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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 3, 2017 8:02am-8:35am EDT

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--day on q&a, defense mental >> completely embarrassed united states navy and shocked the culture that people were to provide information about ship movements. in other things as well exchange for not much money but a fairly lavish lifestyle. >> "washington journal" continues. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] while hillary clinton blamed herself, she also blamed and james comey.
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we want your thoughts. -- it was an event for women and women international in new york city. here are part of clinton passes comments for yesterday. clinton: there was a lot of fun business going on around that. ask yourself this. within an hour or two of the hollywood access tape, being russian thefthe of john podesta emails hit wikileaks p or what a coincidence paid you cannot make this stuff up. did we make mistakes? of course. did i make mistakes, oh my gosh, and my confession
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request for absolution. we lostreason i believe where the intervening events in the last 10 days. host: that is her assessment and we are getting your thoughts. tennessee, independent line. you think about clinton passes assessment? clinton's assessment? caller: doing since the very beginning. against all ofg it, he said he would win because all of the uneducated would vote for him. hillary is obviously the smarter one on how to run a country because she does what many other , he's one we have now
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threatening to close the funds down to run the country. as far as her loss and 2016, was it her fault, wikileaks, james comey, what these think? caller: i automatically -- it automatically gave trump the now heion to around -- is condemning him. a man cannot make up his mind. i am very concerned. i'm a veteran of the vietnam war. i was in a group that was in special forces. commandseen people in that kind of lost their mind and it was up to us to change it. host: ok. bonita in wyoming. go ahead. caller: good morning.
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i think hillary clinton lost because she was not the best of the two that were the worst. i believe her husband had a lot to do with that weird he is nothing but a predator. i believe it came out just right. i voted for trump and i'm very proud i did. host: why place the blame on her husband and not her campaign on how she ran it? well, she had him, he was right there, and they were in the white house, they stole silverware out of the white house, furniture out of the white house, when they moved. had to go get it back. there were a lot of things. hillary clinton was mixed up with russia, not trump. i believe that with all my heart. believe there is no
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influence that came from james comey and releasing the information he did so close to the election? caller: well, possibly. released the truth and she did not like that and she was afraid of what else he would reveal. that is what the deal was. int: let's go to lewis virginia. republican line. you are next. caller: thanks for taking my call. because highs school kids stole something from a school and a tattletale stole something and then he goes around blaming the tattletale for the reason why he was suspended and not taking -- whether it be the russians and they were all acting due to hillary's own actions and she still refuses to
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take responsibility for it. it is amazing how people, the press, are willing to deflect blame and ignore the origin of all of these other actors. there would be no james comey and no russians if she had not done those actions to begin with. host: the comments from hillary clinton yesterday promised a response from president trump on twitter. james comey gave her a free pass for many bad deeds. twitteron to comment on saying the trump story was an excuse by democrats for losing the election. perhaps trump just ran a great campaign. wikileaks, came to saying it was during the chairman john podesta and other democratic officials, flynn -- what she is already said publicly that her loss, pointed out she still won the popular vote by merely through the -- by
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nearly 3 million votes. i think where we have a problem not do our press did their job. they are still not doing their job. they are attacking trump day in and day out. they did not cover anything about hillary. we ended up learning it from russia. we ended up learning it from wikileaks. we ended up having a brand-new term that is very popular now , because ourews press did not do their job. woke up and people realized that and that is what stopped hillary from becoming president. it was not because of donald trump, it was not because of russia. because russia did the job the american press should have. where were you? i watch cnn every day, i love
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you guys, but at the same time, i have seen so much attack on our current president, and there was so much it annoying what went on over the last eight years. where was the condemnation or of whatestigation president obama was doing in iran or iraq, excuse me. host: we covered thoroughly what happened over the last eight years and we are c-span. mississippi, democrats line, good morning. good morning, sir. i would like to say i believe james comey is directly responsible for trump being president. the way he came out about 10 days before with the investigation supposedly in winter case and found her
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assistant had some issues and then they found emails. a shrek,his was just basically, for james comey to throw his influence behind trump and the republicans. and you think putting that information out there swayed the voters who were on the fence as far as hillary clinton was concerned? definitely. when he came out with those comments, i said to myself that will doom hillary. when he came out one or two days before the election and said they found nothing, that was the icing on the cake, that it had all been a farce. thank you for taking my call. be injames comey will front of the senate judiciary today if you want to talk about other topics, topics of russia and maybe even the campaign will come up.
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10:00 this morning where you will see that hearing. go to a website and find a more about it, watch it on c-span3, and you can also monitor it on our c-span radio app. let's go to dominic in new york, republican line. go ahead. you are on. caller: good morning. i think it was more open and the benghazi incident that made her lose. you know, lying to the people. the mother of that navy seal. her alone, calling her a liar and all of this baloney, when she was at the hearing. one is the difference how they died? they are dead." no respect for the military. she lost the election because no one in the military voted for her.
