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tv   President Trump Delivers Remarks at Boeing Plant in South Carolina  CSPAN  February 17, 2017 9:54pm-10:19pm EST

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historians placed in number 12 overall. george w. bush moved response up -- moved 3 spots up to 33 overall. how did our historians rate your favorite president? you can look at the winners and losers in each of the 10 categories on her website at >> join us sunday morning on "washington journal" as historians talk about c-span's 2017 presidential historian survey. that segment is live 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> now, president trump visits boeing's south carolina facility to deliver remarks at its unveiling of the new 787 dreamliner aircraft. this is about 25 minutes.
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[applause] [chanting u.s.a] thank you.: i have to say, i love south carolina. i love it. we came down altogether. this was going to be a place that was tough to win, and we won in a landslide. this was a good one. i want to thank the people of south carolina. your governor, tremendous guy. he supported us from the beginning. i would like to think governor mcmaster. he is here someplace.
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you have been fantastic. i have to say also, that is one beautiful airplane. [applause] congratulations to the men and women here who have built. what an amazing piece of art. what an amazing piece of work. thank you dennis for the invitation to be with you today. in the old days when i made this speech, i made a lot of money. now i have to do it for nothing. love a good deal. - not a good deal. it is wonderful to be back in south carolina, especially with your new governor. where is he? standup henry. he helped us so much. i want to thank your former governor nikki haley, who was doing an awfully good job for us. she is representing america very
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well as our ambassador to the united nations. she is doing a spectacular job. it is early, but she has been really great. here today to celebrate american engineering and american manufacturing. we are also here today to celebrate jobs. jobs. [applause] know, was, as you built right here in the great state of south carolina. nation must be to rely less on imports and more on products made here in the u.s.a. [applause] it is amazing to think that a little over 113 years ago, next-door in north carolina, orville wright was the first man to sail the skies in a very
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little airplane. wright flyer was made of mostly wood and cloth. that orville's brother wilbur could not join him on the flight. he was upset about that. the flight lasted all of 12 seconds. that was incredible. cap flight was a testament to the american spirit. i see that same spirit everywhere i travel in the country. i saw the spirit all through the campaign. we have the greatest people anywhere in the world. we have the greatest spirit. just look at what is going on today in our country. look at what is happening with jobs, with plants moving back into our country. all of a sudden they are coming back. they are going to be happy about it, believe me. [applause]
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as your president, i am going to do everything ica n to publish the power of the -- i can to unleash the power of the american spirit and put our great people back to work. [applause] pres. trump: this is our mantra, buy american and hire american. we want products made in america, made by american hands. you probably saw the keystone pipeline i approved of recently and the dakota i'm getting ready to sign the bill, i said, where is the point made? they told me, not here. i said, add a little sentence that you have to buy american steel. that is the way it is going to be. we are going to fight for every last american
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your plane is made of carbon fiber. it seats 330 passengers. it's 18 feet longer than the previous version of the 787, and this airplane can fly for half a day before it touches the ground. the name says it all. dreamliner. great name. our country is all about making dreams come true. over the last number of years, that hasn't been necessarily the case, but we're going to make it the case again. [applause] that's what we do in america. we dream of things and then we build them. we turn vision into reality, and we will be doing a lot more of that, believe me, in the months and years to come.
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[applause] i also want to say a word to all thati also want to say a word to all of the members of the armed forces who are with us today in this record crowd. [applause] south carolina has a long, very, very proud military tradition and history. we salute all south carolina military families and we salute all the men and women who wear the uniform. [applause] we are going to fully rebuild our military. by the way, do you care if we use the f-18 super hornets or -- what do you think? [plane flying] well, thought that was the super
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hornet. we are looking seriously at a big order, and we'll see how that -- you know the problem is dennis is a very, very tough negotiator. but i think we may get there. we're also working on the air force one project which was a difficult project with previous administrations but it looks like we're getting closer and closer and we are going to ensure -- [applause] president trump: -- that our great service members have the tools, equipment, training and resources they need to get the job done. [applause] as george washington said, being prepared for war is the best way to prevent it, and that's really what it is, best way to prevent war, being prepared. peace through strength.
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we build a military might so great and we are going to do that that none will dare to challenge it. none. [cheers and applause] we will ensure our men and women in uniform have the latest, the most cutting edge systems in their arsenal. right now it's not that way. it will be that way very, very soon. believe me. you will be an important player in this effort. boeing has built many important aircraft, including, as i said, the f-18 super hornet, the f-15 strike eagle, and the apache helicopter, just to name a few. and i'm being very, very serious, the new air force one, that plane, as beautiful as it looks, is 30 years old.
