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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 14, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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-- asf donald trump." the >> i have talked to the president. the president has nothing further to add on that. >> why did he say that? what should we interpret from that? >> as i mentioned, the president has nothing further to add on that. >> any recording devices in the oval office? >> there is nothing further to add on that. that exchange at friday's white house briefing with jeff mason, who covers the president for reuters, and press secretary shot spicer. it is sunday morning, may 14. the future of those briefings now under? president trump.are they useful ? what are your thoughts? on capitol hill, the house returns this week.among the
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agenda items, a new round of sanctions on syria and those who do business with the country. this development overnight in north korea. the country has tested yet another missile just a few days after south korea's new president took office. in france today, macron was sworn in as that country's new president. on the issue of white house briefings, join in on the conversation. the phone lines are open. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. if you are an independent, 202-748-8002. us a tweet. post your comment on our facebook page. good sunday morning to you. thomas and grandmothers and andothers -- to moms grandmothers and godmothers, happy mother's day. in north korea, yet another missile test. here are the details from seoul,
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south korea, from the "new york times." missile.ediate here are the details on the test. it took off from a northwest city and flew more than 430 miles before landing in the sea between north korea and japan. russia is a member of the aimed to six nations persuade north korea to give up its nuclear arsenal. there is a forum taking place. this issue coming up today. north korea launching the muscle, the first test after the ile, the first test after the election in the south. we want to begin with the white house and specifically the white house briefings. the president indicating there may need to be a change in the daily briefings. here is his interview that aired
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yesterday on the fox news channel. [video clip] >> you moved so quickly, but your communications department cannot keep up with this. president trump: yes, that is true. >> what do we do about that. president trump: we don't need press conferences. just don't have them unless i have them every two weeks and do them myself. don't have them. i think it is a good idea. first of all, you have a level of hostility. it is unfair. sarah huckabee is a lovely young woman. you know sean spicer. he is a wonderful human being. he is a nice man. >> is your press secretary today and tomorrow. will you be tomorrow? -- will he be tomorrow? president trump: yes. he gets beat up by these people. they don't show the 90 questions that they asked an answer properly. -- and answer properly.
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>> when will you make a decision? president trump: i want use names, but another president doesn't do what i'm feeling. i am not sayin-- doing. another president will sit in the oval office and do practically nothing all day. i am doing every minute of the day, i am doing something. i am cutting prices. this nation has such unbelievable potential. the thing is they cannot keep up with it. they do their best. if they give an answer is a little bit off, they are liars and horrible. i would recommend we don't have it. >> when will you make that decision? president trump: over the next couple of weeks. they will be unhappy because the ratings are so high that i don't know what these networks are going to do. they are going to start to cry. host: that on the fox news channel aired last night. president trump in an interview last week.
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joining us live on the phone is the president of the white house correspondents association, jeff mason. thanks for being with us. guest: my pleasure, steve. host: where is this all heading? guest: it is hard to answer that. i would say that the white house correspondents association certainly is in favor of having briefings and would reject any move to have briefings canceled. briefings are an important way for journalists to ask questions, and it is our job to do that every day at the white house. that is a principle that is in the first amendment. we would oppose anything that would go against the principal. host: you issued a statement on the white house correspondents association website. you also tweeted it out on your twitter page. let me share with the audience the whole statement. -- the full statement.
