicial nominations. and it is wrong. will never support anything other than speedy confirmation hearings and an up or down vote on the senate floor. >> senator murray, same question. if the republicans still control the senate, what would you do to get a clinton nomination confirmed?
12:59 pm
if you want to address the filibustering of alito, go ahead. sen. murray: our supreme court justices are critical to every person in our country. they provide certainty and make decisions about a woman's right to choose and about our environmental laws, across the spectrum. my vote has to reflect the values and issues that my constituents care about. every nominee that has come before me, i have evaluated them on their life experiences. have they been out in about in our communities? what is their life experience? what is their judicial philosophy? and certainly, whether or not the reflect the values that me and my state consider to be important? that is exactly what i did with justice alito. when he came before us, unlike merrick garland, i had brought him into my office.
1:00 pm
i spoke with him and listened to him. he had a hearing. i listen to everywhere that was was. i made a judgment that he was not somebody that i could support. he is now on the court. but i will tell you this, what really disturbs me is that merrick garland did not get the same. he did not get meetings with any republican senators, he did not get a hearing, or any kind of ability to make his case to me, or any other senator, and i wanted the right for my state to have a vote. i hope that when this election is over, that the republicans will step back from holding up this nominee and we can move forward. we need a full court. >> now back to melissa santos. >> alexander from spokane asks, senator murray, you and federal democrats have tried to pass budgets that increase funding for the veterans administration. how do you deal with your republican counterparts who
1:01 pm
continually vote down these budgets, while claiming they have the veterans' back? sen. murray: i think you are talking about the veterans committee i sit on, not the armed services. the veterans committee covers veterans. [laughter] sen. murray: first of all, one of my highest priorities as the daughter of a world war ii veteran and the first woman ever to ask to be on the senate veterans committee and to be there to make sure that even though i voted against the war in iraq, i made it very clear that if my country sent our men and women to fight for us that i would be there to fight for them. i stood up when nobody else would and said, "we are not providing the support we need for our men and women who are coming home from the war in iraq and then in afghanistan." we needed to be there for them with more than just a promise,
1:02 pm
to make sure the services that they earned they got, to do it in a timely manner. we are not there yet. we still have work to do. i hope every administration, republican and democrat, will continue. i have gone further than that to make sure our men and women who serve us that they get the skills and ability to get a job when they come home, so we can make sure the work they have done is replicated. i call on everyone of us as citizens and business owners and people to make sure that we are doing what we can to make sure the men and women who served us get what they deserve, and that includes fighting in the budget committee to make sure we have the resources to take care of those who have served us. >> thank you, i will let alexandra know which committee you are on. same question, mr. vance. would you vote for increased funding for the veterans administration? mr. vance: we need to spend whatever is necessary to keep our commitments to america's veterans.
1:03 pm
everything has to be done in the context of an overall budget agreement that will be directed towards bringing down our debt, stabilizing social security and medicare, reforming our taxes, and putting that debt on a downward path. but when you talk about the federal budget, the cost drivers are the entitlement programs, social security, medicare, and other health care programs. there is money available for the other programs, including veterans programs. and of course, we have to that. my dad was a world war ii veteran and fought in most of the major battles in europe and got a veterans disability check for the rest of his life. as soon as i and him for the u.s. senate, i started getting e-mails from veterans passionate about this issue. it is an alarmist issue here in washington state. what i hear consistently is many veterans like the service they
1:04 pm
get from the v.a. once they get in the system. the problem is getting into the system. literally, hundreds of thousands of veterans have died waiting to get service. whatever administration it is next year, congress needs to better fix the administration of the v.a. we need to give more veterans more options to seek services outside the v.a. system if that is what they want to do. >> are you supporting additional funding outside of the v.a.? mr. vance: i get very nervous about politicians promising, i will increase funding for that, and then not paying for it and being part of a comprehensive budget agreement. that is what we have to do. >> we have just a little bit of time left. i will give you one minute each for this. for both of you, what is the first website that you look at our open in the morning when you get up, and what is the last
1:05 pm
that you look at when you go to bed at night? mr. vance: the three websites you guys work for, absolutely. [laughter] mr. vance: in addition to the local news websites, i look at all the websites that aggregate the news. i love the websites that take the various news stories together, so you can pick and choose. the internet is a wonderful tool for finding the news online. so, that is very much where i go. moderator: senator murray? sen.murray: i would love to tell you the very first thing i look at is all of your websites, but i will be honest. i want to find out how my grandkids are doing and how my family is doing, so i look at what they are up to on facebook. other sites i do look a, many of our newspapers across the state and media, so i can keep current and continue to be a strong voice for whatever the issue is our people are facing.
