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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 4, 2017 7:00am-7:36am EDT

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on the health care bill and the future of the health care system in the u.s. with congressman rowel ruiz of california. also, leonard lance of new jersey. ♪ host: house republican leadership asserts they had the vote to pass their health care bill that would make significant changes to the affordable care act, chiefly allowing states to request awa waiver. added to help assist people pay for health care and insurance. it is may the fourth. the vote is scheduled later this day. stay close to for more information. for the next half-hour, your thoughts on what republicans are
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proposing and today's vote. if you support the gop plan and effort by the republicans, (202) 748-8000. .f you oppose, (202) 748-8001 if you are not sure, (202) 748-8002. you can tweet us your thoughts @cspanwj or post on the wall street journal lists on its pages, what might have been as far as health care is concerned. here are categories they highlight. individuals would no longer have to pay a penalty without health coverage, but they wouldn't be off the hook. people who are uninsured for more than two months and then buy coverage would be subject to in theirce boost
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premium. older americans could pay more. insurers would be allowed to charge their oldest customers more than they do now. people under 30 would be eligible for a credit of 2002-year increasing to 4000 to those over 60. the tax cut would grow with the size of a family. an amendment to the bill will let states apply for waivers that could allow insurers to charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions and people that allow insurance to lapse more than 63 days. in states with waivers, and insurance companies allowed to attack an additional 30% surcharge for those who do not maintain coverage. that is health insurance could be affected if republicans managed to get their vote passed in the house before it goes to the senate. your thoughts on the effort. if you support the effort, (202)
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748-8000. if you oppose it, (202) 748-8001 . if you are not sure and want to give us your thoughts, (202) 748-8002. you can post on our twitter and facebook page. if you go to "the hill" website, they are keeping a running tally . some of the categories are those voting yes, voting no, and those who have not weighed in. in the no category. andy biggs of arizona. barbara comstock of virginia. ryan costello of pennsylvania, among others. unclear, 52 legislators saying they aren't sure how they would vote on the bill that takes place later today. brian babbitt of texas, rob bloom of iowa, mike coffman of colorado.
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those voting yes or leaning yes, 26 legislators including dave brat of virginia. if you go to the website, we have put out information on twitter. eddie from new york supports the republican effort. tell us why. hello, go ahead, you are on. caller: i am 65 years old and worked 35 years as an electrician and have nothing. i have to depend on what they put together. since obamacare, they have been taking out such fees i can't .fford it the arguing between democrats and republicans, if they don't address the problem with the people, come election day, we will fix the ball again.
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host: how did the fees affect you? caller: i get $800 a month. they take out one third. host: this is for health-care purposes? caller: yes. that is with our prescription plan and everything. it will double or triple. i don't understand. if i don't want health care, why am i penalized? have i woken up in russian or something? host: this is tiffany from albany, new york. you for letting me call in. what i don't understand is why pre-existingsed on conditions. i don't think repealing it should come into play. we knew obamacare wouldn't be perfect, but we also knew how priora's health insurance
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to obamacare was a complete disaster. it would make sense for republican politicians to get their own win by improving the system that we re: have in place with obamacare. the first time that just wantconstituents to the premiums to come down. why don't you give yourself your thisin when you take 11-day hiatus, that we are paying for, to go back to your constituents and say, "we heard you. 17% supported us last time, and this is what we fixed." now you're trying to do something even worse, and nobody wins. 38. everything in the newspaper with the highlighted areas, none of
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the highlighted areas help a person like me. jobs, butob, i work 2 i also care about people who have a lower level of income than i do. i don't mind paying an extra tax lower incomen a with a pre-existing condition, allowing them to get help. host: amongst the things highlighted about today's vote, house will vote on this version of the affordable care at replacement without a congressional budget office estimate. therefore no idea what it might cost, how many it might help, how many it might hurt. scotts valley, california, supporting the republican effort. caller: good morning. my take is this. they put ithen together, it was a massive sweeping bill.
