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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 6:33pm-8:01pm EST

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that is beneficial to the american people. i hope that is not our role. lawrole is to interpret the and, in my capacity as an american, i hope to get back to that. >> we are going to have to end it there. good luck in the days ahead. helping withfor these questions today. it will be a busy week coming up for you. thank you. >> we have the older man sending newger men into war and few
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and he saids of war know, therer, you was a disaster of the war was. talks about the early military career of winston churchill in her book. regiment., give me a i want to go and i want to fight. >> he goes to pretoria and he takes over the prison and he and he puts into prison his former jailers and he downes as the flag is torn and the union jack is hoisted in
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its place. cu --ight, on >> go to and select the top of the page. you will see a calendar for this term and a list for all the current justices. arguments and c-span appearances by court justices. >> washington journal is live every day with the news and policy issues that impact you. andill discuss trends therns and we will talk to deputy editor at yahoo! news on the top people, places, and we
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will watch at 7:00 on monday morning. >> vice president joe biden campaigned for hillary clinton. , a candidateally for senate. this is one hour and 15 minutes. >> we know our school teachers are great and she showed that it was true. i do not know if anybody from johnson college is in the crowd. somebody told me, johnson college, we work.
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that is a good thing. a great country doesn't just consume things, it builds things and that is what happened in this great institution. johnson college. well, i do want to let you know that this is just the warm-up act. is anybody ready to get out there to work, fight, and win? do.use, we have a job to i think we are about making history and i am excited to tuesday. you know i have a special
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request. when we shatter the glass ceiling in the white house, will you join me in shattering the glass ceiling in the united states senate? i am kind of fired up and i think it is time to send pat toomey packing. that our mission is urgent. we cannot lose this election. we cannot lose. you think about what is on your heart and mind -- urgent things deserving ahild decent education. your zip code is not your destiny. every child. it is urgent. it is on the ballot.
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we need to vote. seniorrgent that citizens have paid for and earned their social security. omey wantso m to privatize social security. it is urgent. it is on the ballot. the right to organize and collectively bargain is on the ballot. what we know is, in this country, it is not about a handout or your pedigree. it andabout your gr perseverance. if you work hard, you get ahead. increaseent to move to
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the minimum wage to make sure that people are paid the minimum wage. equal pay for equal work being urgent? we will fight for this and we will win. court is up for grabs. we know every right and privilege we hold is on the ballot and in the balance. urgent and we is need to move. freeow that freedom is not we know it will be all of you who respect those who put it on the line.
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shame on pat toomey. he has voted against our veterans. it is on the ballot. here is what i think we know in our hearts and souls, every one of these issues are up for grabs and what is at stake in this andtion is something bigger the heart and soul, spirit and soul of this country is on the ballot. basic human decency is on the ballot on tuesday. anybody here happened to catch michelle obama in new hampshire? she was speaking for me in
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this is not the new normal. this is not what this country is about. she captures it and she says that she was shaken to her core. the other side knows this and they want us all to be shaken into submission. we have to be shaken into action. we have to move and we have to act. me of that passage in the bible where jesus comes into the temple and he sees the merchants in the temple and shows a righteous rage. what we see is the body politic defiled by donald trump, a
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fraud. we will not have it. trump we see donald insult a gold star family, we are shaken to our core. mother of three teenage daughters, i will tell you, when i hear him brag about abusing actionwe are shaken into . this is not the new normal and this will not stand. now, as donald likes to say, he results ofs the only if he wins.
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let us say that we are shaken into action. now, what of pat toomey? has he been standing up and manning up to donald trump? up toe seen somebody man donald trump and her name is hillary clinton. pat toomey says that he is waiting to be persuaded and that he has not heard enough. he says he has an agreement with donald trump. isn't that delicate? here is what we know.
