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tv   Judy Kurtz on White House Correspondents Association Dinner  CSPAN  April 30, 2017 3:32pm-3:38pm EDT

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what could occur from a columnist up the hill, good morning to you. >> good morning. the presidentut plus night, how did the dinner go? what was the mood in the room? than was more low key
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years past. i am a lot of these scanners. very mellow compared -- borderline comatose -- i hate to say it. low-energy. hassan manoj from the daily show brought the energy finally. some of the criticism of the media itself before that was really celebrating at some and the first amendment. >> who else was in the crowd? i mentioned the word comatose. any excitement from other participants? letter -- celebrity element was virtually nonexistent. a lot of hollywood stars are not to come as they have in years past. we've seen george clooney, kim kardashian, lindsay lohan. number up this time. .ixar was madeleine albright she was talking to reporters ahead of the dinner. journalists had to talk to each other which is a foreign concept
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for a lot of us. not that many hollywood stars were out. >> any members of congress of note? >> a lot showed up despite president trump saying he was not attending. and no one from the trump administration attending either. stephen collins was there. we saw a lot of lawmakers attended. but not as many as in years past at the same time. definitely sparser in the hallways, usually it is packed. there are cocktail parties ahead of the dinner. none of that is here. >> how do use a future dinners playing out? first of all, remind us of the purpose of that interested it by the correspondents association. >> we talked to white house
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correspondents association president jeff mason, who said this here was going to go back to the dinners roots and show but it's a celebration of the presidency, but a press and the first amendment. we certainly saw that, bernstein -- keynote speakers. a long explanation and lecturer on journalism. thanks for the next four years it maybe more of that. we may not see that celebrity element we have seniors passed, this crazy, wild weekend. i should also note, it's something a lot of folks welcome. there weren't distractions. some people are pleased by the fact that it has turned into a more serious affair. " there was another event in town yesterday called, the not the white house correspondents dinner.
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summit the organized. what was that all about, what was it like? >> i had a busy day of -- day yesterday. [laughter] >> you did, you did. >> it was an hour long shot, extension of her show where she was harshly critical of the president. as much as his empennage. he was critical of the press, though, so inviting criticism not ask an president trump but in the way he is covered. withy taking issue bringing naturalism on different people that were between the pundits. taking the media to task, while also saying how much we appreciate the role of the media and the important role that place. >> finally, where does this debate between the president and media go from here? what do you see coming in the future? >> as with this -- this
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president, many things cannot we do not know -- i will not play the guessing game. he has said your he will absolutely -- is a white house correspondents association dinner. like he was being treated fairly by the press. i don't know if that will change next year, but we will be watching. very busy saturday for you, judy. thanks for talking to us. >> great to speak with you. >> c-span were history of full-scale. in 1979 season and was created as a public service by america's television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. ♪ >> now is look at u.s. military strategy in the asia-pacific region with admiral harry harris.


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