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i am saying, benghazi, that was it. that was the icing on the cake, especially the mother yelling and crying going on the campaign with trump. i think that is what made her lose. think what's his name had anything to do with it. i'm sure he had something to do with it, but it was benghazi. host: you mean jim comey? onler: yes, he was the icing the cake, but the mother of that navy seal sealed the deal for trump. host: she said, you ignored wisconsin, called us deplorable and irredeemable, you had levels of money and no message, and you lost to a better candidate. course, referring to herself. democrats line, you are next.
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in south carolina, hello? wikileaks is a terrible source of information to people to listen to and everyone ought to stop listening to them because of all of the information they actually put out there. host: go ahead. so who do you credit for hillary clinton's loss? caller: i think a lot of the stuff, the fbi bill right there they say you are not supposed to do something 30 or 60 days before the election, you know, that ought to become a law or they say something like that right there. that is sort of crazy. robert in south carolina.
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speaking of, the former, were -- congressman there, maldini, is now the budget director. the associated press writing about it for the post and courier saying it is to state house gop colleagues who will face off to replace mulvaney. a former goldman sachs tax advisor wants the democratic nomination outright. defeated two military veterans tuesday for advance on june 20. he faces the republican winner state runoff, former representative rough norman, winning outright and south carolina requires one vote over 50%. the seat opened early when the senate confirmed mulvaney as the white house budget director. independent line. good morning. we are talking about hillary clinton's's comments from yesterday. what do you think? what happen in the
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2016 election board down to one thing. if you look at all of the government money and particularly, the stuff in the information system, everything is either east of alleghenies or west of the rockies and the cascades. between has become a rust belt outside of metropolitan cities themselves. all the people here are just saying, what happened? why don't we have access to anything? we are just losing out. you go to all the small towns throughout the midwest, and i'm going back to the coast, even on the outside, on the east coast or the west coast, small towns, everything is drying up. [indiscernible] host: do you think hillary
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clinton did not pay attention to that? caller: that is affirmative. i don't think either the republicans or the democrats elected trump. it was a revolt of all of the people getting basically pushed in the middle with no place to go. the makeup of our system is we have gone basically into a welfare state on one side, and feed the rich on the other. hillary, unfortunately, got very did, she and her husband and all of that played into it. that is my gut. host: speaking of the president, set to make a trip to new york. this is michael wilson reporting about earlier in the week flight restrictions announced by the
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federal aviation administration, indicating president trump would spend thursday night in the city after a dinner reception on board the intrepid aircraft carrier on the west side of manhattan. he would then travel the next day to his country house in new jersey, golf course, new restrictions announced tuesday showed mr. trump heading straight from the intrepid. it's far as the event on the intrepid, a sea air and space museum, hosted by the american australian association, -- deborah, next up from florida, democrats line. caller: yes. undecideds, people decided way before hand.
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at least in florida and other people affected by hurricane our power was out for three days right exactly at the the trump scandal was -- i do not know what happened still because i did not have television for three days. she wants to blame the weather, that is ok. because a lot of us were looking out toward the storm and we were distracted. so she cannot blame the weather on that one. tot: what about when it came not only her campaign but jim comey's's influence, wikileaks, what do you think of those factors? of the undecideds, i decided really early.
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sure, undecideds, i am, yes, i could say but in any campaign, you cannot just put everybody in a bubble and say sorry, you cannot hear anything outside of, you know, i mean, it happens with every campaign. host: did you vote for her? caller: i did not this time. i voted for her when she ran against obama. but when obama won in the primaries, i voted for him twice, and this time, i decided irly when trump came out, just wasn't going to go with her i was not just going to vote for a woman just because she was a woman. i wanted the right woman. he was the lesser of the two evils as far as agendas.
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i could not really point to hillary and say she is for x. ok. thank you. host: let's go to kansas, a republican line, diane. during the course of the campaign in 2016, there were many calls for hillary to put out the speeches she had given to wall street. she did not do it and the press never pushed it. i believe it was in the late summer or early fall, wikileaks did publish one of the speeches she gave to wall street and that is where the deplorables comment came out. that to me was a decisive factor. also, if you think about people who voted for trump, they had family members and friends that they did not consider deplorable
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and they looked at that, as i looked at that, and thought that .his was an unforgivable thing that was a determining factor for why she lost. host: that one phrase did it in for you? caller: yes, one phrase did it in for me, correct. host: from pennsylvania, independent line. good morning. thank you for taking my call. i have got a different opinion. the entire election was a crazy mishmash of everything except for what was really going on. by that, i mean if you want to look at voter fraud, if you go
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back to the primaries particularly between clinton and so -- , host: where does the voter fraud come in? caller: that is when all of the issues with voters came out and no one looked into it. host: human russia passes influence or other factors? here in thei mean united states when it comes to the primaries, the press was all and theyton and trump left bernie sanders out of it and bernie sanders was truly the ,nly candidate, in my opinion that was a reasonable candidate to be a president. the documents from wikileaks talked about the influence of the dnc in that matter. caller: say it again? also the dnc was information when it came to bernie sanders. caller: sure it was.