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we are not filled. we are not going to be persuaded. a lackaiting and it is of kurds and character. it is time that we sent him packing. in politics, the definition of courage and character is doing what is right, even if it may cost you some votes. pat toomey test that has failed. when i think about him voting against college affordability and for all of the deals that have taken away the good jobs and taking actions against the chinese, when they do not play by the rules, taking our market and our jobs, a lot of people
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lose their jobs because of pat toomey. i am determined and it is time for him to lose his job. here is what we do know -- we are blessed in this country to have leaders who have never failed the test of kurds and ge andter -- coura character. we may have one of those leaders here today. andave leaders to stand up do what is right, regardless of personal cost and they do not come better than joe biden, a guy who has stood up early on
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for women, leading the charge for the violence against women act. that was joe biden who got that done and he partnered up with a obamao was named barack and they saved the economy from the brink of ruin and brought the economy back. now, joe biden is leading the cancer, lifting this country up for a good purpose to get it done. if anybody can get it done, it is joe biden. i am done. let's welcome joe biden. ♪
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[bruce springsteen music plays] it is good to almost be in my own home. it is good to be with so many friends. i do not know where crystal is, but i have been going across the country this campaign and i have done more even's for hillary clinton that anybody else, meeting a lot of qualified people. i was listening to crystal and she captured the essence of what this is about. i just want to say, i agree with her. really. really. mayor cartwright, congressman joe kennedy, a great friend.
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.eep an eye on kennedy he will be your president some day. , there are two days left and this is not hyperbole, it may come down to pennsylvania. not a joke. there are two places that will determine the outcome are going to be scranton and pittsburgh, places we have to do well. , home is where the character is made and where your values are set. it is where your view of the world and your place of it begins to form. the thing that crystal did was touch the first introducer i of whatouching the core
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the election is about. it is about the character of the nation. that is not hyperbole. this is about the character of the nation. i travel all over the world. i have met all of the major world leaders. i know them all by their first names, because that is the job that i do. i have traveled as the vice president to speak for the president and i am the guy who they sent to finalize deals with foreign leaders. i speak for him. there is nothing missed between the cup and the lip. and, you know, what they are looking at is our character. you know, our military, we spend more than the next eight nations in the world combined.
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katie is right about this generation of warriors and my son was one of them. .e volunteered home a decorated war and before he passed away that is what i learned. and, for my grandfather. brothers, they also went. one died two came back wounded. they served. it was all about the character. it wasn't just the rest of the world doesn't look to the united states because of the example of our power. they look to us for the power of our example. think about it. the reason why my irish ancestors came, your polish, slow back,vak, the reason they
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came to the valley is a thought who we were as americans -- this is not a joke. i haven't said this before in this campaign. crystal made me think about it. they came because of who we are. i learned at my grandpop's kitchen table that money doesn't determine your worth. everybody is your equal. these are real lessons i learned here in scranton. i learned from my mom. she used to say, look at me joey. give me your word as a biden. remember, you are defined by your courage and you were redeemed by your loyalty. to me that's scranton. to me, that's how i grew up.
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i learned from my dad that there wasn't a single thing -- we didn't have any money. my dad really honest to god believed there wasn't anything i couldn't be. anything my brothers and my sisters couldn't be. he meant it or it nothing. there wasn't a single thing i wasn't capable of. anything could be accomplished. the measure of your character was not whether you got not down but how quickly you got up. look at the valley, man. how often we have been knocked down. how many times.
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the grit and determination. get back up. it is sort of the hallmark. i go all over america and around the world even though i haven't lived in scranton since i was a kid. i am literally referred to as the guy from scranton. because in this valley there is a value set. they did a study. ivy league schools did a study just a year ago. what is the most upwardly mobile city in america? scranton, pennsylvania. you know why? it's not because we are wealthy. the power and wealth we had at
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the turn of the 20th century doesn't exist. it's because in scranton and wilkes-barre, the valley, you really do treat people by their worth. one of the reasons why with crystal and katie mcginty, they understand the single thing my dad spoke about most. i have said this for the last 35 years. you have heard me say it in the setting -- senate. he used to say the greatest sin that anybody could commit was the abuse of power. the economic abuse of power has existed in this valley in the late 1800s and the turn-of-the-century. my great-grandfather was the first irish catholic elected to the state senate from scranton. [applause] mr.
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biden: they ran against him in 1904 and accused him of being a mollie maguire. he wasn't but as we got older we kind of hoped he had in. all kidding aside, think about the struggles of the valley. what have they always been all about? they have been all about dealing with the abuse of power. whether it was the formation of unions or just demanding to be treated with dignity and equality. everything i learned at my father and grandfather's table was reinforced by my neighbors and friends i grew up with in scranton. i came back here all the time until i was 31-year-old. most holidays, my friends. when i came up to kick off hillary's campaign she asked me whether i would introducer to a town she already knew.