1:06 pm
moderator: i knew you could both do that in under a minute. that brings us to the end of our formal questions. it is now your opportunity to provide closing statements. sen. murray: thank you very much to our moderators. thank you to our audience and chris, thank you again. i think we had a thoughtful discussion and chris and i both agree our country and economy is not working as well as we would like it to. we disagree on our approaches and policies to get us there. here's what i want you to know. i am watching my grandchildren grow up in this world and i want for them what you want for yours, that they get a good education, that they go to college if they want to, that they have health care, that they dream their big dreams and be what they want to be. i want them to know that their country is there for them, as it was for me when i was growing up and my dad got sick and lost his job.
1:07 pm
my country was there to make sure he got his veterans pay. they gave my mom the ability to go to school and get the skills she needed to go back to work and get a job. and my country was there to invest in me to make sure i had grants to get an education and be here in front of all of you tonight. i want my grandchildren to know that in this country, we respect our neighbors and all americans and treat them with dignity. i want them to know it is not ok to demean anyone for what they look like or what they believe in, in our classrooms, or in our workplaces. i ask for your vote so i can continue to fight for you and those you love, to help them realize the american dream. no matter where you are, what you come from, the color of your skin, how much money you have,
1:08 pm
your country will be there for you. that is the promise i will work for every day as your united states senator. thank you. moderator: and mr. vance. mr. vance: thank you senator murray. i think you and i have shown how debates should be conducted. [laughter] mr. vance: and most important lay, thank you to the washington state debate coalition. you guys are fantastic. i hope the debate coalition grows and expands because our democracy needs more of this. folks, we are coming to the end of one of the most disappointing and divisive elections in recent history. i am very concerned that after all of this, the gridlock and dysfunction will continue in washington dc. i am equally concerned about giving hillary clinton a blank check rubberstamp congress. i think we need independent voices in washington dc. we can fix america's problems, but we cannot continue to accept politics as usual, excuses, and blind partisanship.
1:09 pm
electing the same people year after year, decade after decade will not change anything. if you want to change, you have to vote for change. i will be a different kind of senator. i will work hard every day to change the culture in washington dc, to bring republicans and democrats together. i will be an independent voice, and never anybody's rubberstamp. i would be honored to have your vote. thank you and good evening. moderator: thank you to our candidates. if you have not received your ballot in the mail, expect to get it by this tuesday, october 25. new washington state voters have until october 31 to register in person. don't forget to vote by november 8. ballots must be postmarked or dropped in an approved box by election day. boxes to get 8:00 p.m. on election day.
1:10 pm
goodnight. and please vote. [applause] >> thank you to our lead sponsor microsoft. supporting sponsors, the bill and melinda gates foundation and the henry jackson foundation. debate sponsor pemco insurance. and the of howard voters campaign. the executive producer for the washington state coalition. production services provided by david and john birch. i am austin jenkins with the northwest news network. thank you for watching and good night. >> live shortly we will be heading to new hampshire for
1:11 pm
more road to the white house coverage of hillary clinton campaigning with elizabeth warren in manchester. here is a look at the campaign in north carolina from today's washington journal. >> joining us as we continue taking a look at that state as a battleground co-publisher of the blog "talking about politics," democratic strategist and longtime observer of democratic politics. good morning, thank you for joining us. talk about what you are seeing for hillary clinton winning the state. are there other factors to consider? guest: we have got a couple of weeks left, who knows what might happen, but i think she's in good shape.
