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tv   Kellyanne Conway Speaks at CPAC  CSPAN  February 23, 2017 12:36pm-12:56pm EST

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c-span in about 15 minutes as that the device, reince priebus, and steve bannon will speak to the gathering. this morning, counselor to the president spoke to the group and we will show that to you coming up again in about 15 minutes. [applause] >> good morning. >> i thought this would be an intimate conversation between you and me and over 1000 of our closest friends. thank you for being here. we are honored to have kellyanne conway come join us today in this very special cpac. i want to start by sharing a
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little about yourself. you started picking blueberries in a farm raised by incredibly powerful women. then you become ceo of the polling company come you worked with republicans and conservatives, then you become the first successful female campaign manager and now counselor to the president. kellyanne conway. [applause] what drives you? everything you just said is an absolute blessing. women in the country work so hard and i feel like i worked hard and got my opportunity which puts me in a different category of blessings. i was raised in south jersey's version of golden girls. no one ever had a single political conversation. mom, my father left while i was very young.
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we have a great relationship now. but i was raised to be a very young -- strong independent woman. were taught to be freethinking, independent, and the old saying, you can never go home, was never true in my community. we always felt we could go home. i believe donald trump is who is not fully understood for how compassionate and great he is to women. he has been promoting and elevating women in the chump thet -- trump corporation, campaign, the cabinet, the white house, in area -- a very natural affinity for him. fortunate to have had the opportunity late in the campaign to work with an incredible team. the incredible team to help him get elected,
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particularly against a female candidate. hillary clinton should be applauded for her willingness to serve publicly, but i thought it was very telling this year that many women looked past the commonality of gender and were looking for what they shared in terms of issue, ideology, vision, and what they want out of their futures for themselves. the worklife balance we all talk about is not elusive to me. i do not have special advice for america's women except to know who you are and put your priorities in order and not worry about what the naysaye and thcritics say. no one understands your life but you. really struggling as to whether or not to go inside the white house or stay out, my children were first and foremost part of the decision. 12, 12, 8, and seven, terrible ages. >> twins. i'm telling you. >> they are here somewhere.
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so prd of their mama. kellyanne: what i ultimately decided is i work for a man in the white house where the work life balance is welcomed. of my maley colleagues or all of them appreciate the fact that they were raised by moms who either work or did not, or women of the same ilk. ofis a different set considerations for women. you have to put yourself last. they come first. but they are also selling tuned to politics in a way i never was at their age. not justk about politics but public policy and their role in the world and i would tell my three daughters and your daughters, or you, that the job for first female president of the united states remains open so go for it. [applause] mark --: a big women's
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march, and the democrats plant -- claimed all women should be democrats. you have done effectively claiming how women belong in the conservative movement. conservative feminism. how do you explain that? kellyanne: i believe the younger people do not like labels. necessarily liking to label ourselves. that is great in its own right. i do not know about calling yourself a feminist. it is difficult to call myself a feminist in the classic sense because it seems to be very anti-male and it is very pro-abortion in this context. i am neither. [applause] so there is an individual feminism that you make your own choices. as ak as -- at myself product of my choices and not a victim of my circumstances. [applause] kellyanne: definitely what
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conservative feminism is all about. forother feeling sorry herself. left with no alimony at a young relied upon her own , she relied upon her family and her faith. i believe those are timeless lessons and timeless differenties women in circumstances. one thing that has been disappointing and revealing that i hope will get better is a lot problem withe a women in power. the whole sisterhood, let's go march for women's rights, constantly talking about what women look like or what they wear, or making fun of their choices or presuming that they are not as powerful as the men around, the presumptive negativity about women and power i think is very unfortunate.
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let's try to have a conversation about that rather than a confrontation. conservative women and men in this room, we support you. [applause] mercedes: we have got your back. we have got president trump's back as well. you said privately with president trump, you have seen the public persona of the tough president. how is he in private? strength ande leadership skills and the decisiveness and the resoluteness the country was craving from a leader, that is the same in public as it is in private. i find him to be kind and generous and he has a great sense of humor. genuinely interested in everyone's lives, their own families and pursuits and backgrounds, their knowledge. he is a man who just absorbs information and people and
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experiences. i witnessed him firsthand with his five children, his 10-year-old son and wife, who is just an incredible first lady for all of us. amazing. we are all very lucky to have her leadership as well p or i witnessed him with his four adult children and grandchildren. he is a family man, happiest when he is with his family. that is really a happy place for him to be, with his family. very generous and kind, funny, compassionate, and people should really think about, when they see president trump -- president donald trump, all the places he could be, all the things he politicaloing, the motivators for many typical politicians, of which he is not one, money, power, prestige, fame, he had all of that. he and his family have sacrificed mightily for him to serve. the idea that he is there because he wants to be, because
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he believes in the country and people, it is very liberating and you see that when you are with him privately, you see it publicly. be incredible gracious and energetic. the greatest comp lament you can get from donald trump is not that that is billion or smart or great job. it is, you're really high-energy . in the campaign, i would tell young staffers that if you see him coming around the corner, do jumping jacks. blank,e says low-energy that is a bad thing? got it. kellyanne: he works harder than any recipe or he is smarter and works harder than any of us. that is uplifting you want to up your game one around him and do your best for him. if you look at the folks in the white house and i know you and your husband serve in the white house, i remember you being pregnant -- going to high school.
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