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can you believe it? what can look so beautiful at 30? an airplane. [laughter] i don't know. which one do we like better, folks? tell me. on every front, we are going to work for the american people. nowhere in our focus -- and i mean this so strongly -- and our focus has to be so strong but my focus has been all about jobs and jobs is one of the primary reasons i'm standing here today as your president and i will never, ever disappoint you. believe me. i will not disappoint you. [applause] president trump: i campaigned on the promise that i will do everything in my power to bring those jobs back into america.
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we wanted to make much easier, it has to be much easier to manufacture in our country and much harder to leave. i don't want companies leaving our country, making their product, selling it back, no tax, no nothing, firing everybody in our country. we're not letting that happen anymore, folks, believe me. there will be a very substantial penalty to be paid when they fire their people and move to another country, make the product and think that they're going to sell it back over what will soon be a very, very strong border. going to be a lot different. it's going to be a lot different. already american industry is roaring back, and believe me, if we, not me -- i'm a messenger. if we didn't have this victory, we wouldn't be even talking about it.
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to achieve that goal, we are going to massively reduce job-crushing regulations. already started. you've seen that. that send those jobs to other countries. we are going to lower taxes on american business so it's cheaper and easier to produce product and beautiful things like airplanes right here in america. we are going to enforce very strongly enforce our trade rules and stop foreign cheating. tremendous cheating. tremendous cheating. we want products made by our workers in our factories stamped with those four magnificent words, made in the u.s.a. [crowd chanting "u.s.a."] president trump: since november,
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jobs have already begun to surge. we're seeing companies open up factories in america. we're seeing them keep jobs at home. ford, general motors, fiat-chrysler, just to name a very, very few. so many more already. they're keeping and bringing thousands of jobs back in our country because the business climate they know has already changed. in arizona, intel announced it will open a new plant that will create 10,000 american jobs. they're spending billions of dollars. [applause] we will see more and more of that across the country as we continue to work on reducing regulations, cutting taxes, including for the middle class,
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including for everyone and including for business and creating a level playing field for our workers. when there is a level playing field -- and i've been saying this for a long time -- american workers will always, always, always win but we don't have a level playing field. very shortly you will have a level playing field again. [applause] because when american workers win, america as a country wins big league, wins. that's my message here today. america is going to start winning again, winning like never, ever before. we're not going to let our country be taken advantage of anymore in any way, shape or form. we love america and we are going
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to protect america. we love our workers, and we are going to protect our workers. we are going to fight or our jobs. we are going to fight for -- we are going to fight for our jobs. we are going to fight for our families and we are going to fight for more jobs and better paying jobs for the loyal citizens of our country. believe me. you've heard me say it before, and i will say it again. from now on, it's going to be america first. working together as a unit, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. no task too large. no dream too great. no goal beyond our reach. just like you built this incredible airplane behind me -- both of them when you think about it -- we are going to rebuild this country and ensure that every forgotten community
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has the bright future it deserves. and by the way, those communities are forgotten. no longer. the election took care of that. [applause] and we will pass on to our children the freedom and prosperity that is their american birthright. our children will inherit from us a nation that is strong, that is proud and that is totally free. and each of you will be part of creating that new american future. i want to thank you, south carolina. i want to thank the great people of south carolina. god bless you. may god bless the united states of america, and god bless boeing. [cheers and applause] president trump: thank you,
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everybody. thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tomorrow, president trump seeks to supporters at a rally in melbourne, florida. it is the first rally being held by the president since the inauguration. live coverage begins at 5 p.m. eastern on c-span. >>/please been as president donald trump delivers his first address to congress. if congress is: going to be the busiest congress in decades. february 28 at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span and, and
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listen live on the free c-span radio app co. -- radio app. >> the senate has confirmed epat pruitt to be the -- administrator. the swearing-in ceremony took place in the white house treaty room with supreme court justice samuel alito delivering the oath. >> thank you. it is a pleasure for me to be here to administer the oath to scott pruitt upon his confirmation as the administrator of the epa. andre in a beautiful venue, historic one.this is called the indian treaty room , and very important treaties have been signed here over the years. that includes the grant and agreement establishing the international monetary fund, peace treaties with some of the axis powers after world war ii, and united nations charter.


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