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i think they should have incrementally put parts in and fine tuned it as they go. maybe that is what they should do with trump. put something together and incrementally phased in parts. host: the package you are hearing about you don't support or do support? caller: i do support it. says, willlike trump fall on its own. the insurance companies are running away from it. you have no choice. what you getes, for what you pay, people can't afford it anymore. you aren't getting what you pay for. host: finish your thought. caller: at least with the gop is putting together now, the insurers are going to come back in. down the road, maybe they can figure this out.
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it is huge. im fromthat is k california. (202) 748-8000 if you support the effort. if you oppose, (202) 748-8001. if you are not sure, (202) 748-8002. our capitol hill producer sent us a tweet. craigkaplan.ow him @ $8s talks about the initial billion that was meant for people to help pay for insurance and health care. on the first page summary it modifies existing modifications. $1 billion from 2018-2023. the states that have been granted a waiver, according to the summary, it would direct funds to be used to a premiums or out-of-pocket costs for
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individuals that may be subject to an increase in monthly rates because they reside in a state with a waiver, have a pre-existing condition, are not health carechased in the individual market. it also has minor technical amendments. if you follow craig kaplan on twitter you get these updates, summary froms representative upton. san diego, california on the oppose line. caller: yes. host: good morning, go ahead. caller: yes. i am calling to oppose changes in the health care bill. host: which changes? caller: the pre-existing conditions and the wait to purchase. host: why those? think it is not as good of the deal as having people on insurance from the
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and people just because they have a condition should not be dinged. host: louisville, kentucky. dean is not sure. hello, good morning. caller: i was listening to you. there are a couple of points i don't like. like people not having health insurance until they get sick. pay means i will have to for them when they get cancer because they wanted to wait until they got sick to get health insurance. and preconditions. , the va hasition health care right now. you call your doctor and all
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they have to carry is the chief eapy pills. she says read my statement on why i still intend to vote no on the american health care act. it doesn't deliver for southern florida constituents. talking to reporters about the vote scheduled gave his defense and perspective of the administration on today's efforts. here is sean spicer from yesterday. [video clip] spicer: my view and the president's view is that you have a- if pre-existing condition and no longer have a health care provider, or if your premiums and deductibles are going through the roof, you don't have coverage. why change pre-existing conditions?
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esther spicer: we're not. we are strengthening. >> the governor can say here is my waiver? spicer: sure you can. the fundamental part that is getting lost is if you have obamacare right now, in case after case you are losing it. if you have a pre-existing condition and a card that says obamacare, and no one will see you come you don't have coverage. you fixing that? why does it have to be altered? : the president has made it clear pre-existing conditions are covered under every scenario. under-existing conditions trumpcare will be fine? mr. spicer: yes. host: supporting the health care effort. hello. go ahead.
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caller: i am in favor. we are making changes to the system. a lot of people say if i don't want it why should i pay the fine? i believe the fine is a premium. that means if i have cancer today and have been paying my fines for 10 years, i grab the insurance policy and him covered. -- and am covered. to keep theium system going for the pre-existing. i had a client eight months ago diagnosed with cancer. hundreds of thousands of dollars. .e grabbed a policy, obamacare applied for it, received it, covered.g is he has passed away and his family was not left with $100,000 worth of cancer bills
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for the treatments. does that make sense to you? host: from baltimore, maryland, who opposes the effort. taking myank you for call. i think the trumpcare bill is being pushed through out of spite. i'm sorry, i am receiving a phone call. to -- r willingness lost we let's go to nathan who is not sure. morning, c-span. generally, i supported obamacare . it had a lot of good stuff. it had stupid stuff, too. that i like about the gop pushing through their repeal and replace plan is i am thinking things might get so bad for a lot of people that eventually it would be a good
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push for the single-payer idea. if its why i am not sure is good or bad. i hope it will be good. think if democrats come back to power they will make that effort? exactly. that is what i am thinking. it might be sooner than we think is in the next couple of years we get the house and senate back. in the next four years, we will see that start to happen. host: "the hill" newspaper reports on how this could affect legislators saying as republicans rush to vote on their latest obamacare repeal and replace plan there is a lawmakers andting their staff from losing