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let me ask you about the televised aspect of the briefing. some have wondered whether or not the cameras have influenced the drama that unfolds inside the briefing room. guest: you know, that is something we talked about with sean spicer at the very beginning of the trump administration when we were in new york. in thef us correspondents association board went up and had talked with them and a couple of his colleagues. one of the questions he asked then was how we would feel if not every single briefing was televised. the correspondents association, it does not take a position specifically whether they need
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to be televised every day. we represent television reporters. we represent court reporters. would represent radio reporters -- we represent print reporters. we represent radio reporters. the clips and what they need for the television packages. the white house decides to hold some briefings off-camera, which it sometimes does, that is fine. that is their decision. host: jeff mason. "washington post" reporting on a possible staff shakeup. comey firing. reince priebus and sean spicer may be let go. are you hearing any of this talk? guest: i have not heard any of that talk, no, but there certainly have been rumors since the very beginning of the trump administration about various shakeups. that is not something i can capacity, in my wac a
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but i am -- my whca capacity, but something we will be watching. host: another missile test in north korea confirmed by japanese, chinese, and u.s. officials. what does this mean? guest: well, it means, number one, that the white house and other u.s. allies will be looking closely at how to handle north korea. it is something that we talked thet in our interview, reuters interview with president trump a couple weeks ago, and the fact that dismissal made it as far as it did. the white house referred to russia means the u.s. will press russia to be involved in increasing sanctions against north korea. the big question is whether or not allies get together and increase the sanctions and whether that is in a. host: this setting the stage for the president's first extensive
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trip beginning this week. quickly walk us through the itinerary. guest: sure. the president going abroad for the first time since becoming president. he will start in saudi arabia and meet there with gulf allies and saudi arabia leaders. he will go to israel, where he will be meeting with the leaders of israel and the palestinian leaders. from there, people go to brussels. excuse me, first he will go to rome and meet with the pope, which will be a very closely watched meeting. some of the critics he has levied at hope francis. he will go to brussels and have a meeting with nato leaders. that will conclude with a meeting in italy with other g-7 leaders. host: jeff mason, who covers the white house for reuters, and the president of the white house correspondents association. the website is
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place being with us early on a sunday morning. we appreciate it. guest: my pleasure, steve. host: let's get to your calls on the issue of the white house briefings and whether or not they are useful. already waiting in on our twitter page. sent us your tweet. elaine is first on our calls in washington, independent line. good morning. caller: hi. my name is elaine, and i really like those briefings. for one thing, during the obama administration, the questioners
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were picked. the questions were in advance. reading fromwas these teleprompters in the podium, which were never there before the obama administration. now, when they get out there, they are talking right off the top of their heads. i can understand why there is disagreement now. it is very informative, but what i don't like about them is the decorum with which the press questions the press secretary. it just disgusts me to think what they pull out of him. they pull the most ridiculous things out of him instead of pointing to the important things. host: thanks very much for the call. we go to paul next in new haven, connecticut. caller: good morning. i think the press conferences
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are a good idea. i think what they can do is decrease the accusation update nfake news.maybe the media in light of how they ask questions. host: tteresa. caller: good morning. i think the press briefings are not useful. they say the president's tweets stand for themselves. if he is tweeting, why do we need to hear the tweets stand for themselves? most of the time, sean spicer says i will get back with you, i don't have an answer for that, i have not talked to the president. i don't think the american people are learning anything from the press briefings. host: thank you. michael from new kensington, pennsylvania, republican line. your take. caller: good morning. how are you? host: we are fine. thank you. caller: beautiful morning.
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thank you for c-span. i do not think they are helpful. it is a shame because the press briefings are important. i think we do need press briefings and legitimate questions from the media, but this media seems to be focused on one thing, and that is destroying donald trump. it is very similar to when nixon came into office. .hey were so hostile today, it is even more obvious how hostile they are. host: thanks for the call. bill from alabama, good morning. independent line. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. go ahead, bill. caller: i do not think the press conferences are necessary because the way the press, the hostility they asked, the way khey asked the questions -- as the questions, and the way they
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misrepresent the statements made by the president and his press secretary. even the print media, you can't believe anything you read. it is just crazy. host: thank you very much for the call. more from the briefing on friday with press secretary sean spicer and this exchange. [video clip] >> look, i think we come out here every day and tried to do the best job we can communicating with the president -- what the president has done. we get here early. we work beyond being here at this podium. we get here early. we were pretty late. we do what we can. the president has a very robust schedule as many of you are very well aware, and i think intel by the activities annexed it alone, and sometimes we don't have the opportunity to get in to see him to get his old thinking. in those cases, we do our best to follow up with you, but there are times when you read a story where someone is trying to pull
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apart one word, one sentence and an i gotand make it you thing. we don't always have the opportunity to see the president. inis, i think we do a pretty good job of following up and getting you the information after the briefing. that is exactly what he meant. >> considering canceling the daily briefings? >> i think he is a little dismayed as well as a lot of people that we come out here and try to do everything we can to provide to you and the american people with what he is doing on their behalf, what he is doing to keep the nation safe, what he is doing to grow jobs, and yet, we see time and time again an attempt to parse every word and make it a game of got you as opposed to figure out what the policies are, why som something is being pursued. i think that is where there is a lot of dismay. host: the white house briefing on friday. newspaper"the hill"
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available online. from may dump spicer, considering a fox host. the president may replace sean spicer and hire a fox news host as a possible spokesperson. six west wing officials telling the "new york times" that the president is considering the most far-reaching shakeup of his first term after being dissatisfied with several top aides, especially spicer. really guilfoyle is being considered -- kimberly guilfoyle is being considered. the president has spent several hours with spicer praising his tv ratings. reporting thes" president has grown dissatisfied with the performance of reince priebus and his communications director. that this morning from "the hill" newspaper. left it back to your phone calls and the issue of the white house briefings, whether or not you find them useful.