1:12 pm
north carolina is a really close state. we have been hard-fought the last two cycles. this one has been very much the same. most of the polls show her up. her debate performance, particularly in the last debate, helped a lot, coming right before early voting started. seemed to me that a lot of democrats turned out for early voting. i think democrats are feeling pretty good about her chances in north carolina. host: you wrote this about her -- we talk about that first portion, the likable, admirable character part? why did you feel compelled to write that? people have a plastic
1:13 pm
image of her. she has been in politics for so long, she has so many scars, she has been attacked so much, she and her husband, i don't think people have ever gotten a real sense of who she is, but i think that's the great thing about the debates. they made a huge difference in how they see her. they certainly made a big difference in how they see donald trump. host: both of these candidates have high unfavorables. do you think that those numbers will change between now and election day? guest: at this point i don't think you can do much about your unfavorable numbers. this race will be decided in the margins by undecided voters and turnout. i think the democrats are very enthusiastic and organized. end it couldin the make the difference in the race. i think she has done a great job overcoming the negatives she has with the positives she showed in
1:14 pm
this election. life to new hampshire with governor hillary clinton. also campaigning, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren.
1:15 pm
[applause] it is truly an honor to be here with all of you and to welcome back senator elizabeth warren and secretary hillary clinton. as i know they both will tell you, the stakes of this election
1:16 pm
could not be higher. that is why it is so important we elect hillary clinton up and down the ticket. hillary is fighting for our priorities. she will work to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those on the top. we have shown it is possible to work across party lines to get things done. we are taking a comprehensive hands on approach to our heroine and opioid crisis. we froze in-state tuition at our universities and lowered it at our community colleges. i think you will all agree it is long past time for washington to take the same approach.
1:17 pm
i am running for the united --tes senate [applause] thank you. i am running because i want to see a future where everyone who works hard has the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead. all parents can once again feel confident their children will have a better future. and i know this is the vision hillary clinton will fight for as president. but this vision stands in stark contrast to what we have seen in washington. throughout her time she has put her corporate special-interest backward, in -- including voting
1:18 pm
with the koch brothers nearly 90% of the time her first four years in office. ayotter months senator stood behind donald trump, reiterating her support for him at least 35 times and saying he should absolutely be a role model for our children. despite his anti-woman comments and behavior. now he has made the political calculation to try to distance herself from trump, realizing the political wind has shifted. senator ayotte is looking for her own political interests. i'm ready to change all that that i need your help. we need to put in the work to get out every last vote.
1:19 pm
every last vote for good paying jobs and innovative companies, so higher education is affordable for everyone. right towhere woman's make health care decision is no where attacks that woman's right to make health care decisions is no longer under attack. and a future where hard-working families finally can come before corporate interests in washington. i have to ask all of you, are you ready to do what it takes to win? are you ready to knock on more doors? are you ready to put in the work
1:20 pm
that it is going to take to win this election? days and then wake up, there are going to be long days and nights ahead. that won't stop us before and it won't stop us now. that is new hampshire, we can't let up now. thank you and onward to victory november 8. now it is my honor and pleasure to introduce senator elizabeth warren.
1:21 pm
throughout her time in the united states senate and long before, senator warren has been a true champion for middle-class families. to protecting retirement security and strengthening consumer protections. senator warren is fighting to make sure all americans who work hard have the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead. please join me in giving a warm welcome to senator elizabeth warren. [applause] hello newn: hampshire. hello. i love coming to new hampshire. this is like getting to hang out
1:22 pm
with your next-door neighbors. laura and catherine here from massachusetts, hanging out with our neighbors. i have been traveling all around the country for hillary clinton and senate candidates. say, it is good to be -- place where i can say it is really great to be in new hampshire. it is great to be in the home state of my dear friends and your senior senator jeanne shaheen. stategreat to be in the that is going to add -- to the united states congress. be in the state -- is going to elect
1:23 pm
it is great to be in the state that elected maggie hassan to the united states senate. more, it is great to be in a state that is going to send hillary clinton to the white house. that is why we are here. i just want to be official here, i'm with her, are you with her? we are here today with someone who gets up every single day and fights for us.
1:24 pm
spent her life fighting for children, fighting for women, fighting for families, fighting for health care, fighting for human rights, fighting for a level playing field, fighting for those who need us most. it is now time for us to fight for hillary. i want to talk about values. sold fencing and carpeting. after he had a heart attack my mom worked minimum wage jobs to keep our family above water. all three of my brothers went into the military.
