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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 14, 2017 9:40am-10:00am EDT

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i would tell president trump that if he wants to be like andrew jackson, he has to put the nation in front of his own personhood, in front of his own family, in front of his own interests. that's what jackson did for most of his residency. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on q&a. "washington journal" continues. host: another missile test by the north korean government. the daily mail in london has the piece.
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our phone lines are open, (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 784-8001 four republicans, (202) 748-8002 four independent voters. caller: i don't think there is a lot to get worried about. when the drums of war were being beaten, they had satellite photos of the north koreans outplaying volleyball and the fleet that was supposed to be right over the horizon was down in indonesia. is a piece of news i would like to talk about, o'reilly was
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going to get picked up and they were going to have him go toe to toe with ed schultz. i think that would be a good program. host: and is joining us from maine. caller: good morning and thank you. i would like to put this in context with the nuclear deal with iran. the agreement with north korea. we did effectively stop their development of nuclear weapons. it was only when george bush under pretext of insurmountable north korean in this case unilaterally scrapped that deal and we see where we are now. i would like to go back further in history to the peloponnesian war. host: that's going way back. look, a good
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administration is better than a show of force. host: we will go to john in fairfax, virginia. your reaction to this latest missile test? i, steve. was one of thet best i've seen in the long time. their opinions won't change anything. once you have a program on the famine or net neutrality. on thejava program election. we've covered all of those issues on this program and we have one called the communicators that is on net neutrality. caller: you haven't had a show
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where people could call in. you need to have a show where people can call in when there is open comment. you just did and we appreciate that. did you want to follow up? caller: the thing that is most important is the refusal to let people vote unless they have very strict ids. chris kovac is the king of this. he is going to make sure that enough people are stricken from the rolls the republicans can win. host: thanks for the call. let's go to the new york times story on north korea.
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that is from the new york times this morning. let's go to teresa joining us from illinois. good morning. just like to say based on u.s. history, the at mom, what happened on the african continent, recently with korea if i was north wouldn't give up my nukes either. the united states does not one of the countries to have self-determination. we want to control everything. president kimant
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jong and to have the capability of attacking south korea with nuclear weapons or russia or japan or the united states croissant caller: absolutely. states provokes some of this stuff. i am wanting to know if the central bank, there are only three country left. north korea is one of them. qaddafi gave up his nukes and you see what they did to qaddafi it and libya. they just destroyed them. the united states is partly responsible for that refugee crisis. host: let's be clear on your point here it north korea be allowed to have nuclear weapons? if israel can have
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nukes, then north korea should be able to have nukes. india,ia, china, pakistan, united states can have nukes, then north korea should be able to have nukes. host: that doesn't bother you based on the unpredictably of kim jong in? caller: what about the predictability of the north -- u.s. government? north korea has never overthrow the government. they have not dropped an atomic bomb on anybody. the u.s. has. host: we will go next to texas. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. thank you for everything you do. i wanted to make a suggestion that instead of dividing your callers this morning on this issue by party, you divided by geographical region in the united states.
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i don't think people in florida are worried about a north korean missile attack as people in california or washington or alaska, places like that of the west coast. i think it would be better and havedivisive if you would geographical areas. that smiley comment. host: npr is reporting on this. north korea launches a missile and the president speculates russian needs to respond to this based on that state. we're getting your reaction. cliff is in florida. caller: one comment about the gem of who complained earlier about the contents of c-span. he said you should be more family oriented pasted -- oriented. they exist. i like where c-span is right now.
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on the subject of the korean missile test, it will continue to happen. the toothpaste is out of the tube. bad people supplied them the stuff. i am finishing reading a couple of articles about the global cyber attack all over the world. a perfect storm about global attacks. that's what we should focus on. every time they want to all ahead and launch missiles, we go ahead and launch cyber attacks for intelligence. the toothpaste is of the tube. it's done. host: thanks for the call. check thes won't president, who will? that is a cover story of cq weekly. maria is joining us from south carolina. think north korea wanted a peace treaty.