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the president racin racing the idea you may do away with them. caller: good morning. i would like to say happy mother's day to all mothers out there, and thank you for having me. i think that he should get rid parpicer, the rot, and replace him with the fbi director. host: when you dial in, make sure to turn the volume down. a couple of tweets.
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the cover story of "cq weekly." if congress will not check the president, who will? this from "time" magazine. the firing of james comey. an inside look after hours at the white house. bbs contributing to this story. a look at the firing up behind director james comey. john from evansville, indiana, independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. with jeffuestion mason. the kind of insinuated that freedom of the press includes having white house briefings. but i alwaysr, thought that the white house briefings were at the whim of the white house, not the press. there has to be a separation there. the press does not control the white house. even know i am a firm believer
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in the remote the press. host: his point was that in order to get information you have to have access to sean spicer to find out what the president's speaking is on any issue of the day -- thinking is on any issue of the day. caller: i agree with them over the press cannot dictate what the white house does. host: john from indiana. we will go to anthony, democrats line from maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. my comment -- host: you are on the air. caller: yes. my comment is that people keep calling and saying the news media is giving fake news, but we know that the president lies. spokespersons, they come out and try to explain what the president did. he disregards what they think.
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it is two different stories coming out of this administration. it cannot be fate lies from the media -- fake lies from the media. you have to step back. you have to have a rock drop on your head to see that this man lies constantly, and they have lies.y to spin his life. i it is hard to do. donald trump is a very deceptive person. host: thank you very much for the call. let's go next to david from north carolina. good morning, republican line. your view on all of this. caller: i think that the press briefings are useless. the press is out to get trump. there was a story that cnn was empathizing based on the "time"
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magazine story about trump wanting two scoops of ice cream. n.ey made that a cry o it is obvious they are out to get him. i remember a story on obama when they were talking about -- and this is trivial, but they were talking about what he was eating for dinner. tastesde it like his were the greatest things in the world. it is obvious they are out to get him. it is obvious they are not going to put out good stories about him. unemployment came out at the lowest rate in eight years this week. host: thanks for the call. richard rogers with this tweet.
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let's turn back to the other major story overnight. another missile test in north korea, and a statement from sean spicer that was issued late yesterday. it reads in part "with a missile impacting so close to russian soil, in fact closer to russia the two japan, the president cannot imagine that russia is pleased. nort" -- than to japan, the president cannot imagine that russia is pleased." that statement issued overnight by sean spicer on the situation in asia and north korea in particular. let's go to frank in manheim, pennsylvania, democrats line. caller: good morning, steve. yes, i think this president is a
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dangerous man. they need to get him out as soon as possibl. soft-spoken, and they don't have their things together. they treat him so gingerly. you get maxine waters and some of the other ones, the democrats, to get this man out. the already let loose 59 bombs, which did not do anything good. he is a gangster. he is a gangster. his whole regime is gangsters. they want to get down with president putin. that is exactly what they want to do. he is dangerous. spies in all the general in our country. i think that is great. before they, too, really take this country down the drain. host: thank you. send us a tweet. join in on the conversation at
7:24 am there is this tweet from johnny. anne is joining us from michigan. good morning. caller: yes, i believe he should cancel the press conferences. the press treats him like yesterdays garbage -- yesterday's garbage. they lie about him.they make up stories and run with them . -- andssia is pure nobody ever says anything good about him at the press conferences. if somebody is going to beat you up daily and lie about you, will you go out -- would you go out there again? host: thank you. also on the united online, john from lincoln, nebraska. go ahead, please. caller: do you know how far back
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the press briefings go? i think it is kind of meticulous . the president has to mix it up with the media. he is failing at it. they start with roosevelt or truman? host: every president has dealt with the press corps dating back to george washington. startedvised briefings when mike mccurry was white house press secretary during the clinton administration. before that, typically what would happen would be off-camera briefings or the first five to seven minutes of the briefing would be televised to get the south, and the rest would be off-camera -- sound and the rest would be off-camera. every president has had dealings
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with the press. as a maybeust think not so great analogy is when the football coaches and some of the players have to come out and face the media, and they are not in a good mood. trump just has not done that well. spicer is a joke. that "snl" thing has nailed him. they are tired of being made fun of. the -- out all there, they are not asking for liz questions.they are asking very meaningful questions if you listen closely. thank you very much for your time. host: john, thank you. this tweet from another viewer. york,go to michael in new democrats line. good morning. caller: yes, good morning.