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coverage. bill fox reported that the reported to include an exemption representative macarthur's office said a separate legislation would close loophole. it appears to be a part of the bill up for vote on thursday. a bill to amend the public health care service act and eliminate the nonapplication of of congress members and congressional staff include expenses used in that. all members of congress and their staff are required to buy coverage through the obamacare marketplace. the house rule committee approved procedural rules on wednesday. the fast-track consideration of the health care bill goes for vote today. on the opposed line, this is donald. more a concerned
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about 14 million people without health care who now depend on their oxygen and diabetic supplies that keep them alive. most of these people are on disability making $1000 a month or less. re how will they afford a policy that will cost an additional $5,000 in year? the thing that irritates me is republicans are trying to pass a bill, according to what i was a deal to allow them to be exempt from the ed.islation when it is pass in other words, they pass it but don't have to pay the price for .hat they passed i then a republican all my life. i've switched to libertarian
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because it is not good for the country. host: the support line, teresa, go ahead. caller: i didn't hear what you said. host: are you to reset from south carolina? you are on. and i: i support the bill don't think there should be any exemptions. host: why do you support it? helpr: i hope it will straighten things out for everyone. it is such a mess. host: what do you mean by that? caller: right now, republicans can't decide what they are going to do weird we have been screwed by the democrats -- what they're going to do. we have already been screwed by the democrats. somebody has got to try. the: you mentioned exemptions. what concerns you about those?
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caller: i don't think it is fair for the exemptions for the people in congress. i don't think that is fair. they should be included in whatever the american people do. always have thought that. why are they so special? host: carmen in pennsylvania. one thing i don't like about this, pedro, was the refundable tax credits, especially advance one's. we see that with the income tax credit. people will sign up for health insurance for a month, get the dropce credit every month, the health insurance and go out and buy percocet, booze, cigarettes, and cars. it put more money in the hands of irresponsible people. host: kelly from winchester, virginia for those who support the effort. caller: how are you? host: i'm well, thank you.
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caller: people in west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, those who voted for republicans will get what they wished for. i hope they will be happy. host: do support the effort? caller: sure. that is what they wanted, that is what they will get. maybe they will learn their lesson. host: the website modern health care said iowa will likely have no insurers on exchanges for 2018. saying minneapolis-based insurers a pool from the individual marketplace, potentially leaving no insurance options for residents i hear. they will offer exchange plans for 6045 members -- 12,645 members in iowa. well mark blue cross and blue shield makes 2 insurers selling
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plans on exchanges. dica said the ability to offer plans in iowa is in question. tois incumbent on madica proceed with caution and without action to provide stability to a will notket, medic be able to serve iowa. that story mentioned aetna. aetna possibly pulling out of inia, yesterday saying they will not sell individual insurance plans next year. i move attributed to growing uncertainty in the market. it sharply curtailed its 2017 participation to cover 4 states. it will leave iowa and has not nebraska orans for
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delaware. it announced its decision on virginia as republicans worked to bring new health-care legislation to vote. cost sharing reduction subsidies in 2017 and 2018. gordonsville, virginia. go ahead. caller: how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: good. marco rubio got rid of the orders that karen tete insurance -- that guaranteed insurance companies they were able to make profit on high risk. is people ihing have never heard of. this is about people who don't have much of a voice. it is about people who are poor and middle class who don't get to speak up much and don't get
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much representation anymore from their congresspeople. helping poorut people, old people, and sick people. they don't care, and it is upsetting me. i am sorry to hear it. host: cartersville, georgia on the not sure line. .aller: i am 66 years old i have been doing volunteer work for 35 years helping the homeless and poor. helping poor people. i have taken hundreds and hundreds of people to the they have had surgery. they have never been turned down.we are a very compassionate country. turnedve never been down. it doesn't matter pre-existing injuries or conditions. women and children, families in
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crises, all ages, no one has been turned down at the hospital if you have an emergency. we have surgeries all over the world hear it we go to other countries and restore sight to the blind doing free surgery all over the world. we are such a compassionate nation. to think it is one particular we havelding this back, been giving this stuff free for years. they might get a bill afterwards, but no one pays it. do they go to jail, take their houses, cars, no. they don't do anything. i have helped so many people cared we need to wake up, america. do your research and check out what you are talking about.
