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tv   Washington Journal Missy Ryan Discusses Potential Increase of U.S. Troops...  CSPAN  May 10, 2017 9:05am-9:27am EDT

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his book, over there, america in the great war and the recipient colby award, s author david barron, waging war, presidents anden congress 1776 to isis. colby military writer symposium, saturday at eastern on c-span 2 book t.v. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's companies.ision it is brought to you today by satellite or provider. > "washington journal" continues. host: "washington post" national writer, missy ryan joins us after her front-page u.s. about major shift in
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strategy in afghanistan. missy ryan, walk us through this what it is saying about how many troops could end up in afghanistan. sure.: the trump white house completed a strategic review of u.s. olicy toward afghanistan, that is normal at the beginning of any new administration to take another look at the approach to the war. it is america's longest war at this stage, and eally the objective was to see what the united states could be doing differently. security ion, the situation in afghanistan is really very precarious right back he taliban has come with a vengeance, they have taken more territory and -- than they have any time in recent years and really challenged the afhgan overnment and forces. the idea was to see what can the united states be doing differently. of this review, the white house, the top national ecurity advisors have come up with series of recommendations that would expand military pressure on the taliban and sort
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of reopen the american military in a against the taliban that hasn't happened in recent years f. you'll remember, president obama was very focusod curtailing the american military role, walking away, sort of the cating himself from fight against the taliban and focusing on transnational terror islamicike al qaeda and state, so this would thrust the united states back to the the taliban and the goal is to increase pressure the negotiating table to reach a political settlement to the war. 8400 troop necessary afghanistan at start of trump presidency, what is the number troops that is being proposed in what came out from the planners? guest: we don't have an exact number, but what we believe they to settle on, if the plan is approved by president trump, which hasn't happened yet, increase of probably around 3000 troops. is significant addition to
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what there is now, but not 100,000 about sending troops back to afghanistan after e saw under the president obama's surge. stanch the bleed withing regard losses the afghan security forces have been experiencing taliban and change the political calculus that the has in terms of whether or not they are willing to enter peace talks or not. in the time with missy ryan, want to get a few calls and comments. afghanistan war veterans like to hear your thoughts especially in this segment. is 202-748-2003. other lines as usual. president trump approves the plan, what is timing on when a decision will about this. guest: there is a nato summit in russels the president is
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scheduled to attend. make a decision ahead of that, that would line things up for the united states to make matching troop contributions for nato nations should add in addition to troop increase what is contemplating under this plan by strategic review, expansion of other aspects of the military be a widening ld of the circumstances under which and trike consist occur also greater flexibility for american advisors on the battle troops going an closer to front line in broad array of situations. point out that would be departure from the rules of out orent that were laid eventually came to at the end of the obama administration. were reasons for obama administration making those rules and why the change? sure.: the end of 2014, there was combatl halt to american operation and what obama wanted war, he surged
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security situation and proved to the idea tent and so was, we're hand thanksgiving over to the afhgans and mericans will stay to support you to help train your troops, help get your air force up and doing combat t anymore. that happened at the end of 2014. two happened in the intervening years, 2-1/2 intervening years, because of deterioration in the security situation, there were a few low es that occurred that profile changes occurred to allow americans to do some because afhgangs forces needed it, we're looking t over 15 years into this conflict, the afhgan sources require significant outside help. get more calls in just a second. if you are afghanistan vet 202-748-8003. emocrats, republicans and independents, as usual. usy week for missy ryan at the
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"washington post." i want you to chat about the armed kurds overruling turks, walk us through this story. yesterday the trump administration announced president trump approved a a plan to approved directly arm kurdish milittia groups, the key partner, main partner for the united states in islamic state.he this is a contlo versial proposal that has been on the months, basically the pentagon argues kurdish courses, ypg, only reliable force capable of partnering with u.s. forces u.s. air power to recapture of islamic state capitol raqqa, the final main goal for the islamic state campaign and would be the culmination of this long effort that the united tates launched against the islamic state. on the other hand issue the united states has close relationship with turkey and