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we did then off the record stop after 3000 people at a rally. riverfront. i said, why don't you come to my old house on north washington avenue. the woman who owns that house has owned it for 51 years. i called and said is it ok for me to bring hillary by? so i did. you may have seen that on television. i wanted to get her a taste and feel for who we are. a reminder so that she knows in her gut who she is.
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my grandpop worked at the lace mill. that wasn't easy work, man. her dad went to penn state and played football. i was able to take her literally back to the kitchen table were after 10:30 mass at st. paul's, all the men including tommy phillips who was the lead article reporter in this city for i don't know how many years -- my grandpop worked at the newspaper. all the men would sit around the kitchen table and the women would go in and around the lace tablecloth in the dining room having tea and the men would argue politics and sports. you weren't allowed to sit if you are a young guy. when you got around 15 years old you could hang around. it's where i learned so much.
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i learned about pride. independence. resilience. i left scranton but scranton never ever left me. biden: and i mean that. i mean this. it was as seared into my consequence as it has been yours. everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. america can be defined by 11. i get criticized for saying this but when the president of china asked me to define america i said i can do find it in one word. possibilities.
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that's the scranton i was raised in. that's the america i know. that's the america that hillary and katie and bobby and all of us are fighting to try and preserve. i'm being deadly earnest now. it's an america that i don't think donald trump knows or understand. forget whether he's a good guy or bad guy. i don't think he knows. i don't think he understands it. i don't think he understands our aspirations. what really bothered me in the campaign for vice president the second time around -- he's a good guy. the present speaker of the house i ran against for vice president. he's a decent man. i remember him saying in the debate, i worked in a mcdonald's. and i had dreams. as if that black kid or hispanic
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kid or that irish catholic kid didn't have the same dreams. somehow these guys don't think we dream and aspire like they do. i know it has been remarked upon how strongly i feel about donald trump's references and stated treatment of women. maybe that's because i spent my whole career fighting against that abuse of power. my dad used to say the cardinal sin of all sins was for a man to raise his hand to a woman. that's the cardinal sin of all things. that makes you a coward.
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biden: i spent the bulk of my life running percent it -- i got elected as a 29-year-old kid running on the issue of equal rights amendment. biden: that's because all the women i knew in my family, my grandmother, my mother, my sister. they are all strong powerful independent women. fighting for the dignity of women was no more than fighting for the dignity of the country. this is not for applause. i'm absolutely determined and have been my whole life that my sister who has managed everyone of my campaigns but is literally not figuratively smarter than me. we went to the same university. we used to be three years apart. now it's 30. my sister graduated honors. i graduated. even back then when i graduated
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everybody still thought that i could be president, i could be ceo. i could be anything. my sister who did better than i did taking the same courses -- there's two things. why don't you go into nursing which is a noble profession or education? not why don't you go out and become president. not why don't you become the ceo of pepsi-cola or a major corporation. there was this thing. and i was determined and still am and katie is and clearly hillary is that my sister, my daughters, my granddaughters. i have four. they can aspire to be anything that my sons or grandsons could possibly do. [applause] biden: anything. any single thing in the world. there's not a single thing they
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cannot do. not one. not one. that's the america i see. and donald trump is blind to that america. and senator toomey, says he's uncomfortable with trumps denigration and abuse of women. it's not so much that he's prepared to walk away from him, though. can you imagine katie mcginty the ninth of 10 kids if god for bid we ever had a democratic candidate who said and acted that way about women, can you imagine her standing with them for one new york second? no matter what it cost? this is not a joke. can you imagine it? even if it meant she would lose the election. that's character. katie is the real deal.
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she really is. this town -- you are stealing my line about a basic bargain. i have been talking about a basic bargain for the last eight years. there used to be one. if you contributed to the welfare of the enterprise you worked with you got to benefit in the outcome. that doesn't exist anymore. in this town you all believe in that basic bargain and fought like hell to make sure it sticks. but not for trump. for all scrantonians, for everyone in the valley think about voting for trump, i ask you think about your mother and your father. think about your brandmom and your grandpop. think about miners and mechanics to people who are washing dishes and diners. inc. about it. think about how much they cared about them getting a decent wage.
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donald trump says -- he says and he believes, he says american workers wages are too high. anybody in the valley thinking of voting for this guy. no matter what you think of hillary. american workers, their wages are too high. pat toomey says it's ok for women to live in poverty making the minimum wage and men. they don't deserve a raise. federal minimum wage. my grandfather finnegan is rolling in his grave when donald trump says i don't pay any federal income tax, that makes me smarter than you. my pop finnegan came out here -- oh god. god forgive me. bless me father for i have sinned.
