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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 13, 2016 9:06pm-9:47pm EST

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mainstream media was certain hillary clinton was destined for american politics. -- for the top job. then it all slipped. red, by state turned leaving democrats in the desperate -- in the dust. >> hillary clinton holding steady. >> hillary clinton up four points. >> this guy is a complete clown. >> a rodeo clown. >> a dangerous clown. >> it would be an embarrassment to the tragedy for this country if donald trump were somehow elected to be president. >> more than 70 republicans have signed an open letter to their party chairman urging him to stop funding donald trump's campaign. >> this is a huge indicator that something is inherently flawed in that system. if you watch msnbc or abc or fox, doesn't matter.
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>> let's cross over to the american capital. donald trump is the 45th president of the united states. i suppose there has been mixed reaction over there. give us a taste of what you have been hearing. mixed reaction, to say the least. this has been a very divisive election campaign and a big part of american voted for hillary clinton because they said they were scared of a donald trump presidency. some of the headlines that came out this morning reflected that it they are along the lines of, can america survive president trump? there is a worry in the fear among the big part of the population in the united states but not as big as washington pundits believed before the vote counts began. just days before the election we saw poll after poll suggesting a clinton win and the media seem ed so confident in the outcome. as the results came and they had to admit they got it all wrong.
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at some point, a journalist looked at those faces as the -- those states as they were unexpectedly turning red and saying, who is that electorate? throughout the selection of the trump campaign has of the trump campaign is an think the media, the pundits, the washington establishment are out of touch with reality across the country and tuesday night many people felt a little out of touch with what was happening on the electoral map. >> bringing us the latest on that eventful night to say the least reporting from washington d.c. thank you. some of the politicians who have been quick to ridicule and dismiss donald trump not finding -- now finding themselves in an uneasy situation. the interior minister who has cleared his facebook page of anti-trump comments and he's not the only one.
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♪ >> world leaders have been busy congratulating donald trump on his historic win. a few hours ago, president putin
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commented on the results. >> russia is ready and willing to restore fully fledged relations with the u.s. we realize it's going to be a tough task given how they have deteriorated recently, but we are ready to play our part and do her a house to put our relations back on track. >> our rt correspondent joins me live. one interesting facet in the election campaign, that is russia meddling in the campaign throughout the duration of the long process, haven't they? finally the elections and campaign have wrapped up, but if you look back at it the highlight of the campaign as you were saying was of course how heavily was focused on russia. it's been counted how many times during the debates, the word
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s putin and russia were brought up. that's 178 in total, and that's compared to the islamic state which is still, i guess, the main threat to the united states. that was being mentioned 132 times. but in what sense was russia brought up? when it comes to clinton, one of the hooks of her campaign was essentially putting it this way. you are either with me or with the evil vladimir putin. so many tv channels and media organizations jumped on the bandwagon here. the whole e-mail scandal, that's because of russian hackers. when wikileaks started releasing clinton's compromising data that means julian assange is a russian spy or putin's agent and vladimir putin is scheming here because he is in a bromance with donald trump. >> these hacks have been taking place by russians. >> russian state actors broke
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into the dnc. >> russia has used cyber attacks. >> we know russian intelligence services which are part of the russian government which is under the firm control of vladimir putin has hacked the dnc. >> there is growing evidence that russia is using wikileaks as a delivery vehicle for hacked e-mails. >> trump himself praised putin and embraces pro-russian policy. you continue to get help from him because he has a very clear favorite in this race. >> that's really what it was, putin being the bogeyman in the campaign race. it didn't seem to work, obviously. >> the fact that donald trump won goes to show that really the american voter didn't buy it and they had more important things to care about than these allegations of putin stealing the election from the americans. maybe that is because clinton's camp wasn't eventually able to prove that putin was somehow scheming in interfering here,
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but this didn't really stop some carrying carry on even when the votes have been counted. >> this is the first election of which an enemy power deliberately and explicitly interfered in our election and got away with it. >> also, we can take a look at tweet by former ambassador to russia michael mcfaul. now, what he posted when he found out the results was putin intervened in our elections and succeeded. good job. he took that tweet off later but of course, many of the followers and other media organizations we -- we saw it. to giveory continues putin credit for trump's win. it's also been echoed across europe not just by journalists but also german chancellor angela merkel. she suggested that vladimir putin may go want an implant elections in germany that may be in a year.