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there are no babies dying without getting heart surgery. that doesn't happen in america. host: "the new york times" talks about one portion of society that is interested in whatever bill's specialis education. she writes that the new law would cut medicaid by $888 over 10 years%, forimpose a per capita cap people like the children and the elderly. it would convert medicaid from an entitlement design to a more limited program. estimates school districts receive $4 billion in medicaid reimbursement annually. a survey of 1000 district reported they use the money to pay the salaries of
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health care professionals that serve special education students. the biggest driver of the budget deficit in forces smarter allocation of resources. health care bill by the republicans, go ahead. caller: on the republican side, to be fair, they added themselves in as being hurt by the plan.they took their exemption out. the effect of the bill will be more than 24 million will go without insurance. people will learn to do what they did before obama got his plan through, which is cannot get care. the issue of people not going to die or get treatment, that is baloney. they're going to not get treatment.
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they will be looking for those. now they know how much the bills are and say i'm not going to go, i'm going to wait. it will drive of premiums for people who even work for large companies. at large companies they are taking benefits away from software engineers and jacking up what they do give us. they are crucifying us. that is the upper middle-class. everyone is getting hit. the only ones making money the wealthy, the owners of the insurance companies, the owners of the pharma companies, and the doctors and the groups have their own set of problems. the bill will make things worse. we will have less preventative care and sicker people. host: north carolina, supports the effort.
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good morning. caller: can you hear me? host: you are on. needs: i agree the bill to be tweaked quite a bit. our military, congress, state employees should have the same insurance everyone else has. if we have something for us, it should be available for them. special treatment because it is congress for the senate and they get what they want, but everyone else gets what is left over, we should be treated the same. when you are in office, you are supposed to be working for the entire state, not just the republican part or democrat part . make people pay what we pay, and things will be better. host: opposing the effort. because theyose it are doing this health care policy so they can come up with $1 trillion for a tax cut for the wealthy.
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host: what makes you connect those dots? longr: iu c-span all day all day long.n they don't have the money for the tax cuts. they are going to screw the american people. they will come up with a trillion dollars after their tax cut, and they will get it from us. we won't get a tax cut, just their wealthy friends. people who make money off of health care, the misery of sick people, are immoral. these people will go a bad way, because we won't vote for them again. sen. grassley: earlier -- host: earlier, politico reported on the exemption and house todership moved to remove it
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iron out a wrinkle in the obamacare administration. preservesn that coverage for members of congress and their staff while allowing states to opt out. it was wednesday night. late april a one-page bill struck the exemption for lawmakers that caused such a ruckus on wednesday morning. the new bill was authored by make sally of arizona. whether they had the votes to hold the obamacare repeal vote. at that point they didn't. the conservative freedom caucus gave republicans needed momentum . that is on the politico website. we will talk to our guests later on. rockford, michigan on the oppose line. newsr: when i heard the
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about the bill, i was horrified. and called telephone my friends, relatives, in colorado to get to their .ongressmen it is a scheme by republicans. our congress is so controlled by the health industry. here is the point. even before obamacare livre paying twice as much as any
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health.on our ,ow, the health industry whatever the pharmaceutical , soany, the hospitals forth, they can charge you anything they want. it is your health. we are going bankrupt. this country is going bankrupt. until we get control of our health cost -- in rockford, ed michigan. in the house, republicans passed their american health act. legislators joining us. later in the program, representative leonard lance. those discussions coming up.
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