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tv   Vice President Mike Pence Delivers Remarks at CPAC  CSPAN  February 23, 2017 7:10pm-8:19pm EST

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party. can the party harness this? hattaway communications, he did a project for the dnc. he had a very important insight that i want to share. the party tends to take the activism of people and say, we will throw you some more red meat. vote for us. the point that he was trying to make, whoever the chairman is going to be, what can you do? [applause] >> good evening. i got got to tell you, the invitation to come here from matt and cpac. i said to the oscar parties, i ain't showing up.
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i have something else i have to do. and i am thrilled to be here with all of you. i am have to say how moved to see how many young people are engaged. you are the future of this country. engagedhave got to be and understand how important this moment of your history is, because this nation belongs to you. [applause] i want to ask a question and i want you to be honest, how many of you, on the day that donald trump came down the escalator were trump supporters? just raise your hand. and how many are supporters today? [applause] for breitbart. i have done it since its inception. breitbart was a friend of mine.
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i met him on the uss ronald reagan. i also have a talk show. go figure. bond villain goes talkshow host. i call my show part of a chipin o. it is an italian fish stew. be very fishy sometimes. i will let you know before the show whether it is edible or not this particular week. i want to read for you something i wrote on june 26, 2015, the day on which donald trump made his entrance down the escalator. donald trump could be the presidential candidate that finally provides america with the message that most grassroots conservatives have been waiting to hear. to common sense vote jumps
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donald. while not as poetic as ronald of an, goes right to the american population that has been ripping its hair out while watching the destruction of our republic from within. [applause] the compliance and lack of imagination from some in the republican party along with the aggressive takeover by progressives, who are bent on reshaping america into the image of europe, have brought us to the point we are now in. i have not in my lifetime seat -- seen such a disparaging portrait of america. it will take a leader that knows the -- knows how to build, not just government. thate tired of the elites have dismantled individualism. we do not need another politician at this particular time in our history. that was the opening statement on the breitbart article that i
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wrote on the date when our president was announced. , these are all great political figures and people and i respect them all. we loveer watching and all of them. there are a couple of benchmarks for me. the media is one of them. the culture is another one. we will get to the media in a second. being in hollywood since 1977, i did my first movie with frank sinatra. i have seen hollywood. i have seen ronald reagan, 1980. mind am going to bring to something that i talked with a friend of mine a couple of times. we discussed this. presidentd reagan was of the united states, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall.
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the wall came down. nuclear detente, prosperity. in 1988, his right hand was a george bush. we respect the bushes. we respect george bush. there was a shift. there was a shift that was absolutely stunning. after being the right hand of ronald reagan for eight years and seeing the bold choices and moves that he made, much like what we have seen from donald trump. the establishment on the left and the right have attacked donald trump. what is george bush's slogan in 1988? no, that was '92. kinder, he said a gentler nation. a kinder, gentler nation.
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right after he saw what ronald reagan did. now george bush is a good man. put was the globalist flag in the ground. that was the beginning of it all. after reagan we have had bush, obama --bush ii, [boos] we needed a force of nature to take the ship back. as donald campaign, trump over and over again. ran, we thought he could win. another good man. here he is. he is doing a debate. do you remember the second debate? i am an actor and i'm sitting at home. i see that debate. this, talkinge
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about benghazi. at that moment, mitt romney was not able to go -- this was on cnn, by the way. the media. i will tease you for a moment about cnn. who is the parent company for cnn? who is it? time warner. his time warner the parent company? remember that. here she goes. she holds it up. candy, get the paper. instead of mitt romney looking at her, looking at the president, you guys rehearsed this. wait a minute, the american people knew. they were misled about benghazi. we cannot mislead them any longer. that is the stance that should have been taken at that moment. her some reason, the elites are afraid to rock the boat.
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said, that campaign and i bring it up at the third debate. i also said when hurricane sandy happened, i may not have gotten to mitt romney. i said it to the campaign people . the hurricane happens. when you are going to be president of the united states, acts like president of the united states. donald trump did just that when the hurricane happened in the louisiana. he understands the media. he understands how to bring a message to the people. [applause] do you remember the night he won the election? [applause] boy nicholas, for ate hours, no kidding, he his sandwich like this.