1:25 pm
i used to line up my dollies and teach school. i don't think you did your homework last night. parents would have given me anything they could. they didn't have the money to send me to college. to be a way i could get teacher's if i ended up at a commuter college that cost $15 a semester. and it opened one million doors for me. i am the daughter of a maintenance man who ended up in the united states senate. she is going to be elected president. we believe in that america. that is the america we fight for. we believe but we are worried,
1:26 pm
worried those opportunities are slipping away. a lot of america is worried. it leaves everyone else behind. for 30 years republicans have pushed trickle-down economics. they have done one thing, they help the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful. donald trump talks a big game about how the game was rigged. right, the game is rigged. it is rigged for guys like donald trump. maggie says it is time to fight back. hillary says it is time to fight back. we started our fight right here
1:27 pm
on college campuses. right now it is a 12 punch, high cost of college and student loans. it is obscene to make money off of people who are trying to get an education. she voted against refinancing student loans. know where donald trump stance on higher education. his plan is to get rid of all federal student loans, abolish the whole department of education.
1:28 pm
set up his plan is to another fake university, cut out the middleman and achieve the students directly. that's why they fight back. college alone is reason enough to get out and vote. it is reason enough to get out and volunteer. hillary and maggie and i are determined to make debt free college the law of this land. determined to refinance that $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. us to do that. help us select hillary and maggie so we can make college a pathway of opportunity, not just for rich kids but for all of our kids. look we want to build an america
1:29 pm
that is going to work. that is going to happen with donald trump. donald trump cheered on the 2008 financial crash so he can scoop up real estate on the cheap. small business owners, plumbers and painters, when he built his trump and donald morespects aggressively -- than half the human beings in this country. he thinks because he has money he can call women fat cakes and bimbos. thinks because he is a celebrity he can rate women's bodies from one to 10. he thinks because he has a mouth full of tick tax he can force .imself on any woman i have news for you, women have
1:30 pm
had it with guys like you. [applause] warren: and nasty women have really had a with guys like you. [cheers] senator warren: get this, nasty women are smart. nasty women vote. applause]d 8,ator warren: on november we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. applause]d
1:31 pm
for more than: here donald trump has made .eadlines almost every day donald trump called mexicans murderers and rapists. kelly ayotte stuck with them. donald trump attacked a gold star family. kelly ayotte stuck with them. vladimirump praised putin. kelly ayotte stuck with him. donald trump even attacked kelly ayotte and called her week, and kelly stuck with him. [laughter] senator warren: during a debate a couple of weeks ago when she called donald trump a role model for kids, you cannot believe this. now donald trump is not doing so
1:32 pm
well and kelly is running as fast as she can away from him. kelly trump sure has made ayotte -- day one she loves him, they too she stays with them, day appreciate severe spins round and round. you value guts. you make the right decision and stick with it. donald trump is right. kelly is weak. that is why a tough, smart fighter like governor maggie hassan is going to win on november 8. [applause] senator warren: i love being here with smart, tough and it -- women. with hillary, maggie, carol. with the friends of women. [cheers]
1:33 pm
atator warren: just look hillary's history. she has been on the receiving end of one terrible right-wing attack after another for 25 years. she has never backed down. she does not wine. she does not run to twitter at 3m to call her opponents losers. she does not even cry that the election is rigged. hillary gets up every day and keeps on fighting. writing for children, women, families, health care, fighting for human rights. [cheers and applause] [chanting "hillary."]
1:34 pm
we are with her. there are two things we have to do. first, we have to vote. new hampshire has same-day registration at your polling registrations. no excuses. go to make a plan now. for carol, colin, maggie, and hillary. are you going to do that? [cheers and applause] senator warren: second, do more than vote. volunteer. democracy needs you. you can knock on doors, make polls,alls, monitor the lawyers can help. everybody. if you have any time over the next 15 days, please volunteer. you can go to hillary .ou can go to we will use your time.