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biden: i'm a lawyer. i said if we were in high school. pat toomey i think is a more decent guy. but he -- he has already voted. this is not pretending. we're not making this up. he has already voted for a republican budget to pass the house the cuts billions of dollars in additional taxes. the vast majority going to the wealthy. and outside groups would raise taxes for the middle class to sustain it. why? because they really believe this stuff.
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they really believe that the more you give to the wealthy the more the economy will grow. notwithstanding that that's the very philosophy that drove us into the greatest recession we've had in the history of america short of the depression. that's not all the people i grew up with. that's not all the people who know what a struggle is to buy a house. he said in the debate -- he said he rooted for the housing crisis. because it was good business. here's the part he doesn't get. he doesn't get that it's not about house. it's about a home. it's about being able to live in a neighborhood where you can send your kid to a local park and know they are going to come home safe.
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it's about doing able to send your kid to a local high school and if they do well they can get to college. if they get there somehow you will find a way to get them there. it's about being able to own your own home and the security that rings to a family. it's like a cocoon. it is so much more than a house. it's home. and about being able to take care of your elderly parents he rooted for the housing crisis because it is good business. crystal pointed out that he said global warning, the concept of global warming, created by the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturers not competitive. then he went on to say role of human activity is by much disputed and unsettled.
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i guess he is not quite sure that galileo got it right with gravity. [laughter] vice president biden: obviously, not educated in scranton. one of the most startling studies done by the united states military is that climate change is a growing threat to our national security. that is what the joint chiefs of staff, climate change is a threat to our national security. you have tens of thousands of
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people migrating, particularly in the south pacific and asia. millions of people having to move, and the reason why there is all that chaos in africa is because of the drought, the fight over arable land, causing chaos you see in central africa. donald trump, donald trump said if he is elected, cap economy he would cut taxes another $9.5 trillion over 10 years. every outside group that looks at this proposal says it is not -- that is not partisan, says that means either a $9.7 trillion growth in the national debt or you would have to cut 40% of everything in the federal government, including social security, medicare, education ticket the debt from rising over $9 trillion. where are these guys from? look, there are only two days left. there is so much at stake.
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for scranton, the valley, pennsylvania, the country. because of the grit and determination of you, and the people in my hometown, and will -- wilmington, we have gone to recovery, significant resurgence. more jobs than any other economy in the world combined. wages beginning to rise 3%, actual wages. the last quarter the economy grew 3%. we took office and the unemployment rate was 10%. it is now below 5%. hillary gets this. she grew up in the same neighborhoods you did. -- katie tethys. she grew up in the same neighborhoods you did, except in
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philly. she did not go as my uncle would say, not to the u, but to saint joe's. and then she went to a law school. there are two things you need to know about katie. one, she has a backbone and, to, she is smart. those are the things you need to know. [laughter] vice president biden: document
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giving people a fighting chance to reestablish the middle class. fighting a tax-cut that concentrates wealth at 1%. hillary and katie both know how to grow our economy. by increasing tax credits for childcare. capping childcare costs. in pennsylvania, the average cost is $14,700. by making 12 makes of medical leave paid medical leave area -- medical leave. you know anybody who can make it ? i don't. by making sure women earn equal pay. these are policies that economists say would increase the number of women in the workforce by 500000 and grow the economy by 9%. it would grow the economy by 9%. [applause] vice president biden: but they
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also know in order to continue to take advantage of this resurgence we need the most modern infrastructure in the world. and the best educated public in the world. right now, our transportation sector -- remember when he said that laguardia is a third world airport? every airport in america, they listed the worst, laguardia. not me. but because you have a good governor there, he is spending billions of dollars to change the whole deal. but what are we doing in washington? used to be, republican senators and representatives were focused on infrastructure. everybody knows what my wife, jill, knows. one of which is that any country that out educates us will outcompete us. folks, does anybody you know -- these beautiful children here, do you think it is possible for
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them to make it would just a inadequate education? right now, six out of 10 jobs, right now, require more than a high school degree. ladies and gentlemen, they have got a plan. to make colleges and state university free. the president and i want to make sure all trinity college for anybody is free. increase the numbers from 6 million to 9 million. it would increase the gdp. these things cost money, and they say we are expanding
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we pay for every single, solitary, the of this. let me give you an example. when i did my financial disclosure as vice president, as my wife says, you can google it, on the front page of washington post, it said it is probable no man has ever assumed the vice presidency with your assets than joe biden. i assume they were not talking intellectual. i made a promise. i did not want any conflict. i said i will not own any stock or bond. i will never have any business relationship with any entity as long as i served area and i will not accept any honorarium. so i came in for, and i remain -- well, you gave it a great salary. i am way better off.