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it was pizza. i will not do it until they call it for him. they did not off call florida earlier. 16 euros kid. when it will -- 16 year old kid. when it was called, he did not release. she did not concede. everyone's hair had to be on fire. the phone in hollywood, every hollywood elitist had to be calling. what is going on? george soros, wait a second. what happened there? they probably called george soros. she does not give the speech, for whatever reason. there is a book supposedly coming out about it. here is what she said in her speech. to the union organizers who knocked on doors, posted on facebook, even in secret, i want facebook sites,
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everyone coming up from behind that and make sure your voices are heard going forward. to the young people in particular, i hope you will hear this. spent my entire adult life for -- fighting for what i believe in. i have had setbacks. sometimes painful ones. many of you are at the beginning of your careers. you will have setbacks. never stop believing that fighting for what right -- is right is worth it. we need you to keep up these fights now. a couple hours later, there were the first riots. the first marches. that was the trigger. what is happening in our country from the elite in hollywood. the elite in hollywood can fly
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anywhere. i travel the world singing. some of you do not know that. i can go anywhere. but the makeup artist cannot get on that plane. the key grip, the electrician, the dry cleaners, the hollywood elite has lost touch with blue-collar america. they do not know. so now, just a few little things more. parent company of cnn is time warner. we know the fake media or the very fake media, i have known for years. i have seen it being manipulated . there are good people. i respect everyone's point of view. that is what america is about.
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-- i see the the trio and vitriol and intentional misrepresentation carried to the point where they should not be. that is what we see happening right now. the first 100ys days. he has only been in office at a something days. look at what has been accomplished. look at what has been accomplished. look at what the future is going to be. anyway, i have got to wrap up. i have got to finish this speech tomorrow. in honor of mike pence, i would like to mention another son of indiana. how many of you know red skelton? in 1969 he talked about the pledge of allegiance. do you remember that? what hisike to read
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teacher said to him about the pledge of allegiance. the kids were not saying it without any meaning behind it. the last message ronald reagan gave to the american people in his farewell speech was american patriotism. educate the youth with a new american patriotism. i wrote an article on breitbart, please read it. trump during his inauguration address brought up patriotism. the assimilation of immigrants that do not know what america stands for and the youth have not then. me,pledge of allegiance, i, ofindividual, a committee one. to give all of my worldly goods without self-pity, my allegiance, my love and devotion to the flag. our standard. old glory, a symbol of freedom.
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your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts. freedom is everybody's job. the blood sacrifice of our most brave. united, that means we come together. states, individual communities that have united in 250 great states. withdividual communities dignity and purpose. divided with imaginary boundaries, yet unified for a purpose. and to the republic, a state in which sovereign power is invested. it is chosen by the people to govern. and government is the people and it is from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people. for which it stands, one nation under god. meaning so blessed by god. incapable of being divided with liberty. the right to live one's own life
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without fear of some retaliation. justice, the principal equality of dealing fairly with others for all. it is as much your country as it is mine. boys and girls, let stand for the pledge of allegiance. let's hear it. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please host, "fox news channel justice with judge jeanine," and emmy award winner, judge jeanine p wrote. [applause]
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jeanine: all right. hello. i am the last person you're going to hear from before the vice president comes here tonight. so i am going to keep the time tonight. i picked that song because i love to be happy. but most of the time, i am not. [laughter] and i want to tell you why. cpact to welcome you to and the united states of america, where illegals with criminal records in some states have more rights and protections than american citizens who live here here he -- live here. that's exactly what i said.
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they are called sanctuary cities. withat's that got to do cpac tonight? everything. it is simple. really, it is about the security,on, national and the first order of government, which is the protection and safety of its citizens. [applause] trump parlance, it is called law and order. [applause] know a little bit about law and order. i spent over three decades on the battlefield where the fight between good and evil unfolds
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every day. ugliest side of life and the pain that people go through for no reason. they did not do anything. they did not ask for it. they are just going about their day like the rest of us. are forever changed by someone who made the decision to victimize them. and never, ever forget, it is the criminal who makes the choice to commit the crime. [applause] job, as a prosecutor judge andd three-time district attorney, every time with a conservative
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endorsement on the conservative line is to fight for those who never chose to be part of the criminal justice system in the first place. the ones who never did anything and did not deserve it it. -- it did not deserve it. as go through the constitution on the basics. number one, our founding fathers made clear in the constitution that immigration is a matter for the federal government. the federal government. article one, section eight, subdivision 4, and trust to the federal legislative branch the power to regulate citizenship. today, cities and states across this great nation, progressive mayors, are prioritizing the protection of illegal criminals who not only
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,iolated our law to come here but in addition, committed additional crimes while they were here. mayors are directing that local police, under their jurisdiction, not share information about these criminal illegals, and not assist the .c.e. when they issue a hold or detainer warned so they can be deported. result, they roam freely among us. it was a sunny day, she was walking along the pier. she was in a place where she had a right to be.
