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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 13, 2017 9:14am-9:31am EDT

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this name has been suggested, that name has been suggested, my usual response is to wait until .e get a list of names i would be happy to weigh in on a shortlist, but i am not in the business of suggesting somebody that is independent and will do the job, and somebody who will have the respect of the people that are the fbi agents. that is very important. >> you can see the entire interview sunday at 10:00 a.m., and at 6:00 p.m. on c-span. , andear it on c-span radio newsmakers is available online at this much of the headlines past week cap focused on president trump's abrupt dismissal of james comey, but also this headline on the front page of the new york times, hackers use tool from taken -- taken from nsa and global attack. by late friday, the attacks had spread to 74 countries.
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lab said russia was the worst hit, followed by ukraine, india, and taiwan. attacks also came from latin america. it appears to be the largest ransom ware salt on record. it is not clear if victims are paying the ransom, which began at about $300 to unlock individual computers, or even if those did pay would regain access to their data. a few more headlines. right now barber from greeneville, ohio on the democratic line. how are you? caller: just fine. host: what is on your mind? caller: i'm calling about the situation with the indians in that woman who said indians were not the first people here, and some did he ask her, how did she know this? she said she read, but so much of what we read anymore is not true. in your schools, do ever read anything actually about the
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indians? no. there is nothing in the books about indians, and i believe they have gotten a raw deal, just like the black people. why is it why people think they are superior? i am white, but i feel the white black people and the indians a raw deal. i just wanted everybody to know how i feel. thank you very much. from larry is calling deighton, ohio, on the republican line. caller: i want to make a comment. indian myself, but i won a make a content about the origin of the indians. host: i ok. -- ok. caller: i am really a mongolian. they had the same color. mongolians walked through canada through the united states was i think the
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indians are mongolian. which is nice, because i think that is the origin. i have studied extensively genghis khan, the greatest conqueror on planet earth. the only comment i want to make is i think the indians are mongolian by origin. host: vivian calling from fredericksburg, virginia on the line for democrats. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. you had a collar on earlier talked about there has only been an elected leader, and one of them was hit fair, and one of them was donald trump. that is true. all you have to do is research. when president obama was in there, the people wanted their country back, and i was wondering they wanted a country back to give to russia? because that is exactly what we are doing it we are selling out to russia. i am telling you, trump supporters, those folks are
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crazy. if they can't believe nothing they hear and the truth that they see, then we are all in trouble. our country is really going down, and it is scary. vivian, what did you make a president trump's dismissal of james comey this week? hey, he thinks he is a dictator. look at him. , and i want the people to watch when kim jong-un clappingtage, he is and everyone is clapping. when trump comes on stage, he is clapping, everybody around him is clapping, but these people, i'm just wondering, what are they thinking about? they don't see nothing wrong with what trump is doing? nothing? it's all ok? what about your children and grandkids? don't you want them to live in a
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free society\ or do you want them to live under a dictator? i'm telling you that most of these people here have never lived under a dictatorship. only these people who have come in here to get a green card or citizenship have lived under a dictator. you need to have someone on c-span to talk about that. and another thing, this guy, he never had to ask for forgiveness. isn't that scary? that's scary. host: all right, let's go to linda: from pensacola, florida on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i just want to share some information. the american indians are truly one of the tribes of israel. they are called the tribe of gad, and that is your history and your bible, so they were the original people here. they were part of the tribe of
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israel. i can't go into all the details because i don't want to take up thattime on the radio, but is who the american indians are. they are one of the lost tribes of israel, and if you do your research, you can find that out. they are known as the tribe of gad. that is all i wanted to share. thank you. host: here is president trump broadening his search for a new fbi director. the new york times has a list of possible candidates. some of those folks are being interviewed today, and if some of these faces look familiar, one is a member of the u.s. cornyn ofnator john texas. he served as the texas attorney general before being elected to the senate. there is also congressman trey gowdy. he is a controversial figure because he oversaw the benghazi special investigation, hillary clinton's 11-our testimony sometime last year. if you are a big washer cable tv, that is michael rodgers come of the former chairman of the