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the north koreas don't participate in the global economy. they want some respect in the international community. aey want to sit down for peace treaty. it's time to sit down with korea like we do with china and vietnam and other countries. host: the bbc is reporting on this as well. north korea has carried out another ballistic test after the new president took office. we are getting your reaction to our phone lines. a series of missile tests which are banned by the u.n. have sparked international alarm,
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issues with the united states. ted is joining us from north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. am i on the air? there are only so many countries that have nuclear weapons. ,he role we play in the world we dropped nuclear weapons. i am not afraid of korea. i am not afraid of korea. i am afraid of us. when sheso surprised said what she said about korea having nuclear weapons.
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that's why i am not afraid of them. what you afraid of? host: thank you for the call. weekly standard, you're fired. they are waiting on the firing of james comey and what it means for the president as he prepares to depart this week for his first overseas trip. tomorrow morning, we take you to the offices of a new online news service. they will be among our guests tomorrow morning on washington journal. you obtain information they provide? they are starting this new operation. we will learn more tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern.
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john is joining us from california. technically, we are still war with north korea. they will continue doing this with their missiles until we talk to them. we refuse to talk to them about any type of peace. , technically we are's alert were with them. what worries me most is the artillery. shells ofr artillery been around for decades. if you don't think they have nuclear artillery pointed right at soul, this could happen very quickly. this is what bothers me. we need to talk peace to north korea. we need to understand that they are a sovereign nation and we need to deescalate this region because we need to speak to
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them. so far, my government refuses to speak to north korea on any level. host: thanks for the call. trump sticks a fork in comey. this is her piece in the new york times. arnold is joining us from west virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. my question is when the united states sent the missiles to south korea to shoot down the missiles from north korea, there is not much said about that other than the south koreans protested us doing that. what was the situation on that? host: i don't really know about that. i can't really give you a clear and precise answer. caller: it sounds to me like south korea doesn't want us to
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participate in this. presidentow the new says he wants to have talks with north korea, which is why he said he is troubled by what happened. that was my question. i just wanted to find out what the situation was over there. host: i don't want to give you the wrong answer. thank you for the call. trump, this piece is available at politico. what if there were a real crisis, real or? a real showdown and not a political showdown, a surprise it is out of the white house's control. something is inevitable because he is the leader of the free world and something always does.
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hisbehavior is chaotic and management style is careening. this has people in politics and national security terrified. in case you missed it, last night, saturday that live, here is in a. we now go to the white house press briefing. >> good morning. it it's an honor to be here. for those of you don't know me, my father is mike huckabee and my mother is a big southern hamburger. obviously, i am hilarious like my daddy. sean is fulfilling his duty as an officer in the naval reserve. that is why he cannot be here. >> i'm pretty sure i can see him hiding in those wishes. -- pushes.
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>> that's a naval exercise. he is trying to blend in with the surroundings. >> can you do this full-time instead of him? >> you are clearly articulate and charming, where is he is bullish. >> liar liar pants on fire. spicy's back, sarah is out. let's do this. first question. >> the people say based on present trump's tweets, he is unhinged.
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do you agree? your job and slap the hot dogs out of your mouth western mark that's offensive. if he's crazy, he is crazy like a fox. next question. >> isn't it true that president trump only fire james comey to stop the fbi investigation? >> shut up, glenn. nightthat was from last snl. there is talk inside the white house of a shakeup. your times is reporting reince previous possibly leaving. story on thehe website. newsmakers is coming up next. happy mother's day. enjoy the rest of your weekend. have a great rest of your week ahead.
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>> next, newsmaker was senator chuck grassley. the acting director of the fbi and intelligence officials testify at a senate hearing on the global threats. steve scully: joining us on "newsmakers" is senator chuck grassley. thank you for joining us. and joining us with the questioning is erica werner who covers congress for the associated press and niels lesniewski for cq roll call. senator, let me ask you about the news from this past week. you have concerns about the meeting between director comey


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