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with someone that she loved. her dad. aliensa criminal illegal in the same vicinity, a place he had no right whatsoever to be. the ports had ordered him deported at least five times. and his conviction for at least seven felonies made him a career criminal. and as she lay dying on that cold pier from the gunshot wound fired by the man using an illegal weapon, who had no right, no right to be there, she begged for her father's help. but there was no help for kate. all the protections are now in place for her killer.
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he was 19. he came here illegally, and like so many others his age, he crossed the border from central america and openly admitted, i am a gang member. stop the obama administration from allowing him into our country. ms 13.g, one of the most violent gangs in the world, where initiation toges from rate -- rape, beating someone to death in front of other gang members. too had been ordered out of the country. but in spite of his many convictions, new york state blasiohe blog leo -- de believed he needed protections.
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and police therefore ignored i.c.e. and the federal request to hold him, at least until they arrived. today he wanders freely, wherever he wants. result, all who come in ms-13ct with him risk criminal activity. make no mistake. all of us are immigrants. unless you are a native american. [laughter] [applause] ok, i am with you. but i am not here to talk about immigration laws. i am here to talk about sanctuary cities that are asylums for criminal illegals. and if you believe in america and conservative values, and everything in our constitution,
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it is time for you to demand an end to the criminal enclaves that are known as sanctuary cities. [applause] jeanine: the sanctuary apologists argue that holding a criminal illegal for pickup by i.c.e. destroys the relationship between police and the immigrant community. wrong. think that an illegal is going to tell a cop about a crime committed by yet another illegal, you are sadly mistaken. [applause] jeanine: i know.
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[crowd chanting build the wall] jeanine: they are already here. [laughter] jeanine: if the illegal who is a victim knows the illegal criminals who victimized him is protected and has sanctuary, the victim is more afraid of the other illegal with sanctuary then he is of the cops. so what is the point? of you might be interested, congress has already visa. a law, about a we do not need sanctuary cities. if someone is going to cooperate with law enforcement, they get a new visa. his family is protected, everybody is protected, right? we do not need to put a whole
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city at risk. now, fast forward. president trump in his first 30 days -- [cheering] jeanine: pursuing to his word, signed an executive order to deputize the deportation of as well asigrants, those that use our money and welfare programs. [applause] jeanine: not bad. , if the locals do not cooperate, the president has indicated a risk federal grant money that is used for law enforcement and child protection. that means there will be fewer cops and less protection in those sanctuary cities to protect american citizens who
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are subject to being victimized and are living in these criminal enclaves. as the left marches and spew allegations of hatred and demonize our president, calling for his impeachment, they are ignorant of the facts and the law. and they do not care about american citizens who are in jeopardy. folks, there is a big difference between compassion for those who come here to work, and those who are a danger to the rest of us. [applause] and so it is time, it is time to take the country back . we started with president trump's vice president pence, but it is time to stop listening to the nonsense of the left is spewing. it is time to protect the law-abiding citizens of this country.
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[applause] time for lawit is and order. president trump and vice president pence understand the first order of government is the protection of its citizens. and we cannot and we will not allow sanctuaries as innocent americans become subject to random acts of violence and death by people who should not even be here in the first place. enough of this a nine-sounding sanctuary city hogwash. -sounding sanctuary city hogwash. to the mayors in los angeles and d.c., they will not retreat as a , i asked, at what point do we stop the violence in the killings? are you willing to risk it all to protect the illegal who is a
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criminal? so, who is it ok to lose? who is it ok to risk? your son? your daughter? your mother? you resist deportation of those criminal illegals who have no right to be here and even worse, with the federal money that puts -- on the street to protect american citizens? how dare you. we do not need your sanctimonious condescension as to whether or not we as americans are kind enough or christian enough. we are. [applause] jeanine: it is time for us to go back to the america that our founding fathers intended.
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one that they might actually recognize. and like president trump, it is time for us to stop being politically correct and start being morally right. [applause] jeanine: thank you cpac, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you. [applause] ♪ happy ♪ause i'm
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♪ [cheering] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, from the nra club, please welcome chris -- >> how is everybody doing? everybody having a good time?