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i would like to make a comment about transparency. these press briefings afford us that. they have to be able to ask questions to fix problems that are arising in this administration. it just seems like every time you turn around, there is something else going on with mr. trump. he is baiting and switching. this guy has done treasonous acts against the united states. i think it is time to impeach. host: we are going to talk about lichtman.with alan he has written a case for impeachment. let's go to michael joining us from hickory, north carolina, democrats line. good morning. michael, you are on the air. we will go to mark next in louisiana, republican line. good morning. caller: thank you so much. just hear me out. thank you, c-span, for letting everybody get their voice in. know, want to say is, you
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when you press briefings and stuff, but the biggest problem is donald trump, the president, he brings out the worst part in some people. though some people are the media. i have never seen journalists behave like they are doing right now. if you listen in, you get more information from c-span than you do from our actual journalists. the wayst a sad state our country is today. i am so grateful for you because every day i was. every day, i listen to you. trump makes mistakes. we need a press to hold him accountable, but we also need a does not have so much hate for the president that they step over the line. it has to stop because it is going to turn people away from them. they are not going to trust the
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press anymore. it would be bad for america. i appreciate you. i cannot say it enough. host: thank you. we appreciate the call. storyoston herald" with a viewing the comey firing as a communications failure. a longtime republican strategist tells the "boston herald" the president himself has decided to improvise, which has compounded some of the problems, but as we have seen in the past, trump is more than willing to shake things up. he had three campaign managers in 16 months. despite the reports of a search for a spicy replacement, it is not a communications staffers but the overall strategy to blame. the people he has right now are good. when he needs are more folks with more defined roles. you will have issues that keep coming up like russia, health care, north korea, and he needs some specialty communications to tackle the issues of the day alongside his press secretary. the full story available at "boston herald."
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this tweet. hayden is joining us from ohio, independent line. good morning. welcome to the program. caller: good morning. i would like to talk about how a lot of people are talking about fake news and the media slandering trump, which is true, and a lot of the liberal base tends to attack trump based on, like, things that ar do not mat. i mean, they matter as the appearance of our president, but there are much easier things you can attack him on with policy from a liberal standpoint. host: thank you for the call. let's go to bob in louisville, kentucky, independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think trump's right on the
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mark. he does not have to have these briefings because they will twist everything he says anyways. i get more information from his tweets that i do the press. the press is against him, period, so why would you want to be in a cage with a wild animal. that is what them people i believe are. they will not give him a fighting chance. he still stands up against them. that is what i mean. he is the only patriot i am seeing in the white house. is taking the onslaught of all them people. that is my opinion. host: thank you from louisville, kentucky. want to share with you this story from the "new york times." a couple of you made references to "snl" last night. melissa mccarthy was hosting.
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"this was not the best way to be sean spicer, the press secretary. he started monday with questions about michael t flynn and sally yates. tuesday, if fell on him to announce that fbi director comey had been terminated. then there was the story that he hid behind a cluster of which is on white house grounds. by friday, there were rumblings that president trump could replace mr. spicer or end the white house briefings altogether." that from in case you missed it last night, here is a portion of "saturday night live." >> we no[video clip] >> we now enjoy the white house briefings where sarah huckabee is filling in for sean spicer. >> good morning. is an honor to be here today. for those of you who do not know me yet, my father is mike huckabee, and my mother is a big southern hamburger. obviously, i am hilarious like
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my daddy. today.lling in for sean he is fulfilling his duty as an officer in the reserve, and that is why he cannot be here. >> i have pretty sure i can see him hiding in those wishes. -- bushes. [laughter] >> i believe that the naval exercise, he is trying to blend in with the surroundings. >> i have a question. can you do this full-time instead of him? >> i would also like to ask that question because you are clearly articulate and charming, whereas sean is bullish. [laughter] >> you are lying in there. [laughter] >> do they lie all the time? liar, liar, pants on fire.