1:35 pm
we will use it well. please make this investment in democracy. get out there and volunteer. we need you on this. [applause] senator warren: it is so good for all of us to be here. this is fabulous. the way i see it, what elections are about, they ultimately come down to our values. it is not about one person or one candidate. it is about a movement. it is about a strong, powerful makeo make -- movement to real change in this country. the kinds of change that we make together. since we are here together, let us remind ourselves why we get up in the morning, why we work hard all day, and why we are still working late at night. because of what we believe. we believe that every person should be able to get a college education without getting crushed by student loan debt.
1:36 pm
that means refinancing student loans and debt free college. [cheers and applause] senator warren: we believe that no one should work full-time and live in poverty. that means raising the minimum wage. we will fight for it. [cheers and applause] senator warren: we believe that workers should be able to organize or better pay, better can -- conditions, unions builds america's middle class and will rebuild america's middle class. [cheers and applause] we believe that after a lifetime of hard work, people are entitled to retired with dignity. that means protecting and expanding social security, and we will do it. heard -- we may have
1:37 pm
you may have heard wells fargo cheated tens of thousands of people. giant banks brought down our economy. we believe in the rules, real accountability, and if a ceo breaks the law, they ought to go to jail just like anyone else. [cheers and applause] senator warren: some police are controversial. -- beliefs are controversial. i want to throw this one out there. we believe in science. [cheers and applause] senator warren: we believe that climate change is real. we have a moral obligation to protect this earth for our children and our grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren. yes. boy, i cannot believe i have to say this in 2016. we believe in equal pay for
1:38 pm
equal work and a woman's right to decisions for her own body. yes. [cheers and applause] senator warren: we believe that equal means equal. that is true in marriage, in the workplace, it is true for every place. we will fight for equality for all of our people. [cheers and applause] you know, donald trump calls african-americans thoughts, because muslims terrorists. because latinas rapists. we believe that racism and sexism and bigotry have no place in our country. we believe that black lives matter and that we won't bill donald trump's -- bill donald trump's -- build donald trump's stupid wall. [cheers and applause] know i warren: you do
1:39 pm
can do this all day. [laughter] senator warren: we have a great speaker here, so i'm going to do one more, and then i'm going to quit. we believe that millionaires and billionaires and giant corporations should not be able to buy our elections and our politicians. corporations are not people. we will overturn citizens united and bring democracy back to the people. [cheers and applause] senator warren: this is hillary's agenda. this is maggie's agenda. this is colin and annie and carol's agenda. it is a progressive agenda. it is a new hampshire agenda. it is an american agenda. [cheers and applause] hillary is ready to fight for us. are you ready to fight for hillary? then let's welcome to the stage,
1:40 pm
hillary clinton, our next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: that was great. that was great. thank you. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: thank you. wow. i don't know about you, but i could listen to elizabeth go all day. it is so great being here back in new hampshire. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: i have a significant and really group of women i want to wellesley with back here. wonderful to be on this college campus and see so many young people here as maggie and
1:41 pm
elizabeth and i were walking out to his age, a lot of people were hanging out of the windows. we are glad that you have got the best you of what we're doing here. exciting to be here with two weeks left because this is the most consequential election of our lifetimes. to see the energy and enthusiasm that this crowd displays, i saw it yesterday in north carolina and the day before in ohio. it really does demonstrate that americans are looking out what is at stake and are coming to the illusion that we all have to be involved. involved in the remaining days of the campaign, and then everyone needs to turn out to vote. here in new hampshire, you have a lot of reasons to vote. you have great candidate for congress. annie custer and carol porter
1:42 pm
deserve your support. you have a great candidate for governor. combat strength, thank you. at elizabethaggie and i -- and elizabeth and i have been out here, but i am hoping you will let people know what is at stake in the governor's race and sending these extraordinary women to the house. it is exciting to be here with maggie and elizabeth because they are people who fight for you every single day. i know both of these women. it is a privilege to be on this stage with them. elizabeth warren has a track missionf making it her to stand up against wall street. she is going to make sure that wall street never racks main
1:43 pm
main streetecks again. you may not know that she was the person behind setting up the agency that protects consumers. the consumer financial protection bureau. it was set up to stand against and do something about the kinds seenaud and abuse we have from wells fargo. they are on the front lines of returning billions of dollars to americans will have been cheated and the product by big companies -- defrauded by big companies. some of theo say best tv you can see is on c-span when elizabeth is going after a bank executive or regulator. [cheers and applause] -- tor warren:
1:44 pm
ms. clinton: she is refusing to let them off the hook. she is not just speaking for herself, is she? she is speaking for every single american who is frustrated and fed up. i am so looking forward to working with her to rewrite the rules or our economy and make sure we make it fairer for every single person working hard here in america. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: we are up here without our phones. you cannot check tweets. i kind of expect if donald byrd what he just said -- heard what she just said, is probably tweeting away. she gets under his thin skin like nobody else. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: whether she is calling him out about his mysterious tax returns, she ,xposes him for what he has
1:45 pm
temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united dates. -- states. maggie is going to be a great united states senator or new hampshire. you don't have to take my word or elizabeth's work. look at what she is already done. new hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire country. [cheers and applause] clinton: during her governorship, it was ranked as the best state in the country for business. she did it a new hampshire way. together,ought people democrats, republicans, independents. i think she has the biggest legislature, probably in the world, that she has to deal with.