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let me ask you a question. how many of you came to see this last year? that is great. how many of you remember what happened six days before cpac started last year? it was february 16. an american freedom suffered a loss when justice scalia unexpectedly passed away. that day, the stakes of the 2016 election fundamentally changed. this was no longer a fight for the next four years. this was a fight for the next 40 years. as you all remember, the republican primary was still let's say, interesting. but we knew hillary clinton would either win or steal the democrat nomination. [laughter] and we knew exactly what a hillary supreme court would look like.
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are those that support the second amendment, we knew our gun rights would be gone. our right to keep and bear arms, survive the court by just one vote, and he had just passed away. think about that. the court said we have a right to keep a gun in our homes to protect ourselves if, god for bid, some criminal breaks in and wants to murder us. that is it, that is all they said. view, she said it was a terrible decision. that the supreme court was wrong on the second amendment. so we decided the freedom could not afford for us to wait. the nra has not backed down from a fight in 146 years. were notre as hell scared of hillary clinton. [applause] so we made the earliest endorsement in our history when we endorsed donald trump for president in may. [applause] you are happy now. but let me tell you, it was a
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lonely summer. [laughter] chris: we were criticized, we were ridiculed by the mainstream media. and you know what? we did not care and we did not flinch. [applause] human we spent a more resources and more financial resources than ever before. door andoing door to running tv ads when no other group in america was fighting. because nra members knew the soul of our country was at stake. it was not an easy ride. but there were moments last year when you knew we could win. when hillary turned her back on law enforcement. you knew americans across this country were not with her. when she embraced and open borders philosophy that favored a sanctuary cities over the rule of law, you know in your heart it was wrong. and when she said you were all deplorable? irredeemable.,
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you thought maybe this time, we the people would fight back. and donald trump did just that. [applause] sanctuary cities, no thanks. i will take a wall. [applause] turn our backs on law enforcement? absolutely not. they deserve our respect and our thanks, just like the brave men and women in the military. [applause] cnn serenadedle hillary clinton, donald trump's fingers got to talking on twitter. but for all the moment you felt when we had a chance, you know what that moment was for me? when i knew we could win? the moment donald trump picked mike pence to serve as his
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running mate. [applause] chris: i have the honor tonight of introducing and presenting an award to the vice president. and i cannot be more proud to do so. the charlton heston courage under fire award is the highest award presented at cpac. it is not presented annually. it is only presented when out were the recipient is apparent. courageviduals who show chemistry the character, and backbone in defending conservative values and principles. the award is a flint rock rifle, with immediate calls a high-powered weapon of war, so we left it outside. in reality it represents the strength of american freedom. and so does this year's award winner. throughout his life, mike pence has stood on faith and principal. -- principle.
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he remains grateful for the grace of god and his family, and the liberties that are every american's birthright. that sums up the man and i cannot think of a better recipient of this reward -- award. , the vice gentlemen president of the united states and his wife, mike pence. ♪ [applause]
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[chanting usa] mr. pence: hello cpac. it is great to be back as the premier gathering of conservatives in the united states of america. [applause] mr. pence: this is the ninth time i have had the privilege to address cpac. thanks to all of you and the confidence of our new president, this is the first time i am here as vice president of the united states of america. [applause]
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mr. pence: because of all of you, because of your hard work and your support and your prayers, my family and i have the privilege to serve. and more importantly, because of all of you, my friend donald president of45th the united states of america. [applause] know, the you president and i have become good friends. it is the greatest privilege of my life to be vice president to a leader of such conviction, vision, and courage. some people have remarked that we are a little bit different. [laughter] mr. pence: i am a small guy, he is big city. i am midwest, he is manhattan island. for his bigger than life personality, his charm, his
7:53 pm
charisma. and i am, like, not. [laughter] [applause] mr. pence: as i said at the republican convention, i guess he was just looking to balance the ticket. aside, when president trump asked me to join them on the ticket, i said yes in a heartbeat. because you have elected a man for president who never quits. he never backs down. he is a fighter. he is a winner. and i promise you, he will never stop fighting until we make america great again. [applause] mr. pence: from the onset, our president reminded me of somebody else.
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a man who inspired me to actually join the cause of conservatism nearly 40 years ago. president ronald reagan. [applause] i believe president trump is giving voice to the aspirations and frustrations of the american people like no leader since reagan. i just knew our new president would reignite our cause and renew it in our own day. and he did just that. a historicrump won victory all across the united states of america. [applause] mr. pence: think about it. 30 out of 50 states, including state and no republican had carried in a generation. president donald trump turned up the blue wall red. [applause] mr. pence: and you know what?
