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tv   Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile Delivers Farewell Remarks  CSPAN  February 24, 2017 8:52pm-9:03pm EST

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the national endowment for the arts. and molly o'toole, senior reporter talks about u.s.-mexico relations following this week's release of the trump administration's new directive. for reasonspondent magazine will discuss his piece in the march edition on how student behavior is being handled in schools by police officers. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 saturday morning. join the discussion. >> the democratic national committee's meeting in atlanta to elect a new chair, earlier today, outgoing chair donna party'soutlined the path ahead. she has led the dnc since late july, when debbie wasserman schultz resigned during the 2016 residential campaign.
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[applause] donna: i want to thank hillary, i want to thank all of you. before i bring forward two great leaders of our party, i want to remind you the resolutions are available electronically. we are also in the process of making copies. you will have those copies available this afternoon. please read them. i will be around all afternoon, going to various caucuses and various meetings. you cannot find me before 6:00 you know where i will be , after 6:00. [laughter] donna: the gentleman from hawaii raised an issue. before i bring on the chair and
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cochair of the unity commission let me address his concerns. , when i received that call on sunday, july 24, to once again become your chairwoman, i did so without reservation. because i am a democrat. i dropped everything i could possibly drop out of my life. my jobs, my income, my vacation, my time away. i took phone calls from bernie sanders and hillary clinton, barack obama and i said absolutely. there would not be a donna brazile had it not been for the leaders of this party. such as john f. kennedy and lyndon johnson. there were not be a donna brazile had a not been for jesse jackson, and walter mondale, and al gore and bill clinton and barack obama. [applause]
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donna: i thought over the years with hillary clinton when she started the children's defense fund. yes, i marched and registered new voters for bernie sanders until my first obligation of the party chair. it was to make sure i went into conduct of the most exhaustive a review of our party. i went through everything i could find, and let me tell you, when i found things that were inconsistent with our values, i made sure we put aside and we got rid of them. every step along the way, i would call bernie, i would call hillary. i would report back to them. yes i'm grateful bernie and , hillary stood by us and since this party was hacked by a foreign, hostile military intelligence communication.
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they stood by us so we could get back to work for democrats across this country. when it comes to the staff of the democratic party, i will stand by them. they are the best and brightest, the hardest working, the most dedicated. let me say this. the most courageous people i know. i know people who had to march and came home bleeding. i know people who saw family members hanging from trees. i have lived long enough in the south to see blood on the hands of those who tried to get people to register. yet i watched for the last seven months people come to work after their lives were threatened. after they had to deal with bomb threats. after they had to deal with people that wanted to murder them. they did that work for you. i will never back down from them. [applause]
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donna: [indiscernible] many of them children. how many of you had to bury a child last year? how many of you had to see an intern that did not wake up? how many had to come to work after you were called many names and thought you would not live to see the night? we are a unified party. we are going to lead us forward. [applause]
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donna: are we perfect? no. i came into a party that had a higher threshold. i came into a party that had doors locked. we open to those doors, we made it a stronger party, a more wholesome party. we are the people's party. and because they are the people's party we are going to , become stronger together. our unity commission will work with us to fix the problems we saw in our primary. we are going to move forward ladies and gentlemen. this is the party that would allow the daughter of a maid and a janitor did lead. we are going to lead it. we are going to lead it together. join me now for the unity reform commission. it was created in the 2016 convention with the goal of reviewing the presidential nomination process. they are going to give us a report.
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we are going to stand together and fight together, and we are going to win together. we are not afraid of donald trump. we are not afraid of the opposition because we are going to unify, come together, and kick some ass in 2017 and 2018. [applause] announcer 1: we will be live tomorrow from atlanta with a democratic national committee is meeting to elect a new chair. you will hear from the candidates and watch the election results starting at 10:00 eastern on c-span.
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announcer 2: sunday night on afterward -- >> my focus was to get justice for trayvon martin, and all of these obstacles were placed in our path. what parent do you know that has a 17-year-old that, if something happens to them, they wouldn't want answers? thrust ont has been us, we understand there is a bigger picture, something more important than just the death of our son. there are other lives out there that we are trying to impact. the fifth2: on anniversary of the death of trayvon martin, his parents, sabrina and tracy, talk about his life and death, and their experience with the judicial system in their book. they are interviewed by the leslie lowery, a washington post
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correspondent. >> what you think of the legacy of your son's life and of his death and the activism that has been birthed because of it? you look at the group black written in response to the failure to convict george zimmerman -- if you think about that, what comes to mind? >> we definitely think of trayvon as a young man who galvanized his country. >> the name came from not just in was -- who he was but all black and brown boys and some girls as well that have been killed, and nobody is being held accountable. announcer 2: sunday night at 9:00 eastern on afterwords. announcer 1: several lawmakers are holding town halls in their
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home state. on friday, iowa senator chuck grassley took questions on a number of issues including health care, immigration and more. he was asked to the ethical and moral standards of president trump. this is over an hour. >> we posted a number of elected officials and candidates from both parties. we have always had respectful meetings. that is what we are looking for today. the senator refers to it as i/o at night. -- iowa night. we welcome you as guests, from somewhere else. what we expect is that you do not interrupt. use your inside voice. i know it will be hard because


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