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is dead set against this considers e turkey pkk, pg to be extension of oth labeled a terrorist group and exists -- it is rebel group that exists in turkey. calls with missy ryan. leo up next, an independent, good morning. hello, how you doing? rouse, trumpl as a trying to get the heat off of him as far as his involvement russia. i think that we need to learn see thisory, napoleon, fghanistan-iraq war will eventually bring this country i thought we had more intelligent american politicians and is country, but trump afghanistan, iraq, will bring the united states down to a
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sneeze. leo in florida, missy ryan, the caller bringing up russia, syria a place where is russian involvement, as well. today, s of your story how much coordination is there with russia when it comes to kurdish e arming the rebels there? guest: united states and russia aintain deconfliction line in syria, basically a channel that they use to make sure there ren't air accidents in syria because the united states hand.ion partners on one on the sort of approach to syria yria, would have a friendly approach to russia when it comes to syria and generally coming what we've seen in syria is that has not played we had ar, at least
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president trump launch air against syriaonth and military targets and that was over a chemical weapon there was a lot of recrimination between hos cow and washington over that incident. we haven't seen reproach that some people expected between the russia and s and syria. host: any coordination or involvement in russia in efforts afghanistan? guest: no. there is not. i mean, there are diplomatic relations, but in fact, the top commander in afghanistan russia suggested that was arming or supporting in some and that would that was cant, significant accusation from a and, you ary official know, there is no sign they will have a united front there either. united states has to contend with the fact russia is a major countries for
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different reasons, but i think it is a bridge too far to talk very substantial cooperation. host: few minutes left with "washington the post." line for afghanistan veterans 202-783-2003, interested in hearing about a potential increase in troops there. dennis in hot springs, south dakota, an independent, good morning. caller: good morning. stoppedhat the u.s. had intervening in other countries wars. what if some other country would civil warvened in our and then also, i agree with the the cost ofler that the country down to its country and that basically what we're doing over east is the middle
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aking israel where like a proactive war for israel, they do have absolutely nothing as as coalition is concerned and we give them money and arms still don't help us, , i'm notwant more help necessarily against israel, but against netannahu. he preys and wants more and more and more. host: the cost of war, the plan expand troop footprint in afghanistan, is there a dollar it?n we can put on guest: there isn't, not yet that i've seen. the united states is spending on billion a year afghanistan and so this would represent some increase to that, obviously. and as far as we understand, the cost factor is something that is to weigh heavily on president trump's consideration proposal.
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he is somebody who, you know, is wants to make sure the united states fiscal situation is not out of control is a lens that through which he sees this potential expansion in afghanistan. so, i mean, the united states has already spent untold in ions of dollars afghanistan, it is hard to know when that kind of investment could end. many people make the argument, look, the united states has had necessary germany, south korea for decades, this could be a situation similar to that. brings up caller israel, can you talk about israel's involvement in either syrian tan or the mission? there is a direct israeli role n. syria, they are neighbors and they have their own defensive interest to think there have been forces where aely the israeli government sees a but not an active part
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of the military coalition. host: james on twitter has a question. want you to describe what victory in afghanistan looks like. question, t's a great you know, i think this is one -- that was one point of this that was review undertaken. different administrations have thought about that differently i different moments, but think what people think about victory would be a political resolution to the war years.s gone on for 15 oh, it is coming after decades civil conflict in afghanistan, so i think the is no ion is that there military solution to the situation in afghanistan. potent ban remains force, there are large swaths out of the government's control. the only way this situation can stabilize, if you get the arties, the main warning parties to come to a political resolution, potentially bring
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the political o process and go from there. get let's see if we can michael in crosby, texas, line for democrats. morning. caller: yes, can you hear me? host: yes, sir. caller: okay, the thing is bad over there, it is all about the -- military solution like the lady just said, it is all political. going to do, take those troops over there and all and pull back, somebody else going to get the weapons and be fighting against the aliban and all government. it is all political, just keep the troops out. you ain't got nobody throwing rocks at each other, leave it each hat, throw rocks at other. leave the weapons out, see what happens. ryan, on that topic, can you talk about the debate within the trump administration or less troops and who is championing the two side? guest: sure.