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the establishment never saw it coming. i mean the media, the elites, the insiders, everybody else who saw preserving the status quo, they dismissed our president every step of the way. in dismissing him, they also dismissed millions of the hard-working, forgotten men and women who make this country great. worse yet, they are still trying to dismiss him. they are trying to dismiss all of us. what they should have learned on election day is, this is not a government of the elites, by the media, or for the establishment. what november 8th shown, even if they did not listen, this is still government of the people, by the people, and for the people. [applause] mr. pence: and the last november, the american people rose up, demanded a safer
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america. more prosperous america, and a great america again. why the american people elected donald trump as president of the united states of america, and president donald trump is already delivering for the american people. [applause] mr. pence: so i am here today because of all of you and this conservative movement. on behalf of the president, from the bottom of my heart, let me say thank you. thank you for your hard work in your commitment to our cause. but our fight did not and on november 8. day, no mistake about it. at the hardest, most important work lies ahead. the fight goes on. let me make you a promise. president trump will fight for you every single day. [applause]
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mr. pence: president trump is a man of his word and we are keeping the promises he made to the american people. at the white house i like to say we're in the promise-keeping business these days. when president trump asked me to chair the transition he looked at me and said, mike, just get me the best. [laughter] that,nce: and how about attorney general jeff sessions. [applause] how about jim, "mad dog," mattis as secretary of defense? carson forr. ben housing and urban development, just to name a few? i could go on and name every single one of them and i am proud to stand with each one of you. this is the a-team.
7:58 pm
i say with great confidence knowing the men and women he has assembled around us, president trump has assembled the strongest conservative cabinet in my lifetime. bar none. [applause] mr. pence: with in this team, we have conservatives have an opportunity that only comes around every few generations. or maybe just once in a lifetime. my friends, this is our time. [applause] mr. pence: this is the chance we have worked so hard for so long to see. this is a time to prove again that our answers are the right answers for america. military, more jobs, less taxes, respect for the
7:59 pm
constitution, and the values that have made america great in a deep and abiding faith in the goodness of the american people. [applause] ,r. pence: history will attest every time america produces a leader that build on this firm foundation, our nation reaches heights that once seemed unreachable. and let me assure you, president donald trump is such a leader. leadership, we are making america great again. [applause] he is putting america
8:00 pm
first and putting americans back to work already. he is rebuilding the military and putting our enemies on notice. is supporting law enforcement and and for all. [applause] mr. pence: years rolling back big government and flashing through red tape, upholding the constitution, restoring the culture of life and president donald trump is leading the fight to repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] mr. pence: and let me assure you, america's obamacare nightmare is about to end. [applause] you know, despite the best efforts of liberal
8:01 pm
activists at town halls around , the american people know better. obamacare has failed and obamacare must go. [applause] this law is crippling the american economy and crushing the american people. talk about your fate is, folks, just look at all the promises americans made about obamacare. they told us the cost of insurance would go down. they told us if you like your doctor, you could keep him. they told us if you like your it,th plan, you could keep but now, we all know the truth. today, americans are paying $2000 more a year on average for health insurance. best year, premiums skyrocketed by a stunning 25%. millions lost their plans and doctors. higher costs, fewer choices, worse care. that is obamacare. [laughter] mr. pence: if that were not bad
8:02 pm
enough, obamacare is a job killer and everyone in america knows it. we are about to change all about by repealing obamacare once and for all, eliminating its mandates, intrusions into your business and lives. [applause] all, the: and best of president trump -- with president trump leadership, obamacare will be replaced with something that actually works. something both on freedom and individual responsibility. president trump and i want everybody to have access to quality and affordable health insurance, which is why we are making a better law. we are going to let americans purchase health insurance across state lines, the way you buy your life insurance and car insurance. we are going to make sure americans with pre-existing conditions have access to health insurance and the security they
8:03 pm
need and we are going to give states the freedom and flexibility to take care of the least fortunate in the best way that will work in their state and community. despite all the fear mongering from the left, make no mistake about it, we will have an orderly transition to a better health care system that finally put the american people first. after we bp law and replace obamacare, we are going to do a whole lot more. we are going to start off by rebuilding the american military . we will restore the arsenal of democracy, provide our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guard with the resources and training they need to accomplish their mission and come home safe, and we will hunt down and destroy isis at its source, so we can no longer have it threaten our nation or families. [applause] we are going to get
