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  Senate Budget Committee Votes to Advance Mick Mulvaney Nomination  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 10:19pm-10:38pm EST

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floor? >> no, as i said in the statement, and we can give you a full statement. this has been vetted with the parliamentarian and consistent with the rules, and if any challenge is made by the democrats the parliamentarian will sustain what we did here. >> thank you. [indiscernible conversations] announcer: the same day, the budget committee voted to approve the nomination of rick mulvaney to head the white house office of management and budget. mike enzi and bernie sanders made statements before the vote.
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[no audio] i want to thank you for meeting today to consider the mulvaney tof mick be the director of office management and budget. i believe that his experience as a business owner and member of congress makes him uniquely qualified to lead the office of
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management and budget. he is a proven budget hawk that has been vocal about rating and government overspending. i strongly support mr. mulvaney and i will be voting favorably. committee practice allows for statements from the chairman and ranking member before moving to a vote. other committee members may submit statements to the record before 6:00 this evening. this is how it has been conducted previously and today's hearing will follow those precedents. committee members have had one month to review representative maldini's background in financial information. he complied with rule is by submitting all required documents on time. he responded in a timely fashion to questions and he participated in which members were around -- were allowed questioning. there are many pressing issues
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requiring the attention of a new administration, foremost among those, the staggering debt burden that america shoulders. we need the director confirmed as quickly as possible so that the administration can confront these hard fiscal realities and explained to us how they are going to solve them. the nominee has received full consideration by this committee and deserves a vote today. when senator sanders liked to make a statement? >> i will. i would hope, given the importance of this nomination, this nominee will be the most important one that this committee deals with. i hope that members on both sides will be able to make brief statements given the importance of this nomination. precedent on this for has been for people to submit statements to be part of the record. >> that is unfortunate.
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a nomination of significant consequence and i know that members would like the opportunity to say a few words. >> i appreciate that. i delayed the vote so you would have the opportunity to review the fbi files. i would like to get on with it. statementence of my is less about mick mulvaney who seems to be a straightforward extreme righthas wing economic points of view which is his prerogative but what testers me very much about this nomination is virtually everything economically that mr. mulvaney stands for and has fought for is in direct contrast to what president bush told the american people. that bothers me very much.
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president bush, when he campaigned -- trump, thank you. [laughter] sorry. president trump, when he , saidgns for his office to the elderly and working people that he was going to stand with them, that he would not cut social security, that he would not cut medicare or medicaid. yet, you have a nominee who ,rides himself on being a hawk who has said over and over that he will do exactly the opposite of what president trump campaigned on. oni mentioned before, november 3, 2015, donald trump said, i will save social security, medicare, people love medicare. but mr. mulvaney has a different
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point of view. when he talked about programs like social security, he called it a ponzi scheme. he talked about raising the retirement age of social security to 70 years of age. that is his point of view and as a congressman, he is more than entitled to it, but it is not the point of view that president trump talked to the american people about. the truth is, we have a major retirement crisis in the country today. half of older workers in america have zero in their savings account as they prepare for retirement. have a nominee who thinks it is appropriate to cut social security and a president was nominated -- 2015, congressman mulvaney
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led the effort to shut down the federal government in order to deny 2.5 million women health care they need by defunding planned parenthood. lastly, congressman mulvaney told his committee that he doubted that human beings are contributing to climate change, in direct opposition to what virtually the entire scientific community believes, and they believe that climate change is a great threat to this planet. finally, there is the issue of mr. mulvaney's taxes. if the congressman was nominated to become the next director, it was revealed that he failed to pay over $15,000 in taxes for a nanny that he employed. wrote about this issue in response to a question i asked him on january 11. he said, quote, i have come to
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learn that i failed to pay unemployment taxes on a household employee for the years 2000-2004, upon discovery, i pay the federal taxes, the amount in $15,583, exclusive of penalties and interest which are not yet determined. this is a very serious issue. it years ago, senator daschle after it is nomination was discovered that he failed to pay taxes for one of his domestic workers. on this issue, i agree wholeheartedly with minority leader schumer who said, when other previous cabinet nominees failed to pay their fair share in taxes, senate republicans toced those nominees withdraw from consideration. their failure to pay taxes was
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disqualified by democratic nominees, the same should be true for republican nominees. nomineeusion, we have a who is ideology is in direct contrast to what president trump ran on. trump told working people and seniors he would not cut social security. compass minerals 80 is on record as wanted to cut social security, medicare, and medicaid card over and beyond, congressman mulvaney's modifications is the issue of whether we should be voting for somebody who is views are in direct contrast to what the president of the united states campaigned on. thank you. >> thank you, senator. i would be remiss if i did not mention that the secretary of the treasury did not pay
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personal income taxes and headed the irs after being confirmed. -- i do not think it was republicans that drove them out, it was the thought of what was going to happen. senator sanders has requested a rollcall vote. no votes can be by proxy but other votes have to be present. is, is a nomination is mick mulvaney to director of office management and document, i support the nominee and urging that the-- i moved committee report this nomination to the senate with the recommendation of the nominee be confirmed. is there a second? >> i second paire. >> mr. grassley? mr. sessions? mr. graham? mr. toomey?
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mr. johnson? mr. corker? mr. perdue? mr. gardner? mr. kennedy? mr. bluesman? mr. chairman? >> mrs. murray? no. >> mr. -- >> no by proxy. >> mr. white house? no. >> mr. warner? >> no. mr. -- >> no. >> mr. cain? no. >> mr. king.
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no. >> mr. van hol len? no. >> ms. harris. >> no. clerk will report. yeses, 11 rman, 12 no's. the nomination be confirmed. thank you for your time. statements can be submitted tonight.0 p.m. the meeting is adjourned.
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