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that's why i put them out. spicey his back. there is out -- srah is out. let's do this. first question, michelin man. sorry, i met glenn. >> people are saying the president is unhinged. >> do i come to your job and take seven or eight hot your mouth? are you going to ask me that? it is offensive. if he is crazy, he is crazy like a fox with mental problems. next question. >> i have a follow-up. isn't it true that president trump only fired james comey to stop the fbi's investigation of him? >> shut up, glenn. host: there you have it. a portion of "snl" last night with melissa mccarthy portraying sean spicer. we will go back to your phone calls. the question, are these white house press briefings useful?
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list go to rick in atlanta, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: we are fine, thank you. caller: the big missed and press and that being fake news, most people believe that trump as a big dealing with the fox network. when they discuss things with people on the street about what is going on in press conferences in the media, the people that i talk to that are dedicated to watching the fox network are the only ones that you have a problem with. it is to a point that he has created a situation to make the press not like him. you can't just call them fake
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news and expect them not to report back low morale. he has created that situation. we have had over 40 presidents, but he has never had to go to a situation where one month, he stops the show. you don't have a more press briefings because the press is that. -- bad. host: thanks for the call. the press reporting that beingly guilfoyle considered as white house press secretary. that story available at reporting on the search for a new fbi director, and one name is john cornyn. it would cause a big senate shakeup. if the president selects the senate republican whip as his next fbi director, it would accelerate a major shift in republican politics with implications for both the senate and the national gop.
7:37 am
the texas senator is seriously considering accepting the job if nominated, according to sources. who spoke with attorney general jeff sessions about the position last week and is being interviewed for it. in the short-term, the texas republican's elevation would trigger a new round of elections in the senate where mitch mcconnell is the only gop leader not subject to term limits at the end of 2018. the number three republican would be the early favorite to senator cornyn. norman from oklahoma, good morning. thanks for waiting. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: fine, thank you. caller: i figured every morning i listened to this and the democrats's talking points, you can tell they are in with the media. the media is pushing the bias that trump is unhinged.
7:38 am
i am coming from a state that i don't think there is any county in the state, one of three states, that it not have one blue dot and it -- in it. everybody voted for president trump. all we see is the media and trump tearing down. i don't blame him for not having the press reports. they are a joke. the democrats's talking points, they are trying to pick a fight. we sit here and talk around here, what is it going to come to? they say the russians are missing with the elections to undermine the sanctity of the elections. the democrats have done that far more than the russians ever could. host: thanks for the call. masonwith a tweet to jeff . you can share your tweet at
7:39 am
.-span w part of the issue, the president's suites. -- tweets. . [video clip] the president has no further comment on the. -- that. >> why did you come out with information that was later contradicted by the president? can you explain? what were you brought in? clause was involved? why were the american people not given correct information at night? >> i don't necessarily believe that is true. it was a decision-making process. the president explained it. the fbi serves the pleasure of
7:40 am
the president. the president made the decision to replace him as he has made very clearly publicly. the president is focused on making sure he finds a replacement that has the leadership qualities to leave the of the eye. tha-- lead the fbi. that is it. host: trump after-hours. spending an evening with president trump on monday. everything is going just great. now, if only everyone else would see it that way. his piece available online at we check in with him last thursday. you can also listen to it on your free c-span radio app. curt from new jersey, independent line. good morning. caller: thank you. happy mother's day to all the mothers. host: absolutely. i would love toler:
7:41 am
bring love into this conversation, but the truth is -- i was ahe hate democrat for a long time. change of mood. for years later, i cannot believe the republicans are still talking about health care. i voted for trump. i saw nothing in hillary other than the fact that the truth was erased, and i wanted something new. donald has given me every single bit of my single vote. he is exciting. not boring. host: you are satisfied with his performance so far? caller: well, he is off-the-wall. he is like me. he is honest. host: when you say off-the-wall, what do you mean? caller: he is real.