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the military commanders always want additional the rces, they always see potential for tactical gain fist they are given additional additional weaponry, additional systems, but i think consensus among, you know, not just the pentagon, but nsc, you know is heavily staffed by former and members that it ould be important to have some modest, at least increase in military resource in afghanistan political e mrits objective laid out. white e skeptical in the house and the u.s. government that actually an expansion of would be effective, even when there were 100,000 afghanistan, it didn't create the lasting political had wanted, eople so i think it is fair to be skeptical and wonder whether or ot this is actually achievable
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and there have been various viable to jumpstart a peace process in afghanistan, no one has succeeded so far. more call from cambridge, ohio, an independent, al, good morning. hi, john, mrs. ryan, thanks for getting me in on this. i was going to ask generally in t if ms. ryan or anybody the news media will call on mr. trump's campaign pledge to seed the military and i believe civilian control of a vital central tenant to this nation as we had media has w that the been accumulated by the backers the large tary and respect, i don't know if we'll ever get coverage on it. bye.s again, host: missy ryan, you talk about in your story about the surge in
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necessary afghanistan, about who would be more responsible for making these decisions about specific troop levels, can you go into that a little bit? guest: sure, the plan would allow the pentagon to set the final troop number, something administration was set by the white house in great detail and so this is one of illustrations that we've seen so far under the yield dministration to decision-making power on military questions to the than hold it er more tightly at the white house. and in some ways, i think that a welcome move, you know, idely welcome move because recognition there was too much of tactical deliberations were at the white on the other hand, as the caller said, there is of course a real that this could not go as ne would hope that perhaps strategic imperative not being taken into account as much as will hould be that there
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be a sort of overly tactical decision-making and, you know, obviously civilian control of the military is one the basic tenants of our system, we now have a general -- retired general in charge of the military, in charge of the pentagon and a national security advisors, active duty three-star general, so i think one is right those questions and a situation that will improve the outcomes, ather than damage them, but it is just something we have to watch closely. host: missy ryan, pentagon the spondent for "washington post," it's been a busy week of writing for you, appreciate your time. you.: thank host: up next on "washington journal," we'll end where we morning, on president trump firing f.b.i. trektor seventh direct are of the federal bureau of year igation, fired 3-1/2
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intoes his 10-year term. this is your chance to call in, ell us what you think, democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. and independents, 202-748-8002. right back. on american history t.v., the author on , the black women who worked for army during the war. >> christiania, the wife of bannister, leading artist, african american artists the e involved on underground rail road. he was a proud and consistent supporter of the u.s. colored troops. >> at 8, university of washington professor margaret presidential 1968
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election and events that affected the outcome. slain, john r hero f. kennedy, martin luther king kennedy.robert kennedy's assassination, just like king's assassination broader national mourning and now throws the democratic nomination into even turmoil. >> sunday 2 p.m. eastern, lynne cheney, "james madison: a life reconsidered" author, discusss president madison's personality, health problems and political career. >> madison had doctors who told exercise, what a modern thing to think tis often people who today for suffer from epilepsy. >> this month marks president 100th birthday's nephew, ay, j.f.k.'s steven kennedy smith reflects on th president sglvment he was a decorated combat veteran, strong elieve in
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military, but he had a much broader conception about what identity really was. >> he reached out across the aisle, he launched the peace may 1 of 1961, an incredible program for young people. started alliance for progress space the >> for complete american history t.v. schedule go to >> "washington journal" continues. host: this is your chance to about what you think president trump's firing of f.b.i. director james comey, late yesterday afternoon. lots of reaction we can go through for you this morning. hear from ly want to you. democrats, s, for 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002.


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