8:04 pm
this economy moving again by cutting taxes for working families, small businesses, and family farms. we are going to keep rolling back job killing regulations and ecind unconstitutional orders signed by barack obama and under president trump's leadership, we are going to restore fiscal responsibility to washington, d.c. and enact real education reform that gives families more choices in recognizing education is a state and local function and under president donald trump, no state will ever be forced to adopt the common core. [applause]
8:05 pm
mr. pence: you know, i am proud to stand with a president who is doing all of this and more and i am proud to stand with a president who stands with our most cherished ally. the jewish state of israel. [applause] israel's fights is our fight, her cause is our cause, her values are our values, and under president trump, america will stand with israel. [applause] and maybe most of all , maybe most of all, i am
8:06 pm
grateful and honored to serve with the president who will uphold our constitution and the sanctity of human life. [applause] because of president donald trump, life is winning in america again. [applause] he pence: last month, reinstated the mexico city policy, preventing foreign aid from funding organizations that promote or perform abortions, and we will make the hyde amendment permanent. [applause] and when it comes to the highest court in the land, ,nd judge neil gorsuch president trump kept his word to
8:07 pm
nominate a new justice to the supreme court who will uphold our constitution and on the god-given liberties enshrined in it in the tradition of the late and great justice antonin scalia. [applause] men and women of the conservative movement, this is our time, and i promise you the president and i will work our hearts out to make america safe again, to make america prosperous again, but the success of our movement and more importantly the success of our country depends as much on all of you as it does on us. we must all of us rise to the challenge before us tomorrow and every day thereafter through the other side is not sitting idle
8:08 pm
and their allies in the media are more than willing to amplify their defense of the failed status quo every single day. now more than ever, as we did before when this movement won cap the congress in 2010 and won back the white house in 2016, we have got to do what we did before. we have got to mobilize, march forward, as if it is a most important time in the history of our movement because it is. [applause] men and women of this movement, there is no time like the present, so make your voices heard in town halls with your family and friends, on the internet and social media, and all those places where common sense conservative messages are most desperately needed, as this is our time. from this day forward, to make
8:09 pm
america great again, president trump and i need every ounce of your energy and enthusiasm, your conviction, your coverage, your passion, and we need one more thing, if you are inclined. we need your prayers. [applause] mr. pence: last month, i took my oath of office, administered by the great justice clarence thomas. [applause] mr. pence: for this grandson of an irish immigrant, it is hard to describe the privilege, that i and my family felt that day. on the bible used
8:10 pm
by the 40th president of the united states back in january of 1981. [applause] mr. pence: but what was uncanny about that moment was that i opened that bible to the verse that he had open to on that day and it happened to be the very same verse are most often quoted as i campaigned across this country on behalf of our new , as we labor and advance this clause to restore our country, we i think would do well to remember those ancient words. people, who are called by his name, will humble themselves and pray, he will do like he has always done. he will heal this land. one nation, under god,
8:11 pm
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. mr. pence: so, reflecting on those timeless truth in the work we have to do, my fellow americans, it is time that i am confident. i am confident with your health, and with god's health, and with president donald trump in the white house, i know the best days for america are yet to come. [applause] mr. pence: let's get to work.
8:12 pm
thank you. god bless you. god bless you. [cheers] ♪
8:13 pm
♪ [indiscernible chanting]
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[playing the song "the liberty ♪ll"] ♪
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>> you can watch all of our coverage from the second day of the conservative political action conference online at and we will show
8:17 pm
some of today's speakers in a moment. return to members of congress who are out for a week long district work period. a number of members have been visiting the u.s. mexico border to get a look for themselves at how a wall might impact residents and national security. a congressman his district is on the border was at a hand across the border event today sharing snapchat.on another senator posted a selfie on twitter from a helicopter above the border, and freshman senator, harris was in her home state of california. it picture of her here above the ordinal dam. mitch mcconnell visited a brewery in his home state of kentucky and in iowa, high school is challenged their 84-year-old senator chuck grassley to a push up competition. [indiscernible] >> all right. [laughter] >> kylie!
8:18 pm
[applause] [laughter] [cheers] she winds. s. she win [applause] >> and congress returns monday. watch live coverage of the house on c-span and the senate on c-span two. kellyanneday at cpac, conway spoke to the gathering just outside washington, d.c. on the second day of the conference. here are her remarks. ladies and gentlemen, this is mercedes.iew by haz


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