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>> we are already having to deal with information out of russia over news which shows false information. it may be that this could also play a role during the election. >> what can i say? what is the next country in the west that has elections? just wait until they start talking about putin and the debate. >> in the spring next year we may have one or two remarks. thank you for bringing us up to date with that particular aspect of the campaign. indeed, for many the surprise results of the u.s. election had striking similarities with the outcome of another european country. the brexit referendum in the trumpsit the hashtag trending. >> of course there have been
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lots of comparisons especially on social media about how this particular result is just like brexit. there has been a whole new hashtag created. people have definitely drawn the comparisons from very early on today and throughout the day. this has been gathering momentum on social media. we have seen the mainstream media here literally at a loss for words because this is not a result that they expected and another example of how the media and the polls and the politicians are completely disconnected from the reality that ends up playing on the ground, which is something that we specifically saw with brexit here in the u.k. of course one of the people who weren't jubilant about these election results in the u.s. was nigel farage, one of the brexit masterminds. >> 2016 is going to be the year of two great political revolutions. i know brexit was big but this looks like this will be bigger. >> another brexit supporter and
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an campaign, boris johnson, also came out today and congratulated donald trump. he re-tweeted earlier today, congratulations to donald trump and much looking forward to working with his administration on global stability and prosperity. we also of course heard from theresa may who has also congratulated trump. she said we are and will remain strong and close partners on. trade and security. and i look forward to working with president-elect donald trump. but the curiosity here is exactly how this is going to unravel and whether or not we are going to be seeing somewhat of a 180 from the political establishment here in westminster because if we can all remember, just this year we saw mps in the u.k. debating in parliament whether or not to ban donald trump from entering the u.k. following his comments about the muslim community. hate crimes are being inflamed by the words donald trump's using.
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>> i have had rendered -- never heard of one for stupidity. >> able be curious to see how they reshuffle their opinions following this very shocking and unexpected result. >> for more on the possible impact of the u.s. election in asia, we now go to tokyo. let me start with you. japan reacting to this election result? we understand japan signed the u.s. butment with the donald trump has always been very critical of the agreement. yes. blowpotentially comes to a to japan. a triple blow.
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tpp, becomes that it bad timing with japan is about to vote on tpp legislation this week. it was pretty much expected that the next president elect is one of tpp, but tpp is pillars of the prime minister's rejuvenation. japan has to seek other trade agreements to cover the potential loss from the potential benefits of the transpacific agreement. iso as you have seen today -- stocks nosedived. 104 yen.r tumbled to with the uncertainty of the u.s. economy, economic policy, japanese yen is likely to remain strong as investors are likely
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to hold onto the japanese yen, which will be impacting japan's exporters and manufacturers, which is a blow to the economic recovery. others say depending on how long this continues, japan's economy micro crumble back to three years ago. a headache for the prime minister if that happens. another korea is significant ally of the united states, but i understand your country is in the midst of a political scandal involving the president. the attention may still be on her. would reaction go to the election in the u.s.? a letter to trump saying he won based on his us any achievements and leadership. a spokesperson announced through a press releases afternoon, she hopes to strengthen the u.s. alliance on matters including
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the bprp issue. the south korean market tumbled. the financial services commission said that such heightened volatility will continue and they will take action to stabilize the market should go over the top. markets will be monitored closely moving forward from now on. there's also the possibility for the trump administration to revisit the bilateral free trade agreement with soul and also the possibility of exporters to face difficulties if the u.s. exercises more trade protectionism. our military allies of the u.s. across the world -- including japan and south korea face increasing costs for military expenditure. this is something trump has been can josh -- has been championing.
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it depends on how much -- burden tortainly be a japan. japan is paying about $1.49 billion, about 75% of the cost already. u.s. security pact changes, the security environment will change, such as the alliance with south korea which is an held together with not --., and japan is the corporation has not been tight.