1:46 pm
she has honed her skills of listening and working with people. she has taken on issues that really do keep families of at night. from the skyrocketing cost of college and prescription drugs to helping students figure out ways to afford their education to helping those suffering from addiction and mental health to raising wages or hard-working families. what i love about maggie is that she is independent, she knows how to find common ground and how to stand her ground. that is exactly the kind of leader we need in the united states senate. we have got to break through the gridlock and the dysfunction that has unfortunately marred washington. we have got to get back to listening respectfully. we can disagree without being disagreeable.
1:47 pm
that is why we need leaders like maggie. unlike her opponent, she has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: she knows he should not be a role model for our kids or anybody else for that matter. i hope in these next 14 days you do everything you can to support her. i want to say a word about colin, who i have also known for a number of years now. maggie is leaving some big shoes, she doesn't look like it, but she is. some big shoes to fill as governor. colin is the person for that job. as a member of the executive council, and i remember this, he protectead the fight to funding for planned parenthood in new hampshire. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: against his opponent, by the way. he has shown that he will stand up for women's health 100% of
1:48 pm
the time, not just when it is politically convenient. he also worked with maggie to cross party lines to expand medicaid to more than 50,000 granite stators. to do more to invest in clean energy like wind and solar to hold down energy costs and create good jobs in new hampshire and protect the beautiful environment of this state. he will fight to put into action the promise of higher education within reach for more families. please during these next days, make sure you are doing everything you can or colin, carol, and annie. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: did anyone see the last odebate? know, i stood next to donald
1:49 pm
trump in three debates for 4.5 hours, proving once again that i have the stamina to be president. [cheers and applause] use theton: i tried to time i had in all three to talk about what people talk to me about, starting here in new hampshire and across the country. i take it really seriously. i think the problems that keep you up at night that stand in the way of your getting ahead and staying ahead, of providing the best opportunity for a good middle-class job with a rising income for you and your kids, those are the problems that someone running for kids should ask -- for president should actually listen to and come up with solutions for. you know, i have a lot of plans. i do. criticized for having so many plans.