7:42 am
you have to put that into context. he is honest. he is going to change something. he already has. the news is definitely one-sided. my mother, i will see her today. she has a 4 x 4 picture of obama. it is hard to take him up but i cannot change her view -- take, but i cannot change her view. it is funny how the media has controlled the moment. i hope it comes back. host: thank you for the call. good advice to visit your mom today. caller: thank you. host: thanks for the call.
7:43 am
this tweet from our friend, who we met out west. you part ofare with the editorial from the "new york times." oval office etiquette, a gop guy. i-- guide. it reads as follows.
7:44 am
that editorial this morning from the "new york times." let's go to bob, memphis, tennessee, republican line. caller: yes, and i am so glad we finally got some conservatives to call him because you had all those liberals calling in. i think president trump is the smartest president we ever had. he may not be as smart as obama. have to give obama credit. he was a smart boy. his wife was educated.
7:45 am
,t the same time, donald trump let the president do what he wants to do. i hope he makes $50 billion. i hope his business makes $50 billion. so what if he is making money on his business? so what if he uses a few curse words? i think he is a christian man. liberty university down in virginia, that beautiful speech he made. if that was obama, they would have had it all over the tv. this is what trump ought to do. he ought to go over the list of liberals, newspeople, and tv people, and scratch their names off and have won only for the christian media and only for the conservative media only. do not let any of the "new york times," msnbc,.
7:46 am
cnn with that color boy on there that speaks. host: why? why not allow them? caller: huh? host: why not allow everyone in the briefing room? caller: i just heard a man said they started -- he is a smart fellow. you like that fancy obama. you loved that fancy obama. i think obama is a smart boy, but you shouldn't be criticizing trump because he is what he is. he is a christian man, believes in god. we are going to vote for trump. we want him to do a third term. host: let me just go back. why should you dictate if the situation were reversed? if you have president obama whose that i only want the "new york times" and "washington post" to ask questions, what
7:47 am
would your reaction be? caller: no, no, no. theyonservative papers, did not attack obama. host: sure they did. he was attacked by conservative press. tried torump, if trump give a press conference, the liberals would not let him get to words in. why do you let the liberals call in on your program? i used to like c-span. i don't like it anymore because you let all the liberals call the president a liar. i have not heard one lie the president has told.he has told the truth , and he has done what he will do. that as it. host: he never told a lie? caller: i can't remember a lie because he tells the truth. you liberals can't stand the truth. that's the problem. those liberals can't stand the truth. i don't know what lie the president has told. that is my position.
7:48 am
leave the president lead his family alone. i hope the girl next all the ways you can make. what is wrong with making money in this country? host: we will move on. thanks for the call. you mentioned liberty university, the president's's speech. we covered it -- the president's speech. we covered a lot yesterday. [video clip] president trump: the fact is no one achieved anything significant without a chorus of critics standing on the sidelines explaining why it can't be done. nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic because there are people that can't get the job done, but the future belongs to the dreamers, not to the critics. the future belongs to the people who follow their heart matter because critics say
7:49 am
they truly believe in their vision. host: the president at liberty university yesterday. this editorial, comey, trump, and the gop. comey, before firing president trump tweeted the russia and from story -- trump story is a hoax. you can read the editorial also online. back to your phone calls for those of you just tuning in or listening on c-span radio. we are asking you about the white house daily briefings, whether or not you find them useful. denise, good morning, democrats line. caller: good morning. i think they are very useful. in is not just for the party in office. it is not the republicans or the democrats. it is for the u.s. people, the citizens of the united states. it lets us know what the
7:50 am
president is doing. he is letting us know what he is doing and saying. we have the right to know what is going on. just like that meeting with the russian authorities. not one united states press was there. we got the information because russia put it out. so yes, i believe the white house press briefings are very useful. if we did not have those, we would not know what he is doing in there. he does not have the right to do what he wants to do. he does not have the right to make money using the white house. host: thanks for the call. the front page of the "washington post." his estate in mar-a-lago. new cachet is a cash boom for charity galas and
7:51 am
for owner donald trump. also on the "washington post" website. the white house briefings tell lies to cover the lies that trump lied about. michael, sacramento, california, up early on a sunday morning, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, america. happy mother's day. iq. president has a 162 he made it where he is supposed to make it, on the streets of new york. he has trump tower with bill gates in it.he has wilbur ross in there. he has the proper people at the top of the take care of business filtering down to the little guy, and he got them to vote for him. simple situation with numbers when you play politics.