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around the globe, as japan has a net to the collective self-defense legislation to comply with u.s. defense. that also will be changing. u.s.people are saying if there, itreduces might lead us to japan beefing up its military and seeking other alliances in the region. there are some worries that this might accelerate the prime minister's interest to fortify japan's defenses and change japan's constitution. >> a similar concern for south korea. the u.s. is pushing the saying they should build up their own nuclear capabilities.
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i don't know whether he will follow up on those promises, but how will those visions influence the situation on the korean peninsula? >> there are a lot of policy uncertainties for south korea. there will definitely be changes if trump's campaign pledges turn into actual policies. south korea is concerned trump may send unpredictable messages regarding his nuclear programs. vocalapan, trump than that south korea should pay 100% for the u.s. military presence here of over 28,000 people in order to counter the aggression. during his campaign, trump said south korea and japan should be armed with nuclear weapons to alleviate the security burden for the united states. we're talking about very dramatic and alarming changes, especially considering the ongoing political scandal in this country. but all this is still very vague
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this -- vague. this period of uncertainty is sure to continue. secured -- it defense chief reiterated is almost complete and this will go ahead as planned. >> they will be a lot of uncertainties ahead. thank you so much. reporting from tokyo and seoul. the newe does president-elect have to say about asia? iraq war and the other u.s. actions in the middle east. he said he would bomb the hell out of isil by cutting off their access to oil in terms of -- he said he would oppose resettling any syrians in the u.s. and the port those -- and deport those already there. he said he would get along with vladimir putin.
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trump also said the u.s. wants to make its allies in europe and asia show a greater share of expenses for their own national defense. he emphasized u.s. foreign-policy must always prioritize american interests. addressing people at end new york hotel sometime it's a go. more from washington. we saw a very gracious but emotionally restrained hillary clinton, didn't we? it certainly took a long time for her to concede. >> it took a long time for her to concede. remember that donald trump made his acceptance speech at 3:00 a.m. local time. it was very late in the night and by then a lot of people had gone home, and so they thought better to wait until morning and they were probably doing serious rewrites of the gracious speech from hillary clinton we just heard a few moments ago.
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we heard some emotion in her voice when she said we'll donald trump an open mind and a chance to lead, but she also said and you heard it in that clip we just played the sense that he would be called to order, that they would be very vigilant when it comes to things like rule of law, freedom of worship, values that she says we also cherished. we didn't hear hillary clinton say this was her farewell to politics. like a farewell speech, but with clinton you can never say never. >> donald trump wants to heal the division within america but before anything, especially before assuming the presidency, he is going to have to heal those divisions within his own party. >> you call it his own party. that is it a question because effectively donald trump has been a one-man band throughout most of the campaign. he steamrolled the past all the
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other primary candidates. he didn't really seem to need the other republicans. then in the general election he didn't need the pollsters obviously. hillary clinton would go out on the trail with bruce springsteen and jay-z. donald trump didn't need that. he was the attraction on the campaign trail. but that was campaigning, and as you say, now it comes time for leading. he has never held political office. the first u.s. president to never have either served in the military as a general or held political office. how is he going to work with other people? it's the essential question. >> once again, the pollsters got it wrong, didn't they? this man attracting support across all layers of american society. >> yes, he even won 42% of the female vote according to an exit poll published by "the new york times," that, despite the claims of sexual harassment or remarks
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we heard on the campaign trail. donald trump, you could say the writing was on the wall and a lot of people refused to see it. what he did differently was he energized people on the campaign trail and what this was, this is important, it was a protest vote. he is not -- he says he's leading a movement. he is not the carrier of a great ideology like ronald reagan was at the turn of the 1980s. no, donald trump was tapping into the rage against elites that are out of touch, basically raging against washington. how does the turn that into policy? and i've got to say, it was striking to see him on stage with his running mate mike pence the governor of indiana. their values are so different. trump, the reality tv show star, and mike pence, this conservative christian from the midwest. it will be interesting to see what kind of the team they will
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be able to put together. >> thank you so much. he will be back with us in just over an hour's time. joining me here in the studio is a french comedian living in the united states and back in paris. thanks for being with us. for someone like yourself, an immigrant living in the states, how do you feel about this election victory? >> i'm not very surprised, number one. i have been there for 18 years now and i have been following the mindset of the americans. i cannot be surprised by trump's election after bush's second election. he had a very, very intelligent campaign. he went straight to the people and he targeted them. he rallied them. >> but it was an ugly campaign. >> it was extremely ugly but people just put aside the ugliness and went straight to