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host: ok. i want to remind you of a couple of things happening today, we talked about the fbi hearing with james comey. you can see that on also if you go to our website and are interested in international affairs particularly what is going on with france, leading to the final part of the french election, the french presidential debate takes place today between the candidates. outou want to see that play , too: 55 in the afternoon is where you can do that. watch it on c-span3 and and our c-span radio app. when it comes to other international affairs, president trump will visit with a representative. peter baker writes about the -- in the new york times this morning talking about pressure from republicans about this meeting saying a host of republican senators are lobbying mr. trump to use this meeting, president of the palestinian authority's to demand financial
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payments to the families who commit violence against israelis or americans. the senators introduced legislation to cut off aid if they refuse. , thessue of payments family of suicide bombers and others who committed violence has become a frequent complaint by israel and supporters. this that about $315 million a year distribute cash and benefits to 36,000 families. according to a new york hedge fund executive, also a fellow at the jerusalem center for public affairs who brought his research to american law makers. next up, victoria for morgan, democrat line. caller: good morning. i think the james comey affect was huge. it shook me up. the irony now is he was under investigation but trump was also and we did not know it at the time. they were both being investigated.
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as far as the whole benghazi thing, we had over 10 investigations, more than 9/11 and the bombing in lebanon when reagan was president, and she republicans,mostly she was not herself responsible for those deaths. i think that was perpetuated. host: did you end up voting for her? caller: i did. host: even with the information from james comey, that never shook your confidence? caller: it shook me but i consider the alternative and i was the victim of sexual abuse and felt there was a man who should not be president. mike int's go next to illinois, independent line. caller: top of the morning.
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she lost for one reason only, her choice for vice president and the vice presidential debate, which was a freak show. if anybody is running for office and have to debate and they will use that film for educational purposes of what not to do. that choice she made was the one reason she lost. host: tim kaine, senator for virginia. caller: yes. why not him? why was at the wrong choice? caller: we did not know much about him, and she had health problems and he had to debate, we got to see how he was and how he cut off mike pence time after or 40 times, kept butting in. we got to see the real guy at he could have been our president if something happened to hillary. i think that alone is why she
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lost, that one reason. who did not tim kaine, you want to see become the nominee? caller: i was hoping someone we all know and trust, someone i love and see every day talking santorum,bc, rick someone like that, someone who talks about the issues every day that we see. i was hoping to get somebody like that, that everyone could rally around. host: some of the people during the campaign had suggested bernie sanders and some have suggested senator elizabeth warren. what about those options for you? is the way the democratic party has been leaning towards, those social issues they have. i was hoping to get someone a little more old school and not rabble rousing kind of person. more old school, more a business
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type person. nobody in the swamp type of thing. her choice was just the opposite. no one talked about that debate, what a train wreck that was for her. host: if you want to see that debate and remind yourself of , illinois, democrats line p are you are the last call on the topic, megan. caller: thanks for taking my call. lost, of why hillary but i, i voted for her, feel it is the unfortunate release of emails by james comey at exactly the right time. trump. he is in bed with
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put on the most charismatic face that she could have. i don't think she talked about everything she did from the time she was a teenager. going down and working the south side of chicago when her husband was governor of arkansas. she was looking through those schools telling parents that hey, your children can read and you can, too. school system in arkansas and brought it from one of the worst in the nation to somewhere in the middle by the time they left. she has to working her whole and in public service think maybe she just came across and iash politician, think people blamed her unfairly for staying with bill clinton after he had the affair.
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that benghazi thing and the you know, every day, it seems like mr. trump does something that is unconscionable, every single day. against, youd up of, you know,ort in my opinion, every day, politician things hillary dead think a lot of people are shaking their heads and wishing they voted for her. host: got you. we will have to leave it there. time for this segment. another legislator joins us talking about issues with health care. gerald connolly will join us. talev and wegaret will talk about efforts by the administration to take a look at wall street banks are those discussions when "washington " continues.
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>> sunday night on "afterwards," helen cooper discusses the life of the presidency of the first elected female president in her book, madam president, the externa journey of ellen johnson . >> when did you first meet madam president? >> i have known about her all my life. famous in 1979, 1980. course ind 14, and of knew who the minister of finance was. somebody growing up in liberia that i had heard of peer she was always speaking truth to
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power and criticizing the same government she worked for. in 1985, she was arrested and thrown in jail. i heard all about that. she became at this time sort of a political icon. >> watch sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2's book tv. this weekend on american history tv on c-span3, saturday 8:00 on lectures in history, messiah college professor john on the people and ideas that shaped the 1776 pennsylvania constitution. >> the continental congress, representative from all the all ofs, have instructed states, tos, now form new governments. >> sunday, fbi agents discuss
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president reagan following the 19 night -- 81 assassination attempt. >> i recognize those shots had gone off. i'll had a second to determine where those were coming from. you saw in the pit -- individuals moving toward the assailant. at 8:00 on the presidency, historian annette gordon reed on the relationship between thomas jefferson and the enslaved hemmens family. >> people as property who could be bought and sold. that was a thing many members of whatevery, despite sally and her children might have had, they all lived with the specter of the possibility that could happen because the law construed them as property construedson


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