1:50 pm
tim kaine and i have actually , of, there is one copywriter. another copy. it is called "stronger together." our plans for what we want to do. i have this old-fashioned idea that if i am here asking for your vote to be your president, i should tell you what i'm going to do. as i said yesterday in north carolina, maybe it is a bit of a woman's thing. we make lists. we do. we make lists. we tried to write down what we're supposed to do and cross them off as we go through the day of the week. i want you to think about our plans as our lists. our list as a country. we are going to get the economy working for everybody, not just
1:51 pm
those at the top. we are going to make college affordable. we are going to lower prescription drug costs. we are going to do everything we can to keep faith with what we have said we are going to do. what a novel idea. we are actually going to try to deliver results for you. [cheers and applause] clinton: i have to tell you during that debate, donald said something -- well the said a lot of things that were troubling. he said something that was truly horrifying. he became the first person running for president, republican or democrat, who refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. s]oo ms. clinton: that is a direct threat to our democracy. i'm not going to call it
1:52 pm
anything else. that is what it is. all of this talk about the election being rigged, trying to stir up people who are supporting him at his rallies, that is a direct threat to our democracy. as your secretary of state, i want to 112 countries. i went to countries where people were jailed for being political opponents. where they were exiled. where they were killed. i think this really seriously. for me, the peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes our country great. [applause] ms. clinton: something we cannot lose. something we should not even doubt. we cannot give into cynicism. i don't think we are. i will tell you what is exciting to me. , at the veryountry
1:53 pm
moment when donald trump is attackthis unprecedented on our fundamental values, our institutions, millions of people are standing up for democracy, registering, volunteering, voting early. [applause] clinton: so when you get a little discouraged or frustrated by what you see in this campaign. think of this, we have just reached a historic milestone. more than 200 million americans are now registered to vote. [cheers and applause] -- and most and exciting, that includes more than 50 million young people. the biggest number ever. [cheers and applause]
1:54 pm
ms. clinton: you only see numbers like this when people theytanding up for what believe in. i am proud to see americans coming together, democrats, republicans, independents who reject hate and division. we are seeing that in new hampshire, too. we are more than our disagreements, we americans. there is so much more that unites us than divides us. i am proud to have the support of more than 150 republican leaders in this state who put country before party. [applause] clinton: this energy we are seeing is not just because of what we are against, as important as that is. it is because of what we are for. it is about fighting for a future where everyone counts. where everyone has a place and no one is left out or left
1:55 pm
behind. to me, and i hope to you as well, this is about more than winning an election. it is about the kind of country we want for our kids and our grandkids. that is what this has to be about. [applause] ms. clinton: is about the lessons -- it is about the lessons we want to pass on to our sons and daughters. we should honor the men and women who fight for our country. when we workfer with our allies. a grieving attacked gold star family whose son died in iraq. he has no plans to defeat isis. just last night he tweeted that the new effort underway to push the terrorists out of the key , is of most of -- mosul
1:56 pm
already, a total disaster. and our country is looking "so dumb." imagine. this is a guy who says he knows more about isis and the general spirit i don't think so. defeatasically declaring before the battle has already started -- has even started. he is proving to the world what it needs to have an unqualified commander in chief. it is not only wrong, it is dangerous. it needs to be repudiated on november 8 here in new hampshire and across america. [cheers and applause] case youon: just in think that this is new for donald. it should not surprise you or anybody else. i will tell you why. he has been denigrating america
1:57 pm
for decades it started before he ran against me. it started before president obama took office . $100,000987, he spent for an advertisement in the new york times criticizing president reagan. he said, "the world is laughing at america." --s that sound the familiar? takes glee inwho mocking our president, no matter who that is. this election is about who we are. -- i want us to remember america is great because america is good. right? [cheers and applause] clinton: and as our wonderful first lady said, right here in new hampshire, "when
1:58 pm
they go low, we go high." [cheers and applause] posesinton: this election a very clear choice. when the middle class thrives, america thrives. is aizabeth said, she perfect example of how that works in america. so it might. so are everyone of you here. that is what i want for every single person here, including every young person in america. with your help, we will not only have elizabeth back in the senate, send maggie and carol and annie, and we will make the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii. [cheers and applause] clinton: what does that mean? that means jobs and infrastructure, our roads and bridges and ports and water system, there is a lot of great
1:59 pm
work to be done. those are jobs that cannot be exported. they have got to be done right here in new hampshire and across america. i want to invest in advance manufacturing. there are skeptics about that. they say we cannot compete in manufacturing anymore. i don't want us competing with low-wage jobs. i want us competing for high wage jobs. germany is a major exporter of advanced manufacturing products. i want to compete with germany and countries like that. precision machining, 3-d printing. [applause] ms. clinton: i want to invest more in technology and clean energy because we are going to make america the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. deploy half a billion more solar power has the
2:00 pm
first four years and enough clean energy to power a quarter million homes. that is what i want us to be thinking about and striving to achieve. i am really excited about what we can do to make sure every young american is prepared. i want to start in the early years of life in early education, universal pregame. i want kids to be prepared to proceed -- compete. we are in a competition. i want us to step up and win. i want kids to have good teachers and good schools in a recent drug. i want to be a good partner -- in every zip code. i want to be a good partner here in new hampshire. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: i want to bring