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his values. that is what spoke to them. unfortunately. and at the same time it's the result of true america. the inside of america. >> i've talked to friends and colleagues and peers about donald trump and the attraction of himself. did you talk to your friends about donald trump and were any of them actually voting for him? >> no, not really. i live in los angeles and few people in los angeles voted for trump and even if they did they would never say because it became a bad stigma to say that you were voting for trump. and at the same time i was always a little bit cautious of the way he approached that campaign, the way he was able to get those people together, the
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people who some of them for the past eight years and not recovered from that financial crisis. they saw a hero in him. they saw someone who started from very little and became a millionaire. someone who is pretty much the american dream. that's who he is. he is selling that. >> there is one american commentator described as a white-lash, which is what you are talking about, a lot of anger. does it make you want to come back to france? >> not necessarily. i don't think too much has changed with that election. i think it's the true america that we are seeing. we can pretend not to see what is going on, not to acknowledge what is going on, but it's just what it is. really wanted to elect a woman and -- because orders have
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to come from men and i think it's deeply-rooted in the american scheme right now. it could be the same in france as well. i don't want to compare both countries. i understand both of them very well, i respect them very well as well. the only positive note i could say about trump's election is that the people voted for him. they didn't vote for a republican. they voted for him. so in a way he is forcing things to change in the political picture right now. before it was just democrats and republicans. i think he's bringing something else, whatever something else might be we will know within the next year or the next four years. i think that is healthy. we need real change. we need change. and maybe he is going to be the source of some kind of change that down ig --
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some people might benefit from as well. >> thank you very much. >> the french president is giving his reaction, now live to donald trump's win. let's take a listen. >> working during brock obama's presidency, this u.s. election opens a period of uncertainty. i need to look at it in a clear-eyed manner. the u.s. is a major partner for france and what is at stake here is peace, the fight against terrorism, the situation in the middle east, economic relations, and preserving the planet. on all of these topics, i will, very soon start discussions with the u.s. administration which
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will come into office on the 20th of january, but i will do it with sincerity and openness because the traditions expressed by donald trump must be confronted with the interest that we share with the u.s., and our common history will help us engage in that discussion. france will also continue on the way of transatlantic cooperation without concessions and in the spirit of independence. the new contacts after this u.s. election demands that france should be strong, stronger than ever and take responsibility as i have done since 2012. it also demands that the european union should be united,
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strong, and able to express its opinion everywhere around the world, thinking about the fight against poverty, the fight against social exclusion, and of course, after any election you need to draw the lessons, the u.s. election has a ripple effect on the rest of the world. this election comes after a series of other elections. we need to take a clear, sober look at this specific election and again, in this case, try to understand the concern felt by many people, all the peoples of the world, including the american people in the face of the current world situation. so, we need to find the answers. the answers are within us, in
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our ability to be stronger than our fears and our ability to develop our social model of democracy. more than ever, this election should the us to take our responsibilities more than ever before as france because the e.u. is a framework within which we work. france will be doing that together with the rest of europe. thank you for your attention. the united fact that states has a was portrayed itself as a melting pot, a place where all people from all races can come together and live together in harmony. it is not obviously a melting pot. deeply country that is divided based on race and religion, which is very unfortunate. this in the past has been used to the advantage of the political establishment for adopting aggressive
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foreign-policy pursuits. i think the myth of the united states somehow being exceptional has been destroyed. no matter how the americans try to spin this. mr. trump will have great difficulty in pursuing the sort of policies that have been pursued by the united states over the past few decades. americans, weather for racist reasons or simply out of protest, there are many good americans who voted for trump simply because they did not want clinton because of her foreign policy, because of her personal corruption. there are many who may have voted for racial reasons. some people voted against the current policies pursued by the united states, the current policies of inequality at home in the policies that are destructive across the globe and if trump wishes to be remembered as a president that has improved