7:52 am
against the parties and being able to take and have his daughter come in and say let's get things going and do things right. just last week, she turned to sessions about the agreement. there is 192 countries around the world going along with the facts. here he is with bill gates in there. bill has a big smile walking out the door. the silicon valley, none of them showed up. there is elon musk. when he does it, people try to go with the valuation of the company. donald has 500 products out there. he is not selling stock.
7:53 am
the new school coming from california, they have the money coming from california. the guys are making more money than building. -- bill will make. he lost $4 billion last year. war and buffet will have over $100 billion. -- warren buffett will have over $100 billion. host: we have to move on. thank you for the tweets. is reportinges" this morning contradictions in the white house story about the firing of james comey. we look at that as we hear from joan from virginia, republican line.thank you for waiting . good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. we had president obama for eight years. the results that we got from his
7:54 am
presidency were nothing. he was polished. he was well spoken. but the results speak for themselves, as far as i'm concerned. we havhad president bush. he is rough around the edges, but he is getting results. the american people want results. talk.'t want smooth we want results. as far as the briefings, i think the president can brief us. he can brief the american people. maybe allow the press to send him emails to ask questions, but let him breathe us. -- brief us. we are tired of the press being the filter. they are slanted. they are crooked. one thing i would like to ask you is why did you put the
7:55 am
saturday night clip on tv this morning? live"day night capitalizes on the maligning of the president. they talk about how he is not presidential. what is good about what they do? that is my comment. host: joan from virginia. thank you for the call. list go to lou from greenville, tennessee. is aully this program representation of what america is talking about. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. happy mother's day. host: yes, happy mother's day. caller: i just have to say i am here in tennessee and i heard that gentleman's call and this lady calling. are they not watching or reading the same news that i am watching and reading? obviously not.
7:56 am
they are going to accept lies and contradictions over and over again from this president. i find it upsetting that the american public is not really listening to what is going on. they are just listening to all of the bluster that mr. trump can spew out about everyone and everything. host: thank you. this from jacqueline. again, we are getting your tweets. when you share with you the comment from the white house correspondents association, which issued a statement on friday. it reads in part as follows.
7:57 am
carline from california. good morning. caller: good morning, and thank you for taking my call. i agree with the lady that called a little while ago almost 100% as she was backing our president. i can remember when president obama was president. he would pontificate for hours almost. he would take about five to seven questions and talk for hours. i love sean spicer. i love to hear his answers. i think he answers as truthfully as he can. he takes so many questions. the press is after him constantly. just constantly. you know, i like c-span so much, but it seems like you have so many more liberals on there.
7:58 am
the news media, all the papers and everything are against trump. i wish you would have the commerce secretary on that trump has got. he is talking about all these trade deals he has made with china. all this stuff most people do not know what is going on. i feel like we are just not getting the truth about what is happening. i know trump is not perfect. he was not my first choice, but i think he is doing a great job. i wish that people would be more fair. host: i have to tell you that we have been trying diligently to not only have the commerce secretary, but also other members of the president's cabinet on this network, you do on this program or "newsmakers." is not for a lack of trying.we tried very hard to get them on . it is their decision whether they want to come on this program. in particular with the show, to take calls. we are diligent every single day to try to get them here to
7:59 am
respond to your questions. we do try our best. caller: i know you probably are, but it just seems like the truth is not getting out there because i switch stations all the time trying to find people that at least give some semblance of what is going on. i just feel like the american public are being duped because they really do not know what is happening. i really appreciate c-span. i know you guys do try to get it out, but if you watch most stations, they are just pounding trump constantly. they'll say anything about what he has accomplished. like i say, he is not perfect, but neither was obama. we are so deep in debt. people don't realize how deep in debt we are. everybody has their hand out wanting this and that. give me this and that. what happened to the old-fashioned thing really used to earn our way? we used to be proud of work.
8:00 am
i am older. i see what is happening to our country. it just breaks my heart. host: carline, thank you very much for calling in. this tweet. this from another viewer. quick look at the front page of the "new york times." google is the story. we will turn to the president's agenda on health care and talking about the growing debt. adumbrated will be joining us. he is the head of freedomwork. brandon will be joining us. he is the head of freedomwork. happy mother's


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