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tv   Newsmakers with Senator Ben Cardin  CSPAN  February 5, 2017 10:00am-10:35am EST

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ahead. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ♪ here on c-span, "newsmakers" is next with democratic senator ben cardin of maryland. the nominations of betsy devos for education secretary and senator jeff sessions for attorney general. our guest this week is maryland's senior senator ben cardin, a democrat. on thehe lead democrat foreign relations committee. we will be talking to him this morning about a busy week in washington and a busy week ahead with kristina peterson and lisa
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mascaro. before we get started with specific questions, we have just finished up the second week, it is hard to believe, of the trump administration. i wonder how you feel about the state of things in the nation's capital. it is hard to: believe that it has only been two weeks. every day there is a new breaking story from the white house. in many cases it is reckless comments that are made, whether it is the relationship with the prime minister of australia or building a wall with mexico. it is creating real challenges. i have spoken with foreign leaders who are wondering what the basis of american foreign-policy is. it has been a challenge. we are looking to make sure our station -- nation stays strong. we will do everything we can to make sure that happens. susan: let's send it over to kristina peterson. kristina: i want to get your thoughts on the approach the president is taking to iran.
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you are a skeptic of the nuclear deal. what do you think he should be doing in response to the missile launch this week, and i know you sent a letter, but can you talk about the concerns you might have. senator cardin: first, i hope the president will consult with the senior advisers at the state department and meet with members of both sides of the aisle and capitol hilha aon hiorofeangitir 'trt an kw he wchhe clrgrme ceflyo keurits hed . er a bliicis stth vlagrmes teatnay. wergthpridt t wi mbe ocore a o alesure wha a coisntge opocyut raanta aio agnsthvaouacon krti:o u veny ncnshaleinadtial ononracod th nle aee
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a leorones c cnt ts eciv orr. irele, ngou mes ulgi y scicrsa. amesf l d r crtmt st w wl kemeca trelg ro me is hoit wl athse razaonovenweav urn e s. a o uniearndhe wldho itil tn unie ou bwoinwi muimnsagnsus wod ads whitoth we. asfftepelen rynd i earo ceerasotuntwh atisofotei a ntinue in their educational pursuits in the u.s. i have heard from businesses who are not able to get the workforce to their jobs, which is going to aect our ecomy.
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i have heard stories about how we have had individuals come to the u.s. as part of our coalition against terrorism from muslim countries will not be able to come to help us in our war against terror. there are people that are caught, families divided because they do not know if they will be allowed to come to the u.s. to reunite. even though they had visas to do that before this was put into effect. we have had many cases in maryland where people have been at risk as a result of this executive order. it is not only a travel ban, but it is also the refugee ban, which is affecting those who had plans to come to america, not just from syria where the band was made permanent, but other countries. it is against our interests and really hurting people. we have heard from many members of congress on both sides of the i'll that they were really caught up when this order
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was released a week ago. is the administration working closer with congress on its next order in this area. can you tell us anything? are you hearing anything about what will the next in terms of these is or -- of visas or travel? knowing how divided the congresses, i realized democrats have introduced some bills to repeal or amend these orders, is any of that getting any support from the other side of the aisle? senator cardin: i am the ranking them across on the senate foreign relations committee, and i have had no reaching out from the administration at all on these issues. i have communicated with the administration of my views and willingness to sit down and work. it is not just me. i don't know of any republican
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who is involved in the development of these executive orders. as a result, you saw how they work implemented in the chaotic format. first, i talked to my republican friends who agreed with the positions i am standing here. we are going to work together to try to convince this administration that going down this path is the wrong path. we need to look at the different way to keep america safe. this makes us less safe. we can also pass legislation. we are looking at legislation that would modify, eliminate this executive order. there is a strong bipartisan support for congress taking action because we don't want to be associated with president trump has done on this immigration ban. senator, is there any bipartisan effort to limit what the president can do in regards to lifting sanctions on russia?
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it looks like there may be early steps he is taking. this in general is an area of agreement bween docrats and republics thathed't nt ltanio oru wh iapni ith ana setocain wha aea letineg themra a rubca s diert y an e esen h nat wh gas rsi itou pvi aitna satis ait rsibeus ofhe aaconuroury athearcoinng inkrnendhe aivie inyr. erwi bbirtan giatnntdudhawi irthpridt g coulti a pha cse ofonesbere emiti oredinthsatis ait ss. th te listi i beg nser. d listi sil t th o t in clr reenwhe h t wt ngsso ci wth weou te ti tst i
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a lki asila giatn thegdso epridtlinangr dung sctnsn gas ruia li krti: h dyothk i go rpo t tt? r rd: iavner se aadminiration welme 's input in regards their prerogatives. but i do think we have a responsibility here to work effectively in regards to how we engage with iran, we got to the negotiating table. that was initiated by congress, not the white house. the review statute was passed by congress, which gave the american people much better view as to what was happening in regards to iran. it also allowed us to negotiate a stronger agreement and position in regards to iran. we need the same thing in regards to russia. looking at how this
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administration is cozying up to mr. putin, who is a bully, whose interests are different from ours, we need that strength of congress to stand up to the president and say, we are going to weigh in. we are to require a much more transparent process before you ease sanctions against russia. >> it was the new secretary of state's first day at the state department this week. what can you tell us about what you see as the top of his agenda? also realizing that he was confirmed very narrowly in the senate. just a few democrats, one independent came over to support him. he faces some resistance in the state department. we saw the 800 signatories to on some of hisle actions the other day. separately, i wanted to also ask you about the president's
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statement on israeli settlements. do you see that as a change in his position? what do you make of the statement the white house sent out the other night that they had concerns about additional settlements? senator cardin: on so many areas of foreign policy we don't really know mr. trumps coherent policy. we have seen his tweets and what minors. we don't know his policy. -- seeing his tweets and one liners. we don't know his policy. his policy in regards to israel is still something we want to find out about. his statement in regards to settlements is not inconsistent with former policy from the executive branch. it is hard to tell what his policy will be. mr. tillerson has a full plate. you mentioned the dissent
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cables. to make surehim that remains intact. we saw what the press secretary said, intimidating people not to use that line of communication within the state department, which has been there since the vietnam war, and it is an important way for freedom of expression within the state department. we have encouraged mr. tillerson through his leadership as secretary of state to make sure that line remains open without intimidation. he has a lot of issues. he has north korea and their attempts to develop an icbm. we have the iranian issue and the ballistic missile tests. weavwh ihaeng sya,heel rsi retish. weeemr tleon tseth clatfo cert s. ren-li. iouchf goat. heaso in authe
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