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right after we won, the president said a lot of you made sacrifices. a great deal of money to come into the administration. and he looked down at me and said, except joe. the only one getting a raise. here is the point. i will give you one example. stepped-up basis means you go out and buy a million dollars of stock and it accrues over the next four years. the seller, yet the pentax on the billion dollar gain you made , but at a lower rate than your income tax. so if government you're hit by a truck, and he goes to your son or daughter, the ghost inheritance tax. now they are good people. these so-called trust fund
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babies. they are already very wealthy. the last thing they need is another tax-cut from congress. and you know how much that costs? because the government $17 billion a year. with one tax-cut i can help every single person in community college, and cut the deficit by another $11 million. [applause] the last one i want to make is about the candidates. trump and, the senator katie is running against, there cut from the same cloth politically in terms of philosophy. never ask yourself why? -- have you everest yourself why? they call this the most offensive senate race in american history. -- expensive senate race in american history. as much as $158 million. why so much money from the koch brothers and others to malign katie?
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if you landed from mars and wanted to know why they spend so much money trying to defeat this woman, it is because they are scared to death. if she wins, all of what they believe will in fact be -- they know she will not bend. she will not yield. she will not give in to pressure. katie understands there are certain things worth losing over. so, folks, here is the deal. we have so much potential. the thing that i think bothers me most about trump, way he comes down america. -- dumbs down america, not just his attitude towards folks were
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i come from. he talks about us, america being in decline. i challenge you, i challenge the press, find one national or international poll that says the united states of america is not the most respected nation in the world. finally one. -- find me one. [applause] vice president biden: number two, china, the european union, they are the patch on our genes. we want them to do well. does anybody feel threatened by japan? remember in the late 80's, they were supposed to own us? and they formed the eu, 384 million people.
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raise your hand if you're worried about the eu. and china, i want them to do well, but guess what, folks, china not only does not have enough energy and we have enough for the remainder of the century , they don't have enough energy, they're putting together plans for $2 trillion project to turn the rivers around and flow in a different direction because they do not have enough water for the people. a significant portion of their agricultural land has been polluted. folks, china? name me a single major technological breakthrough that was not made in america last 25 years. telling her that is. ladies and gentlemen, we are so well positioned, we are the
7:23 pm
epicenter of energy for the 21st century, the greatest research universities in the world, more than the rest of the world combined, venture capitalists that are agile and no investments, and the most intellectual property and the best workers in the world. so, folks, this is our time. this is america's time. we are in better shape than ever and we only generation, my generation, the baby boomers, now outnumbered by the millennials, the most talented, most educated generation in american history. this is not a joke. [applause] folks, we are already great. oh my god, we have so much potential. imagine. imagine. every single moment america being powered by renewable energy for the next 10 years. imagine every kid in america
7:24 pm
with the potential to go to college regardless of their zip code. imagine being able to fly from new york to london at hypersonic speed in less than three hours. imagine, imagine, what is happening right now in our hospitals, medical science, 3-d printers that are actually printing the skin that can go on traumatic burns. 3-d printers on the leverage of printing body parts for organ transplant. computers making billions of calculations per second. imagine, i promise you, more than anything else i've ever said, within the next 10 years, the next five years, we will change cancer as we know it. will be curing millions of people. [applause] vice president biden: and these guys are telling us -- just imagine the possibilities. for america, anything is possible we put our mind to it.