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house intelligence committee, and he is also a contributor to cnn. ray kelly will be familiar to people in new york, because ray kelly is the former new york police commissioner who is described in this article as potentially being loyal. i'm not sure if they meet loyal to president trump or loyal in general. david from upper mall brawl, maryland on the republican line could good morning. youer: i want to inform about a book that i read recently. it is called the journey of man. wells.hor is spencer showst book, it clearly that dr. wells used the latest showschnology states and
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anywherefirst people were from west and east africa. alaska, canada, the state of washington, washington state, oregon, and california. 50,000 years ago. before -- -- because it is fact. it is based upon science. denied aple have been for a long,istory long time, and this book is one
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of the books that i have read that really has a lot of information that is very useful to the general public. dave is calling from palm city, florida on the republican line. caller: good morning. wanted to ask c-span2 to take a look at maybe having some segments about people getting do that what people might improve the lot of americans. i see us is spending so much time talking about swamp issues like russian investigations or other investigations, and the most important thing to me is for people to have jobs, and i can't remember the gentleman's name, the one that does dirty
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jobs -- host: mike rowe. caller: yes, if you could have him on and talk about people having pride in jobs and do some other segments on how the economy is doing in different segments so that we can get people to get more jobs, then america is going to be much better off. host: what is the job picture like there and palm city? i am retired, but i would say that where i live in florida that there are certain s suchts of the industrie as aerospace and that is doing better in the area, but we are more of a service-tourists industry here locally, so i am not sure i am in a position to be able to tell you how the particular industries are doing. host: thank you for calling. let's go to melvin from
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asheville, north carolina on the independent line. what is on your mind? the issue about the indians being here in north , theca, the indians indians and mexicans are one and the same. in other words, when the europeans came to north america and took the land from the native americans, a lot of the that hadre the ones gone to the areas of the south, comehat is known as mexico that if you look at the mexicans and indians, native americans, they are one in the same. they look just alike. there is no difference in them. -- now once the europeans took the land from the
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, now they want nobody to come in and be a part of north america just because they don't want, they don't want the people of color to run anything, so that is what is wrong with america. america is sick. host: the last call comes from michigan on the democrat line. how are you? caller: fine here at how are you? host: great, thanks. what is on your mind? caller: i want to talk about indians and african-americans. wealth is not distributed in the african-american communities . one thing that really bothers me is that all the wealth we created in this country on the
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backs of our slave people, we the problems great we can $40 billion to israel. our cities are crumbling, and there are no jobs, no too much hope, and that is one thing that really bothers me. the only wealth we created was in the backs of slaves, but they can build the african museum for slaves and things like that, but ist is ok, but the wealth not distributed between african-americans and native americans. i don't know why the issue hasn't been addressed and they don't want to talk about it, but i know it will never happen because of race. they always want to say, pull
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yourself up by your boots. how did a caucasian american pull himself up? how did donald trump will himself up? he got $2 million from his father. wealth is passed from generation ,o generation for white people but all the wealth we create for this country and we can share any, so thank you for letting me take your time. . appreciate c-span you have a blessed today. host: you as well. coming up next, former c.i.a. officer and politico magazine contributor alex finley will talk about the cia's counterterrorism effort. stay with us. ♪ announcer: this weekend on c-span3,history tv on
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today at 6:00 p.m. eastern, author and historian on the christiana part told bannister she was the wife of edward banister, one of the leading artists -- african-american involvedand she became on the underground railroad. she was a proud and consistent supporter of the troops. 8:00, history professor -- kennedy'sp they essentia assassination just like has thrownssination us into even more term i
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. and tomorrow, discussing life and madison's career. madison's doctors told him to exercise. what a modern thing to think. 's nephew reflect on the life and career of the 35th president. >> he was a decorated combat veteran. he did believe in a strong military, but he had a much broader conception of what american identity actually was. he reached across the aisle. he worked for the peace corps, an incredible organization for young people. and he engaged in the space race. >> for complete schedule go to


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