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the fortunes of the american people, he will have no option but to behave in a more reasonable manner in foreign policy. with regards to iran, i don't think that trump is going to do anything positive to improve relations between the two countries, but he definitely will not have the capability that clinton had to hurt the country. also, trump has major problems with allies like israel and saudi arabia. he is concerned about extremism for his own reasons. he wants to cooperate with the russians. that could have a positive result if he is sincere and if he is allowed to pursue these policies of change. that could have a positive result for the region, but i think the iranian state devices it's foreign-policy and its
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regional policy not based on who was elected in the white house but based on what it sees as him moral foreign-policy in the interest of the people of the region and the people of the iranian public. i don't think there will be any change in iran. make a difference to -- it will not make a difference to iranians whether trump is elected or clinton, think the reality on the ground in the united states and what we -- that is very good for iran. >> thanks her joining us. the controversial 2016 u.s. presidential race has finally come to an end with republican donald trump winning a surprise victory against democratic rival's records in. , withent neck and neck
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the republican keeping the lead almost all over. the scales tipped in favor of trump after he passes rival in key battleground states including florida and north carolina. to 89has so far secured secured -- electoral votes to win. trump struck a conciliatory note in his victory address. he said he will be a president of all americans and will work to rebuild the nation and trigger growth. partnership, rather than hostility, inform policy. we will always put america's interests first, we will do -- we will deal fairly with everyone. all people and all other nations. we will seek common ground, not hostility. partnership, not conflict. trump also pledged to serve
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people from all religions and races in an apparent attempt to mend his bath comments against a whole range of americans including muslims and ethnic minorities. republicans also extended their majority in the house of representatives. they also won the majority of senate seats on offer. opponents of donald trump have taken to the streets in some american cities following is decisive electoral victory. his decisive electoral victory. >> the media it was bought and paid for by hillary clinton. it was planted so we thought she was winning so she would -- we
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would not go to the polls and vote. they made it seem like it was a total loss that we should not even bother to go vote. it was bought, it was proven. >> i feel betrayed. i feel betrayed. i think the country is doing something that i don't understand. i don't understand, i don't know where we are going. i am very scared. protests were held outside of washington dc, newark city, los angeles and portland. in downtown portland in the state of oregon, protesters stopped traffic for one hour. in new york city, members of the black and hispanic communities
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voice their support for the president-elect. there were reports of sporadic scuffles during the demonstrations. won the has presidential election and he will go to the white house following months of heated rallies, debate and controversial remarks on immigrants, muslims, african-americans, and women. yes been condemned over hate speech, racism, and even open fascism. >> he seems to insult everyone under the sun. even his own supporters he insults, saying things like i love the uneducated. he is incredibly divisive and his campaign has been defined by hate and division. >> after months of campaigning and the so-called celebrations of democracy, america's what about boxes on november 8 to use their chance of choosing the candidate they believe could take them on their path to a
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better future. some believe the promises made by the candidates will not be kept at all. >> look at someone like donald trump, who is not apologize for anything, has quotes on quote learn -- hillary clinton started on one side of the spectrum but because of bernie sanders has moved a little more to the left. is that sincere, is that just political? at some point people do not care. question he 2016 u.s. presidential election will be remembered for years to come. there was hey, discrimination, while conspiracies. wild conspiracies. remains the >> people want to see borders, lest -- less taxes. >> in his first 100 days in
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office, trump has promised to build a wall in the border of millions. deport judicial authorities in the supreme court, among others. >> before donald trump there was also -- walsy -- he has created fear in the daily life of a muslim because he is convincing people of these negative views. >> months of making america great again. but in the end, some feel now that trump got the upper hand, his intentions revealed the true nature. >> is making america hates again. this making america divided.
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that is not why america succeeded. america succeeded when i celebrated and protected the diversity of our nation. >> nobody knows how donald trump will keep his campaign -- promises. the real estate tycoon will take office in january with a republican congress, as democrats failed to get control of the senate. >> u.s. president barack obama has congratulated his successor donald trump on his surprise victory. that a very warm telephone conversation are determined -- and are determined to work together. >> on behalf of the australian government, i offer my congratulations to president-elect donald trump on his historic election victory. of which he has just spoken me


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