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we are america, we do not scare easy. we never break, we endure, we move forward, we are america and we will reach the finish line in the 21st century. that is what this election is about. so vote. get out the vote. god bless you all and may god protect our turf. america, this is our century. ♪
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>> a final poll, hillary leading donald trump by three. he is joining us on the phone. thank you for being with us. mr. shepard: good to be here. >> your survey is new for
7:52 pm
sunday, looking at the state of the race. what have you learned? mr. shepard: there are three new national polls on today. ours has hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by three points. numberseeing similar from nbc news and the wall street journal which has hillary clinton ahead. polls that came out has hillary clinton ahead by five points 48-43. low,ry clinton with the mid-level single-digit lead is consistent, but one thing that has been striking in our poll and the nbc news-wall street journal poll is the large number of voters that are lining up behind third-party candidates or are still undecided. it will be trenton leads -- hillary clinton leads into still
7:53 pm
ahead. both candidates face the ceilings they have. donald trump still, as it has been. >> we have been so immersed for this campaign for so long, the saturation of ada coverage, you have to wonder why there are still some undecided voters. how do you answer that? mr. shepard: i think you do not have to look very far. both candidates have very low favorability ratings. we found slightly better ratings for hillary clinton in our poll. she was you favorably by 42% of voters. donald trump viewed by only 37% favorably by voters. these candidates are only able to attract so many voters who view them unfavorably to cast their ballot for them. the rest we are finding are stuck between the third-party candidates or they are voting and saying they are undecided.
7:54 pm
at this point in the campaign but you have two candidates who are this disliked, raises questions about whether the undecided voters will ultimately stay home. if hillary clinton does beat him by single-digit margin, what will the winning percentage be? will she get closer to 50%? there are a lot of questions. barack obama and mitt romney, it was basically 50-48, 49-48. there were not that many undecided voters between them. that is not what we see two days before election. >> let me take that one step further because as you gauge the mood of the electorate, one of the questions we asked on the "washington journal, the state of american politics is what? based on your survey and others you have been looking at, what is your answer? mr. shepard: i think it is ready to move on past the selection
7:55 pm
and these candidates. it is striking to me how low both of their personal image ratings, personal favorability characteristics like honesty, trustworthiness, both candidates scoring very low, hillary clinton a little bit lower. -- it isming out of striking to go back and look, the last time we had a presidential race in 2008 despite the term the medicament who had approval ratings of 30%, both presidential nominees were really well liked and admired. they both had favorable ratings in the 50's into low 60's on election day, both obama and mccain. this time we are not seeing that. disillusioned by these candidates, in particular. there has been a long-term distrust of institutions which
7:56 pm
is adding up. i think also these personalities are so well known and unique that one of the things that will be interesting to me moving past election day is how much we returned to what we have seen, how voters you politics and politicians and how much we really see this become the new normal, especially for the next president who will enter with some of the lowest approval ratings on day one we have seen in a long time. about theask you calendar because donald trump and hillary clinton, the schedule is crazy over the next 48 hours but both will be in michigan, pennsylvania and north carolina on monday. mr. shepard: peace of the key states we are seeing. michigan is a state that if you were placesks ago that would both be spending time coming in clinton was going to send chelsea clinton and bill clinton are today and president obama will be there tomorrow
7:57 pm
morning. i would have been very surprised, but michigan is a state that does not have significant early voting, so the race has tightened over the last two weeks. that is a state hillary clinton need to worry about. i think you see that at this state with 16 electorate votes. it is a big price on the map. it is a state she needs to defend. obviously has always been a key firewall for her. there is a new poll that shows are ahead by six. similarly, only election day voting there. that is a state when the stakes are really high on the one day and that is why hillary clinton is going to be winding things down monday night there with her running mate, husband, president and mrs. obama as well, basically the whole gang making the big final push.
7:58 pm
north carolina is a state where hillary clinton can make inroads. early voting numbers look really good for hillary clinton. you are seeing a lot of attention from both candidates knowing that there's a lot at stake. >> steven shepard who is a chief polling analyst, the latest available online at thank you for being with us. mr. shepard: my pleasure. announcer: election night on c-span. watch of the results and be part of a national conversation about the outcome. be on location of the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters and watch of the three and concession speeches in key senate house and governor races starting live at 8:00 p.m. eastern and the following 24 hours. watch live on c-span or listen to the live coverage using the free c-span radio at. pp.
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house of commons. later on the road to the white house coverage we include donald trump in iowa and president obama campaigning in florida for hillary clinton. ♪ announcer: this week on "q&a," historian candice millard talking about her book "hero of the empire: the boer war, a daring escape, and the making of winston churchill." mr. lamb: candice millard, your third book, "hero of the empire." where did you travel to write the book? ms. millard: one of the reasons i wanted to write the book was because i had an incredible opportunity. i spent a lot of time in england,


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